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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Cypress Christian, Houston

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vincent Turner11.27aWestbury Christian
2.10Cameron Wilson11.70aPope John XXIII
3.11Dominique Herbert11.90aWestbury Christian
4.10Calvin Novotny11.98aCypress Christian
5.9Malcolm Peddie11.99aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.12Cornelius Garab12.20aBaytown Christian
7.11Chase Mussleman12.28aProvidence Classical
8.12Adams Ahmadu12.32aSt Thomas Episcopal
9.11Josiah Dalton12.45aCypress Christian
10.12David Eboh12.60aCypress Christian
11.9Grant Crawford12.64aNortheast Christian ...
12.9Austin Wheeler12.65aPope John XXIII
13.12Andrew Flato12.70aSt Thomas Episcopal
14.10Joshua Primm12.78aAlpha Omega
15.9Justin Chiu12.81aWestbury Christian
16.12Jamie Paul12.88aNortheast Christian ...
17.9Louis Kopp12.91aProvidence Classical
18.9Frank Pounds12.93aThe Woodlands Prep
19.12Nick Howard13.17aSecond Baptist
20.9Tommy Loosier13.25aAlpha Omega
21.9Josh Wilkinson13.78aBay Area Christian
22.9Nick Moriarty13.78aBriarwood
23.9Jarred Paul14.80aNortheast Christian ...
24.10Bryson Shiflet14.81aAlpha Omega
10Jimmy FrederickNTBay Area Christian
10Greg MooreNTPope John XXIII
10Tyler FisherNTBrazosport Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Calvin Novotny24.55aCypress Christian
2.12Nick Howard25.19aSecond Baptist
3.12Ben Sprott25.20aWestbury Christian
4.10Tyler Fisher25.39aBrazosport Christian
5.10Jimmy Frederick25.60aBay Area Christian
6.9Louis Kopp25.63aProvidence Classical
7.10Pablo Enriquez25.85aSecond Baptist
8.9Jarred Paul25.86aNortheast Christian ...
9Daniel WangNTNortheast Christian ...
9Timothy JoeNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10BJ MarginNTWestbury Christian
11Jordan BriggsNTCypress Christian
9Travis VickNTCypress Christian
9Justin ChiuNTWestbury Christian
9Zach BrentonNTAlpha Omega
9Grant CrawfordNTNortheast Christian ...
11Chase MusslemanNTProvidence Classical
10Joshua PrimmNTAlpha Omega
9Anthony RodriguezNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Josh WilkinsonNTBay Area Christian
9Cory GillsNTBay Area Christian
9Adam ConoleyNTBriarwood
9Philip McGrawNTBriarwood
9Bright WokochaNTBriarwood
11Elliott EcclesNTBrazosport Christian
11Aaron ChapmanNTLiving Stones Christ...
10Basil BaldaufNTPope John XXIII
9Benton GravesNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Allister TaquinoNTPope John XXIII
12Jamie PaulNTNortheast Christian ...
9Caleb CortinaNTAlpha Omega
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tarik Tyler51.45aSecond Baptist
2.9Bruce Boudreaux53.09aWestbury Christian
3.12Camden Joubert53.77aSecond Baptist
4.10Jordan Ramirez54.59aPope John XXIII
5.12Aaron Murray54.76aPope John XXIII
6.10Hunter Vick54.86aCypress Christian
7.12Pedro Coello55.29aLiving Stones Christ...
7.12Jamiel Shawrieh55.29aLiving Stones Christ...
7.10Andrew Calvert55.29aSt Thomas Episcopal
9.9Chris Daniels55.65aWestbury Christian
10.11Bailey Carrow56.18aWestbury Christian
10.11Matthew Green56.18aBay Area Christian
12.9Matthew Hrncir56.51aSt Thomas Episcopal
13.10Basil Baldauf56.53aPope John XXIII
14.9Benton Graves57.08aSt Thomas Episcopal
15.10Tyler Fisher57.39aBrazosport Christian
16.11Aaron Chapman58.42aLiving Stones Christ...
15.12Jamiel Shawrieh59.23aLiving Stones Christ...
17.12Pedro Coello59.23aLiving Stones Christ...
