IWU Invitational

Saturday, January 28, 2012
  Indiana Wesleyan, Marion - Map
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Illinois - NAIA
TrChTrinity Christian
Illinois - NCAA
NoIlNorthern Illinois
Indiana - Bloomington North
Indiana - Connersville
WACEWarren Central
Indiana - NAIA
BeINBethel (IN)
IndTIndiana Tech
InWeIndiana Wesleyan
Kentucky - NCAA
Michigan - NAIA
SpArSpring Arbor
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCalen Boyd6.99aBethel (IN)
2.FrJoshua Bass7.02aIndianapolis
3.SoTony Johnson7.03aAnderson (IN)
4.SrRod Gray7.07aSt Joseph's (IN)
5.FrMike Adams7.24aIndiana Tech
6.JrDerrius Carroll7.25aIndiana Tech
7.SrAhrin Lemacks7.29aBethel (IN)
8.FrDesmond Sleigh7.46aIndiana Wesleyan
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoTony Johnson7.05aAnderson (IN)
2.SrCalen Boyd7.06aBethel (IN)
3.FrJoshua Bass7.08aIndianapolis
4.SrRod Gray7.15aSt Joseph's (IN)
5.FrMike Adams7.19aIndiana Tech
6.SrAhrin Lemacks7.23aBethel (IN)
7.JrDerrius Carroll7.24aIndiana Tech
8.FrDesmond Sleigh7.30aIndiana Wesleyan
9.SoJonathan McMahan7.31aIndiana Tech
10.FrJacob Lindley7.32aIndiana Tech
10.JrJordan Easley7.32aIndiana Wesleyan
10.SrWill Spencer7.32aIndiana Wesleyan
13.SoJoshua Mcmahan7.34aIndiana Tech
14.SoTravis Patterson7.35aBethel (IN)
15.FrDeonta Smith7.36aIndianapolis
16.Michael Joiner7.38aUnattached
17.SoMichael Taylor7.39aSt Joseph's (IN)
18.FrJustin Shaffer7.41aIndiana Wesleyan
19.SoChris Morse7.42aTrinity Christian
19.JrJay Filson7.42aIndiana Wesleyan
21.FrKyle Vergon7.43aAnderson (IN)
22.SoJaylen Bentley7.44aBethel (IN)
23.JrDan Haught7.45aIndiana Tech
24.FrRayshard Brewer7.46aSpring Arbor
25.FrOshe Herring7.47aIndiana Tech
26.SrMatt Nagelkirk7.54aTrinity Christian
27.FrChris Goodman7.55aIndiana Tech
27.FrMike Childs7.55aBethel (IN)
27.FrChazz Millman7.55aAnderson (IN)
30.JrDionte Keys7.57aIndianapolis
31.FrRyan Mote7.61aAnderson (IN)
32.FrDallas Bronaugh7.69aSpalding
33.FrAl Pritchard7.72aIndiana Wesleyan
34.FrLeslie Rowley7.77aAnderson (IN)
35.JrBrandon Summers7.83aBethel (IN)
36.SoTyrone Hines7.90aAnderson (IN)
37.FrLuis Guzman7.92aBethel (IN)
38.JrJeremy Martin8.04aAnderson (IN)
39.JrCody Dull8.17aIndiana Tech
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAhrin Lemacks23.25aBethel (IN)
2.FrJacob Lindley23.43aIndiana Tech
3.SoTaylor Swihart23.68aSpring Arbor
4.FrDesmond Sleigh23.70aIndiana Wesleyan
5.JrAndy Lipiec23.71aIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrKelly Maxwell23.76aSpring Arbor
7.FrKeon Scott23.80aSpalding
8.FrJoseph Mcnabb23.84aIndiana Tech
9.SoTony Johnson23.85aAnderson (IN)
10.JrTalal Maree23.86aBethel (IN)
11.FrDeonta Smith23.87aIndianapolis
11.Michael Joiner23.87aUnattached
13.SrRobby Burns23.92aBethel (IN)
14.FrKyle Vergon23.96aAnderson (IN)
15.FrBrad McNeil23.98aAnderson (IN)
16.FrMarcus Devers24.11aTrinity Christian
17.FrJake Smith24.19aIndiana Wesleyan
18.FrMax Kittle24.20aAnderson (IN)
18.FrChris Goodman24.20aIndiana Tech
20.FrMike Childs24.23aBethel (IN)
21.FrJack Hill24.27aAnderson (IN)
22.SoChris Morse24.33aTrinity Christian
23.FrJared Blue24.37aIndiana Wesleyan
24.SoRobert Edwards24.40aSpalding
25.JrDan Haught24.45aIndiana Tech
26.FrRobert Newberry24.47aSpalding
27.FrCaleb King24.68aIndiana Wesleyan
27.SoTravis Patterson24.68aBethel (IN)
29.FrCasey Gauss24.89aIndiana Wesleyan
30.FrChazz Millman24.92aAnderson (IN)
31.FrIvan Dovbak24.93aBethel (IN)
32.FrOshe Herring24.99aIndiana Tech
33.FrRyan Mote25.01aAnderson (IN)
34.JrDionte Keys25.09aIndianapolis
35.FrAl Pritchard25.26aIndiana Wesleyan
