NAC Meet #1, Section 10

Friday, December 16, 2011
  St Lawrence University, Canton - Map
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New York - Section 3
INRIIndian River
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrew Brush6.50Massena Central
2.12Ryan Williams6.70Indian River
3.11Kody Smith6.90Indian River
4.11Aaron Sharlow7.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.11John Picaro7.10Franklin Academy (Ma...
6.10Reed McLaughlin7.10Canton Central (HC W...
7.11Conner Caldwell7.20Canton Central (HC W...
8.11Adam Lewis7.30Potsdam Central
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Picaro38.2Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.12Tyler Belleau38.4Potsdam Central
3.10Felix Garcia38.8Indian River
4.-Josiah Bartlett39.3Potsdam Central
5.12Spencer Neaton40.5Potsdam Central
6.12Curtis Blow40.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.9Jacob Sias40.8Ogdensburg Free
8.9Bailey Fellion41.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
9.10Tommy Garland42.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
10.-Blair Boyer42.5Tupper Lake
11.12Charlie White42.9Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
12.10Taylor Bouchard43.4Ogdensburg Free
13.12Taylor Brown43.8Massena Central
14.-Eric Torres44.3Indian River
15.10Travis Hall44.7Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
15.10Cody Garland44.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
17.11Chris Axtell45.0Ogdensburg Free
18.-Tyler Richardson45.2Ogdensburg Free
19.10Aaron Peo45.5Ogdensburg Free
19.-Brandon Bedore45.5Tupper Lake
21.9Sebastian Quintilliani45.9Ogdensburg Free
21.-Isaiah Bartlett45.9Potsdam Central
23.11Elijah Bulriss46.1Canton Central (HC W...
24.12Nevin LaRock46.4Canton Central (HC W...
25.-Connor Brady46.8Potsdam Central
26.-Nick Cincinnati46.9Potsdam Central
27.11Alex Sosebee47.1Canton Central (HC W...
28.10Lane Roanhouse47.2Indian River
29.11Brendon Webb47.5Gouverneur Central
30.11Aaron Myford47.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
31.9Shayne Rosa48.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
32.12Ryan Hughes48.8Canton Central (HC W...
33.9Matthew Thibault49.4Massena Central
34.12Doug Clark49.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
35.9Robert Fenton50.0Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
36.-Aaron Chandler50.1Potsdam Central
37.-Rian McFaddin50.4Potsdam Central
38.10Tayler Malark50.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
39.-Josh Clement51.2Tupper Lake
40.10Peter Skomsky53.1Massena Central
41.-Josh Laing56.1Potsdam Central
42.-Jacob Bellucci57.8Potsdam Central
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Wood1:24.7Ogdensburg Free
2.12Doug Fitzgerald1:28.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.12Christian Lesperance1:30.9Ogdensburg Free
4.10Kyle Nicholson1:35.1Massena Central
5.12Nick Haas1:37.0Franklin Academy (Ma...
6.10Colin Sovie1:40.0Ogdensburg Free
7.10Carlos Menchon1:42.9Massena Central
8.10Connor Levison1:43.9Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
9.10Tristan Nichols1:46.2Massena Central
10.-Chase Palmer1:46.8Potsdam Central
11.9Dion Aumell1:47.0Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
12.10William Schiavonne1:50.8Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
13.-D.J. Shaheen1:58.6Tupper Lake
14.12Jarren Harbour1:59.1Canton Central (HC W...
15.-Min Zhao2:01.7Potsdam Central
16.10Seth Tebo2:04.0Ogdensburg Free
17.9Tyler Fefee2:07.5Massena Central
18.11Josh Gordon2:07.7Ogdensburg Free
19.12Chad Williams2:59.3Tupper Lake
--11Rourk MarlowDNFFranklin Academy (Ma...
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rourk Marlow2:50.4Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.12Doug Fitzgerald2:54.6Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.10Ethan Vinson2:55.2Potsdam Central
4.11Chad Hosler3:03.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.-Randy Charland3:11.5Tupper Lake
6.9Marcus Garrow3:12.4Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.9Devon Grant3:12.6Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
8.11Jay Kepes3:13.0Canton Central (HC W...
