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Canyon Cougar Relays

Thursday, April 05, 2012

NB/Canyon HS, New Braunfels

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Texas - Region 4
Boerne Champion
Buda Hays
Texas - Region 4
New Braunfels
Texas - SPC
St Mary's Hall
Texas - Texas
FEAST Home School
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric West11.39aBoerne Champion
2.10Cameron Jones11.44aComal Smithson Valley
3.11Hunter McMurray11.55aBoerne Champion
4.10Gibreel Evans11.63aComal Canyon
5.11Sean Davis11.64aDripping Springs
6.-Jordan Akers11.76aNew Braunfels
6.-Lendell Smith11.76aComal Canyon
8.-Richard Moreno11.78aNew Braunfels
8.-Trey Cooley11.78aComal Smithson Valley
10.-Benny Graham11.80aLockhart
11.10Juan Lopez11.81aLockhart
12.-Caleel Turner11.84aComal Canyon
13.-Randall Mohedano11.85aFloresville
13.12Chris Jackson11.85aLockhart
15.-Ruben Benavides11.95aFloresville
16.10John Tysdal12.07aNew Braunfels
17.9Eben Dunlap12.13aBoerne Champion
18.-Clayton Mooney12.23aComal Smithson Valley
19.-Abel Ingle12.31aFloresville
20.-Jeremy Melton12.63aDripping Springs
---Joey HerrickNTDripping Springs
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Austin Waters11.97aComal Smithson Valley
2.11Matthew Martinez12.00aTrinity Christian (S...
3.-Marcus Odell12.21aNew Braunfels
4.10Austin Humphrey12.32aBoerne Champion
10David Ferreyro12.08Trinity Christian (S...
5.11Corey Wood12.47aBoerne Champion
6.11Kevin Edmondson12.53aBoerne Champion
7.-Lorenzo Neaves12.55aFloresville
8.-Andres Morales12.58aFloresville
9.-Weldon Hankton12.63aNew Braunfels
10.-Mark Sanchez12.73aComal Smithson Valley
11.-Matt Armijo12.78aNew Braunfels
12.10David Ferreyro12.79aTrinity Christian (S...
13.10Kole Hayes12.82aDripping Springs
14.-Zack Carrol-Ramirez12.90aComal Canyon
14.-Mathew Johnson12.90aComal Canyon
16.-Andrew Peterson12.93aComal Canyon
17.-Julio Ramirez12.95aComal Canyon
18.-Cesar Hernandez13.03aFloresville
19.-Calvin Tran13.12aComal Canyon
20.-Ajani Aird13.15aComal Canyon
21.-Matt Glaubach13.35aDripping Springs
22.9Jhad Francis13.54aDripping Springs
10Grant Taylor13.37Trinity Christian (S...
23.-Marcus Johnson13.65aLockhart
24.10Grant Taylor13.96aTrinity Christian (S...
25.-Chris Marrou14.19aComal Canyon
---Darius GuzziNTComal Smithson Valley
---Raynard TaylorNTComal Canyon
---Tyrell WilliamsNTLockhart
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trey Gillis23.11aFloresville
2.12Dakota Billings23.31aComal Canyon
3.-Joey Herrick23.52aDripping Springs
4.-Isaac Hernandez23.53aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Benny Graham23.55aLockhart
6.-Lendell Smith23.63aComal Canyon
7.12Chris Jackson23.71aLockhart
8.-Trey Cooley23.89aComal Smithson Valley
9.10Juan Lopez24.06aLockhart
10.9Eben Dunlap24.30aBoerne Champion
11.-Kevin Ramos24.32aNew Braunfels
12.-Tristan Lambert24.36aNew Braunfels
13.-Bobby Lusk25.10aFloresville
14.-Jeremy Melton25.51aDripping Springs
15.-Reuben Molina26.18aNew Braunfels
---John HandowskiNTFloresville
---Caleel TurnerNTComal Canyon
--12David WrenNTDripping Springs
--12Eric WestNTBoerne Champion
---Baron GirdyNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Kyle PoeskeNTBoerne Champion
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Forest Forte23.78aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Justin Elson24.09aComal Smithson Valley
3.-David Hine24.29aDripping Springs
4.-Zach Frantz24.40aFloresville
5.-Raynard Taylor24.59aComal Canyon
6.-A.C. Reid24.83aComal Smithson Valley
7.-Zane Schnautz24.89aLockhart
11Matthew Martinez24.65Trinity Christian (S...
8.11Zach Taylor25.04aBoerne Champion
9.-Jordan Reynolds25.09aNew Braunfels
10.-Mark Sanchez25.32aComal Smithson Valley
11.-Hunter Wild25.38aNew Braunfels
12.11Matthew Martinez25.55aTrinity Christian (S...
13.-Logan Ruiz25.61aNew Braunfels
14.-Marcus Johnson25.65aLockhart
15.-Mathew Johnson25.78aComal Canyon
16.11Joey Kuykendall25.84aBoerne Champion
17.10Kole Hayes25.90aDripping Springs
18.-Nick Gomez25.99aFloresville
19.-Scott Gonzales26.13aFloresville
20.-Delfino Farfan26.17aBoerne Champion
21.-Nathan Schupp26.20aDripping Springs
22.-Andrew Peterson26.95aComal Canyon
23.10Grant Taylor28.89aTrinity Christian (S...
--12Carlos FerreyroNTTrinity Christian (S...
---Cory CuellarNTLockhart
---Zack Carrol-RamirezNTComal Canyon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Uhr50.67aLockhart
2.12Dustin Oelsen51.18aNew Braunfels
3.11Khalil Fowler51.26aComal Canyon
4.10Blake Chiuminetta52.98aDripping Springs
5.-Sam Delgado53.04aComal Smithson Valley
6.11Joseph Hefner53.40aLockhart
7.-Galen Griffin53.46aDripping Springs
8.12Nate Moore53.76aLockhart
9.-Charles Felux53.97aFloresville
10.11Isaac Killgore53.98aBoerne Champion
11.11CJ Schaefer54.02aBoerne Champion
11.10Jeremy Hay54.02aComal Canyon
13.-Hunter Wood54.22aComal Canyon
14.12Dylan Johnson56.62aDripping Springs
15.-Chris Dreager58.97aFloresville
--12Zach HollandNTBoerne Champion
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Brian Wynn54.26aComal Canyon
2.10Luis Garcia55.42aComal Smithson Valley
3.-David Hine55.65aDripping Springs
4.10Cody Keranen55.73aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Ryan Shelley56.27aComal Canyon
6.9Adam Duran56.95aNew Braunfels
7.9Jordan Gleason57.60aComal Smithson Valley
8.-Holtan Pierce57.75aNew Braunfels
9.-Nathan Roberts57.99aComal Canyon
10.9Sabass Amaya58.41aLockhart
11.9Sean Moy59.12aFloresville
12.9Connor O'Toole59.20aNew Braunfels
10Steven Holt59.70Trinity Christian (S...
13.10Steven Holt1:00.42aTrinity Christian (S...
14.9Brandon Garcia1:00.45aFloresville
15.10Daniel Lang1:01.00aBoerne Champion
16.-Sam Brodsky1:01.57aDripping Springs
17.10Mark Sheppard1:01.94aBoerne Champion
18.10David Mata1:02.31aBoerne Champion
19.9Taylor Stephens1:07.09aLockhart
20.9Tyler Tamayo1:08.26aLockhart
21.10Grant Taylor1:10.48aTrinity Christian (S...
