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Lady Lancer

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lafayette, Wildwood

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Illinois - 3A
Belleville (East)
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Unofficial Results
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Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimmy Micotto13.42aWebster Groves
1.12Mackenzie Schweitz13.42aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.9Anna Chisolm13.47aParkway North
4.9Jasmyne Suber13.48aParkway North
5.12Gabrielle Evans13.48aParkway South
6.9Marissa Gress13.50aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.10Brittani Phillips13.58aBelleville (East)
8.10Chemecia Liddell13.68aBelleville (East)
9.11Sojourner Wade-Clark13.69aWebster Groves
10.9Emily Presley13.72aSt. Clair
11.9Janila Chairs13.84aParkway South
12.9Madeleine Brown14.07aParkway West
1.11Shekinah Griffith14.10aParkway South
13.9Kennedy Frank14.15aParkway West
2.11Maddie Abell14.95aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.12Jordan Seaman15.10aParkway West
4.10Tyesha Coleman15.40aBelleville (East)
12Alesha McCaskillDNSBelleville (East)
10Caitlin WilsonDNSSt. Clair
9Breonne HarrisDNSVashon
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kayla Clay14.02aParkway North
2.11Alena Watson14.11aWebster Groves
3.12Skyla Yokley14.43aWebster Groves
4.9Ranicia Chaney14.43aBelleville (East)
5.11Candice Ingram14.60aWebster Groves
6.11Brooke Korhammer14.63aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.10Kori Clay14.66aParkway North
8.9Brooke McKinnis14.68aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.10Kelsey Duncan14.78aSt. Clair
10.10Nakia Brandon14.83aParkway North
11.9Jessica Burleski15.01aLafayette (Wildwood)
12.11Jaelyn Davis15.05aParkway South
13.9Jennifer Coleman15.25aLafayette (Wildwood)
14.9Brianna Gaston15.36aBelleville (East)
15.10Aisha Gordon15.41aLafayette (Wildwood)
16.11Kelsy Durham15.50aLafayette (Wildwood)
17.12Arooj Ajaz15.75aParkway West
18.10Kahlia Ali15.80aParkway West
19.9Katie Savage15.84aLafayette (Wildwood)
19.9Annalyse Crowdus15.84aParkway South
21.10Rachel Rigden15.86aParkway West
22.9Ashley Pruitt16.04aVashon
23.11A'Aliya Caldwell16.15aWebster Groves
24.10Emma Shukers16.20aParkway West
25.10Claire Wheeler16.24aParkway West
26.10Alice Zou16.47aParkway South
27.10Damiyah Robinson16.54aLafayette (Wildwood)
28.9Allie Jones16.85aWebster Groves
29.9Morgan Manning17.12aSt. Clair
30.9Leah Frazier17.69aWebster Groves
31.12Ashley Steinkamp17.87aParkway West
32.11Peem Phetkul18.21aParkway South
33.11Selwan Alkebsi21.61aParkway South
11Angela ChenDNSParkway South
10Shelby GunnDNSBelleville (East)
11Nubari KaneeDNSWebster Groves
11Tia PateDNSWebster Groves
9Manny MoultrieDNSSt. Clair
10Kiya PresberryDNSParkway West
9Briana HarrisDNSVashon
9Loni LewisDNSVashon
9Kaila ThompsonDNSVashon
9Iesha CooperDNSVashon
9Latasha FordDNSVashon
9Elizabeth FrazierDNSVashon
9Christina MayesDNSVashon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patricia Miller26.86aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.12Kimmy Micotto27.83aWebster Groves
3.10Diarra Newson27.92aParkway North
4.11Tessa Miles28.63aParkway South
5.12Sharae Bates29.12aWebster Groves
6.9Anna Chisolm29.13aParkway North
7.10Brittany Hauther29.19aSt. Clair
8.11Rebecca Dalton29.45aParkway South
9.9Lexie Brown30.74aLafayette (Wildwood)
9Kennedy FrankDNSParkway West
12Kiera BarrowDNSParkway West
9Breonne HarrisDNSVashon
12Keanna McIntyreDNSBelleville (East)
10Taylor SunkettDNSBelleville (East)
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Joyel Nunn29.65aParkway North
2.9Chelsie Hopgood30.15aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.9Imani Jones30.32aParkway South
4.10Nakia Brandon30.47aParkway North
5.10Marquita Cooper30.63aWebster Groves
6.12Skyla Yokley30.90aWebster Groves
7.10Christiana Collins30.98aLafayette (Wildwood)
8.9Kaylah Griffith31.03aParkway South
9.11Candice Ingram31.23aWebster Groves
10.10Chelsea Davis31.52aLafayette (Wildwood)
