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Upper Valley Conference

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rigby HS Track, Rigby

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sexton Janson13.10aRocky Mountain      
2.8Terrell Payne13.27aTaylorview      
3.8Cody Parkinson13.32aMadison      
4.8C Campbell13.40aEagle Rock      
5.8Porter Empey13.48aSandcreek      
6.8Brady Landon13.62aSandcreek      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.8C Campbell12.17aEagle Rock      
2.8Sexton Janson12.60aRocky Mountain      
3.8Terrell Payne12.69aTaylorview      
5.8Brady Landon12.75aSandcreek      
6.8Cody Parkinson12.77aMadison      
4.8Porter Empey12.90aSandcreek      
7.8cade Lewis12.97aMadison      
8.8Johnson Josh12.99aRocky Mountain      
9.8Matthew Anderson13.09aRigby      
10.7Hardy Lopez13.10aClair E. Gale      
11.8K Bates13.20aEagle Rock      
12.8Skyler Wright13.40aSandcreek      
13.8Daryl Giglio13.54aTaylorview      
14.8Nakashima AJ13.64aRocky Mountain      
15.8Tanner Marcum13.75aMadison      
16.8Ethan Frost13.79aHobbs      
17.8P Stenerson14.12aEagle Rock      
18.7Dallin Matheson14.27aHobbs      
19.8Austin Prestwich14.40aHobbs      
20.8Ethan Keck14.55aRigby      
21.8Kyle Pruitt14.70aRigby      
22.8Jackson Liljenquist14.85aTaylorview      
23.8Blade Kelso14.89aClair E. Gale      
24.7Labra Jorge16.69aClair E. Gale      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Kyle Pruitt11.75Rigby      
8Matthew Anderson12.92Rigby      
8Asher Hanson12.93Rigby      
7Logan Cano14.84Rigby      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Marcus Gillespie25.94aHobbs      
2.8Matthew Anderson26.26aRigby      
3.8Terrell Payne26.37aTaylorview      
4.8Nakashima AJ26.42aRocky Mountain      
4.8Sexton Janson26.42aRocky Mountain      
6.8C Campbell26.66aEagle Rock      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.8C Campbell25.45aEagle Rock      
2.8Marcus Gillespie26.19aHobbs      
3.8Sexton Janson26.24aRocky Mountain      
4.8Matthew Anderson26.34aRigby      
5.8Terrell Payne26.37aTaylorview      
6.8Nakashima AJ26.56aRocky Mountain      
7.8Porter Empey26.57aSandcreek      
8.8A Lee26.78aEagle Rock      
9.8K Bates26.85aEagle Rock      
10.8Trejo Luis26.86aRocky Mountain      
11.8Dylan Justesen27.11aSandcreek      
12.8cade Lewis27.43aMadison      
13.8John Empey27.98aSandcreek      
14.7Hardy Lopez28.07aClair E. Gale      
15.8Daryl Giglio28.54aTaylorview      
16.8Ethan Clinger28.81aHobbs      
17.8Darin Nielsen29.16aRigby      
18.7Paker Higbee29.40aTaylorview      
19.8Austin Prestwich29.78aHobbs      
20.7Brigham Prestwich32.16aRigby      
21.8Dustyn Wahlquist33.57aClair E. Gale      
22.7Labra Jorge35.13aClair E. Gale      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Hayden Livingston25.54Rigby      
7Austin Bucklin28.24Rigby      
8Darin Nielsen30Rigby      
7Brigham Prestwich30Rigby      
8Darin Nielsen30.32Rigby      
7Garrett Murdock34Rigby      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Teyano Tweedie57.98aSandcreek      
2.8A Lee58.30aEagle Rock      
3.8Bird Jared58.45aRocky Mountain      
4.8cade Lewis58.80aMadison      
5.7D Ames59.41aEagle Rock      
6.8Hayden Livingston1:00.12aRigby      
7.8Asher Hanson1:00.67aRigby      
8.8Joe Spencer1:00.73aSandcreek      
9.7B Brighton1:01.52aEagle Rock      
10.8Lamb Shad1:02.57aRocky Mountain      
11.8Robinson Brady1:02.67aRocky Mountain      
12.7Hardy Lopez1:04.00aClair E. Gale      
13.8Andrew Willis1:04.41aMadison      
14.8Kadrian Rolston1:05.29aClair E. Gale      
15.7Dallin Matheson1:06.06aHobbs      
16.7Porter Nelson1:06.09aRigby      
17.7Hunter Deuel1:07.61aTaylorview      
18.8Eli Dial1:09.08aHobbs      
19.7Zac Cunningham1:17.37aTaylorview      
