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TCS Junior High Relays

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Shawn Punch11.26Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.8Reggie Hicks12.09Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.8Jeremiah Mendez12.43Eagle Advantage Acad...      
4.8Tyler Moura12.50Grace Prep      
5.8Aidan Barton12.51Canterbury Episcopal      
6.8Tavion Carter12.53Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.8Sam Curreri12.66Grace Prep      
8.8Barrett Scully12.67Dallas Covenant      
10.8Stephen Mendez13.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
10.7Grayson Scully13.00Dallas Covenant      
12.8DJ McGee13.01Parish Episcopal      
13.7Latham Davies13.06Trinity Christian Ce...      
14.8Kole Jordan13.09Grace Prep      
15.7Jacob Hutchison13.43Ovilla Christian      
16.8Will Crews13.49Tyler Street Christi...      
17.7Sam Gaubert13.61Ovilla Christian      
18.8Sean Aguilar13.80Advantage Academy      
19.7Justin McClemore13.84Trinity Christian Ce...      
20.7Jay Sedwick14.07Grace Prep      
21.7Kaden Rollins14.32Trinity Christian Ce...      
22.8Jordan Newman14.40Advantage Academy      
23.6Caleb Evans14.56Trinity Christian Ce...      
24.7Josiah Sosa14.65Advantage Academy      
25.7James Woods14.81Grace Prep      
26.7Jonathan Rubin14.85Ovilla Christian      
27.7Jacob Serrano14.93Advantage Academy      
28.6Nicholas Lantz14.94Tyler Street Christi...      
29.6Elijah Frizzell15.15Trinity Christian Ce...      
30.8Micah Cathey15.53Heritage Christian A...      
31.8Thanasi Christ15.81Dallas Covenant      
32.7Will Pinon16.81Grace Prep      
33.6Marco Rodriguez16.99Tyler Street Christi...      
34.7Nathan Gonzalez19.08Advantage Academy      
6Josh AskewDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Ryan ListerDNFDallas Covenant      
8Chase BrackensDNFParish Episcopal      
7Keaton KinnardDNFParish Episcopal      
9.6Drew Durham12.68Eagle Advantage Acad...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8DJ McGee26.00Parish Episcopal      
8Tyler Moura26.09Grace Prep      
2.8Isaiah McRae26.09Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.8Jackson Kunasek26.31Grace Prep      
4.8Aidan Barton26.43Canterbury Episcopal      
5.8Sam Curreri26.46Grace Prep      
8Sam Curreri26.96Grace Prep      
6.7Grayson Scully27.41Dallas Covenant      
7.8Jeremiah Mendez28.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
8.8Kole Jordan28.19Grace Prep      
9.6Caleb Evans28.22Trinity Christian Ce...      
10.7Colin Toulouse28.31Grace Prep      
11.8Barrett Scully28.38Dallas Covenant      
12.6Camiron Smith28.65Trinity Christian Ce...      
13.6Drew Durham28.81Eagle Advantage Acad...      
14.8Maguire Knowles29.17Dallas Covenant      
15.8Sean Aguilar29.59Advantage Academy      
16.7Alex Jordan29.66Grace Prep      
17.6Elijah Frizzell30.28Trinity Christian Ce...      
18.7Sam Gaubert30.60Ovilla Christian      
19.8Jordan Newman31.06Advantage Academy      
20.8Caleb Rossa31.35Eagle Advantage Acad...      
21.8Micah Cathey32.44Heritage Christian A...      
22.7Josiah Sosa32.54Advantage Academy      
23.7Andrew Badaioui32.80Trinity Christian Ce...      
24.7Jacob Serrano33.09Advantage Academy      
25.6Joshua Gibson33.41Tyler Street Christi...      
26.6Jahlil Taylor34.86Tyler Street Christi...      
27.7Nathan Gonzalez34.87Advantage Academy      
28.6Jourdan Spurlock37.28Tyler Street Christi...      
29.7Josh Williams38.49Ovilla Christian      
30.8Thanasi Christ42.53Dallas Covenant      
7Jonathan RubinDNSOvilla Christian      
7James WalshDNSGrace Prep      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Aidan Barton1:01.16Canterbury Episcopal      
2.8David Chapelle1:03.51Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.6Camiron Smith1:03.87Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.8Jaalen Coleman1:04.47Tyler Street Christi...      
