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Wise Puma Invitational

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronald Darby10.95aPotomac      
2.11Dajahn Lowery11.15aFriendly Senior      
3.12Zack Quarles11.39aSt John's College      
4.9Wilber Garcia11.46aSt John's College      
5.12Tavon Young11.48aPotomac      
6.10Mario Murray11.57aHigh Point      
7.12Zack Pascal11.61aHenry A Wise      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dajahn Lowery11.18aFriendly Senior      
2.12Ronald Darby11.21aPotomac      
3.12David Stone11.41aBishop McNamara      
4.9Wilber Garcia11.42aSt John's College      
5.12Zack Quarles11.48aSt John's College      
6.12Zack Pascal11.60aHenry A Wise      
7.10Mario Murray11.68aHigh Point      
8.12Tavon Young11.72aPotomac      
9.9Darryl Haraway11.76aDeMatha Catholic      
10.12Kenneth Scott-Kelow11.79aHenry A Wise      
11.12Marcus Anderson11.83aFrederick Douglass-PG      
12.12Damian Cromwell11.87aBroadneck      
13.12Victor Dunbar11.88aFriendship-Edison Co...      
14.12John Ketum11.89aLaurel      
15.12Rolon Daughtry11.89aCardozo      
16.10Isaiah Shirley11.92aForestville Military      
17.12Vidal Adams II11.94aOxon Hill      
18.12Dean Turner11.97aForestville Military      
19.12Kwasi Ashton12.05aFriendship-Edison Co...      
20.11Carlos Brown12.18aKIPP DC College Prep      
21.9Darryl Marshall Jr12.18aDeMatha Catholic      
22.11A'Mario Taylor12.31aBroadneck      
23.10Keanu Stokes12.39aHigh Point      
24.11Devonte Hall12.40aKIPP DC College Prep      
25.12Edward Gillison12.43aGreat Mills      
26.11Ira Hill12.50aCentral-PG      
27.12David Hill12.60aMcKinley Technology      
28.11Kheelum Brown12.98aMcKinley Technology      
29.-Nieman Strickland13.21aParkdale      
30.-Devon White14.30aCentral-PG      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Winters22.16aSuitland      
2.12Ronald Darby22.37aPotomac      
3.12Antoine Whitaker23.07aHenry A Wise      
4.12Jonte Miles23.39aLaurel      
5.12Travis Scarsborough23.42aSuitland      
6.11Devonte Williams23.72aFrederick Douglass-PG      
7.12Wesley Gordon24.15aBishop McNamara      
8.12Rolon Daughtry24.15aCardozo      
9.12Grier Starling24.28aMcKinley Technology      
10.12John Ketum24.75aLaurel      
11.12Sam Patton24.77aHenry A Wise      
12.10Chandler Cotton24.80aCentral-PG      
13.12Alex Severin24.88aHigh Point      
14.10Omar Truitt24.90aSt John's College      
15.9Michael Karanja24.92aBroadneck      
16.10Jamaal Brown24.99aSt John's College      
17.12Adam Coles25.07aPotomac      
18.-Chicozie Nwahgwe25.08aFriendship-Edison Co...      
19.12Alek Hartley25.27aCentral-PG      
20.12Devon Hudson25.32aGreat Mills      
21.12Jordan Baluyot25.33aBroadneck      
22.12Dionte Brown25.35aFriendship-Edison Co...      
23.10Keanu Stokes25.68aHigh Point      
24.12Edward Gillison25.98aGreat Mills      
24.11Kasey Davis25.98aKIPP DC College Prep      
26.12Darnell Smith26.05aParkdale      
27.12Jordan Jacintho26.78aFriendly Senior      
28.11Anthony Thomas26.80aKIPP DC College Prep      
29.10Rashad Atkins27.03aFriendly Senior      
30.10Adenrele Adepoju27.61aParkdale      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Beysean Hamilton49.47aHenry A Wise      
2.12Jonte Miles51.01aLaurel      
3.12Richard Williams51.29aFriendly Senior      
4.11Dajahn Lowery52.07aFriendly Senior      
5.12Jovan Roberson52.29aLaurel      
6.12Grier Starling52.78aMcKinley Technology      
7.12Kwasi Ashton53.33aFriendship-Edison Co...      
8.11Paul Harris53.70aFrederick Douglass-PG      
9.12Compton Saul54.05aHigh Point      
10.10Wesley Wolfolk54.12aHenry A Wise      
11.11Shaquiall Felder54.82aFriendship-Edison Co...      
