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Lynden Christian Invitational

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lynden Christian, Lynden

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Weston Whitener11.93aLynden Christian
2.9Nathan Rusnak12.26aLynden Christian
3.12Keegan Kemp12.31aBellevue Christian
4.10Josh Friberg12.32aLynden Christian
5.10Seth Parman12.40aMt Vernon Christian
6.12Scott Lee12.41aGrace Academy
7.11Sean Kim12.51aLynden Christian
8.12Daniel Houtsma12.64aMt Vernon Christian
9.9Hunter Corbett12.69aGrace Academy
10.11Grant Wilcox12.87aMt Vernon Christian
11.10Austin Rudy12.97aMt Vernon Christian
12.12Josh Thoreson13.24aBellevue Christian
13.9James Eneix13.56aGrace Academy
14.10Grant Hashimoto13.96aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
15.11Evan Wiederspan14.24aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
16.10Connor Backus15.04aBellevue Christian
9Matt RanneyNTBellevue Christian
9Cole BackusNTBellevue Christian
9Matt PhillipovichNTBellevue Christian
12Sam TaylorNTBellevue Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Seth Parman24.58aMt Vernon Christian
2.9Sam Vander Griend25.43aLynden Christian
3.12Lucas Baker25.96aBellevue Christian
3.12Mitch Davis25.96aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
5.9Lee Sims26.01aBellevue Christian
6.12Castle Bonner26.54aShoreline Christian
7.10Austin Rudy26.61aMt Vernon Christian
8.9Patrick LeClair26.63aBellevue Christian
9.9Joshua Twedt26.94aMt Vernon Christian
10.9Drew Ridewood27.12aGrace Academy
11.10Adam Smith27.24aBellevue Christian
11.12Kendall Ackermann27.24aMt Vernon Christian
13.9Isaiah VanDam27.54aGrace Academy
14.10Paul Schneider27.84aBellevue Christian
15.9Dallas Dejong27.94aLynden Christian
16.9Jason Chou28.74aBellevue Christian
17.10Grant Hashimoto28.98aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
18.11Evan Wiederspan30.04aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
19.10Jordan Kaemingk31.96aLynden Christian
10Jordan NicholsonNTBellevue Christian
9Matt PhillipovichNTBellevue Christian
10Trevor BurdenNTLynden Christian
9Hunter CorbettNTGrace Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Razor55.22aBellevue Christian
2.12Kevin Kredit55.74aShoreline Christian
3.12Scott Lee55.86aGrace Academy
4.10Josh Hazen56.71aBellevue Christian
5.12Lucas Baker57.03aBellevue Christian
6.10Tate Razor57.06aBellevue Christian
7.12Castle Bonner57.31aShoreline Christian
8.12Daniel Oakland57.45aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
9.9Caleb Moyer59.88aBellevue Christian
10.10Adam Smith1:01.82aBellevue Christian
11.9Dallas Dejong1:04.87aLynden Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Reardon2:09.45aLynden Christian
2.11Kyle Smit2:11.18aBellevue Christian
3.9Jordan Markezich2:12.22aBellevue Christian
4.11Daniel Nortz2:12.88aBellevue Christian
5.9Jon Wiley2:13.15aLynden Christian
6.10Caleb Bonner2:17.04aShoreline Christian
7.12Joshua Ruiter2:18.52aShoreline Christian
8.9Adam Koehler2:24.43aBellevue Christian
8.12Bryce Oldham2:24.43aBellevue Christian
9.12Paul Rudolph2:26.32aBellevue Christian
10.10Calm Qi2:34.28aLynden Christian
11.10Tyler Dideriksen2:38.99aBellevue Christian
12.10Alex Sutherland2:39.30aShoreline Christian
13.10Ryan Pitcher2:41.19aLynden Christian
14.10David Maberry2:42.26aLynden Christian
15.9Justin Hathaway2:43.64aBellevue Christian
16.9David Reynolds2:47.51aBellevue Christian
