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Kings Academy Invitational

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kings Academy, West Palm Beach

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Greg Mabin11.27aCalvary Christian (F...      
2.10Travis Rudolph11.50aCardinal Newman      
3.12Brian Grove11.92aKings Academy      
4.12Edwin Nerrette11.94aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
5.9Jordan Cabral12.14aCalvary Christian (F...      
6.10Denzle Latty12.20aCoral Springs Christ...      
7.12W. Zachary Fraga12.21aKings Academy      
8.9Tevaul Brown12.26aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
9.12Nigel Miller12.34aCoral Springs Christ...      
10.11Nigel Allen12.35aGlades Day      
11.11Demarco Haynes12.36aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
12.9Najee Boyer12.37aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
13.11Kelvin Taylor12.43aGlades Day      
14.10Alex Zalewski12.48aHighlands Christian      
15.11Craig Simmonds12.50aSummit Christian      
16.8Bryce Hill12.54aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
17.9Parker Collins12.58aCalvary Christian (F...      
18.-Sean Edwards12.70aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
19.8Jamicah Hopkins12.71aKings Academy      
20.12Courtney Fowler12.74aHighlands Christian      
21.-Matthew Demenech12.78aCardinal Newman      
22.9Joey Bashwiner12.91aJupiter Christian      
23.11Kyle Hunter12.92aSummit Christian      
23.11Elliot Slavic12.92aBoca Raton Christian      
25.9Steffan Gawlikowski12.98aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
26.8Steven Ludwig13.21aHighlands Christian      
27.10Arren Cudal13.23aSouth Florida HEAT      
28.12Ryan Taylor13.24aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
29.9John Scarola13.33aJupiter Christian      
30.9Donovan Fortier13.39aSouth Florida HEAT      
31.10Renfield Cudal13.55aSouth Florida HEAT      
32.9Michael Domenech13.63aCardinal Newman      
33.9Louis Alfieri13.67aBoca Raton Christian      
34.10Shemar Maurice13.71aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
35.8Luke Jamison14.13aJupiter Christian      
36.9Julio Rodriguez14.85aSummit Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricardo Roy22.52aKings Academy      
2.10Travis Rudolph22.64aCardinal Newman      
3.11Ryan Davis22.66aHighlands Christian      
4.11Adrian Baker22.69aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
5.11Dean Williams23.12aCoral Springs Christ...      
6.12Greg Mabin23.57aCalvary Christian (F...      
7.11Bruce Brown23.91aCalvary Christian (F...      
8.8Bryce Hill24.03aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
9.11Calvin Darville24.28aGlades Day      
10.12Danny Yoon24.44aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
11.12Alec Corbijn24.45aCalvary Christian (F...      
12.12Tyson Graham24.82aHighlands Christian      
13.10Denzle Latty24.98aCoral Springs Christ...      
14.9Steffan Gawlikowski25.25aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
15.11Timmy Chapman25.34aSouth Florida HEAT      
16.12Fred McRae25.35aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
17.8Jamicah Hopkins25.36aKings Academy      
18.11Elliot Slavic25.79aBoca Raton Christian      
19.11Colton McKillican25.86aGlades Day      
19.-Jordan Starkey25.86aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
21.9Joey Bashwiner25.89aJupiter Christian      
22.-Harrison Spellman26.04aCardinal Newman      
23.9Javaugh Powell26.31aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
24.11Kyle Hunter26.50aSummit Christian      
25.10Arren Cudal26.70aSouth Florida HEAT      
26.9Rondarian Bell26.81aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
27.12Ryan Taylor26.90aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
28.10Renfield Cudal27.37aSouth Florida HEAT      
29.9John Scarola27.39aJupiter Christian      
30.9Louis Alfieri28.58aBoca Raton Christian      
31.11JJ Minshull28.85aCoral Springs Christ...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricardo Roy49.16aKings Academy      
2.11Dean Williams49.22aCoral Springs Christ...      
3.10Erwin Pierre50.81aCardinal Newman      
4.12Christopher Machiela52.27aKings Academy      
5.11Adrian Baker52.64aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
6.12Danny Yoon52.70aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
7.10Roger Pettingell52.83aCalvary Christian (F...      
8.12Charles Pommels53.96aCoral Springs Christ...      