---Rafael JuarezNTFloresville
---Nathan SchuppNTDripping Springs
--11Jay ShahNTComal Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Uhr1:55.85aLockhart
2.12Nate Moore1:56.16aLockhart
3.12Dylan Willett1:56.32aComal Smithson Valley
4.12Dylan Johnson1:56.90aDripping Springs
5.11Kade Kistner1:58.82aNew Braunfels
6.11Jack Monday2:00.84aBoerne Champion
7.9Andrew Tankersley2:01.07aBoerne Champion
8.11Michael Orgeron2:02.07aDripping Springs
9.11Trent Mangold2:02.12aNew Braunfels
10.12Clay Smith2:02.37aNew Braunfels
11.12Christian Villescas2:03.76aBoerne Champion
12.11Buck Baker2:05.98aFloresville
13.10Blake Chiuminetta2:06.64aDripping Springs
14.11Joseph Hefner2:06.73aLockhart
15.9Zach Bryan2:09.31aComal Canyon
16.11Jose Romero2:09.41aComal Canyon
17.11Austin Brown2:11.79aComal Smithson Valley
18.11Jordan Goetsch2:12.96aComal Canyon
19.10Duron Devin2:15.96aComal Smithson Valley
20.9Noah Leos2:19.50aFloresville
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Russell2:07.00aLockhart
2.12Luke Hoffman2:09.54aBoerne Champion
3.-Randy Cornell2:10.32aLockhart
4.10Taylor Redwine2:12.89aComal Canyon
5.-Jonah Brandes2:13.48aComal Smithson Valley
6.11Kyle Thompson2:13.68aBoerne Champion
7.10Matthew Anderson2:15.77aFloresville
8.11Jarek Zapeda2:17.18aNew Braunfels
9.10Zach Merrill2:18.83aNew Braunfels
10.-Lane Rinker2:22.65aDripping Springs
10Steven Holt2:23.19Trinity Christian (S...
11.9Logan Simpson2:23.60aNew Braunfels
12.-Xavier Fajardo2:23.77aComal Smithson Valley
13.10Lane Hoskinson2:24.17aComal Canyon
14.9Mason Garcia2:24.33aComal Canyon
15.10David Mata2:25.76aBoerne Champion
16.10Steven Holt2:26.25aTrinity Christian (S...
17.9Andrew Powers2:28.75aLockhart
18.10Matthew Pruski2:31.88aFloresville
19.-Brian Marenco2:36.48aComal Smithson Valley
20.9Luke Mitchell3:01.46aComal Smithson Valley
---Tyler LintonNTDripping Springs
--9Eddie PerezNTFloresville
--11Chris BrennanNTDripping Springs
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dylan Willett4:29.20aComal Smithson Valley
2.12Josh Stallings4:31.72aNew Braunfels
3.12Caleb Gutierrez4:34.36aNew Braunfels
4.9Andrew Tankersley4:41.45aBoerne Champion
5.10Michael Russell4:41.75aBoerne Champion
6.12Bond Birkner4:44.35aComal Canyon
--10Duron DevinNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Zach BryanNTComal Canyon
--10Brandon KnightNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Jose RomeroNTComal Canyon
--12Christian VillescasNTBoerne Champion
--11Chris AdameNTComal Canyon
--9Noah LeosNTFloresville
--11Brandon PogueNTFloresville
--11Buck BakerNTFloresville
--11Jarrod BerdollNTDripping Springs
--9Milo TuckerNTDripping Springs
--11Trent MangoldNTNew Braunfels
--12Eli SpringNTLockhart
--11Austin BrownNTComal Smithson Valley
--12Joe AnchondoNTLockhart
--11Nicholas AveyNTLockhart
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Travis Miller4:41.81aBoerne Champion
2.10Zach Merrill4:52.71aNew Braunfels
3.11Xavier Espinosa4:57.90aLockhart
4.12Sam Kolling5:01.38aBoerne Champion
5.10Rodrigo Martinez5:03.24aComal Canyon
6.10Jacob Zapata5:06.65aNew Braunfels
---Xavier FajardoNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Luis GuiterezNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Matt CargileNTComal Smithson Valley
---Nick AmmannNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Alan RodriguezNTComal Canyon
--11Sergio AlvaNTBoerne Champion
--10Taylor RedwineNTComal Canyon
---Marcus IbarraNTFloresville
--9Daniel CacerasNTDripping Springs
---Colby LoepNTFloresville
--12Ruben PerezNTDripping Springs
--12Alejandro CollazoNTDripping Springs
--9Nicolas ZunigaNTNew Braunfels
--11Colton RussellNTLockhart
--9Gregory LitmanNTComal Smithson Valley
---Jesse PachecoNTFloresville
---Randy CornellNTLockhart
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Gutierrez10:04.79aNew Braunfels
2.10Hayden Schmitz10:12.01aNew Braunfels
3.11Nicholas Avey10:24.26aLockhart
4.10Jake Holland10:30.99aBoerne Champion
5.12Joe Anchondo10:40.45aLockhart
6.9Milo Tucker10:45.03aDripping Springs
7.12Bond Birkner11:02.50aComal Canyon
8.10Josh Carriker11:02.63aDripping Springs
9.11Chris Adame11:06.87aComal Canyon
10.11Brandon Pogue11:14.91aFloresville
11.11Jarrod Berdoll11:37.71aDripping Springs
12.12Jordan Hoffer11:41.24aComal Canyon
--12Paublo LopezNTComal Smithson Valley
--12Josh StallingsNTNew Braunfels
--10Brandon KnightNTComal Smithson Valley
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Xavier Espinosa10:56.50aLockhart
2.10Rodrigo Martinez11:07.44aComal Canyon
3.10Brandon Breaux11:23.79aNew Braunfels
4.10Erik Moreno11:29.07aLockhart
5.9Gregory Litman11:30.03aComal Smithson Valley
6.9Nicolas Zuniga11:35.08aNew Braunfels
7.9Bryan Ergong11:38.23aComal Canyon
8.12Ruben Perez11:40.58aDripping Springs
9.10Luis Guiterez11:49.50aComal Smithson Valley
10.9Sergio Moreno11:55.85aLockhart
11.10Matt Cargile12:05.34aComal Smithson Valley
12.-Nick Ammann12:12.02aComal Smithson Valley
13.12Alejandro Collazo12:15.17aDripping Springs
14.9Jarin Gomez12:16.83aComal Canyon
15.9Isaac Schmidt12:20.13aNew Braunfels
16.10Calvin Doswell13:27.50aBoerne Champion
---Colby LoepNTFloresville
--9Luke LaRueNTDripping Springs
--9Eddie PerezNTFloresville
---Marcus IbarraNTFloresville
--10Nick CarilloNTBoerne Champion
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Schmitzer15.39aDripping Springs
2.12Joseph Bell15.61aLockhart
3.12Trey Bochat15.70aBoerne Champion
4.11Kody Wilson15.71aComal Canyon
5.12Matthew Crockett15.72aFloresville
6.-Dillon Moore16.45aNew Braunfels
7.-Zac Roznowski16.99aComal Canyon
8.-Levi Klinsman17.02aNew Braunfels
9.-Austin Anderson17.05aComal Canyon
10.10Austin Ley17.13aBoerne Champion
11.10Carlos Castello17.43aComal Smithson Valley
12.11Parker Rickert18.04aBoerne Champion
---Bobby LuskNTFloresville
--10Daniel SchmitzerNTDripping Springs
--12Jacob UlbrichtNTComal Smithson Valley
---Trevor DarrNTNew Braunfels
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Dewayne Hinton16.66aComal Canyon
2.-Jake Shields17.27aComal Smithson Valley
2.9Caden Anderson17.27aComal Smithson Valley
4.10Bryan Wersterfer17.68aComal Smithson Valley
8.12Carlos Ferreyro17.74Trinity Christian (S...