11.10Kelsey Duncan31.70aSt. Clair
12.10Lonita Benson31.98aWebster Groves
13.10Constance Scott32.45aParkway South
14.11Brittany Schweiger33.02aWebster Groves
15.11Marissa Wishy-Durham33.67aLafayette (Wildwood)
15.9Annalyse Crowdus33.67aParkway South
17.9Danielle Veesaert33.70aLafayette (Wildwood)
18.9Ashley Pruitt34.23aVashon
19.9Emily Jackoway35.14aWebster Groves
20.10Nikki Pearl35.92aParkway South
21.9Braeden Reilly36.27aLafayette (Wildwood)
22.9Allie Jones36.71aWebster Groves
23.9Leah Frazier42.01aWebster Groves
9Salena PhelpsDNSBelleville (East)
9Loni LewisDNSVashon
9Briana HarrisDNSVashon
9Marie GreenDNSVashon
10Emma ShukersDNSParkway West
12Danielle LuccheseDNSParkway West
10Claire WheelerDNSParkway West
12Ashley SteinkampDNSParkway West
9Kayla ChambersDNSVashon
9Iesha CooperDNSVashon
9Alexus RobinsonDNSVashon
9Tanesha ThurmondDNSVashon
12Arooj AjazDNSParkway West
11Zainab AjazDNSParkway West
10Jessica DoshiDNSParkway South
9Tieara LongDNSParkway North
10Valerie MartinDNSParkway South
10Rachel RigdenDNSParkway West
9Kayli DuffellDNSParkway West
11Alena WatsonDNSWebster Groves
9Jayda FowlerDNSBelleville (East)
9Jasmine GilmoreDNSBelleville (East)
9Brianna AndersonDNSWebster Groves
11Tia PateDNSWebster Groves
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Hall1:01.21aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Whitney Stewart1:03.78aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.12Kayla Reed1:04.71aParkway North
4.10Briana Holt1:08.84aParkway North
11Jessica RitchieDNSParkway West
10Taylor SunkettDNSBelleville (East)
9Nishea DayDNSParkway South
12Keanna McIntyreDNSBelleville (East)
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Courtney Palm1:02.96aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Marquita Cooper1:08.65aWebster Groves
3.10Nakia Brandon1:08.94aParkway North
4.9Ekene Ijei1:09.18aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.10Lonita Benson1:09.48aWebster Groves
6.10Kelsey Duncan1:11.34aSt. Clair
7.10Emily Huntebrinker1:12.03aLafayette (Wildwood)
8.12Jaelynn Hopgood1:12.10aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.11Jaelyn Davis1:17.04aParkway South
10.10Hannah Kloppenburg1:19.47aParkway South
9Jayda FowlerDNSBelleville (East)
9Jasmine GilmoreDNSBelleville (East)
9Salena PhelpsDNSBelleville (East)
10Rowan GoldieDNSParkway West
9Halley CokleyDNSSt. Clair
9Lauren ManskerDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
10Rachel UebeleinDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
9Chaney SkillingDNSParkway West
9Marie GreenDNSVashon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Hickey2:25.79aWebster Groves
2.11Jessica Maddox2:26.41aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.11Brittany Boone2:35.89aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.9Emilee Armstrong2:39.11aParkway North
1.11Shekinah Griffith2:53.02aParkway South
5.11Annuja Mathivanan2:58.39aParkway South
2.11Maddie Abell3:01.32aLafayette (Wildwood)
12Jordan SeamanDNSParkway West
10Tyesha ColemanDNSBelleville (East)
12Alesha McCaskillDNSBelleville (East)
12Kayla ReedDNSParkway North
10Sierra BennettDNSWebster Groves
11Madeline GaulDNSBelleville (East)
10Maggie MunieDNSBelleville (East)
11Lindsay EganDNSParkway West
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Assenmacher2:41.30aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Ashlyn Pagliaro2:41.99aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.9Trisha Wuestling2:43.12aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.10Olivia Neuman2:46.68aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.9Nicole Souders2:56.39aSt. Clair
6.9Phoebe Mussman3:00.47aWebster Groves
7.10Smrithi Chidambara3:03.99aParkway North
8.9Bethany Conerly3:06.66aWebster Groves
9.9Megan Schulte3:08.27aParkway North
10Bridget AndersonDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
9Ashley McMurtreyDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
11Giahan PhamDNSBelleville (East)
11Kathleen NewcomerDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