12.10Marcus Washington55.71aBishop McNamara      
13.12Mathew Scott55.72aSuitland      
14.10Jose Escobar55.99aGreat Mills      
15.9William Hankins56.03aBroadneck      
16.10William Parker56.48aBroadneck      
17.12Antuan Martin56.76aCardozo      
18.10Damon Rodwell57.18aNorthwestern-PG      
19.10Tim Dawson57.79aSt John's College      
20.9Fitsum Mitike58.10aCardozo      
21.10Fareed Hester58.47aBishop McNamara      
22.10Malik Nelson58.67aHigh Point      
23.12Mark Beatty59.18aParkdale      
24.10Alex Dingui59.27aSt John's College      
25.11Kasey Davis1:00.65aKIPP DC College Prep      
26.10Matthew Sebacher1:01.07aGreat Mills      
27.-Olajide Iyanda1:01.77aParkdale      
28.10Pat Shelby1:01.87aBroadneck      
29.11Anthony Thomas1:04.50aKIPP DC College Prep      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Champ Page2:03.36aHenry A Wise      
3.9William Hankins2:11.00aBroadneck      
4.11Connor Schofield2:12.43aBroadneck      
5.12Jeffrey Miller2:13.06aFriendship-Edison Co...      
6.11Xavier Stansbury2:16.71aGreat Mills      
7.10Benjamin Browning2:17.87aHigh Point      
8.11Demetrius Berry2:18.15aHigh Point      
9.12Kevin Laguerre2:18.19aLaurel      
10.9Fitsum Mitike2:18.40aCardozo      
11.10Duncan Vick2:18.45aBroadneck      
12.12Davonte Perry2:19.20aPotomac      
13.11Shaun Allen2:20.11aForestville Military      
14.11Joshua Abah2:22.72aParkdale      
15.10William Webb2:22.91aNorthwestern-PG      
16.10Matthew Sebacher2:22.97aGreat Mills      
17.11Malique Coleman2:23.40aMcKinley Technology      
18.12Nathaniel Coger2:26.67aMcKinley Technology      
19.12Joshua Clement2:30.53aFrederick Douglass-PG      
20.10Abdul Almaroof2:30.76aParkdale      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laurence Jaross4:48.41aBroadneck      
2.11Shaun Allen4:48.64aForestville Military      
3.11Abel Estifanos4:59.30aNorthwestern-PG      
4.12Sayvon Stubbs5:00.50aParkdale      
5.9Ike Olumese5:01.03aOxon Hill      
6.12Ramal Arnold5:04.21aHenry A Wise      
7.10Matthew Prince5:07.07aBroadneck      
8.11Ryan Macpherson5:09.94aSt John's College      
9.12Nelson Arana-Vasquez5:09.98aNorthwestern-PG      
10.12Wesley Gordon5:10.56aBishop McNamara      
11.11Irving Baker5:15.44aDeMatha Catholic      
12.11Solomon Kassahun5:17.89aCardozo      
13.11Jason Coleman5:18.22aHenry A Wise      
14.9Treavon Ware5:18.98aForestville Military      
15.12Kimani Clark5:19.03aMcKinley Technology      
26.11Rico James5:20.00aFrederick Douglass-PG      
16.9Gabriel Jenkins5:21.66aBishop McNamara      
17.12Devontae Perry5:24.15aPotomac      
18.9Kevin DiCola5:27.44aGreat Mills      
19.9Robert Romano5:27.52aGreat Mills      
20.12Charlie Holt5:33.08aSt John's College      
21.12Akash Patel5:34.32aLaurel      
23.9Toye Barnard5:37.22aHigh Point      
24.11Juneil Goode5:41.73aCentral-PG      
25.10Andre Glosson5:53.72aFriendship-Edison Co...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Evan Uthus10:16.27aBroadneck      
2.11Shaun Allen10:24.86aForestville Military      
3.11Grahm Chase10:32.13aBroadneck      
4.11Solomon Kassahun11:53.17aCardozo      
5.12Andre Hawkins12:00.57aMcKinley Technology      
6.9Thomas McGinley12:01.65aBishop McNamara      
7.10Gregory Freeman12:02.24aBishop McNamara      
8.11Juneil Goode12:11.13aCentral-PG      
9.11Stanley Allotey14:06.23aMcKinley Technology      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dondre Echols14.38aPotomac      
2.12Kyle Smith14.41aFrederick Douglass-PG      
3.12Joshua Thorne14.67aPotomac      
4.10Todd Sampson15.36aOxon Hill      
5.9Ayron Monroe15.51aSt John's College      