18.10Josh Gamble1:00.61aCypress Christian
19.11Jordan Briggs1:00.90aCypress Christian
20.11Stanley Ly1:01.24aNortheast Christian ...
21.10Pablo Enriquez1:02.01aSecond Baptist
22.9Levi Okorie1:03.10aBaytown Christian
23.9Tommy Loosier1:03.30aAlpha Omega
24.9Daniel Wang1:04.44aNortheast Christian ...
25.9Blake Davidson1:06.86aAlpha Omega
26.10Ilie Azarov1:07.24aNortheast Christian ...
27.9Aaron McDonald1:10.23aAlpha Omega
28.9Tyler Henneke1:10.24aProvidence Classical
12Jacob VandergrifftNTNortheast Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tarik Tyler2:00.02aSecond Baptist
2.12Matthew Hawk2:07.76aSt Thomas Episcopal
3.12Marc Liu2:08.55aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.10Andrew Calvert2:12.55aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.12Arturo Barquin2:19.74aPope John XXIII
6.11Jordan Anderson2:21.59aLiving Stones Christ...
7.10Robert Geyer2:27.07aCypress Christian
8.10David Duran2:27.57aBrazosport Christian
9.11Elliott Eccles2:39.75aBrazosport Christian
10.9Levi Okorie2:40.30aBaytown Christian
11.9Aaron McDonald2:44.75aAlpha Omega
9Chris DanielsNTWestbury Christian
12Jake FlowersNTLiving Stones Christ...
11Stanley LyNTNortheast Christian ...
9Tyler HennekeNTProvidence Classical
9Stephen MoodyNTBrazosport Christian
11Sean-Michael MorganNTNortheast Christian ...
10Jonathan McCaryNTCypress Christian
9Joel RawsonNTCypress Christian
10Austin DudleyNTLiving Stones Christ...
11Kevin KimbroughNTFirst Baptist Christ...
11Matthew DechantNTThe Woodlands Prep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Murray4:37.79aPope John XXIII
2.12Matthew Hawk4:54.93aSt Thomas Episcopal
3.12Landon Martin5:06.36aProvidence Classical
4.9Dylan Brokmeyer5:12.15aPope John XXIII
5.12Arturo Barquin5:25.61aPope John XXIII
6.12Jason Mudget5:28.95aBay Area Christian
12Dexter PhillipNTBaytown Christian
11Andrew HawkNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Jonathan McCaryNTCypress Christian
10Blaise FontenotNTCypress Christian
10Marc HollanderNTNortheast Christian ...
10Robert GeyerNTCypress Christian
10David DuranNTBrazosport Christian
10Tom LandersNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Peter MullerNTBay Area Christian
9Morgan JonesNTBriarwood
9Avery SaundersNTFirst Baptist Christ...
10Chandler KesselNTNortheast Christian ...
9Balbino BeltreNTBay Area Christian
12Jake FlowersNTLiving Stones Christ...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Murray10:08.00aPope John XXIII
2.12Marc Liu10:39.00aSt Thomas Episcopal
3.10Tom Landers10:48.00aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Dylan Brokmeyer11:22.40aPope John XXIII
5.12Landon Martin11:23.70aProvidence Classical
6.11Ben Tour11:31.40aSecond Baptist
7.12Dexter Phillip11:44.70aBaytown Christian
8.12Jason Mudget12:05.10aBay Area Christian
9.10Siddarth Rumalla15:01.10aThe Woodlands Prep
9Balbino BeltreNTBay Area Christian
9Peter MullerNTBay Area Christian
11Andrew HawkNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Bancroft16.13aCypress Christian
2.12Cornelius Garab16.43aBaytown Christian
3.11Timothy Starbuck16.93aCypress Christian
4.9Evan Wold17.31aBay Area Christian
5.9Landin Ehrlich18.47aBay Area Christian
6.9Timothy Joe18.56aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.9Dylan Kohne-Sanchez19.32aSt Thomas Episcopal
8.9Malcolm Peddie23.77aSt Thomas Episcopal
10Nathan StraughanNTAlpha Omega
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cornelius Garab44.54aBaytown Christian
2.11Timothy Starbuck46.70aCypress Christian
3.10Brandon Tran50.44aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Timothy Joe51.01aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.12Andrew Pitkin51.44aLiving Stones Christ...