5.7James Walsh1:04.73Grace Prep      
6.8Jeremiah Mendez1:06.59Eagle Advantage Acad...      
7.7Jacob Serrano1:06.84Advantage Academy      
8.6Joshua Moran1:06.87Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.8Spencer Jones1:07.25Dallas Covenant      
10.7Russell Lewis1:07.74Eagle Advantage Acad...      
11.7Nathan Gonzalez1:10.03Advantage Academy      
12.7Jacob Hutchison1:11.65Ovilla Christian      
7Jay Sedwick1:13.28Grace Prep      
13.7Colin Toulouse1:13.28Grace Prep      
14.7Andrew Badaioui1:15.21Trinity Christian Ce...      
15.8Will Crews1:15.45Tyler Street Christi...      
16.7Scott Harris1:15.71Trinity Christian Ce...      
17.8Reed Bender1:19.33Dallas Covenant      
18.8Bryce Foster1:21.62Canterbury Episcopal      
19.7Josiah Sosa1:22.37Advantage Academy      
20.6Jahlil Taylor1:23.03Tyler Street Christi...      
21.7Josh Williams1:36.38Ovilla Christian      
22.7Tee Hill1:47.12Dallas Covenant      
8Maguire KnowlesDNSDallas Covenant      
7Jonathan RubinDNSOvilla Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.8Spencer Jones2:33.54Dallas Covenant      
3.8Kai Kiefer2:37.40Ovilla Christian      
4.7Caleb Dean2:39.98Grace Prep      
5.7Caleb Jones2:44.94Dallas Covenant      
6.8Jason Fletcher2:45.34Grace Prep      
7.7Zach Fitch2:55.07Ovilla Christian      
8.7Daniel Ponce2:57.66Tyler Street Christi...      
9.8Cody Worth2:57.78Heritage Christian A...      
10.8John Vasquez3:20.00Tyler Street Christi...      
8Robert IrvingDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
6Ben RiceDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Jesse WingoDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
6Caleb YoungDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
6Hunter BennerDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
6Brandon BennerDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Jeremy WinstonDNFParish Episcopal      
6Camden ReedDNFTyler Street Christi...      
1.6Jarrick Hawkins3.21Trinity Christian Ce...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Joshua Moran5:29.30Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.8Sam Vincent5:58.40Ovilla Christian      
3.8Fred Vincent6:00.07Ovilla Christian      
4.7Caleb Jones6:00.97Dallas Covenant      
8Jason Fletcher6:03Grace Prep      
5.8Jason Fletcher6:08.35Grace Prep      
6.8Kai Kiefer6:10.03Ovilla Christian      
7.7Philip Hawthorne6:11.40Heritage Christian A...      
8Jacob Norris6:24Grace Prep      
8.8Jacob Norris6:25.60Grace Prep      
8Robert IrvingDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
6Ben RiceDNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Jesse WingoDNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
7Caleb DeanDNSGrace Prep      
6Jarrick HawkinsDNSTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Caleb PorterDNSTrinity Christian Ce...      
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sam Vincent9:13.00Ovilla Christian      
2.8Fred Vincent9:34.16Ovilla Christian      
3.8Jacob Norris9:34.90Grace Prep      
4.7Philip Hawthorne9:43.00Heritage Christian A...      
5.6Caleb Young10:15.59Eagle Advantage Acad...      
6.6Hunter Benner10:54.69Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.6Brandon Benner10:56.66Trinity Christian Ce...      
6Ben RiceDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
7Caleb PorterDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jeremy Smith17.62Ovilla Christian      
2.8Graham Spencer22.53Dallas Covenant      
8Paraksh VankawalaDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Aidan BartonDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Lanson BennettDNFHeritage Christian A...      
7Myles CanongeDNFParish Episcopal      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Graham Spencer53.60Dallas Covenant      
2.8Cody Worth56.00Heritage Christian A...      