36.SrMatt Nagelkirk25.31aTrinity Christian
37.SoLivingston Garland25.47aSpring Arbor
38.JrJonathon Carder25.59aIndiana Wesleyan
39.SoAaron Cory25.75aSpring Arbor
40.SrJacob Boone25.83aSpring Arbor
41.FrLeslie Rowley25.99aAnderson (IN)
42.JrBanjor Musa26.27aSpring Arbor
43.SoTyrone Hines26.45aAnderson (IN)
44.FrLuis Guzman26.66aBethel (IN)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJeremiah Wright52.79aSt Joseph's (IN)
2.SoTaylor Swihart52.88aSpring Arbor
3.FrAlex Hendricks53.01aIndiana Wesleyan
4.Brandon Steinhardt53.12aUnattached
5.FrJoseph Mcnabb53.40aIndiana Tech
6.JrTalal Maree53.51aBethel (IN)
7.SrRobby Burns53.58aBethel (IN)
8.JrCalvin Lewis54.13aBethel (IN)
9.FrDaniel Williams54.15aIndiana Tech
10.FrCameron Garrett54.81aSpring Arbor
11.FrRob Wigginton54.90aIndiana Tech
12.FrIvan Dovbak54.92aBethel (IN)
13.SoLivingston Garland54.98aSpring Arbor
14.SrJoshua Guth55.23aTrinity Christian
15.12Iman Tucker56.23aSeymour
16.11Marcos Cyrys57.22aSeymour
17.FrMatthew Rosado58.34aSt Joseph's (IN)
18.SoEric Milner58.75aIndiana Tech
19.JrAntonio Brookins59.71aSpalding
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrThomas Venhuizen1:25.37aTrinity Christian
2.SrSam Staal1:26.00aTrinity Christian
3.SoSeth Spangler1:26.03aIndiana Tech
4.Derek Gay1:27.35aIwu Alumni
5.FrDan Deller1:27.49aSpring Arbor
6.JrKyle Beutler1:27.58aBethel (IN)
7.SrJacob Boone1:27.74aSpring Arbor
8.SoTim Sipe1:28.42aBethel (IN)
9.FrKaleb Powell1:29.23aSpring Arbor
10.John Haller1:29.96aUnattached
11.SoChaven Davidson1:30.40aAnderson (IN)
12.JrBanjor Musa1:30.76aSpring Arbor
13.SrRobby Gingrich1:31.46aBethel (IN)
14.FrMichael King1:32.58aBethel (IN)
15.JrBen Borst1:32.61aTrinity Christian
16.FrJosh Freeman1:33.94aIndiana Wesleyan
17.SoWayne Wineglass1:35.11aAnderson (IN)
18.FrJack Oberthaler1:38.08aBethel (IN)
19.JrBryan Church1:40.67aTrinity Christian
20.SoZachary Michael1:43.93aSpalding
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMike Fauser1:56.08aSt Joseph's (IN)
2.JrAndrew Albert1:59.66aIndiana Wesleyan
3.JrMatt Mitchell1:59.84aIndiana Wesleyan
4.Rizik Lado2:01.90aUnattached
5.Luke McRoberts2:02.22aLuke McRober
6.SoHaile Jemane2:03.63aSpalding
7.SoHansen Martin2:04.63aIndiana Wesleyan
8.FrJohn Gutterman2:05.44aSt Joseph's (IN)
9.FrJared Johnson2:06.37aIndiana Wesleyan
10.FrChristian Clark2:11.21aBethel (IN)
11.SoEric Yepez2:14.63aSpalding
12.FrKaleb Meredith2:16.79aIndianapolis
13.JrSean Smith2:17.23aIndianapolis
14.SrJosh Wolf2:19.99aSpalding
15.JrAntonio Brookins2:20.48aSpalding
16.FrJack Oberthaler2:21.76aBethel (IN)
17.-Mats Saevareio2:23.22aSeymour
18.SoTim Mosier2:26.23aIndianapolis
19.SoJames Borengasser2:29.84aSpalding
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNick Radionoff2:42.86aIndiana Tech
2.JrBrian Clark2:44.11aTrinity Christian
3.FrNoah Haverdink2:46.08aSpring Arbor
4.FrLogan Kimmel2:50.00aBethel (IN)
5.SoDavid Foura2:51.42aBethel (IN)
6.FrQuinn Ruich2:52.04aIndianapolis
7.JrJustin Nelson2:53.17aBethel (IN)
8.FrMichael King2:54.07aBethel (IN)
9.SoDavid Percy2:55.21aIndiana Wesleyan
10.FrChristia Daugherty2:57.31aIndiana Wesleyan
11.FrGus Ozmun2:57.32aIndiana Wesleyan
12.Frjacob Massengale2:58.22aBethel (IN)
13.JrAdam Crawford3:01.14aBethel (IN)
14.SoSamuel Heckard3:14.02aBethel (IN)
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.Josh Foss4:18.08aIwu Alumni
2.JrAndrew Albert4:22.26aIndiana Wesleyan
3.SoAndy Reidsma4:25.00aTrinity Christian
4.JrAbram Deng4:28.63aSpalding
5.Mitchell Sanders4:30.77aTeam Ropo T.