10Chelsie ZajacDNSBelleville (East)
11Anne KaiserDNSParkway West
9Lauren DahmDNSBelleville (East)
9Madlyn NagelDNSWebster Groves
10Caroline DowlingDNSWebster Groves
9Vanessa RiveraDNSParkway North
10Julia CandelarioDNSWebster Groves
10Emily RobinsonDNSParkway North
9Chaney SkillingDNSParkway West
10Yvonne KrumreyDNSParkway West
11Anna TamasiDNSParkway West
10Eden HarirDNSParkway West
9Shalini SaravananDNSParkway South
10Rebecca YangDNSParkway South
11Lisa ChuDNSParkway South
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Hickey5:20.82aWebster Groves
2.10Katherine Kelly5:35.77aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.10Lyndsay Hardin5:35.95aSt. Clair
4.11Kelly Carpenter5:37.32aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.9Emilee Armstrong5:49.10aParkway North
10Audry WinnDNSBelleville (East)
11Bryn GunbyDNSParkway South
10Hollis WrightDNSParkway West
10Sierra BennettDNSWebster Groves
9Madeleine BrownDNSParkway West
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Amy Bower5:47.26aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Carly Borth6:00.51aWebster Groves
3.12Suzie Schmitt6:00.76aWebster Groves
4.9Annabel Finkel6:00.83aWebster Groves
5.12Jamie Garland6:06.63aWebster Groves
6.10Olivia Neuman6:18.01aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.11Annuja Mathivanan6:36.39aParkway South
8.9Bethany Conerly6:40.83aWebster Groves
9.10Julia Candelario6:40.98aWebster Groves
10.10Jenni Wakefield6:42.42aSt. Clair
11.10Melanie Laurence6:46.04aParkway North
11Lisa ChuDNSParkway South
11Melissa O'GormanDNSParkway South
11Brianna BeanDNSParkway South
11Anne KaiserDNSParkway West
10Bridget AndersonDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
10Emily RobinsonDNSParkway North
10Eden HarirDNSParkway West
9Katherine EffingerDNSBelleville (East)
9Emma JohnsonDNSWebster Groves
9Phoebe MussmanDNSWebster Groves
9Megan SchulteDNSParkway North
11Anna TamasiDNSParkway West
9Alle MorganDNSParkway South
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grace Bueckendorf12:28.94aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.12Maddie Henning12:38.64aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.10Lyndsay Hardin13:34.91aSt. Clair
4.9Emilee Armstrong13:45.07aParkway North
5.11Bryn Gunby14:56.37aParkway South
11Jessica RitchieDNSParkway West
11Gabrielle LopezDNSBelleville (East)
9Madeleine BrownDNSParkway West
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kathleen Newcomer13:57.65aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Ashley McMurtrey14:09.31aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.12Maeve McCarthy14:35.19aWebster Groves
4.10Melanie Laurence15:16.18aParkway North
5.11Melissa O'Gorman15:46.26aParkway South
6.11Brenda Deaton16:23.41aSt. Clair
7.10Emily Robinson16:48.50aParkway North
9Sarah ShinDNSParkway West
9Emma JohnsonDNSWebster Groves
11Brianna BeanDNSParkway South
11Lisa ChuDNSParkway South
10Erin KincaidDNSBelleville (East)
11Anne KaiserDNSParkway West
9Alle MorganDNSParkway South
9Megan SchulteDNSParkway North
9Sarah AddisonDNSWebster Groves
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patricia Miller17.24aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.12Kelly Barns17.49aSt. Clair
3.11Olesya Stadnichuk18.42aSt. Clair
4.11Sierra McKie18.70aParkway North
5.9Alicia Zazove18.84aWebster Groves
6.10Patra Miller21.54aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.9Alexandra Cadenhead22.44aWebster Groves
8.11Rachel Cheng23.37aParkway South
11Mindy XuDNSParkway South
11Loren AlexanderDNSParkway West
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Stacey Lambkins17.55aWebster Groves
2.10Alexis Hardin18.40aBelleville (East)
3.11Nubari Kanee19.69aWebster Groves
4.9Halley Cokley19.95aSt. Clair
5.9Laura Davis20.79aSt. Clair
6.12Molly White21.20aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.10Deja Miller21.25aBelleville (East)
7.11Nadia Helenkamp21.25aWebster Groves
9.9Madison Bohannan21.95aSt. Clair
10.9Hannah Tomasovic22.44aSt. Clair
11.9Andrea Moore23.24aLafayette (Wildwood)
