Portage JV Invitational

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
  Portage Central HS, Portage - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Michigan - Division 1
POCEPortage Central
PONOPortage Northern
Michigan - Division 2
STJOSt. Joseph
LKSHStevensville Lakeshore
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Vance Johnson11.80Vicksburg
2.11Vance Johnson11.80Vicksburg
2.11Youssef Farran11.90Portage Northern
3.11Youssef Farran11.90Portage Northern
11Derek Penland12.10Portage Central
3.11Nick Sprau12.10Portage Central
4.11Nick Sprau12.10Portage Central
5.11Derek Penland12.10Portage Central
5.9Ben Palmer12.20Portage Central
6.9Ben Palmer12.20Portage Central
1.12Brandon Hall12.21Vicksburg
6.12Brandon Hall12.21Vicksburg
2.9Adam Klingspon12.50Stevensville Lakeshore
7.9Adam Klingspon12.50Stevensville Lakeshore
3.9Sebastian Mendez12.60Portage Central
8.9Sebastian Mendez12.60Portage Central
12Paxton Jameson12.70Portage Central
4.12Troy Robertson12.70Portage Northern
7.12Paxton Jameson12.70Portage Central
9.12Troy Robertson12.70Portage Northern
8.9Dan Harazin12.80Stevensville Lakeshore
11.9Dan Harazin12.80Stevensville Lakeshore
5.10David Robb12.90St. Joseph
12.10David Robb12.90St. Joseph
11Robert Kaliati13.00Portage Northern
10Tim Lotz13.00Portage Central
2.9Stephen Chow13.00Portage Northern
3.10Tim Lotz13.00Portage Central
6.11Robert Kaliati13.00Portage Northern
13.9Stephen Chow13.00Portage Northern
7.10Jake Rynberg13.10St. Joseph
16.10Jake Rynberg13.10St. Joseph
8.9Hayden Mullin13.19Vicksburg
17.9Hayden Mullin13.19Vicksburg
4.9Josh Hernandez13.30Portage Central
18.9Josh Hernandez13.30Portage Central
5.11Bryce Bartek13.40Stevensville Lakeshore
19.11Bryce Bartek13.40Stevensville Lakeshore
10Harper Boparai13.60St. Joseph
1.9Cole Gerlach13.60Stevensville Lakeshore
6.10Harper Boparai13.60St. Joseph
20.9Cole Gerlach13.60Stevensville Lakeshore
7.9Kevin Harris13.80Stevensville Lakeshore
22.9Kevin Harris13.80Stevensville Lakeshore
8.11Michael Fowler13.90Stevensville Lakeshore
23.11Michael Fowler13.90Stevensville Lakeshore
2.10Noah Tiongson14.60Portage Northern
24.10Noah Tiongson14.60Portage Northern
3.9Zach Robinson14.90Portage Northern
25.9Zach Robinson14.90Portage Northern
4.10James Saad15.10St. Joseph
26.10James Saad15.10St. Joseph
5.10Trevor Hoffman16.80Portage Central
27.10Trevor Hoffman16.80Portage Central
28.9Dan CarrickNFSt. Joseph
29.-Chris BoganNFSt. Joseph
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Dan Harazin11.7Stevensville Lakeshore
12Nathan Dumminger11.9Stevensville Lakeshore
9Adam Klingspon12.1Stevensville Lakeshore
11Brandon Mendoza12.6Stevensville Lakeshore
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Jacob Kraklau24.70St. Joseph
1.10Talis Rehse24.70Portage Central
2.10Jacob Kraklau24.70St. Joseph
3.9Dan Harazin24.90Stevensville Lakeshore
4.9Eric Graham25.40Portage Northern
5.11Zack Junger25.60Portage Central
12Ryan Hall25.70Vicksburg
1.9Adam Klingspon25.70Stevensville Lakeshore
2.12Ryan Hall25.70Vicksburg
6.9Adam Klingspon25.70Stevensville Lakeshore
6.11Joshua Thoben25.80Vicksburg
8.11Joshua Thoben25.80Vicksburg
3.9Sebastian Mendez26.00Portage Central