6.JrKyle Vaneerden4:34.10aTrinity Christian
7.Rizik Lado4:34.73aUnattached
8.JrRocco Mazzanti4:36.32aSt Joseph's (IN)
9.SoMatthew Mcandrews4:37.24aIndiana Wesleyan
10.SoPeter Ramundo4:37.99aSpring Arbor
11.JrBryan Burk4:38.32aSpring Arbor
12.FrNoah Haverdink4:44.95aSpring Arbor
13.FrMaxx Lackie4:46.40aSpring Arbor
14.JrShawn Howse4:48.49aIndiana Wesleyan
15.SoJake Carden4:50.48aSt Joseph's (IN)
16.SrBrandon Page4:50.52aIndiana Wesleyan
17.David Buysse4:50.84aUnattached
18.SoMatt Phillips4:50.95aSt Joseph's (IN)
19.FrKenny Brown4:51.05aIndianapolis
20.JrBrian Witt4:52.35aSt Joseph's (IN)
21.JrThomas Vankley4:52.97aIndiana Wesleyan
22.JrAdam Crawford4:53.20aBethel (IN)
23.JrJustin Nelson4:53.81aBethel (IN)
24.SoDavid Foura4:54.90aBethel (IN)
25.SoEric Yepez4:57.25aSpalding
26.JrAlec Zeremba4:57.93aSpalding
27.SoPatrick Smith4:59.89aAnderson (IN)
28.SrJosh Wolf5:07.58aSpalding
29.FrJoshua Marshall5:11.46aBethel (IN)
30.Frjacob Massengale5:13.40aBethel (IN)
31.SoSamuel Heckard5:21.63aBethel (IN)
32.SoJames Borengasser5:26.71aSpalding
33.FrRichard Beabout5:38.06aTrinity Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Josh Foss8:44.44aIwu Alumni
2.SoRichard Kaht8:51.39aSt Joseph's (IN)
3.SoLance Nelson9:23.18aSpring Arbor
4.JrMason Webb9:25.33aIndiana Wesleyan
5.SoAaron Kimbrell9:27.31aIndiana Tech
6.SoAaron Beck9:28.68aIndianapolis
7.FrPatrick Massoels9:44.01aSt Joseph's (IN)
8.SrMickey Nelson9:44.59aIndiana Tech
9.JrTyler Alles9:55.95aIndiana Wesleyan
10.FrAlden Eubanks10:05.53aIndiana Tech
11.Luke McRoberts10:14.82aLuke McRober
12.FrJoshua Marshall10:16.98aBethel (IN)
--JrBryan BurkDNFSpring Arbor
--SoPeter RamundoDNFSpring Arbor
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEthan Naylor15:18.17aIndiana Wesleyan
2.JrRyan Lindemulder15:53.17aTrinity Christian
1.SrMatt St. Amour16:21.11aAnderson (IN)
2.SrMarc St. Amour16:22.54aAnderson (IN)
3.JrEric Linn16:31.29aAnderson (IN)
4.SrEmby Duncan16:39.54aAnderson (IN)
5.SoChris Koutavas16:40.74aTrinity Christian
3.SrJosh Gornall16:45.21aIndianapolis
4.Ethan Evans16:48.12aUnattached
5.SrHarrison Fausey16:52.81aBethel (IN)
6.SoCorey Dowds17:03.02aSt Joseph's (IN)
7.FrBisrat Desta17:04.00aSt Joseph's (IN)
6.SoJustin Sherwood17:04.52aIndianapolis
7.FrAlex Cushman17:10.22aIndianapolis
8.SoJustin Kukelhan17:19.26aIndiana Tech
9.SrJack Laski17:37.30aSt Joseph's (IN)
10.SoAaron Kellar18:02.63aIndiana Tech
11.SoAlex Young18:17.91aSt Joseph's (IN)
12.SoDan Crider18:40.15aSt Joseph's (IN)
13.FrMatt Frisby19:17.05aIndiana Tech
--SrEthan HattDNFSpring Arbor
--JrKyle AndersonDNFSpring Arbor
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJeremiah Wright8.47aSt Joseph's (IN)
2.Robert Rose8.48aUnattached
3.JrAndy Lipiec8.49aIndiana Wesleyan
4.JrBraden Miller8.61aIndianapolis
5.FrJake Smith8.66aIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrMax Kittle8.69aAnderson (IN)
7.SrMicah Shaw8.72aIndiana Wesleyan
--SrJonathan DosseyFSIndianapolis
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.Robert Rose8.51aUnattached
2.SoJeremiah Wright8.56aSt Joseph's (IN)
4.JrAndy Lipiec8.64aIndiana Wesleyan
5.SrMicah Shaw8.74aIndiana Wesleyan
6.JrBraden Miller8.74aIndianapolis
7.FrJake Smith8.76aIndiana Wesleyan
8.FrMax Kittle8.85aAnderson (IN)
9.FrRobert Geis8.87aIndianapolis
10.JrJonathon Carder8.95aIndiana Wesleyan
3.SrJonathan Dossey9.02aIndianapolis
11.FrKelly Maxwell9.11aSpring Arbor
11.FrJack Hill9.11aAnderson (IN)
13.FrBrad McNeil9.14aAnderson (IN)
14.SoJoshua Mcmahan9.21aIndiana Tech
15.SoJames Agler9.24aBethel (IN)
16.12Iman Tucker9.30aSeymour
17.SoEric Milner9.32aIndiana Tech
18.SoJonathan McMahan9.82aIndiana Tech
19.JrKent Corsbie10.13aBethel (IN)
20.SoFrederick Miller10.51aSt Joseph's (IN)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jay Filson
Andy Lipiec
Will Spencer
Justin Shaffer
1:34.93aIndiana Wesleyan
2.-Jeremiah Wright
Michael Taylor
Cole Galloway
Rod Gray
1:35.08aSt Joseph's (IN)
3.-Mike Adams
Dan Haught
Derrius Carroll
Daniel Williams
1:35.12aIndiana Tech
3.-Joshua Mcmahan
Jonathan McMahan
Eric Milner
Jacob Lindley
1:35.12aIndiana Tech
4.-Jonathan Dossey
Robert Geis
Terrell Franklin
Bryan Rigby
5.-Jordan Easley
Jake Smith
Desmond Sleigh
Micah Shaw
1:35.33aIndiana Wesleyan
6.-Joshua Mcmahan