12.10LuLu Huang24.33aLafayette (Wildwood)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amber Alexander50.44aParkway North
2.12Nicole Ritrovato51.19aSt. Clair
3.11Sierra McKie52.67aParkway North
4.12Kelly Barns55.07aSt. Clair
5.9Hailey Treat55.34aLafayette (Wildwood)
11Melissa O'GormanDNSParkway South
11Rachel ChengDNSParkway South
10Madison WimmerDNSParkway West
10Patra MillerDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
11Loren AlexanderDNSParkway West
9Alexandra CadenheadDNSWebster Groves
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Stacey Lambkins52.21aWebster Groves
2.11Nubari Kanee52.66aWebster Groves
3.11Kiarra Johnson52.76aParkway North
4.9Halley Cokley53.86aSt. Clair
5.12Molly White55.61aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.11Nadia Helenkamp56.87aWebster Groves
7.9Andrea Moore1:02.92aLafayette (Wildwood)
8.9Hannah Tomasovic1:03.22aSt. Clair
9.10LuLu Huang1:03.90aLafayette (Wildwood)
10.9Sevana Bierman1:04.01aWebster Groves
11.9Madison Bohannan1:05.40aSt. Clair
10Deja MillerDNSBelleville (East)
11Megan TullyDNSParkway West
10Alexis HardinDNSBelleville (East)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.77aParkway North
2.-Relay Team 52.24aWebster Groves
3.-Relay Team 53.23aParkway South
4.-Relay Team 54.39aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.-Relay Team 54.44aSt. Clair
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSBelleville (East)
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.13aWebster Groves
2.-Relay Team 55.73aParkway North
3.-Relay Team 55.74aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.-Relay Team 56.33aParkway South
5.-Relay Team 59.01aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.-Relay Team 1:01.02aSt. Clair
7.-Relay Team 1:01.75aLafayette (Wildwood)
8.-Relay Team 1:01.95aParkway South
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSParkway South
-Relay Team DNSWebster Groves
-Relay Team DNSBelleville (East)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:47.03aParkway North
2.-Relay Team 1:51.07aWebster Groves
3.-Relay Team 1:52.82aParkway South
4.-Relay Team 1:53.40aBelleville (East)
5.-Relay Team 1:56.32aSt. Clair
6.-Relay Team 1:59.09aLafayette (Wildwood)
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:56.82aParkway North
2.-Relay Team 1:57.40aWebster Groves
3.-Relay Team 2:03.49aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.-Relay Team 2:04.21aBelleville (East)
5.-Relay Team 2:17.47aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.-Relay Team 2:17.81aParkway West
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSParkway South
-Relay Team DNSVashon
-Relay Team DNSWebster Groves
-Relay Team DQLafayette (Wildwood)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:17.40aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.-Relay Team 4:26.92aParkway North
3.-Relay Team 4:39.68aSt. Clair
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSBelleville (East)
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:40.45aWebster Groves
2.-Relay Team 4:45.07aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.-Relay Team 4:47.77aLafayette (Wildwood)
-Relay Team DNSParkway West
-Relay Team DNSWebster Groves
-Relay Team DNSBelleville (East)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:51.68aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.-Relay Team 10:49.17aParkway West
3.-Relay Team 11:11.88aBelleville (East)
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:36.45aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.-Relay Team 10:57.75aWebster Groves
3.-Relay Team 11:47.84aBelleville (East)
4.-Relay Team 12:17.73aWebster Groves
5.-Relay Team 12:41.56aParkway West
-Relay Team DNSParkway South
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jyra Griffin38-02.00Parkway South
2.9Allison Hinson36-01.50St. Clair
3.10Dominique Broadus35-05.50Parkway South
4.12Christine Jackson33-01.75Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.12Emily Bush32-09.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