6.12Vedall Grant15.71aFrederick Douglass-PG      
7.10Paris Vaughan15.72aHenry A Wise      
8.11Michael Smith15.73aDunbar (DC)      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dondre Echols14.70aPotomac      
2.12Kyle Smith14.75aFrederick Douglass-PG      
3.9Ayron Monroe15.61aSt John's College      
4.10Todd Sampson15.66aOxon Hill      
5.11Michael Smith15.89aDunbar (DC)      
6.12Joshua Thorne15.92aPotomac      
7.12Vedall Grant16.01aFrederick Douglass-PG      
8.10Paris Vaughan16.06aHenry A Wise      
9.12Gabriel Sosanya16.50aDeMatha Catholic      
10.12Sayvon Stubbs16.55aParkdale      
11.12Drew Campbell17.90aMcKinley Technology      
12.12Josiah Christian20.48aMcKinley Technology      
13.9Chris Blanks20.59aGreat Mills      
14.10William Beard21.37aSuitland      
15.12Devan Simmons21.72aGreat Mills      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dondre Echols38.37aPotomac      
2.11Michael Smith39.67aDunbar (DC)      
3.11Malcolm Sykes40.19aC.H. Flowers      
4.10Todd Sampson40.74aOxon Hill      
5.12Marcus Anderson40.80aFrederick Douglass-PG      
6.12Kyle Smith40.99aFrederick Douglass-PG      
7.10Paris Vaughan41.31aHenry A Wise      
8.11William Johnson43.17aFriendly Senior      
9.12Drew Campbell43.26aMcKinley Technology      
10.12Gabriel Sosanya43.28aDeMatha Catholic      
11.12Donald Shubrooks45.00aGreat Mills      
12.11Moses Kennedy46.15aMcKinley Technology      
13.-Karanja Michael47.04aBroadneck      
14.10Marcus Washington47.88aBishop McNamara      
15.10Alexander Halsey48.45aFriendly Senior      
16.12Jermaine Bell48.73aForestville Military      
17.11Ryan Macpherson49.06aSt John's College      
18.11Brandon Carter50.01aBishop McNamara      
19.11Joshua Harris52.32aDeMatha Catholic      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ronald Darby
Dondre Echols
Joshua Thorne
Tavon Young
2.-Beysean Hamilton
Champ Page
Zack Pascal
Antoine Whitaker
42.77aHenry A Wise      
3.-Alexander Halsey
William Johnson
Dajahn Lowery
Rashard Williams
44.74aFriendly Senior      
4.-Relay Team 46.10aSt John's College      
4.-Tim Dawson
Wilber Garcia
Mandela Kaibi
Zack Quarles
46.10aSt John's College      
5.-Mario Murray
Compton Saul
Alex Severin
Keanu Stokes
46.29aHigh Point      
6.-Kwasi Ashton
Johnathan Haden
Chicozie Nwahgwe
Justin Watson
46.72aFriendship-Edison Co...      
7.-Kheelum Brown
Josiah Christian
David Hill
Grier Starling
46.96aMcKinley Technology      
8.-Dionte Brown
Shaquiall Felder
Jeffrey Miller
Jalen Tabor
47.14aFriendship-Edison Co...      
9.-Jamaal Brown
Alex Dingui
Alex Grillo
Smith Merzier
47.29aSt John's College      
10.-Carlos Brown
Devonte Hall
Isiah Pearsall
Alonzo Williams
47.83aKIPP DC College Prep      
11.-Relay Team 48.02aParkdale      
11.-Adenrele Adepoju
Stephan Freeman
Olajide Iyanda
Nieman Strickland
12.-Brandon Carter
Aaron Dillingham
Robert Jackson
Justin Smith
48.13aBishop McNamara      
13.-Relay Team 50.65aCentral-PG      
13.-Afolahon Abe
Chandler Cotton
Bryant Henson
Ira Hill
---Chris Blanks
Jose Escobar
Edward Gillison
Devon Hudson
DNFGreat Mills      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Coles
Reginald Fuller
Joshua Thorne
Tavon Young
2.-Michael Evans
William Johnson
Cameron Spells
Rashard Williams
1:32.50aFriendly Senior      
3.-Relay Team 1:34.66aSt John's College      
3.-Wilber Garcia
Mandela Kaibi
Zack Quarles
Omar Truitt
1:34.66aSt John's College      
4.-Darryl Haraway
Juwan Hikim
Chris King
John Oputa
1:36.20aDeMatha Catholic      
4.-Relay Team 1:36.20aDeMatha Catholic      
5.-Kwasi Ashton
Johnathan Haden
Chicozie Nwahgwe
Jalen Tabor
1:36.96aFriendship-Edison Co...      