17.9Raymond DeVries2:48.85aMt Vernon Christian
18.11Ethan Wang2:57.72aBellevue Christian
19.10James Weber3:00.91aShoreline Christian
20.9Zach Steensma3:03.14aLynden Christian
21.9Travis Smith3:11.72aBellevue Christian
12Riley CarneyNTBellevue Christian
10Hansel O'NielNTCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12Daniel HoutsmaNTMt Vernon Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jordan Markezich4:46.18aBellevue Christian
2.11Daniel Nortz4:46.19aBellevue Christian
3.10Caleb Bonner4:50.45aShoreline Christian
4.11Cody Velthuizen4:52.94aLynden Christian
5.11Kyle Smit5:06.07aBellevue Christian
6.10Connor Blok5:09.57aLynden Christian
7.10Dylan Blok5:11.44aLynden Christian
8.9Jayson Withers5:13.64aMt Vernon Christian
9.9Drew Ridewood5:15.34aGrace Academy
10.9Adam Koehler5:23.28aBellevue Christian
11.12Paul Rudolph5:23.73aBellevue Christian
12.10Zach Woodyard5:28.20aLynden Christian
13.11Kyle Oliver5:37.09aMt Vernon Christian
14.9Raymond DeVries5:41.89aMt Vernon Christian
15.10Ryan Pitcher5:44.45aLynden Christian
16.10Tyler Dideriksen5:44.92aBellevue Christian
17.10Grant Williams5:52.03aLynden Christian
18.9Justin Hathaway5:55.16aBellevue Christian
19.9David Reynolds5:58.89aBellevue Christian
20.9Isaiah VanDam5:59.77aGrace Academy
21.10Brenden Mills6:25.29aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
22.9Travis Smith6:41.89aBellevue Christian
10Breton Vander ZouwenNTLynden Christian
10Hansel O'NielNTCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12Riley CarneyNTBellevue Christian
11Ethan WangNTBellevue Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jayson Withers11:45.04aMt Vernon Christian
2.10Hunter West11:50.96aLynden Christian
3.11Kyle Oliver12:44.13aMt Vernon Christian
9Raymond DeVriesNTMt Vernon Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Trevor Burden17.16aLynden Christian
2.12Ryan Hamstra17.21aLynden Christian
3.12Austin Razor17.59aBellevue Christian
4.11Daniel Hall17.91aShoreline Christian
5.11Ryder Reymore18.22aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
6.9Tyler Houtsma18.30aMt Vernon Christian
7.11Sean Muir18.52aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
8.12Josh Catlett18.82aBellevue Christian
9.12Michael deHaan19.17aMt Vernon Christian
12Michael Antosz19.49aBellevue Christian
10.10Chandler Erisman19.84aBellevue Christian
11.10Jordan Kaemingk23.57aLynden Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Antosz43.81aBellevue Christian
2.11Ryder Reymore45.19aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
3.12Michael deHaan45.76aMt Vernon Christian
4.9Tyler Houtsma46.38aMt Vernon Christian
5.10Chandler Erisman46.61aBellevue Christian
6.10Trevor Burden47.30aLynden Christian
7.9Nathan Rusnak47.63aLynden Christian
8.12Ryan Hamstra47.65aLynden Christian
9.12Josh Catlett48.03aBellevue Christian
10.11Sean Muir49.10aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
11.9James Hurd50.62aMt Vernon Christian
12.9Joshua Twedt53.25aMt Vernon Christian
13.11Evan Wiederspan55.04aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Hazen
Keegan Kemp
Austin Razor
Sam Taylor
46.65aBellevue Christian
2.-Trevor Burden
Josh Friberg
Weston Whitener
Nathan Rusnak
46.73aLynden Christian
3.-Michael deHaan
Jesse Ketcham
Seth Parman
Daniel Houtsma
48.18aMt Vernon Christian
4.-Hunter Corbett
Scott Lee
Brandon Thompson
Nathaniel Tuttle
48.48aGrace Academy
5.-Josh Thoreson
