Cougar Invitational

Thursday, April 05, 2012 - Meet Website
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  Field Events Start: 12:35 PM  Track Events Start: 12:30 PM
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Arizona - Division III
ROUNRound Valley
SHOWShow Low
WRHSWindow Rock
Arizona - Division IV
STJOSt Johns
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Johnson11.41aSnowflake
2.12Josh Weeks11.65aShow Low
3.12Hunter Farr11.69aSnowflake
4.10Brice Rova12.06aShow Low
5.11Dillion Graf12.08aSt Johns
6.10Kelly Wood12.22aWinslow
7.12Austin Merrill12.27aSnowflake
8.12Wil Hoppe12.32aRound Valley
9.10David Wiseman12.40aSt Johns
10.11Shane Sweet12.41aWinslow
11.12Blake Sweigert12.66aShow Low
12.10Manuelito Chief12.73aWindow Rock
13.9Zach Guthrie12.75aShow Low
14.10Taylor Benally12.82aGanado
15.9Sherod Bride12.88aSt Johns
16.9Ethan Workman12.94aRound Valley
17.10Denzel Palmer13.06aAlchesay
18.10Henry Montiel13.14aWinslow
19.9Arturo Pena13.21aRound Valley
20.9Yuden Granados13.44aSt Johns
21.9Tyler StrangeOwl13.71aWindow Rock
22.10Dalton Taylor13.82aRound Valley
23.10Jordan Lomahoema13.89aHopi
24.12Lodi Bitsie13.91aWindow Rock
25.12Nolan Belone13.96aWinslow
26.12Ernest Sam14.09aWindow Rock
27.12Keever Caddo14.44aAlchesay
28.11Danny Sedillo15.90aAlchesay
29.9Sequoya Martin20.35aAlchesay
9Chandler BrownDNSSnowflake
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Weeks22.86aShow Low
2.12Tyler Johnson23.16aSnowflake
3.12Hunter Farr23.73aSnowflake
4.12Garrett Hunt23.93aSnowflake
5.10Brice Rova24.36aShow Low
6.10Kelly Wood24.41aWinslow
7.11Seth Jayne24.80aShow Low
8.10Taylor Benally25.47aGanado
9.9Zach Guthrie25.73aShow Low
10.9Yuden Granados26.21aSt Johns
11.10Manuelito Chief26.35aWindow Rock
12.9Arturo Pena26.59aRound Valley
13.10Constatin Lavret26.84aRound Valley
14.10Jordan Lomahoema27.97aHopi
15.12Lodi Bitsie28.05aWindow Rock
16.12Nolan Belone28.65aWinslow
17.12Keever Caddo29.59aAlchesay
18.12Rayven Joe29.85aWindow Rock
19.9Jonathan Blackmore32.25aSt Johns
9Erick BencomoDNSSt Johns
9Chandler BrownDNSSnowflake
10Dalton TaylorDNSRound Valley
10Cory DixonDNSWinslow
12Marlin HopperDNSAlchesay
12Ernest SamDNSWindow Rock
11Konner LeeDNSSt Johns
11Shane SweetDNSWinslow
10Leon GurtungDNSRound Valley
11Elijah Kane-ColelayDNSAlchesay
9Kasey WyattDNSAlchesay
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Weeks51.97aShow Low
2.10Brice Rova54.69aShow Low
3.11Seth Jayne55.08aShow Low
4.10Adam Castillo56.04aSt Johns
5.10Demetrious Gamez56.67aWinslow
6.12Austin Merrill56.84aSnowflake
7.10Mason Trezise56.91aRound Valley
8.10Alex Vega56.93aRound Valley
9.12Newell Brewer57.56aSnowflake
10.10Cory Dixon57.79aWinslow
11.12Rex Yellow58.62aHopi
12.11Jeff Hannon Brooks59.10aSnowflake
13.10Denzel Palmer59.52aAlchesay
14.9Erick Bencomo59.93aSt Johns
15.9Ike Owens1:00.26aWindow Rock
16.11Tim Little1:00.42aWinslow
17.11Sheldon Garnenez1:00.77aGanado
18.10Jordan Lomahoema1:01.18aHopi
19.10Leon Gurtung1:02.86aRound Valley
20.9Joel Aguilar1:02.98aShow Low
21.9Tyler StrangeOwl1:03.73aWindow Rock
22.10Jeremy Tsosie1:04.90aGanado
23.10Chris Quintero1:11.07aAlchesay
9Kasey WyattDNSAlchesay
10Leevi ParviainenDNSRound Valley
12Josh RodriguezDNSSt Johns
12Josh PabloDNSWindow Rock
9Alsinio JohnDNSWindow Rock
10David WisemanDNSSt Johns
10Darian LeslieDNSAlchesay
11Tito JohnsonDNSWinslow
