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Laughlin Invitational

Friday, March 09, 2012

Laughlin HS, Laughlin

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Day11.50Laughlin      
2.12Josh Groben11.80White Pine      
3.10Ethan Berry11.90Grand Canyon      
4.9Canyon Green12.00River Valley      
5.9Michael Romero12.20Mohave      
5.12Vincent Burkett12.20Laughlin      
5.11Kyle Browning12.20Round Mountain      
8.11Nick Soto12.30Beatty      
9.9Ricardo Rodriguez12.50Round Mountain      
10.12Ryan Caulfield12.70White Pine      
11.10Gerardo Padilla12.80Mohave      
11.9Bobby Hunt12.80Tonopah      
13.10Gage Dame12.90River Valley      
14.12Erik Jensen13.00Lund      
14.9Zach Lawrence13.00White Pine      
16.9Juan Zazueta13.10Mohave      
17.9Victor Robles13.30Mohave      
18.10Kevin Cunningham13.50 Death Valley Academy      
18.11Michael Gordon13.50Tonopah      
20.10Troy Araiza13.70Tonopah      
21.9Shayne Waters13.80 Death Valley Academy      
21.9Jacob Baer13.80White Pine      
23.9Trevor Hartigan14.00Grand Canyon      
24.9Marco Blemares14.70 Death Valley Academy      
25.11Jordan Rangitsch14.80Round Mountain      
26.12Dustin Curley15.00Grand Canyon      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Day24.40Laughlin      
2.12Trevor Jones24.60White Pine      
3.10Joey Bankston24.90Grand Canyon      
4.12Josh Groben25.10White Pine      
5.12Adam Bullock25.20Calvary Chapel      
6.11Kyle Browning25.30Round Mountain      
7.12Jesse Chatelle25.40Calvary Chapel      
8.11Thomas Jobe25.70Laughlin      
9.9Michael Romero25.80Mohave      
10.12Vincent Burkett26.10Laughlin      
11.9Zach Lawrence26.50White Pine      
12.9Canyon Green26.60River Valley      
13.9Tyler Dapo27.10Mohave      
14.10Gage Dame27.20River Valley      
15.12Erik Jensen27.40Lund      
16.9Andrew Santa Maria27.80Mohave      
16.9Alex Thompson27.80Grand Canyon      
18.9Victor Robles28.00Mohave      
19.10Tristin Thomas28.40Indian Springs      
20.9Bobby Hunt28.70Tonopah      
21.12Thomas Rose30.90Grand Canyon      
9Jacob BaerDNSWhite Pine      
11Trey VoglerDNSRiver Valley      
11Jordan HernandezDNSRiver Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dakota Dawson54.90Beatty      
2.10Joey Bankston57.20Grand Canyon      
3.11Benji Jacobo57.70Laughlin      
4.12Jake Johnson59.10White Pine      
5.11Jordan Hernandez59.60River Valley      
6.11Ryan Bell1:00.80River Valley      
7.10Tristin Thomas1:01.50Indian Springs      
8.11Clay Poplin1:01.80White Pine      
9.9Ricardo Rodriguez1:02.00Round Mountain      
10.12Jackson Walton1:02.70Laughlin      
11.10Jesse Oviatt1:03.30Mohave      
12.11Brian Vargas1:03.60Mohave      
13.9Alex Thompson1:03.80Grand Canyon      
14.11Aaron Marquez1:04.10Mohave      
15.11Nick Magaw1:04.20Laughlin      
16.12Ben Reid1:05.10Beatty      
17.12Nicolas Heatherington1:05.50Laughlin      
18.11Trey Vogler1:05.60River Valley      
19.10Justin Jarrell1:05.90Grand Canyon      
20.9German Marquez1:07.40Mohave      