Nick Schubert
Lucas Baker
Stephen Ker
49.92aBellevue Christian
6.-Jason Chou
Patrick LeClair
Caleb Moyer
Lee Sims
51.25aBellevue Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Connor Blok
Weston Whitener
Nathan Rusnak
Sam Vander Griend
3:41.96aLynden Christian
2.-Josh Hazen
Tate Razor
Austin Razor
Kyle Smit
3:43.81aBellevue Christian
3.-Michael deHaan
Jesse Ketcham
Seth Parman
Daniel Houtsma
3:46.15aMt Vernon Christian
4.-Castle Bonner
Joshua Ruiter
Daniel Hall
Kevin Kredit
3:48.98aShoreline Christian
5.-Dylan Blok
Cody Velthuizen
Tyler Reardon
Jon Wiley
3:52.52aLynden Christian
6.-Daniel Nortz
Chandler Erisman
Michael Antosz
Adam Koehler
4:01.74aBellevue Christian
7.-Mitch Davis
Daniel Oakland
Ryder Reymore
Sean Muir
4:02.01aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Miller41-07.00Bellevue Christian
2.12Nick Schubert40-07.00Bellevue Christian
3.11Dillon Carhuff40-00.00Lynden Christian
4.11Harrison Wirth37-00.00Bellevue Christian
5.10Cody Spoelstra36-06.00Lynden Christian
6.12Stephen Ker34-03.00Bellevue Christian
7.12Mitch Davis32-08.50Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
8.10Tate Razor32-05.00Bellevue Christian
9.12Nathaniel Tuttle32-03.00Grace Academy
10.10Micah Hahn30-09.00Lynden Christian
11.9Lee Sims29-10.00Bellevue Christian
12.12Wayne Hancock29-08.50Mt Vernon Christian
13.12Chris North29-08.00Bellevue Christian
14.12Tyler Hood28-10.00Mt Vernon Christian
15.10Brenden Mills27-11.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
16.10Paul Schneider27-05.00Bellevue Christian
17.9Joshua Swanson27-04.50Mt Vernon Christian
18.12Charlie Hoag27-03.50Mt Vernon Christian
19.10Jack Li26-04.00Bellevue Christian
20.9Tyler Steich23-07.00Shoreline Christian
21.10Adam Smith23-04.00Bellevue Christian
21.10Jae Jung23-04.00Bellevue Christian
10Eric PerkinsNDBellevue Christian
11Colin WebbNDShoreline Christian
10Hansel O'NielNDCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Harrison Wirth121-04Bellevue Christian
2.10Cody Spoelstra121-02Lynden Christian
3.11Scott Miller103-01Bellevue Christian
4.10Josh Friberg101-07Lynden Christian
5.12Wayne Hancock90-00Mt Vernon Christian
6.12Tyler Hood89-04Mt Vernon Christian
7.11Grant Wilcox87-02Mt Vernon Christian
8.10Micah Hahn85-01Lynden Christian
9.10Brenden Mills82-04Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
10.11Dillon Carhuff78-00Lynden Christian
11.9Joshua Swanson73-05Mt Vernon Christian
12.10Jack Li68-09Bellevue Christian
13.10Jae Jung65-02Bellevue Christian
14.9Drew Ridewood65-00Grace Academy
15.12Chris North63-03Bellevue Christian
16.11Aaron Oh61-00Bellevue Christian
17.9Tyler Steich55-07Shoreline Christian
18.9Cole Backus52-10Bellevue Christian
10Hansel O'NielNDCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
9Terrel BrownNDLynden Christian
10Eric PerkinsNDBellevue Christian
12Nathaniel TuttleNDGrace Academy
11Colin WebbNDShoreline Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Miller144-02Bellevue Christian
2.12Ryan Engelsma143-08Lynden Christian
3.12Tyler Silves133-04Lynden Christian
4.11Jesse Ketcham128-01Mt Vernon Christian
5.12Brandon Thompson113-04Grace Academy
6.12Stephen Ker112-09Bellevue Christian
7.11Grant Wilcox111-09Mt Vernon Christian
8.9Joshua Swanson110-05Mt Vernon Christian
9.10Caleb Bonner110-02Shoreline Christian
10.11Caleb Niewsma103-11Lynden Christian
11.10Brenden Mills101-07Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12.12Colin Vree100-04Lynden Christian