Jonathan McMahan
Eric Milner
Jacob Lindley
1:35.37aIndiana Tech
6.-Mike Adams
Dan Haught
Derrius Carroll
Daniel Williams
1:35.37aIndiana Tech
7.-Dionte Keys
Deonta Smith
Kyle Thompson
Matthew Walker
8.-Ahrin Lemacks
Calvin Lewis
Travis Patterson
Mike Childs
1:36.16aBethel (IN)
9.-Livingston Garland
Rayshard Brewer
Kaleb Powell
Dewayne Gray
1:37.98aSpring Arbor
10.-Logan Wilhem
Chaven Davidson
Martin Wathome
Wayne Wineglass
1:44.28aAnderson (IN)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeremiah Wright
Mike Fauser
Matthew Rosado
Cole Galloway
3:30.54aSt Joseph's (IN)
2.-Will Spencer
Jared Blue
Jordan Easley
Justin Shaffer
3:31.90aIndiana Wesleyan
3.-Sam Staal
Thomas Venhuizen
Marcus Devers
Joshua Guth
3:32.16aTrinity Christian
4.-Robby Burns
Ivan Dovbak
Talal Maree
Calvin Lewis
3:35.39aBethel (IN)
5.-Daniel Williams
Eric Milner
Mike Adams
Seth Spangler
3:38.26aIndiana Tech
6.-Relay Team 3:39.92aSpring Arbor
7.-Hansen Martin
Josh Freeman
Jared Johnson
Matt Mitchell
3:40.74aIndiana Wesleyan
8.-Terrell Franklin
Robert Geis
Braden Miller
Bryan Rigby
9.-Matt McAndrews
Thomas Vankley
Gus Ozmun
Alex Hendricks
3:49.50aIndiana Wesleyan
10.-Ben Borst
Brian Clark
Bryan Church
Chris Morse
3:49.80aTrinity Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Beutler
Robby Gingrich
Tim Sipe
Logan Kimmel
8:57.99aBethel (IN)
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jared Lauber
Dewayne Gray
Chris Conrad
Kameron Mills
10:43.13aSpring Arbor
2.-Abram Deng
Haile Jemane
Alec Zeremba
Keon Scott
3.-Sean O'Brien
Benjamin McMillan
Aaron Beck
Quinn Ruich
4.-Joseph Mcnabb
Nick Radionoff
Aaron Kimbrell
Mickey Nelson
11:12.22aIndiana Tech
5.-Christian Clark
Jack Oberthaler
Tim Sipe
Logan Kimmel
11:16.95aBethel (IN)
6.-Adam Crawford
Justin Nelson
David Foura
Michael King
11:33.03aBethel (IN)
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKaleb Thompson16.91mSt Joseph's (IN)
2.JrKyle Abney16.39mIndiana Wesleyan
3.SrMatt Royer16.22mIndianapolis
4.JrJoshua Bridwell15.40mIndianapolis
5.FrJames Allen15.16mIndiana Wesleyan
6.SrChadd Keller14.92mIndiana Tech
7.FrAnthony Bradley14.85mSt Joseph's (IN)
8.FrMichael Ponce14.54mBethel (IN)
9.SoRobert Rose14.30mBethel (IN)
10.JrAlan Austin14.04mSt Joseph's (IN)
11.FrNicko Peebles14.00mIndianapolis
12.JrAaron Baker13.91mIndiana Tech
13.SrLeonard Wells13.84mAnderson (IN)
14.SoAlex Reinhard13.81mBethel (IN)
15.FrKyle Jenkins13.53mSpalding
16.FrNinlo Diarrassouba13.13mIndiana Tech
17.SrRay Zaagman12.95mTrinity Christian
18.JrBJ Vanderzwaag12.46mBethel (IN)
19.SoJon DeYoung12.36mTrinity Christian
20.JrMarcus Montgomery12.29mIndianapolis
21.FrBlake Hochstetler12.00mBethel (IN)
22.SoColton Sewell11.87mAnderson (IN)
23.JrBraden Miller11.50mIndianapolis
24.FrKody Martin11.09mSt Joseph's (IN)
25.FrZach Doepker10.90mIndiana Tech
26.FrCarter Amnerman10.75mBethel (IN)
26.FrSteven Wingler10.75mAnderson (IN)
28.FrHunter Prol10.43mAnderson (IN)
29.SoDaTarance Harvey9.31mAnderson (IN)
30.FrJake Tuterow8.89mIndiana Tech
--SrRyan CarlockFOULBethel (IN)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNick Brown1.95mIndiana Wesleyan
2.FrCaleb King1.95mIndiana Wesleyan
3.JrBraden Miller1.95mIndianapolis
5.SoChris Ulis1.80mSt Joseph's (IN)
6.SoAaron Cory1.80mSpring Arbor
7.JrAdam Miller1.75mIndiana Wesleyan
8.SoClayton Abbott1.75mIndianapolis
9.FrLarry Clingler1.75mIndiana Tech
10.FrJared Blue1.70mIndiana Wesleyan
--FrJeff JeffersonNHTrinity Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
2.FrTim Canfield4.55mSpring Arbor
3.SrChris Ladd4.55mIndiana Tech
4.Paul Babits4.40mVault High Athle
5.JrJacob Aldrich4.25mIndianapolis
6.JrJonathon Carder4.25mIndiana Wesleyan
7.FrAustin Billington4.25mIndiana Tech
8.FrCasey Gauss4.25mIndiana Wesleyan
10.FrChase Pinion4.10mBethel (IN)
10.FrTyler Sawicki4.10mBethel (IN)
10.SoAaron Austin4.10mSpring Arbor
13.Jeremiah Carder3.95mUnattached
14.FrPreston Murrell3.80mIndiana Wesleyan
--11Hunter KlakampNHSeymour
--SoDerek DraplinNHSpring Arbor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCalen Boyd7.04mBethel (IN)
2.FrJoshua Bass7.03mIndianapolis
4.FrDesmond Sleigh6.49mIndiana Wesleyan
5.FrMarcus Devers6.46mTrinity Christian
6.SoChris Ulis6.23mSt Joseph's (IN)
7.SoAlec Betz6.12mBethel (IN)