9.9Sebastian Mendez26.00Portage Central
7.12Nathan Dumminger26.30Stevensville Lakeshore
10.12Nathan Dumminger26.30Stevensville Lakeshore
4.10Capstan Staunton26.60Portage Northern
11.10Capstan Staunton26.60Portage Northern
12Paxton Jameson27.30Portage Central
5.10David Robb27.30St. Joseph
6.12Paxton Jameson27.30Portage Central
12.10David Robb27.30St. Joseph
7.9Hayden Mullin27.60Vicksburg
14.9Hayden Mullin27.60Vicksburg
8.10Jake Rynberg27.90St. Joseph
15.10Jake Rynberg27.90St. Joseph
1.9Jacob Britton28.20Portage Northern
16.9Jacob Britton28.20Portage Northern
2.11Simerjit Singh28.30Portage Northern
17.11Simerjit Singh28.30Portage Northern
3.10James Saad31.50St. Joseph
18.10James Saad31.50St. Joseph
1.11Michael FowlerNFStevensville Lakeshore
2.10Joey ChenNFPortage Northern
3.9Cole GerlachNFStevensville Lakeshore
4.10Trevor HoffmanNFPortage Central
5.9Kevin HarrisNFStevensville Lakeshore
6.9Josh HernandezNFPortage Central
7.10Harper BoparaiNFSt. Joseph
8.10Capstan StauntonNFPortage Northern
8.11Nick SprauNFPortage Central
19.11Michael FowlerNFStevensville Lakeshore
20.10Joey ChenNFPortage Northern
21.9Cole GerlachNFStevensville Lakeshore
22.10Trevor HoffmanNFPortage Central
23.9Kevin HarrisNFStevensville Lakeshore
24.9Josh HernandezNFPortage Central
25.10Harper BoparaiNFSt. Joseph
26.10Capstan StauntonNFPortage Northern
27.11Nick SprauNFPortage Central
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Brandon Mendoza23.7Stevensville Lakeshore
12Nathan Dumminger24.0Stevensville Lakeshore
10Connor Caple25.2Stevensville Lakeshore
10Dustin Clapp25.8Stevensville Lakeshore
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Keagan Drazin54.80Portage Northern
1.9Ian Epkey54.8Portage Central
2.12Nathan Novaria57.20Portage Northern
3.11Zack Junger57.80Portage Central
4.9Ben Palmer58.50Portage Central
11Joe Ferrucci1:00.00Vicksburg
5.10Connor Caple1:00.00Stevensville Lakeshore
6.11Joe Ferrucci1:00.00Vicksburg
1.11Bryce Bartek1:00.60Stevensville Lakeshore
8.11Bryce Bartek1:00.60Stevensville Lakeshore
2.11Robert Kaliati1:01.20Portage Northern
9.11Robert Kaliati1:01.20Portage Northern
3.10Micah Colthorp1:03.80Stevensville Lakeshore
10.10Micah Colthorp1:03.80Stevensville Lakeshore
4.11Joshua Thoben1:05.00Vicksburg
11.11Joshua Thoben1:05.00Vicksburg
12.10Jacob Premer1:12.80Portage Central
3.10Joey Chen1:22.30Portage Northern
13.10Joey Chen1:22.30Portage Northern
14.9Quinton Broach1:23.40Portage Central
4.11Simerjit SinghNFPortage Northern
6.9Hayden MullinNFVicksburg
7.9Adam LuckerNFStevensville Lakeshore
7.10Max WarnerNFStevensville Lakeshore
8.10Matt ErridgeNFPortage Northern
15.11Simerjit SinghNFPortage Northern
16.9Hayden MullinNFVicksburg
17.10Max WarnerNFStevensville Lakeshore
19.9Adam LuckerNFStevensville Lakeshore
20.10Matt ErridgeNFPortage Northern
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Dustin Clapp57.0Stevensville Lakeshore
11Brandon Mendoza57.1Stevensville Lakeshore
9Adam Lucker58.2Stevensville Lakeshore
10Connor Caple58.4Stevensville Lakeshore
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Penn2:02.90Portage Northern
2.10Philip Sesto2:05.20Portage Northern