9.11David Jones3:13.2Gouverneur Central
10.10Luke Dunkelberg3:19.6Gouverneur Central
11.9Joe Grizzuto3:29.1Ogdensburg Free
12.12Thomas Boudreau3:45.0Massena Central
13.10Seth Tebo3:53.4Ogdensburg Free
14.12Jonah Moeller3:53.7Tupper Lake
15.12Chad Williams5:25.0Tupper Lake
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Marlow4:39.2Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.11Corey Lamere4:44.5Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.10Ethan Vinson4:54.5Potsdam Central
4.12Ethan Kelly5:04.5Potsdam Central
5.10Luke Dunkelberg5:08.8Gouverneur Central
6.11Mike Haas5:12.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.9Marcus Garrow5:16.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.10Jake Beaudette5:16.8Canton Central (HC W...
9.-Randy Charland5:17.1Tupper Lake
10.11Austin Scott5:17.9Canton Central (HC W...
11.11David Jones5:18.3Gouverneur Central
12.10Josh Ferguson5:19.2Gouverneur Central
13.11Jonathan Maher5:19.4Indian River
14.11Jay Kepes5:20.7Canton Central (HC W...
15.-Ben Miller5:21.2Potsdam Central
16.9Joe Grizzuto5:23.5Ogdensburg Free
17.11Andrew Colburn5:27.6Ogdensburg Free
18.10Stephen Grigg5:59.9Massena Central
19.10Andrew Harvey6:14.2Massena Central
20.12Giancarlo Filippi6:19.6Canton Central (HC W...
21.12Jonah Moeller6:59.0Tupper Lake
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corey Lamere10:11.5Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.11Morgan Marlow10:11.9Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.12Cody Cook11:24.9Massena Central
4.11Mike Haas11:27.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.-Ben Miller12:41.4Potsdam Central
6.10Ben Godin13:45.5Indian River
7.10Erik Patrick14:41.1Indian River
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Crawford8.30Ogdensburg Free
2.12Zach Grenier8.30Ogdensburg Free
3.12Zach Petell9.20Ogdensburg Free
4.11John Picaro9.30Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.-Taylor Prosper9.40Potsdam Central
6.-Sam Skufca9.50Potsdam Central
7.12Jeremy Burt10.6Gouverneur Central
8.-Isaiah Bartlett10.9Potsdam Central
9.12Doug Clark11.2Franklin Academy (Ma...
10.9Shayne Rosa11.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Sias
Taylor Bouchard
Alex Wood
Christian Lesperance
1:41.7Ogdensburg Free
2.-Kody Smith
Adam Sullivan
Ryan Williams
Felix Garcia
1:42.2Indian River
3.-Spencer Neaton
Dom Centofanti
Stephen Lewis
Adam Lewis
1:43.6Potsdam Central
4.-Taylor Brown
Andrew Brush
Carlos Menchon
Kyle Nicholson
1:46.2Massena Central
5.-Nick Haas
Bailey Fellion
Pavel Medved
Tommy Garland
1:47.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
6.-Jon Erickson
Jake Wellings
Travis Hall
Charlie White
1:48.5Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
7.-Reed McLaughlin
Nevin LaRock
Ryan Hughes
Alex Sosebee
1:50.3Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 1:53.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Jeremy Burt
Brendon Webb
Brandon Wylie
Brayton Dusharm
1:54.0Gouverneur Central
---Relay Team 1:57.2Potsdam Central
8.-Blair Boyer
Brandon Bedore
Tanner Hockey
Mark Pavlus
1:57.7Tupper Lake
---Relay Team 2:01.1Ogdensburg Free
---Relay Team 2:05.0Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 2:05.8Potsdam Central
---Relay Team 2:10.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Purvis
Chris Stone
Josiah Bartlett
Tyler Belleau
3:46.4Potsdam Central
2.-Doug Fitzgerald
Nick Haas
Cody Garland
Rourk Marlow
3:53.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Relay Team 4:06.6Potsdam Central
3.-Andrew Colburn
Sebastian Quintilliani
Colin Sovie
Tyler Richardson
4:10.2Ogdensburg Free
4.-Austin Scott
Ryan Hughes
Jake Beaudette
Justin Sosebee
4:10.5Canton Central (HC W...
