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2012 New Year's Opener

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Estes Athletic Center, Fork Union

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Virginia - 3A
Western Albemarle
Virginia - Independent
Pope John Paul the Great Catholic
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Denver Wright6.62aFork Union Military ...
2.12Evan Conner6.70aPope John Paul the G...
3.11Isaiah Wright6.81aFork Union Military ...
4.12James Villien6.89aAlbemarle
5.10Julius Mills6.90aMills E Godwin
6.11Deva Hawkins - Mitchell6.94aFork Union Military ...
7.12Micah Rivers6.94aAlbemarle
8.12Tom O'Hare7.06aPope John Paul the G...
9.10Tyron McDade7.07aFork Union Military ...
10.11Dom Christmas7.23aWestern Albemarle
11.11Trevor Harlow7.24aWestern Albemarle
12.-Jeremy Jackson7.26aLouisa County
13.11Bruce Baker7.27aMills E Godwin
14.11Jeremy Bell7.30aFork Union Military ...
15.11Nicholas Troche7.31aAlbemarle
16.10Jonathan Anderson7.33aLouisa County
17.10Bevan Greene7.46aMills E Godwin
18.12Chris Hughes7.51aWestern Albemarle
19.-Chad Carmines7.87aAlbemarle
--12Lorenzo HensonFSLouisa County
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cory Osbourne38.20aLouisa County
2.12Brian Strickland39.72aPope John Paul the G...
3.11Clyde Gross39.92aFork Union Military ...
4.11Bruce Baker39.95aMills E Godwin
5.9Harold Boyd40.16aLouisa County
6.11Jeremy Bell40.32aFork Union Military ...
7.10Andrew Odenyo40.34aFork Union Military ...
8.12Denver Wright40.53aFork Union Military ...
9.11Dondre Wright40.74aFork Union Military ...
10.9Ryan Niblock40.92aMills E Godwin
11.12Jay Gafford41.78aFork Union Military ...
12.10Spencer Dunsmore41.79aWestern Albemarle
13.11Zach Funke41.85aAlbemarle
14.12Chris Hughes41.89aWestern Albemarle
15.11Deva Hawkins - Mitchell42.05aFork Union Military ...
16.10Jonathan Anderson42.58aLouisa County
17.10Cyrus Legard42.61aAlbemarle
18.-Jack Yost42.83aFork Union Military ...
19.11Trevor Harlow43.28aWestern Albemarle
20.-Will Cheng43.34aAlbemarle
21.-Tyler Ealy43.51aAlbemarle
22.-Jacob Crouse43.93aFork Union Military ...
23.9Ikenna Azubike44.29aFork Union Military ...
24.9Alex Abramenko44.69aAlbemarle
25.11Jack Baker45.21aMills E Godwin
26.-CJ Landrom45.94aFork Union Military ...
27.-Gabe Thompson49.14aAlbemarle
28.10Joe Winn49.57aSherando
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aydin Cashel1:09.91aMills E Godwin
2.11David Taylor1:11.80aWestern Albemarle
3.10Camron Hatchette1:16.04aAlbemarle
4.10Michael Montero1:16.75aMills E Godwin
5.11Roma Michael1:17.42aFork Union Military ...
6.9Harold Boyd1:17.80aLouisa County
7.11Kevin MacPherson1:17.93aWestern Albemarle
8.12Piotr Wojenski1:18.26aFork Union Military ...
9.11Russ Garver1:18.75aFork Union Military ...
10.12Joel McAuliffe1:18.80aSherando
11.-John Vrendenburgh1:19.05aFork Union Military ...
12.12Benjamen Hatton1:19.26aSherando
13.10Jonathan Anderson1:19.58aLouisa County
14.10Dylan Kane1:19.87aMills E Godwin
15.12James Smith1:20.26aLouisa County
16.12Zach Coffman1:20.38aAlbemarle
17.9Zach Gentry1:21.47aAlbemarle
18.10Noel Weber1:23.05aSherando
19.12John Gilliland1:23.05aWestern Albemarle
20.-Ryan Ramdat1:24.98aFork Union Military ...
