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Lutheran Invitational (LIT)

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Gartner11.52aLakeside Lutheran
2.12Eric Leonard11.73aFox Valley Lutheran
3.10Micah Torgerson11.79aLakeside Lutheran
4.12Jacob Luebke12.09aManitowoc Lutheran
5.12Chan Park12.18aManitowoc Lutheran
6.11Skyler Tesch12.29aLakeside Lutheran
7.12Calvin La Grow12.35aFox Valley Lutheran
8.10Min Kwan Kim12.36aKettle Moraine Luthe...
9.11Michael Loescher12.62aKettle Moraine Luthe...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Caleb Gartner11.90aLakeside Lutheran
2.10Micah Torgerson11.93aLakeside Lutheran
3.12Eric Leonard12.03aFox Valley Lutheran
4.12Jacob Luebke12.29aManitowoc Lutheran
5.12Chan Park12.32aManitowoc Lutheran
6.11Skyler Tesch12.33aLakeside Lutheran
7.12Calvin La Grow12.45aFox Valley Lutheran
8.10Min Kwan Kim12.52aKettle Moraine Luthe...
9.11Michael Loescher12.71aKettle Moraine Luthe...
10.9Rashad Harwell12.97aHope School
11.10Aaron Yoon13.05aWinnebago Lutheran A...
12.11Justin Peak13.31aShoreland Lutheran
13.10Kory Robinson13.54aShoreland Lutheran
14.9Luke Thums13.84aNorthland Lutheran
15.9Matthew Burgess14.50aNorthland Lutheran
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Gartner22.92aLakeside Lutheran
2.11Nick Sierra23.28aKettle Moraine Luthe...
3.12Eric Leonard23.81aFox Valley Lutheran
4.12Calvin La Grow24.98aFox Valley Lutheran
5.12Scott Pamperin25.13aWinnebago Lutheran A...
6.12Zach Stoltenberg25.16aLakeside Lutheran
7.11Josh Strasser25.26aKettle Moraine Luthe...
8.9Tyler Blattler25.48aManitowoc Lutheran
9.10Jon Scola25.83aShoreland Lutheran
10.10Chandler Ostrand25.89aWinnebago Lutheran A...
11.10Kav Krueger25.94aWinnebago Lutheran A...
12.11Justin Peak27.27aShoreland Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Sierra49.00aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.12Mike Prue49.68aShoreland Lutheran
3.10Micah Torgerson50.03aLakeside Lutheran
4.11Josh Strasser50.44aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.11Ryan Freiberg52.12aWinnebago Lutheran A...
6.11Cody Hess53.14aNorthland Lutheran
7.11Chase Maxwell54.19aFox Valley Lutheran
8.10Brandon Shiley57.09aKettle Moraine Luthe...
9.12Caleb Solofra58.98aNorthland Lutheran
10.11Matt Edwards59.41aWinnebago Lutheran A...
11.9Avi Manthe59.82aManitowoc Lutheran
12.11Grant Whittier1:00.55aShoreland Lutheran
13.10Brandon Edwards1:05.67aHope School
14.11Dante Hamilton1:05.89aHope School
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kane Neubauer2:05.17aManitowoc Lutheran
2.11Nathan Graumann2:10.28aLakeside Lutheran
3.11Erik Thorson2:10.77aKettle Moraine Luthe...
4.11Phil Krahn2:11.31aManitowoc Lutheran
5.10Jordan Donart2:13.10aFox Valley Lutheran
6.12Bryant Eckes2:13.81aKettle Moraine Luthe...
7.10Spencer Jensen2:14.69aLakeside Lutheran
8.11Matt Poch2:15.05aWinnebago Lutheran A...
9.11Josiah Nommensen2:17.82aFox Valley Lutheran
10.10Andrew Breister2:19.77aWinnebago Lutheran A...
11.11Jacob Coulthurst2:23.01aFox Valley Lutheran
12.12Kenny Cline2:27.59aShoreland Lutheran
13.11Matt Pena2:27.89aShoreland Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mitchell Bilitz4:30.40aWinnebago Lutheran A...