3.11Reagan Soekarmoen2:16.60Vicksburg
4.9Tanner Rydleski2:17.70St. Joseph
25.9Nati Nuzzi2:19.27Vicksburg
5.10Harrison Pluta2:19.40Portage Central
6.9Hiroya Abe2:20.20Portage Northern
7.11Jason Mais2:20.60Portage Northern
8.10Will Bartels2:22.80Stevensville Lakeshore
9.11Ashriel (AJ) Morgan2:26.60Portage Northern
10.9Brian Stubelt2:27.10Portage Central
11.10Josh Machage2:30.80St. Joseph
12.9Joseph St. Amond2:31.20St. Joseph
13.10Jim Reder2:33.80Portage Central
14.10Jonathan Lockhart2:34.20Portage Northern
15.9Mathew Borre2:38.10St. Joseph
16.9Drew Brown2:38.70Stevensville Lakeshore
17.10Caleb Stormont2:44.40Stevensville Lakeshore
18.9Cullen Newstead2:45.40St. Joseph
19.9Andrew Wells2:45.80St. Joseph
20.9Quinton Broach2:51.50Portage Central
21.11Matt Hannan2:53.10Stevensville Lakeshore
22.10Jacob Premer2:57.60Portage Central
23.11Corey Young2:59.20Vicksburg
24.9Owen Beshears3:06.00Stevensville Lakeshore
26.9Zach McAllisterNFStevensville Lakeshore
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Adam Lucker2:25Stevensville Lakeshore
10Will Bartels2:26Stevensville Lakeshore
10Micah Colthorp2:32Stevensville Lakeshore
9Joe Puzycki2:33Stevensville Lakeshore
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Harrison Pluta4:59.60Portage Central
2.9Nicholas Herbert5:03.80Portage Northern
3.9Tanner Rydleski5:04.10St. Joseph
4.10Miles Kelleher5:10.80St. Joseph
5.11Zach Stoner5:17.50Portage Central
6.9Brian Stubelt5:22.10Portage Central
7.9Jacob Brewer5:23.40Stevensville Lakeshore
8.10Kyle Milka5:24.20Portage Northern
9.10Ian Marzke5:27.90St. Joseph
10.10Jadan Norman5:28.30Vicksburg
11.10Jonathan Lockhart5:28.80Portage Northern
12.12Ben Gerken5:32.50St. Joseph
13.10Jim Reder5:35.80Portage Central
14.9Kevin Barlow5:39.20Portage Northern
15.10Juan Diaz5:40.60St. Joseph
16.9Drew Brown5:43.80Stevensville Lakeshore
17.10Daivd Rousseau5:54.50St. Joseph
18.10Caleb Stormont5:54.90Stevensville Lakeshore
19.10Eric Chan6:01.30Portage Northern
20.11Matt Hannan6:04.90Stevensville Lakeshore
21.9Quinton Broach6:10.70Portage Central
22.10Trent Kilgore6:35.80Vicksburg
23.12Aaron Harger6:44.30Vicksburg
24.9Owen Beshears6:51.00Stevensville Lakeshore
25.9Noah AlemanNFPortage Northern
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Mack Evans11:08.20Portage Northern
2.11Zach Stoner11:22.50Portage Central
3.9Josh Dills11:38.50St. Joseph
4.10Harrison Pluta11:44.60Portage Central
5.9Jacob Brewer11:58.20Stevensville Lakeshore
6.10Jared Wendland12:02.10Stevensville Lakeshore
7.12Darwin Warga-Kane12:11.40Portage Northern
8.10Kevin Couk12:18.50Vicksburg
9.9Joe Puzycki12:24.70Stevensville Lakeshore
10.9Brian Stubelt12:25.00Portage Central
11.10Mitchell Symes12:45.60Portage Northern
12.10Juan Diaz12:58.10St. Joseph
13.9Corbin Hughes13:53.90St. Joseph
14.9Zack Freye13:54.80St. Joseph
15.9Cullen Newstead14:04.80St. Joseph
16.11Travis Wiley14:56.40Vicksburg
17.10Trent Kilgore15:20.40Vicksburg
18.10Daivd RousseauNFSt. Joseph
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicholas Guerrant17.18Portage Northern
9Eric Babcock19.50Vicksburg
1.9Devin Dumont19.50Portage Northern
2.9Devin Dumont19.50Portage Northern