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Avery Martin2:37.80aFork Union Military ...
2.12Andrew Benfer2:51.55aMills E Godwin
3.12Ben Lynde2:54.06aMills E Godwin
4.12Dallas Pugh2:56.22aWestern Albemarle
5.12Jason Meckle2:57.10aLouisa County
6.12Riley Saunders2:57.65aWestern Albemarle
7.12Anton Bartesevich2:59.25aFork Union Military ...
8.10Bryan Stinnett2:59.63aLouisa County
9.11Jim Leist3:00.88aPope John Paul the G...
10.10Henry Cohen3:01.80aWestern Albemarle
11.12Tyler White3:02.36aPope John Paul the G...
12.10Nathan Camper3:03.07aSherando
13.11Matthew O'Neil3:03.65aPope John Paul the G...
14.11Garrett Faegans3:04.45aLouisa County
15.11Sam Melton3:06.45aAlbemarle
16.10Hunter Eastep3:06.76aSherando
17.9Zachary Dalton3:06.81aMills E Godwin
18.10Brendan Dougherty3:11.13aSherando
19.12Tony Thacker3:11.95aFork Union Military ...
20.10John Hill3:13.09aAlbemarle
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Idziak4:32.36aFork Union Military ...
2.12Andrew Benfer4:41.22aMills E Godwin
3.9Peter Lomong4:55.33aFork Union Military ...
4.12Luke Onweller5:02.53aMills E Godwin
5.11Samuel Gillespie5:04.48aAlbemarle
6.9Jahlil Northover5:05.47aSherando
7.12Gavin Ratcliffe5:05.95aWestern Albemarle
8.9Justin Hamer5:07.54aSherando
9.11Nat Pfund5:08.77aAlbemarle
10.12Garrett Mannion5:10.43aMills E Godwin
11.11Jim Leist5:11.54aPope John Paul the G...
12.11Matthew O'Neil5:12.27aPope John Paul the G...
13.9Will Ryan5:15.34aWestern Albemarle
14.11Andrew Heatwole5:19.35aAlbemarle
15.9Devin Morris5:19.45aWestern Albemarle
16.10Forde Upshur5:22.35aLouisa County
17.11Samuel VanAlsburg5:27.77aSherando
18.12Arthur Corbett5:31.00aPope John Paul the G...
19.11Jake Brooks5:34.69aLouisa County
20.9Mitchell Feagans5:42.84aLouisa County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel De Nijs9:47.28aMills E Godwin
2.10Jakob Brooks10:29.83aAlbemarle
3.9David Kwiatkowski10:38.33aAlbemarle
4.11James Reese10:38.85aSherando
5.11Ryan Donlon10:45.81aLouisa County
6.10Daniel Snapp11:08.48aSherando
7.10Andrew de Jong11:08.92aWestern Albemarle
8.12Greg Lomaka11:15.63aMills E Godwin
9.10Austin Bowers11:16.13aMills E Godwin
10.12Robert Paxton11:26.73aWestern Albemarle
11.9Antonio Wherry11:56.38aFork Union Military ...
12.10Michael Lukens11:57.48aSherando
13.10Forde Upshur12:06.01aLouisa County
14.11Jonathan Stone12:12.19aFork Union Military ...
15.9Noah Jones12:17.89aLouisa County
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marcus Burley8.26aLouisa County
2.12Benjamin Ragland8.49aLouisa County
3.12Jacob Simons8.52aAlbemarle
4.12Brian Strickland8.64aPope John Paul the G...
5.11Clyde Gross8.71aFork Union Military ...
6.12Colin Buckley9.38aAlbemarle
7.-John Vrendenburgh9.41aFork Union Military ...