2.12Grey Davis4:30.61aLakeside Lutheran
3.12Ben Miller4:40.17aManitowoc Lutheran
4.11Garrett Miller4:54.26aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.9Austen Eppen5:07.16aShoreland Lutheran
6.10David Luehring5:12.20aLakeside Lutheran
7.10Zach Diamond5:23.07aShoreland Lutheran
8.10Josh Eickhoff5:26.41aManitowoc Lutheran
9.11Adam Bloedel5:27.35aKettle Moraine Luthe...
10.10Adam Stevens5:28.48aFox Valley Lutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Miller9:52.65aManitowoc Lutheran
2.10Mitchell Bilitz9:53.35aWinnebago Lutheran A...
3.12Grey Davis10:22.71aLakeside Lutheran
4.11Nick Sandoval10:41.57aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.10Jacob Krug10:42.00aFox Valley Lutheran
6.12James Schuette10:43.61aManitowoc Lutheran
7.11Eric Bilitz10:50.07aWinnebago Lutheran A...
8.12Mike Zuehlke10:54.81aLakeside Lutheran
9.11Jacob Lash11:00.38aShoreland Lutheran
10.10JT Pekarske11:19.26aManitowoc Lutheran
11.12Caleb Solofra11:25.59aNorthland Lutheran
12.10Connor Yackels12:01.60aKettle Moraine Luthe...
13.10Austin Pecard12:34.63aShoreland Lutheran
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Pless17.00aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.12Cody Krueger17.53aManitowoc Lutheran
3.11Brennen Leis17.78aLakeside Lutheran
4.10James Riegelman18.42aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.12Ben Ross18.43aLakeside Lutheran
6.9Robert Strutz19.67aShoreland Lutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Pless42.97aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.12Cody Krueger44.40aManitowoc Lutheran
3.11Brennen Leis44.90aLakeside Lutheran
4.10James Riegelman45.11aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.10Jonathan Goss45.12aFox Valley Lutheran
6.11Jared Stuebs45.38aFox Valley Lutheran
7.12Ben Ross45.70aLakeside Lutheran
8.10Luke Thiele46.97aLakeside Lutheran
9.9Robert Strutz47.74aShoreland Lutheran
10.10Zach Diamond49.21aShoreland Lutheran
11.9Matthew Tadych49.72aWinnebago Lutheran A...
12.10Mason Giebel50.49aWinnebago Lutheran A...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Skyler Tesch
Chris Dimino
Nathan Zambo
Luke Thiele
44.88aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Cody Krueger
Chan Park
Jacob Luebke
Aaron Poehlman
45.54aManitowoc Lutheran
3.-Calvin La Grow
Luke Zeamer
Ethan Kargus
Eric Leonard
46.81aFox Valley Lutheran
4.-Zach Voigt
Min Kwan Kim
Michael Loescher
Zach Gruber
47.75aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.-Kodie Krause
Kenny Cline
Jon Scola
Kory Robinson
48.16aShoreland Lutheran
6.-Scott Pamperin
Kav Krueger
Chandler Ostrand
Aaron Yoon
48.35aWinnebago Lutheran A...
7.-Devonaire Campbell
Brandon Edwards
Kamau Kamanga
Rashad Harwell
53.89aHope School
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Skyler Tesch
Chris Dimino
Nathan Zambo
Caleb Gartner
1:36.09aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Jordan Blattler
Tyler Blattler
Jacob Luebke
Chan Park
1:38.37aManitowoc Lutheran
3.-Kenny Cline
Kodie Krause
Justin Peak
Jon Scola
1:39.42aShoreland Lutheran
4.-Zach Voigt
Min Kwan Kim
Michael Loescher
Zach Gruber
1:39.83aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.-Scott Pamperin
Chandler Ostrand
Aaron Yoon
Justus Trewin
1:42.27aWinnebago Lutheran A...