21.10Alex Hill1:14.30White Pine      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andres Orozco2:23.70Mohave      
2.12Jerman Valerio2:27.40Grand Canyon      
3.10Charles Harris2:28.60Laughlin      
4.12Mason Brown2:34.30Calvary Chapel      
5.12Larry Yepez2:35.90Laughlin      
6.10Tristin Thomas2:39.10Indian Springs      
7.9Chancellor Barton2:40.10Mohave      
8.9Giovanni DelQuadro2:42.40Laughlin      
9.11Juan Noriega2:43.70 Death Valley Academy      
10.11Justin Haller2:46.00River Valley      
11.12Nic Wallace2:49.30Tonopah      
12.9Lorenzo Pinon2:52.30Beatty      
13.12Ben Reid2:53.00Beatty      
14.9Tyshion Vivens3:02.10River Valley      
15.11Fabian Arvizo3:02.90River Valley      
16.9Nathan Weir3:14.50River Valley      
17.12Dustin Curley3:29.30Grand Canyon      
18.10Joe Kissel3:45.00Tonopah      
19.10Scott Klein3:47.30Tonopah      
9Larry PerkinsDNSWhite Pine      
10Jesse OviattDNSMohave      
10Jessie MendezDNSBeatty      
10Dee FullmerDNSWhite Pine      
11Luke StreitDNSGrand Canyon      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Escarzaga5:09.00Laughlin      
2.11Brian Romero5:10.80Laughlin      
3.10Dalton Evers5:17.60White Pine      
4.11Spencer Littlefield5:26.90Tonopah      
5.9Chancellor Barton5:30.90Mohave      
6.10Charles Harris5:33.10Laughlin      
7.11Michael Dunsterville5:42.80Beatty      
8.11Andres Orozco5:45.10Mohave      
9.12Jerman Valerio5:45.80Grand Canyon      
10.10Bernardo Badilla5:47.60Mohave      
11.9Jeb Ayers5:52.30Tonopah      
12.10Jesse Oviatt6:16.70Mohave      
13.11Ricardo McCrary6:18.40Grand Canyon      
14.10Aaron Kauffman6:20.80Laughlin      
15.9Brandon Chamberlain6:21.70Laughlin      
16.11Justin Haller6:26.70River Valley      
17.10Steven Williams6:27.70White Pine      
18.10Jessie Mendez6:28.70Beatty      
19.11Ernesto Lluch6:37.10Laughlin      
20.9Tyshion Vivens6:40.70River Valley      
21.10Nicolas Legaspi6:42.80Grand Canyon      
22.11Fabian Arvizo6:50.60River Valley      
23.9Kevin Moen7:01.60Beatty      
9Jacob BaerDNSWhite Pine      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Romero10:58.00Laughlin      
2.10Anthony Escarzaga11:06.50Laughlin      
3.11Michael Dunsterville12:31.90Beatty      
4.9Chancellor Barton12:57.50Mohave      
5.9Chris Vollaire12:58.40Mohave      
6.9Giovanni DelQuadro12:59.40Laughlin      
7.10Aaron Kauffman14:26.40Laughlin      
8.11Ernesto Lluch14:27.20Laughlin      
9.11Taylor Baer14:32.40White Pine      
10Dalton EversDNSWhite Pine      
11Brian VargasDNSMohave      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Scharmer19.40Mohave      
2.10Dee Fullmer19.50White Pine      
3.10Carl Henze19.51White Pine      
4.10Josh Hoover20.10Calvary Chapel      
5.11Spencer Jones20.30White Pine      
6.11Clay Poplin21.20White Pine      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Jones43.50White Pine      
2.11Jake Hodges48.50Laughlin      
3.11Nick Soto48.80Beatty      
4.11James Harris51.00Lund      
5.11Spencer Littlefield52.30Tonopah      
5.10Brandon Scharmer52.30Mohave      
7.10Dee Fullmer52.70White Pine      