8.JrJoe Tooks6.11mSt Joseph's (IN)
9.FrRobert Newberry6.07mSpalding
10.JrKent Corsbie5.94mBethel (IN)
11.FrRayshard Brewer5.90mSpring Arbor
11.FrTanner Foust5.90mBethel (IN)
13.FrTanner Smith5.54mIndiana Tech
14.FrCameron Garrett5.46mSpring Arbor
15.FrAdam Reynolds-Reuschel5.44mIndianapolis
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCalen Boyd14.29mBethel (IN)
2.JrJoe Tooks13.72mSt Joseph's (IN)
3.SoChris Ulis12.79mSt Joseph's (IN)
4.SoTaylor Swihart12.17mSpring Arbor
5.JrKent Corsbie11.85mBethel (IN)
6.SrTerrell Franklin11.73mIndianapolis
7.FrAdam Reynolds-Reuschel11.72mIndianapolis
8.SoClayton Abbott11.61mIndianapolis
9.SoAlec Betz11.30mBethel (IN)
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMatt Royer20.46mIndianapolis
2.Kevin Phipps19.06mUnattached
3.JrMarcus Montgomery17.27mIndianapolis
4.FrNicko Peebles16.42mIndianapolis
5.JrBJ Vanderzwaag16.09mBethel (IN)
6.SrRyan Carlock16.05mBethel (IN)
7.JrAaron Baker15.59mIndiana Tech
8.SoGeoff Getts15.47mIndiana Wesleyan
9.SoRobert Rose15.28mBethel (IN)
10.FrMichael Ponce14.72mBethel (IN)
11.SoAlex Reinhard14.51mBethel (IN)
12.FrBlake Hochstetler13.71mBethel (IN)
13.JrAlan Austin13.70mSt Joseph's (IN)
14.Geof Hutchinaon13.68mUnattached
15.JrKris Pappert13.20mSt Joseph's (IN)
16.JrJoshua Bridwell13.09mIndianapolis
17.FrCarter Amnerman12.35mBethel (IN)
18.SrRay Zaagman11.88mTrinity Christian
19.FrKyle Jenkins11.59mSpalding
20.SoDaTarance Harvey10.54mAnderson (IN)
21.FrSteven Wingler9.39mAnderson (IN)
22.SoColton Sewell8.96mAnderson (IN)

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJanay Mitchell7.55aNorthern Illinois
2.SrChanel Kellyman7.65aNorthern Illinois
3.SrJanae Taylor7.69aBall State
4.SoRebecca Lomax7.92aBall State
5.FrDanielle Perkins7.93aSt Joseph's (IN)
6.SrSamantha Etter8.02aBethel (IN)
7.FrBetty Graber8.06aBethel (IN)
8.FrChristina Crawford8.13aBall State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrJanay Mitchell7.60aNorthern Illinois
2.SrChanel Kellyman7.75aNorthern Illinois
3.SrJanae Taylor7.85aBall State
4.SoRebecca Lomax7.97aBall State
5.FrDanielle Perkins8.02aSt Joseph's (IN)
6.FrBetty Graber8.12aBethel (IN)
7.SrSamantha Etter8.14aBethel (IN)
8.FrChristina Crawford8.17aBall State
9.MyOnna Jemison8.17aUnattached
10.12Maggie Royalty8.37aSeymour
11.SrShanese McGregor8.39aIndianapolis
12.SoAlexandra Rowe8.48aNorthern Illinois
12.FrTaylor Stacy8.48aSt Joseph's (IN)
14.SoAmanda Cregier8.75aBethel (IN)
15.SoMikyla Houston8.77aAnderson (IN)
16.FrGrace Kalume8.93aIndiana Tech
17.SrVictoria Black8.95aBethel (IN)
18.SoJorden Traver9.08aBall State
19.JrCassie Natali9.43aBethel (IN)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJanay Mitchell25.03aNorthern Illinois
2.SrChanel Kellyman25.25aNorthern Illinois
3.SrRasheta Butler25.37aNorthern Illinois
4.SrRoneisha Frye25.95aNorthern Illinois
5.SrJanae Taylor26.00aBall State
6.SrMegan Gregory26.01aNorthern Illinois
7.FrAllix Miller26.50aIndiana Wesleyan
8.FrDanielle Perkins26.85aSt Joseph's (IN)
9.FrJordan McMillan27.19aBall State
10.SrSamantha Etter27.23aBethel (IN)
11.FrChristina Crawford27.32aBall State
12.SrIrene Kangai27.47aBethel (IN)
13.SrKaila Stevens27.55aBethel (IN)
14.SoAlexandra Rowe27.71aNorthern Illinois
15.FrTaylor Stacy28.04aSt Joseph's (IN)
16.FrRebekah Witzig28.36aBethel (IN)
17.SoAlex Friske28.37aAnderson (IN)
18.MyOnna Jemison28.46aUnattached
19.FrBrooke Fox28.83aBall State
19.SoAmanda Cregier28.83aBethel (IN)
21.JrSarah Merkel29.25aSt Joseph's (IN)
22.SrVictoria Black29.32aBethel (IN)
23.FrJazmine Gray29.42aBall State
24.Jrlizzy Skinner29.73aIndiana Wesleyan
25.JrSadie Warvel29.80aIndiana Wesleyan
26.FrChloe Hedeen29.95aIndianapolis
27.FrGrace Kalume30.06aIndiana Tech
28.SoMikyla Houston30.07aAnderson (IN)
29.10Hannah Kleber30.30aSeymour
30.-Heather Jones30.37aSeymour
31.SoKrystin Johnson31.10aIndianapolis
32.SrAlisha Sink31.31aAnderson (IN)
33.FrKrystina Perez32.04aSpalding
34.JrAshura Cottrell34.87aTrinity Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRasheta Butler58.09aNorthern Illinois
2.JrJudah Smith59.34aBall State
3.SrKaila Stevens1:00.75aBethel (IN)
4.SrIrene Kangai1:01.11aBethel (IN)
5.SoHannah Lange1:01.57aBall State
6.SoErica Miller1:01.60aNorthern Illinois