8.12Jay Gafford9.74aFork Union Military ...
9.11John Gazewood9.86aAlbemarle
10.12Abram Pastore10.00aFork Union Military ...
11.11Kevin MacPherson10.28aWestern Albemarle
12.12Nathaniel Heldreth10.30aAlbemarle
13.-Jack Yost10.62aFork Union Military ...
14.-Jacob Crouse11.15aFork Union Military ...
15.10Brady Pittman11.72aWestern Albemarle
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Benjamin Ragland
Cory Osbourne
Marcus Burley
Raeshawn Bishop
1:37.51aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 1:37.79aFork Union Military ...
3.-Devon Newman
Chris Smith
Benjamen Hatton
Andrew Cook
4.-Evan Conner
Tyler White
Tom O'Hare
Brian Strickland
1:42.51aPope John Paul the G...
5.-Tanner Knight
Schuyler Dickerson
Noah Oakland
Dom Christmas
1:43.90aWestern Albemarle
6.-James Muse
Bruce Baker
Julius Mills
Ryan Niblock
1:45.35aMills E Godwin
7.-Relay Team 1:48.28aAlbemarle
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Benjamin Ragland
Jason Meckle
Cory Osbourne
Marcus Burley
3:38.29aLouisa County
2.-Kenneth Valva
Daniel D'Amato
Aydin Cashel
Pascal Dangtran
3:41.30aMills E Godwin
3.-Relay Team 3:42.83aFork Union Military ...
4.-Relay Team 3:51.65aAlbemarle
5.-Trevor Connolly
Tanner Knight
Schuyler Dickerson
Kyle Mahoney
3:54.22aWestern Albemarle
6.-Relay Team 3:57.88aFork Union Military ...
7.-Joel McAuliffe
Devon Newman
Chris Smith
Seth Chewey
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Lynde
Kenneth Valva
Daniel D'Amato
Ricardo Cabrera
8:44.27aMills E Godwin
2.-Joel McAuliffe
Devon Newman
Chris Smith
Ryan Hindle
3.-Ryan Donlon
Jason Meckle
Bryan Stinnett
Garrett Faegans
9:08.25aLouisa County
4.-Relay Team 9:22.02aAlbemarle
5.-Will Rogers
Tye Thompson
Mac Outlaw
Kyle Mahoney
9:42.88aWestern Albemarle
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charlton Larkins47-07.50Fork Union Military ...
2.12John Dennis46-10.00Louisa County
3.12Travis Ritter45-02.00Sherando
4.12John Tu'uta42-03.00Fork Union Military ...
5.12Matt Desaulnier41-02.00Fork Union Military ...
6.12Jordan Roach40-09.75Fork Union Military ...
7.10Marc Uptegraff40-09.00Fork Union Military ...
8.9Aaron D'Amato38-06.00Mills E Godwin
9.12Joe Kluckowski37-09.50Sherando
10.-Conlan Cassidy36-03.00Fork Union Military ...
11.11Charles Tucker35-07.50Louisa County
12.10J Eady34-07.75Fork Union Military ...
13.12Micah Rivers34-07.25Albemarle
14.-Tevin McDowell34-05.00Fork Union Military ...
15.-Adam Depolo33-11.50Fork Union Military ...
16.9Paul Dippold32-00.00Mills E Godwin
17.-Jonathan Forte28-04.75Fork Union Military ...
18.-Robert Ritter23-02.75Fork Union Military ...
19.11Justin Jagnaraiu22-01.00Mills E Godwin
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyron McDade6-04.00Fork Union Military ...
2.11Chris Smith6-02.00Sherando
3.11Jeremy Jackson6-00.00Fork Union Military ...
4.10Raeshawn Bishop5-10.00Louisa County
5.12Devon Newman5-08.00Sherando
6.12Tom O'Hare5-06.00Pope John Paul the G...