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darnell Ben2:07.60aHopi
2.12John Rodriquez2:07.96aSnowflake
3.12Luis Yanez2:09.49aRound Valley
4.11Joey Cox2:10.77aSnowflake
5.9Parker Jayne2:11.59aShow Low
6.11Binahnii Curley2:14.07aWindow Rock
7.11Chadwick Arviso2:16.08aGanado
8.11Kelsey Whiting2:17.35aRound Valley
9.12Kelsey Jones2:19.86aHopi
10.12Rex Yellow2:20.22aHopi
11.11Albert Ryan2:21.71aShow Low
12.11John Hoskie2:23.56aWinslow
13.12Josh Pablo2:25.27aWindow Rock
14.10Max Oberholtzer2:25.54aShow Low
15.11Joel Webb2:25.70aShow Low
16.11Spencer Davis2:25.80aSnowflake
17.9Ike Owens2:30.21aWindow Rock
18.9Eli Silversmith2:30.42aSt Johns
19.9Casey Wero2:32.57aWindow Rock
20.12Jesiah Roanhorse2:33.45aSt Johns
21.11Tim Little2:33.87aWinslow
22.12Lars Fodstad2:34.68aSnowflake
23.10Riley Raykovitz2:37.38aSt Johns
24.11Dallen Thomas2:50.89aSt Johns
25.10Caleb Dana3:14.49aRound Valley
11Lukas ShirleyDNSWinslow
12Paul JarmillioDNSWinslow
12Sheldon NanahcasiaDNSHopi
9Jacob CrosbyDNSRound Valley
10Chris QuinteroDNSAlchesay
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominic Sinquah4:52.22aHopi
2.12Luis Yanez4:53.56aRound Valley
3.12Darnell Ben4:53.96aHopi
4.12Cody Sangster4:53.99aWinslow
5.12Joseph Locaspino5:01.62aGanado
6.12John Rodriquez5:05.05aSnowflake
7.11Binahnii Curley5:10.68aWindow Rock
8.12Kelsey Jones5:14.69aHopi
9.12McCray Huma5:14.71aHopi
10.11Levi Rogers5:16.51aSt Johns
11.11Albert Ryan5:20.41aShow Low
12.11Hyrum Hanlon5:21.58aSnowflake
13.11John Hoskie5:22.87aWinslow
14.11Chadwick Arviso5:24.12aGanado
15.10Bret Quintero5:24.69aAlchesay
16.12Joseph Peterson5:29.40aSnowflake
17.11Mika Clark5:30.67aGanado
18.10Brenden Wahl5:34.01aShow Low
19.10Jeremy Tsosie5:35.54aGanado
20.11Joel Webb5:37.56aShow Low
21.10Colten Lord5:41.73aShow Low
22.9Jeremiah Curley5:47.01aWindow Rock
23.12Paul Jarmillio5:50.22aWinslow
24.9Eli Silversmith5:50.70aSt Johns
25.11Scout Striped Wolf5:51.00aSnowflake
26.10Riley Raykovitz5:56.00aSt Johns
27.9Zachary Tools5:59.52aAlchesay
28.11Dallen Thomas6:09.87aSt Johns
29.9Lloyd Fall6:10.94aAlchesay
30.9Bronson Aquero6:25.55aRound Valley
31.9Dusty Akins6:54.45aRound Valley
32.9Joe Lee7:00.04aWindow Rock
9Alsinio JohnDNSWindow Rock
9Jacob CrosbyDNSRound Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominic Sinquah10:30.00aHopi
2.12McCray Huma10:43.00aHopi
3.11Binahnii Curley10:46.00aWindow Rock
4.12Joseph Locaspino10:55.00aGanado
5.10Bret Quintero11:38.00aAlchesay
6.11Matthew Honvantewa11:39.00aWinslow
7.11Hyrum Hanlon11:43.00aSnowflake
8.10Austin Tsosie11:54.00aWinslow
9.11Mika Clark11:55.00aGanado
10.12Jesiah Roanhorse12:16.00aSt Johns
11.9Zachary Tools12:18.00aAlchesay
12.10Jeremy Tsosie12:21.00aGanado
13.9Casey Wero12:23.00aWindow Rock
14.11Scout Striped Wolf12:24.00aSnowflake
15.12Joseph Peterson12:29.00aSnowflake
16.10Colten Lord12:38.00aShow Low
17.9Daniel Perkins12:56.00aShow Low
17.9Zach Perkins12:56.00aShow Low
19.9Lloyd Fall13:26.00aAlchesay
20.10Dakota Tidwell15:31.00aSt Johns
21.9Dusty Akins15:33.00aRound Valley
9DeSean SpencerDNSWinslow
9Porter RichinsDNSSt Johns
12Rayne RaykovitzDNSSt Johns
9Tyrone MilanDNSShow Low
12Sheldon NanahcasiaDNSHopi
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brit Smith16.74aSnowflake
2.10Trevor Solomon17.45aShow Low
3.10Justin McCray17.47aShow Low
4.10Demetrious Gamez17.94aWinslow
5.10Mason Trezise18.21aRound Valley