9.9Kevon Spence55.03aGlades Day      
10.11Harrison Carothers55.93aSouth Florida HEAT      
11.-Robbie Beck56.33aCardinal Newman      
12.8Steven Ludwig57.27aHighlands Christian      
13.9Mario Knowles57.98aGlades Day      
14.9Clayton Kidwell58.22aJupiter Christian      
15.-Jordan Starkey58.25aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
16.10Zachary Wright58.68aCalvary Christian (F...      
17.9Greg Edwards59.58aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
18.9Javaugh Powell1:00.09aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
19.11Hugh Dunkley1:01.31aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
20.7Jacob Brodnick1:02.27aKings Academy      
21.9Christian Reis1:03.52aCalvary Christian (F...      
22.-Matthew Demenech1:06.15aCardinal Newman      
23.9Joshua Otto1:06.16aBoca Raton Christian      
24.9Jordan Bails1:06.52aCoral Springs Christ...      
25.10Tom Conner1:06.57aSouth Florida HEAT      
26.9Peyton Dixon1:07.32aHighlands Christian      
27.8Luke Jamison1:07.58aJupiter Christian      
28.9Javaris Carrigan1:13.07aGlades Day      
29.6Dominic Milewski1:17.49aJupiter Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Fagot2:07.40aSouth Florida HEAT      
2.11Nicholas Sexton2:10.82aKings Academy      
3.12Mike Martin2:14.30aCoral Springs Christ...      
4.10Daniel Moortgat2:14.73aCalvary Christian (F...      
5.12Donovan Vulgamore2:15.22aCalvary Christian (F...      
6.10Luke Albert2:18.54aKings Academy      
7.9Jordan Campbell2:19.04aCalvary Christian (F...      
8.12Jameson Kelliher2:21.55aCoral Springs Christ...      
9.8Hunter Walton2:23.47aHighlands Christian      
10.11Craig Simmonds2:24.16aSummit Christian      
11.9Trace Johnson2:24.45aHighlands Christian      
12.10Cameron Codner2:24.70aSummit Christian      
13.-Silas DiTocco2:26.89aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
14.9Trae Dunn2:28.20aKings Academy      
15.9Casey McClure2:28.29aCardinal Newman      
16.10Mason Ellard2:29.65aCoral Springs Christ...      
17.-Nathan Ward2:29.92aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
18.9Greg Lastella2:30.01aSouth Florida HEAT      
19.10Jesse Lezcano2:35.75aGlades Day      
20.10DJ Fagot2:36.15aSouth Florida HEAT      
21.11Hugh Dunkley2:37.22aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
22.9Greg Edwards2:38.82aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
23.8Evan Henderson2:40.13aHighlands Christian      
24.10Eder Berrios2:40.72aSummit Christian      
25.7Rett Maitland2:41.87aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
26.10Tyler Szorosy2:59.88aCardinal Newman      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Simpson4:46.28aKings Academy      
2.7Devon Bradford4:49.85aJupiter Christian      
3.10Daniel Guilbert4:50.47aCalvary Christian (F...      
4.11Sam Luttier4:51.07aCardinal Newman      
5.11Brandon LaRosa4:56.16aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
6.10Daniel Moortgat4:59.35aCalvary Christian (F...      
7.10Charles Otto4:59.69aBoca Raton Christian      
8.8Chaney Hewlett5:00.16aCalvary Christian (F...      
9.11Caleb Walz5:04.33aKings Academy      
10.12Javier Pulido5:05.59aSouth Florida HEAT      
11.8Ian McCulloch5:17.89aSouth Florida HEAT      
12.10Matthew Swanson5:17.92aSummit Christian      
13.11Lucas Mayer5:18.33aKings Academy      
14.10Noah Arterburn5:19.67aSummit Christian      
15.9Trace Johnson5:19.85aHighlands Christian      
16.11Anthony Rodriguez5:21.99aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
17.9Casey McClure5:27.95aCardinal Newman      
18.10Greg Chamberlain5:31.04aGlades Day      
19.9John Marting5:38.22aCardinal Newman      
20.10DJ Fagot5:45.57aSouth Florida HEAT      
21.9Brian Phillips5:46.21aSummit Christian      
22.-Chandler Coven5:47.98aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
23.10Jason Ross5:48.44aBoca Raton Christian      
24.7Rett Maitland5:50.43aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
25.9Nick Slupecki6:01.62aCoral Springs Christ...      
26.10Terrion Thristy6:11.25aHighlands Christian      
27.7Christian Ellison6:20.33aGlades Day      
28.10Mason Ellard7:14.68aCoral Springs Christ...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Simpson10:27.83aKings Academy      
2.11Ben Nevils10:42.41aSouth Florida HEAT      
3.7Devon Bradford10:43.70aJupiter Christian      
4.11Brandon LaRosa10:44.09aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
5.8Chaney Hewlett10:53.55aCalvary Christian (F...      