5.-Dion Aumell
Connor Levison
Charlie White
William Schiavonne
4:15.2Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
6.-Randy Charland
Josh Clement
D.J. Shaheen
Cameron Lamare
4:40.2Tupper Lake
---Relay Team 4:41.7Potsdam Central
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josiah Bartlett
Ethan Kelly
Ethan Vinson
Chris Stone
8:46.9Potsdam Central
2.-Corey Lamere
Chad Hosler
Mike Haas
Morgan Marlow
8:51.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.-Andrew Colburn
Joe Grizzuto
Jacob Sias
Colin Sovie
9:27.4Ogdensburg Free
4.-Austin Scott
Jay Kepes
Jake Beaudette
Justin Sosebee
9:31.3Canton Central (HC W...
5.-Luke Dunkelberg
Josh Ferguson
David Jones
Brendon Webb
9:41.7Gouverneur Central
---Relay Team 9:50.7Potsdam Central
6.-Dion Aumell
Devon Grant
Connor Levison
William Schiavonne
9:54.7Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
7.-Zach Godin
Ben Godin
Jonathan Maher
Erik Patrick
10:15.6Indian River
8.-Stephen Grigg
Andrew Harvey
Peter Skomsky
Jeffery Cook
10:21.9Massena Central
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Sharrow42-07.25Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.12Ifem Ononye35-06.25Potsdam Central
3.11Duncan Marshall35-05.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
4.12Brandon Wylie35-02.25Gouverneur Central
5.12Thomas Boudreau35-02.00Massena Central
6.11Devan Monette34-05.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.9Jason Smith32-09.00Indian River
8.-Aaron Chandler32-04.50Potsdam Central
9.10Matt Liscum31-03.50Potsdam Central
10.11Aaron Deon31-00.25Potsdam Central
11.10Dylan Greer30-08.50Potsdam Central
12.12Dom Centofanti30-06.00Potsdam Central
13.9Deven Compo30-01.00Ogdensburg Free
14.-Matt Cincinatti29-04.50Potsdam Central
15.9Eric McCarthy28-08.50Massena Central
16.11J.P. King28-06.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
17.12Jon Erickson28-01.25Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
18.9Jason Hansen27-10.50Massena Central
18.9Brody LeCuyer27-10.50Massena Central
20.10Robert Drake27-08.50Canton Central (HC W...
21.10Daniel Kalina27-06.00Gouverneur Central
22.10Aaron Peo26-06.00Ogdensburg Free
23.9Dalen Boyd26-03.00Indian River
23.11Ian Drummatter26-03.00Potsdam Central
25.-Kyle Frederick26-01.25Potsdam Central
26.11Alex Charland26-01.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
27.-Mark Pavlus25-10.00Tupper Lake
28.11Joe Gang25-09.00Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
29.10Jordan Bufham25-06.25Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
30.-Cosmo Islam25-00.50Potsdam Central
31.12Mitchell Mastry25-00.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
32.11Caleb Gordon24-10.50Potsdam Central
33.-Tyler Exware21-03.75Tupper Lake
34.11Jeffery Cook20-03.00Massena Central
35.9Charles Dann19-10.50Gouverneur Central
36.10Vincent Molinari18-10.00Ogdensburg Free
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Crawford5-10.00Ogdensburg Free
2.12Zach Petell5-08.00Ogdensburg Free
3.-Ben Purvis5-06.00Potsdam Central
4.12Zach Grenier5-02.00Ogdensburg Free
5.11Chris Stone5-02.00Potsdam Central
6.11Aaron Sharlow5-00.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.12Pavel Medved5-00.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.10Jake Oatman5-00.00Canton Central (HC W...
9.12Curtis Blow4-10.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
10.-Isaiah Bartlett4-10.00Potsdam Central
11.10Justin Sosebee4-08.00Canton Central (HC W...