6.12Benjamin Ragland5-06.00Louisa County
6.11Zach Funke5-06.00Albemarle
9.11John Gazewood5-04.00Albemarle
9.9Harold Boyd5-04.00Louisa County
11.12Abram Pastore5-02.00Fork Union Military ...
11.12Andrew Cook5-02.00Sherando
13.-Tyler Ealy5-00.00Albemarle
--9Arnel CombsNHFork Union Military ...
---Daquan BynumNHFork Union Military ...
--10Julius MillsNHMills E Godwin
--11James MuseNHMills E Godwin
--12Aydin CashelNHMills E Godwin
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Staton Mayfield13-06.00Fork Union Military ...
2.11Tripp Chewning12-00.00Mills E Godwin
3.11Rains Mayfield11-06.00Fork Union Military ...
4.9Jake Thompson10-00.00Western Albemarle
5.12Arthur Sigmund9-06.00Louisa County
5.11Alex Wilson9-06.00Louisa County
7.9Blake Tolman8-06.00Western Albemarle
7.-Canon McIlnay8-06.00Fork Union Military ...
7.11Krister Briehl8-06.00Albemarle
10.9Josh Grady8-00.00Louisa County
11.-Jailyn Sandifer7-06.00Fork Union Military ...
11.9Dylan Hunt7-06.00Western Albemarle
13.-Josh Work7-00.00Fork Union Military ...
14.7Cole Gallaudet6-06.00Fork Union Military ...
--10Conrad ShewalterNHFork Union Military ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marcus Burley20-06.50Louisa County
2.12Idris Clark19-09.00Louisa County
3.10Raeshawn Bishop19-06.50Louisa County
4.12Tom O'Hare19-04.00Pope John Paul the G...
4.10Julius Mills19-04.00Mills E Godwin
6.11Nicholas Troche19-02.50Albemarle
7.11Dondre Wright18-08.50Fork Union Military ...
8.12Brian Strickland18-08.00Pope John Paul the G...
9.11Daniel Kuzjak18-06.50Western Albemarle
10.11Chris Smith18-05.50Sherando
11.12Obiero Okeyo18-02.50Fork Union Military ...
12.12Jay Gafford18-01.00Fork Union Military ...
13.10Dylan Kane17-08.50Mills E Godwin
14.12Micah Rivers17-08.00Albemarle
15.11Noah Oakland17-06.50Western Albemarle
16.11Zach Funke17-05.00Albemarle
17.12Spencer Kulow17-04.50Western Albemarle
18.9Arnel Combs17-03.50Fork Union Military ...
18.12Andrew Cook17-03.50Sherando
20.12Devon Newman17-00.50Sherando
21.11Deva Hawkins - Mitchell17-00.00Fork Union Military ...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Obiero Okeyo41-03.50Fork Union Military ...
2.12Benjamin Ragland41-01.25Louisa County
3.12Devon Newman40-10.25Sherando
4.10Raeshawn Bishop40-09.75Louisa County
5.12Idris Clark40-09.00Louisa County
6.12Brian Strickland39-04.00Pope John Paul the G...
7.11Chris Smith37-08.00Sherando
8.12Spencer Kulow37-06.00Western Albemarle
9.8Joseph Kim36-10.75Fork Union Military ...
10.11Zach Funke36-01.25Albemarle
11.12Andrew Cook34-11.50Sherando
12.-Tyler Ealy33-11.50Albemarle
13.10Camron Hatchette33-01.00Albemarle
14.10Trevor Connolly33-00.00Western Albemarle
15.-Julien Rigaldes31-07.00Albemarle

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natese Ragland7.71aLouisa County
2.12Aesia Tolliver7.79aFluvanna County
3.11Monica Mallory7.80aLouisa County
4.11Brieona Booker7.84aAlbemarle
5.11Caitlin Daughtry7.85aMills E Godwin
6.11Katie Dunn8.07aMills E Godwin
7.11Maggie Kooken8.08aWestern Albemarle
8.9Shadelle Gregory8.15aLouisa County
9.9Mia Garland8.16aAlbemarle
10.11Tieona Booker8.24aAlbemarle
11.11Melissa Zhou8.25aMills E Godwin
12.11Tess Lohr8.36aWestern Albemarle
13.11Mary Kate Eicher8.81aPope John Paul the G...