8Andrew NelsonNTClair E. Gale      
7Nathan OseenNTSandcreek      
8Cody ParkinsonNTMadison      
7Keigan HendersonNTHobbs      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Matthew Anderson59Rigby      
8Jace Ritchie59.09Rigby      
8Hayden Livingston59.32Rigby      
8Jace Ritchie60Rigby      
8Asher Hanson1:01.59Rigby      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Stewart2:12.96aHobbs      
2.8Jace Ritchie2:14.65aRigby      
3.8David Searle2:17.33aHobbs      
4.8Joshua Thatcher2:19.47aMadison      
5.8Jonathan Perry2:20.12aRigby      
6.8Resendez Brenden2:20.79aRocky Mountain      
7.8Logan Garner2:21.22aMadison      
8.8Spencer Miller2:22.81aMadison      
9.7Chance Briggs2:23.02aRigby      
10.8Reggie Duke2:24.06aSandcreek      
11.8Avery Johnson2:24.51aSandcreek      
12.8C Mecham2:24.54aEagle Rock      
13.8Joe Spencer2:28.21aSandcreek      
14.7S Sperry2:28.33aEagle Rock      
15.8Aguirre Vincent2:30.50aRocky Mountain      
16.8M Cisneros2:31.08aEagle Rock      
17.8Wells JD2:32.48aRocky Mountain      
18.8Mark Crandall2:32.97aHobbs      
19.8Fuger Jaden2:33.98aTaylorview      
7R Barna2:37.21Eagle Rock      
8Daniel Black2:44Rigby      
20.7Ben Vance2:45.43aTaylorview      
7C Johnson2:47Eagle Rock      
7J Meldrum2:50.52Eagle Rock      
8J Hegstrom2:51.45Eagle Rock      
7T Shepherd2:56.65Eagle Rock      
7N Barna3:02.96Eagle Rock      
7Aaron Williams3:04Rigby      
7K Bloxham3:07.32Eagle Rock      
8M Mantranga3:08.96Eagle Rock      
7Mathew Butterfield3:10.06Rigby      
7H Roberts3:10.24Eagle Rock      
8Aaron Beck3:10.24Rigby      
7B Oliver3:17Eagle Rock      
7G Batalden3:21Eagle Rock      
7ERB HK3:32.7Eagle Rock      
8Zac EhartNTTaylorview      
8Andrew NelsonNTClair E. Gale      
8Kadrian RolstonNTClair E. Gale      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
7Chance Briggs2:20Rigby      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Stewart4:58.16aHobbs      
2.8Jonathan Perry5:06.57aRigby      
3.8Jace Ritchie5:08.56aRigby      
4.8Joshua Thatcher5:11.37aMadison      
5.8David Searle5:11.67aHobbs      
6.8Chandler Serr5:16.13aSandcreek      
7.8Andrew Nelson5:18.10aClair E. Gale      
8.8Logan Garner5:18.52aMadison      
9.8Spencer Miller5:19.28aMadison      
10.8C Mecham5:21.43aEagle Rock      
11.8Ethan Clarke5:24.15aTaylorview      
12.8Isaac Kunz5:25.71aTaylorview      
13.8Wells JD5:26.36aRocky Mountain      
14.8Tyler Brown5:28.56aSandcreek      
8Daniel Black5:32Rigby      
15.7S Sperry5:33.83aEagle Rock      
16.8Mark Crandall5:35.75aHobbs      
17.8Aguirre Vincent5:44.19aRocky Mountain      
18.7R Barna5:52.28aEagle Rock      
8J Hegstrom5:54Eagle Rock      
7N Barna5:54.14Eagle Rock      
19.8Kadrian Rolston5:57.67aClair E. Gale      
20.7Ben Vance5:58.62aTaylorview      
21.8Zac Ehart5:59.66aTaylorview      
7J Meldrum6:04.6Eagle Rock      
7C Johnson6:06.42Eagle Rock      
7Braxton Shaw6:07Rigby      
7H Roberts6:16.44Eagle Rock      
22.7Tamayo Kolby6:17.27aRocky Mountain      
7T Shepherd6:17.87Eagle Rock      
8M Mantranga6:19.38Eagle Rock      
23.7Dakota Elmer6:26.57aClair E. Gale      
7B Oliver6:53.59Eagle Rock      
7C Seegmiller7:00Eagle Rock      
7Mathew Butterfield7:15Rigby      
7ERB HK7:28Eagle Rock      
7Carson DaughertyNTRigby      
8Bird TrevinNTRocky Mountain      
7Brody JacobNTRocky Mountain      
8Byron AustinNTRocky Mountain      
8Burger JakobNTRocky Mountain      
7Burrell JakeNTRocky Mountain      
7Clayton CannonNTRocky Mountain      
7Clements JordainNTRocky Mountain      
8Clements JoshNTRocky Mountain      
7Ferguson AlexNTRocky Mountain      
7French ParkerNTRocky Mountain      
8Malagon JoseNTRocky Mountain      
7Matthews GriffinNTRocky Mountain      
7McCall EthanNTRocky Mountain      
7McKnight BrandynNTRocky Mountain      