13.11Aaron Oh98-11Bellevue Christian
14.12Kevin Kredit96-07Shoreline Christian
15.11Davis Hagedorn96-04Lynden Christian
16.9Isaiah VanDam94-02Grace Academy
17.11Harrison Wirth93-01Bellevue Christian
18.12Charlie Hoag86-11Mt Vernon Christian
19.10Jordan Nicholson75-03Bellevue Christian
20.10Joon Choi73-03Bellevue Christian
21.9Jack Boersma56-09Lynden Christian
22.9Zach Steensma39-03Lynden Christian
12Bryce OldhamNDBellevue Christian
12Nathaniel TuttleNDGrace Academy
10Eric PerkinsNDBellevue Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Muir5-02.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
2.12Daniel Oakland5-00.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
2.9Joshua Twedt5-00.00Mt Vernon Christian
3.12Keegan Kemp4-10.00Bellevue Christian
4.9Isaiah VanDam4-10.00Grace Academy
5.12Josh Thoreson4-10.00Bellevue Christian
6.11Ryder Reymore4-10.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12Bryce OldhamNHBellevue Christian
9James HurdNHMt Vernon Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jesse Ketcham11-01.00Mt Vernon Christian
2.11Weston Whitener10-06.00Lynden Christian
3.9James Hurd8-00.00Mt Vernon Christian
12Sam TaylorNHBellevue Christian
10Zach WoodyardNHLynden Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Hall17-01.50Shoreline Christian
2.12Noah Dotson17-00.75Lynden Christian
3.11Grant Wilcox16-09.75Mt Vernon Christian
4.12Mitch Davis16-08.25Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
5.12Brandon Thompson16-08.25Grace Academy
6.12Scott Lee16-08.00Grace Academy
7.9Tyler Houtsma16-03.00Mt Vernon Christian
8.9Patrick LeClair16-02.50Bellevue Christian
9.9Sam Vander Griend15-11.50Lynden Christian
10.12Daniel Oakland15-08.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
11.10Grant Hashimoto14-09.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12.10Austin Rudy14-07.50Mt Vernon Christian
13.11Sean Kim13-10.25Lynden Christian
14.12Kendall Ackermann13-10.00Mt Vernon Christian
15.9Caleb Moyer13-03.00Bellevue Christian
16.12Mike Mouhanna12-09.00Lynden Christian
17.11Billy Kang11-09.00Lynden Christian
18.12Chris North11-08.00Bellevue Christian
19.10Joon Choi11-02.00Bellevue Christian
20.10David Maberry10-07.75Lynden Christian
10Connor BackusNDBellevue Christian
9Matt RanneyNDBellevue Christian
11Davis HagedornNDLynden Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Noah Dotson38-00.75Lynden Christian
2.12Brandon Thompson37-10.50Grace Academy
3.9Patrick LeClair35-04.00Bellevue Christian
4.9Hunter Corbett34-00.50Grace Academy
5.12Kendall Ackermann32-02.00Mt Vernon Christian
6.11Billy Kang27-11.00Lynden Christian
7.9Jason Chou27-09.50Bellevue Christian
8.9Michael Hancock27-04.25Mt Vernon Christian
9.12Mike Mouhanna27-00.00Lynden Christian
9Matt RanneyNDBellevue Christian
11Sean KimNDLynden Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meredith Lampe13.49aBellevue Christian
2.12Alexa Vander Meulen13.64aLynden Christian
3.11Jane Aguero13.88aMt Vernon Christian
4.9Madison Weg13.89aLynden Christian
5.12Carly McClintock13.96aBellevue Christian
6.12Paige Miller14.19aBellevue Christian
7.10Natalie McPherson14.21aShoreline Christian
8.9Madison Wiese14.22aLynden Christian
9.10Katy Fonk14.43aBellevue Christian
10.11Emily Visser14.63aLynden Christian
10.12Sydney Holt14.63aGrace Academy
12.10Sam Salmi14.65aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
