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Montana State Open

Friday, January 27, 2012

Montana State, Bozeman

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North Dakota - NAIA
Dickinson State
North Dakota - NCAA
University of Mary
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTracy Lide6.54aUniversity of Mary
2.JrNick Melone6.56aMontana State
3.SoMichael Nguyen6.57aMontana State
4.SoGage Pickering6.60aMontana State
5.SoJon Dinius6.63aDickinson State
6.JrJohn MacDonald6.64aMontana State
7.SrAsa Staven6.69aMontana State
8.JrJosh Neumiller6.70aDickinson State
9.SoSlater Powell6.71aMontana State
10.Tanner Burgard6.76aUnattached
11.SoShae Stein6.78aMontana State-Billings
12.FrAaron Johnston6.79aMontana State
13.Austin Emry6.83aUnat-Montana
14.SoJake Mushaben6.85aMontana State
14.SrTrevor Willis6.85aDickinson State
16.Jess Graber6.87aUnat-Msu-Billings
17.FrRory Bauer6.92aMontana State-Billings
18.SoCasey Smartt6.93aMontana State-Billings
19.Jase Muri7.03aUnattached
20.SoJake Swan7.07aMontana State-Billings
--SoMichael MullikinSCRMontana State-Billings
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Sean Pickstock21.70aUnat-Dickinson St.
2.SoGage Pickering22.21aMontana State
3.JrNick Melone22.26aMontana State
3.FrKevin Close22.26aMontana State
3.JrJeff Mohl22.26aMontana State
6.JrTracy Lide22.40aUniversity of Mary
7.SrCory Ploof22.54aUniversity of Mary
8.SoMichael Nguyen22.66aMontana State
9.JrJohn MacDonald22.73aMontana State
10.SoSlater Powell22.89aMontana State
11.SoJon Dinius23.02aDickinson State
12.SoNathan Magstadt23.20aDickinson State
13.FrAaron Johnston23.38aMontana State
14.JrKeenan Stangl23.40aMontana State
15.JrAdam Prevost23.43aMontana State-Billings
16.JrJosh Neumiller23.73aDickinson State
17.SoShae Stein24.17aMontana State-Billings
18.-Steve Edmonds24.19aCarroll (MT)
19.-Eric Malmquist24.47aMontana State-Billings
20.SoConnor Albertson24.49aCarroll (MT)
21.JrSebastian Makinson25.05aGreat Falls
--FrRory BauerDQMontana State-Billings
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Sean Pickstock48.19aUnat-Dickinson St.
2.JrNick Melone49.27aMontana State
3.SoJordan Washington50.18aUniversity of Mary
4.SoNathan Magstadt50.68aDickinson State
5.FrAaron Johnston51.24aMontana State
6.JrLogan Mossey51.28aMontana State-Billings
7.Tanner Burgard52.06aUnattached
8.SoLewis Polkow52.07aMontana State-Billings
9.FrRory Bauer52.14aMontana State-Billings
10.FrReilley Winebrenner52.78aMontana State-Billings
11.Jess Graber54.34aUnat-Msu-Billings
12.JrAdam Prevost54.47aMontana State-Billings
13.-Eric Malmquist54.50aMontana State-Billings
14.FrKristian Slater58.29aGreat Falls
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTravis Price1:55.68aGreat Falls
2.SrCesar Mireles1:55.71aRocky Mountain
3.SoTroy Solly1:56.00aCarroll (MT)
4.-Thomas Kjerengtroen1:58.06aUniversity of Mary
5.JrJimmy Sliwa1:58.82aGreat Falls
6.SoChase Robinson1:58.87aMontana State-Billings
7.JrAndrew Hornung1:58.88aGreat Falls
8.SoDrew Galahan1:59.03aMontana State-Billings
9.SrTravis Hutchinson2:02.50aMontana State-Billings
10.SoJohnny Barnes2:03.13aRocky Mountain
11.FrMikey Wall2:04.45aRocky Mountain
12.FrAustin Morgan2:05.82aGreat Falls
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJake Turner4:16.50aMontana State
2.SrCesar Mireles4:18.83aRocky Mountain
3.SrSeth Grossman4:21.16aMontana State