8.9Tyler Jones53.50Grand Canyon      
9.10Josh Hoover53.80Calvary Chapel      
10.11Spencer Jones55.00White Pine      
11.10Bernardo Badilla57.20Mohave      
12.11Clay Poplin57.40White Pine      
13.12Thomas Rose1:00.60Grand Canyon      
14.11Ricardo McCrary1:01.20Grand Canyon      
11Derek OteroNTTonopah      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vincent Burkett
Jake Hodges
Thomas Jobe
Robert Day
2.-Ryan Caulfield
Devante Valencia
Josh Groben
Zach Lawrence
48.71White Pine      
3.-Canyon Green
Trey Vogler
Jordan Hernandez
Gage Dame
50.70River Valley      
4.-Glen Renfro
Victor Robles
Gerardo Padilla
Michael Romero
5.-Michael Gordon
Derek Otero
Troy Araiza
Jimmy Withers
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vincent Burkett
Nicolas Heatherington
Thomas Jobe
Robert Day
2.-Relay Team 1:47.70Calvary Chapel      
3.-Jordan Hernandez
Canyon Green
Trey Vogler
Gage Dame
1:48.20River Valley      
4.-Michael Gordon
Derek Otero
Troy Araiza
Jimmy Withers
5.-Tyler Dapo
German Marquez
Andrew Santa Maria
Glen Renfro
6.-Jacob Baer
Alex Hill
Larry Perkins
Steven Williams
1:58.10White Pine      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Lawrence
Josh Groben
Trevor Jones
Jake Johnson
3:58.70White Pine      
2.-Jared Ruyle
Joey Bankston
Alex Thompson
Ethan Berry
4:05.20Grand Canyon      
3.-Andres Orozco
Bernardo Badilla
Aaron Marquez
Brian Vargas
4.-Relay Team 4:18.80Laughlin      
5.-Jordan Hernandez
Trey Vogler
Canyon Green
Ryan Bell
4:22.90River Valley      
6.-Relay Team 4:31.10Calvary Chapel      
7.-Jimmy Withers
Troy Araiza
Jeb Ayers
Bobby Hunt
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Charles Harris
Brandon Chamberlain
Anthony Escarzaga
Brian Romero
2.-Bernardo Badilla
Brian Vargas
Chancellor Barton
Jesse Oviatt
3.-Jeb Ayers
Derek Otero
Spencer Littlefield
Michael Gordon
4.-Nicolas Legaspi
Ricardo McCrary
Justin Jarrell
Jared Ruyle
10:38.00Grand Canyon      
5.-Trevor Jones
Dalton Evers
Steven Williams
Larry Perkins
10:54.40White Pine      
6.-Tyshion Vivens
Nathan Weir
Ryan Bell
Justin Haller
11:10.00River Valley      
7.-Michael Dunsterville
Jessie Mendez
Kevin Moen
Lorenzo Pinon
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malcom Summerall36-07.00Grand Canyon      
2.12Jonathan Rice36-05.75White Pine      
3.12Jackson Walton36-00.00Laughlin      
4.12Aaron Calvin35-05.50Laughlin      
5.12Carris Hoke35-02.00Laughlin      
6.12Tim Collins34-11.00Laughlin      
7.12Nic Wallace34-10.25Tonopah      
8.11Nick Soto34-09.50Beatty      
9.11Jordan Rangitsch34-05.00Round Mountain      
10.11Shelby Clark34-02.00Calvary Chapel      
11.12Chris Vessy33-07.25Grand Canyon      
12.12Nicolas Heatherington33-04.50Laughlin      
13.11Nick Magaw32-00.25Laughlin      
14.11Larenzo Lacovara30-08.25Lund      
15.11Juan Noriega30-07.25 Death Valley Academy      
16.11Raven Short30-00.50River Valley      
17.11Taylor Baer29-10.50White Pine      
18.9Lorenzo Pinon29-01.75Beatty      
19.10Harveen Singh28-02.50White Pine      
20.10Scott Klein28-02.00Tonopah      