6.11Lukas Shirley18.27aWinslow
7.10Matthew Tenney18.31aSnowflake
8.10Tanner Bingham18.47aRound Valley
9.11Drew Hudson18.66aSnowflake
10.11Kirt Solomon18.91aSnowflake
11.9Erick Bencomo19.30aSt Johns
12.12Rayven Joe19.91aWindow Rock
13.11Josh Van Proyen20.39aShow Low
14.10Parker Greer20.54aSt Johns
15.10Austin Daniels20.76aShow Low
16.10Nick Thomas22.16aWinslow
17.10Keenan Keams22.55aWinslow
18.12Donald Pearce23.79aSt Johns
19.12Kelvin Gleason26.20aWindow Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brit Smith41.41aSnowflake
2.11Cody Tenney43.23aShow Low
3.10Trevor Solomon43.70aShow Low
4.11Lukas Shirley46.32aWinslow
5.9Brenton Ballard46.53aSnowflake
6.10Matthew Tenney47.15aSnowflake
7.11Kirt Solomon47.44aSnowflake
8.10Demetrious Gamez47.84aWinslow
9.9Erick Bencomo48.11aSt Johns
10.11Josh Van Proyen48.53aShow Low
11.10Keenan Keams49.60aWinslow
12.12Rayven Joe49.95aWindow Rock
13.9Ike Owens50.90aWindow Rock
14.10Austin Daniels51.67aShow Low
15.10Mason Trezise52.09aRound Valley
16.10Parker Greer53.82aSt Johns
17.9Tyler StrangeOwl54.41aWindow Rock
18.10Nick Thomas54.60aWinslow
19.12Kelvin Gleason59.87aWindow Rock
20.12Donald Pearce1:13.99aSt Johns
10Tanner BinghamDNSRound Valley
10Roderick CurleyDNSGanado
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brit Smith
Tyler Johnson
Garrett Hunt
Hunter Farr
2.-Dillion Graf
Konner Lee
Adam Castillo
Josh Rodriguez
45.51aSt Johns
3.-Kelly Wood
Henry Montiel
Shane Sweet
Cory Dixon
4.-Blake Sweigert
Seth Jayne
Cody Tenney
Zach Guthrie
47.31aShow Low
5.-Arturo Pena
Dalton Taylor
Ryan Udall
Ethan Workman
50.00aRound Valley
6.-Jeremy Jesus
Lodi Bitsie
Manuelito Chief
Ernest Sam
50.70aWindow Rock
-Chadwick Arviso
Roderick Curley
Sheldon Garnenez
Taylor Benally
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brice Rova
Cody Tenney
Seth Jayne
Josh Weeks
3:35.65aShow Low
2.-Joseph Cox
Garrett Hunt
Chase Walden
Brit Smith
3.-Lorin Greenwood
Cory Dixon
Kelly Wood
Cody Sangster
4.-Josh Rodriguez
Adam Castillo
Dillion Graf
Christian Jessop
3:45.76aSt Johns
5.-Mason Trezise
Tanner Bingham
Luis Yanez
Alex Vega
3:46.33aRound Valley
6.-Roderick Curley
Joseph Locaspino
Jeremy Tsosie
Mika Clark
7.-Jeremiah Curley
Juan Jesus III
Alsinio John
Ike Owens
4:03.43aWindow Rock
-Darnell Ben
Kelsey Jones
McCray Huma
Rex Yellow
-Nehko Edwards
Darian Leslie
Elijah Kane-Colelay
Denzel Palmer
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joseph Cox
Jeffery Hannon Brooks
John Rodriquez
Kegan Kay
2.-Parker Jayne
Max Oberholtzer
Joel Webb
Albert Ryan
9:05.21aShow Low
3.-Levi Rogers
Christian Jessop
Rayne Raykovitz
Adam Castillo
9:10.94aSt Johns
4.-John Hoskie
Lukus Shirley
Cody Sangster
Tim Little
5.-Chadwick Arviso
Joseph Locaspino
Mika Clark
Sheldon Garnenez
6.-Bronson Aquero
Kelsey Whiting
Luis Yanez
Alex Vega
9:45.66aRound Valley
7.-Zachary Tools
Nehko Edwards
Lloyd Fall
Bret Quintero
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase Walden52-01.50Snowflake
2.12Brent Becenti47-11.50Ganado
3.11J.T. Bradley43-07.50Snowflake
4.11Reggie Peterson43-01.50Snowflake
5.12Brian Johnson43-00.50Show Low
6.12Alex Yazzie40-00.50Winslow
7.11Chad Colvin38-07.00Winslow
8.12Dean Hartman38-04.50Show Low
9.10Clayton Howard36-11.50Hopi
10.12Tyler Holden36-08.50St Johns
11.10Jesi Bitsoi36-07.50Winslow
12.11Zane Thompson34-11.50St Johns
13.10Tristan Van Arsdale34-10.00Winslow