4.SoTaylor Peliska4:22.30aCarroll (MT)
5.-Thomas Kjerengtroen4:22.75aUniversity of Mary
6.SoTrevor Polson4:22.87aMontana State
7.SrTyson Vanderby4:25.33aMontana State-Billings
8.SoJesse Bennett4:27.07aUniversity of Mary
9.JrAustin Stuchell4:28.33aCarroll (MT)
10.-Colton Berry4:29.05aCarroll (MT)
11.SoChase Robinson4:29.33aMontana State-Billings
12.FrGrant Grosvenor4:30.02aMontana State
13.M Rono4:30.57aUnattached
14.FrBen Vaughan4:30.90aCarroll (MT)
15.FrLyle Pocha4:32.73aCarroll (MT)
16.SrTyler Nilsen4:33.03aGreat Falls
17.SrForrest Jarvi4:35.22aMontana State
18.SoSeth Garbett4:35.74aMontana State
19.Ryan Blomback4:38.43aUnat-Msu-Billings
20.Andrew Rivera4:39.46aUnattached
21.SoSancho Ridesatthedoor4:41.46aCarroll (MT)
22.SoMatt Tex4:41.60aMontana State
23.SrRyan Utsey4:46.06aCarroll (MT)
24.Kyle Willis4:48.10aUnattached
25.FrDylan LAMMERS 5:04.89aMontana State-Billings
26.JrRyan Hall5:06.47aRocky Mountain
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDaniel Jackson8:14.72aMontana State
2.Lyle Weese8:20.75aUnattached
3.SrCarl Nystuen8:42.85aMontana State
4.SrTaylor Canfield8:44.70aMontana State-Billings
5.JrDaniel Lombardi9:23.40aMontana State-Billings
6.SoDrew Keller9:27.43aRocky Mountain
7.Corey Berry10:02.61aUnattached
8.SrJared Reyes10:27.31aGreat Falls
--JrJason SchuermanDNFRocky Mountain
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAsa Staven7.61aMontana State
2.SoSlater Powell7.63aMontana State
3.FrWilliamson Powhattan7.76aMontana State
4.JrJeff Mohl7.81aMontana State
5.SoNathan Magstadt7.85aDickinson State
6.Austin Emry7.87aUnat-Montana
7.JrKeenan Stangl7.91aMontana State
8.FrChase Dixon7.93aUniversity of Mary
9.SoConnor Albertson7.97aCarroll (MT)
10.-Steve Edmonds8.12aCarroll (MT)
11.-Jake Lowman8.18aCarroll (MT)
12.SrRyan Rosenau8.33aGreat Falls
13.-Mark Huntington8.66aCarroll (MT)
14.FrReilley Winebrenner8.72aMontana State-Billings
15.SoMichael Mullikin9.35aMontana State-Billings
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Close
Slater Powell
Grant Grosvenor
Matt Tex
3:21.22aMontana State
2.-Jake Lowman
Taylor Peliska
Troy Solly
Will Roche
3:22.25aCarroll (MT)
3.-Ryan Rosenau
Travis Price
Jimmy Sliwa
Andrew Hornung
3:23.11aGreat Falls
4.-Drew Galahan
Reilley Winebrenner
Lewis Polkow
Rory Bauer
3:26.46aMontana State-Billings
5.-Jordan Washington
Tracy Lide
Cory Ploof
Chase Dixon
3:27.4hUniversity of Mary
6.-Ross Hillier
Ben Vaughan
Austin Stuchell
Mark Huntington
3:30.19aCarroll (MT)
7.-Williamson Powhattan
Forrest Jarvi
Jake Turner
Seth Grossman
3:31.82aMontana State
8.-Adam Prevost
Chase Robinson
Tyson Vanderby
Brian Potter
3:36.60aMontana State-Billings
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTrevor Gilreath17.16mMontana State
2.David Phillips16.87mUnattached
3.JrTanner Rottrup15.07mMontana State-Billings
4.SrTad Harman14.92mUniversity of Mary
5.SoMichael Vaira14.29mMontana State
6.SoWill Rockett14.12mMontana State
7.SoJake Swan13.87mMontana State-Billings
8.-Hugh Pratt13.30mCarroll (MT)
9.JrAndrew Walters12.97mGreat Falls
10.SrAsa Staven12.05mMontana State
10.-Sean Smith12.05mCarroll (MT)
12.FrWilliamson Powhattan9.55mMontana State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTrevor Willis1.96mDickinson State
2.SoWill Roche1.96mCarroll (MT)
4.SoTyler Burns1.86mGreat Falls
5.-David Reinhardt1.86mGreat Falls
6.FrWilliamson Powhattan1.81mMontana State