12.10Ryan Martin4-08.00Canton Central (HC W...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Williams18-00.50Indian River
2.12Zach Petell18-00.00Ogdensburg Free
3.10Jake Wellings17-01.75Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
4.9Andrew Brush17-01.50Massena Central
5.12Zach Grenier17-00.50Ogdensburg Free
6.11Aaron Sharlow16-04.75Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.12Tyler Belleau16-03.00Potsdam Central
8.10Aaron Peo15-03.00Ogdensburg Free
9.-Taylor Prosper15-01.00Potsdam Central
10.12Spencer Neaton15-01.00Potsdam Central
11.9Bailey Fellion15-00.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
12.12Taylor Brown14-06.00Massena Central
13.-Tanner Hockey14-05.25Tupper Lake
14.11Joe Perry14-03.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
15.-Brandon Bedore14-01.00Tupper Lake
16.9Matthew Thibault14-00.50Massena Central
17.10Carlos Menchon13-11.50Massena Central
18.9Brayton Dusharm12-10.50Gouverneur Central
19.-Cameron Lamare11-06.00Tupper Lake
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Crawford37-07.00Ogdensburg Free
2.10Jake Wellings35-06.25Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
3.-Sam Skufca34-07.50Potsdam Central
4.11Joe Perry34-06.25Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.11Taylor Dow34-00.50Potsdam Central
6.12Curtis Blow33-09.25Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.11Chad Hosler33-06.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.10Taylor Bouchard33-04.00Ogdensburg Free
9.-Taylor Prosper32-08.00Potsdam Central
10.-Tanner Hockey31-05.00Tupper Lake
11.10Kyle Nicholson29-06.50Massena Central
12.12Cody Cook28-01.00Massena Central
13.-Cameron Lamare26-06.75Tupper Lake
14.9Tyler Fefee25-00.25Massena Central

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaleigh Pier7.60Canton Central (HC W...
2.9Maddie Dreschel7.70Potsdam Central
3.12Meghan Everett8.00Indian River
4.9Kallie Bartlett8.10Potsdam Central
5.11Taylor Baynham8.20Indian River
6.11Nicole Duprey8.40Ogdensburg Free
7.9Dakota Jones8.40Indian River
8.8Leah Livernois8.50Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaleigh Pier45.0Canton Central (HC W...
2.11Katie Lapinski46.3Canton Central (HC W...
3.9Kallie Bartlett46.7Potsdam Central
4.12Brigette Sanderson47.1Canton Central (HC W...
5.9Jana Prudhomme47.6Canton Central (HC W...
6.12Kylee Disotelle48.0Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.10Kira Zuhlke49.0Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.9Lydia Torres49.1Indian River
9.12Davina Jones49.4Gouverneur Central
10.10Meghan Martinez50.0Canton Central (HC W...
11.-Skylar Trivieri50.4Tupper Lake
12.12Bonnie Smyth50.5Potsdam Central
12.9Morgan Rosser50.5Canton Central (HC W...
14.11Jaynna Nieves50.9Indian River
15.-Tess Klossner51.3Tupper Lake
16.9Madison Fortier51.9Tupper Lake
17.11Aubrey O'Marah53.2Ogdensburg Free
18.11Kailey Mitchell54.3Indian River
19.10Marthalyn Sweet54.5Gouverneur Central
20.11Ashley Woodward55.6Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
21.10Michaela O'Riley56.2Gouverneur Central
22.9Jamel Clark56.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
23.9Katherine Burnham56.8Massena Central
24.12Sumiao Pang56.9Massena Central
25.10Brenna McPherson57.1Ogdensburg Free
26.9Morgan Allen57.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
27.11Kaleigh Zappia57.4Massena Central
28.9Paige Brothers57.9Massena Central
29.12Elizabeth Stowe58.2Ogdensburg Free
30.-Paige Luton58.3Tupper Lake
31.9Shampaigne Chapman58.6Indian River
32.-Jocelyn Clement59.9Tupper Lake
33.12Katelin LaLonde1:00.1Massena Central
34.8Abby Tessier1:00.4Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
35.9Kalie Peets1:00.6Massena Central
36.-Stephanie Reasoner1:03.5Potsdam Central
37.10Ashley Valencia1:04.1Indian River
38.12Daenna Conger1:04.6Massena Central
39.12Chalsie Rivet1:05.4Ogdensburg Free
40.11Sharon Ji1:06.4Ogdensburg Free
41.-Kayann Balsalmo1:07.2Indian River
42.11Katie Golden1:12.9Indian River
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca DelRossi1:47.4Canton Central (HC W...