21.10Joe Kissel27-00.25Tonopah      
22.10Arjun Adajar26-07.25Beatty      
23.10Lucas Griebel26-03.00Calvary Chapel      
24.9Gaudry Parker25-11.50River Valley      
25.10Andrew Gobozy22-05.75Indian Springs      
26.10Fernando Comacho21-02.75Mohave      
27.9Ray Montoya19-06.00Grand Canyon      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Rice102-04White Pine      
2.11Jordan Rangitsch98-01Round Mountain      
3.11Shelby Clark84-01Calvary Chapel      
4.11Larenzo Lacovara83-04Lund      
5.12Chris Vessy79-08Grand Canyon      
6.12Carris Hoke78-06Laughlin      
7.11Taylor Baer75-08White Pine      
8.12Nicolas Heatherington74-11Laughlin      
9.12Tim Collins74-03Laughlin      
10.11Raven Short73-08River Valley      
11.11Malcom Summerall72-02Grand Canyon      
12.12Nic Wallace71-03Tonopah      
13.12Aaron Calvin70-10Laughlin      
14.10Joe Kissel69-06Tonopah      
15.12Jackson Walton69-03Laughlin      
16.9Gaudry Parker67-08River Valley      
17.10Lucas Griebel63-06Calvary Chapel      
18.12Dustin Curley60-10Grand Canyon      
19.12Erik Jensen58-07Lund      
20.10Harveen Singh58-05White Pine      
21.10Andrew Gobozy58-02Indian Springs      
22.10Scott Klein50-10Tonopah      
23.10Fernando Comacho46-01Mohave      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Spencer Littlefield5-06.00Tonopah      
2.12Dakota Dawson5-06.00Beatty      
3.9Tyler Jones5-04.00Grand Canyon      
4.11Jake Hodges5-04.00Laughlin      
5.12Devante Valencia5-04.00White Pine      
6.10Carl Henze5-02.00White Pine      
7.9Jimmy Withers5-02.00Tonopah      
7.11Clay Poplin5-02.00White Pine      
9.9Noah Frizzel5-02.00Calvary Chapel      
10.10Alex Hill5-00.00White Pine      
11.9Jeb Ayers4-10.00Tonopah      
11Nick SotoNHBeatty      
11Luke StreitNHGrand Canyon      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Jobe20-04.00Laughlin      
2.12Dakota Dawson20-03.00Beatty      
3.12Devante Valencia19-00.00White Pine      
4.11Kyle Browning17-07.50Round Mountain      
5.12Jake Johnson16-11.00White Pine      
6.11James Harris16-10.50Lund      
7.11Benji Jacobo16-10.00Laughlin      
8.10Carl Henze16-08.75White Pine      
9.9Juan Zazueta16-02.00Mohave      
10.10Brandon Scharmer16-00.00Mohave      
11.9Tyler Jones15-10.00Grand Canyon      
12.12Larry Yepez15-06.00Laughlin      
13.10Justin Jarrell15-01.00Grand Canyon      
14.12Jared Ruyle15-00.00Grand Canyon      
15.9Noah Frizzel14-06.00Calvary Chapel      
16.9Giovanni DelQuadro13-01.50Laughlin      
17.9Brandon Chamberlain12-07.00Laughlin      
9Bobby HuntDNSTonopah      
10Joe KisselDNSTonopah      
10Aaron KauffmanDNSLaughlin      
10Gerardo PadillaDNSMohave      
12Nic WallaceDNSTonopah      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dakota Dawson40-10.00Beatty      
2.11Jake Hodges38-03.00Laughlin      
3.11Kyle Browning38-02.50Round Mountain      
4.9Tyler Jones38-01.50Grand Canyon      
5.12Jake Johnson38-00.50White Pine      
6.11Luke Streit36-07.00Grand Canyon      
7.12Jared Ruyle36-04.50Grand Canyon      