3.8Reed Bender56.02Dallas Covenant      
4.7Caleb Dean56.09Grace Prep      
5.7Jacob Hutchison59.41Ovilla Christian      
8Lanson BennettDNSHeritage Christian A...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isaiah McRae
Tavion Carter
Reggie Hicks
Shawn Punch
48.25Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.-Tyler Moura
Sam Curreri
Kole Jordan
Jackson Kunasek
51.13Grace Prep      
3.-Thomas Mejorado
Eric Aranda
Jordaan Coleman
Noe Rodriguez
52.44Tyler Street Christi...      
4.-Caleb Rossa
Jeremiah Mendez
Drew Durham
Stephen Mendez
52.91Eagle Advantage Acad...      
5.-Aaron Morales
Jeremy Smith
Valente May
Chase Winchester
53.50Ovilla Christian      
6.-Alan Apolinar
Dylan Wells
Micah Cathey
Trey Harmon
54.63Heritage Christian A...      
-Elijah Frizzell
Kaden Rollins
Caleb Evans
Latham Davies
57.06Trinity Christian Ce...      
-Thanasi Christ
Ryan Lister
Austin Weber
Maguire Knowles
DNFDallas Covenant      
-Relay Team DNFParish Episcopal      
-Relay Team DNFCanterbury Episcopal      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Chapelle
Tavion Carter
Reggie Hicks
Shawn Punch
1:43.69Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.-Thomas Mejorado
Eric Aranda
Jordaan Coleman
Noe Rodriguez
1:51.03Tyler Street Christi...      
3.-Christian Jordan
Alan Apolinar
Trey Harmon
Dylan Wells
1:52.00Heritage Christian A...      
4.-Aaron Morales
Sam Gaubert
Valente May
Chase Winchester
1:53.00Ovilla Christian      
5.-Graham Spencer
Tee Hill
Grayson Scully
Barrett Scully
1:58.86Dallas Covenant      
-Kaden Rollins
Latham Davies
Justin McClemore
Andrew Badaioui
2:04.47Trinity Christian Ce...      
-Relay Team DNSParish Episcopal      
-Relay Team DNSCanterbury Episcopal      
-Russell Lewis
Jeremiah Mendez
Caleb Rossa
Caleb Young
DNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alan Apolinar
Christian Jordan
Dylan Wells
Trey Harmon
4:20.00Heritage Christian A...      
2.-David Chapelle
Joshua Moran
Justin McClemore
CaMiron Smith
4:21.28Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.-Aaron Morales
Zach Fitch
Chase Winchester
Jeremy Smith
4:26.31Ovilla Christian      
4.-Noe Rodriguez
Jordaan Coleman
Thomas Mejorado
Jaalen Coleman
4:27.50Tyler Street Christi...      
5.-Spencer Jones
Caleb Jones
Reed Bender
Tee Hill
4:37.93Dallas Covenant      
-Alex Jordan
Colin Toulouse
Jackson Kunasek
Calab Dean
4:39.86Grace Prep      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jordaan Coleman36-06.50Tyler Street Christi...      
2.8Jacob Webb36-05.00Ovilla Christian      
3.8Tavion Carter34-05.50Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.8Lukas Middleton33-08.00Ovilla Christian      
5.8Zach Brashears33'03.00Heritage Christian A...      
6.8Aidan Barton32-03.00Canterbury Episcopal      
7.8Jordan Ajayi30-09.50Tyler Street Christi...      
8.7Austin Bain30'04.00Grace Prep      
9.8Jared Smith30-01.00Ovilla Christian      
10.8Gabriel Wooden29-07.50Advantage Academy      
11.8Jackson Glenn29-07.00Ovilla Christian      
12.7Josh Goodman28-04.50Grace Prep      
13.7David Briseno27-11.00Tyler Street Christi...      
14.8Val Zabolotny27-01.00Heritage Christian A...      
15.7James Walsh26-00.00Grace Prep      
16.7Tommy Lawton24-09.00Advantage Academy      
17.7Austin Weber22-09.00Dallas Covenant      
18.8Gilbert Livingston21-08.00Ovilla Christian      
19.8Thomas Crowell21-03.00Ovilla Christian      
20.7Josh Henson19-00.00Heritage Christian A...      
20.7Thomas Holmes19-00.00Dallas Covenant      
8Alex RobinsonDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Gerrit ChoateDNFParish Episcopal      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zach Brashears97-10Heritage Christian A...      