6.10Daniel Guilbert10:55.70aCalvary Christian (F...      
7.11Sam Luttier11:06.65aCardinal Newman      
8.9Blake Williams11:44.97aCalvary Christian (F...      
9.12Javier Pulido12:00.78aSouth Florida HEAT      
10.10Jason Ross12:42.71aBoca Raton Christian      
11.9John Marting12:45.45aCardinal Newman      
12.10Jack DiCristifalo12:52.60aHighlands Christian      
13.12Ryan Teason12:56.84aHighlands Christian      
14.9Nick Slupecki12:59.97aCoral Springs Christ...      
15.9Greg Lastella13:38.75aSouth Florida HEAT      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Davis15.79aHighlands Christian      
2.12Ulises Garcia15.79aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.11Kyle Audet15.81aHighlands Christian      
4.11Stanley Ramclam17.59aCoral Springs Christ...      
5.11Matthew Ruddock18.46aSouth Florida HEAT      
6.9David Rivera20.61aSouth Florida HEAT      
7.9Christian Reis21.38aCalvary Christian (F...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.41aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
2.-Relay Team 44.83aKings Academy      
3.-Relay Team 46.11aHighlands Christian      
4.-Relay Team 46.34aGlades Day      
5.-Relay Team 46.44aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
6.-Relay Team 47.62aCoral Springs Christ...      
7.-Relay Team 48.49aSouth Florida HEAT      
8.-Relay Team 58.32aCalvary Christian (F...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:29.38aCalvary Christian (F...      
2.-Relay Team 3:38.63aHighlands Christian      
3.-Relay Team 3:38.78aKings Academy      
4.-Relay Team 3:42.04aCardinal Newman      
5.-Relay Team 3:44.26aCoral Springs Christ...      
6.-Relay Team 3:45.01aSouth Florida HEAT      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:45.30aKings Academy      
2.-Relay Team 8:56.04aSouth Florida HEAT      
3.-Relay Team 9:15.53aCalvary Christian (F...      
4.-Relay Team 9:29.64aSummit Christian      
5.-Relay Team 9:49.95aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
6.-Relay Team 10:19.55aHighlands Christian      
7.-Relay Team 10:42.65aGlades Day      
8.-Relay Team 11:06.30aCardinal Newman      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaelen Crowley47-06.00Kings Academy      
2.11Tyler Chaisson45-07.00Kings Academy      
3.11Eli Johnson40-02.00Glades Day      
4.11Rylee Hage39-05.50Highlands Christian      
5.11Jon Gesin37-03.00Coral Springs Christ...      
6.9Steffan Gawlikowski36-02.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts      
7.12Orlando David34-01.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
8.11Brett Pierce34-00.50South Florida HEAT      
9.9Diego Petrocillo33-09.00Highlands Christian      
10.-Rene Cabrera33-03.00Glades Day      
11.12Brandon Roberts32-02.00Coral Springs Christ...      
12.11Zach McIntosh31-09.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
13.10Brandon Cortez31-03.00Glades Day      
14.10Eder Berrios31-00.00Summit Christian      
14.12Eric Odum31-00.00Summit Christian      
16.11Heber Michel30-09.00Boca Raton Christian      
17.11JJ Minshull30-03.00Coral Springs Christ...      
18.-Peter Sahwell29-10.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
19.12David Fagot28-10.50South Florida HEAT      
20.10Tom Conner28-01.00South Florida HEAT      
21.12Cameron Kostoff28-00.00Calvary Christian (F...      
22.10William Frank27-10.00Kings Academy      
23.10Dakoda Brisco27-03.00Highlands Christian      
24.8Storm Sims25-05.00Calvary Christian (F...      
25.12David Lima22-08.00Calvary Christian (F...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaelen Crowley120-07Kings Academy      
2.12Christian Klein120-04Kings Academy      
3.10Roger Pettingell106-04Calvary Christian (F...      
4.11Eli Johnson104-04Glades Day      
5.11Jon Gesin98-01Coral Springs Christ...      
6.11Ross Scianimanico91-01South Florida HEAT      
7.11Brett Pierce90-09South Florida HEAT      
8.11Ben Nevils89-01South Florida HEAT      
9.11Rylee Hage87-00Highlands Christian      
10.12Brandon Roberts85-04Coral Springs Christ...      