8.11Benji Jacobo35-11.00Laughlin      
9.11James Harris35-08.00Lund      
10.12Devante Valencia35-06.00White Pine      
11.9Juan Zazueta34-06.00Mohave      
12.10Carl Henze34-05.50White Pine      
13.10Gerardo Padilla28-02.50Mohave      
10Scott KleinNDTonopah      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Autumn Lawrence12.90White Pine      
2.12Ana Martinez13.80Beatty      
3.11Brooke Lee14.20Laughlin      
4.11Luisa Garza14.30Laughlin      
4.10Tayler Buhrow14.30River Valley      
4.10Kristine Corder14.30Indian Springs      
7.9Kelsea Reid14.60Lund      
7.10Maria Gutierrez14.60Beatty      
9.9Melani Perez14.70River Valley      
10.10Taylor Sawyer14.80Indian Springs      
11.11Nina Martorano15.00River Valley      
12.9Leslie Chan15.10Calvary Chapel      
13.12Amber Leikam15.20 Death Valley Academy      
14.10Celeste Aguirre15.30Mohave      
14.9Luci Diaz15.30Mohave      
14.11Jasmine Fells15.30Laughlin      
17.10Nicole Zamora15.40Beatty      
17.10Breann Westfall15.40River Valley      
19.11Esther Diaz15.50Mohave      
20.9Earie Davis16.20Beatty      
10Arianna SerrallesNTLaughlin      
10Jessie AlvaDNSTonopah      
9Christiana ManchaDNSTonopah      
10Brianna SmithDNSCalvary Chapel      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Autumn Lawrence28.40White Pine      
1.10Phallen Nelson28.40Calvary Chapel      
3.12Ana Martinez29.50Beatty      
4.11Brooke Lee30.50Laughlin      
5.11Deanna Tripp30.80Laughlin      
5.11Ciera Jensen30.80Lund      
7.11Larissa Bunting31.10Laughlin      
8.9Melani Perez31.20River Valley      
9.10Kristine Corder31.50Indian Springs      
10.11Ashley Eason31.60Tonopah      
10.11Nina Martorano31.60River Valley      
12.9Leslie Chan32.10Calvary Chapel      
13.9Luci Diaz32.20Mohave      
14.9Emmalee Erekson32.30Lund      
15.10Jessica Van Inwagen32.40Grand Canyon      
16.9Kelsea Reid32.50Lund      
17.10Taylor Sawyer33.20Indian Springs      
18.10Breann Westfall33.50River Valley      
19.9Channell Webber33.80Mohave      
19.9Samantha Cornelison33.80Lund      
21.11Cori Yazzie34.00Grand Canyon      
22.9Emjay Stevens34.10Round Mountain      
23.12Marissa Medina34.20Indian Springs      
24.10Jessie Alva34.50Tonopah      
25.11Esther Diaz34.90Mohave      
26.10Sabrina Junk35.40Mohave      
27.9Zuri Pimentel35.90Beatty      
28.9Earie Davis37.10Beatty      
9Christiana ManchaDNSTonopah      
11Paige JonesDNSLaughlin      
10Tayler BuhrowDNSRiver Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Autumn Lawrence1:09.40White Pine      
2.11Deanna Tripp1:09.50Laughlin      
3.11Brooke Lee1:10.40Laughlin      
4.11Larissa Bunting1:12.80Laughlin      
5.11Alyssa Saenz1:14.80Round Mountain      
6.11Morgan Timeche1:15.20Grand Canyon      
7.11Ciera Jensen1:15.80Lund      
8.10Christina Thompson1:16.70Beatty      
8.9Lauren McClary1:16.70Indian Springs      
10.9Nately Perez1:16.80Mohave      
11.9Leslie Chan1:17.10Calvary Chapel      
12.9Channell Webber1:17.30Mohave      
13.10Alyicia Kraft1:17.80Mohave      
14.11Victoria Carpenter1:18.90Indian Springs      