14.12Devon Tafoya34-09.50Snowflake
15.11Dillion Kirk34-05.50Ganado
16.12Abraham Thomson34-03.50St Johns
17.11Deon Sahneyah32-11.50Hopi
18.10Constatin Lavret32-10.50Round Valley
19.11Matt Glenney32-09.50Show Low
20.9Daniel Lusk32-05.50Show Low
20.11Danny Sedillo32-05.50Alchesay
22.11Marco Cuiriz32-04.50St Johns
23.9Kobe Toadlena31-10.50Window Rock
24.11Chaz Pifer31-03.50Round Valley
25.11Elijah Kane-Colelay31-01.50Alchesay
26.11Merwin Nelson30-00.00Ganado
26.11Evaughan Ashley30-00.00Window Rock
28.10Denzel Palmer29-07.00Alchesay
29.11Erickson Sam27-10.00Window Rock
30.11Nathaniel Slivers27-04.50Ganado
31.10Guillermo Torano27-03.00Round Valley
32.10Nicholas Seanez23-09.00Window Rock
12Marlin HopperDNSAlchesay
9Clayton GastineauDNSRound Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Reggie Peterson148-00Snowflake
2.12Brent Becenti125-06Ganado
3.12Dean Hartman122-03Show Low
4.11J.T. Bradley120-00Snowflake
5.12Abraham Thomson118-11St Johns
6.10Nehko Edwards117-06Alchesay
7.12Alex Yazzie113-08Winslow
8.12Tyler Holden111-07St Johns
9.12Jace Weatherford109-09Snowflake
10.12Colton Solomon108-11Snowflake
11.11Chad Colvin105-06Winslow
12.10Tristan Van Arsdale98-09Winslow
13.10Clayton Howard91-08Hopi
14.9Kobe Toadlena91-01Window Rock
15.11David Ikerd90-03Show Low
16.11Zane Thompson90-02St Johns
17.11Chaz Pifer88-08Round Valley
18.12Ernest Sam88-04Window Rock
19.11Merwin Nelson88-03Ganado
20.10Jesi Bitsoi87-03Winslow
21.9Nathan Garvin86-06Show Low
22.11Marco Cuiriz84-10St Johns
23.11Danny Sedillo84-07Alchesay
24.11Dillion Kirk84-06Ganado
25.10Constatin Lavret78-08Round Valley
26.10Guillermo Torano69-02Round Valley
27.11Evaughan Ashley65-00Window Rock
28.10Nicholas Seanez58-05Window Rock
29.11Deon Sahneyah53-05Hopi
11Nathaniel SliversDNSGanado
12Brian JohnsonNDShow Low
10Austin VelasquezDNSAlchesay
9Clayton GastineauDNSRound Valley
30.11Marquiel HintonAlchesay
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Wilson6-02.00Round Valley
2.10Spencer Smith6-00.00Show Low
3.10Everett Lunt5-10.00Snowflake
3.10Kegan Kay5-10.00Snowflake
5.10Justin McCray5-08.00Show Low
5.11Kirt Solomon5-08.00Snowflake
7.10Trevor Solomon5-06.00Show Low
8.11Christian Jessop5-04.00St Johns
9.9Ryan Udall5-02.00Round Valley
9.12Dillon Lopez5-02.00Round Valley
11.12Justin Helwig5-00.00Show Low
10Tanner BinghamNHRound Valley
12Lars FodstadDNSSnowflake
9Jeremiah CurleyNHWindow Rock
9Juan Jesus IIIDNSWindow Rock
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wil Hoppe13-06.00Round Valley
2.12Tyler Johnson13-00.00St Johns
3.11Matt Babb12-06.00Snowflake
3.12Josh Rodriguez12-06.00St Johns
3.12Blake Sweigert12-06.00Show Low
6.10Quentin Scott12-00.00Snowflake
6.10Brett VanWinkle12-00.00Show Low
8.11Jacob Johnson11-00.00Snowflake
8.12Lorin Greenwood11-00.00Winslow
8.10Rusty Allen11-00.00Show Low
8.9Sherod Bride11-00.00St Johns
12.10Andrew Greenwood9-00.00Winslow
11Jacob LucasDNSSnowflake
12Caleb WhitingDNSRound Valley
10Austin DanielsNHShow Low
11Christian JessopNHSt Johns
12Dillon LopezDNSRound Valley
11Chris BergNHWinslow
11DeMonte BaxterNHWinslow
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Konner Lee22-04.50St Johns
2.12Tyler Johnson22-04.25Snowflake
3.11Dillion Graf21-02.00St Johns
4.12Hunter Farr19-08.25Snowflake
5.10Henry Montiel19-06.75Winslow
6.11Chase Walden19-02.00Snowflake
7.12Justin Helwig17-08.75Show Low