14.11Amanda Dixon9.05aSherando
15.10Melanie Martinez9.18aSherando
16.12Shopie Chaves9.50aPope John Paul the G...
--11Sara CalvertFSSherando
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aleshia Watson45.61aSherando
2.9Maddy Kline46.15aFluvanna County
3.11Katie Dunn47.14aMills E Godwin
4.10Hannah Meador47.54aFluvanna County
5.9Victoria Donnelly47.62aAlbemarle
6.12Nojai Veras47.69aLouisa County
7.9Shadelle Gregory48.24aLouisa County
8.10Abby Davison48.57aAlbemarle
9.11Kate Barlow49.13aWestern Albemarle
10.9Amanda Udsen49.18aAlbemarle
11.11Nava Levenson50.03aMills E Godwin
12.9Dinah Daniels50.63aAlbemarle
13.12Kelly Ross50.71aPope John Paul the G...
14.10Andrea Garcia51.39aWestern Albemarle
15.11Sara Calvert52.05aSherando
16.11Mary Kate Eicher52.41aPope John Paul the G...
17.12Amber Chapman52.51aLouisa County
18.11Morgan Schuler52.55aWestern Albemarle
19.9Victoria Higgenbottem52.71aAlbemarle
20.12Shopie Chaves59.02aPope John Paul the G...
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Pittman1:25.02aWestern Albemarle
2.11Rachel Moore1:26.93aSherando
3.12Shelby Spangler1:27.24aSherando
4.11Michelle Reynolds1:28.18aLouisa County
5.10Cullen Williams1:29.50aMills E Godwin
6.10Jessica Krauss1:32.25aMills E Godwin
7.11Becca Moriconi1:32.50aWestern Albemarle
8.12Lydia Haren1:33.55aLouisa County
9.10Liza Williams1:34.68aWestern Albemarle
10.11Katherine Waldron1:35.88aAlbemarle
11.11Hannah Lascano1:36.41aFluvanna County
12.11Lizzy Marks1:36.85aAlbemarle
13.11Sidney Burleson1:38.08aSherando
14.12Korinna Weber1:40.55aAlbemarle
15.11Serena Hutchins1:41.09aLouisa County
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chance Masloff3:23.01aWestern Albemarle
2.12Chelsea Nelson3:26.79aLouisa County
3.9Devon Burger3:27.53aFluvanna County
4.11Renae Slough3:30.56aMills E Godwin
5.10Marin Bader3:34.95aMills E Godwin
6.10Hannah Bullen3:36.62aMills E Godwin
7.10Sophie Loman3:36.84aWestern Albemarle
8.9Laurel Morton3:38.75aSherando
9.9Denise Gallant3:40.83aPope John Paul the G...
10.9Annie Lorenzoni3:41.69aWestern Albemarle
11.11Nicole Densmore3:50.59aAlbemarle
12.10Melissa Symmes3:55.64aAlbemarle
13.11Kendra Wisinski3:58.35aAlbemarle
14.11Samantha Lee Evans4:04.50aLouisa County
15.10Rosa Gibson4:05.65aSherando
16.12Victoria Nagel4:15.61aPope John Paul the G...
17.10Callie Previtire4:38.04aFluvanna County
18.11Alexa Liedke4:51.13aSherando
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Courtney Burton5:40.44aMills E Godwin
2.10Carolyn Pugh5:56.41aAlbemarle
3.11Olivia Hajek6:02.48aWestern Albemarle
4.9Denise Gallant6:03.63aPope John Paul the G...