6.-Devonaire Campbell
Brandon Edwards
Dante Hamilton
Nick Waller
1:45.54aHope School
7.-Brock Thern
Luke Zeamer
Aaron Tollefson
Lucas King
1:47.61aFox Valley Lutheran
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Gruber
Nick Sierra
Drake Schwarten
Josh Strasser
3:31.22aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.-Luke Thiele
Nathan Zambo
Chris Dimino
Micah Torgersen
3:31.44aLakeside Lutheran
3.-Jonathan Goss
Ethan Kargus
Jared Stuebs
Chase Maxwell
3:43.09aFox Valley Lutheran
4.-Jordan Blattler
Alex Thom
Tyler Blattler
Avi Manthe
4:03.11aManitowoc Lutheran
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kane Neubauer
Connor Rehbein
James Schuette
Phil Krahn
8:35.21aManitowoc Lutheran
2.-Bryant Eckes
Nick Sandavol
Drake Schwarten
Erick Thorson
8:37.59aKettle Moraine Luthe...
3.-Jacob Coulthurst
Jacob Krug
Jonathan Goss
Jordan Donart
8:43.76aFox Valley Lutheran
4.-Spencer Jensen
Nathaniel Traver
Mike Zuehlke
Nathan Graumann
8:54.85aLakeside Lutheran
5.-Matt Poch
Brady Kollmann
Eric Bilitz
Mitchell Bilitz
9:07.05aWinnebago Lutheran A...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Habermann45-09.25Manitowoc Lutheran
2.11Kurt Rathke42-07.75Kettle Moraine Luthe...
3.11Josh Knoepke41-03.25Fox Valley Lutheran
4.10Ben Wolff40'02.75Winnebago Lutheran A...
5.11Anthony Pflughoeft39-11.25Kettle Moraine Luthe...
6.10Andrew Grauman38-01.75Lakeside Lutheran
7.11Dante Hamilton37-09.00Hope School
8.11Tom Bates37'02.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
9.10John Jung35-04.25Manitowoc Lutheran
10.11Nicholas Gauvin34-10.25Fox Valley Lutheran
11.11Mike Gierach34-08.25Shoreland Lutheran
12.9Alex Matthias34-05.50Manitowoc Lutheran
13.12Nathaniel Morgan33-02.25Shoreland Lutheran
14.12Kyle Beth31-11.00Lakeside Lutheran
15.12Aaron Tollefson28-06.00Fox Valley Lutheran
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Habermann137-09Manitowoc Lutheran
2.11Josh Strasser121-11Kettle Moraine Luthe...
3.11Alec Bergmann120-03Kettle Moraine Luthe...
4.11Martin Loescher119-08Kettle Moraine Luthe...
5.9Alex Matthias110-09Manitowoc Lutheran
6.11Josh Knoepke110-06Fox Valley Lutheran
7.11Tom Bates109'03Winnebago Lutheran A...
8.11Skyler Tesch104-01Lakeside Lutheran
9.11Lucas King103-05Fox Valley Lutheran
10.10Ben Wolff96-02Winnebago Lutheran A...
11.11Dante Hamilton92-05Hope School
12.11Donnie Berry91-06Shoreland Lutheran
13.10John Jung89-05Manitowoc Lutheran
14.11Nicholas Gauvin87-07Fox Valley Lutheran
15.11Mike Gierach81-04Shoreland Lutheran
16.12Kyle Beth69-11Lakeside Lutheran
17.9Luke Thums67-05Northland Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Bachler5-08.00Lakeside Lutheran
2.12Justus Trewin5'08.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
3.11Jacob Thren5-08.00Shoreland Lutheran
4.10Andrew Grauman5-04.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.12Dan White5-04.00Shoreland Lutheran
6.10Brandon Shiley5-04.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
7.10Adam Schwede5-02.00Manitowoc Lutheran
8.10Chandler Niemann5-00.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
9.12Drake Schwarten5-00.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
--10Alex ThomNHManitowoc Lutheran
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Thren12-00.00Shoreland Lutheran
2.11Brandon Schilling11-00.00Lakeside Lutheran
3.11Eric Gerhardt10-00.00Fox Valley Lutheran
4.12Justus Trewin9'06.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
5.9Matthew Tadych8'06.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
5.10Gavin Loescher8-06.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.11Lucas King8-06.00Fox Valley Lutheran
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Luebke19-09.50Manitowoc Lutheran
2.12Mike Prue19-05.50Shoreland Lutheran
3.12Justus Trewin19'02.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
4.11Travis Bachler19-00.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.11Aaron Poehlman19-00.00Manitowoc Lutheran
6.12Nathan Zambo18-07.00Lakeside Lutheran
7.11Zach Gruber18-05.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
8.11Cody Hess18-01.00Northland Lutheran
9.11Devonaire Campbell17-11.00Hope School
10.11Lucas King17-07.50Fox Valley Lutheran
11.10Kav Krueger17-00.50Winnebago Lutheran A...