2.8Jacob Webb96-03Ovilla Christian      
3.8Lukas Middleton90-09Ovilla Christian      
4.7James Walsh85-07Grace Prep      
5.8Jordaan Coleman82-07Tyler Street Christi...      
5.7Jay Sedwick82-07Grace Prep      
7.8Jared Smith78-06Ovilla Christian      
8.8Val Zabolotny74-08Heritage Christian A...      
9.7James Woods67-00Grace Prep      
10.7Austin Weber63-10Dallas Covenant      
11.8Will Crews62-08Tyler Street Christi...      
12.8Thomas Crowell53-09Ovilla Christian      
13.7Josh Henson49-10Heritage Christian A...      
13.8Gilbert Livingston49-10Ovilla Christian      
15.7Connor Redhair48-08Ovilla Christian      
16.8Rain Rener47-00Tyler Street Christi...      
17.7Thomas Holmes45-10Dallas Covenant      
7Tommy LawtonDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Gabriel WoodenDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Caleb RossaDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Gerrit ChoateDNFParish Episcopal      
8Alex RobinsonDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Aaron Morales4-08.00Ovilla Christian      
7Jay Sedwick4'6Grace Prep      
2.7Christian Cuellar4-06.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.7Jay Sedwick4-04.00Grace Prep      
3.7Colin Toulouse4-04.00Grace Prep      
8David ChapelleDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
8Paraksh VankawalaDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
7Zach FitchDNFOvilla Christian      
8DJ McGeeDNFParish Episcopal      
8Tavion CarterDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Myles CanongeDNFParish Episcopal      
7Keaton KinnardDNFParish Episcopal      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.8Reggie Hicks18-00.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.8Jeremy Smith17-08.00Ovilla Christian      
4.8Noe Rodriguez17-03.00Tyler Street Christi...      
5.8Jeremiah Mendez16-11.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
6.8Aidan Barton16-03.00Canterbury Episcopal      
7.8Tavion Carter15-10.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
8.8Shawn Punch15-08.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
8Christian Jordan15 05Heritage Christian A...      
9.7Colin Toulouse15-03.00Grace Prep      
10.8Eric Aranda15-00.00Tyler Street Christi...      
11.7Thomas Mejorado14-03.00Tyler Street Christi...      
11.7Jonathan Rubin14-03.00Ovilla Christian      
13.7Russell Lewis14-00.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
14.6Camiron Smith13-09.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
15.7Christian Cuellar13-08.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
15.8Valente May13-08.00Ovilla Christian      
17.8Trey Harmon13-05.00Heritage Christian A...      
18.6Drew Durham13-03.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
19.8Micah Cathey12-05.00Heritage Christian A...      
20.8Sean Aguilar12-00.00Advantage Academy      
21.7Andrew Badaioui11-09.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
22.7Scott Harris11-02.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
23.8Jordan Newman10-03.00Advantage Academy      
24.7Jacob Serrano9-02.00Advantage Academy      
7Josiah SosaDNFAdvantage Academy      
6Josh AskewDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
7Myles CanongeDNFParish Episcopal      
8Chase BrackensDNFParish Episcopal      
8Caleb RossaDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Chase WinchesterDNFOvilla Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jeremy Smith37-04.00Ovilla Christian      
2.8Christian Jordan34-09.00Heritage Christian A...      
3.7Jacob Hutchison31-02.00Ovilla Christian      
4.8Cody Worth29-05.00Heritage Christian A...      
5.6Drew Durham29-01.50Eagle Advantage Acad...      
6.7Christian Cuellar29-01.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.8Dylan Wells28-04.00Heritage Christian A...      
8.7Scott Harris28-02.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.7Russell Lewis24-08.50Eagle Advantage Acad...      
10.7Andrew Badaioui24-02.50Trinity Christian Ce...      
7Jeremy WinstonDNFParish Episcopal      
8Dillion UzelacDNFParish Episcopal      
8Valente MayDNFOvilla Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.7Caylee Boozer12.72Dallas Covenant      
4.7Ayliah Trotter12.81Trinity Christian Ce...      
6.8Jordan Bailey12.97Trinity Christian Ce...      