6.-Lolade Edwin
Patrick Holmes
John Ketum
Corey Winston
7.-Mario Murray
Compton Saul
Alex Severin
Keanu Stokes
1:38.05aHigh Point      
8.-Jason Coleman
Sam Patton
Kenneth Scott-Kelow
Wesley Wolfolk
1:38.09aHenry A Wise      
9.-Carlos Brown
Devonte Hall
Isiah Pearsall
Alonzo Williams
1:38.89aKIPP DC College Prep      
10.-Relay Team 1:40.16aFriendly Senior      
10.-Rashard Atkins
Ibriham Conteh
Jordan Jacintho
Gary Latson
1:40.16aFriendly Senior      
11.-Maurice Fisher
Kwame Jones
Duane Short
Aaron Williams
12.-Corey Briscoe
Jelani Duncan
Kadilichukwu Ezekwerre
Gregory Freeman
1:45.39aBishop McNamara      
12.-Relay Team 1:45.39aBishop McNamara      
13.-Brandon Bowman
Kenneth Brooks
Cedric Paul
Alonzo Ruffin
1:46.65aSt John's College      
14.-Noah Brownlee
Rachid Burgess
Moses Kennedy
Calvin Scott
1:47.33aMcKinley Technology      
15.-Rico Gomez
Malik Johnson
Jamal Weathers
Avery Wood
1:49.31aFrederick Douglass-PG      
16.-DaRaun Bynoe
Brenden Clinton
Malik Harvin
Rahsief Thompson
---Edwin Brown
Christopher Hudson
Malcolm McCoy
Zuri Paige
DNFFrederick Douglass-PG      
---Relay Team DQBroadneck      
---Mark Beatty
Daniel Fleetwood
Darnell Smith
Sayvon Stubbs
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Beysean Hamilton
Champ Page
Paris Vaughan
Antoine Whitaker
3:24.52aHenry A Wise      
2.-Brenden Clinton
Ricollis Jones
John Ketum
Corey Winston
3.-Dionte Brown
Victor Dunbar
Shaquiall Felder
Jeffrey Miller
3:40.04aFriendship-Edison Co...      
4.-Ronald Darby
Dondre Echols
Reginald Fuller
Tavon Young
5.-Christian Cardwell
Gabriel Jenkins
Randy McCain
Marcus Washington
3:53.09aBishop McNamara      
6.-Tim Dawson
William Jackson
Brooks Warren
Devin Williams
4:00.25aSt John's College      
7.-DaRaun Bynoe
Malik Harvin
Patrick Holmes
Kevin Laguerre
8.-Brandon Carter
Kadilichukwu Ezekwerre
Fareed Hester
Marcus Turner
4:03.30aBishop McNamara      
8.-Relay Team 4:03.30aBishop McNamara      
9.-Louis Dupont
Tarik Green
Edmund Huyndley
Gregory Smith
4:18.15aSt John's College      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Najee Anderson
Justin Bentham
Jalen Robinson-McCoy
Malcolm Sykes
8:15.05aC.H. Flowers      
2.-Relay Team 8:57.66aDeMatha Catholic      
2.-Irving Baker
Joe Graham
Daruis Williams-McKenzie
Austin Riggins
8:57.66aDeMatha Catholic      
3.-Brenden Clinton
Ricollis Jones
Kevin Laguerre
Akash Patel
4.-Shaun Allen
Oluwadimilol Balogun
Treavon Ware
Marcus Watson
9:06.14aForestville Military      
5.-Kimani Clark
Nathaniel Coger
Malique Coleman
Kyron Walker
9:10.25aMcKinley Technology      
6.-Justin Chapman
Tyrell Deas
Abraham Diallo
donnell j
7.-Johnathon Avila
Demetrius Berry
Dillon Hari
Roosevelt Kwamou
9:19.38aHigh Point      
8.-Cameron Albritton-Turner
Gregory Freeman
Wesley Gordon
Gabriel Jenkins
9:29.26aBishop McNamara      
9.-Edwin Brown
Joshua Clement
Romael Cruz
Vincent Ononogbo
9:38.78aFrederick Douglass-PG      
10.-Victor Dunbar
Shaquiall Felder
Andre Glosson
Jeffrey Miller
9:46.52aFriendship-Edison Co...      
11.-Bradley Credit
Jelani Duncan
Avery Poole
Cameron Turner
10:11.68aBishop McNamara      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:18.10aGreat Mills      
1.-Matthew Sebacher
Donald Shubrooks
Xavier Stansbury
David Strickland
11:18.10aGreat Mills      
2.-Terrell Green
Duane Levy
Devonte Williams
Avery Wood
11:33.00aFrederick Douglass-PG      
3.-Dillon Hari
Roosevelt Kwamou
Mario Murray
Compton Saul
11:55.99aHigh Point      
4.-Kimani Clark
Nathaniel Coger
Andre Hawkins
Kyron Walker
12:57.60aMcKinley Technology      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaac Rana48-08.00Oxon Hill      
2.10Zuri Paige38-00.50Frederick Douglass-PG      
3.10Landon Reecher37-00.50Broadneck      
4.12Quincy Dickens36-07.50Friendship-Edison Co...      