5.-Chloe Merrell6:06.23aAlbemarle
6.12Katie Wood6:06.90aMills E Godwin
7.9Trellie Zwoyer6:07.75aAlbemarle
8.12Austin Dunkum6:10.57aMills E Godwin
9.9Payton Olinger6:22.58aFluvanna County
10.10Annalena Wilder6:25.01aWestern Albemarle
11.10Bailey Willis6:30.97aLouisa County
12.10Samantha Herrell6:33.70aSherando
13.12Emily Marchessault6:38.23aSherando
14.9Andi Crosby6:43.81aSherando
15.11Mary Kate Jacobs6:47.64aWestern Albemarle
16.11Samantha Lee Evans6:54.62aLouisa County
17.10Delaney Corker6:57.43aLouisa County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katharine Benfer12:07.36aMills E Godwin
2.12Erin Dalton12:07.82aMills E Godwin
3.9Annie Taylor12:21.14aWestern Albemarle
4.10Alice Ducharme12:56.29aWestern Albemarle
5.9Katie Rogers13:01.74aSherando
6.11Selena Coles13:07.77aWestern Albemarle
7.12Casey Clune13:09.08aLouisa County
8.11Elizabeth Guidry13:14.00aMills E Godwin
9.10Emily Smith13:35.65aAlbemarle
10.11Callie Murray14:10.27aAlbemarle
11.10Bailey Willis14:10.34aLouisa County
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javanique Burruss8.70aLouisa County
2.11Candice Banks9.86aSherando
3.11Ines Tomsig10.05aAlbemarle
4.11Kayla Morris10.07aAlbemarle
5.12Kira Aglio10.33aAlbemarle
6.11Katherine Waldron10.39aAlbemarle
7.12Abby Ince10.43aAlbemarle
8.12Kelly Ross10.54aPope John Paul the G...
9.-Grace Barry10.75aLouisa County
10.12Lindsay Jones10.84aLouisa County
10.-Charlotte Pitt10.84aAlbemarle
12.10Cammie Leech10.86aAlbemarle
13.11Kendra Wisinski10.90aAlbemarle
14.11Becca Moriconi11.46aWestern Albemarle
15.10Liza Williams11.65aWestern Albemarle
16.10Carly Witt11.66aWestern Albemarle
17.12Jennifer Eisentrout12.36aSherando
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nojai Veras
Natese Ragland
Javanique Burruss
Monica Mallory
1:52.61aLouisa County
2.-Katie Farina
Ely Crisler
Marina Clark
Tess Lohr
1:56.25aWestern Albemarle
3.-Caitlin Daughtry
Katie Dunn
Melissa Zhou
Bria Anderson
1:57.63aMills E Godwin
4.-Relay Team 1:58.16aAlbemarle
5.-Aesia Tolliver
Emily Farina
Emily Haden
Maddy Kline
2:02.82aFluvanna County
6.-Victoria Nagel
Kelly Ross
MaryKate Eicher
Shopie Chaves
2:17.29aPope John Paul the G...