7.FrTracey Tiernon1:01.78aIndiana Wesleyan
8.Ariel Hune1:01.86aUnattached
9.SrAmanda Johnson1:02.74aIndiana Wesleyan
10.SoKristina Hemmerling1:04.31aSt Joseph's (IN)
11.FrRebekah Witzig1:04.91aBethel (IN)
12.FrAnna Henry1:05.78aIndiana Wesleyan
13.FrKeagin Green1:06.35aIndianapolis
14.JrKeishera Smith1:06.48aTrinity Christian
15.FrAmanda Wolfe1:06.62aIndiana Wesleyan
16.FrTiffany McCoy1:07.91aSt Joseph's (IN)
17.-Heather Jones1:08.69aSeymour
18.10Hannah Kleber1:09.15aSeymour
19.FrBrittany Stebbins1:11.27aIndiana Wesleyan
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDominique Dvojacki1:42.39aBethel (IN)
2.SoLauren Dudley1:43.40aBethel (IN)
3.SoChristina Sandberg1:43.77aIndiana Wesleyan
4.SoKirsten Harms1:44.82aTrinity Christian
5.FrHeather Quinlan1:46.27aAnderson (IN)
6.FrKatie Behrendt1:46.72aBall State
7.JrKeri Lencke1:48.49aBethel (IN)
8.SrLeah Schwartz1:49.63aBethel (IN)
9.SrChristine Witchger1:50.23aIndiana Wesleyan
10.JrSadie Warvel1:50.24aIndiana Wesleyan
11.FrHannah Riegler1:54.12aTrinity Christian
12.FrJessica Austin1:54.68aTrinity Christian
13.FrMolly Gobeli1:57.93aTrinity Christian
14.SoJulianne Marron1:58.03aAnderson (IN)
15.SoLindsey Krygsheld2:01.06aTrinity Christian
16.FrMarissa Goodwin2:05.18aAnderson (IN)
17.FrBrianna Pierce2:28.24aBethel (IN)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRebecca Cronin2:16.65aNorthern Illinois
2.FrJamie Burr2:20.59aNorthern Illinois
3.SoAndreanna Rowe2:24.80aNorthern Illinois
4.FrMadelyn Webster2:25.59aBall State
5.FrJulie Cronin2:28.53aNorthern Illinois
6.SoJustine Vandyk2:30.85aTrinity Christian
7.SoKatie DeBoy2:31.58aSt Joseph's (IN)
8.SrJessica Troike2:32.49aNorthern Illinois
9.JrHannah Schwab2:36.79aTrinity Christian
10.SoKyla Morgan2:38.06aIndiana Wesleyan
11.SrBrittany Wells2:38.22aIndianapolis
12.SrKatie Hall2:40.57aIndianapolis
13.FrStephanie Rhodes2:46.48aIndianapolis
14.FrJennifer Lewis2:58.21aIndianapolis
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKayla Ewert3:12.89aIndiana Wesleyan
2.SoChristina Adams3:25.35aBethel (IN)
3.SoCarli Mast3:25.91aBethel (IN)
4.JrBrittany Fabris3:31.22aBethel (IN)
5.SoNacole Hamilton3:45.24aAnderson (IN)
6.FrDesiree Maran3:50.61aAnderson (IN)
7.JrTrisha Karcher3:59.17aBethel (IN)
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.JrClaire McAuley5:20.38aNorthern Illinois
2.JrMadeline Goheen5:24.82aBall State
3.JrHannah Schwab5:28.90aTrinity Christian
4.SoAlyssa Foss5:35.49aIndiana Wesleyan
5.SoTrisha Hanlon5:37.12aSt Joseph's (IN)
6.SrAnna Morgan5:39.50aIndiana Wesleyan
7.JrEmily Dean5:43.43aIndiana Wesleyan
8.SoAmanda Lawson6:32.91aIndiana Wesleyan
9.SrCharity Brown6:36.28aBethel (IN)
10.FrJessica McElwain6:36.63aSt Joseph's (IN)
11.JrTrisha Karcher6:44.55aBethel (IN)
--JrHannah SpragueDNFTrinity Christian
--JrKatherine WilhelmDNFIndianapolis
--FrFrehiwet NegassiDNFSt Joseph's (IN)
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJuliane Totzke10:17.26aNorthern Illinois
2.JrMaryKate Mellen10:26.89aBall State
3.FrCourtney Edon10:30.09aBall State
4.FrAnna Bos10:33.52aTrinity Christian
5.SrRebekah Bentle10:42.09aIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrCaitlynn Edon10:54.08aBall State
7.SoKatie Janssen11:05.72aNorthern Illinois
8.FrAndie Strang11:10.13aSt Joseph's (IN)
9.SrBrooke McGaughey11:12.52aIndiana Wesleyan
10.JrNicole Hill11:17.78aTrinity Christian
11.SoAlyssa Foss11:20.05aIndiana Wesleyan
12.SoAlexis Capps11:21.40aNorthern Illinois
13.SrVeronica Jersey11:27.19aIndiana Tech
14.JrEmily Dean11:27.65aIndiana Wesleyan
15.FrKasey Zaremba11:40.17aTrinity Christian
16.JrKatherine Wilhelm11:41.14aIndianapolis
17.FrAllison Musselman11:42.66aIndiana Wesleyan
18.SoMorgan Kleinaman11:48.27aSt Joseph's (IN)
19.SrCharity Brown13:08.88aBethel (IN)
20.SoAdrienne Lawson13:29.42aIndiana Wesleyan
--JrClaire McAuleyDNFNorthern Illinois
--FrPaige DowneyDNFBethel (IN)
--FrAutumn ReedDNFBethel (IN)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCandace DeLong18:48.21aAnderson (IN)
2.FrAllissa Peterson19:16.23aIndiana Wesleyan
3.SoBecca Lamb19:28.38aIndiana Tech
4.SoAshlee Satterfield20:21.04aIndiana Tech
5.SrMichelle Lewis20:30.28aIndianapolis
6.Sarah Foss20:34.98aIwu Alumni
7.SrCourtney Chapman20:38.07aBethel (IN)
8.SoTabitha Vermillion20:49.20aIndiana Tech