8.10Trevor Solomon17-06.50Show Low
9.10Taylor Benally17-05.25Ganado
10.10David Wiseman17-03.75St Johns
11.11Sheldon Garnenez17-00.00Ganado
12.10Levi Jeffs16-05.50Show Low
13.11Ian Harrington15-10.50Round Valley
14.9Ryan Udall15-06.75Round Valley
15.9Yuden Granados14-11.25St Johns
16.9Jeremy Peshlakai14-10.00Window Rock
17.9Ethan Workman14-09.50Round Valley
18.9Tyler StrangeOwl14-08.25Window Rock
19.11Jeremy Jesus14-06.00Window Rock
20.12Keever Caddo14-01.25Alchesay
21.11Elijah Kane-Colelay13-00.00Alchesay
22.11Erickson Sam11-11.00Window Rock
10Demetrious GamezDNSWinslow
10Austin VirginDNSShow Low
9Brock SmithDNSSnowflake
12Dillon LopezNDRound Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Konner Lee43-01.75St Johns
2.10Justin McCray42-05.50Show Low
3.10Henry Montiel38-00.00Winslow
4.11Kirt Solomon37-10.50Snowflake
5.12Austin Merrill36-04.50Snowflake
6.10Levi Jeffs34-09.75Show Low
7.10Manuelito Chief33-10.50Window Rock
8.10Westin Zeigler33-08.25Round Valley
9.11Drew Hudson33-04.75Snowflake
10.12Justin Helwig33-03.75Show Low
11.9Brenton Ballard32-09.25Snowflake
12.12Lodi Bitsie31-03.00Window Rock
13.9Jeremy Peshlakai30-06.75Window Rock
14.10Wes Padilla28-02.00Round Valley
15.11Johnathen Kozakiewicz25-06.00Show Low
16.11Erickson Sam24-00.75Window Rock
17.9Anthony Chapman22-07.25Round Valley
9Ethan WorkmanDNSRound Valley
11Randy KeeDNSGanado

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lieke Elbersen13.04aShow Low
2.11Savannah Brown13.58aSt Johns
3.10Mariah Brown14.11aRound Valley
4.10Lauren Hatch14.12aWinslow
5.9Stephanie Crawford14.24aRound Valley
6.11Jaime Ruiz14.41aShow Low
7.9Kadi Johnson14.42aSnowflake
8.11Nikki Hill14.52aSnowflake
9.12Kelafer Kinlecheenie14.61aWinslow
10.11Marissa Shellhorn14.63aRound Valley
11.11Mckenzie Wood14.65aSnowflake
12.10Mikayla Brannon14.75aShow Low
13.12Nikki Cirivello14.93aSt Johns
14.9Melissa Allen15.08aSnowflake
15.12Stormy Rogers15.20aSt Johns
16.9Madison Layton15.23aShow Low
17.9Tomiko Clough15.26aWinslow
18.10Dalia Lanarte15.30aHopi
19.9Alicia Chen15.35aWinslow
20.9Autumn Powell15.80aWindow Rock
21.10Nichole Benally16.00aWindow Rock
22.12Chantel Cook16.20aGanado
23.10Shaniya Betsoi16.30aWindow Rock
24.10Shervonna Tsosie16.45aGanado
25.10Natonabah Smith16.50aGanado
26.11Brittney Koiyaquaptewa16.60aHopi
27.9Nizhoni Mike16.92aWindow Rock
28.12Angela Paxson17.10aAlchesay
29.11Janelle Smith17.20aAlchesay
30.9Sierra Rogers18.91aSt Johns
12Hallie NezzieDNSHopi
12Phyllene KootswatewaDNSHopi
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lieke Elbersen27.30aShow Low
2.11Jaime Ruiz29.83aShow Low
3.12Britany Woods30.64aWinslow
4.9Melissa Allen30.70aSnowflake
5.9Siera Nunez30.77aShow Low
6.10Vonaisha Flanagan31.22aWinslow
7.11Mckenzie Wood31.28aSnowflake
8.10Dalia Lanarte31.37aHopi
9.9Madison Layton31.41aShow Low
10.11Nikki Hill31.42aSnowflake
11.9Tomiko Clough31.60aWinslow
12.9Alicia Chen32.03aWinslow
13.10Sarah Thomas32.51aSt Johns
14.12Marnie Kiester32.77aSnowflake
15.12Tamara Tso33.00aWindow Rock
16.10Shaniya Betsoi33.73aWindow Rock
17.10Natonabah Smith34.53aGanado
18.10Nichole Benally34.85aWindow Rock
19.11Brittney Koiyaquaptewa34.91aHopi
20.10Shervonna Tsosie35.25aGanado
21.12Angela Paxson35.82aAlchesay
22.12Chantel Cook36.18aGanado
23.12Tori Cody36.81aGanado
24.10Tanesha Damon38.91aWindow Rock
12Hallie NezzieDNSHopi
12Phyllene KootswatewaDNSHopi