5.9Cameron Ley18.41aBoerne Champion
5.-Nick Anderson18.41aComal Smithson Valley
7.10Cameron Ross18.42aComal Canyon
7.9Brendan Martinez18.42aComal Smithson Valley
9.10Tyler Goad18.43aComal Canyon
9.12Carlos Ferreyro18.43aTrinity Christian (S...
11.-Steven Horvath18.68aDripping Springs
12.-Thomas Ewing18.98aLockhart
12.-Cruise DeHoyas18.98aFloresville
14.10Arthur Johnson19.01aBoerne Champion
15.-Pablo Deleon19.35aLockhart
15.-Cory Pullin19.35aComal Canyon
17.9Gunner Brown19.75aLockhart
18.-Jake Sammons20.02aFloresville
19.-Brandt Turner20.32aDripping Springs
20.-Ben Silliman20.38aDripping Springs
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Crockett40.64aFloresville
2.-Austin Anderson41.04aComal Canyon
3.12Jacob Ulbricht41.07aComal Smithson Valley
4.-David Schmitzer41.23aDripping Springs
5.-Levi Klinsman42.16aNew Braunfels
6.-Dillon Moore42.18aNew Braunfels
7.-Dustin Lazenby43.15aComal Canyon
8.10Will Tanner43.66aDripping Springs
9.11Parker Rickert43.80aBoerne Champion
10.-Trevor Darr44.46aNew Braunfels
11.-Eduardo Rangel45.76aComal Smithson Valley
12.10Daniel Schmitzer46.42aDripping Springs
--11Kody WilsonNTComal Canyon
--10Austin LeyNTBoerne Champion
--10Carlos CastelloNTComal Smithson Valley
--12Trey BochatNTBoerne Champion
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Cameron Ross43.21aComal Canyon
2.10Tyler Goad43.57aComal Canyon
3.-Daniel Rust44.20aComal Canyon
4.9Cameron Ley44.24aBoerne Champion
5.9Dewayne Hinton44.30aComal Canyon
6.-Nick Anderson44.37aComal Smithson Valley
7.10David Ferreyro45.26aTrinity Christian (S...
8.-Jake Shields46.19aComal Smithson Valley
9.-Cruise DeHoyas46.41aFloresville
10.-Jake Sammons46.84aFloresville
11.-Sterling Morrow46.91aDripping Springs
12.-Griffin Conway47.36aLockhart
13.-Case Johnson47.39aDripping Springs
14.9Gunner Brown47.70aLockhart
15.10Nolan Collier47.79aDripping Springs
16.10Arthur Johnson47.85aBoerne Champion
17.9Brendan Martinez48.41aComal Smithson Valley
18.9Caden Anderson48.55aComal Smithson Valley
19.-Thomas Ewing48.81aLockhart
20.10Bryan Wersterfer49.37aComal Smithson Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cameron Jones
De'Wayne Rubin
Trey Cooley
Baron Girdy
43.40aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Khalil Fowler
Gibreel Evans
Shea Thomas
Dakota Billings
43.50aComal Canyon
3.-Sean Davis
Bobby Johnson
Galen Griffin
Alex Banos
43.90aDripping Springs
4.-Ruben Benavides
Trey Gillis
Randall Mohedano
John Handowski
5.-John Tysdal
Richard Moreno
Kevin Ramos
Dustin Oelsen
44.06aNew Braunfels
6.-Jordan Huckaby
Juan Lopez
Benny Graham
Chris Jackson
7.-Isaac Killgore
Hunter McMurray
Trey Bochat
Caleb Killgore
44.90aBoerne Champion
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Trevor Luckemeyer
Nicholas Lynch
Joseph Aguirre
James Smith
45.77aComal Canyon
2.-Nick Anderson
Forest Forte
Luis Garcia
Justin Elson
46.22aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Cesar Hernandez
Zach Frantz
Sean Moy
Andres Morales
4.-Cullen Barry
Marcus Odell
Dominic Francis
Jordan Reynolds
46.88aNew Braunfels
5.-George Neef
Sean Spry
Jonah Ribera
Nathan Jocius
46.96aDripping Springs
6.-Austin Humphrey
Delfino Farfan
Jared Entler
Sebastian Garces
47.42aBoerne Champion
7.-Zane Schnautz
Marcus Johnson
CJ McKinney
Cory Cuellar
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shea Thomas
Gibreel Evans
Lendell Smith
Dakota Billings
1:30.71aComal Canyon
2.-Bobby Johnson
Joey Herrick
Alex Banos
David Wren
1:31.16aDripping Springs
3.-Cameron Jones
De'Wayne Rubin
Isaac Hernandez
Baron Girdy
1:31.29aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Caleb Killgore
Byron Hager
Hunter McMurray
Eric West
1:32.60aBoerne Champion
5.-Charles Felux
Ruben Benavides
Abel Ingle
Trey Gillis
6.-Tristan Lambert
Jordan Akers
Kevin Ramos
Richard Moreno
1:34.32aNew Braunfels
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Forest Forte
Austin Waters
Justin Elson
A.C. Reid
1:36.14aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Jared Entler
Shane Starnes
Sebastian Garces
Joe Kolling
1:36.73aBoerne Champion
3.-Trevor Luckemeyer
Joseph Aguirre
James Smith
Nicholas Lynch
1:36.93aComal Canyon
4.-Cullen Barry
Christian Krueger
Dominic Francis
Jordan Reynolds
1:38.11aNew Braunfels
5.-George Neef
Sean Spry
Jonah Ribera
Nathan Jocius
1:38.91aDripping Springs
6.-Nick Gomez
Andres Morales
Zach Frantz
Cesar Hernandez
7.-Zane Schnautz
Marcus Johnson
CJ McKinney
Cory Cuellar
7.-David Ferreyro
Steven Holt
Matthew Martinez
Carlos Ferreyro
1:41.00Trinity Christian (S...