2.9Eric Babcock19.50Vicksburg
2.10Evan Scieszka20.20Stevensville Lakeshore
4.10Evan Scieszka20.20Stevensville Lakeshore
11Joe Ferrucci20.30Vicksburg
10Jacob Kraklau20.30St. Joseph
3.9Tim Walsh20.30Portage Central
4.11Joe Ferrucci20.30Vicksburg
5.10Jacob Kraklau20.30St. Joseph
5.9Tim Walsh20.30Portage Central
3.12Vytams Sukys21.00Stevensville Lakeshore
8.12Vytams Sukys21.00Stevensville Lakeshore
4.11Ethan Richards21.20Vicksburg
9.11Ethan Richards21.20Vicksburg
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicholas Guerrant44.20Portage Northern
2.11Vance Johnson47.20Vicksburg
1.12Timothy Crampton47.80Portage Northern
3.12Timothy Crampton47.80Portage Northern
3.10Dustin Clapp48.10Stevensville Lakeshore
4.10Dustin Clapp48.10Stevensville Lakeshore
4.9Tim Walsh48.60Portage Central
5.9Tim Walsh48.60Portage Central
5.12Vytams Sukys48.70Stevensville Lakeshore
6.12Vytams Sukys48.70Stevensville Lakeshore
2.10Keagan Drazin49.10Portage Northern
7.10Keagan Drazin49.10Portage Northern
3.11Billy Magrane50.30Stevensville Lakeshore
8.11Billy Magrane50.30Stevensville Lakeshore
6.11Ethan Richards51.00Vicksburg
9.11Ethan Richards51.00Vicksburg
4.9Riley Skrzypek51.10Vicksburg
10.9Riley Skrzypek51.10Vicksburg
7.10Evan Scieszka52.00Stevensville Lakeshore
11.10Evan Scieszka52.00Stevensville Lakeshore
5.9Ian Epkey58.90Portage Central
12.9Ian Epkey58.90Portage Central
8.9Dan CarrickNFSt. Joseph
13.9Dan CarrickNFSt. Joseph
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Dumminger
Brandon Mendoza
Dan Harazin
Adam Klingspon
47.90Stevensville Lakeshore
2.-Eric Graham
Mitchell Gercak
Nicholas Guerrant
Stephen Chow
48.70Portage Northern
3.-Ryan Hall
Hayden Mullin
Vance Johnson
Eric Babcock
4.-Paxton Jameson
Derek Penland
Talis Rehse
Talha Zafar
49.30Portage Central
5.-Dan Carrick
Chris Bogan
Jake Rynberg
David Robb
50.10St. Joseph
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Dumminger
Brandon Mendoza
Connor Caple
Dustin Clapp
1:39.50Stevensville Lakeshore
2.-Eric Babcock
Daniel Kosiba
Brandon Hall
Joshua Thoben
3.-Mitchell Gercak
Jordan Connon
Eric Graham
Devin Dumont
1:41.20Portage Northern
4.-Paxton Jameson
Sebastian Mendez
Talha Zafar
Derek Penland
1:45.50Portage Central
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Connor Caple
Brandon Mendoza
Dustin Clapp
Adam Lucker
3:50.90Stevensville Lakeshore
2.-Mitchell Gercak
Devin Dumont
Jordan Connon
Nicholas Herbert
3:54.50Portage Northern
3.-Lucas Mallery
Daniel Kosiba
Ethan Richards
Reagan Soekarmoen
4.-Ian Epkey
Ben Palmer
Talis Rehse
Zach Stoner
4:01.60Portage Central
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Cameron Fevig
Reagan Soekarmoen
Ryan Soekarmoen
Nati Nuzzi
2.-Richard Phillips
Harrison Pluta
Zach Stoner
Jim Reder
9:21.00Portage Central
3.-Philip Sesto
Jason Mais
Noah Aleman
Eric Chan
9:28.40Portage Northern
4.-Josh Dills
Miles Kelleher
Ben Gerken
Ian Marzke
9:34.10St. Joseph
5.-Will Bartels
Micah Colthorp
Adam Lucker
Joe Puzycki
9:59.90Stevensville Lakeshore
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Matt Capasso41'03.00"Portage Central
2.11Drew Lybbert38'06.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