5.-Michael Moore36-06.00DeMatha Catholic      
6.11Sherman Bernett36-04.00St John's College      
7.12Peter Rousseau36-00.50St John's College      
8.10Colin Williams33-00.50Great Mills      
9.10Malcolm McCoy32-11.50Frederick Douglass-PG      
10.10Kevin Snell31-05.00Great Mills      
11.12Ellsworth Hawkins30-10.00Broadneck      
12.12Isaiah Reed30-06.00High Point      
13.12Marcus Henry29-11.00High Point      
14.-Troye Bullock29-04.50DeMatha Catholic      
15.12Jordan Jacintho29-02.00Friendly Senior      
16.12Amonti Blake26-01.00Central-PG      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ayron Monroe5-10.00St John's College      
2.12Drew Campbell5-10.00McKinley Technology      
3.12Vedall Grant5-08.00Frederick Douglass-PG      
4.12Scheaa Gall5-04.00Frederick Douglass-PG      
5.9Harrison Hope5-02.00Great Mills      
5.12Jordan A Timmons5-02.00Great Mills      
5.10Fareed Hester5-02.00Bishop McNamara      
5.10Dalonte Blanchard5-02.00Forestville Military      
--11Avery PooleNHBishop McNamara      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Iyrell Mason20-07.00Suitland      
2.12Duane Short18-07.00Potomac      
3.12Chris King18-05.50DeMatha Catholic      
4.12Ben Onett18-02.50St John's College      
5.10Nathaniel Bullock17-08.00Broadneck      
6.10Damon Rodwell17-00.00Northwestern-PG      
7.12Edwin Motton16-01.50Parkdale      
8.12Kwame Jones15-10.50Potomac      
9.-Jose Vasquez15-00.00Great Mills      
10.12Nick Miller14-10.00Broadneck      
11.10Corey Briscoe14-08.00Bishop McNamara      
--12Darrien ButlerFOULDeMatha Catholic      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Campbell45-09.75Georgetown Day      
2.10Todd Sampson42-06.25Oxon Hill      
3.12Akeem Stephenson41-10.00Oxon Hill      
4.10Erin Rust-Tierney40-10.00Georgetown Day      
5.12Josiah Christian40-06.50McKinley Technology      
6.12Kwame Jones39-04.50Potomac      
7.12Kenneth Scott-Kelow39-03.50Henry A Wise      
8.12Duane Short37-10.00Potomac      
9.12Damian Cromwell37-02.50Broadneck      
10.11Kasey Davis36-02.00KIPP DC College Prep      
10.10Tim Dawson36-02.00St John's College      
12.12Nick Miller35-11.50Broadneck      
13.12Scheaa Gall35-05.50Frederick Douglass-PG      
14.10Marcus Washington34-10.00Bishop McNamara      
15.12Edwin Motton34-08.00Parkdale      
16.10Corey Briscoe34-07.00Bishop McNamara      
17.10Tyrel Harrison34-02.00Frederick Douglass-PG      
18.11Kheelum Brown33-07.00McKinley Technology      
19.10Colin Williams31-04.50Great Mills      
20.9Julius Rosales29-08.00Great Mills      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Moore12.46aBroadneck      
2.10Chelsea Scott12.77aBishop McNamara      
3.12Aaliyah Burroughs12.78aSt John's College      
4.11Micah Epps12.87aDunbar (DC)      
5.12Johvonna Mayo12.91aMcKinley Technology      
6.10Chandler Baxter13.02aSt John's College      
7.11Tomi Tabler13.16aHenry A Wise      
8.12Sharvey Corley13.24aPotomac      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brianna Moore12.59aBroadneck      
2.12Aaliyah Burroughs12.71aSt John's College      
3.10Chelsea Scott12.80aBishop McNamara      
4.12Sharvey Corley12.99aPotomac      
5.10Chandler Baxter13.00aSt John's College      
6.12Johvonna Mayo13.08aMcKinley Technology      
7.11Micah Epps13.13aDunbar (DC)      
8.11Tomi Tabler13.18aHenry A Wise      
9.10Anisah Teach13.27aFrederick Douglass-PG      
10.9Jaela Gay13.27aBishop McNamara      
11.11Taylor Clark13.32aHenry A Wise      
12.12Romeika Jackson13.35aFriendly Senior      
13.10Jasmine White13.41aPotomac      
14.12Kadie Barrett13.50aNorthwestern-PG      
15.9Brandi Robinson13.82aForestville Military      
16.10Taja Griffin13.96aGreat Mills      
17.12Zahrina Hutchins14.03aHigh Point      
18.11Ayodele Mason14.17aKIPP DC College Prep      
19.10Kristina Williams14.38aKIPP DC College Prep      
20.10Kavona Chase14.43aGreat Mills      
21.11Simone Ampaah14.53aForestville Military      
22.12Nicole Wright14.67aMcKinley Technology      
23.10Destiny Spears14.69aBroadneck      
24.12Chioma Nwogo14.92aLaurel      
25.10Amber Dickens14.94aFriendship-Edison Co...      