12.11Eric Gerhardt16-01.50Fox Valley Lutheran
13.10Brock Thern15-09.50Fox Valley Lutheran
14.9Luke Thums14-09.50Northland Lutheran
15.9Matthew Burgess12-10.50Northland Lutheran
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chan Park40-04.25Manitowoc Lutheran
2.11Aaron Poehlman38-10.00Manitowoc Lutheran
3.11Devonaire Campbell38-04.00Hope School
4.9Tim Dimino37-10.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.11Brennen Leis36-08.75Lakeside Lutheran
6.12Zach Stoltenberg36-00.25Lakeside Lutheran
7.10Ryan White35-00.50Shoreland Lutheran
8.10Robin Yoon35'00.50Winnebago Lutheran A...
9.10Min Kwan Kim34-10.75Kettle Moraine Luthe...
10.11Luke Zeamer32-11.25Fox Valley Lutheran
11.11Eric Gerhardt32-11.00Fox Valley Lutheran

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessie Reineck13.12aFox Valley Lutheran
2.11Malik Thompson13.42aFox Valley Lutheran
3.10Keri Bachler13.50aLakeside Lutheran
4.11Michaela Willitz13.71aLakeside Lutheran
5.10Awisi Obua13.71aShoreland Lutheran
6.10Holly Pamperin14.25aWinnebago Lutheran A...
7.9Rachel Bock14.30aWinnebago Lutheran A...
8.10Laura Weiland14.36aNorthland Lutheran
9.9Kari Schneiss14.54aKettle Moraine Luthe...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Malik Thompson13.43aFox Valley Lutheran
2.12Jessie Reineck13.50aFox Valley Lutheran
3.10Keri Bachler13.58aLakeside Lutheran
4.10Awisi Obua13.71aShoreland Lutheran
5.11Michaela Willitz13.80aLakeside Lutheran
6.9Rachel Bock14.34aWinnebago Lutheran A...
7.10Holly Pamperin14.41aWinnebago Lutheran A...
8.10Laura Weiland14.60aNorthland Lutheran
9.9Kari Schneiss14.61aKettle Moraine Luthe...
10.9Mackenzie Anderson14.89aShoreland Lutheran
11.10Natalie Massberg15.17aManitowoc Lutheran
12.9Angie Seefeldt16.40aNorthland Lutheran
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessie Reineck26.37aFox Valley Lutheran
2.9Bailey Diersen27.16aFox Valley Lutheran
3.12Emilie Kreilkamp27.30aLakeside Lutheran
4.10Rachel Winter27.83aManitowoc Lutheran
5.12Emily Zastrow28.33aLakeside Lutheran
6.10Holly Pamperin28.50aWinnebago Lutheran A...
7.9Rachel Bock29.34aWinnebago Lutheran A...
8.9Kari Schneiss31.05aKettle Moraine Luthe...
9.10Rachel Harwin31.96aKettle Moraine Luthe...
10.10Natalie Massberg32.11aManitowoc Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessie Reineck58.92aFox Valley Lutheran
2.11Denielle Gerrietts1:00.23aKettle Moraine Luthe...
3.12Rachel Behl1:00.64aLakeside Lutheran
4.12Lindsay Hughes1:02.72aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.10Rachel Winter1:02.81aManitowoc Lutheran
6.12KateLynn Kulow1:03.00aLakeside Lutheran
7.9Jenelle Kreulach1:14.23aShoreland Lutheran
8.10Megan Riley1:16.66aHope School
9.12Alyssa Schantek1:21.25aShoreland Lutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Shiels2:34.04aLakeside Lutheran
2.11Mariah Giffey2:34.71aWinnebago Lutheran A...