3.11Blake Schewe38'03.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
4.10Zack Wissert36'11.50"St. Joseph
5.9Matija Rabrenovic36'06.00"Vicksburg
6.11Kyle Warner36'02.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
7.10Cory Carr33'06.50"Portage Central
8.12Derek Metzger33'05.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
9.10Conner Halferty32'09.00"Vicksburg
10.9Curtis Shackelford32'09.00"Vicksburg
11.10Bob Corcoran32'08.00"Portage Central
12.9Brian Buekema32'03.00"Portage Central
13.9Daleon Robinson32'02.00"St. Joseph
14.9Morgan Husman31'10.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
15.9Keith Myers31'09.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
16.-Troy Smith31'04.00"St. Joseph
17.12Tobias Helmeson30'11.50"Portage Northern
18.9Miles Elliot28'06.00"St. Joseph
19.10Jacob Sloniker27'11.00"Portage Central
20.9TyQuan Smith-Mills27'10.00"Portage Northern
21.9Jacob Mais26'09.00"Portage Northern
22.9Ben Babcok19'05.00"St. Joseph
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Matt Erridge107'00.00"Portage Northern
2.9John Hogeboom106'01.50"Stevensville Lakeshore
3.11Billy Magrane105'04.50"Stevensville Lakeshore
4.11Zach Ellis101'07.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
5.12Tobias Helmeson99'04.50"Portage Northern
6.9Zach Bowman97'07.50"Vicksburg
7.11Blake Schewe96'10.50"Stevensville Lakeshore
8.11Drew Lybbert88'07.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
9.9Corey Ferrucci86'05.50"Vicksburg
10.10Bob Corcoran81'11.50"Portage Central
11.10Conner Halferty80'07.50"Vicksburg
12.9TyQuan Smith-Mills76'05.50"Portage Northern
14.10Jacob Sloniker76'02.50"Portage Central
15.9Brian Buekema74'02.50"Portage Central
16.9Jacob Mais69'07.50"Portage Northern
17.-Troy Smith69'03.00"St. Joseph
18.9Jacob Britton68'10.50"Portage Northern
19.9Curtis Shackelford67'05.50"Vicksburg
20.10Cory Carr65'08.50"Portage Central
21.9Miles Elliot64'00.50"St. Joseph
22.9Rocky Wyble62'01.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
23.9Daleon Robinson58'03.00"St. Joseph
24.9Ben Babcok57'03.50"St. Joseph
25.9Ben Palmer46'11.00"Portage Central
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Keagan Drazin5'04.30"Portage Northern
2.9Riley Skrzypek5'04.20"Vicksburg
3.11Billy Magrane5'04.10"Stevensville Lakeshore
4.10Philip Sesto5'02.00"Portage Northern
5.10Daniel Kosiba5'02.00"Vicksburg
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Tim Lotz10'00.00"Portage Central
2.10Max Warner9'06.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
3.9Tim Walsh9'00.00"Portage Central
4.10Lucas Mallery9'00.00"Vicksburg
5.10Dustin Clapp9'00.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
6.10Capstan Staunton8'06.00"Portage Northern
7.11Zack Junger8'06.00"Portage Central
8.11Reagan Soekarmoen8'06.00"Vicksburg
9.10Talha Zafar7'06.00"Portage Central
10.10Noah Tiongson7'00.00"Portage Northern
11.10Trevor HoffmanNFPortage Central
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Eric Babcock18'05.00"Vicksburg
2.9Nicholas Herbert18'02.00"Portage Northern
3.11Vance Johnson17'08.50"Vicksburg
4.11Nick Sprau17'07.50"Portage Central
5.11Youssef Farran17'07.50"Portage Northern
