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100 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Caleb Hagan14.71aSherwood Track
9-10Solomon Bandy15.29aSherwood Track
9-10Kaden FullerNTSherwood Track

100 Meters  Youth - Finals

13-14Ryan Larson14.09aSherwood Track

200 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Caleb Hagan31.30aSherwood Track
9-10Solomon Bandy31.70aSherwood Track
9-10Kaden Fuller33.57aSherwood Track

400 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Solomon Bandy1:11.26aSherwood Track
9-10Caleb Hagan1:12.03aSherwood Track

400 Meters  Youth - Finals

3.13-14Nic Feldkamp55.18Oregon South Track
13-14Jacob Donnellan1.11.99aSalem Track

800 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Jeffery Osborn3:23.13aSherwood Track

800 Meters  Youth - Finals

2.13-14Nic Feldkamp2:10.5Oregon South Track
13-14Jacob Donnellan2:57.00aSalem Track

1500 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Jeffery Osborn6:37.11aSherwood Track

Shot Put - 6lb  Midget - Finals

11-12Colten Schilling8.61mTroutdale Track
11-12Jake Mager6.22mTrinity Track
11-12Matthew Derania15'7.5"Sherwood Track

Shot Put - 4kg  Youth - Finals

13-14Brady Pierce28'8.5"Sherwood Track

Shot Put - 12lb  Intermediate - Finals

1st15-16Austin Hutchins37.8Oregon South Track
15-16Alec Fappas9.84mTroutdale Track
15-16Micah Steeves8.21mTrinity Track
15-16Jordon Fornof7.27mTrinity Track

Shot Put - 12lb  Young Men Women - Finals

2nd17-18Selmar Hutchins45.538Oregon South Track
17-18Grant Phillips11.76mTrinity Track

Discus - 1kg  Midget - Finals

11-12Colten Schilling22.28mTroutdale Track
11-12Jake Mager12.74mTrinity Track

Discus - 1kg  Youth - Finals

13-14Brady Pierce110'0"Sherwood Track
13-14Garrett Schweigert68'1"Sherwood Track

Discus - 1.6kg  Intermediate - Finals

15-16Alec Fappas30.53mTroutdale Track
15-16Jordon Fornof17.52mTrinity Track

Discus - 1.6kg  Young Men Women - Finals

2nd17-18Selmar Hutchins139.09Oregon South Track
17-18Grant Phillips35.33mTrinity Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Austin Milton58'2"Sherwood Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  Midget - Finals

11-12Colten Schilling84'11"Troutdale Track
11-12Jake Mager16.17mTrinity Track

Javelin - 800g  Intermediate - Finals

1st15-16Austin Hutchins142.3228346Oregon South Track
2nd15-16Ryan Foster127.62467Oregon South Track
15-16Alec Fappas25.30mTroutdale Track
15-16Micah Steeves25.21mTrinity Track
15-16Jordon Fornof17.05mTrinity Track

Javelin - 800g  Young Men Women - Finals

1st17-18Selmar Hutchins195.3412073Oregon South Track
17-18Grant Phillips25.21mTrinity Track

Long Jump  Bantam - Finals

9-10Kaden Fuller10'11.25"Sherwood Track

Long Jump  Intermediate - Finals

15-16Jared Hawk16'2.25"Sherwood Track

Hammer - 16lb  Intermediate - Finals

15-16Alec Fappas20.06mTroutdale Track

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100 Meters  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Macy DeMeyer16.91aSherwood Track
7-8Amarei Bandy18.13aSherwood Track
7-8Emma Gates18.36aSalem Track
7-8Hannah Blubaugh18.84aSalem Track
6UMcKenzie Milton21.30aSherwood Track

100 Meters  Midget - Finals

11-12Taylor McCarrell16.85aSalem Track

100 Meters  Youth - Finals

13-14Helena Elkins14.14aSherwood Track
13-14Keira McCarrell15.04aSalem Track

200 Meters  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Amarei Bandy39.46aSherwood Track

200 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Madeline Esko38.19aSalem Track

200 Meters  Youth - Finals

13-14Helena Elkins28.65aSherwood Track
13-14Cassandra Dolan30.17aSherwood Track
13-14Marissa Vaternick33.00aSherwood Track

400 Meters  Sub Bantam - Finals

9-10Madeline Esko1:24.12aSalem Track

400 Meters  Youth - Finals

13-14Jennifer Osborn65.63aSherwood Track
13-14Cassandra Dolan67.14aSherwood Track

800 Meters  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Macy DeMeyer3:02.77aSherwood Track
7-8Emma Gates3:13.75Salem Track

800 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Vanessa Van Winkle3:05.08aSherwood Track
9-10Madeline Esko3:24.10aSalem Track
4Rebecca O'Donnell3:28.06aSalem Track

800 Meters  Midget - Finals

11-12Savanna Waters3:02.00aSalem Track
11-12Emma Ehlers3:09.05aSalem Track

800 Meters  Youth - Finals

13-14Marissa Vaternick2:43.55aSherwood Track

1500 Meters  Bantam - Finals

9-10Vanessa Van Winkle6:11.95aSherwood Track
4Rebecca O'Donnell6:48.02aSalem Track

1500 Meters  Midget - Finals

11-12Olivia Van Winkle5:51.44aSherwood Track
11-12Savanna Waters5:59.87aSalem Track

3000 Meters  Midget - Finals

11-12Mackenzie Caprino13:34.09aSalem Track

Shot Put - 6lb  Midget - Finals

11-12Taylor McCarrell14'5"Salem Track

Shot Put - 6lb  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Maddie Rabing38'11"Oregon Throwers Acad...
13-14Keira McCarrell23'6.25"Salem Track
13-14Alyssa Derania21'10.75"Sherwood Track

Shot Put - 4kg  Intermediate - Finals

2nd15-16Gabrielle Kearney32.07Oregon South Track
15-16Lainey Houston7.92mTrinity Track

Discus - 1kg  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Maddie Rabing90'Oregon Throwers Acad...
13-14Alyssa Derania54'2"Sherwood Track

Discus - 1kg  Young Men Women - Finals

17-18Emily Hamilton107'4"Sherwood Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Hannah Blubaugh37'8"Salem Track

Javelin - 600g  Youth - Finals

13-14Alyssa Derania47'7"Sherwood Track

Javelin - 600g  Intermediate - Finals

1st15-16Gabrielle Kearney110.07Oregon South Track
15-16Lainey Houston28.03mTrinity Track

Long Jump  Sub Bantam - Finals

7-8Hannah Blubaugh7'9"Salem Track

Long Jump  Midget - Finals

11-12Emma Ehlers9'0.25"Salem Track

Long Jump  Youth - Finals

13-14Keira McCarrell12'9.25"Salem Track
13-14Emily Landgren9'3"Sherwood Track

Hammer - 4kg  Youth - Finals

13-14Maddie Rabing68'Oregon Throwers Acad...

Hammer - 4kg  Young Men Women - Finals

17-18Emily Hamilton54'9"Sherwood Track