8.-David Ferreyro
Steven Holt
Matthew Martinez
Carlos Ferreyro
1:41.48aTrinity Christian (S...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Galen Griffin
David Wren
Sean Davis
Dylan Johnson
3:24.48aDripping Springs
2.-CJ Schaefer
Caleb Killgore
Zach Holland
Byron Hager
3:27.59aBoerne Champion
3.-Jeremy Hay
Austin Anderson
Shea Thomas
Khalil Fowler
3:27.79aComal Canyon
4.-Nate Moore
Robert Uhr
Joseph Hefner
Nicholas Avey
5.-Isaac Hernandez
Jacob Ulbricht
Sam Delgado
De'Wayne Rubin
3:30.44aComal Smithson Valley
6.-Clay Smith
Kade Kistner
Jordan Akers
Dustin Oelsen
3:31.57aNew Braunfels
7.-Matthew Crockett
Abel Ingle
John Handowski
Charles Felux
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Keranen
Cord Given
Austin Waters
Luis Garcia
3:41.33aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Jay Shah
Raynard Taylor
Ryan Shelley
Brian Wynn
3:42.57aComal Canyon
3.-Holtan Pierce
Luke Heywood
Adam Duran
Cullen Barry
3:45.59aNew Braunfels
4.-Xavier Espinosa
Colton Russell
Randy Cornell
Erik Moreno
---Joe Kolling
Cameron Ley
Sebastian Garces
Shane Starnes
NTBoerne Champion
---Sterling Morrow
George Neef
Jonah Ribera
Nathan Jocius
NTDripping Springs
---Rafael Juarez
Sean Moy
Cruise DeHoyas
Derek Moczygemba
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Huckaby52-06.75Lockhart
2.10Skyler Nelson49-07.25Comal Canyon
3.-Garrett Gunter48-08.75Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Elijah Arnold47-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.-Izaiha Ramirez44-04.25Comal Canyon
6.-Kevin Richards42-09.00Floresville
7.-Jacob Smith41-02.00Comal Canyon
8.-Jackson Hoskins39-08.00Dripping Springs
9.10Avery McThompson38-03.25Dripping Springs
10.11Kyle McKinney38-00.75Boerne Champion
11.10Joseph Strong37-01.25Boerne Champion
12.-Bennie Ximenez36-10.75Floresville
13.-Garrett Persich36-05.00New Braunfels
14.-Matt Edge36-00.75New Braunfels
15.-Warren Stoddard35-05.25Dripping Springs
16.11Ryne Lehman34-10.25Lockhart
---Ethan PerryNDComal Smithson Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ben Clark45-06.50Comal Smithson Valley
2.-Ryan Cavalier39-10.00Comal Canyon
3.-Tyler Zigmond39-04.25Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Keith Langley39-01.00New Braunfels
5.9Caden Anderson38-11.50Comal Smithson Valley
6.10Logan Schmok38-08.00Dripping Springs
7.10Ben Herr38-04.50Boerne Champion
8.10Christian Desmond37-03.50Boerne Champion
9.10Sam Van Nest36-00.00Boerne Champion
10.9Cody Krampitz35-05.50Comal Canyon
11.-Alex Douglas35-00.50Floresville
12.-Barrett Smith33-04.50Floresville
13.-Andrew Kelly32-10.00Dripping Springs
14.-Sean Nesloney32-00.50Comal Smithson Valley
15.9C J Horan31-06.00New Braunfels
16.-Tanner Brown31-03.00Lockhart
17.-Tel Rosipal28-10.00Dripping Springs
--9Wyatt ParisNDTrinity Christian (S...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Huckaby162-07Lockhart
2.-Jacob Smith156-06Comal Canyon
3.11Zach Oliva151-03Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Zeller Torres145-09Comal Canyon
5.-Robert Aguilar142-06New Braunfels
6.12Joseph Bell140-00Lockhart
7.10Matt Love135-05New Braunfels
8.-Elijah Arnold132-11Comal Smithson Valley
9.-Ethan Perry124-05Comal Smithson Valley
10.12Tanner DeBerry118-08Boerne Champion
11.-John Handowski117-01Floresville
12.-Bennie Ximenez114-03Floresville
13.-Kevin Richards112-11Floresville
14.-Jackson Hoskins111-05Dripping Springs
15.10Mike Myers106-10New Braunfels
16.11Ryne Lehman95-03Lockhart
17.10Avery McThompson93-04Dripping Springs
18.-Austin Munns92-03Dripping Springs
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Wright129-01New Braunfels
2.10Ben Clark126-01Comal Smithson Valley
3.9Caden Anderson117-08Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Cory Robledo113-02Comal Canyon
5.-Tyler Zigmond108-08Comal Smithson Valley
6.-Sean Nesloney105-02Comal Smithson Valley
7.9Chase Horan104-04New Braunfels
8.11Jacob Kessler102-10Boerne Champion
9.9C J Horan98-05New Braunfels
10.-Victor Martinez97-00Comal Canyon
11Matthew Martinez96'4"Trinity Christian (S...
11.-Kenton Ogen96-02Boerne Champion
12.11Matthew Martinez96-01Trinity Christian (S...
13.9Adan Dominguez93-08Dripping Springs
14.-Lane Rinker92-10Dripping Springs
15.10Logan Schmok92-01Dripping Springs
16.-Tanner Brown90-11Lockhart
17.-Joel Perez85-08Boerne Champion
18.-Ruben Lomas85-00Comal Canyon
19.-Alex Douglas78-09Floresville
20.-Barrett Smith76-01Floresville
--9Wyatt ParisNDTrinity Christian (S...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Oelsen6-06.00New Braunfels
2.12Trey Bochat6-02.00Boerne Champion
3.-Mitchell Schnautz6-02.00Boerne Champion
4.11Darren Orth6-00.00Floresville
5.12Matthew Crockett6-00.00Floresville
6.10Aaron Gettys5-10.00New Braunfels
7.10De'Wayne Rubin5-08.00Comal Smithson Valley
7.10Austin Karrer5-08.00Comal Canyon
9.12Isaiah Williams5-06.00Buda Hays
9.-Domonique Dewalt5-06.00Floresville
---Josh ParkNHDripping Springs
---Will WordNHNew Braunfels
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Marshall Drake5-08.00Boerne Champion
2.11Zach Taylor5-08.00Boerne Champion
3.9Landry Dowdy5-08.00Comal Canyon
4.-Logan Tomlinson5-08.00New Braunfels
5.-Nick Gomez5-06.00Floresville
6.10Luis Garcia5-04.00Comal Smithson Valley
6.-Charlie Berry5-04.00Comal Canyon
--9Shea BrewerNHLockhart
--9Austin WatersNHComal Smithson Valley
---Kody HurtNHLockhart
--9Sean MoyNHFloresville
---Mark SanchezNHComal Smithson Valley
--10Steven HoltNHTrinity Christian (S...
---Dylan PriceNHNew Braunfels
---Griffin ConwayNHLockhart
---Dillon BullerNHBoerne Champion
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Avery Jones16-00.00FEAST Home School
2.12Jacob Ulbricht15-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
3.12Thomas Hildebrand14-00.00Boerne Champion
4.-Austin Johnson13-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.-Angel Flores12-06.00Comal Canyon
6.10Jacob Traugott12-06.00Comal Canyon
7.-Curtis Klinge12-06.00Comal Canyon
8.11Charles Ereaux12-00.00Lockhart
---Stephen BeckerNHNew Braunfels
---Dylan YoungNHNew Braunfels
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Shane Crandell13-00.00Comal Canyon
2.10Bryan Wersterfer12-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
3.-Scott Gonzales11-00.00Floresville
4.10Ryan Lynch10-06.00Boerne Champion
4.9Harrison Ferguson10-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
--12Carlos FerreyroNHTrinity Christian (S...
---Harrison HeinesNHComal Smithson Valley
--10David FerreyroNHTrinity Christian (S...