26.11Samara Best14.96aFriendly Senior      
27.11Karen Salmeron15.31aParkdale      
28.12Keyonna Howcott15.71aFrederick Douglass-PG      
29.11Candace Jones16.31aCentral-PG      
30.11Hawa Sannoh17.33aCentral-PG      
31.11Shamaunee Lane21.32aHigh Point      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dyani Mayers26.66aMcKinley Technology      
2.9Makela Davidson26.68aSt John's College      
3.11Sydney Gainous26.79aHenry A Wise      
4.10Anisah Teach27.18aFrederick Douglass-PG      
5.10Jasmine White27.22aPotomac      
6.11Nia Sena27.61aSt John's College      
7.10Jaidlin Hill27.68aBishop McNamara      
8.12Autumn Fennell28.75aMcKinley Technology      
9.9Brandi Robinson29.19aForestville Military      
10.12Briana Antionin29.41aHenry A Wise      
11.11Tori Eley29.66aLaurel      
12.10Kavona Chase29.67aGreat Mills      
13.12Emonie Reeves29.70aDunbar (DC)      
14.12Zahrina Hutchins29.92aHigh Point      
15.10Johanna Chappelle30.38aLaurel      
16.10Katelyn Billings30.68aCentral-PG      
17.12Kieyrra Lucas31.16aFriendship-Edison Co...      
18.10Amber Dickens31.36aFriendship-Edison Co...      
19.11Aliyah Blanks31.88aGreat Mills      
20.11Karen Salmeron32.36aParkdale      
21.10Erin Jones32.52aForestville Military      
22.11Sabria Bell32.68aSuitland      
23.11Rajanique White33.87aKIPP DC College Prep      
23.12Keyonna Howcott33.87aFrederick Douglass-PG      
25.9Mabel Perez-Gutierrez36.05aNorthwestern-PG      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10London Freeland58.65aDunbar (DC)      
3.11Jordan Camp1:00.69aSt John's College      
4.10Mia Williams1:01.49aBishop McNamara      
5.11Amara Hamilton1:03.06aBishop McNamara      
6.10Miya Green1:04.54aForestville Military      
7.11Donica Morris1:05.11aHenry A Wise      
8.12Dionnah Moore1:05.23aHenry A Wise      
9.10Jazlyn Ward1:05.61aForestville Military      
10.9Denver Smith1:06.66aFrederick Douglass-PG      
11.10Mercedes Stokes1:06.98aCentral-PG      
12.10Nadjad Nikabou1:08.23aLaurel      
13.10Taja Griffin1:11.02aGreat Mills      
14.9Maya Brown1:13.02aSt John's College      
15.12Dorothy Hinson1:13.03aLaurel      
16.10Briana Robertson1:18.24aKIPP DC College Prep      
--10Mecca BrownDQDunbar (DC)      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ellie Smith2:32.75aBroadneck      
2.11Leia Conrad2:33.33aBishop McNamara      
3.11Sophia Cologer2:33.50aBroadneck      
4.12Cheyenne Dohawk2:37.78aMcKinley Technology      
5.11Esther Omolola2:38.69aParkdale      
6.11Nora Barnes-Horowitz2:42.88aBroadneck      
7.11Bibiana Valdes2:44.78aHigh Point      
8.10Adel Allen2:48.13aDunbar (DC)      
9.11Asha Spears2:51.25aSuitland      
10.10Mercedes Stokes2:54.86aCentral-PG      
11.10Ememobong Abbey3:00.98aLaurel      
12.10Brittany Mintz3:03.08aForestville Military      
13.-Ashley Bustos3:03.86aGreat Mills      
14.10Miya Green3:09.26aForestville Military      
15.10Micah Linzy-Young3:09.66aFrederick Douglass-PG      
16.12Kynita Evans3:10.64aSuitland      
17.11Tierra Lucas3:12.34aFriendship-Edison Co...      
18.11Brianna Todd3:21.82aFriendly Senior      
19.-Allison Whorton3:27.74aGreat Mills      
20.12Margaret Ahenkorah3:58.49aCentral-PG      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ellie Smith5:25.48aBroadneck      
2.9Kayla Wright5:33.50aFrederick Douglass-PG      
3.9Nina Johnson5:41.66aHigh Point      
4.11Esther Omolola5:42.56aParkdale      
5.12Alexxis Walston5:45.70aSuitland      
6.11Nora Barnes-Horowitz5:47.13aBroadneck      
7.11Sophia Cologer5:52.67aBroadneck      
8.9Jimmeaca Yarbrough6:01.36aSuitland      
9.11Bibiana Valdes6:08.24aHigh Point      
10.11Kelahni Hargroves6:20.20aDunbar (DC)      
11.11Kendra Spruill6:28.45aFriendship-Edison Co...      