6.11Derek Penland17'07.00"Portage Central
7.12Troy Robertson17'07.00"Portage Northern
8.11Joshua Thoben17'04.00"Vicksburg
9.10Talha Zafar16'08.00"Portage Central
10.9Devin Dumont15'11.50"Portage Northern
11.10Jake Rynberg15'05.00"St. Joseph
12.9Mitchell Gercak15'03.00"Portage Northern
13.9Adam Klingspon14'07.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
14.9Stephen Chow14'06.00"Portage Northern
15.9Dan Carrick14'01.50"St. Joseph
16.9Eric Graham13'06.00"Portage Northern
17.9Corbin Hughes13'02.50"St. Joseph
18.9Dan Harazin13'02.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
19.9Kevin Harris12'09.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
20.10Connor Caple12'02.50"Stevensville Lakeshore
21.9Josh Hernandez12'01.50"Portage Central
22.10James Saad10'09.00"St. Joseph
23.11Jared GreenNFPortage Central

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaliah Williams13.30Portage Central
3.9Kaliah Williams13.30Portage Central
2.10Nicole Waldvogel13.50Portage Central
4.10Nicole Waldvogel13.50Portage Central
3.12Mia Webber14.80Portage Central
5.12Mia Webber14.80Portage Central
4.11Ashly Geren15.10Portage Northern
6.11Ashly Geren15.10Portage Northern
9Mandy Cronk15.20Portage Central
2.9Tia Golliday15.20St. Joseph
3.9Mandy Cronk15.20Portage Central
5.9Tia Golliday15.20St. Joseph
7.9Julia Spiegel15.30St. Joseph
4.9Katy Ashby15.40Stevensville Lakeshore
8.9Katy Ashby15.40Stevensville Lakeshore
8.9Alyssa Corcoran15.60Portage Northern
9.9Alyssa Corcoran15.60Portage Northern
9Ella Jones15.90St. Joseph
5.11Stephanie Clark15.90St. Joseph
6.9Ella Jones15.90St. Joseph
10.11Stephanie Clark15.90St. Joseph
7.10Tiffany Mizikar16.20Portage Northern
12.10Tiffany Mizikar16.20Portage Northern
8.9Annika Ehrig17.20Portage Central
13.9Annika Ehrig17.20Portage Central
14.9Thea WilcoxNFPortage Northern
15.9Olivia RyanNFPortage Central
16.9Aimee GarciaNFPortage Northern
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Salma Abdul-Muhmin28.60Portage Central
2.10Nicole Waldvogel30.00Portage Central
3.9Samantha Mumper30.10St. Joseph
1.11Stephanie Clark33.90St. Joseph
4.11Stephanie Clark33.90St. Joseph
2.10Tiffany Mizikar34.10Portage Northern
5.10Tiffany Mizikar34.10Portage Northern
3.9Annika Ehrig36.80Portage Central
6.9Annika Ehrig36.80Portage Central
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Mumper1:10.70St. Joseph
2.9Katy Ashby1:14.00Stevensville Lakeshore
3.11Cassy Padilla1:16.20Portage Central
4.10Brittany Muraoka1:17.30Portage Central
5.11Najwa Kouja1:17.40Portage Central
6.10Kayla EvansNFPortage Northern
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Maya Ablao2:55.50Portage Northern
2.10Mandy Quinones2:56.70Portage Central
3.10Gabbie Smith2:58.80St. Joseph
4.9Brittany Brown2:59.30Portage Northern
5.11Bridgette Waning3:00.40St. Joseph
6.9Isobel Tollenaar3:05.80St. Joseph
7.10Krissi Albee3:06.20St. Joseph
8.11Meggan Warnicke3:08.80Portage Central
9.10Rachel Cubbage3:11.00Portage Central
10.9Katie Beukema3:16.40Portage Central
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Maya Ablao6:32.30Portage Northern
2.9Katie Beukema6:37.00Portage Central