11Savannah BrownDNSSt Johns
11Marissa ShellhornDNSRound Valley
10Mariah BrownDNSRound Valley
10Katherine CoffmanDNSRound Valley
9Kasea CoffmenDNSRound Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kyndness Broseman1:03.00aShow Low
2.9Melissa Allen1:06.14aSnowflake
3.12Charmayne Nelson1:07.11aHopi
4.9Danielle Smiley1:07.92aWindow Rock
5.12Kelafer Kinlecheenie1:08.34aWinslow
6.10Mikayla Brannon1:08.96aShow Low
7.11Dylan Goodwill1:09.56aWindow Rock
8.9Hailey Suazo1:10.59aWindow Rock
9.10Jennifer Johnson1:10.71aShow Low
10.12Marnie Kiester1:11.48aSnowflake
11.12Sophie Jessop1:11.88aSt Johns
12.9Aaliyah Lewis1:12.04aWinslow
13.12Britany Woods1:12.06aWinslow
14.9Alicia Chen1:13.36aWinslow
15.9Nicole Bahe1:15.62aGanado
16.10Summer Malone1:16.34aWindow Rock
17.11Janelle Smith1:17.85aAlchesay
18.12Tori Cody1:19.34aGanado
19.10Kitana Yazzie1:25.75aGanado
20.9Sierra Rogers1:35.69aSt Johns
9Hallie LomayesvaDNSHopi
10Shervonna TsosieDNSGanado
12Alexis RicedorffDQShow Low
10Sarah ThomasDNSSt Johns
12Anna NortonDNSSt Johns
10Katherine CoffmanDNSRound Valley
9Kasea CoffmenDNSRound Valley
9Kamri GutierrezDNSRound Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chastine Virgin2:37.26aShow Low
2.12Charmayne Nelson2:39.41aHopi
3.12Alexis Ricedorff2:41.43aShow Low
4.11Carissa Jones2:42.00aShow Low
5.9Kyndness Broseman2:45.05aShow Low
6.9Brittney Curley2:51.60aWinslow
7.9Mindi Lee2:54.44aGanado
8.9Shontel Tsosie2:54.88aGanado
9.10Amber Leslie2:59.53aAlchesay
10.9Danielle Smiley3:00.71aWindow Rock
11.11Lindsey Webb3:01.19aSnowflake
12.11Rachel Montoya3:03.27aWinslow
13.11Dylan Goodwill3:03.40aWindow Rock
14.10Miriam Deschine3:04.42aWindow Rock
15.10Shelby Prestwich3:09.52aSnowflake
16.11Lydia Richins3:13.07aSt Johns
17.10Summer Malone3:15.93aWindow Rock
18.10Kelly Charles3:16.84aSnowflake
19.10Rikki Payne3:30.94aSt Johns
20.12Teresa Leithead3:46.44aRound Valley
9Evelyn CluffDNSRound Valley
9Shandiin ArmaoDNSWinslow
10Khye BernalDNSSt Johns
9Sierra RogersDNSSt Johns
12Tatum CharleyDNSWinslow
10Morgan UdallDNSRound Valley
9Hallie LomayesvaDNSHopi
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Yanabah Jaques6:02.20aWindow Rock
2.9Danielle Smiley6:03.93aWindow Rock
3.11Carissa Jones6:09.78aShow Low
4.12Bekah Young6:14.20aShow Low
5.12Charmayne Nelson6:18.20aHopi
6.10Danielle Dovey6:21.01aShow Low
7.9Shontel Tsosie6:24.04aGanado
8.11RayAnn Chee6:31.53aAlchesay
9.9Mindi Lee6:36.68aGanado
10.10Claryn Josytewa6:38.27aHopi
11.10Amber Leslie6:40.18aAlchesay
12.9Hailey Suazo6:40.34aWindow Rock
13.11Onaneilda Begay6:41.05aHopi
14.10Candace Tsosie6:41.28aGanado
15.10Sunny McCabe6:42.03aGanado
16.12Michelle Boone6:42.96aSnowflake
17.9Mikaila Hall6:43.68aShow Low
18.12Tatum Charley6:57.67aWinslow
19.11Rachel Montoya7:16.63aWinslow
20.10Shelby Prestwich7:17.31aSnowflake
21.10Breizy Rolow7:31.92aSnowflake
22.10Rikki Payne7:39.74aSt Johns
11Lydia RichinsDNSSt Johns
10Khye BernalDNSSt Johns
10Morgan UdallDNSRound Valley
11Davette SusanDNSAlchesay
9Brittney CurleyDNSWinslow
9Evelyn CluffDNSRound Valley
12Teresa LeitheadDNSRound Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Yanabah Jaques13:02.52aWindow Rock
2.12Bekah Young13:44.62aShow Low
3.10Candace Tsosie13:48.48aGanado
4.10Danielle Dovey14:00.67aShow Low
5.9Mikeyla Hall14:07.92aShow Low
6.10Claryn Josytewa14:15.10aHopi
7.10Miriam Deschine14:16.62aWindow Rock