7Moeller HarrisonNTRocky Mountain      
8Nakashima AJNTRocky Mountain      
7Neeser McKadeNTRocky Mountain      
8Nielsen CoreyNTRocky Mountain      
8Park DillonNTRocky Mountain      
8Plain JonathonNTRocky Mountain      
7Powell TrayeNTRocky Mountain      
8Pugmire AustinNTRocky Mountain      
8Resendez BrendenNTRocky Mountain      
8Robinson BradyNTRocky Mountain      
7Robinson JaseNTRocky Mountain      
7Scoresby TylerNTRocky Mountain      
7Anderson MarshallNTRocky Mountain      
8Andrus NathanNTRocky Mountain      
7Astel AdamNTRocky Mountain      
8Baldwin TysonNTRocky Mountain      
8Bird JaredNTRocky Mountain      
7Haroldsen CoenNTRocky Mountain      
7Hendrix ReillyNTRocky Mountain      
8Holverson LoganNTRocky Mountain      
7Horman PrestonNTRocky Mountain      
8Humphreys BraydonNTRocky Mountain      
7Hunt ParkerNTRocky Mountain      
8Iglinski JacobNTRocky Mountain      
7Ker KevinNTRocky Mountain      
7Labra JoseNTRocky Mountain      
8Lamb ShadNTRocky Mountain      
8Lloyd JoeyNTRocky Mountain      
8Lopez TremaineNTRocky Mountain      
8Lucas SpencerNTRocky Mountain      
8Trejo LuisNTRocky Mountain      
8Wall JacksonNTRocky Mountain      
7Williams JustinNTRocky Mountain      
7Yanez IsraelNTRocky Mountain      
7Kayven AbelNTMadison      
7Shears TysonNTRocky Mountain      
7Smith CoryNTRocky Mountain      
8Snow BrianNTRocky Mountain      
7Sorensen TannerNTRocky Mountain      
7Staker JustinNTRocky Mountain      
7Stolworthy TaiveNTRocky Mountain      
7Morgan HansenNTMadison      
7Jace ChandlerNTMadison      
8Reggie DukeNTSandcreek      
8Carson JonesNTSandcreek      
8Daniel NelsonNTMadison      
8Noah HiemerNTSandcreek      
8Joe SpencerNTSandcreek      
7Tyson BrooksNTSandcreek      
8Justin GrahamNTSandcreek      
7Parker HulsNTSandcreek      
8Denver DialNTHobbs      
7Aaron WilliamsNTRigby      
8Matt GrahamNTHobbs      
8Matt OrmeNTHobbs      
7Tyler MorrisNTHobbs      
8Tanner WinwardNTHobbs      
7Hunter MannerNTMadison      
8Peyton JohnsonNTMadison      
7William BezzantNTSandcreek      
7Alex HoldenNTSandcreek      
8Aaron BeckNTRigby      
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
8.7C Lewis19.67aEagle Rock      
13.8P Stenerson20.94aEagle Rock      
14.8J Hegstrom21.06aEagle Rock      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bridger Blakeslee17.06aSandcreek      
2.7Cunningham Britin18.33aRocky Mountain      
3.8Logan Jardine18.63aSandcreek      
4.8Sexton Janson18.66aRocky Mountain      
5.8Kendall Ballard19.13aMadison      
6.8Johnson Josh19.53aRocky Mountain      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.8Bridger Blakeslee17.40aSandcreek      
2.7Cunningham Britin18.20aRocky Mountain      
3.8Sexton Janson18.37aRocky Mountain      
4.8Logan Jardine18.66aSandcreek      
5.8Kendall Ballard19.01aMadison      
6.8Johnson Josh19.36aRocky Mountain      
7.8Ethan Clinger19.48aHobbs      
9.7Boline Avery20.35aTaylorview      
10.8Ben Hunt20.40aMadison      
11.8Jackson Liljenquist20.41aTaylorview      
12.7Paker Higbee20.78aTaylorview      
15.8Asher Hanson21.37aRigby      
16.7Nathan Webb21.41aMadison      
17.7Rhett Pinnock21.53aRigby      
18.8Dustyn Wahlquist22.11aClair E. Gale      
19.7Logan Cano22.62aRigby      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sexton Janson
Nakashima AJ
Johnson Josh
Trejo Luis
49.42aRocky Mountain      
2.-D Ames
B Spaulding
K Bates
C Campbell
49.52aEagle Rock      
3.-John Empey
Porter Empey
Brady Landon
Dylan Justesen
4.-cade Lewis
Tanner Marcum
Cody Parkinson
Blake Bartschi
5.-Logan Cano
Kyle Pruitt
Asher Hanson
Matthew Anderson
6.-Ethan Clinger
Austin Prestwich
Ethan Frost
Dallin Matheson
7.-Daryl Giglio
Jacob Whitney
Boline Avery
Jackson Liljenquist