6.9John David Bishop53.49aBay Area Christian
7.9Malcolm Peddie53.54aSt Thomas Episcopal
9Batista SumbeNTPope John XXIII
10Nathan StraughanNTAlpha Omega
11Jordan AndersonNTLiving Stones Christ...
11Matt BancroftNTCypress Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabe Simon
Vincent Turner
Ben Sprott
Dominique Herbert
43.77aWestbury Christian
2.-Michael Boyd
Calvin Novotny
Matt Bancroft
Hunter Vick
45.64aCypress Christian
3.-Greg Moore
Cameron Wilson
Austin Wheeler
Jordan Ramirez
45.69aPope John XXIII
4.-Jamie Paul
Jacob Vandergrifft
Ilie Azarov
Jarred Paul
49.04aNortheast Christian ...
5.-Troy Box
Charles Riley
Bryson Shiflet
Chris Shirley
49.06aAlpha Omega
6.-Adams Ahmadu
Andrew Flato
Brandon Tran
Randy Gill
49.62aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.-Nathan Freberg
Caleb Scott-Hawkins
Josh Wilkinson
Cory Gills
52.49aBay Area Christian
7.-Adam Conoley
Philip McGraw
Bright Wokocha
Nick Moriarty
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Carrow
Gabe Simon
Vincent Turner
Ben Sprott
1:36.06aWestbury Christian
2.-Basil Baldauf
Cameron Wilson
Jordan Ramirez
Allister Taquino
1:36.82aPope John XXIII
3.-Nathan Freberg
Caleb Scott-Hawkins
Ethan Deiss
Cory Gills
1:39.06aBay Area Christian
4.-Michael Boyd
Matt Bancroft
Travis Vick
Josiah Dalton
1:40.31aCypress Christian
5.-Pedro Coello
Andrew Pitkin
Ashton Pettigrew
Aaron Chapman
1:42.09aLiving Stones Christ...
6.-Adams Ahmadu
Andrew Flato
Randy Gill
Brandon Tran
1:45.38aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.-Bryson Shiflet
Charles Riley
Zach Brenton
Chris Shirley
1:45.90aAlpha Omega
8.-Marc Hollander
Jamie Paul
Cody Toomey
Jarred Paul
1:47.55aNortheast Christian ...
9.-Relay Team 1:56.04aProvidence Classical
-Adam Conoley
Bright Wokocha
Philip McGraw
Nick Moriarty
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:37.20aSecond Baptist
2.-Relay Team 3:39.10aPope John XXIII
3.-Relay Team 3:43.47aWestbury Christian
4.-Relay Team 3:45.36aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.-Relay Team 3:52.08aBay Area Christian
6.-Relay Team 3:56.89aCypress Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Washington50-07.75Westbury Christian
2.11Stephen Mason41-01.50St Thomas Episcopal
3.10Greg Moore40-06.50Pope John XXIII
4.12Andrew Pitkin36-09.00Living Stones Christ...
5.9Jordan Powers35-08.50Westbury Christian
6.11Josh Keith34-10.00Faith West Academy
7.12Cornelius Garab34-09.00Baytown Christian
8.10Ryan Darby34-00.75Westbury Christian
9.9Rammy Allouche33-09.50Second Baptist
10.12Adams Ahmadu33-08.00St Thomas Episcopal
11.12Andrew Pursley31-08.50Bay Area Christian
12.10Pablo Ontiveros31-04.75The Woodlands Prep
13.12Ben Bennett31-04.00Cypress Christian
13.11Paul Odeyomi31-04.00Cypress Christian
15.11Ashton Charlton30-06.75Second Baptist
16.12Philip Long30-05.50Providence Classical
17.9Frank Pounds30-04.00The Woodlands Prep
18.12Brad Sherman28-00.00Alpha Omega
19.9Will Loveday26-05.75Alpha Omega
20.12Bryce Adair26-03.00Bay Area Christian
21.9Andrew Rincon20-02.00Cypress Christian
9Will RoachNDBriarwood
12Troy BoxNDAlpha Omega
12Jacob deJonghNDBay Area Christian
12Jimmy McMurrayNDSt Thomas Episcopal
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Washington116-10Westbury Christian
2.11Stephen Mason113-05St Thomas Episcopal
3.10Greg Moore106-07Pope John XXIII
4.9Jordan Powers102-01Westbury Christian
5.9Clayton Smith95-10Westbury Christian
6.11Nick Williford94-05Alpha Omega
7.12Andrew Pursley86-01Bay Area Christian
8.12Ben Bennett85-07Cypress Christian
9.11Jordan Anderson85-03Living Stones Christ...