7.Jordan Franklin1.81mUnat-Msu-Billings
--SrRyan RosenauNHGreat Falls
--FrColten PalmerNHMontana State-Billings
--SoJeremy BeckNHMontana
--SoBrock SteingruberNHMontana State-Billings
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEaston Padden4.90mCarroll (MT)
2.SoRyan Kropp4.90mMontana State
3.JrTim Simonich4.57mUniversity of Mary
3.JrJeff Mohl4.57mMontana State
5.SoMarshal Fryberger4.57mUniversity of Mary
6.SoKaleb Horlick4.57mMontana
7.Josh Seeberger4.27mUnattached
8.SoKohl Koppinger4.27mUniversity of Mary
9.SrTrevor Willis4.12mDickinson State
9.Tyler Fouty4.12mUnat-Msu-Billings
--SrAsa StavenNHMontana State
--SoBrock SteingruberNHMontana State-Billings
--SoJordan BeuchlerNHDickinson State
--SrRyan RosenauNHGreat Falls
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAsa Staven7.14mMontana State
2.JrJeff Mohl6.82mMontana State
3.SoJake Mushaben6.57mMontana State
4.FrTaylor Firestone6.46mMontana State-Billings
5.SrRyan Rosenau6.42mGreat Falls
6.FrWilliamson Powhattan6.36mMontana State
9.SoShae Stein6.17mMontana State-Billings
10.Jericho Buck6.13mUnattached
11.SoJeremy Beck6.08mMontana
12.SrTrevor Willis6.02mDickinson State
13.SoBrock Steingruber5.79mMontana State-Billings
--SrMatt NicholasNDMontana State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKyler Felton13.36mMontana State
2.FrTaylor Firestone13.10mMontana State-Billings
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.David Phillips19.93mUnattached
2.SoTrevor Gilreath15.95mMontana State
3.Nathan Klug15.29mUnat-Montana
4.SoEddie Stevenson15.05mMontana State
5.SrTad Harman14.92mUniversity of Mary
6.Zachary Sharp14.23mUnattached
--SoDerek MarshNDMontana State

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLatecia Howell7.33aCarroll (MT)
2.FrChantel Jaeger7.34aMontana State
3.SoChelsea Bourque7.39aMontana State
4.JrKatie Niemeir7.44aMontana State
5.SoJanet Johnson7.46aUniversity of Mary
6.-Deni Fitzpatrick7.50aCarroll (MT)
7.JrTaylor Kirkendall7.52aMontana State
8.SrKristyn Nelson7.53aUniversity of Mary
9.SrKayla Montgomery7.56aUniversity of Mary
10.SoAnne Duletski7.68aCarroll (MT)
11.FrPaige Squire7.69aMontana State
12.SrJustine Simons7.74aMontana State-Billings
13.-Mardee Clark7.93aDickinson State
14.SoChelsey Schwindt8.21aDickinson State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChantel Jaeger25.31aMontana State
2.JrKatie Niemeir25.68aMontana State
3.SrKayla Montgomery25.80aUniversity of Mary
4.SoChelsea Bourque25.81aMontana State
5.FrPaige Squire26.03aMontana State
6.SrSarah McGree26.17aMontana State
7.SoCarley McCutchen26.20aMontana State
8.JrSadie McMillan26.21aMontana State
9.SrKristyn Nelson26.40aUniversity of Mary
10.JrTaylor Kirkendall26.69aMontana State
11.SoLierin Flanagan26.78aMontana State
12.SrJustine Simons26.88aMontana State-Billings
13.-Lindsey Trollope26.91aCarroll (MT)
14.JrMadeline Fuchs27.00aMontana State
15.-Deni Fitzpatrick27.04aCarroll (MT)
16.-Iris Hardarson27.16aMontana State
17.SoAnne Duletski27.55aCarroll (MT)
18.JrShelby Snare27.73aDickinson State
19.JrNychele Carley27.82aGreat Falls
20.-Mardee Clark28.09aDickinson State
21.SoEmily Harris28.85aCarroll (MT)
22.SoDanielle Kleint28.90aGreat Falls
23.SoChelsey Schwindt29.00aDickinson State
--JrMacKenzie PowellDQCarroll (MT)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sonia Antar56.70aMontana State
2.JrKatie Niemeir56.97aMontana State