3.9Moriah Hackbarth2:35.75aLakeside Lutheran
4.9Emma Verbeke2:38.42aFox Valley Lutheran
5.10Abby Theander2:43.63aWinnebago Lutheran A...
6.10Elisabeth Schwartz2:43.64aLakeside Lutheran
7.12Amanda Aalpoel2:52.22aFox Valley Lutheran
8.12Hailey Aderman2:55.52aKettle Moraine Luthe...
9.10Kalie McCaughn2:57.24aKettle Moraine Luthe...
10.12Allie Haen2:58.41aNorthland Lutheran
11.9Annalisa Schuette2:59.19aManitowoc Lutheran
12.9Kristina Schuette2:59.73aManitowoc Lutheran
13.12Tanja Johansen3:24.63aNorthland Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abby Theander5:48.34aWinnebago Lutheran A...
2.11Mariah Giffey5:49.06aWinnebago Lutheran A...
3.11Sarah Hackbarth5:49.64aLakeside Lutheran
4.11Michelle DesJardins5:50.71aFox Valley Lutheran
5.12Kelly Degner5:54.43aLakeside Lutheran
6.10Becky Bessler6:14.05aShoreland Lutheran
7.9Abby Lash6:15.41aShoreland Lutheran
8.11Nicole Strutz6:16.13aManitowoc Lutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Cody12:11.08aLakeside Lutheran
2.10Natalie Bubolz12:28.37aLakeside Lutheran
3.10Hannah Ihlenfeldt12:30.51aFox Valley Lutheran
4.11Nicole Strutz13:52.71aManitowoc Lutheran
5.10Audrey Young14:49.70aShoreland Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karlee Schneiss16.10aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.11Sara Herzog17.33aManitowoc Lutheran
3.12Stephanie Rockhoff17.56aShoreland Lutheran
4.10Taylor Weber17.93aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.9Caitlin Jahns18.52aShoreland Lutheran
6.10Grace Schultz18.73aFox Valley Lutheran
7.9Sam Anthon18.97aLakeside Lutheran
8.11Charlotte Huebner18.99aLakeside Lutheran
9.10Brittany Bauman19.09aFox Valley Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Karlee Schneiss16.20aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.11Sara Herzog17.61aManitowoc Lutheran
3.12Stephanie Rockhoff17.70aShoreland Lutheran
4.10Taylor Weber18.10aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.9Caitlin Jahns18.48aShoreland Lutheran
6.10Grace Schultz18.70aFox Valley Lutheran
7.9Sam Anthon19.00aLakeside Lutheran
8.11Charlotte Huebner19.19aLakeside Lutheran
9.10Brittany Bauman19.32aFox Valley Lutheran
10.11Katherine VanAlstine19.44aManitowoc Lutheran
11.11Maggie Schwark20.26aWinnebago Lutheran A...
12.10Naomi Shimura21.00aFox Valley Lutheran
13.9Brittany Becker21.90aWinnebago Lutheran A...
14.9Brooke Caskey22.39aShoreland Lutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karlee Schneiss47.01aKettle Moraine Luthe...
2.11Sara Herzog48.89aManitowoc Lutheran
3.9Sami Huebner52.02aLakeside Lutheran
4.10Taylor Weber52.70aKettle Moraine Luthe...
5.11Mikayla Burnett53.48aFox Valley Lutheran
6.11Charlotte Huebner53.73aLakeside Lutheran
7.9Caitlin Jahns53.83aShoreland Lutheran
8.11Katherine VanAlstine53.98aManitowoc Lutheran
9.10Laura Weiland54.20aNorthland Lutheran
10.10Brittany Bauman54.39aFox Valley Lutheran
11.10Naomi Shimura55.28aFox Valley Lutheran
12.11Maggie Schwark56.34aWinnebago Lutheran A...