--9Aspen WhitlockNHComal Canyon
---Hunter SmithNHComal Canyon
--10Joe KollingNHBoerne Champion
--9Shea BrewerNHLockhart
---Kody HurtNHLockhart
--10Matthew AndersonNHFloresville
---Thomas EwingNHLockhart
---Austin JimenizNHFloresville
--11Josh UlbrichtNHComal Smithson Valley
---James YonkerNHNew Braunfels
---Brock BeckerNHNew Braunfels
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleel Turner21-06.00Comal Canyon
2.11Kody Wilson20-02.00Comal Canyon
3.10Cameron Jones20-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.12Dakota Billings19-08.75Comal Canyon
5.-Sam Delgado18-07.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.9Eben Dunlap18-07.00Boerne Champion
7.-Bobby Lusk18-06.25Floresville
8.-Domonique Dewalt18-06.00Floresville
9.-Drew Ewald17-06.00New Braunfels
10.-Abel Ingle16-09.00Floresville
11.-Trenton Stanush15-07.00New Braunfels
---Chase CullisonNDDripping Springs
--12David WrenNDDripping Springs
--11Lane KellyNDDripping Springs
--12Joseph BellNDLockhart
--10Carlos CastelloNDComal Smithson Valley
--12Trey BochatNDBoerne Champion
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthew Martinez18'2.5"Trinity Christian (S...
1.11Matthew Martinez18-02.00Trinity Christian (S...
2.-James Smith17-11.00Comal Canyon
3.-Trey Wehmeyer17-06.00Boerne Champion
4.-Malte Schlobmacher17-04.00Floresville
5.-Christian Krueger17-03.00New Braunfels
6.10Nathan Jocius17-01.00Dripping Springs
7.-Raynard Taylor17-00.50Comal Canyon
8.-Ben Silliman16-10.00Dripping Springs
9.-Griffin Conway16-08.00Lockhart
9.-Andres Morales16-08.00Floresville
11.-Scott Miller16-01.00Dripping Springs
12.-CJ McKinney15-10.00Lockhart
13.-Holtan Pierce15-09.50New Braunfels
14.-Kevin Montague15-05.50New Braunfels
15.-Jody Trevino15-04.00Floresville
16.-Kody Hurt13-11.00Lockhart
17.10Grant Taylor13-10.00Trinity Christian (S...
---Brian WynnNDComal Canyon
---Darius GuzziNDComal Smithson Valley
---Jake ShieldsNDComal Smithson Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Crockett43-01.00Floresville
2.-Josh Green42-01.50New Braunfels
3.-Caleel Turner40-09.50Comal Canyon
4.11Kody Wilson39-04.00Comal Canyon
5.-Drew Ewald38-04.50New Braunfels
6.11Darren Orth38-02.00Floresville
7.-Sam Delgado37-10.00Comal Smithson Valley
7.-Domonique Dewalt37-10.00Floresville
9.-Benny Graham36-00.00Lockhart
10.-Trenton Stanush34-07.75New Braunfels
---Isaac HernandezNDComal Smithson Valley
--11Khalil FowlerNDComal Canyon
--12David WrenNDDripping Springs
---Chase CullisonNDDripping Springs
--10Carlos CastelloNDComal Smithson Valley
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Carlos Ferreyro39-09.50Trinity Christian (S...
2.-Marshall Drake37-03.00Boerne Champion
3.-Christian Krueger36-07.00New Braunfels
4.9Sean Moy36-02.00Floresville
5.-Jared Garcia36-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
6.-Holtan Pierce35-06.00New Braunfels
7.-Lorenzo Neaves35-02.00Floresville
8.-Scott Miller34-05.00Dripping Springs
9.-Griffin Conway34-02.00Lockhart
10.-Dillon Buller33-07.00Boerne Champion
11.10David Ferreyro33-03.00Trinity Christian (S...
12.9Tyler Wagner33-00.00Comal Canyon
12.10Nathan Jocius33-00.00Dripping Springs
14.-CJ McKinney32-07.00Lockhart
15.9Landry Dowdy32-03.00Comal Canyon
16.9Shea Brewer31-05.50Lockhart
17.-Kevin Montague29-01.00New Braunfels
---Jake ShieldsNDComal Smithson Valley
---Ben SillimanNDDripping Springs
--11Josh UlbrichtNDComal Smithson Valley
--10Bryan WersterferNDComal Smithson Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kailey Riedel12.93aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Haley Rutledge13.31aNew Braunfels
3.-Jennifer Mahula13.48aFloresville
4.-Natalie Smeby13.57aComal Canyon
5.-Allyssa Strickland13.66aDripping Springs
6.12Ashley Brodrick13.76aBoerne Champion
7.10Brooke Meis13.96aFloresville
8.12Vanessa Johnson14.03aComal Canyon
9.-Dusti Milewski14.29aFloresville
10.-Cailyn Wilson14.70aBoerne Champion
--9Kristen WebberNTComal Canyon
--11Essence ThompsonNTLockhart
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Whitney Walleck13.81aComal Canyon
2.10Courtney Logsdon13.95aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Whitney Fox14.43aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Christina Elkins14.49aNew Braunfels
5.-Madi Murray14.50aDripping Springs
6.-Anna Nelms14.61aDripping Springs
7.11Desiree Martinez14.75aComal Canyon
8.-Anissa Delarosa14.78aComal Canyon
9.-Emily Gunter14.81aComal Smithson Valley
10.9Maddie Starks14.83aBoerne Champion
11.-Ashley Middleton14.86aDripping Springs
12.-Houston Kimes15.03aFloresville
13.-Danyella Norman15.30aLockhart
14.-Amy Haby15.73aComal Smithson Valley
15.-Kirsten Crutcher15.94aComal Smithson Valley
16.9Kayla Stephens16.18aLockhart
--10Lexi SmithNTFloresville
---Danielle FloresNTFloresville
---Carrigan HerringNTNew Braunfels
--9Deanna QuintanillaNTLockhart
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsie Smeby27.47aComal Canyon
2.-Allyssa Strickland27.74aDripping Springs
3.-Gabrielle Fernandez27.81aDripping Springs
4.12Chandler Gum27.83aBoerne Champion
5.9Kristen Webber27.90aComal Canyon
6.-Brooke Hull27.99aNew Braunfels
7.-Jordan Fusilier28.06aNew Braunfels
8.11Meagan Carreon28.35aBoerne Champion
9.10Brooke Meis28.55aFloresville
10.-Kelsey Pierce28.62aComal Smithson Valley
11.-Jessica Johnson28.63aComal Smithson Valley
12.-Dusti Milewski29.63aFloresville
13.10Holly Lott29.75aLockhart
14.11Elizabeth Ann Alamillo29.98aBoerne Champion
15.-Madison Marsh30.47aNew Braunfels
16.9Madison Roberts33.01aLockhart
---Natalie SmebyNTComal Canyon
--11Nicole GarsteckiNTComal Smithson Valley
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Morgan Zillman28.28aComal Smithson Valley
2.10Ashley Duffin28.85aNew Braunfels
3.-Becky Beggs29.73aDripping Springs
4.-Anissa Delarosa29.92aComal Canyon
5.-Madi Murray29.94aDripping Springs
5.-Alexia Guillt29.94aComal Canyon
7.9Alexis Cantu29.95aFloresville