10.12Philip Long80-03Providence Classical
11.11Ashton Charlton75-06Second Baptist
12.12Andrew Pitkin74-06Living Stones Christ...
13.9Rammy Allouche73-07Second Baptist
14.11Josh Keith73-03Faith West Academy
15.11Paul Odeyomi71-11Cypress Christian
16.12Brad Sherman65-11Alpha Omega
17.9Will Loveday62-02Alpha Omega
18.12Bryce Adair59-06Bay Area Christian
19.9Andrew Rincon56-03Cypress Christian
12Jimmy McMurrayNDSt Thomas Episcopal
12Jacob deJonghNDBay Area Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Ramirez18-11.25Pope John XXIII
2.12Pedro Coello17-09.75Living Stones Christ...
3.10Cameron Wilson17-07.50Pope John XXIII
4.11Bailey Carrow17-05.75Westbury Christian
5.11Dominique Herbert17-00.25Westbury Christian
6.9Matthew Hrncir16-10.00St Thomas Episcopal
7.10Andrew Calvert16-09.50St Thomas Episcopal
8.11Caleb Scott-Hawkins16-06.50Bay Area Christian
9.10Michael Boyd16-03.75Cypress Christian
10.11Josiah Dalton16-02.25Cypress Christian
11.12Jordan Brown15-08.00Lifestyle Christian
12.11Chris Shirley15-07.75Alpha Omega
12.9Justin Chiu15-07.75Westbury Christian
14.9Malcolm Peddie15-05.00St Thomas Episcopal
15.9John David Bishop15-04.75Bay Area Christian
16.9Travis Vick15-02.25Cypress Christian
17.10Ryan Moore13-08.25Lifestyle Christian
18.11Elliott Eccles13-03.50Brazosport Christian
19.10David Duran13-02.50Brazosport Christian
20.10Michael Fisher12-08.50Northeast Christian ...
21.9Caleb Cortina12-08.00Alpha Omega
9Zach BrentonNDAlpha Omega
9Levi OkorieNDBaytown Christian
11Sean-Michael MorganNDNortheast Christian ...
10Chandler KesselNDNortheast Christian ...
9Tyler HennekeNDProvidence Classical
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hunter Vick39-00.00Cypress Christian
2.10Cameron Wilson36-02.00Pope John XXIII
3.11Nathan Freberg36-00.00Bay Area Christian
4.9Chris Daniels35-11.50Westbury Christian
5.9Louis Kopp34-00.00Providence Classical
6.9Matthew Hrncir33-11.00St Thomas Episcopal
7.12Jake Flowers32-04.00Living Stones Christ...
8.9Josh Wilkinson32-02.00Bay Area Christian
9.9Malcolm Peddie32-01.00St Thomas Episcopal
10.12Jordan Brown30-05.00Lifestyle Christian
11Josiah DaltonNDCypress Christian
11Matthew GreenNDBay Area Christian
11Nick WillifordNDAlpha Omega
9Travis VickNDCypress Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Faith Williams12.81aAlpha Omega
2.10Alyssa Miranda14.11aPope John XXIII
3.10Ashley Carswell14.12aDuchesne Academy
4.10Chelbi Orrick14.28aCypress Christian
5.12Addie Brandfield-Harvey14.30aSecond Baptist
3.12Jessalynn Bright14.59Faith West Academy
6.10Gina Escandon14.90aPope John XXIII
10Kelli McKenzie15.23Faith West Academy
10Brooke DunnahoeNTFirst Baptist Christ...
12Lynlea HansenNTFirst Baptist Christ...
10Kennedy NaborsNTSecond Baptist
10Katie HadfieldNTCypress Christian
10Kaitlyn WashingtonNTProvidence Classical
10Victoria GreenleeNTNortheast Christian ...
12Ashley LunaNTNortheast Christian ...