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-A Lee
B Spaulding
K Bates
C Campbell
1:44.13aEagle Rock      
2.-Nakashima AJ
Sorensen Austen
Hunt Parker
Johnson Josh
1:44.61aRocky Mountain      
3.-Bridger Blakeslee
John Empey
Brady Landon
Logan Jardine
4.-Ethan Frost
Austin Prestwich
David Searle
Marcus Gillespie
5.-Daryl Giglio
Paker Higbee
Boline Avery
Terrell Payne
6.-Jacob Child
Tanner Marcum
Andrew Willis
Andrew Adams
7.-Brigham Prestwich
Garrett Murdock
Austin Bucklin
Darin Nielsen
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthew Anderson
Hayden Livingston
Asher Hanson
Jace Ritchie
2.-Teyano Tweedie
Joe Spencer
Bridger Blakeslee
Nathan Oseen
3.-D Ames
B Brighton
G Molina
A Lee
4:05.44aEagle Rock      
4.-Bird Jared
Cunningham Britin
Sorensen Austen
Lamb Shad
4:07.14aRocky Mountain      
5.-Marcus Gillespie
Austin Stewart
Keigan Henderson
Dallin Matheson
6.-Sam Fisher
Marshall Briggs
Matt Williams
Tanner Marcum
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bridger Blakeslee
Reggie Duke
Teyano Tweedie
Dylan Justesen
2.-Hayden Livingston
Darin Nielsen
Chance Briggs
Jace Ritchie
3.-Trejo Luis
Marlin Nathaniel
Rapp Braxton
Resendez Brenden
4:17.03aRocky Mountain      
4.-Marcus Gillespie
David Searle
Austin Stewart
Keigan Henderson
5.-B Spaulding
Evan McCall
B Brighton
C Mecham
4:28.06aEagle Rock      
6.-Paker Higbee
Boline Avery
Hunter Deuel
Ethan Clarke
-Daylen Dameron
Sam Fisher
Hunter Manner
Bruin Bair
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Justin Palmer37-06.00Madison      
2.8C Owen37-04.75Eagle Rock      
3.8Chris Schmid35-07.75Sandcreek      
4.8Braydon Bronson34-10.00Sandcreek      
5.8Christen Jarnagin34-07.75Sandcreek      
6.8Giles Mason33-08.00Rocky Mountain      
7.8Andrus Nathan32-04.75Rocky Mountain      
8.8Dillon Stone31-05.25Taylorview      
9.8Nielsen Corey29-08.00Rocky Mountain      
10.8J Kuns28-09.75Eagle Rock      
11.7Crozier Fitzgerald28-05.25Madison      
12.8Blake Marsden27-07.25Hobbs      
13.8Kyle Pruitt27-04.75Rigby      
14.8I Snarr27-02.25Eagle Rock      
15.8Jack Carmack26-06.25Clair E. Gale      
16.7Justin Jensen26-05.50Hobbs      
17.8Brigham Hansen25-10.75Madison      
18.7Chance Briggs24-00.25Rigby      
19.8Denver Dial22-04.75Hobbs      
20.8Henry Hoskinson20-06.25Rigby      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
2.8C Owen108'04Eagle Rock      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Crozier Fitzgerald112-00Madison      
3.8Dallin Mcdougal107-01Madison      
4.8Braydon Bronson104-09Sandcreek      
5.8Howard Sean104-09Rocky Mountain      
6.8Teyano Tweedie94-05Sandcreek      
7.8Justin Palmer90-09Madison      
8.8Giles Mason89-06Rocky Mountain      
9.8Dillon Stone86-05Taylorview      
10.8Jack Carmack80-05Clair E. Gale      
11.8Denver Dial80-02Hobbs      
8Lucas SpencerNDRocky Mountain      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bird Jared5-04.00Rocky Mountain      
2.8B Spaulding5-00.00Eagle Rock      
3.8Giles Mason5-00.00Rocky Mountain      
4.8Logan Jardine5-00.00Sandcreek      
5.8Cody Parkinson4-08.00Madison      
5.8Briton Chamberlain4-08.00Sandcreek      
7.8Marlin Nathaniel4-08.00Rocky Mountain      
8.8Zac Ehart4-06.00Taylorview      
8.7Blake Bartschi4-06.00Madison      
8.8Brady Landon4-06.00Sandcreek      
8.8Ethan Clinger4-06.00Hobbs      
8.8Ben Hunt4-06.00Madison      
13.7W Spaulding4-04.00Eagle Rock      
7Tanner JenkinsNHHobbs      
8J KunsNHEagle Rock      
7Logan CanoNHRigby      
7Rhett PinnockNHRigby      
8Dustyn WahlquistNHClair E. Gale      
7Preston BatemanNHClair E. Gale      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Porter Empey18-02.25Sandcreek      
2.7D Ames16-09.75Eagle Rock      
3.8Ethan Frost16-05.00Hobbs      
4.8Dallin Mcdougal15-10.75Madison      