12.9Riley Holbert6:51.17aBishop McNamara      
13.11Jada Tinch7:00.02aHenry A Wise      
14.-Allison Whorton7:27.76aGreat Mills      
15.12Margaret Ahenkorah9:30.35aCentral-PG      
--12Daiyonna DurhamDNFDunbar (DC)      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nina Johnson12:38.93aHigh Point      
2.10Anna Buchanan13:20.20aBroadneck      
3.9Taniyah Abdulbarr13:35.05aBishop McNamara      
4.12Daiyonna Durham14:19.08aDunbar (DC)      
--10Armani DuggerDNFDunbar (DC)      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Deja Bell15.26aBishop McNamara      
2.11Brielyn Rogers15.39aBishop McNamara      
3.11Modesty Lorick16.30aFrederick Douglass-PG      
4.12Dyani Mayers16.81aMcKinley Technology      
5.12Kayla Cook16.89aBroadneck      
6.11Abisola Williams18.72aSt John's College      
7.11Lena Allen22.12aHenry A Wise      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Deja Bell15.31aBishop McNamara      
2.11Brielyn Rogers15.81aBishop McNamara      
3.11Modesty Lorick16.52aFrederick Douglass-PG      
4.12Dyani Mayers17.24aMcKinley Technology      
5.12Kayla Cook17.45aBroadneck      
6.9Ravyn Johnson18.25aBroadneck      
7.11Lena Allen18.31aHenry A Wise      
8.11Abisola Williams19.40aSt John's College      
9.12Johvonna Mayo20.61aMcKinley Technology      
10.-Shelbi Williams21.99aGreat Mills      
11.10Destiny Spears22.18aBroadneck      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Modesty Lorick46.20aFrederick Douglass-PG      
2.11Danielle Wheatley46.29aBishop McNamara      
3.11Leia Conrad48.45aBishop McNamara      
4.12Dyani Mayers49.85aMcKinley Technology      
5.12Kayla Cook50.47aBroadneck      
6.11Lena Allen50.53aHenry A Wise      
7.12Nakita Gray50.70aFriendly Senior      
8.12Dionnah Moore51.18aHenry A Wise      
9.12Treyniqua Dickey52.01aMcKinley Technology      
10.11Rose Bikoy52.97aFriendly Senior      
11.10Alexis Alexander53.13aPotomac      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nakita Gray
Romeika Jackson
Nailah Johnson
Aja Russell
50.27aFriendly Senior      
2.-Markaila Carter
Sharvey Corley
Deandra Gordon
Allisa Warren
3.-Autumn Clowe
Jaela Gay
Alexis McNeil
Chelsea Scott
50.51aBishop McNamara      
4.-Briana Antoinin
Taylor Clark
Sydney Gainous
Tomi Tabler
50.57aHenry A Wise      
5.-Mecca Brown
Micah Epps
Dennisha Frazier
London Freeland
50.75aDunbar (DC)      
6.-Chandler Baxter
Aaliyah Burroughs
Jordan Camp
Makela Davidson
51.90aSt John's College      
7.-Autumn Fennell
Dyani Mayers
Johvonna Mayo
Nicole Wright
52.64aMcKinley Technology      
8.-Tiffany Davis
Jasmine Graves
Kyla Honesty
Faith Logan
54.91aSt John's College      
9.-Riley Holbert
Demariah Koger
Bijon Lane
Imani Yorker
55.52aBishop McNamara      
10.-Shayla Dawkins
Brooke Green
Kayla Roman
Alize Wells
56.76aHenry A Wise      
11.-Rochon Bobbit
Ayodele Mason
Rajanique White
Kristina Williams
59.01aKIPP DC College Prep      
12.-Kristina Jordan
Nyla Klusmann
Dominique Matthews
Shakeitha Nicholson
59.93aMcKinley Technology      
---Samara Best
Rose Bikoy
Alexis Couerton
Janae Gill-Woods
DNFFriendly Senior      
---Relay Team DNFFriendly Senior      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mecca Brown
Micah Epps
Dennisha Frazier
London Freeland
1:45.50aDunbar (DC)      
2.-Rose Bikoy
Nailah Johnson
Rochelle Johnson
Aja Russell
1:47.04aFriendly Senior      
3.-Deja Bell
Jaela Gay
Alexis McNeil
Chelsea Scott
1:47.10aBishop McNamara      
4.-Tyra Buckner
Markaila Carter
Deandra Gordon
Allisa Warren
5.-Chandler Baxter
Aaliyah Burroughs
Taylor Camp
Tiffany Davis
1:51.03aSt John's College      
6.-Taylor Matthews
Asha Spears
Alexxis Walston
Jimmeaca Yarbrough
7.-Kiera Myles
Fumi Ogunye
Denver Smith
Anisah Teach
1:53.14aFrederick Douglass-PG      
8.-Nikol Bouknight
Autumn Fennell
Myracle Weeks
Nicole Wright
1:53.28aMcKinley Technology      
9.-Lindsey Bethel
Autumn Clowe
Riley Holbert
Demariah Koger
1:55.86aBishop McNamara      
10.-Kenturah Connors
Jasminne Lopez
Niya Quander
Brandi Robinson
1:58.24aForestville Military      
11.-Shayla Dawkins
Rachel Dickerson
Kayla Roman