13.12Madeline McPherson14.90aShoreline Christian
14.9Naomi Tuttle15.17aGrace Academy
15.12Annalyse Hurd15.54aMt Vernon Christian
16.11Rebekah Anderson15.64aShoreline Christian
17.11Jaci Vanderwerff15.66aMt Vernon Christian
18.10Ahna Suttles15.83aMt Vernon Christian
19.9Annika Riise16.13aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
20.10Brianna Joki16.28aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
21.11Maddy Call16.63aShoreline Christian
10Abby SigmanNTBellevue Christian
10Emily SytsmaNTLynden Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meredith Lampe27.17aBellevue Christian
2.12Bree Oldham27.77aBellevue Christian
3.10Alli Vitalone29.67aBellevue Christian
4.10Sam Salmi30.15aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
5.9Andrea Zenger30.30aShoreline Christian
6.11Jessica Hoogerhyde31.87aShoreline Christian
7.10Ahna Suttles32.34aMt Vernon Christian
8.11Sarah Stanton32.62aBellevue Christian
8.9Kimber-Lynn Anderson32.62aMt Vernon Christian
10.11Rebekah Anderson32.65aShoreline Christian
11.10Brianna Joki32.90aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12.11Maddy Call34.00aShoreline Christian
13.10Vanessa Nguyen38.34aBellevue Christian
10Abby SigmanNTBellevue Christian
12Sydney HoltNTGrace Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Oldham1:00.79aBellevue Christian
2.11Jane Aguero1:06.83aMt Vernon Christian
3.9Ashley Osborn1:09.82aBellevue Christian
4.12Madeline McPherson1:10.30aShoreline Christian
5.10Natalie McPherson1:12.39aShoreline Christian
6.12Annalyse Hurd1:14.07aMt Vernon Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristina Yzaguirre2:34.62aMt Vernon Christian
2.11Noelle Crosby2:40.49aBellevue Christian
3.10Isabella Chaffey2:40.84aBellevue Christian
4.12Kelsey Vander Veen2:40.99aLynden Christian
5.9Brianna Rutgers2:43.31aLynden Christian
6.11Kenzie Clark2:49.47aBellevue Christian
7.9Brianna De Boer2:57.27aLynden Christian
8.10Alyssa Ackermann3:01.13aMt Vernon Christian
9.11Rachel Bryan3:05.38aShoreline Christian
10.10Veronica Danhof3:07.88aShoreline Christian
11.9Annika Riise3:09.52aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
12.9Rachel Shi3:17.84aBellevue Christian
13.11Elena Nai3:22.41aBellevue Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marissa Hielkema5:37.33aLynden Christian
2.10Isabella Chaffey5:51.09aBellevue Christian
3.11Noelle Crosby5:57.23aBellevue Christian
4.9Julia Morris6:04.62aLynden Christian
5.11Kenzie Clark6:12.38aBellevue Christian
6.10Alyssa Ackermann6:29.02aMt Vernon Christian
10Kristina YzaguirreNTMt Vernon Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Alyssa AckermannNTMt Vernon Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Oldham16.87aBellevue Christian
2.10Madison Burke17.86aLynden Christian
3.10Paige Knight18.49aBellevue Christian
4.9Jessica Ketchum19.64aMt Vernon Christian
5.12Kelsey Vander Zouwen20.19aLynden Christian
6.9Andrea Zenger20.41aShoreline Christian
7.9Shelby Hall20.68aBellevue Christian
8.10Melissa Hussey20.99aBellevue Christian
9.10Abby DeKoekkoek21.16aShoreline Christian
10.9Britney Berryman21.59aMt Vernon Christian
11.10Ashley Otwell23.29aBellevue Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paige Knight50.80aBellevue Christian
2.9Madison Wiese53.73aLynden Christian
3.10Melissa Hussey55.19aBellevue Christian
4.11Emily Visser55.60aLynden Christian
5.9Britney Berryman55.81aMt Vernon Christian