5.7Bowen Oswald15-10.00Sandcreek      
6.8Evan McCall15-04.50Eagle Rock      
7.8Sorensen Austen15-01.25Rocky Mountain      
8.7W Spaulding15-00.50Eagle Rock      
9.7Porter Nelson14-10.50Rigby      
10.7Dalton Dopp14-09.00Sandcreek      
11.7Zarrek Birch14-08.00Madison      
11.8Terrell Payne14-08.00Taylorview      
13.8Aguirre Vincent14-07.00Rocky Mountain      
14.7Scott Schley14-04.50Rigby      
15.8Blade Kelso13-05.00Clair E. Gale      
16.7Sorensen Tanner12-08.00Rocky Mountain      
17.8Dustyn Wahlquist12-04.75Clair E. Gale      
18.7Labra Jorge11-09.00Clair E. Gale      
19.8Jack Carmack10-11.50Clair E. Gale      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Elsja Mecham13.68aRigby      
2.8R Jensen13.73aEagle Rock      
3.8Abbie Poulson14.24aRocky Mountain      
4.7Brianne Langley14.31aSandcreek      
5.7Megan Seward14.43aSandcreek      
6.8Chelsey Dye14.44aRocky Mountain      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.8R Jensen13.44aEagle Rock      
2.8Elsja Mecham13.84aRigby      
3.8Abbie Poulson13.90aRocky Mountain      
5.7Megan Seward14.15aSandcreek      
4.7Brianne Langley14.18aSandcreek      
6.8Chelsey Dye14.20aRocky Mountain      
7.8Remi Mcwhorter14.21aMadison      
8.7Olivia Shippen14.28aRigby      
9.8Aubrey Koon14.44aMadison      
10.8Haileigh Griffith14.44aTaylorview      
11.8A Schofield14.47aEagle Rock      
12.8Dana Wolford14.48aTaylorview      
13.8Gabby McMurphy14.73aSandcreek      
14.8Shayla Lords14.95aMadison      
15.7L Kvarfordt14.96aEagle Rock      
16.7Tessa William15.10aTaylorview      
17.7Sami Trane15.20aRocky Mountain      
18.7Riley Anderson15.38aClair E. Gale      
19.8Fallyn Lambertsen15.39aRigby      
20.7April Walker15.57aClair E. Gale      
21.8Ayley Anderson15.85aHobbs      
22.7Allyssa Wray15.95aHobbs      
23.7Marissa McCorey19.72aClair E. Gale      
24.7Camryn Hardy21.61aClair E. Gale      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
7Mikaela Taylor13.17Rigby      
8Rebecca Wood13.15Rigby      
8Catrice Radford13.38Rigby      
7Sadie Cordingly14.02Rigby      
8Catrice Radford14.2Rigby      
7Sadie Cordingly16.79Rigby      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Elsja Mecham27.59aRigby      
2.8Aubrey Koon28.57aMadison      
3.7Karlie Kelley28.95aSandcreek      
4.8Abbie Poulson29.57aRocky Mountain      
5.8Chelsey Dye30.10aRocky Mountain      
6.7Brianne Langley30.92aSandcreek      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.8Elsja Mecham27.56aRigby      
2.8Abbie Poulson28.81aRocky Mountain      
2.7Karlie Kelley28.81aSandcreek      
4.8Aubrey Koon29.30aMadison      
5.7Brianne Langley29.73aSandcreek      
6.8Chelsey Dye29.75aRocky Mountain      
7.8A Kuhn29.85aEagle Rock      
8.7Horne Kayla30.15aMadison      
9.8M Nadauld30.18aEagle Rock      
10.8Catrice Radford30.51aRigby      
11.7G Murdoch30.73aEagle Rock      
12.8Rebecca Wood30.74aRigby      
13.8Haileigh Griffith30.77aTaylorview      
14.7Haily Hammond30.83aMadison      
15.7Janel Cortes31.19aClair E. Gale      
16.7Sami Trane31.69aRocky Mountain      
17.8Brianna Croft31.76aTaylorview      
18.7Tessa William32.04aTaylorview      
19.7Riley Anderson32.42aClair E. Gale      
20.7Briana Felix32.43aClair E. Gale      
21.8Ayley Anderson33.72aHobbs      
22.8Delainey McGregor34.45aHobbs      
23.7Zayle Davis35.57aHobbs      
8Stefani BakerNTSandcreek      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Catrice Radford28.16Rigby      
7Sadie Cordingly30.75Rigby      
8Rebecca Wood30.72Rigby      
8Linsey Ketchum31.66Rigby      
7Sariah Campbell32.30Rigby      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Elsja Mecham1:02.04aRigby      
2.8Lindsay Cook1:05.44aSandcreek      
3.8Kylie Ball1:06.81aHobbs      
4.8Brittney Acor1:07.06aSandcreek      