8.11Desiree Martinez30.41aComal Canyon
9.-Savannah Gray30.66aComal Smithson Valley
10.-Kyleigh Kelley30.67aComal Smithson Valley
11.-Ariel Herrera31.05aFloresville
12.9Haylee Tanguma31.12aComal Canyon
13.-Gabby Lozano31.73aDripping Springs
14.-Harley Ehland32.02aComal Smithson Valley
15.-Amy Haby32.89aComal Smithson Valley
---Danielle FloresNTFloresville
--10Shiletha AkinsNTLockhart
--9Selena AndersonNTNew Braunfels
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kailey Riedel58.31aComal Smithson Valley
2.12Ashley Mullen1:01.18aComal Canyon
3.10Lauren Schuelke1:01.84aLockhart
4.10Cassidi Voigt1:01.99aComal Smithson Valley
5.9Alexandra Davis1:02.31aDripping Springs
6.11Diana Sone1:02.70aDripping Springs
7.10Haley Zunker1:02.75aComal Canyon
8.12Ashley Brodrick1:03.11aBoerne Champion
9.11Olivia Smith1:03.39aLockhart
10.11Michelle Glasenapp1:04.81aComal Canyon
11.10Sarah Brodsky1:05.35aDripping Springs
12.10Haley Cantway1:05.50aBoerne Champion
13.12Kareece Sacco1:05.77aNew Braunfels
14.11Julia Brock1:08.79aFloresville
15.10Nessa Rios1:09.47aLockhart
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Saculla1:04.02aDripping Springs
2.-Sierra Pettis1:05.48aComal Canyon
3.-Micaela Gomez1:05.69aNew Braunfels
4.-Jasmine Sauceda1:06.33aNew Braunfels
5.-Mallory Richter1:07.07aDripping Springs
6.9Sophia Cantu1:08.29aDripping Springs
7.9Lacie Spencer1:09.55aComal Canyon
8.9Nanette Labrada1:09.96aFloresville
9.10Taylor Herrera1:11.52aComal Smithson Valley
10.-Marissa Rodriguez1:13.99aLockhart
11.11Haliegh Lewis1:15.34aFloresville
12.-Lauren Kim1:20.78aComal Smithson Valley
---Amour MarungoNTNew Braunfels
---Kaylah RodruguezNTLockhart
---Gaby PittmanNTComal Smithson Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Briley2:19.30aBoerne Champion
2.12Abigail Tankersley2:19.76aBoerne Champion
3.10Dominque Tilly2:23.60aComal Canyon
4.11Olivia Smith2:24.88aLockhart
5.11Landa Dowdy2:25.28aComal Canyon
6.12Ashlynn Rice2:26.16aNew Braunfels
--10Emily YoungNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Mary KeenanNTBoerne Champion
--10Marina NolenNTComal Canyon
--11Jenny FritzNTDripping Springs
--10Ashlyn LaskowskiNTFloresville
--12Ally KovarNTDripping Springs
--10Sarah BrodskyNTDripping Springs
--9Gabby EscobedoNTLockhart
---Amanda ScrogginNTNew Braunfels
--10Glory FiteNTFloresville
--11Alex LindseyNTLockhart
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Jessica Weir2:32.87aComal Canyon
2.11Lauren Talley2:34.19aBoerne Champion
3.10Breauna Gabriel2:37.53aComal Canyon
4.11Audrey Cantu2:37.82aDripping Springs
5.10Leslie Linker2:39.79aDripping Springs
6.9Jessica Dziuba2:44.01aComal Smithson Valley
7.9Gwen Cochran2:45.78aDripping Springs
8.10Devin Rocha2:48.76aComal Canyon
9.9Lindsey Pineda2:49.99aNew Braunfels
10.10Cora Micklojacyk2:58.59aFloresville
11.9Selena Anderson3:00.73aNew Braunfels
12.9Emily Wilson3:03.02aNew Braunfels
13.-Caroline Gado3:05.51aComal Smithson Valley
14.-Jewel Jiminez3:13.53aFloresville
15.-Kaylah Rodruguez3:25.85aLockhart
---Morgan BeetlerNTFloresville
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abigail Tankersley5:15.86aBoerne Champion
2.11Landa Dowdy5:21.77aComal Canyon
3.10Morgan Szekely5:22.92aNew Braunfels
4.11Mary Keenan5:24.42aBoerne Champion
5.10Megan Briley5:28.05aBoerne Champion
6.11Jenny Fritz5:28.18aDripping Springs
--10Kelly CookNTDripping Springs
--10Emily YoungNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Mckaley BadgettNTComal Smithson Valley
--12Ally KovarNTDripping Springs
--10Marina NolenNTComal Canyon
--10Dominque TillyNTComal Canyon
--10Svitlana ButschekNTComal Canyon
--10Nessa RiosNTLockhart
--10DeHavalan WattsNTFloresville
--11Ali ColurcielloNTLockhart
--11Liesel RaabeNTFloresville
--11Julia BrockNTFloresville
--10Catherine SampsonNTNew Braunfels
--10Moriah ColonNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Gabby EscobedoNTLockhart
--9Mia HofstadNTNew Braunfels
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Talley5:48.00aBoerne Champion
2.10Breauna Gabriel5:48.64aComal Canyon
3.10Mia Guerra5:48.95aComal Canyon
4.-Madeline Rodriguez5:50.73aFloresville
5.9Shayna Underwood5:53.67aNew Braunfels
6.9Hailey Willis5:55.32aDripping Springs
--10Katy WemmertNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Jessica DziubaNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Jennifer CastilloNTBoerne Champion
--9Jessica WeirNTComal Canyon
--12Lauren CrawfordNTBoerne Champion
--9Jessica CranstonNTFloresville
--10Cora MicklojacykNTFloresville
--12Adriana JohnsonNTDripping Springs
---Morgane XenosNTDripping Springs
--9Keomi HamlinNTNew Braunfels
---Caroline GadoNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Kennedy ParkmanNTNew Braunfels
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Danielle Martinez12:50.59aComal Canyon
2.10Catherine Sampson12:50.63aNew Braunfels
3.10Svitlana Butschek13:00.69aComal Canyon
4.-Tori Green13:28.51aComal Canyon
5.11Ari Hernandez13:30.15aFloresville
6.10Ashlyn Laskowski14:06.43aFloresville
7.9Rebecca Flores14:07.02aFloresville
8.10Moriah Colon14:31.35aComal Smithson Valley
--10Morgan SzekelyNTNew Braunfels
--9Mia HofstadNTNew Braunfels
--10Mckaley BadgettNTComal Smithson Valley
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Keomi Hamlin12:49.30aNew Braunfels
2.10Mia Guerra13:27.55aComal Canyon
3.9Hailey Willis13:39.57aDripping Springs
4.9Shayna Underwood13:45.40aNew Braunfels
5.12Lauren Crawford14:08.88aBoerne Champion
6.9Kennedy Parkman14:18.13aNew Braunfels
7.12Marina Flores14:30.89aComal Canyon
8.11Mariah Kilgore14:39.81aComal Canyon
9.10Katy Wemmert14:50.09aComal Smithson Valley
10.9Brianna Cortez14:51.22aFloresville
11.-Jewel Jiminez15:35.12aFloresville
12.-Morgan Beetler16:36.23aFloresville
---Morgane XenosNTDripping Springs
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isis Johnson16.25aLockhart
2.11Amber Cunningham17.24aNew Braunfels