6.11Kayla Miller30-06.75Parkway North
7.11Sandra Hodges28-07.50Vashon
8.10Alicia York28-01.75St. Clair
9.10Kiana Brown27-11.75Webster Groves
10.12Maggie Brandon27-08.50Parkway North
1.11Shekinah Griffith6.06mParkway South
2.11Maddie Abell5.80mLafayette (Wildwood)
10Tyesha ColemanDNSBelleville (East)
12Jordan SeamanDNSParkway West
12Alesha McCaskillDNSBelleville (East)
11Sadie MosbyDNSBelleville (East)
12Mallory HubbardDNSWebster Groves
11Anna GailiusDNSBelleville (East)
11Angel UpchurchDNSParkway West
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Wayhart30-05.75Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Karissa Hoffman29-09.50St. Clair
3.11Megan Pregler28-08.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.12Kristen Bussa27-11.75St. Clair
5.10Alicia Collings27-10.25St. Clair
6.10Kailyn Lyles25-10.75Belleville (East)
7.11Maria Dugo25-09.00Parkway North
8.9Madison Eacret25-08.50Parkway North
9.10Constance Scott25-00.00Parkway South
10.11Katelyn Budnicki24-09.75Belleville (East)
11.9Barisuanu Kaanagbara24-09.50Webster Groves
12.12Leana Wahba24-09.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
13.9Phoebe Cohen24-06.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
13.11Maggie Wisniewski24-06.50Parkway North
15.12Leshay Ewing22-09.75Webster Groves
16.9Raven Boyd22-07.50Vashon
17.10Molly Garrett22-06.75Lafayette (Wildwood)
18.11Adetia Alexander22-04.25Parkway North
19.9Daejahnee Erby22-01.25Parkway North
20.10Adriana McIntyre21-09.25Lafayette (Wildwood)
21.10Paige Ribaudo20-03.75Webster Groves
22.10Meagan Davies19-11.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
23.9Jamila Ahmad19-04.50Parkway North
24.9Claire Bremehr19-00.00Webster Groves
25.9Jazzmen White18-07.75Parkway North
9Alexis BurkDNSWebster Groves
9Chantella GreenDNSVashon
11Letitia LemonsDNSParkway West
9Cynthia McCauleyDNSVashon
11Amber JonesDNSParkway West
11Tunyia ClarkDNSBelleville (East)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Bush113-08Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Kiana Brown92-11Webster Groves
3.12Megan Staszak91-09Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.12Maggie Brandon86-09Parkway North
5.10Riley Patterson84-01Parkway South
6.9Allison Hinson81-00St. Clair
7.12Jyra Griffin77-04Parkway South
8.11Zoe Halastanis77-02Parkway North
9.11Sadie Mosby76-05Belleville (East)
11Angel UpchurchDNSParkway West
10Alicia YorkFOULSt. Clair
12Mallory HubbardDNSWebster Groves
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Wayhart92-10Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Karissa Hoffman87-06St. Clair
3.11Megan Pregler81-04Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.9Madison Eacret76-03Parkway North
5.10Alicia Collings76-00St. Clair
6.12Leana Wahba74-08Lafayette (Wildwood)
7.11Maggie Wisniewski71-06Parkway North
8.11Maria Dugo66-05Parkway North
9.9Jamila Ahmad65-11Parkway North
10.12Kristen Bussa63-06St. Clair
11.9Barisuanu Kaanagbara62-08Webster Groves
12.10Meagan Davies62-04Lafayette (Wildwood)
13.10Molly Garrett61-08Lafayette (Wildwood)
14.9Daejahnee Erby58-04Parkway North
15.9Phoebe Cohen58-02Lafayette (Wildwood)
16.9Jazzmen White55-11Parkway North
16.12Leshay Ewing55-11Webster Groves
18.9Claire Bremehr53-01Webster Groves
19.9Vanessa Rivera51-05Parkway North
20.10Paige Ribaudo46-05Webster Groves
9Alexis BurkDNSWebster Groves
11Amber JonesDNSParkway West
11Katelyn BudnickiDNSBelleville (East)
10Constance ScottDNSParkway South
10Adriana McIntyreDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
11Letitia LemonsDNSParkway West
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Schweitz5-00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.11Amber Alexander5-00.00Parkway North
3.11Alex Voss4-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
1.11Shekinah Griffith1.37mParkway South
2.11Maddie Abell1.32mLafayette (Wildwood)
3.10Tyesha Coleman1.27mBelleville (East)
4.12Jordan Seaman1.12mParkway West
12Alesha McCaskillDNSBelleville (East)
9Natalie KuldellDNSBelleville (East)
11Rebecca DaltonDNSParkway South