9.JrNatalie Chamberlin20:55.40aIndianapolis
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Gregory8.77aNorthern Illinois
2.SrRoneisha Frye8.80aNorthern Illinois
3.JrJenelle McCalla9.21aNorthern Illinois
4.FrSamantha Nirva9.41aSt Joseph's (IN)
5.SoAlex Friske9.51aAnderson (IN)
6.FrKristen Zielenga9.70aBethel (IN)
7.FrJazmine Gray10.10aBall State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMegan Gregory8.95aNorthern Illinois
2.SrRoneisha Frye9.01aNorthern Illinois
5.JrJenelle McCalla9.36aNorthern Illinois
4.FrSamantha Nirva9.40aSt Joseph's (IN)
6.SoAlex Friske9.57aAnderson (IN)
7.FrKristen Zielenga9.76aBethel (IN)
8.FrJazmine Gray9.79aBall State
9.SoJillian Reisinger9.95aIndianapolis
10.SoTauren Keels10.06aIndiana Tech
11.FrCorinna Raypole10.08aIndianapolis
12.SoKristina Hemmerling10.12aSt Joseph's (IN)
13.SrChristine Witchger10.20aIndiana Wesleyan
14.FrBrooke Fox10.27aBall State
15.FrHannah Hasty10.34aIndianapolis
16.FrJourdin Heinrichs10.40aIndianapolis
17.FrMichaela Dwyer10.42aNorthern Illinois
18.FrLydia Mitchell10.57aNorthern Illinois
19.Jrlizzy Skinner10.61aIndiana Wesleyan
20.SoKyla Morgan10.92aIndiana Wesleyan
21.JrCrystal Torres10.95aSt Joseph's (IN)
22.SoKendra Smith11.17aIndiana Wesleyan
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chanel Kellyman
Janay Mitchell
Roneisha Frye
Rasheta Butler
1:40.23aNorthern Illinois
2.-Judah Smith
Janae Taylor
Katie Behrendt
Hannah Lange
1:43.97aBall State
3.-lizzy Skinner
Anna Henry
Tracey Tiernon
Allix Miller
1:50.01aIndiana Wesleyan
4.-Erica Blythe
Sarah Merkel
Taylor Stacy
Danielle Perkins
1:50.88aSt Joseph's (IN)
5.-Sadie Brock
Sarah Martin
Shanese McGregor
Jillian Reisinger
6.-Rebekah Witzig
Lindsay Koehler
Amanda Cregier
Victoria Black
1:57.10aBethel (IN)
7.-Sarah Bromagem
Mikyla Houston
Alisha Sink
Heather Quinlan
1:57.60aAnderson (IN)
8.-Sadie Warvel
Brittany Stebbins
Tori Lee
Christine Witchger
1:58.03aIndiana Wesleyan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julie Cronin
Jenelle McCalla
Erica Miller
Rebecca Cronin
4:03.48aNorthern Illinois
2.-Judah Smith
Janae Taylor
Hannah Lange
Katie Behrendt
4:03.49aBall State
3.-Kaila Stevens
Arielle Byl
Irene Kangai
Samantha Etter
4:08.75aBethel (IN)
4.-Hannah Hasty
Lauren Rascoe
Jourdin Heinrichs
Jillian Reisinger
5.-Kirsten Harms
Keishera Smith
Justine Vandyk
Hannah Riegler
4:28.09aTrinity Christian
6.-Kristina Hemmerling
Tennia Ledbetter
Sarah Merkel
Tiffany McCoy
4:29.86aSt Joseph's (IN)
7.-Hannah Sprague
Molly Gobeli
Lindsey Krygsheld
Hannah Schwab
4:43.23aTrinity Christian
---Relay Team DNFNorthern Illinois
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andreanna Rowe
Jessica Troike
Rebecca Cronin
Jamie Burr
9:49.67aNorthern Illinois
2.-Kayla Ewert
Jordan Hofer
Christina Sandberg
Amanda Johnson
9:55.66aIndiana Wesleyan
3.-Dominique Dvojacki
Lauren Dudley
Keri Lencke
Carli Mast
10:39.75aBethel (IN)
4.-Christina Adams
Brittany Fabris
Leah Schwartz
Brianna Pierce
11:30.38aBethel (IN)
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emilee Zets
Lindsay Wallace
Madeline Goheen
Madelyn Webster
12:51.28aBall State
2.-Keri Lencke
Dominique Dvojacki
Leah Schwartz
Brittany Fabris
13:27.93aBethel (IN)
3.-Perlina Murray
Veronica Jersey
Allycia Gaffer
Tauren Keels
13:45.57aIndiana Tech
4.-Katherine Wilhelm
Christie Nurkowski
Brittany Wells
Stephanie Rhodes
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCinnamin Green13.27mBethel (IN)
2.FrCarlynn Carter13.15mIndianapolis
3.JrMelissa Dodaro12.99mBall State
4.FrSidra Sherrill12.67mNorthern Illinois
5.JrKathleen Watson12.11mIndianapolis
6.JrCaitlin Gannaway12.04mIndianapolis
7.FrAndrea Turner11.77mIndiana Tech
8.SoEmily Radke11.76mAnderson (IN)
9.SoErica Schwering11.55mIndiana Tech
10.FrTiffany Ray11.19mBall State
11.SoIsabelle May10.84mIndianapolis
12.JrCarly Lerner10.74mTrinity Christian
12.FrKirstie Pieper10.74mIndiana Tech
14.SoTina Huffman10.68mIndiana Wesleyan
15.SoKyla Morgan10.25mIndiana Wesleyan
16.SoSamantha Solomon10.19mIndiana Tech
17.FrBrittany O'Donnell10.17mSt Joseph's (IN)
18.SoJorden Traver10.08mBall State
19.SoJordyn Keele10.03mIndianapolis
20.SoAllyson Wilson10.01mIndianapolis
21.JrAlyssa Kepshire9.74mSt Joseph's (IN)