2.10Carrie Pomainville1:50.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.9Danielle Steenkamer1:50.9Ogdensburg Free
4.9Cassidy Scott1:52.7Canton Central (HC W...
5.12Emily Hutchins1:53.4Franklin Academy (Ma...
6.10Brianna Hayes1:56.9Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
7.11Olivia Knowlden1:57.6Canton Central (HC W...
8.8Molly McMasters2:02.0Canton Central (HC W...
9.11Rachel Mott2:06.7Massena Central
10.11Arielle Stoian2:07.9Potsdam Central
11.10Cynthia Buscemi2:10.5Ogdensburg Free
12.11Chelsea LaFlair2:13.1Ogdensburg Free
13.11Cora Johnson2:14.1Massena Central
14.11Keoni Kadaraitis2:18.9Indian River
15.12Junita Hansen2:20.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
16.10Katelynn Burnham2:25.8Massena Central
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Morgan Bronner3:28.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.12Justina Cositore3:31.9Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.9Madison Dow3:32.0Potsdam Central
4.12Janelle Fredericks3:57.5Ogdensburg Free
5.11Emerald Pfeffer4:00.4Indian River
6.11Jessica Fulk4:01.8Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
7.11Brooke Russell4:05.2Massena Central
8.12Elizabeth Brennan4:08.8Ogdensburg Free
9.9Ellen Miller4:09.2Ogdensburg Free
10.12Tierra Messina4:12.2Indian River
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Pierce5:09.6Canton Central (HC W...
2.10Rebekkah Bond5:13.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.10Kurstyn Maccauley5:39.0Ogdensburg Free
4.11Abby Hampson5:48.8Canton Central (HC W...
5.10Paige Hamilton5:50.3Canton Central (HC W...
6.10Brooke Bronner5:57.0Franklin Academy (Ma...
7.11Erika Dillon5:58.7Potsdam Central
8.12Jennifer Kemp5:59.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
9.11Emily Switzer6:05.2Ogdensburg Free
10.11Jessica Fulk6:12.9Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
11.9Ellen Miller6:17.5Ogdensburg Free
12.7Trica Cositore6:17.9Franklin Academy (Ma...
13.11Allison Whitton6:19.3Massena Central
14.11Kathleen Kassian6:24.2Massena Central
15.10Laura Cook6:27.3Massena Central
16.10Audrey Hayes6:29.3Massena Central
17.12Angela Petrus6:38.5Indian River
18.10Catherine Tighe6:42.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebekkah Bond11:25.2Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.8Kaycee Saucier11:40.0Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
3.9Maria Ricalton11:44.6Canton Central (HC W...
4.11Lauren Orosz11:52.5Canton Central (HC W...
5.12Brandi Allen12:17.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
6.12Renee Deriechia12:34.9Massena Central
7.9Liz Kielly12:39.8Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.12Lindsey LaPage12:52.1Franklin Academy (Ma...
9.12Julianne Mitchell13:50.2Ogdensburg Free
10.11Erin Hesse14:01.6Indian River
11.11Elizabeth Kolodgy15:27.5Indian River
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kylee Disotelle9.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.10Lindsay Proulx10.1Canton Central (HC W...
3.10Marissa Perez10.3Franklin Academy (Ma...
4.12Davina Jones10.6Gouverneur Central
5.12Sara Elliot10.9Canton Central (HC W...
6.11Natalie Pesold11.0Massena Central
7.10Kayla Tolman11.1Ogdensburg Free
8.12Bonnie Smyth11.3Potsdam Central
9.12Sumiao Pang11.4Massena Central
10.11Natalie LePage11.5Massena Central
11.11Waheson Lazore11.7Massena Central
12.12Amber Lee Schwartz11.9Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
13.12Elizabeth Brennan12.2Ogdensburg Free
13.11Arielle Stoian12.2Potsdam Central
15.12Shea Conley12.6Potsdam Central
16.8Molly McMasters12.8Canton Central (HC W...
17.10Lucy Pang12.9Massena Central
18.9Laura Petry13.0Canton Central (HC W...