10Sarita GuerreroNTFaith Academy (Bellv...
10Kendall CoburnNTAlpha Omega
10Grayson MyersNTDuchesne Academy
9Haley BrayshawNTAlpha Omega
11Sarah SantiniNTLiving Stones Christ...
9Christie HernandezNTDuchesne Academy
12Laura NinoNTPope John XXIII
9Danielle Celaya-AlvarezNTNortheast Christian ...
11Destiny MilbourneNTBrazosport Christian
10Laura BerkhouseNTProvidence Classical
10Jessica DeFranceNTLifestyle Christian
9Abby MartinezNTCypress Christian
9Amy ChoiNTFirst Baptist Christ...
9Audrey BrodNTFirst Baptist Christ...
9Lyndsey Pruitt-HaleNTBay Area Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Faith Williams27.64aAlpha Omega
2.11Rebecca Vinal28.22aNortheast Christian ...
3.9Lyndsey Pruitt-Hale28.23aBay Area Christian
4.9Alex Lord28.77aBay Area Christian
5.11Jolie Parrish28.78aSecond Baptist
6.10Ashley Carswell29.11aDuchesne Academy
7.10Jessica DeFrance29.32aLifestyle Christian
9.10Kendall Coburn29.48aAlpha Omega
10.11Abby Gleuk29.94aPope John XXIII
11.12Lynlea Hansen30.10aFirst Baptist Christ...
12.10Meredith Ammerman30.14aSecond Baptist
13.9Rebecca Jones30.32aCypress Christian
14.10Grayson Myers30.33aDuchesne Academy
15.10Kaitlyn Washington30.65aProvidence Classical
16.9Audrey Brod31.04aFirst Baptist Christ...
17.9Ginna Ballen31.29aFirst Baptist Christ...
18.11Stephanie Purnell31.47aBrazosport Christian
19.10Kelli McKenzie32.74aFaith West Academy
20.9Avery Barbisch33.52aCypress Christian
21.10Sarita Guerrero33.93aFaith Academy (Bellv...
22.10Brooke Dunnahoe34.81aFirst Baptist Christ...
23.12Laura Nino35.01aPope John XXIII
24.10Linnea Long35.41aProvidence Classical
25.11Natalie Farr35.46aFaith West Academy
26.12Ashley Ackerman39.11aBriarwood
12Lauryn EmmitteNTBay Area Christian
9Abby MartinezNTCypress Christian
9Paula MaularskiNTDuchesne Academy
9Amy ChoiNTFirst Baptist Christ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rebecca Vinal1:02.79aNortheast Christian ...
2.9Faith Williams1:02.87aAlpha Omega
3.12Katy Wefelmeyer1:03.95aDuchesne Academy
4.11Sarah Welter1:05.11aDuchesne Academy
5.11Lindsey Frank1:06.11aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.10Kendall Coburn1:10.46aAlpha Omega
7.11Stephanie Purnell1:11.01aBrazosport Christian
8.11Abby Gleuk1:11.24aPope John XXIII
9.10Rachel Vance1:12.18aCypress Christian
10.9Renay Gladish1:12.54aAlpha Omega
11.9Lee Michelle1:12.85aFirst Baptist Christ...
12.10Lilly Dang1:13.05aDuchesne Academy
12.10Kelli McKenzie1:13.42Faith West Academy
13.11Hannah Norman1:15.41aProvidence Classical
14.9Valerie Russell1:15.42aBay Area Christian
15.11Amanda Ryan1:15.46aProvidence Classical
16.10Melissa Mudgett1:15.47aBay Area Christian
17.11Hayley Landry1:17.38aCypress Christian
17.10Laura Dinkler1:21.98aFaith West Academy
20.9Kristen Smith1:24.26aFirst Baptist Christ...
21.10Brion Brown1:28.48aProvidence Classical
19.9Jennica Davis1:32.42aFaith West Academy
12Ashley AckermanNTBriarwood
9Ginna BallenNTFirst Baptist Christ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jackie Manley2:30.46aDuchesne Academy
2.11Sarah Welter2:37.87aDuchesne Academy
3.11Lindsey Frank2:40.35aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Kara Christopherson2:41.97aPope John XXIII
5.9Lyndsey Pruitt-Hale2:46.63aBay Area Christian
6.12Lindsay Winkel2:46.98aFaith West Academy
9Kaylee Dusang3:18.8Faith West Academy
10Laura Dinkler3:26Faith West Academy
10Lilly DangNTDuchesne Academy
9Renay GladishNTAlpha Omega
9Valerie RussellNTBay Area Christian
9Kristen SmithNTFirst Baptist Christ...