22.SoJordan Jayme9.57mIndiana Tech
23.FrCassie Herndon9.16mBethel (IN)
24.SoAmanda Spear9.10mAnderson (IN)
25.FrEmily Stearns9.04mIndiana Wesleyan
26.FrMercedes Montgomery8.90mSt Joseph's (IN)
27.FrShantol McMahon8.69mAnderson (IN)
28.SoLauren Madden8.67mTrinity Christian
29.FrSarah Nix8.63mTrinity Christian
30.SoMiriam Smith8.52mTrinity Christian
31.FrEmily Blake7.82mIndiana Wesleyan
32.SoAmanda Reagen7.03mIndiana Tech
--FrHannah HastyFOULIndianapolis
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRebecca Lomax1.72mBall State
2.FrHaley Austin1.67mBall State
3.SrKelly Moser1.62mNorthern Illinois
4.SoKirsten Harms1.62mTrinity Christian
5.SrEmily Simcox1.57mBethel (IN)
6.SoStephanie Colter1.52mIndiana Wesleyan
7.FrKristen Zielenga1.52mBethel (IN)
8.SoKelsey Jackson1.52mBall State
9.SrChristine Witchger1.47mIndiana Wesleyan
9.JrErica Blackburn1.47mIndianapolis
12.FrKrystina Perez1.37mSpalding
12.SoKyla Morgan1.37mIndiana Wesleyan
--FrMichaela DwyerNHNorthern Illinois
--FrRebecca KuipersNHTrinity Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKate Carr3.76mBethel (IN)
2.FrEmily Gresley3.13mIndiana Tech
3.FrHannah Ciasto-Poor3.13mBall State
4.FrTaylor Jenkins2.98mNorthern Illinois
5.FrTaylor Meredyk2.98mIndiana Tech
6.SoAbby Rotach2.98mIndianapolis
7.JrJaimee Cichowitz2.83mIndiana Wesleyan
8.FrCourtni Fryer2.68mIndiana Wesleyan
9.JrLauren Hyser2.68mIndiana Wesleyan
9.SrBrittany Wells2.68mIndianapolis
11.FrBrianne Hendrix2.68mBall State
12.JrTara Spitzer-Long2.53mBall State
13.Brenda Babits2.38mVault High Athle
--SoDarren SioNHNorthern Illinois
--FrDestynne MooreNHAnderson (IN)
--FrShannon GrosenbacherNHAnderson (IN)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristina Crawford5.51mBall State
2.FrAllix Miller5.33mIndiana Wesleyan
3.SrJenner Sio5.24mNorthern Illinois
4.FrAshley Watley5.22mIndiana Tech
5.JrAlicia Allen5.14mSt Joseph's (IN)
5.FrAlex Schad5.02mNorthern Illinois
6.SrRachel Robertson5.02mIndianapolis
8.FrKristen Zielenga4.97mBethel (IN)
9.FrLydia Mitchell4.90mNorthern Illinois
10.FrSamantha Nirva4.87mSt Joseph's (IN)
11.FrAlea Milligan4.86mIndiana Tech
12.SoJillian Reisinger4.83mIndianapolis
13.SrVictoria Lee4.81mIndiana Wesleyan
14.SoCaitlyn Ramirez4.75mBethel (IN)
14.JrAdriana Ganz4.75mIndianapolis
16.SoKyla Morgan4.71mIndiana Wesleyan
17.FrHannah Hasty4.65mIndianapolis
18.FrTaylor Stacy4.64mSt Joseph's (IN)
19.FrLindsay Wallace4.55mBall State
20.FrHeather Hambright4.49mBethel (IN)
20.JrShamia Bostic4.49mIndianapolis
22.SrSadie Brock4.32mIndianapolis
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJenner Sio12.47mNorthern Illinois
2.JrAlicia Allen10.79mSt Joseph's (IN)
3.JrAlyssa Hurlburt10.63mBall State
4.SoCaitlyn Ramirez10.55mBethel (IN)
5.SrVictoria Lee10.39mIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrAlex Schad10.34mNorthern Illinois
7.FrTiffany McCoy10.29mSt Joseph's (IN)
8.FrAlea Milligan10.03mIndiana Tech
9.JrAdriana Ganz9.95mIndianapolis
10.FrHeather Hambright9.39mBethel (IN)
11.FrKeyaira Hetherington9.11mSt Joseph's (IN)
12.SrEmily Simcox9.02mBethel (IN)
--JrErica BlackburnFOULIndianapolis
--JrShamia BosticFOULIndianapolis
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrVictoria Lee15.63mIndiana Wesleyan
2.FrCarlynn Carter14.56mIndianapolis
3.JrKathleen Watson14.42mIndianapolis
4.SrMegan Davis14.29mSt Joseph's (IN)
5.SoJorden Traver13.92mBall State
6.SrEllen Schmeltz13.89mBethel (IN)
7.JrTaylor Nielsen13.88mSt Joseph's (IN)
8.JrCaitlin Gannaway13.29mIndianapolis
9.FrCinnamin Green13.11mBethel (IN)
10.SoEmily Radke12.95mAnderson (IN)
11.JrCarly Lerner12.88mTrinity Christian
12.SoMegan Rust12.80mSt Joseph's (IN)
13.SoIsabelle May12.67mIndianapolis
14.JrMelissa Dodaro12.66mBall State
15.SoRobin Bullman12.65mIndiana Wesleyan
16.FrCassie Herndon12.54mBethel (IN)
17.SoAllyson Wilson12.35mIndianapolis
18.FrSidra Sherrill12.34mNorthern Illinois
19.SoAmanda Spear11.81mAnderson (IN)
20.JrAlyssa Kepshire11.65mSt Joseph's (IN)
21.FrMercedes Montgomery11.48mSt Joseph's (IN)
22.FrAlyssa Jones11.26mIndiana Wesleyan
23.SrLynn Miller10.94mIndiana Wesleyan
24.FrHilary Fox10.58mIndiana Wesleyan
25.SoLauren Madden8.07mTrinity Christian
26.FrSarah Nix7.61mTrinity Christian
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