8.10Sunny McCabe14:21.28aGanado
9.11RayAnn Chee14:32.08aAlchesay
10.12Michelle Boone14:41.10aSnowflake
11.11Dylan Goodwill14:44.95aWindow Rock
12.9Kiyanna Honani15:22.22aWinslow
13.11Justine Moos15:30.98aShow Low
14.10Breizy Rolow17:43.63aSnowflake
11Davette SusanDNSAlchesay
9Michaela BiaDNSWinslow
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ciara Daniel16.52aShow Low
2.11Kianna Natividad16.97aSnowflake
3.11Haley Pomeroy18.09aShow Low
4.10Kilee Richards18.50aSnowflake
5.10Lauren Hatch18.84aWinslow
6.9Macie Rawlins18.97aSnowflake
7.9Siera Nunez20.29aShow Low
8.9Shandiin Armao20.75aWinslow
9.9Kansas Williamson21.46aShow Low
10.10Brandy Wagoner22.83aSt Johns
12Anna NortonDQSt Johns
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ciara Daniel51.19aShow Low
2.10Kilee Richards51.69aSnowflake
3.11Haley Pomeroy52.30aShow Low
4.11Kianna Natividad54.83aSnowflake
5.11Charly Flake57.49aSnowflake
6.9Shandiin Armao59.07aWinslow
7.10Brandy Wagoner1:04.31aSt Johns
9Siera NunezDNSShow Low
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lieke Elbersen
Baylee Schroder
Chastine Virgin
Ciara Daniel
51.46aShow Low
2.-Savannah Brown
Brook Trickey
Miranda Farr
Nikki Cirivello
53.43aSt Johns
3.-Kamri Gutierrez
Marissa Shellhorn
Amanda Crawford
Mariah Peters
54.18aRound Valley
4.-Kianna Natividad
McKenzie Wood
Kadi Johnson
Macie Rawlins
5.-Tomiko Clough
Kelafer Kinlecheenie
Britany Woods
Lauren Hatch
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lieke Elbersen
Kyndness Broseman
Chastine Virgin
Alexis Ricedorff
4:20.01aShow Low
2.-Shiloh Donaldson
Katherine Coffman
Stephine Crawford
Natalie Workman
4:32.11aRound Valley
3.-Lauren Hatch
Britany Woods
Kelafer Kinlecheenie
Aaliyah Lewis
4.-Marnie Kiester
Jessica Neff
Charly Flake
Melissa Allen
5.-Sophie Jessop
Anna Norton
Stormy Rogers
Sarah Thomas
4:50.10aSt Johns
6.-Sunny McCabe
Candace Tsosie
Shontel Tsosie
Mindi Lee
-Claryn Josytewa
Onaneilda Begay
Dalia Lanarte
Charmayne Nelson
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyndness Broseman
Alexis Ricedorff
Carissa Jones
Chastine Virgin
10:54.27aShow Low
2.-Michelle Boone
Charly Flake
Jessica Neff
Lindsey Webb
3.-Mindi Lee
Shontel Tsosie
Candace Tsosie
Sunny McCabe
4.-Brittney Curley
Rachel Montoya
Michaela Bia
Kiyanna Honani
5.-Sarah Thomas
Sophie Jessop
Khye Bernal
Rikki Payne
12:42.99aSt Johns
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Neff34-00.00Snowflake
2.12Danielle Hext33-08.00Snowflake
3.11Jaime Ruiz32-07.00Show Low
4.9Brianna Craven30-05.00Show Low
5.10Mesha Fuson29-07.00Winslow
6.11Becca Schinke28-11.00Show Low
7.12Kristen Yazzie28-03.00Winslow
8.12Corey Nez27-11.00Winslow
9.10Keia Kelly27-08.00Hopi
10.12Erin Kaytoggy26-10.50Alchesay
11.10Katrine Pedersen25-08.00Round Valley
12.11DeAndra Antonio25-03.00Alchesay
13.11Caitlyn Christensen24-09.00Snowflake
14.12Shyann Hines24-06.00St Johns
15.9Autumn Powell24-02.50Window Rock
16.11Trevaia Fowler24-00.00Ganado
17.11Tanisha Lizer23-10.00Window Rock
18.9Sharon Mariano23-08.00Hopi
18.9Madison Layton23-08.00Show Low
20.10Nizhonbah Williams23-07.00Ganado
21.11Gwendolyn Tsosie23-06.00Ganado
21.9Nizhoni Mike23-06.00Window Rock
23.11Jamie Yazzie22-08.00Window Rock
24.11Kelsey Begay22-00.00Ganado
25.9Canicia Weston21-06.00Hopi
26.9Shalea Stradling21-04.00Snowflake
27.12Chelsea Declay19-05.00Alchesay
28.10Lakayla Adams18-03.00Hopi