11.10Brandon Cortez83-06Glades Day      
12.-Rene Cabrera83-02Glades Day      
13.8Storm Sims82-08Calvary Christian (F...      
14.12Orlando David80-03Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
15.11JJ Minshull78-07Coral Springs Christ...      
16.11Heber Michel74-09Boca Raton Christian      
17.10Ozzy Castro73-02Highlands Christian      
18.12Cameron Kostoff71-04Calvary Christian (F...      
19.9Mark Choopani68-01Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
20.9Diego Petrocillo68-00Highlands Christian      
21.10Eder Berrios66-07Summit Christian      
22.-Nicholas Acevedo62-07Kings Academy      
23.12Eric Odum57-04Summit Christian      
---Peter SahwellNDChaminade-Madonna Co...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alaowei Talent6-00.00Coral Springs Christ...      
2.12Donovan Vulgamore5-10.00Calvary Christian (F...      
3.11Ryan Davis5-08.00Highlands Christian      
4.12Benjamin Sorber5-08.00Kings Academy      
5.12Ulises Garcia5-06.00Calvary Christian (F...      
6.9Andrew Prince5-06.00American Heritage Bo...      
6.12Brennan O'Sullivan5-06.00Coral Springs Christ...      
8.12Robert Bankert5-04.00Kings Academy      
9.11Alex Smith5-02.00South Florida HEAT      
9.10Alex Zalewski5-02.00Highlands Christian      
9.12J.C. Wolff Charles5-02.00Kings Academy      
9.8Hunter Walton5-02.00Highlands Christian      
9.11Matthew Ruddock5-02.00South Florida HEAT      
--11Sean PierreNHChaminade-Madonna Co...      
---Jakari HuntNHChaminade-Madonna Co...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ulises Garcia13-00.00Calvary Christian (F...      
2.10Asher Shashaty12-06.00Calvary Christian (F...      
3.12Randy Hage12-00.00Highlands Christian      
4.11Bruce Brown10-06.00Calvary Christian (F...      
5.11Kyle Audet10-06.00Highlands Christian      
6.12Danny Chapman10-00.00South Florida HEAT      
7.11Ross Scianimanico9-06.00South Florida HEAT      
8.11Jacob Percy9-06.00Kings Academy      
9.10Mason Ellard8-06.00Coral Springs Christ...      
10.9Donovan Fortier8-00.00South Florida HEAT      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alaowei Talent20-06.00Coral Springs Christ...      
2.10Rene Rivas19-10.00Kings Academy      
3.9Jordan Cabral19-04.00Calvary Christian (F...      
4.10Joshua Ward18-10.00American Heritage Bo...      
5.12Javan Shashaty18-07.00Calvary Christian (F...      
6.12Kevin McKeage18-04.50Highlands Christian      
7.-Jakari Hunt18-01.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
8.12Ryan Taylor17-07.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts      
9.12Shawn Lashbrook17-05.00Calvary Christian (F...      
10.12Greg Pelicier17-04.00Coral Springs Christ...      
11.9Najee Boyer16-09.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
12.11Harrison Carothers16-07.75South Florida HEAT      
13.12Danny Chapman16-07.00South Florida HEAT      
13.11Brandon Borsanyi16-07.00Kings Academy      
15.8Steven Ludwig16-04.75Highlands Christian      
16.11Timmy Chapman15-00.00South Florida HEAT      
17.9Louis Alfieri13-01.00Boca Raton Christian      
--11Nigel AllenNDGlades Day      
--12Brennan O'SullivanNDCoral Springs Christ...      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jordan Cabral40-10.25Calvary Christian (F...      
2.11Marcus Houston39-08.00Kings Academy      
3.10Collin Grill39-05.75Cardinal Newman      
4.12Charles Pommels38-09.00Coral Springs Christ...      
5.12Jahlani Callendar38-04.00Calvary Christian (F...      
6.12Danny Chapman38-01.50South Florida HEAT      
7.11Jon Gesin37-05.00Coral Springs Christ...      
8.11Calvin Darville37-01.75Glades Day      
9.12Shawn Lashbrook37-01.00Calvary Christian (F...      
10.9Kevon Spence35-11.00Glades Day      
11.11Matthew Ruddock35-09.75South Florida HEAT      
12.12Sean Moye35-01.50Kings Academy      
13.12Kevin McKeage34-11.00Highlands Christian      
14.11Timmy Chapman34-07.50South Florida HEAT      
--12Edwin NerretteNDChaminade-Madonna Co...      