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Courtney Palm4-08.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Olivia Pokoski4-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
3.10Cydnye Daniels4-04.00Parkway North
4.9Halley Cokley4-02.00St. Clair
5.9Madison Bohannan4-02.00St. Clair
6.9Hannah Tomasovic3-10.00St. Clair
9Morgan SimsDNSParkway North
10Caitlin EadsDNSParkway South
10Emma ShukersDNSParkway West
10Rowan GoldieDNSParkway West
9Camille SchillizziDNSParkway West
9Jayda FowlerDNSBelleville (East)
11Brittany SchweigerDNSWebster Groves
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelly Shaw8-00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Emily Presley8-00.00St. Clair
3.10Sharon Wagner7-06.00St. Clair
4.12Angelina Calandro7-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.10Hollis Wright7-00.00Parkway West
11Tessa MilesNHParkway South
11Anna GailiusDNSBelleville (East)
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Look6-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Madison Hines6-00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
3.11McKenna Tucker6-00.00Parkway North
9Kayli DuffellDNSParkway West
11Megan TullyDNSParkway West
10Rachel RigdenDNSParkway West
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gabrielle Evans15-08.00Parkway South
2.12Sydnee Stottlemyre15-07.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
3.11Naomi Bryant15-00.00Parkway North
4.12Kayla Reed14-06.50Parkway North
1.11Shekinah Griffith4.42mParkway South
5.9Janila Chairs13-07.00Parkway South
2.11Maddie Abell4.13mLafayette (Wildwood)
6.9Marissa Gress13-04.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
12Jovan LeeDNSParkway West
9Breonne HarrisDNSVashon
12Sharae BatesDNSWebster Groves
12Alesha McCaskillDNSBelleville (East)
12Jordan SeamanDNSParkway West
10Tyesha ColemanDNSBelleville (East)
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicole Souders14-04.00St. Clair
2.10Nakia Brandon14-01.50Parkway North
3.9Brooke McKinnis13-04.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.9Imani Jones13-02.00Parkway South
5.10Kelsey Duncan13-01.50St. Clair
6.12Skyla Yokley12-11.50Webster Groves
7.11Lindsey Jansen12-10.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
8.11Jaelyn Davis12-09.00Parkway South
9.11Kiarra Johnson12-03.00Parkway North
10.9Laura Davis12-01.50St. Clair
11.12Kelly Chott10-05.00Webster Groves
11.10Lonita Benson10-05.00Webster Groves
13.9Tieara Long10-02.00Parkway North
14.11Lina Frunk9-07.00St. Clair
9Morgan ManningFOULSt. Clair
11A'Aliya CaldwellDNSWebster Groves
9Joyel NunnDNSParkway North
9Kayla ClayDNSParkway North
10Claire WheelerFOULParkway West
9Camille SchillizziDNSParkway West
9Alexus RobinsonDNSVashon
9Iesha CooperDNSVashon
9Elizabeth FrazierDNSVashon
9Ashley PruittDNSVashon
10Kesia RandleDNSWebster Groves
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patricia Miller34-04.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.11Amber Alexander33-09.50Parkway North
3.11Naomi Bryant31-04.50Parkway North
4.12Sydnee Stottlemyre30-11.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.11Olesya Stadnichuk30-02.50St. Clair
6.11Sojourner Wade-Clark29-11.00Webster Groves
12Jovan LeeDNSParkway West
10Brynesha MosbyDNSBelleville (East)
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kori Clay30-08.00Parkway North
2.9Olivia Pokoski30-03.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
3.9Hannah Tomasovic25-11.50St. Clair
4.11McKenna Tucker25-06.00Parkway North
5.10Cydnye Daniels24-08.00Parkway North
9Natalie KuldellDNSBelleville (East)
10Damiyah RobinsonFOULLafayette (Wildwood)
9Lauren ManskerDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
10Kesia RandleDNSWebster Groves
11Brittany SchweigerDNSWebster Groves
10Jenna MortonDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
10Ellie SwobodaDNSLafayette (Wildwood)
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shekinah Griffith2186Parkway South
2.11Maddie Abell1843Lafayette (Wildwood)
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