8.8Jada Thomas13.50Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.8Hope Williams13.63Advantage Academy      
10.6Alex Kidd13.75Canterbury Episcopal      
11.8Jamela Smith13.93Advantage Academy      
12.7Kimberly Kitsao14.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
8Amanda Walraven14.12Grace Prep      
13.7Anahi Romero14.12Advantage Academy      
14.8Gracie Unland14.19Dallas Covenant      
15.7Kaylee Rasbury14.47Dallas Thunder      
16.8Sarah McWilliams14.53Parish Episcopal      
17.7Taylor Childress14.94Dallas Thunder      
18.7Kennedy Gardner14.97Advantage Academy      
19.7Alexis Anderson15.04Advantage Academy      
20.8Essence Thomas15.13Trinity Christian Ce...      
21.8Riley Beason15.56Grace Prep      
22.8Jazmin Peterson15.59Advantage Academy      
23.8Olivia Leonard15.66Parish Episcopal      
24.7Allie Irvin15.84Parish Episcopal      
25.8Michaela Sierra15.97Eagle Advantage Acad...      
26.7Natalie Stephens16.00Ovilla Christian      
27.7Rosie Luboya16.06Advantage Academy      
28.7Brooke Evans16.27Advantage Academy      
29.7Connaly Webb16.41Heritage Christian A...      
30.7Stephanie Gomez16.47Advantage Academy      
31.8Emily Wilson16.69Parish Episcopal      
32.7Melody Burris16.71Grace Prep      
33.7Emily Cooper16.75Heritage Christian A...      
34.6Gabriella Lopez17.05Tyler Street Christi...      
35.6Rebecca Flores17.94Tyler Street Christi...      
35.7Emily Wadley17.94Grace Prep      
37.7Criselda Rodriguez17.97Advantage Academy      
38.6Amy Wilson18.44Grace Prep      
39.8Inayah Bolton19.66Tyler Street Christi...      
7Alex BlacknallDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
6A'mya KeyDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Raa'Kiyah MooreDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Amanda WalravenDNFGrace Prep      
8Antonette WilsonDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Tiesha DaughtryDNFAdvantage Academy      
7Camryn SuttonDNSOvilla Christian      
1.8Akua Jonah12.38Grace Prep      
2.6Kareese Frizell12.50Trinity Christian Ce...      
5.6Jaysha Coaster12.95Eagle Advantage Acad...      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Hannah Deerman15.97Grace Prep      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Amy Wilson18.95Grace Prep      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.8Akua Jonah27.43Grace Prep      
4.7Caylee Boozer27.87Dallas Covenant      
5.6Kayla White28.13Trinity Christian Ce...      
6.8Rachel Maxie28.47Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.8Samara Piper29.03Trinity Christian Ce...      
8.6Tiffani Barber29.12Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.6A'mya Key30.12Canterbury Episcopal      
10.7Aliyia Williams30.25Trinity Christian Ce...      
11.8Kylie Collins30.31Grace Prep      
12.8Jazmin Peterson30.49Advantage Academy      
13.7Taylor Childress31.22Dallas Thunder      
14.6Grace McDaniel31.25Grace Prep      
15.7Selena Kalkrueth31.26Advantage Academy      
17.8Gracie Unland31.37Dallas Covenant      
18.8Alicia Becker31.56Advantage Academy      
19.8Morgan Reiter31.68Heritage Christian A...      
20.6Cecelia Banks31.72Trinity Christian Ce...      
21.8Inayah Bolton31.81Tyler Street Christi...      
22.7Kiyah Willis31.86Parish Episcopal      
23.7Kellie Phillips32.00Ovilla Christian      
24.6Lindsey Facen32.13Trinity Christian Ce...      
25.8Sarah McWilliams32.27Parish Episcopal      
26.8Riley Beason32.38Grace Prep      
27.8Aliki Pappas32.75Dallas Covenant      
28.8Michaela Sierra32.97Eagle Advantage Acad...      
29.6Hana Muhammad33.11Canterbury Episcopal      
30.8Antonette Wilson33.12Canterbury Episcopal      
31.8Sammi Robertson33.34Heritage Christian A...      