15.9Sarah Christensen1:23.30Lund      
16.9Christiana Mancha1:24.90Tonopah      
17.10Morgan Manley1:26.50Round Mountain      
18.10Cheyenne Torres1:26.80Tonopah      
19.12Angeles Magna1:29.00Mohave      
20.12Lauren Eldridge1:29.70Grand Canyon      
21.9Alyssa Martin1:32.10Beatty      
22.10Rocio Cimental1:36.50Beatty      
11Jenny FloresNTCalvary Chapel      
10Daniella MaderoNTMohave      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abri Perchetti2:40.50Tonopah      
2.11Luisa Garza2:56.20Laughlin      
3.11Nychea Stewart2:58.80White Pine      
4.10Alyicia Kraft2:59.30Mohave      
5.9Macy Wright3:01.00River Valley      
6.10Rebekkah Humphries3:09.00White Pine      
7.11Katreena Haswood3:12.50Grand Canyon      
8.9Sam Acosta3:16.70Calvary Chapel      
9.9Jenna Mace3:25.60Calvary Chapel      
10.11Siearra Padilla3:31.10Laughlin      
11.10Cynthia Coronel3:38.20Mohave      
12.9Sarah Christensen3:41.10Lund      
13.12Angeles Magna3:46.30Mohave      
14.12Lauren Eldridge3:50.00Grand Canyon      
15.10Rocio Cimental3:51.20Beatty      
16.9Alyssa Martin3:52.30Beatty      
17.11Alexis Stevenson3:56.70Mohave      
18.10Susette Favela4:07.70Laughlin      
9Ruth PimentelDNSBeatty      
10Michaela McLeanDNSCalvary Chapel      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Timeche6:12.10Grand Canyon      
2.10Jessica Van Inwagen6:12.70Grand Canyon      
3.11Kemberly Mejia6:25.40Laughlin      
4.11Christina Escarzaga6:27.80Laughlin      
5.9Macy Wright6:33.90River Valley      
6.11Nychea Stewart6:38.30White Pine      
7.11Savannah Drew6:40.90White Pine      
8.12Cheyanne Contreras6:50.30Laughlin      
9.10Rebekkah Humphries7:04.80White Pine      
10.9Sam Acosta7:17.10Calvary Chapel      
11.9Ruth Pimentel7:27.00Beatty      
12.9Jenna Mace7:27.30Calvary Chapel      
13.11Siearra Padilla7:34.00Laughlin      
14.10Kariana Camargo7:37.50Mohave      
15.11Brenda Torres7:40.10Mohave      
16.10Ashley Bottom7:55.50Tonopah      
17.10Ashley Mlekush8:24.10Mohave      
18.11Glenda Perez8:26.90Beatty      
19.11Alexis Stevenson8:52.40Mohave      
12Yaritssa MarinNTMohave      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Timeche12:40.50Grand Canyon      
2.11Kemberly Mejia13:38.70Laughlin      
3.11Christina Escarzaga13:43.10Laughlin      
4.9Macy Wright13:43.70River Valley      
5.10Joslyn Rea13:45.80Laughlin      
6.12Cheyanne Contreras14:32.20Laughlin      
7.11Glenda Perez14:52.00Beatty      
8.10Kariana Camargo15:35.40Mohave      
10Ashley BottomDNSTonopah      
11Viririana SernaNTMohave      
10Daniella MaderoDNSMohave      
10Rebekkah HumphriesDNSWhite Pine      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerri Fullmer18.20White Pine      
2.11Carey Johnson18.50Beatty      
3.10Janet Masanz19.20Indian Springs      
4.9Emmalee Erekson20.20Lund      
5.10Jamie Mejia20.21Calvary Chapel      
6.11Victoria Carpenter20.60Indian Springs      
7.11Audra Hendrix21.20Mohave      
8.12Teresa Gomez21.50Beatty      
9.10Coquie Puentes21.70Laughlin      