--10Terrion ThristyNDHighlands Christian      
---Daniel GuethonNDKings Academy      
--9Mario KnowlesNDGlades Day      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Ruch12.62aKings Academy      
2.9Ebony Brown13.12aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.10Sarah Collins13.19aKings Academy      
4.10Josie Paine13.20aCardinal Newman      
5.10Tia Francavilla13.36aKings Academy      
6.11Jo-Marie Ried13.75aBerean Christian      
7.9Nadira Davis14.00aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
8.12Lena Franklin14.02aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
9.8Bryanna Haye14.17aHighlands Christian      
10.11Cahjanae Menfield14.20aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
11.-Sofia Perla14.22aCardinal Newman      
12.10Carly Caspanello14.97aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
13.9Netania Stepps15.03aSouth Florida HEAT      
14.-Kristen Nielson15.26aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
15.10Chelsea Johnson15.36aSouth Florida HEAT      
16.8Morgan Henry15.55aCoral Springs Christ...      
17.6Hannah Jamison15.68aJupiter Christian      
18.10Nina Alerte15.73aCardinal Newman      
19.9Kaela Desouza15.84aCoral Springs Christ...      
20.10Davina Harmon15.93aSummit Christian      
21.9Olivia Nitto16.07aBoca Raton Christian      
22.9Taylor Stagnor16.16aCalvary Christian (F...      
23.-Jesenia Saldana16.19aSummit Christian      
24.-Justine Harris16.20aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
25.10Kari Cook16.32aCalvary Christian (F...      
26.9Cara Johnston16.90aBoca Raton Christian      
27.9Nathalie Martinez16.96aHighlands Christian      
28.-Collyn Saldana17.90aSummit Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Ruch26.43aKings Academy      
2.9Ebony Brown27.14aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.10Josie Paine27.56aCardinal Newman      
4.12Kaneesha Ellick28.78aCalvary Christian (F...      
5.8Bryanna Haye29.04aHighlands Christian      
6.11Hannah Sodergren29.12aSouth Florida HEAT      
6.9Nadira Davis29.12aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
6.10Kristi Isabelle29.12aSouth Florida HEAT      
9.12Natasha Devita29.62aCardinal Newman      
10.8Mackenzie Erneston29.79aKings Academy      
11.10Faith Nazario29.80aCalvary Christian (F...      
12.11Cahjanae Menfield29.82aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
13.10Jordan Najmabadi30.57aKings Academy      
14.-Kristen Nielson31.23aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
15.9Netania Stepps31.48aSouth Florida HEAT      
16.10Madison Schuessler31.90aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
17.6Hannah Jamison32.43aJupiter Christian      
18.-Jaclyn Bovarnick32.44aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
19.8Morgan Henry32.78aCoral Springs Christ...      
20.9Danielle Ledesma32.92aHighlands Christian      
21.-Jesenia Saldana33.08aSummit Christian      
22.9Olivia Nitto34.69aBoca Raton Christian      
23.-Shanley Mitchell34.71aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
24.9Kaela Desouza35.25aCoral Springs Christ...      
25.9Cara Johnston36.36aBoca Raton Christian      
26.-Collyn Saldana37.16aSummit Christian      
27.9Zoe Lowther37.38aHighlands Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Pauls59.03aCalvary Christian (F...      
2.9Payton Campbell1:03.45aKings Academy      
3.11Emily Cohen1:04.49aKings Academy      
4.10Daysi Wilkinson1:04.77aKings Academy      
5.12Lena Franklin1:05.54aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
6.10Jenna Meyers-Sinet1:06.04aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
7.9Rachel Mastics1:08.07aCardinal Newman      
8.12Abbey Mahler1:08.62aBoca Raton Christian      
9.9Ymani Latty1:09.30aCoral Springs Christ...      
10.9Abigail Berry1:09.52aCardinal Newman      
11.-Alyssa Klein1:09.81aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
12.9Nicole Navarro1:11.12aSummit Christian      
13.10Emily Teason1:13.16aHighlands Christian      
14.8Sarah Hamilton1:13.73aJupiter Christian      
15.8Anna Irving1:14.08aSouth Florida HEAT      
16.10Carly Caspanello1:14.09aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
17.12Lauren Waldbillig1:15.84aBoca Raton Christian      
18.10Jessica Halle1:16.47aBoca Raton Christian      
19.9Allie Winston1:19.43aSouth Florida HEAT      
20.9Saywer Petreccia1:21.85aHighlands Christian      
21.9Robyn Hage1:22.55aHighlands Christian      
22.-Karly Parsons1:28.58aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
23.11Genelle Moreno1:30.19aCardinal Newman      
24.-Katie Ceravolo1:32.13aAmerican Heritage Bo...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Pauls2:28.55aCalvary Christian (F...      