11Maria GonzalezNTPope John XXIII
9Elise HesterNTAlpha Omega
10Kelsey MartinNTProvidence Classical
11Hannah NormanNTProvidence Classical
10Brion BrownNTProvidence Classical
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Gonzalez5:49.92aPope John XXIII
2.9Emily Yoder6:00.20aPope John XXIII
3.9Kara Christopherson6:03.77aPope John XXIII
4.12Lindsay Winkel6:12.36aFaith West Academy
5.10Caitlin Post6:41.46aProvidence Classical
6.9Renay Gladish6:51.25aAlpha Omega
11Natalie Farr7:16Faith West Academy
10Linnea LongNTProvidence Classical
12Mikeala McDonaldNTNortheast Christian ...
11Hannah NormanNTProvidence Classical
9Emma PearsonNTFaith Academy (Bellv...
12Brennan McMichaelNTDuchesne Academy
10Cassandra CardenasNTBrazosport Christian
10Caroline BayseNTNortheast Christian ...
11Destiny MilbourneNTBrazosport Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Gonzalez12:39.00aPope John XXIII
2.9Emily Yoder13:05.20aPope John XXIII
3.11Bethany Vuyk13:46.70aPope John XXIII
4.10Linnea Long13:56.40aProvidence Classical
5.10Caitlin Post14:04.10aProvidence Classical
6.11Natalie Farr15:57.80aFaith West Academy
12Brennan McMichaelNTDuchesne Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydney Ryan19.02aDuchesne Academy
1.11Ashley Elliott19.02aSecond Baptist
3.10Gina Escandon19.38aPope John XXIII
4.9Hailey Justus19.56aPope John XXIII
3.12Jessalynn Bright19.38Faith West Academy
6.10Hannah Flowers21.48aLiving Stones Christ...
11Shannen LongridgeNTCypress Christian
11Miranda BozzoNTNortheast Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydney Ryan51.31aDuchesne Academy
2.12Razan Beidas54.07aDuchesne Academy
3.10Gina Escandon55.92aPope John XXIII
4.11Ashley Elliott56.45aSecond Baptist
11Shannen LongridgeNTCypress Christian
11Miranda BozzoNTNortheast Christian ...
9Chelsea GreenNTBay Area Christian
9Hailey JustusNTPope John XXIII
9Kiersten HofbauerNTPope John XXIII
10Hannah FlowersNTLiving Stones Christ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katy Wefelmeyer
Erin White
Bridget Daly
Grayson Myers
53.48aDuchesne Academy
2.-Addie Brandfield-Harvey
Jolie Parrish
Meredith Ammerman
Kennedy Nabors
54.40aSecond Baptist
3.-Gina Escandon
Alyssa Miranda
Hailey Justus
Laura Nino
54.81aPope John XXIII
4.-Chelbi Orrick
Katie Hadfield
Rebecca Jones
Shannen Longridge
55.38aCypress Christian
5.-Relay Team 55.58aProvidence Classical
6.-Lauryn Emmitte
Chelsea Green
Melissa Mudgett
Alex Lord
56.65aBay Area Christian
7.-Miranda Bozzo
Rebecca Vinal
Victoria Greenlee
Ashley Luna
56.88aNortheast Christian ...