6.9Melyssa Whitener56.02aMt Vernon Christian
7.9Jessica Ketchum58.78aMt Vernon Christian
8.9Naomi Tuttle58.94aGrace Academy
9.12Jess Castor1:00.71aCedar Park Chr. (MLT)
10.10Kendel Jolley-Ruud1:01.83aBellevue Christian
9Danica KlineNTGrace Academy
9Na Yeon HanNTBellevue Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meredith Lampe
Bree Oldham
Carly McClintock
Paige Miller
52.85aBellevue Christian
2.-Madison Burke
Emily Sytsma
Madison Weg
Alexa Vander Meulen
53.09aLynden Christian
3.-Rebekah Anderson
Andrea Zenger
Natalie McPherson
Madeline McPherson
57.96aShoreline Christian
4.-Maddie Durst
Emma Taylor
Katy Fonk
Darshpreet Kaur
58.09aBellevue Christian
5.-Danica Kline
Hannah Eneix
Sydney Holt
Naomi Tuttle
1:02.11aGrace Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Knight
Paige Miller
Carly McClintock
Meredith Lampe
1:52.80aBellevue Christian
2.-Lindsey Turner
Brooke Van Dalen
Emily Visser
McKenzie Young
1:59.47aLynden Christian
3.-Isabella Chaffey
Noelle Crosby
Ashley Osborn
Emma Taylor
2:01.61aBellevue Christian
4.-Jessica Hoogerhyde
Natalie McPherson
Madeline McPherson
Andrea Zenger
2:02.51aShoreline Christian
5.-Kimmy Anderson
Britney Berryman
Annalyse Hurd
Jaci Vanderwerff
2:04.29aMt Vernon Christian
6.-Na Yeon Han
Elena Nai
Vanessa Nguyen
Kendel Jolley-Ruud
2:18.94aBellevue Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Sytsma
Alexa Vander Meulen
Katie Vanden Bos
Madison Weg
4:24.77aLynden Christian
2.-Jane Aguero
Kristina Yzguirre
Molli Kaptein
Melyssa Whitener
4:31.00aMt Vernon Christian
3.-Kenzie Clark
Noelle Crosby
Katy Fonk
Alli Vitalone
4:32.11aBellevue Christian
4.-Isabella Chaffey
Paige Knight
Melissa Hussey
Ashley Osborn
4:35.05aBellevue Christian
-Julia Morris
Brianna Rutgers
Kelsey Vander Veen
Marissa Hielkema
DQLynden Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alli Vitalone26-11.00Bellevue Christian
2.9Shelby Hall25-08.00Bellevue Christian
3.10Hannah Wynstra24-07.00Lynden Christian
4.10Brianna Joki23-03.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
5.9Ashley Osborn22-06.00Bellevue Christian
6.12Kellie Hartford22-04.00Bellevue Christian
7.11Jessica Hoogerhyde21-08.00Shoreline Christian
8.11Amber Shineman21-01.00Bellevue Christian
9.11Hannah Eneix20-10.00Grace Academy
10.9Kylie Boon19-09.00Mt Vernon Christian
11.11Stephanie Rasor19-06.00Shoreline Christian
12.10Abby DeKoekkoek19-05.00Shoreline Christian
13.12Natalie Dougliss19-04.50Mt Vernon Christian
14.9Kimber-Lynn Anderson18-02.00Mt Vernon Christian
15.9Sammy Dougliss15-08.00Mt Vernon Christian
16.10Sally Lee15-04.50Bellevue Christian
17.9Song Gao15-03.00Bellevue Christian
18.9Sybil Wang14-09.00Bellevue Christian
19.11Donia Ryder13-08.00Shoreline Christian
20.9Na Yeon Han13-00.00Bellevue Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Wynstra88-09Lynden Christian
2.9Allison Smit73-05Lynden Christian
3.11Jessica Hoogerhyde67-03Shoreline Christian
4.10Brianna Joki62-04Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
5.11Jaci Vanderwerff61-03Mt Vernon Christian
6.11Stephanie Rasor60-09Shoreline Christian
7.12Natalie Dougliss60-03Mt Vernon Christian
8.10Abby DeKoekkoek56-04Shoreline Christian
8.12Kellie Hartford56-04Bellevue Christian
10.11Hannah Eneix55-05Grace Academy
11.9Kylie Boon54-03Mt Vernon Christian
12.12Jillian Glassey51-05Bellevue Christian
13.11Amber Shineman47-11Bellevue Christian
14.12Emma Dermody44-10Bellevue Christian