3.FrChantel Jaeger57.09aMontana State
4.FrRikki Schmidt58.03aUniversity of Mary
5.JrMegan Jenkins58.69aUniversity of Mary
6.JrMadeline Fuchs59.40aMontana State
7.FrPaige Squire59.73aMontana State
8.-Iris Hardarson1:00.11aMontana State
9.FrKaitlyn Wurnig1:00.74aUniversity of Mary
10.-Teri Gent1:02.23aCarroll (MT)
11.-Taylor Lucero1:03.13aGreat Falls
12.JrShelby Snare1:04.03aDickinson State
13.-Marissa Stanton1:05.14aDickinson State
--SoLierin FlanaganDQMontana State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Heather Haug2:11.24aUnattached
2.JrMelissa Agnew2:15.06aUniversity of Mary
3.JrDakota Wolf2:15.70aUniversity of Mary
4.SoNocona Frame2:20.48aUniversity of Mary
5.FrBrienna Lynch2:22.50aUniversity of Mary
6.JrEmilee Morehouse2:25.37aUniversity of Mary
7.FrBrianna Eaton2:26.29aCarroll (MT)
8.SoJenyffer Ortega2:26.32aGreat Falls
9.JrMegan Breeding2:27.33aRocky Mountain
10.-Carly Schwickert2:28.66aCarroll (MT)
11.JrKatlyn Valerio2:30.32aCarroll (MT)
12.SoRenae Hepfner2:30.48aMontana State-Billings
13.JrAlicia Nehl2:31.61aUniversity of Mary
14.-Baily Eich2:35.14aRocky Mountain
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.Heather Haug4:45.75aUnattached
2.JrDakota Wolf4:52.95aUniversity of Mary
3.JrMelissa Agnew4:53.16aUniversity of Mary
4.SoNocona Frame5:08.32aUniversity of Mary
5.SoHeather Demorest5:08.57aMontana State
6.SoRhianna Grossman5:17.79aCarroll (MT)
7.SrWhitney Mickelsen5:20.94aMontana State-Billings
8.JrAlicia Nehl5:21.34aUniversity of Mary
9.JrShanna Burke5:23.41aCarroll (MT)
10.JrAriel Murtagh5:23.48aCarroll (MT)
11.SrKatie Gilboy5:24.41aCarroll (MT)
12.FrTaylor Rather5:26.22aMontana State
13.FrMcKenzie O'Dore5:29.63aRocky Mountain
14.Heidi Turner5:30.18aUnattached
15.FrAllie Reynolds5:33.73aCarroll (MT)
16.FrHannah Hafner5:37.50aCarroll (MT)
17.-Reagan Bold5:38.11aCarroll (MT)
18.SrBrandi Eloff5:44.87aGreat Falls
19.SoKeri Clump5:46.75aMontana State-Billings
20.SrMelissa Sweeney5:55.07aRocky Mountain
21.SoTalitha Smith5:56.92aRocky Mountain
22.Kelsey Fenton6:00.23aUnattached
23.FrElizabeth Brown6:02.05aMontana State-Billings
24.SoRenae Hepfner6:02.84aMontana State-Billings
25.SoMelanie Bock6:03.63aMontana State-Billings
26.SrAlexis Pritchard6:04.87aRocky Mountain
27.SoAshley Kautzman6:05.55aRocky Mountain
28.FrAlex McBroom6:20.12aMontana State-Billings
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRebecca Sorenson10:38.13aMontana State
2.FrNicole Tester10:50.19aMontana State
3.SrWhitney Mickelsen10:58.86aMontana State-Billings
4.FrRachel Hart11:08.94aRocky Mountain
5.SoAna Richter11:13.32aRocky Mountain
6.JrTeri Lea McCormick11:20.65aRocky Mountain
7.Mary Owen11:46.72aUnat-Msu-Billings
8.FrTheresa Lombardi12:29.03aMontana State-Billings
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJanet Johnson8.32aUniversity of Mary
2.SrKristyn Nelson8.44aUniversity of Mary
2.JrKatie Niemeir8.44aMontana State
4.FrPaige Squire8.53aMontana State
5.SoCarley McCutchen8.56aMontana State
5.SrSarah McGree8.56aMontana State
7.JrMadeline Fuchs8.70aMontana State
8.JrSadie McMillan8.74aMontana State
9.SoChelsea Bourque8.90aMontana State
10.-Addie Gallagher9.14aGreat Falls
11.FrLatecia Howell9.29aCarroll (MT)
12.-Mallery Knoll9.37aCarroll (MT)
13.-Lindsey Trollope9.49aCarroll (MT)
14.JrKortnee Barrett9.62aMontana State
15.SoEmily Harris9.70aCarroll (MT)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Montgomery