13.9Hannah Nass58.29aManitowoc Lutheran
14.9Brooke Caskey1:00.04aShoreland Lutheran
15.10Abby Theander1:01.67aWinnebago Lutheran A...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Zastrow
Emilie Kreilkamp
Alexia Lorenz
Michaela Willitz
52.38aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Malik Thompson
Deanna Kolell
Grace Schultz
Bailey Diersen
52.69aFox Valley Lutheran
3.-Stephanie Rockhoff
Mackenzie Anderson
Hannah Pagel
Awisi Obua
54.22aShoreland Lutheran
4.-Bethany Scharf
Hannah Olesen
Paulina Pohlman
Kari Freiberg
56.31aWinnebago Lutheran A...
5.-Relay Team 56.48aManitowoc Lutheran
5.-Anna Bramstedt
Alyssa Jost
Riegen Brehmer
Taylor Sheahan
56.48aManitowoc Lutheran
6.-Cara Perlberg
Rachel Harwin
Rachel Groth
Meghan Anderson
56.49aKettle Moraine Luthe...
7.-Laura Weiland
Tanja Johansen
Angie Seefeldt
Allie Haen
1:03.08aNorthland Lutheran
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Zastrow
Emilie Kreilkamp
Alexia Lorenz
Keri Bachler
1:49.90aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Relay Team 1:52.42aManitowoc Lutheran
2.-Anna Bramstedt
Sara Herzog
Leah Nass
Riegen Brehmer
1:52.42aManitowoc Lutheran
3.-Deanna Kolell
Grace Schultz
Sarah Koelpin
Danielle Voss
1:56.44aFox Valley Lutheran
4.-Bethany Scharf
Rachel Bock
Paulina Pohlman
Holly Pamperin
1:58.10aWinnebago Lutheran A...
---Relay Team DQShoreland Lutheran
---Cara Perlberg
Meghan Niemann
Meghan Anderson
Kari Schneiss
DQKettle Moraine Luthe...
---Madison Anderson
Mackenzie Anderson
Brooke Caskey
Rachel Wasser
DQShoreland Lutheran
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keri Bachler
Alexia Lorenz
KateLynn Kulow
Rachel Behl
4:09.10aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Karlee Schneiss
Meghan Niemann
Lindsay Hughes
Denielle Gerrietts
4:09.58aKettle Moraine Luthe...
3.-Deanna Kolell
Brittany Bauman
Naomi Shimura
Bailey Diersen
4:26.77aFox Valley Lutheran
4.-Relay Team 4:34.32aShoreland Lutheran
4.-Stephanie Rockhoff
Awisi Obua
Caitlin Jahns
Abby Lash
4:34.32aShoreland Lutheran
5.-Anna Bramstedt
Riegen Brehmer
Hannah Nass
Alyssa Jost
4:51.93aManitowoc Lutheran
5.-Relay Team 4:51.93aManitowoc Lutheran
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lizi Schwartz
Sydney Cody
Hannah Shiels
Sarah Hackbarth
10:07.93aLakeside Lutheran
2.-Emma Verbeke
Olivia Thern
Amanda Aalpoel
Hannah Ihlenfeldt
11:07.77aFox Valley Lutheran
3.-Hailey Aderman
Kalie McCaughn
Lily Schmeling
Marissa Meier
11:59.20aKettle Moraine Luthe...
4.-Relay Team 12:21.32aManitowoc Lutheran
4.-Annalisa Schuette
Kristina Schuette
Nicole Strutz
Kara Schultz
12:21.32aManitowoc Lutheran
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly Tetzlaff33-05.50Lakeside Lutheran
2.12Rachel Behl33-01.25Lakeside Lutheran
3.11Rachel Groth32-00.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
4.11Serena Coleman31-02.50Lakeside Lutheran
5.11Caitlyn Preisler28-06.50Fox Valley Lutheran
6.11Sarah Oswald28-05.50Fox Valley Lutheran
7.12Katrina Miller28-01.75Manitowoc Lutheran
8.11Miranda Loduha27-00.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
9.9Nina Schwandt26-11.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
10.11Mariah Nabbefeld26-05.75Fox Valley Lutheran
11.10Michaela Large26-05.50Shoreland Lutheran
12.11Katlyn Peterson25-05.50Manitowoc Lutheran
13.9Brooke Roberts25-04.00Manitowoc Lutheran
14.10Christina Moore25-01.50Shoreland Lutheran
15.9Kari Freiberg24-06.25Winnebago Lutheran A...