5.8Chelsey Dye1:08.02aRocky Mountain      
6.8E Danielson1:09.16aEagle Rock      
7.7Paige Blakeslee1:09.19aSandcreek      
8.8A Thiel1:10.19aEagle Rock      
9.8Fallyn Lambertsen1:10.99aRigby      
10.8M Schmidt1:11.30aEagle Rock      
11.8Hailey Lords1:12.87aTaylorview      
12.8Linsey Ketchum1:14.19aRigby      
13.7Tayler Hall1:15.17aRocky Mountain      
14.8Telicia Saari1:15.31aClair E. Gale      
15.7Megan Mary1:16.25aTaylorview      
16.8Amanda Christensen1:18.80aHobbs      
17.8Kim Berg1:19.73aHobbs      
18.8Olivia Bird1:20.01aRocky Mountain      
8Sierra PriceNTMadison      
8Emily SenaNTMadison      
7Allison TaylorNTMadison      
7Kennedy RolstonNTClair E. Gale      
7Briana FelixNTClair E. Gale      
7Sadie GoodNTTaylorview      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Tori Pinnock66Rigby      
8Tori Pinnock68Rigby      
8Sierra Anderson1:12Rigby      
8Matilda Bowman1:14Rigby      
8Fallyn Lambertsen1:15.24Rigby      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tori Pinnock2:33.11aRigby      
2.8Megan Gehmlich2:41.36aMadison      
3.8Regan Teichert2:43.44aRocky Mountain      
4.7Addy Kirkham2:45.03aSandcreek      
5.8E Danielson2:45.43aEagle Rock      
6.7Brianna Landon2:47.18aSandcreek      
7.7Virginia Nielsen2:53.55aTaylorview      
8.8M Schmidt2:55.05aEagle Rock      
9.7Emma Schweinsberg2:55.22aSandcreek      
11.8J Jones2:55.50aEagle Rock      
10.8Ashlyn Dyer2:55.89aTaylorview      
12.8Kamille Gee3:01.48aMadison      
7E Hart3:03.68Eagle Rock      
13.8Ashli Young3:04.50aHobbs      
7N Santana3:04.99Eagle Rock      
14.8Trinitie Smith3:06.61aRigby      
15.7Shay Shaub3:08.10aClair E. Gale      
16.7Payton Drollinger3:08.13aHobbs      
17.7Megan Mary3:08.18aTaylorview      
7A Lainhart3:09.87Eagle Rock      
7C Neilson3:10.86Eagle Rock      
8A Moore3:11.62Eagle Rock      
8A Nielson3:12.88Eagle Rock      
18.8Linsey Ketchum3:13.79aRigby      
7A Brown3:14.62Eagle Rock      
19.7LeAnna Highsmith3:15.51aClair E. Gale      
20.8Morggan Mueller3:16.76aRocky Mountain      
7S Becker3:17.09Eagle Rock      
7K Vollmer3:18.64Eagle Rock      
7E Conner3:19.24Eagle Rock      
7C Nate3:19.38Eagle Rock      
7Rebecca Thorton3:20Rigby      
21.8Addriana Mueller3:23.35aRocky Mountain      
22.8Sequoya Yates3:25.70aClair E. Gale      
8Miranda Wachs3:27.41Eagle Rock      
7R Hadley3:28.4Eagle Rock      
7A Greener3:29.59Eagle Rock      
7M Gonzalez3:30.49Eagle Rock      
23.7Sarah Wasden3:30.67aHobbs      
8K Christensen3:31.24Eagle Rock      
8A Klink3:34.08Eagle Rock      
8ERG HM3:34.08Eagle Rock      
8K Scott3:35.52Eagle Rock      
7Valerie SmithNTMadison      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tori Pinnock5:42.71aRigby      
2.7Addy Kirkham5:52.67aSandcreek      
3.8Megan Gehmlich5:53.79aMadison      
4.8Ashlyn Dyer6:09.99aTaylorview      
5.7Emma Nelson6:11.01aSandcreek      
6.7Brianna Landon6:16.08aSandcreek      
7.7Hailey Miller6:24.12aSandcreek      
8.8M Schmidt6:25.81aEagle Rock      
9.7Valerie Smith6:34.05aMadison      
10.8Kamille Gee6:35.53aMadison      
11.8Regan Teichert6:39.12aRocky Mountain      
12.8Trinitie Smith6:42.26aRigby      
13.7N Santana6:48.88aEagle Rock      
14.8J Jones6:52.80aEagle Rock      
7Rebecca Thorton6:54Rigby      
15.8Linsey Ketchum7:00.19aRigby      
7E Hart7:11Eagle Rock      
16.7Payton Drollinger7:11.80aHobbs      
17.7Sarah Wasden7:19.81aHobbs      
18.8Lexi Ferrin7:23.48aRocky Mountain      
19.8Aubrey Andrews7:36.16aHobbs      
20.8Sequoya Yates7:49.56aClair E. Gale      
8K Scott8:19Eagle Rock      
7E Shaul8:42Eagle Rock      
8S Cathey9:07.52Eagle Rock      
7Brittany WinwardNTHobbs      
8Emily BitsoieNTSandcreek      
8Hannah WhitworthNTSandcreek      
8Leah SchmidtNTRocky Mountain      
8Taylor HormanNTRocky Mountain      