32.7Jessica Agguire34.12Advantage Academy      
33.7Alexis Anderson34.59Advantage Academy      
34.8Raa'Kiyah Moore35.06Canterbury Episcopal      
35.7Rikki Potts35.14Canterbury Episcopal      
36.7Natalie Stephens35.16Ovilla Christian      
37.7Alex Blacknall35.72Eagle Advantage Acad...      
38.7Stephanie Gomez35.85Advantage Academy      
39.6Gabriella Lopez36.34Tyler Street Christi...      
40.7Kennedy Gardner36.38Advantage Academy      
41.8Clarisa Perez36.55Advantage Academy      
42.7Emily Wadley36.74Grace Prep      
43.8Emily Wilson36.93Parish Episcopal      
44.6Rebecca Flores38.06Tyler Street Christi...      
45.7Criselda Rodriguez39.96Advantage Academy      
7Chloe FaginDNSParish Episcopal      
7Hannah DeermanDNSGrace Prep      
7Brooke EvansDNSAdvantage Academy      
8Chloe CaseyDNSParish Episcopal      
8Demetria WrenDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
8Hope WilliamsDNSAdvantage Academy      
8Kairah RousseauDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
8Annabelle SackeyDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
7Camryn SuttonDNSOvilla Christian      
6Jaysha CoasterDNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
1.7Kaylee Rasbury24.87Dallas Thunder      
2.6Kareese Frizell27.41Trinity Christian Ce...      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Emily Wadley36.00Grace Prep      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Grace McDaniel31.75Grace Prep      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Tianna Templeton1:07.15Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.7Baylee Hawkins1:09.06Heritage Christian A...      
3.8Serena Soto1:09.10Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.8Hannah Harden1:10.06Parish Episcopal      
5.8Mallory Chapman1:10.76Grace Prep      
6.7Annie Ellerman1:11.59Dallas Covenant      
7.8Keaton Olson1:14.08Parish Episcopal      
8Jacqueline Waller1:15.40Grace Prep      
8.7Claire Hornberger1:15.81Dallas Covenant      
9.7Stephanie Chavez1:16.13Advantage Academy      
10.7Jennifer Flores1:17.16Trinity Christian Ce...      
11.8Jacqueline Waller1:19.40Grace Prep      
12.8Alyin Soto1:20.12Tyler Street Christi...      
13.8Merrill Stubbs1:20.19Dallas Covenant      
14.7Kaelyn Armstrong1:20.81Canterbury Episcopal      
15.7Leslie Vazquez1:22.14Advantage Academy      
16.8Aliki Pappas1:23.51Dallas Covenant      
17.8Allison Whatley1:23.63Trinity Christian Ce...      
18.7Jessica Agguire1:24.24Advantage Academy      
19.7Lariza Martinez1:26.47Eagle Advantage Acad...      
20.7Connaly Webb1:27.06Heritage Christian A...      
21.6Kelsey Holder1:30.41Trinity Christian Ce...      
22.7Emily Cooper1:32.31Heritage Christian A...      
23.7Selena Kalkrueth1:44.16Advantage Academy      
24.7Anahi Romero1:44.62Advantage Academy      
25.7Kennedy Gardner1:47.44Advantage Academy      
8Annabelle SackeyDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
8Timon BrownDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
8Bobbie WadeDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
8Patricia RuizDNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Caroline MieschDNSParish Episcopal      
7Justena DixonDNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
8Lillian StormDNSGrace Prep      
8Rachel MaxieDNSTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Rikki PottsDNSCanterbury Episcopal      
6Grace McDanielDNSGrace Prep      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Summer Freeman3:05.10Canterbury Episcopal      
2.8Allison Whatley3:10.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.7Allie Irvin3:11.37Parish Episcopal      
4.8Alyin Soto3:14.07Tyler Street Christi...      
5.8Loran Reiter3:14.95Heritage Christian A...      