7.-Kaitlyn Anderson
Sarah Santini
Olivia Wright
Hannah Flowers
56.88aLiving Stones Christ...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Razan Beidas
Bridget Daly
Erin White
Jackie Manley
1:50.09aDuchesne Academy
2.-Relay Team 1:58.10aProvidence Classical
3.-Jolie Parrish
Addie Brandfield-Harvey
Kennedy Nabors
Meredith Ammerman
1:59.74aSecond Baptist
4.-Laura Nino
Kiersten Hofbauer
Alyssa Miranda
Abby Gleuk
2:01.04aPope John XXIII
5.-Lauryn Emmitte
Chelsea Green
Melissa Mudgett
Alex Lord
2:01.82aBay Area Christian
6.-Olivia Roberts
Avery Barbisch
Abby Martinez
Elena Ray
2:07.74aCypress Christian
7.-Miranda Bozzo
Danielle Celaya-Alvarez
Ashley Luna
Victoria Greenlee
2:10.91aNortheast Christian ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katy Wefelmeyer
Jackie Manley
Razan Beidas
Sarah Welter
4:17.53aDuchesne Academy
2.-Maria Gonzalez
Abby Gleuk
Alyssa Miranda
Kara Christopherson
4:38.77aPope John XXIII
3.-Relay Team 4:44.67aProvidence Classical
4.-Hayley Landry
Rebecca Jones
Shannen Longridge
Rachel Vance
5:03.84aCypress Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Ackerman30-05.50Briarwood
2.11Blessing Ajibero27-08.75Cypress Christian
3.10Chelbi Orrick26-00.25Cypress Christian
4.10Dorcie Gillette24-03.00Alpha Omega
5.11Natalia Miller24-02.50Second Baptist
6.9Stephanie Onuegbu21-07.25Duchesne Academy
7.10Olivia Roberts21-04.50Cypress Christian
8.11Spencer Schibi21-00.00Bay Area Christian
8.9Haley Brayshaw21-00.00Alpha Omega
10.10Lyndsie Smith19-07.75Northeast Christian ...
11.11Jordan Salazar17-08.25Living Stones Christ...
12.11Olivia Wright16-09.00Living Stones Christ...
11Alison OndrusekNDWestbury Christian
10Estrella RossNDDuchesne Academy
12Suzy PartidaNDAlpha Omega
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Ackerman86-10Briarwood
2.10Chelbi Orrick78-03Cypress Christian
3.11Blessing Ajibero69-04Cypress Christian
4.11Natalia Miller59-06Second Baptist
5.10Olivia Roberts56-05Cypress Christian
6.11Spencer Schibi54-02Bay Area Christian
7.11Olivia Wright53-01Living Stones Christ...
8.10Dorcie Gillette48-10Alpha Omega
9.9Stephanie Onuegbu48-03Duchesne Academy
10.11Destiny Milbourne47-00Brazosport Christian
11.9Haley Brayshaw44-07Alpha Omega
12.11Jordan Salazar42-04Living Stones Christ...
13.10Lyndsie Smith37-02Northeast Christian ...
10Estrella RossNDDuchesne Academy
11Alison OndrusekNDWestbury Christian
10Kelli McKenzieNDFaith West Academy
9Haley BintliffNDFaith West Academy
10Jill IsaganNDWestbury Christian
12Lindsay WinkelNDFaith West Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Morris15-04.25Lifestyle Christian
2.11Bridget Daly15-01.00Duchesne Academy
3.10Grayson Myers13-05.25Duchesne Academy
4.9Alex Lord13-04.50Bay Area Christian
5.10Gina Escandon13-02.25Pope John XXIII
6.10Melissa Mudgett12-09.50Bay Area Christian
7.9Chelsea Green12-06.00Bay Area Christian
8.9Rebecca Jones12-01.50Cypress Christian
8.10Laura Berkhouse12-01.50Providence Classical
10.10Lauren Williams11-10.75Northeast Christian ...
11.12Jessalynn Bright11-10.00Faith West Academy
12.12Lindsay Winkel11-08.25Faith West Academy
13.9Avery Barbisch10-11.50Cypress Christian
14.10Laura Dinkler10'07.00Faith West Academy
12Lynlea HansenNDFirst Baptist Christ...
9Abby MartinezNDCypress Christian
9Audrey BrodNDFirst Baptist Christ...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Morris38-04.50Lifestyle Christian
2.11Bridget Daly32-07.00Duchesne Academy
3.9Maddie Kaiser29-08.50Providence Classical
4.9Lyndsey Pruitt-Hale28-05.50Bay Area Christian
5.11Shannen Longridge27-11.50Cypress Christian
6.10Hannah Flowers26-05.00Living Stones Christ...
7.10Kelsey Martin26-00.50Providence Classical
10Lauren WilliamsNDNortheast Christian ...
10Katie MooreNDCypress Christian
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