15.11Donia Ryder44-07Shoreline Christian
16.9Annika Riise44-00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
17.9Sammy Dougliss37-05Mt Vernon Christian
18.10Sally Lee34-06Bellevue Christian
19.9Beibei Zhao33-10Bellevue Christian
20.9Song Gao29-04Bellevue Christian
11Nikki RoosmaNDLynden Christian
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooke Van Dalen101-03Lynden Christian
2.10Emilie Catlett94-06Bellevue Christian
3.10Hannah Wynstra88-09Lynden Christian
4.12Lindsey Turner78-08Lynden Christian
5.12Kellie Hartford77-01Bellevue Christian
6.11Jaci Vanderwerff73-00Mt Vernon Christian
7.9Daphnee Manderson70-01Lynden Christian
8.12Jillian Glassey67-07Bellevue Christian
9.10Sam Salmi66-04Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
10.12Mijo Price59-10Lynden Christian
11.12Emma Dermody58-06Bellevue Christian
12.12Natalie Dougliss57-00Mt Vernon Christian
13.11Amber Shineman56-00Bellevue Christian
14.11Brittany Johnson55-02Bellevue Christian
15.9Allison Smit53-04Lynden Christian
16.11Hannah Eneix47-11Grace Academy
17.11Nikki Roosma47-07Lynden Christian
18.9Kylie Boon42-08Mt Vernon Christian
19.9Beibei Zhao41-09Bellevue Christian
20.9Ellie Steensma30-07Lynden Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madison Weg4-08.00Lynden Christian
2.10Sam Salmi4-06.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
3.9Shelby Hall4-04.00Bellevue Christian
4.12Jillian Glassey4-02.00Bellevue Christian
5.12Jess Castor4-02.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
6.11Brittany Johnson4-00.00Bellevue Christian
7.10Ahna Suttles3-10.00Mt Vernon Christian
12Jessica AndersonNHBellevue Christian
12Emma DermodyNHBellevue Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Vanden Bos8-00.00Lynden Christian
2.10Molli Kaptein7-02.00Mt Vernon Christian
3.9Melyssa Whitener6-06.00Mt Vernon Christian
4.9Kimber-Lynn Anderson5-05.00Mt Vernon Christian
5.9Jessica Ketchum5-04.00Mt Vernon Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Vanden Bos14-09.00Lynden Christian
2.10Madison Burke13-11.00Lynden Christian
3.9McKenzie Young13-08.50Lynden Christian
4.10Katy Fonk13-07.00Bellevue Christian
5.10Molli Kaptein12-10.00Mt Vernon Christian
6.9Emma Taylor12-09.00Bellevue Christian
6.10Alli Vitalone12-09.00Bellevue Christian
8.9Melyssa Whitener12-08.25Mt Vernon Christian
9.12Jess Castor12-07.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
10.9Naomi Tuttle12-05.00Grace Academy
11.9Jessica Ketchum12-04.00Mt Vernon Christian
12.10Alyssa Ackermann11-11.00Mt Vernon Christian
12.9Danica Kline11-11.00Grace Academy
14.11Sarah Stanton11-09.00Bellevue Christian
15.9Annika Riise10-10.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
16.10Maddie Durst10-03.00Bellevue Christian
11Darshpreet KaurDQBellevue Christian
10Sally VlasNDLynden Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly McClintock33-03.00Bellevue Christian
2.11Jane Aguero30-04.00Mt Vernon Christian
3.12Jess Castor28-03.00Cedar Park Chr. (MLT)
4.10Alyssa Ackermann27-07.00Mt Vernon Christian
5.10Molli Kaptein26-08.50Mt Vernon Christian
6.9Emma Taylor25-02.00Bellevue Christian
7.9Danica Kline24-08.00Grace Academy
8.11Sarah Stanton24-06.00Bellevue Christian
9.12Natalie Dougliss23-01.50Mt Vernon Christian
10.10Maddie Durst20-05.50Bellevue Christian
11Darshpreet KaurNDBellevue Christian
10Sally VlasNDLynden Christian
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