19.9Alanna Pyke13.7Massena Central
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylee Disotelle
Emily Hutchins
Carrie Pomainville
Rebekkah Bond
1:58.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
2.-Kallie Bartlett
Abbie Gruneisen
Madi Dow
Maddie Dreschel
2:01.4Potsdam Central
3.-Leah Livernois
Kaycee Saucier
Alyssa Cutler
Brianna Hayes
2:02.4Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
4.-Dakota Jones
Taylor Baynham
Nicole Tsitiridis
Meghan Everett
2:04.6Indian River
---Relay Team 2:06.3Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 2:06.5Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.-Nicole Duprey
Allysha Bracy
Aubrey O'Marah
Charlotte Miller
2:07.0Ogdensburg Free
---Relay Team 2:10.0Canton Central (HC W...
6.-Kaleigh Zappia
Natalie LePage
Natalie Pesold
Paige Brothers
2:11.7Massena Central
---Relay Team 2:15.2Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
7.-Skylar Trivieri
Samantha Ormsby
Jocelyn Clement
Madison Fortier
2:15.3Tupper Lake
---Relay Team 2:17.2Indian River
---Relay Team 2:20.4Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 2:21.4Massena Central
---Relay Team 2:22.5Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Relay Team 2:26.9Ogdensburg Free
---Relay Team 2:29.5Potsdam Central
---Relay Team 2:50.9Potsdam Central
---Brigette Sanderson
Jaleigh Pier
Jennifer Lomaki
Sara Elliot
DQCanton Central (HC W...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rebecca DelRossi
Cassidy Scott
Katie Lapinski
Laura Pierce
4:34.8Canton Central (HC W...
2.-Marissa Perez
Justina Cositore
Morgan Bronner
Carrie Pomainville
4:35.7Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Relay Team 4:39.8Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 4:53.0Canton Central (HC W...
3.-Charlotte Miller
Ellen Miller
Kurstyn Maccauley
Danielle Steenkamer
4:54.8Ogdensburg Free
4.-Tiffani Love
Erika Dillon
Ann Chiarenzelli
Bonnie Smyth
4:55.2Potsdam Central
5.-Paige Luton
Tess Klossner
Arianna Bishop
Shawnna Vaillancourt
5:12.4Tupper Lake
6.-Rachel Mott
Alanna Pyke
Mackenzie LePage
Morgan Zyzik
5:32.0Massena Central
---Relay Team 5:39.4Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Relay Team 5:48.3Massena Central
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandi Allen
Liz Kielly
Justina Cositore
Emily Hutchins
10:42.2Franklin Academy (Ma...
---Relay Team 10:54.0Canton Central (HC W...
2.-Kaycee Saucier
Leah Livernois
Jessica Fulk
Brianna Hayes
10:57.8Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
3.-Maria Ricalton
Sarah Stone
Gemma DelRossi
Abby Hampson
11:06.0Canton Central (HC W...
---Relay Team 11:12.0Canton Central (HC W...
4.-Ann Chiarenzelli
Tiffani Love
Erika Dillon
Madi Dow
11:17.2Potsdam Central
5.-Janelle Fredericks
Julianne Mitchell
Kurstyn Maccauley
Danielle Steenkamer
11:18.0Ogdensburg Free
6.-Hannah Klossner
Tess Klossner
Arianna Bishop
Shawnna Vaillancourt
11:20.5Tupper Lake
7.-Renee Deriechia
Kathleen Kassian
Rachel Mott
Annika Sandvoss
11:56.7Massena Central
8.-Malia Wallace
Erin Hesse
Elizabeth Kolodgy
Angela Petrus
12:17.8Indian River
---Relay Team 12:36.2Massena Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Kolodgy26-06.00Indian River
2.10Annie Sharlow25-09.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
3.10Brianne Wilke24-11.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
4.10Maggie Albu23-02.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
5.11Siobahn Lewis23-01.50Massena Central
6.12Sarah Stone22-08.00Canton Central (HC W...