10.10Joslyn Rea22.00Laughlin      
11.11Shankara Venezio22.30Beatty      
12.10Phallen Nelson22.50Calvary Chapel      
13.11Jasmine Fells23.00Laughlin      
14.9Sarah Acosta23.50Calvary Chapel      
12Marissa MedinaDNSIndian Springs      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerri Fullmer54.10White Pine      
2.11Carey Johnson56.70Beatty      
3.11Shankara Venezio57.30Beatty      
4.10Jamie Mejia57.70Calvary Chapel      
5.10Jessica Van Inwagen59.80Grand Canyon      
6.10Janet Masanz1:00.10Indian Springs      
7.11Audra Hendrix1:01.60Mohave      
8.10Joslyn Rea1:02.40Laughlin      
9.10Coquie Puentes1:04.00Laughlin      
10.9Sarah Acosta1:04.70Calvary Chapel      
11.10Ashley Gray1:05.20Tonopah      
12.12Teresa Gomez1:05.40Beatty      
10Phallen NelsonDQCalvary Chapel      
10Cheyenne TorresDNSTonopah      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michaela McLean
Jamie Mejia
Brianna Smith
Lianne Reyes
58.30Calvary Chapel      
1.-Courtney Bottom
Abri Perchetti
Kathy Swafford
Ashley Eason
3.-Erika Carpenter
Taylor Sawyer
Janet Masanz
Kristine Corder
59.30Indian Springs      
4.-Sammi Cornelson
Kelsea Reid
Ciera Jensen
Emmalee Erekson
5.-Iltse Gonzalez
Sydney Dimmer
Celeste Aguirre
Luci Diaz
6.-Tayler Buhrow
Nina Martorano
Breann Westfall
Melani Perez
1:01.50River Valley      
7.-Nicole Zamora
Rocio Cimental
Maria Gutierrez
Alyssa Martin
-Jasmine Fells
Susette Favella
Paige Jones
Arianna Serralles
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Courtney Bottom
Abri Perchetti
Kathy Swafford
Ashley Eason
2.-Larissa Bunting
Jasmine Fells
Brooke Lee
Deanna Tripp
3.-Ana Martinez
Melynda Gross
Teresa Gomez
Shankara Venezio
4.-Taylor Sawyer
Janet Masanz
Kristine Corder
Lauren McClary
2:07.00Indian Springs      
5.-Nina Martorano
Tayler Buhrow
Melani Perez
Breann Westfall
2:09.60River Valley      
6.-Kelsea Reid
Sammi Cornelson
Emmalee Erekson
Ciera Jensen
7.-Michaela McLean
Brianna Smith
Lianne Reyes
Jamie Mejia
2:11.90Calvary Chapel      
8.-Sabrina Junk
Sydney Dimmer
Audra Hendrix
Channell Webber
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aultumn Lawrence
Savannah Drew
Kerri Fullmer
Nychea Stewart
4:49.10White Pine      
2.-Abri Perchetti
Courtney Bottom
Ashley Eason
Kathy Swafford
3.-Larissa Bunting
Coquie Puentes
Luisa Garza
Deanna Tripp
4.-Christina Thompson
Melynda Gross
Ana Martinez
Shankara Venezio
5.-Katreena Haswood
Cori Yazzie
Jessica VanInwagn
Morgan Timeche
5:09.20Grand Canyon      
6.-Sydney Dimmer
Alyicia Kraft
Iltse Gonzalez
Nately Perez
7.-Leslie Chan
Sarah Acosta
Lianne Reyes
Brianna Smith
5:24.70Calvary Chapel      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christina Escarzaga
Joslyn Rea
Luisa Garza
Kemberly Mejia
2.-Alyicia Kraft
Brenda Torres
Danela Madero
Iltse Gonzalez
3.-Ashley Bottom
Ashley Gray
Kathy Swafford
Christiana Mancha
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cortney Miller34-07.25Calvary Chapel      
2.11Emily Cornelison31-02.25Lund      
3.12Tracey Leikam29-11.25 Death Valley Academy      