6.8Merrill Stubbs3:17.11Dallas Covenant      
7.6Kelsey Holder3:20.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
7Chloe FaginDNFParish Episcopal      
8Christine SackeyDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Keaton OlsonDNFParish Episcopal      
7Kaelyn ArmstrongDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
7Amanda DanielsDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Summer Freeman6:55.17Canterbury Episcopal      
8Olivia Nicole BubaDNSOvilla Christian      
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Olivia Nicole BubaDNSOvilla Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hailey Carlisle19.25Ovilla Christian      
2.8Caroline Wilson19.59Parish Episcopal      
3.8Rachel Materne19.93Ovilla Christian      
4.8Kidy Legesse20.47Dallas Covenant      
5.7Emily Benton21.01Heritage Christian A...      
6.8Ruth Legesse21.51Dallas Covenant      
7.7Madi Hydock21.75Ovilla Christian      
8.7Julia Ellis22.57Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.7Kaelyn Armstrong23.41Canterbury Episcopal      
7Amanda DanielsDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Annie Ellerman59.13Dallas Covenant      
2.8Kidy Legesse59.28Dallas Covenant      
3.8Ruth Legesse1:00.27Dallas Covenant      
4.7Madi Hydock1:00.43Ovilla Christian      
5.8Rachel Materne1:03.00Ovilla Christian      
6.8Nicole Stracener1:06.25Ovilla Christian      
7.7Julia Ellis1:20.38Trinity Christian Ce...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jazmin Peterson
Tiesha Daughtry
Jamela Smith
Destinee Scott
54.91Advantage Academy      
-Lindsey Facen
Kayla White
Ayliah Trotter
Kareese Frizell
55.99Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.-Hannah Deerman
Melody Burris
Amanda Walraven
Emily Wadley
57.53Grace Prep      
3.-Olivia Leonard
Keaton Olson
Caroline Wilson
Hannah Harden
58.58Parish Episcopal      
-Relay Team 58.90Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.-Destani Warner
Taylor Treadaway
Brooke Bryce
Hailey Carlisle
59.38Ovilla Christian      
-Tiffani Barber
Cecelia Banks
Kelsey Roach
Gio Charles
59.50Trinity Christian Ce...      
5.-Cassidy Clarke
Morgan Reiter
Madison Brown
Baylee Hawkins
59.80Heritage Christian A...      
6.-Jaysha Coaster
Alex Blacknall
Michaela Sierra
Lariza Martinez
1:02.09Eagle Advantage Acad...      
7.-Relay Team 1:03.00Canterbury Episcopal      
8.-Claire Hornberger
Gracie Unland
Ruth Legesse
Kidy Legesse
1:08.00Dallas Covenant      
-Samara Piper
Jordan Bailey
Jourdan Davis
Jada Thomas
DNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samara Piper
Jourdan Davis
Jada Thomas
Jordan Bailey
1:59.03Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.-Destani Warner
Taylor Treadaway
Brooke Bryce
Hailey Carlisle
2:02.78Ovilla Christian      
3.-Relay Team 2:06.36Canterbury Episcopal      
-Aliyah Williams
Taylor Allen
Jennifer Flores
Kimberly Kitsao
2:06.91Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.-Relay Team 2:10.16Parish Episcopal      
5.-Destinee Scott
Hope Williams
Alexsandria Thomas
Tiesha Daughtry
2:10.37Advantage Academy      
-Relay Team 2:11.25Trinity Christian Ce...      
6.-Loran Reiter
Cassidy Clarke
Caroline Walker
Sammi Robertson
2:16.83Heritage Christian A...      
7.-Relay Team 2:25.34Eagle Advantage Acad...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Akua Jonah
Mallory Chapman
Jacqueline Waller
Riley Beason
4:43.00Grace Prep      
2.-Kayla White
Serena Soto
Rachel Maxie
Tianna Templeton
4:48.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.-Brooke Bryce
Kellie Phillips
Madi Hydock
Destani Warner
4:51.28Ovilla Christian      
4.-Caylee Boozer
Annie Ellerman
Claire Hornberger
Aliki Pappas
5:01.45Dallas Covenant      
5.-Emily Benton
Loran Reiter
Baylee Hawkins
Cassidy Clarke
5:04.27Heritage Christian A...      
6.-Relay Team 5:06.98Parish Episcopal      
-Jennifer Flores
Allison Whatley
Hailey Allen
Tiffani Barber
5:27.30Trinity Christian Ce...      