3.11Meggan Warnicke6:39.90Portage Central
4.9Carley Beemer6:40.80St. Joseph
5.9Brittany Brown6:55.00Portage Northern
6.10Brittany Muraoka7:00.60Portage Central
7.10Rachel Cubbage7:01.60Portage Central
8.11Cassy Padilla7:13.40Portage Central
9.9Anna Kayser7:31.00Portage Central
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Smith16:00.40St. Joseph
2.9Anna Kayser16:26.70Portage Central
3.9Maya Ablao16:34.60Portage Northern
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Brandt54.80St. Joseph
2.10Elissa Capes1:00.50St. Joseph
3.9Mckenzie DrazinNFPortage Northern
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicole Waldvogel
Mia Webber
Kaliah Williams
Mandy Cronk
56.00Portage Central
2.-Kayla Evans
Aimee Garcia
Ashly Geren
Kiara Hayes
56.90Portage Northern
3.-Annie Sawyer
Laura Worthington
Mya Robinson
Elissa Capes
59.60St. Joseph
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Salma Abdul-Muhmin
Mandy Cronk
Kaliah Williams
Nicole Waldvogel
1:58.00Portage Central
2.-Kiara Hayes
Kayla Evans
Ashly Geren
Mckenzie Drazin
1:59.70Portage Northern
3.-Relay Team 2:02.70St. Joseph
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Samantha Mumper
Bridgette Waning
Lauren Brandt
Gabbie Smith
5:04.80St. Joseph
2.-Cassy Padilla
Meggan Warnicke
Brittany Muraoka
Katie Beukema
5:30.00Portage Central
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Izzy Tollenaar
Bridgette Waning
Krissi Albee
Carley Beemer
12:16.40St. Joseph
2.-Meggan Warnicke
Najwa Kouja
Rachel Cubbage
Cassy Padilla
12:31.10Portage Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Ella Jones28'02.00"St. Joseph
2.9Tia Golliday26'00.00"St. Joseph
3.11Rachel Struble25'10.00"St. Joseph
4.10Karly Keppeler25'10.00"St. Joseph
5.10Kaylee Jones25'05.00"Portage Central
6.10Tabi Haney24'06.00"Portage Central
7.10Stephanie Ray23'07.00"Portage Northern
8.9Sarah Fagras23'01.00"St. Joseph
9.10Sarah Kruger21'09.00"St. Joseph
10.10Rachel Bates20'07.00"Portage Central
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Page Mavity79'04.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
2.9Ella Jones59'09.50"St. Joseph
3.10Stephanie Ray58'09.50"Portage Northern
4.10Rachel Bates57'09.00"Portage Central
5.11Alex Jones54'02.00"St. Joseph
6.10Kaylee Jones53'10.50"Portage Central
7.10Karly Keppeler53'03.00"St. Joseph
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Meskill4'08.00"St. Joseph
2.10Elissa Capes4'02.00"St. Joseph
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Page Mavity8'00.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
2.9Hannah Meskill7'00.00"St. Joseph
3.9Mandy Cronk6'00.00"Portage Central
4.10Amy Strouse6'00.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
5.10Kayla Evans6'00.00"Portage Northern
6.9Alyssa Corcoran5'00.00"Portage Northern
7.9Haley Bartschke5'00.00"Stevensville Lakeshore
8.11Ashly GerenNFPortage Northern
9.9Kennedy LambertNFPortage Central
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Olivia Ryan14'02.00"Portage Central
2.9Aimee Garcia12'02.50"Portage Northern
3.10Kayla Evans11'09.00"Portage Northern
4.9Grace Hasse11'09.00"St. Joseph
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