4.12Marci Medlyn29-00.00White Pine      
5.10Ashley Gray28-01.25Tonopah      
6.11Misty Bowlin27-06.25Beatty      
7.12Cheyanne Contreras25-09.25Laughlin      
8.11Brittany White25-08.75Beatty      
9.10Morgan Manley24-03.25Round Mountain      
10.10Ashley Pierce22-05.00Indian Springs      
11.10Charlene Altarejos21-10.25Beatty      
12.11Cori Yazzie21-01.50Grand Canyon      
13.10Cheyenne Torres20-11.25Tonopah      
14.10Sarah Thompson19-11.25Beatty      
15.10Jaycee Joyner19-09.75Lund      
16.9Emily Salerno19-04.50Mohave      
17.9Marlee Red Wolf Rave18-07.75 Death Valley Academy      
18.9Jenna Mace16-05.75Calvary Chapel      
19.12Alex Sawyer12-06.50Indian Springs      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cortney Miller128-07Calvary Chapel      
2.11Emily Cornelison92-04Lund      
3rd10Ashley Pierce90'03Indian Springs      
4.12Marci Medlyn86-02White Pine      
5.10Morgan Manley80-02Round Mountain      
6.10Ashley Gray63-03Tonopah      
7.12Cheyanne Contreras59-03Laughlin      
8.9Emily Salerno58-03Mohave      
9.12Marissa Medina50-08Indian Springs      
10.9Jenna Mace50-06Calvary Chapel      
11.9Emjay Stevens44-10Round Mountain      
12.9Samantha Cornelison43-04Lund      
13.10Jaycee Joyner39-10Lund      
14.12Alex Sawyer36-05Indian Springs      
15.10Cheyenne Torres33-10Tonopah      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erika Carpenter5-00.00Indian Springs      
2.10Shania Marques5-00.00White Pine      
3.11Melynda Gross4-10.00Beatty      
4.11Victoria Carpenter4-06.00Indian Springs      
5.9Lauren McClary4-06.00Indian Springs      
6.11Carey Johnson4-04.00Beatty      
9Sarah ChristensenNHLund      
10Jessie AlvaNHTonopah      
10Maria GutierrezNHBeatty      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren McClary14-03.00Indian Springs      
1.10Morgan Manley14-03.00Round Mountain      
3.12Kerri Fullmer13-05.50White Pine      
4.10Christina Thompson12-09.00Beatty      
5.10Shania Marques12-05.00White Pine      
6.10Rebekkah Humphries11-11.50White Pine      
7.10Maria Gutierrez11-11.00Beatty      
7.12Erika Carpenter11-11.00Indian Springs      
9.11Alyssa Saenz11-10.50Round Mountain      
10.10Arianna Serralles11-08.00Laughlin      
11.12Marci Medlyn11-07.00White Pine      
12.11Ally Gilliespie10-09.50 Death Valley Academy      
13.10Coquie Puentes10-04.50Laughlin      
14.11Siearra Padilla10-03.00Laughlin      
15.9Emjay Stevens9-09.50Round Mountain      
16.10Shoshauna Redner8-01.00 Death Valley Academy      
10Lianne ReyesDNSCalvary Chapel      
10Jessie AlvaDNSTonopah      
10Ashley BottomDNSTonopah      
12Courtney BottomDNSTonopah      
11Melynda GrossDNSBeatty      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carey Johnson34-00.50Beatty      
2.11Savannah Drew29-11.00White Pine      
3.10Christina Thompson28-04.50Beatty      
4.11Alyssa Saenz27-06.50Round Mountain      
5.11Victoria Carpenter25-05.00Indian Springs      
10Arianna SerrallesNDLaughlin      
9Alyssa MartinNDBeatty      
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