7.10Alison Brown22-08.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
8.-Jasmine Keese22-04.50Tupper Lake
9.11Brianna Tyo21-09.00Tupper Lake
10.10Molly Tishberg21-01.50Potsdam Central
11.12Brittney Charleston21-01.25Potsdam Central
12.12Stacy Pavlus21-00.25Tupper Lake
13.12Morgan Zyzik20-05.50Massena Central
14.12Bria Cole20-05.50Potsdam Central
15.12Abby Dufrane20-05.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
16.10Shawna Rickett20-03.75Ogdensburg Free
17.10Madeline Chesbrough20-03.75Franklin Academy (Ma...
18.9Gabrielle Beebe20-00.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
19.-Emily Godin19-07.00Tupper Lake
20.10Caylin Blankenship19-03.50Indian River
21.12Stephanie Badder19-02.00Massena Central
22.11Samantha Mullin19-02.00Gouverneur Central
23.11Courtney Mills18-03.50Indian River
24.10Christen Fleury17-09.50Franklin Academy (Ma...
25.-Lindsey Martin17-09.25Potsdam Central
26.-Dani Sinnigen17-05.00Potsdam Central
27.11Taylor Smithers17-04.50Ogdensburg Free
28.9Kailey Eschenbacher16-09.75Franklin Academy (Ma...
29.11Mary Burns15-08.50Ogdensburg Free
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Klossner4-10.00Tupper Lake
2.10Lindsay Proulx4-06.00Canton Central (HC W...
3.11Waheson Lazore4-06.00Massena Central
4.12Ann Chiarenzelli4-04.00Potsdam Central
5.9Morgan Rosser4-04.00Canton Central (HC W...
6.12Janelle Fredericks4-02.00Ogdensburg Free
6.11Tiffani Love4-02.00Potsdam Central
8.11Arielle Stoian4-02.00Potsdam Central
8.12Sarah Stone4-02.00Canton Central (HC W...
10.11Aubrey O'Marah4-00.00Ogdensburg Free
--9Nicole MorganNHMassena Central
--12Alycia BeattieNHMassena Central
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennifer Lomaki14-03.00Canton Central (HC W...
2.9Maddie Dreschel14-02.00Potsdam Central
3.12Allysha Bracy14-01.00Ogdensburg Free
4.11Katie Lapinski13-06.50Canton Central (HC W...
5.9Lydia Torres13-06.00Indian River
6.12Brittany Leonard13-00.50Canton Central (HC W...
7.10Charlotte Miller12-06.25Ogdensburg Free
8.11Samantha Ormsby12-05.50Tupper Lake
9.10Kayla Tolman12-05.25Ogdensburg Free
10.10Kira Zuhlke11-11.75Franklin Academy (Ma...
11.11Alyssa Cutler11-11.00Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
12.11Alexis Sweet11-10.00Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
13.10Lucy Pang11-07.50Massena Central
14.9Jamel Clark11-06.25Franklin Academy (Ma...
15.10Marthalyn Sweet11-01.50Gouverneur Central
16.12Nicole Tsitiridis10-10.25Indian River
17.-Clarissa Mitchell8-11.50Potsdam Central
---Carrie PotterFOULPotsdam Central
--10Jamaika ChapmanFOULIndian River
--9Hannah PerryFOULFranklin Academy (Ma...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Ormsby30-02.50Tupper Lake
2.12Jennifer Lomaki30-01.00Canton Central (HC W...
3.10Lindsay Proulx29-11.00Canton Central (HC W...
4.11Hannah Klossner29-04.00Tupper Lake
5.12Meghan Everett28-10.00Indian River
6.10Kayla Tolman27-09.00Ogdensburg Free
7.12Allysha Bracy27-08.50Ogdensburg Free
8.11Alyssa Cutler26-08.25Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
9.10Marissa Perez26-08.00Franklin Academy (Ma...
10.12Amber Lee Schwartz25-09.00Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
11.10Paige Hamilton25-09.00Canton Central (HC W...
12.12Angela Petrus25-08.00Indian River
13.11Cora Johnson25-07.50Massena Central
14.10Marthalyn Sweet24-10.00Gouverneur Central
15.12Davina Jones23-08.00Gouverneur Central
16.11Ashley Woodward22-05.00Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
17.-Abbie Gruneisen21-09.00Potsdam Central
--10Michaela O'RileyFOULGouverneur Central
--11Natalie LePageFOULMassena Central
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