8Hannah JorgensenNTRocky Mountain      
7Sarah JorgensenNTRocky Mountain      
7Briana McGuireNTRocky Mountain      
8Yasmine OpenshawNTRocky Mountain      
7Brittany StumppNTRocky Mountain      
7Sierra ThorntonNTRocky Mountain      
7Katelynn WardNTRocky Mountain      
8Ariana ChapaNTRocky Mountain      
7Kimarie KerNTRocky Mountain      
7Maren BinghamNTRocky Mountain      
8Cassidy CornelsenNTRocky Mountain      
7Scha'leigh DavenportNTRocky Mountain      
7Jessica DonahooNTRocky Mountain      
8Lauryn GarrettNTRocky Mountain      
7Kayli HarrisonNTRocky Mountain      
7Kaydee BungardNTRocky Mountain      
8Katherine VedrosNTSandcreek      
8Adriana MuellerNTRocky Mountain      
8Morgan MuellerNTRocky Mountain      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Olivia Shippen16.66aRigby      
2.8Elsja Mecham16.69aRigby      
3.8Remi Mcwhorter18.04aMadison      
4.8Sierra Anderson18.11aRigby      
5.7Virginia Nielsen18.46aTaylorview      
6.8Kira Marlow18.59aHobbs      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.8Elsja Mecham16.45aRigby      
2.7Olivia Shippen16.48aRigby      
3.8Remi Mcwhorter17.39aMadison      
4.8Sierra Anderson18.25aRigby      
5.8Kira Marlow18.65aHobbs      
6.7Virginia Nielsen19.09aTaylorview      
7.8A Nielson19.19aEagle Rock      
8.8Dana Wolford19.50aTaylorview      
9.8B Miller19.58aEagle Rock      
10.8A Schofield19.77aEagle Rock      
11.7Alexis Trojovsky20.13aRocky Mountain      
12.8Haileigh Griffith20.30aTaylorview      
13.7Taelor Torres20.36aSandcreek      
14.8Makenzy Wasden20.39aMadison      
15.7Grace Armes20.66aSandcreek      
16.7April Walker21.18aClair E. Gale      
17.8Ali Elliot21.35aHobbs      
18.7Sydney Peterson21.36aSandcreek      
19.7Ezri Klepich22.02aRocky Mountain      
20.7Rachel Bird23.00aRocky Mountain      
21.7Zayle Davis24.72aHobbs      
22.7Alissa Wilson25.90aMadison      
7Kennedy RolstonNTClair E. Gale      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsee Johnstone
Brianne Langley
Karlie Kelley
Megan Seward
2.-A Kuhn
A Thiel
G Murdoch
R Jensen
55.81aEagle Rock      
3.-Abbie Poulson
Chelsey Dye
Alexis Trojovsky
Sami Trane
56.29aRocky Mountain      
-Dana Wolford
Tessa William
Hanna Olsen
Haileigh Griffin
4.-Sadie Cordingly
Mikaela Taylor
Rebecca Wood
Catrice Radford
5.-Janel Cortes
Riley Anderson
Kennedy Rolston
April Walker
58.18aClair E. Gale      
6.-Shayla Lords
Remi Mcwhorter
Alissa Wilson
Haily Hammond
7.-Kylie Ball
Kira Marlow
Allyssa Wray
Ali Elliot
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-A Kuhn
A Thiel
G Murdoch
R Jensen
1:56.50aEagle Rock      
2.-Kaitlyn Landon
Brianne Langley
Megan Seward
Karlie Kelley
3.-Horne Kayla
Aubrey Koon
Kalli Wightman
Kaitlen Fitzpatrick
4.-Cadee Berrett
Alexis Trojovsky
Sami Trane
Abbie Poulson
2:00.76aRocky Mountain      
5.-Sadie Cordingly
Rebecca Wood
Linsey Ketchum
Catrice Radford
6.-Janel Cortes
Kennedy Rolston
Riley Anderson
April Walker
2:05.13aClair E. Gale      
7.-Rhianne Smith
Brianna Croft
Hanna Olsen
Giselle Mendoza
8.-Kylie Ball
Delainey McGregor
Allyssa Wray
Jasmin Vega
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brittney Acor
Lindsay Cook
Paige Blakeslee
Victoria Langley
2.-A Kuhn
M Schmidt
E Danielson
A Thiel
4:38.50aEagle Rock      
3.-Fallyn Lambertsen
Sierra Anderson
Matilda Bowman
Tori Pinnock
4.-Megan Gehmlich
Jada Lindsey
Valerie Smith
Kamille Gee
5.-Tayler Hall
Brianna Maestas
Olivia Bird
Regan Teichert
5:30.10aRocky Mountain      
6.-Kim Berg
Amanda Christensen
Zayle Davis
Payton Drollinger
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sadie Cordingly
Catrice Radford
Sariah Campbell
Tori Pinnock
2.-L Kvarfordt
B Miller
G Murdoch
E Danielson
2:09.92aEagle Rock      
3.-Rhianne Smith
Brianna Croft
Giselle Mendoza
Virginia Nielsen
