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Womens Results

55 Meter Dash  Frosh/Soph - Finals

3rd9Clara Miles8.06aJerseyville (Jersey)
6th9Ellen Snyders8.10aJerseyville (Jersey)

55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Prelims

11Holly Goetten8.28aJerseyville (Jersey)
11Breeann Raymond8.69aJerseyville (Jersey)
11Cheyenne Klobnak8.78aJerseyville (Jersey)

55 Meter Dash  Frosh/Soph - Prelims

9Clara Miles8.04aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Ellen Snyders8.10aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Lindsey Shaw8.55aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Sydney Sauerwein8.61aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Caitlin Hall8.76aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Lilly Tepen9.28aJerseyville (Jersey)

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

5th11Katie Wock30.47aJerseyville (Jersey)
6th11Jesse Arnold30.48aJerseyville (Jersey)
8th9Sydney Sauerwein31.19aJerseyville (Jersey)

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

9Ellen Snyders28.3aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Clara Miles28.7aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Sydney Sauerwein30.0aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Mary Claire Davis30.0aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Aleigha Long30.8aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Lindsey Shaw31.3aJerseyville (Jersey)
11Breeann Raymond31.3aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Kristianna Scheffel33.3aJerseyville (Jersey)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

4th9Carly Schroeder1:14.72aJerseyville (Jersey)
6th10Kristianna Scheffel1:17.39aJerseyville (Jersey)
7th9Hanna Roach1:17.98aJerseyville (Jersey)

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Jesse Arnold1:08aJerseyville (Jersey)
11Katie Wock1:11aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Mary Claire Davis1:12aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Abby Rogers1:12aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Katey Brown1:13aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Olivia Norris1:13aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Sydney Jones1:14aJerseyville (Jersey)
9Carly Schroeder1:15aJerseyville (Jersey)

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2nd10Kaylin Smith2:51.02aJerseyville (Jersey)
3rd12Maria Thurston3:02.76aJerseyville (Jersey)
5th12Ruby Porter3:09.25aJerseyville (Jersey)

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Kathleen Wendell2:41aJerseyville (Jersey)
11Connie Young2:48aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Kaylin Smith2:49aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Abby Rogers2:50aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Katey Brown2:52aJerseyville (Jersey)
12Ruby Porter2:57aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Olivia Norris3:03aJerseyville (Jersey)
10Kati Weishaupt3:06aJerseyville (Jersey)

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

3rd12Kathleen Wendell6:11.52aJerseyville (Jersey)
6th10Kati Weishaupt7:11.6aJerseyville (Jersey)
7th11Connie Young7:12.49aJerseyville (Jersey)

55m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1st12Sydney Curtis10.09aJerseyville (Jersey)

55m Hurdles - 33"  Frosh/Soph - Finals

4th10Aleigha Long10.92Jerseyville (Jersey)

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

2nd-Clara Miles
Breeann Raymond
Mary Claire Davis
Ellen Snyders
1:58.51aJerseyville (Jersey)

4x200 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

2nd-Sydney Sauerwein
Kristianna Scheffel
Lindsey Shaw
Aleigha Long
2:05.69aJerseyville (Jersey)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

3rd-Katie Wock
Katey Brown
Mary Claire Davis
Jesse Arnold
4:45.64aJerseyville (Jersey)

4x400 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

2nd-Olivia Norris
Abby Rogers
Sydney Jones
Carly Schroeder
4:56.67aJerseyville (Jersey)

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1st-Connie Young
Katey Brown
Kaylin Smith
Kathleen Wendell
11:13.60aJerseyville (Jersey)

4x800 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

2nd-Abby Rogers
Olivia Norris
Ruby Porter
Kati Weishaupt
11:56.0aJerseyville (Jersey)

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

2nd12Kourtnee Hall41' 2.25Jerseyville (Jersey)
3rd9Reahn Richards31' 6.5Jerseyville (Jersey)
5th10Karlie Wondolofski30' 9.5Jerseyville (Jersey)

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

2nd12Maria Thurston4' 08"Jerseyville (Jersey)
4th10Mary Claire Davis4' 08"Jerseyville (Jersey)

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

4th9Sydney Jones14' 9.5"Jerseyville (Jersey)
8th9Carly Schroeder12' 8.5Jerseyville (Jersey)
9th10Katey Brown12" 6Jerseyville (Jersey)

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

4th9Sydney Jones31' 5.5Jerseyville (Jersey)
7th11Breeann Raymond29'4Jerseyville (Jersey)
10th10Katey Brown26' 0.5Jerseyville (Jersey)


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