3.-Audriana Moye17.27aComal Canyon
4.9Heather Beers17.30aComal Canyon
5.-Kaley Brown17.43aDripping Springs
5.-Carly Moczygemba17.43aComal Smithson Valley
7.11Crystal Pedrique17.46aComal Smithson Valley
8.-Makaela Heard17.61aComal Canyon
9.-Gabby Hurley17.97aDripping Springs
10.10Cassandra Rogers18.03aFloresville
11.11Courtney Sitka18.08aBoerne Champion
12.11Georgia Bauer18.42aDripping Springs
13.11Jasmine Geromiller18.50aFloresville
14.-Hannah Fite19.96aFloresville
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kacie Heinz18.09aDripping Springs
2.-Amanda Hendricks18.23aLockhart
3.-Alexandrie Carter18.37aComal Canyon
4.-Kaleigh Knake18.50aNew Braunfels
5.-Sierra Kelley18.51aDripping Springs
6.-Madeline Mathieu18.85aDripping Springs
7.9Brenna Simmons18.92aComal Smithson Valley
8.-Alex Reyes19.17aNew Braunfels
9.10Ashley Samples19.81aComal Smithson Valley
---Tara SchachtNTComal Canyon
---Sydney RossNTFloresville
---Taylor NewmanNTComal Smithson Valley
---Courtney BailiffNTBoerne Champion
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amber Cunningham48.62aNew Braunfels
2.-Kaley Brown48.79aDripping Springs
3.-Cassidy Schmidte49.37aLockhart
4.11Crystal Pedrique49.45aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Carly Moczygemba51.11aComal Smithson Valley
6.-Gabby Hurley51.40aDripping Springs
7.-Audriana Moye51.46aComal Canyon
8.-Makaela Heard52.58aComal Canyon
9.11Georgia Bauer52.65aDripping Springs
10.10Glory Fite54.49aFloresville
11.-Hannah Fite54.81aFloresville
12.11Jasmine Geromiller55.05aFloresville
--9Heather BeersNTComal Canyon
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Kelley50.46aDripping Springs
2.-Tara Schacht51.02aComal Canyon
3.-Alex Reyes51.08aNew Braunfels
4.-Madeline Mathieu52.85aDripping Springs
5.-Kaleigh Knake53.38aNew Braunfels
6.10Karianna Thayer53.72aDripping Springs
7.9Brenna Simmons54.35aComal Smithson Valley
8.-Alexandrie Carter54.48aComal Canyon
9.9Maddie Starks54.78aBoerne Champion
10.-Chloe Gannon55.99aComal Canyon
--10Ashley SamplesNTComal Smithson Valley
---Taylor NewmanNTComal Smithson Valley
---Courtney BailiffNTBoerne Champion
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Mullen
Vanessa Johnson
Kelsie Smeby
Natalie Smeby
50.85aComal Canyon
2.-Brooke Hull
Jordan Fusilier
Haley Rutledge
Marissa Kirsch
52.15aNew Braunfels
3.-Gabrielle Fernandez
Bevyn Howard
Lacey Carter
Allyssa Strickland
52.17aDripping Springs
4.-Holly Lott
Essence Thompson
Lauren Schuelke
Isis Johnson
5.-Meagan Carreon
Chandler Gum
Cailyn Wilson
Ashley Brodrick
52.86aBoerne Champion
6.-Jessica Johnson
Kelsey Pierce
Laura Linneman
Cassidi Voigt
53.62aComal Smithson Valley
7.-Dusti Milewski
Jasmine Geromiller
Hannah Fite
Cassandra Rogers
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Johnson
Sierra Pettis
Jessica Chavez
Whitney Walleck
53.29aComal Canyon
2.-Ashley Duffin
Carrigan Herring
Kaleigh Knake
Micaela Gomez
54.78aNew Braunfels
3.-Olivia Rauch
Anna Gehrke
Madison Collier
Shelby Middaugh
54.99aDripping Springs
4.-Emily Gunter
Kyleigh Kelley
Courtney Logsdon
Whitney Fox
55.91aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Deanna Quintanilla
Danyella Norman
Jacklyn Young
Amanda Hendricks
6.-Lexi Smith
Sydney Ross
Ariel Herrera
Houston Kimes
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabrielle Fernandez
Bevyn Howard
Lacey Carter
Alexandra Davis
1:49.11aDripping Springs
2.-Jordan Fusilier
Brooke Hull
Marissa Kirsch
Haley Rutledge
1:50.13aNew Braunfels
3.-Jessica Johnson
Kelsey Pierce
Laura Linneman
Nicole Garstecki
1:54.35aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Essence Thompson
Holly Lott
Isis Johnson
Madison Roberts
---Courtney Sitka
Cailyn Wilson
Elizabeth Ann Alamillo
Alex Gibbs
NTBoerne Champion
---Calie Spencer
Heather Beers
Kristen Webber
Vanessa Johnson
NTComal Canyon
---Brooke Meis
Erica Hernandez
DeHavalan Watts
Jennifer Mahula
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Johnson
Haylee Tanguma
Jessica Chavez
Whitney Walleck
1:55.53aComal Canyon
2.-Cheyenne Farwell
Ashley Duffin
Carrigan Herring
Jasmine Sauceda
1:55.95aNew Braunfels
3.-Amanda Palomin
Kyleigh Kelley
Morgan Zillman
Whitney Fox
1:59.13aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Houston Kimes
Ariel Herrera
Nanette Labrada
Alexis Cantu
5.-Jacklyn Young
Shiletha Akins
Danyella Norman
Deanna Quintanilla
---Olivia Rauch
Anna Gehrke
Becky Beggs
Shelby Middaugh
NTDripping Springs
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kailey Riedel
Cassidi Voigt
Anna Cozart
Taylor Hawes
4:05.40aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Lacey Carter
Bevyn Howard
Kaley Brown
Diana Sone
4:05.58aDripping Springs
3.-Amber Cunningham
Morgan Szekely
Ashlynn Rice
Amanda Scroggin
4:12.23aNew Braunfels
4.-Haley Zunker
Kelsie Smeby
Kristen Webber
Ashley Mullen
4:12.96aComal Canyon
5.-Lauren Schuelke
Olivia Smith
Alex Lindsey
Isis Johnson
6.-Haley Cantway
Meagan Carreon
Elizabeth Ann Alamillo
Chandler Gum
4:21.10aBoerne Champion
7.-DeHavalan Watts
Amanda Montoya
Julia Brock
Erica Hernandez
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Leslie Linker
Sierra Kelley
Emily Saculla
Shelby Middaugh
4:19.29aDripping Springs
2.-Courtney Logsdon
Jessica Dziuba
Savannah Gray
Morgan Zillman
4:26.07aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Lauren Johnson
Sierra Pettis
Jessica Chavez
Jessica Weir
4:26.36aComal Canyon
4.-Micaela Gomez
Jasmine Sauceda
Cheyenne Farwell
Keomi Hamlin
4:30.87aNew Braunfels
5.-Nanette Labrada
Haliegh Lewis
Jessica Cranston
Alexis Cantu
6.-Marissa Rodriguez
Deanna Quintanilla
Jacklyn Young
Amanda Hendricks
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haley Lasseter33-03.75New Braunfels
2.10Emily Flores32-01.75New Braunfels
3.10Amber Wasicek31-06.50Floresville
4.9Madison Roberts31-02.75Lockhart
5.11Leslie Jackson31-01.50Lockhart
6.-Hannah Smith31-01.00Comal Canyon