12Tya ThomasDNSSt Johns
10Samica ThomasDNSSt Johns
10Morgan UdallNDRound Valley
12Mataya NewhallNDAlchesay
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Becca Schinke101-09Show Low
2.10Mesha Fuson91-07Winslow
3.12Corey Nez91-00Winslow
4.12Erin Kaytoggy86-02Alchesay
5.12Kristen Yazzie83-08Winslow
5.10Amber Livingston83-08Snowflake
7.10Aitana Paxson80-07Alchesay
8.11Jaime Ruiz78-06Show Low
9.11Jackie Routhier76-09Snowflake
10.10Jessica Neff75-06Snowflake
11.10Kaytlynn Maxwell74-04Show Low
12.11DeAndra Antonio68-02Alchesay
13.12Danielle Hext68-01Snowflake
14.9Nizhoni Mike59-08Window Rock
15.12Shyann Hines58-08St Johns
15.11Desyre Fall58-08Alchesay
17.11Trevaia Fowler56-08Ganado
18.11Jamie Yazzie56-00Window Rock
19.10Tanesha Damon55-02Window Rock
20.11Tanisha Lizer54-01Window Rock
21.10Katrine Pedersen52-00Round Valley
22.12Tya Thomas50-05St Johns
23.9China Waldington50-03Show Low
24.12Katrina Dallenogare44-03St Johns
10Samica ThomasDNSSt Johns
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Baylee Schroder5-00.00Show Low
2.9Macie Rawlins4-10.00Snowflake
3.12Miranda Farr4-08.00St Johns
4.10Mikaila Jordan4-06.00Snowflake
5.11Kayleen Carpenter4-04.00Snowflake
5.9Amanda Lara4-04.00Snowflake
5.10Jennifer Johnson4-04.00Show Low
5.12Nikki Cirivello4-04.00St Johns
9.12Natalie Workman4-03.00Round Valley
10Emma VilervaaoNHRound Valley
9Kamri GutierrezDNSRound Valley
10Miriam DeschineDNSWindow Rock
9Hailey SuazoDNSWindow Rock
10Jodie BigelowNHShow Low
9Madison LaytonNHShow Low
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Crawford9-00.00Round Valley
1.12Natalie Workman9-00.00Round Valley
3.11Angelica Milligan8-06.00Winslow
3.11Haley Pomeroy8-06.00Show Low
5.12Ciara Daniel7-00.00Show Low
5.10Vonaisha Flanagan7-00.00Winslow
5.12Stormy Rogers7-00.00St Johns
5.10Mikayla Brannon7-00.00Show Low
5.11Elizabeth Crosby7-00.00Round Valley
10.9Jessica Whipple6-00.00Snowflake
9Tacey PalmerDNSSnowflake
11Dallas PearceNHSt Johns
11Lydia RichinsDNSSt Johns
11Shiloh DonaldsonNHRound Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklynn Trickey16-01.25St Johns
2.12Baylee Schroder15-06.00Show Low
3.11Savannah Brown15-04.75St Johns
4.9Kadi Johnson14-08.00Snowflake
5.10Mikayla Brannon14-03.25Show Low
6.10Jennifer Johnson13-05.00Show Low
7.9Siera Nunez13-04.00Show Low
7.11Kayleen Carpenter13-04.00Snowflake
9.10Katherine Coffman13-03.25Round Valley
10.9Stephanie Crawford13-00.25Round Valley
11.10Katrine Pedersen12-00.50Round Valley
12.10Vonaisha Flanagan12-00.00Winslow
13.10Shaniya Betsoi11-11.00Window Rock
14.9Jessica Whipple11-10.75Snowflake
15.10Mikaila Jordan11-09.50Snowflake
16.10Nichole Benally11-05.00Window Rock
12Tamara TsoDNSWindow Rock
9Kasea CoffmenDNSRound Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklynn Trickey30-11.00St Johns
2.10Kilee Richards30-07.25Snowflake
3.9Kadi Johnson30-05.00Snowflake
4.12Miranda Farr30-00.25St Johns
5.12Baylee Schroder29-09.50Show Low
6.9Macie Rawlins29-08.00Snowflake
7.9Kamri Gutierrez29-03.75Round Valley
8.10Jennifer Johnson28-01.75Show Low
9.11Marissa Shellhorn25-01.75Round Valley
10.10Shaniya Betsoi25-00.75Window Rock
11.9Kansas Williamson24-10.25Show Low
12.10Nichole Benally24-08.75Window Rock
13.10Jodie Bigelow21-02.25Show Low
11Kamala AshcroftNDSnowflake
12Tamara TsoNDWindow Rock
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