---Sara Calvert
Amanda Dixon
Lindseyf Stiefvater
Melanie Martinez
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Farina
Ely Crisler
Olivia Hajek
Kelsey Pittman
4:25.13aWestern Albemarle
2.-Nojai Veras
Lydia Haren
Natese Ragland
Javanique Burruss
4:30.86aLouisa County
3.-Shelby Spangler
Aleshia Watson
Nisha Moore
Candice Banks
4.-Relay Team 4:37.69aAlbemarle
5.-Nava Levenson
Cullen Williams
Jessica Krauss
Jordan Winston
4:40.99aMills E Godwin
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Farina
Olivia Hajek
Kelsey Pittman
Annie Taylor
10:13.13aWestern Albemarle
2.-Courtney Burton
Taylor O'Brien
Erin Dalton
Brittany Anderson
10:47.96aMills E Godwin
3.-Devon Burger
Hayley Kline
Hannah Lascano
Payton Olinger
10:53.19aFluvanna County
4.-Shelby Spangler
Sidney Burleson
Nisha Moore
Katie Rogers
5.-Nojai Veras
Lydia Haren
Chelsea Nelson
Casey Clune
11:29.05aLouisa County
6.-Relay Team 11:45.93aAlbemarle
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maggie Kooken33-01.50Western Albemarle
2.12Kim Washington31-10.00Louisa County
3.12Robin Brizendine31-01.00Louisa County
4.11La'Dietra Jackson29-08.00Fluvanna County
5.10Elizabeth Sawyer27-03.25Albemarle
6.10Jessica Krauss27-02.25Mills E Godwin
7.11Victoria Rice26-10.00Mills E Godwin
8.11Courtney Searcy26-03.50Fluvanna County
9.11Danielle Meeks26-03.00Mills E Godwin
9.11Rachel Dixon26-03.00Sherando
11.-Abi Johnson25-03.00Albemarle
12.12Nicole Ward24-03.00Albemarle
13.-Maddie Morales23-05.25Louisa County
14.10Ashley Gale20-09.50Western Albemarle
15.10Clara Castle19-10.25Western Albemarle
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddy Kline4-10.00Fluvanna County
2.11Maggie Kooken4-08.00Western Albemarle
3.10Chelsey Benitez4-08.00Sherando
4.11Caitlin Daughtry4-06.00Mills E Godwin
5.11Ely Crisler4-06.00Western Albemarle
6.11Gabriel Smith4-04.00Louisa County
6.12Deveney McNary4-04.00Louisa County
7.10Abby Davison4-04.00Albemarle
7.12Abby Ince4-04.00Albemarle
7.11Monica Mallory4-04.00Louisa County
7.11Kelsey Pittman4-04.00Western Albemarle
--12Kelly RossNHPope John Paul the G...
--10Emily HadenNHFluvanna County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Meador11-06.00Fluvanna County
2.11Chandler Legard10-00.00Western Albemarle
3.9Emily Rayle9-06.00Western Albemarle
4.11Casey Russell9-06.00Albemarle
5.11Brianna Braxton8-06.00Louisa County
6.12Robin Brizendine7-06.00Louisa County
7.9Katrina Barredo7-06.00Western Albemarle
8.11Jessika Brenin7-00.00Western Albemarle
9.-Grace Barry7-00.00Louisa County
10.12Alyson Pieno6-06.00Fluvanna County
--11Caroline DealeNHWestern Albemarle
---Alyssa McIverNHFluvanna County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javanique Burruss18-01.00Louisa County
2.11Ely Crisler15-05.50Western Albemarle
3.12Natese Ragland15-02.50Louisa County
4.11Marina Clark14-02.00Western Albemarle
4.11Monica Mallory14-02.00Louisa County
6.11Rachel Moore12-09.50Sherando
7.11Kate Barlow12-03.00Western Albemarle
8.10Chelsey Benitez12-01.50Sherando
9.10Carlyn Graff10-03.50Fluvanna County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brieona Booker33-08.00Albemarle
2.11Javanique Burruss32-03.00Louisa County
3.11Caitlin Daughtry31-11.75Mills E Godwin
4.10Hannah Meador31-01.00Fluvanna County
5.11Marina Clark30-09.00Western Albemarle
6.11Maggie Tubridy30-04.50Albemarle
7.12Adrienne Mitchell30-01.00Louisa County
7.9Maddy Kline30-01.00Fluvanna County
9.11Monica Mallory29-09.25Louisa County
10.10Abby Davison28-10.50Albemarle
11.11Candice Banks28-05.25Sherando
12.11Kate Barlow26-09.50Western Albemarle
13.10Ashley Gale26-00.50Western Albemarle
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