4.-Kylie Ball
Kira Marlow
Jasmin Vega
Ali Elliot
5.-Stefani Baker
Kaitlyn Landon
Paige Blakeslee
Emma Schweinsberg
6.-Haily Hammond
Horne Kayla
Kaitlen Fitzpatrick
Valerie Smith
7.-Alexis Trojovsky
Abigail VanKampen
Olivia Bird
Cadee Berrett
2:19.94aRocky Mountain      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chelsee Johnstone33-03.25Sandcreek      
2.7L Steele29-00.00Eagle Rock      
3.7Sarah Hoopes28-10.00Rigby      
4.8Laci Herbst27-06.00Rocky Mountain      
5.7J Fehrenbacker27-05.50Eagle Rock      
6.8H Galbreth26-06.25Eagle Rock      
7.8Mikayla Schmidt25-10.00Rigby      
8.8Rachel Harris25-09.25Rocky Mountain      
9.7Delaney Hunt25-07.50Taylorview      
10.8Katie Crow25-04.25Sandcreek      
11.8Brianna Thompson25-02.75Rocky Mountain      
12.8Emily Sena25-02.25Madison      
13.8Bailey Summers25-01.25Sandcreek      
14.8Jadyn Steele24-05.50Hobbs      
15.8Aspyn Powell23-07.25Madison      
16.7Morgan Rohner23-07.00Taylorview      
17.8Sierra Price23-05.25Madison      
18.8Megan Roberts23-03.75Taylorview      
19.7LeAnna Highsmith22-08.25Clair E. Gale      
20.8Kim Berg22-04.50Hobbs      
21.7Keely Coffin22-03.75Clair E. Gale      
22.7Marissa McCorey20-03.50Clair E. Gale      
23.8Amanda Christensen20-00.00Hobbs      
24.7Emilee Elser18-10.25Clair E. Gale      
25.7Marissa Shipton16-03.50Rigby      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chelsee Johnstone78-07Sandcreek      
2.7Sarah Hoopes69-11Rigby      
3.7L Steele69-00Eagle Rock      
4.8Laci Herbst67-02Rocky Mountain      
5.8Kylie Widdison63-11Sandcreek      
6.8Megan Roberts60-09Taylorview      
7.8Sierra Price60-00Madison      
7Allison TaylorNDMadison      
8Julianna NicolosiNDMadison      
8Rachel HarrisNDRocky Mountain      
8Sarah HornerNDRocky Mountain      
7Keely CoffinNDClair E. Gale      
7Maria ColmeneroNDClair E. Gale      
8Jadyn SteeleNDHobbs      
7Emilee ElserNDClair E. Gale      
8C BiekerNDEagle Rock      
8H GalbrethNDEagle Rock      
8Ayley AndersonNDHobbs      
8Amanda ChristensenNDHobbs      
7Marissa ShiptonNDRigby      
8Mikayla SchmidtNDRigby      
8Jocie ChaconNDSandcreek      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Remi Mcwhorter5-00.00Madison      
2.8Sierra Anderson5-00.00Rigby      
3.7Olivia Shippen4-11.00Rigby      
4.8Lindsay Cook4-06.00Sandcreek      
5.8Telicia Saari4-06.00Clair E. Gale      
5.7J Johnson4-06.00Eagle Rock      
7.7L Kvarfordt4-04.00Eagle Rock      
7.8Miranda Wachs4-04.00Eagle Rock      
9.7Alissa Wilson4-02.00Madison      
9.8Makenzy Wasden4-02.00Madison      
9.8Bailey Tanner4-02.00Rigby      
12.8Alayna Thomas4-00.00Rocky Mountain      
12.8Kira Marlow4-00.00Hobbs      
12.7Aubrey Billman4-00.00Sandcreek      
15.8Lauryn Garrett3-10.00Rocky Mountain      
15.8Berger Aria3-10.00Taylorview      
15.8Kaitlyn Landon3-10.00Sandcreek      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8R Jensen16-04.50Eagle Rock      
2.8Sierra Anderson14-07.75Rigby      
3.8Aubrey Koon14-04.75Madison      
4.8Gabby McMurphy14-01.25Sandcreek      
5.8Cortni DellaSilva14-00.00Rocky Mountain      
6.8Telicia Saari13-10.75Clair E. Gale      
7.8Lindsay Cook13-07.50Sandcreek      
8.8Shayla Lords13-06.25Madison      
9.7Alissa Wilson13-04.50Madison      
10.7Olivia Shippen13-04.25Rigby      
11.8J Jones13-02.50Eagle Rock      
12.8A Schofield13-00.00Eagle Rock      
13.8Kaitlyn Landon12-11.75Sandcreek      
14.7Mikaela Taylor12-07.25Rigby      
15.7Ezri Klepich12-06.50Rocky Mountain      
16.7Morgan Loftus12-02.50Rocky Mountain      
17.8Jadyn Steele12-00.00Hobbs      
18.8Ali Elliot11-09.25Hobbs      
19.7Abi Wilde11-04.25Hobbs      
20.7LeAnna Highsmith11-00.25Clair E. Gale      
8Sequoya YatesNDClair E. Gale      
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