16.10Madison Bump24-02.75Winnebago Lutheran A...
17.10Megan Riley23-01.75Hope School
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leah Nass123-04Manitowoc Lutheran
2.12Kelly Tetzlaff110-07Lakeside Lutheran
3.11Miranda Loduha104'006Kettle Moraine Luthe...
3.11Miranda Loduha104-00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
4.11Sarah Oswald95-08Fox Valley Lutheran
5.12Katrina Miller85-01Manitowoc Lutheran
6.9Brooke Roberts85-00Manitowoc Lutheran
7.11Deanna Kolell79-08Fox Valley Lutheran
8.9Brianna Reed76-06Shoreland Lutheran
9.10Catherine Edgington75-09Shoreland Lutheran
10.9Lily Schmeling69-11Kettle Moraine Luthe...
11.10Madison Bump67-01Winnebago Lutheran A...
12.11Caitlyn Preisler65-05Fox Valley Lutheran
13.9Kari Freiberg61-07Winnebago Lutheran A...
13.10Megan Riley61-07Hope School
15.12Allie Haen60-01Northland Lutheran
--11Rachel PetersenNDLakeside Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Audra Winter5-07.00Manitowoc Lutheran
2.12Meghan Niemann5-02.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
3.11Vicki Janikowski4-10.00Lakeside Lutheran
4.11Katherine VanAlstine4-08.00Manitowoc Lutheran
5.10Elisabeth Schwartz4-08.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.12Sarah Koelpin4-08.00Fox Valley Lutheran
7.12Paulina Pohlman4'08.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
8.12Rachel Kelly4-06.00Shoreland Lutheran
8.11Denielle Gerrietts4-06.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
8.11Sara Herzog4-06.00Manitowoc Lutheran
11.12Katie Bock4-04.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
--9Moriah HackbarthNHLakeside Lutheran
--9Carly HalingNHShoreland Lutheran
--9Maida WolffNHKettle Moraine Luthe...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sami Huebner7-03.00Lakeside Lutheran
2.9Anna Naig7-03.00Lakeside Lutheran
3.10Naomi Shimura6-06.00Fox Valley Lutheran
4.9Danielle Voss6-06.00Fox Valley Lutheran
5.12Paulina Pohlman6'06.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
6.10Holly Pamperin6'00.00Winnebago Lutheran A...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leah Nass16-09.25Manitowoc Lutheran
2.12Karlee Schneiss16-08.75Kettle Moraine Luthe...
3.10Grace Schultz15-05.50Fox Valley Lutheran
4.10Keri Bachler15-05.00Lakeside Lutheran
5.11Michaela Willitz15-04.00Lakeside Lutheran
6.10Awisi Obua14-11.00Shoreland Lutheran
7.12Lindsay Hughes14-07.50Kettle Moraine Luthe...
8.12Hannah Olesen14'06.50Winnebago Lutheran A...
9.11Charlotte Huebner13-11.50Lakeside Lutheran
10.10Laura Weiland13-10.00Northland Lutheran
11.9Meghan Anderson13-08.00Kettle Moraine Luthe...
12.12Sarah Koelpin13-05.00Fox Valley Lutheran
13.11Taylor Sheahan13-01.00Manitowoc Lutheran
14.9Brooke Caskey11-07.25Shoreland Lutheran
15.9Angie Seefeldt10-00.50Northland Lutheran
16.12Tanja Johansen9-05.50Northland Lutheran
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leah Nass36-04.50Manitowoc Lutheran
2.11Michaela Willitz32-07.50Lakeside Lutheran
3.12Stephanie Rockhoff32-07.00Shoreland Lutheran
4.12Madison Anderson32-01.75Shoreland Lutheran
5.9Caitlin Jahns31-10.50Shoreland Lutheran
6.10Elisabeth Schwartz31-06.00Lakeside Lutheran
7.10Bethany Scharf31'05.75Winnebago Lutheran A...
8.10Rachel Winter30-08.25Manitowoc Lutheran
9.11Caitlyn Preisler28-00.75Fox Valley Lutheran
10.10Rachel Harwin26-09.50Kettle Moraine Luthe...
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