Miranda Taylor
1:58.84aHenry A Wise      
12.-Topacio Cruz-Reyes
Saran Genus
Kyla Honesty
Faith Logan
1:59.76aSt John's College      
13.-Samara Best
Alexis Couerton
Janae Gill-Woods
Precious Winley
2:03.07aFriendly Senior      
14.-Myah Anderson
Moriah Clement
Tiara Fenwick
Keyonna Howcott
2:04.81aFrederick Douglass-PG      
15.-Rochon Bobbit
Eleisha Bridges
Aliyah Harris
Ayodele Mason
2:06.51aKIPP DC College Prep      
16.-Lashae Blakeney
Cheyenne Dohawk
Kristina Jordan
Dominique Matthews
2:06.92aMcKinley Technology      
17.-Vilma Adamu
Ann Auso
Candace Jones
Howa Sannoh
---Relay Team DQBroadneck      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mecca Brown
Nalo Fauntroy
London Freeland
Deja Johnson
4:03.98aDunbar (DC)      
2.-Leia Conrad
Amara Hamilton
Jaidlin Hill
Cierra Ore
4:05.93aBishop McNamara      
3.-Lena Allen
Donica Morris
Kayla Roman
Tomi Tabler
4:20.99aHenry A Wise      
4.-Sabria Bell
Saundra Black
Kynita Evans
Jasmyn Hall
5.-Maya Brown
Jordan Camp
Taylor Camp
Jasmine Graves
4:28.70aSt John's College      
6.-Taylor Clark
Sydney Gainous
Dionnah Moore
Jada Tinch
4:32.70aHenry A Wise      
7.-Deja Bell
Taylor Dotson
Riley Holbert
Bijon Lane
4:36.79aBishop McNamara      
8.-Tiffany Davis
Saran Genus
Faith Logan
Joy Logan
4:47.16aSt John's College      
9.-Ememobong Abbey
Tori Eley
Chioma Nwogo
Courtney Williams
11.-Relay Team 5:00.10aFriendship-Edison Co...      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Olukemi Adeniji
Bria Scott
Jean Udo
Imani Matthews
9:44.92aC.H. Flowers      
2.-Kiera Myles
Fumi Ogunye
Denver Smith
Kayla Wright
10:32.87aFrederick Douglass-PG      
3.-Samantha Bowie
Leia Conrad
Amara Hamilton
Cierra Ore
10:35.94aBishop McNamara      
4.-Jamilet Cordon
Ashley Gbedo
Jennyfer Gonzalez
Esther Omolola
5.-Taniyah Abdulbarr
Taylor Dotson
Bijon Lane
Simone Murphy
10:49.38aBishop McNamara      
6.-Kynita Evans
Asha Spears
Alexxis Walston
Jimmeaca Yarbrough
7.-Brittany Mintz
Tearraney Peak
Daja Purifoy
Niya Quander
11:20.27aForestville Military      
8.-Daiyonna Durham
Armani Duggar
Nalo Fauntroy
Kelahni Hargroves
11:37.88aDunbar (DC)      
9.-India Griffin
Maia Jefferson
Tericka Lathern
Marin Page
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jamilet Cordon
Jennyfer Gonzalez
Esther Omolola
Christina Oyawale
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Onesha Barnes35-09.00Dunbar (DC)      
2.9Nyah Wilkinson31-09.50St John's College      
3.10Zoey Pascal30-11.00Henry A Wise      
4.10Khristian LaRoche30-10.00Bishop McNamara      
5.9Nicovia Carter28-06.00Henry A Wise      
6.11Corinne Paul27-11.50St John's College      
7.10Regyn Davis-Young27-09.50Bishop McNamara      
8.12Jasmyn Hall27-09.00Suitland      
9.9Sequoia Armstead26-07.50Potomac      
10.12Ericka Landeck25-05.50Broadneck      
11.12Sierra Savoy25-05.00Great Mills      
12.11Sandra Azobi24-10.00High Point      
13.10Tiara Fenwick24-03.50Frederick Douglass-PG      
14.-Krystin Farmer23-07.50Friendly Senior      
15.10Desha Manago22-11.00Frederick Douglass-PG      
16.9Brianna Polk22-02.00Parkdale      
17.10Azia Webb21-09.50Great Mills      
18.9Jessica Jackson21-05.50Parkdale      
19.11Brianna Todd20-02.00Friendly Senior      
20.11Eleisha Bridges19-03.00KIPP DC College Prep      
21.12Shanelle Washington18-03.50Potomac      
22.9Robin Peterson12-01.50Central-PG      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nakita Gray5-02.00Friendly Senior      
2.12Christina Solomon5-00.00Bishop McNamara      
3.9Taylor Dotson4-08.00Bishop McNamara      
4.12Saundra Black4-08.00Suitland      
5.12Danielle Wright4-08.00Oxon Hill      
5.11Modesty Lorick4-08.00Frederick Douglass-PG      
7.10Taja Griffin4-04.00Great Mills      
7.12Treyniqua Dickey4-04.00McKinley Technology      
7.11Nikol Bouknight4-04.00McKinley Technology      
10.11Tearraney Peak4-00.00Forestville Military      
10.9Jazmine Newman4-00.00St John's College      
--9Briana YancyNHSt John's College      
--11Donica MorrisNHHenry A Wise      
--10India GriffinNHSuitland      
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