7.-Madison Steele30-01.50Dripping Springs
8.10Audra Dubose29-11.75New Braunfels
9.-Averie Anderson28-00.50Dripping Springs
10.-Alex Howard27-11.50Lockhart
11.10Ashley Hoelsher27-10.25Floresville
12.-Sarah Jane Frick26-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
13.11Jasmine Geromiller24-08.50Floresville
--11Chamaya TurnerNDComal Canyon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Toni Hall31-03.50New Braunfels
2.9Taylor Baucom27-06.00Dripping Springs
3.9Kendra Christenson25-09.50Comal Canyon
4.-Madison Higdon24-04.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.-Christina Elkins23-11.00New Braunfels
6.10Katelyn Guenther23-04.25Lockhart
7.-Ashley Jones23-04.00Comal Canyon
8.-Jessica Vega22-07.50Comal Canyon
9.9Valarie Smith22-04.50Floresville
10.-Marivette Mendoza20-01.50Lockhart
11.-Mariana Hoesini18-11.00Floresville
12.-Mary Mitchell18-08.00Comal Smithson Valley
13.9Ariana Gamboa17-07.00Lockhart
--9Victoria MayorgaNDFloresville
---Sydney JohnsonNDNew Braunfels
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brielle Brown112-08Floresville
2.-Haley Lasseter111-07New Braunfels
3.11Shelby Leinneweber98-11Floresville
4.10Madison Williams93-00Comal Canyon
5.10Emily Flores91-04New Braunfels
6.-Sarah Turnham90-01Comal Canyon
7.10Audra Dubose90-01New Braunfels
8.-Alex Howard84-03Lockhart
9.-Stephanie Simons82-07Floresville
10.9Madison Roberts81-11Lockhart
11.-Laura Presley76-03Boerne Champion
12.-Sarah Jane Frick73-11Comal Smithson Valley
13.11Leslie Jackson70-06Lockhart
14.-Madison Steele70-00Dripping Springs
15.-Averie Anderson63-09Dripping Springs
--11Chamaya TurnerNDComal Canyon
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kelsi Ballard79-07Dripping Springs
2.10Katelyn Guenther76-07Lockhart
3.-Sydney Johnson74-07New Braunfels
4.-Emily Gunter74-06Comal Smithson Valley
5.9Taylor Baucom72-01Dripping Springs
6.10Ali Dunman63-05Comal Canyon
7.-Madison Higdon63-04Comal Smithson Valley
8.-Kacie Hester57-04Comal Canyon
9.-Marivette Mendoza56-00Lockhart
10.-Mary Mitchell53-07Comal Smithson Valley
11.9Ariana Gamboa51-08Lockhart
--9Victoria MayorgaNDFloresville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Brodrick5-00.00Boerne Champion
2.-Ashley Myers5-00.00New Braunfels
3.12Erica Hernandez4-10.00Floresville
3.10Haley Zunker4-10.00Comal Canyon
5.-Allyssa Strickland4-08.00Dripping Springs
6.10Chloe Beck4-06.00Boerne Champion
--11Morgan LewisNHDripping Springs
--12Isis JohnsonNHLockhart
--12Amanda MontoyaNHFloresville
---Katie LarsenNHDripping Springs
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashley Duffin4-08.00New Braunfels
2.-Brittany White4-06.00Dripping Springs
3.-Whitney Fox4-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.9Alexis Cantu4-06.00Floresville
---Caroline GadoNHComal Smithson Valley
---Sophia ElkinsNHDripping Springs
---Amanda HendricksNHLockhart
---Madison CollierNHDripping Springs
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sara Kathryn Stevens12-06.00New Braunfels
2.9Meagan Gray12-00.00Buda Hays
3.10Shay Petty12-00.00St Mary's Hall
4.12Merideth Driskell11-06.00Buda Hays
5.-Jessica Johnson11-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
6.-Kristi Robinson10-06.00Comal Canyon
7.11Nicole Garstecki10-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
7.9Rebekah Pogue10-06.00Buda Hays
7.10Calie Spencer10-06.00Comal Canyon
10.11Aurelie Spencer10-00.00Comal Canyon
---Madison MarshNHNew Braunfels
--10Chloe BeckNHBoerne Champion
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddia Hell9-00.00Comal Canyon
2.9Brittany Henderson8-00.00Comal Canyon
3.-Emily Gunter7-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Amanda Hendricks7-06.00Lockhart
5.10Lexi Smith7-06.00Floresville
--9Nanette LabradaNHFloresville
--10Caroline RussellNHBoerne Champion
---Danielle LozanoNHBoerne Champion
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsie Smeby17-10.50Comal Canyon
2.10Kailey Riedel16-11.00Comal Smithson Valley
3.12Erica Hernandez16-06.50Floresville
4.9Bevyn Howard16-05.50Dripping Springs
5.-Brittany Gomez16-01.50Comal Canyon
6.11Essence Thompson15-11.00Lockhart
7.-Gabrielle Fernandez14-08.00Dripping Springs
8.11Lacey Carter14-04.00Dripping Springs
9.-Dusti Milewski13-10.50Floresville
10.11Crystal Pedrique13-08.00Comal Smithson Valley
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Chavez14-04.00Comal Canyon
2.-Shelby Middaugh14-01.00Dripping Springs
3.10Courtney Logsdon14-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.9Haylee Tanguma13-11.00Comal Canyon
5.-Morgan Zillman13-08.50Comal Smithson Valley
5.9Whitney Walleck13-08.50Comal Canyon
7.-Sierra Kelley13-07.00Dripping Springs
8.-Sierra Pettis13-00.50Comal Canyon
9.-Danyella Norman12-11.50Lockhart
9.-Gabby Pittman12-11.50Comal Smithson Valley
11.11Haliegh Lewis12-10.50Floresville
12.-Amanda Palomin12-10.00Comal Smithson Valley
13.-Michaela Mercer12-01.00New Braunfels
14.-Carrigan Herring11-10.75New Braunfels
15.-Ashley Wilson10-04.00Dripping Springs
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsie Smeby35-10.00Comal Canyon
2.-Brittany Gomez35-09.00Comal Canyon
3.11Nicole Garstecki34-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.12Erica Hernandez33-04.00Floresville
5.11Lacey Carter32-00.00Dripping Springs
6.10Lauren Schuelke31-07.00Lockhart
7.-Haley Rutledge31-01.50New Braunfels
8.-Gabrielle Fernandez28-06.00Dripping Springs
9.10Cassandra Rogers25-10.00Floresville
--9Rebekah PogueNDBuda Hays
---Cassidy SchmidteNDLockhart
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Chavez29-04.50Comal Canyon
2.9Haylee Tanguma29-01.00Comal Canyon
2.10Taylor Herrera29-01.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Amanda Palomin28-06.50Comal Smithson Valley
5.-Sierra Kelley26-09.00Dripping Springs
---Sydney RossNDFloresville
---Morgan ZillmanNDComal Smithson Valley
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