Megan Jenkins
Brienna Lynch
Rikki Schmidt
3:53.32aUniversity of Mary
2.-Carley McCutchen
Sarah McGree
Sadie McMillan
Kortnee Barrett
4:00.16aMontana State
3.-Brianna Eaton
Mallery Knoll
Latecia Howell
Lindsey Trollope
4:09.40aCarroll (MT)
4.-Addie Gallagher
Jenyffer Ortega
Danielle Kleint
Nychele Carley
4:17.53aGreat Falls
5.-Deni Fitzpatrick
MacKenzie Powell
Teri Gent
Katlyn Valerio
4:19.23aCarroll (MT)
6.-Leah Berry
Lacy Wilkins
Justine Simons
4:25.30aMontana State-Billings
---Kristyn Nelson
Melissa Agnew
Emilee Morehouse
Dakota Wolf
DNFUniversity of Mary
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Murphy13.98mMontana State
2.SoAnica Knispel13.25mMontana State-Billings
3.JrLeeza Henry13.14mMontana State-Billings
4.SoLoni Havlovick12.42mMontana State
5.FrKristi VandeBergh12.40mMontana State
6.SoAmy Ostermiller12.38mMontana State
7.-Ashley Medeiros11.85mCarroll (MT)
8.SoMorgan Kujala11.71mMontana State-Billings
9.-Ashley Thoeny11.27mGreat Falls
10.FrBreanna Jarrett10.83mMontana State-Billings
11.FrCorrie Holm10.80mMontana State-Billings
--JrCady IrionNDMontana State-Billings
--JrJamilea KittelmannNDMontana State-Billings
--FrStephanie FeyNDUniversity of Mary
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAmber Amsbaugh1.72mMontana State
2.SoStacey Pitt1.62mMontana State-Billings
4.FrDelaware Steingruber1.52mMontana State-Billings
5.JrEmily Busby1.52mGreat Falls
6.SrEmily Tyrrell1.52mMontana State
7.JrKortnee Barrett1.47mMontana State
8.SoLeah Berry1.47mMontana State-Billings
9.FrAdessa Durglo1.42mMontana State
--FrLacy WilkinsNHMontana State-Billings
---Addie GallagherNHGreat Falls
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRebekka Chambers3.66mMontana State
2.JrLibby Madison3.50mMontana State
3.FrAnna Bales3.35mMontana State
4.SoStacey Pitt3.35mMontana State-Billings
5.JrTiffany Thomas3.05mMontana State-Billings
6.SoMarisa Arneson3.05mCarroll (MT)
6.FrMonique Stamper3.05mUniversity of Mary
8.FrEmily Griswold2.90mMontana State
9.JrEmili Crowder2.75mMontana State-Billings
--JrLiz Valentino-MannoNHGreat Falls
--SoSara LubkeNHCarroll (MT)
--SoMariah ArensonNHCarroll (MT)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCarley McCutchen5.46mMontana State
2.SrSarah McGree5.23mMontana State
3.Sarah Skipper5.13mUnattached
4.FrKathleen Mulligan5.11mCarroll (MT)
5.JrSadie McMillan5.03mMontana State
6.FrAdessa Durglo5.00mMontana State
7.JrKortnee Barrett4.92mMontana State
8.FrDelaware Steingruber4.79mMontana State-Billings
9.-Addie Gallagher4.49mGreat Falls
10.FrLacy Wilkins4.35mMontana State-Billings
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRachelle Allen11.35mMontana State
2.FrKathleen Mulligan11.23mCarroll (MT)
3.FrAdessa Durglo10.55mMontana State
4.SoRachel Wetzsteon9.75mMontana State
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Murphy18.33mMontana State
2.Kiandra Rajala15.59mUnat-Montana
3.SrNicole Ennen15.11mMontana
4.JrLeeza Henry13.68mMontana State-Billings
5.SoAnica Knispel13.13mMontana State-Billings
6.FrKristi VandeBergh12.94mMontana State
7.SoMary Koppy12.91mMontana State
8.FrMadison Wills12.54mMontana State
9.FrAnna Pershouse12.38mMontana State
10.JrJamilea Kittelmann12.19mMontana State-Billings
--JrKaren BrownNDMontana State
--SoAmy OstermillerNDMontana State
--FrStephanie FeyNDUniversity of Mary
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