-Stephanie Chavez
Leslie Vazquez
Alexis Anderson
Criselda Rodriguez
DNSAdvantage Academy      
-Relay Team DNSEagle Advantage Acad...      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lindley Case24-03.00Ovilla Christian      
2.8Tiffany Asonibe23-05.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.7Kindl Tanksley22-09.00Ovilla Christian      
4.8Katy McEvoy21-09.50Heritage Christian A...      
5.8Jasmine Mayes21-05.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
6.7Demiracle Gipson21-02.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.8Macey Devlin20-10.00Dallas Covenant      
8.8Michaela Sierra20-05.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
9.8Sarah Thompson20-02.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
10.7Sarah Rodgers18-04.00Ovilla Christian      
11.7Qaya Gasmi16-07.50Ovilla Christian      
12.7Elisabeth Sanders16-07.00Ovilla Christian      
7Autumn MooreDNFAdvantage Academy      
7Rosie LuboyaDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Kirsten ClarkDNFHeritage Christian A...      
8Kyleigh HenrichDNFHeritage Christian A...      
8Taylor TreadawayDNFOvilla Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tiffany Asonibe66-01Trinity Christian Ce...      
2.7Lindley Case64-01Ovilla Christian      
3.8Katy McEvoy62-01Heritage Christian A...      
4.8Kylie Collins60-05Grace Prep      
5.8Macey Devlin60-02Dallas Covenant      
6.8Sarah Thompson59-10Trinity Christian Ce...      
7.8Jasmine Mayes49-05Eagle Advantage Acad...      
8.7Demiracle Gipson48-04Trinity Christian Ce...      
9.8Michaela Sierra43-06Eagle Advantage Acad...      
10.7Kindl Tanksley42-09Ovilla Christian      
11.7Qaya Gasmi35-07Ovilla Christian      
12.7Elisabeth Sanders35-02Ovilla Christian      
13.7Sarah Rodgers34-01Ovilla Christian      
8Kyleigh HenrichDNFHeritage Christian A...      
8Kirsten ClarkDNFHeritage Christian A...      
8Taylor TreadawayDNFOvilla Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Caroline Wilson4-04.00Parish Episcopal      
2.7Allie Irvin4-00.00Parish Episcopal      
2.8Brooke Bryce4-00.00Ovilla Christian      
2.8Sarah McWilliams4-00.00Parish Episcopal      
7Madi HydockDNFOvilla Christian      
7Tianna TempletonDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Chloe FaginDNFParish Episcopal      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Akua Jonah15-05.00Grace Prep      
2.8Samara Piper14-07.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
3.8Jordan Bailey14-04.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.6Kayla White13-06.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
4.7Kaylee Rasbury13-06.00Dallas Thunder      
6.8Jada Thomas13-05.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
6.8Hailey Carlisle13-05.00Ovilla Christian      
8.7Baylee Hawkins12-10.00Heritage Christian A...      
9.6Gio Charles12-09.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
10.8Olivia Leonard12-08.00Parish Episcopal      
11.8Sammi Robertson12-02.00Heritage Christian A...      
12.6Lindsey Facen12-00.00Trinity Christian Ce...      
13.8Sarah McWilliams11-11.00Parish Episcopal      
14.7Taylor Childress11-06.00Dallas Thunder      
15.8Emily Wilson11-04.00Parish Episcopal      
16.8Keaton Olson11-03.00Parish Episcopal      
17.6Jaysha Coaster10-08.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
18.7Natalie Stephens10-03.00Ovilla Christian      
19.7Alex Blacknall10-00.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
20.7Hannah Mendez8-09.00Eagle Advantage Acad...      
7Anahi RomeroDNFAdvantage Academy      
7Jessica AgguireDNFAdvantage Academy      
7Aliyia WilliamsDNFTrinity Christian Ce...      
7Amanda DanielsDNFCanterbury Episcopal      
8Alicia BeckerDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Alexsandria ThomasDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Clarisa PerezDNFAdvantage Academy      
8Brooke BryceDNFOvilla Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Madi Hydock25-03.50Ovilla Christian      
2.8Hailey Carlisle24-11.00Ovilla Christian      
3.7Natalie Stephens20-05.00Ovilla Christian      
6Jaysha CoasterDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
7Hannah MendezDNFEagle Advantage Acad...      
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