2.11Cathryn Urso2:31.85aKings Academy      
3.10Ashley Pisciottano2:34.44aKings Academy      
4.11Emmalyn Green2:38.66aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
5.7Carly Collins2:42.37aCalvary Christian (F...      
6.7Sophie Sweeney2:43.26aCalvary Christian (F...      
7.8Shauna Dowling2:43.90aKings Academy      
8.12Abbey Mahler2:45.68aBoca Raton Christian      
9.8Noel Espinal2:54.97aJupiter Christian      
10.11Abbie Slupecki2:55.99aCoral Springs Christ...      
11.10Brianna Sodergren2:56.24aSouth Florida HEAT      
12.12Heather Martin2:56.28aCardinal Newman      
13.-Christina Magania2:59.01aCardinal Newman      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashley Pisciottano5:35.97aKings Academy      
2.10Jenna Evans5:37.93aSouth Florida HEAT      
3.8Noel Picinich5:45.94aCalvary Christian (F...      
4.11Allison Ridenour6:03.16aCalvary Christian (F...      
5.10Megan Luchey6:03.19aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
6.11Kailey Costello6:03.56aBoca Raton Christian      
7.8Makayla Richardson6:03.98aKings Academy      
8.11Natalia Flores6:05.09aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
9.11Hannah Sodergren6:18.02aSouth Florida HEAT      
10.6Kelly Ahkee6:23.82aKings Academy      
11.10Rachel Jamison6:34.04aJupiter Christian      
12.9Holly Kuyper6:35.91aCoral Springs Christ...      
13.12Heather Martin6:45.38aCardinal Newman      
14.10Jessica Halle7:20.15aBoca Raton Christian      
15.10Kinshasa Dalen7:25.71aCalvary Christian (F...      
16.9Maddie Lawhon7:45.81aHighlands Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jenna Evans12:10.35aSouth Florida HEAT      
2.8Noel Picinich12:43.71aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.11Natalia Flores12:53.81aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
4.8Makayla Richardson13:05.11aKings Academy      
5.7Nicole Taggart13:25.98aCalvary Christian (F...      
6.12Lauren Starace13:37.35aKings Academy      
7.10Carlin Petreccia13:44.54aHighlands Christian      
8.8Grace Goebel13:47.67aKings Academy      
9.10Isabella Pezzulo14:00.79aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
10.11Allison Ridenour14:25.38aCalvary Christian (F...      
11.12Chlo Toscano14:39.76aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristi Isabelle17.51aSouth Florida HEAT      
2.12Emily Cardinal-Tennant18.61aKings Academy      
3.9Julia Lindbergh19.06aCoral Springs Christ...      
4.8Anna Irving19.57aSouth Florida HEAT      
5.12Grayson Mack19.64aHighlands Christian      
6.12Summer Culenberg20.22aKings Academy      
7.12Kathy Pond20.45aSouth Florida HEAT      
8.9Karin Sastre22.55aCalvary Christian (F...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.52aKings Academy      
2.-Relay Team 51.52aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.-Relay Team 54.43aCardinal Newman      
4.-Relay Team 58.50aCoral Springs Christ...      
5.-Relay Team 1:03.63aSouth Florida HEAT      
6.-Relay Team 1:03.65aHighlands Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:09.10aCalvary Christian (F...      
2.-Relay Team 4:12.54aKings Academy      
3.-Relay Team 4:32.82aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
4.-Relay Team 4:42.28aCardinal Newman      
5.-Relay Team 4:46.73aSouth Florida HEAT      
6.-Relay Team 4:52.90aCoral Springs Christ...      
7.-Relay Team 4:57.62aBoca Raton Christian      
8.-Relay Team 5:08.99aHighlands Christian      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:16.68aKings Academy      
2.-Relay Team 10:35.29aCalvary Christian (F...      
3.-Relay Team 10:59.86aSouth Florida HEAT      
4.-Relay Team 11:16.88aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
5.-Relay Team 12:49.20aHighlands Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Kumler32-03.00Jupiter Christian      
2.10Tayler McDuffie30-07.00Calvary Christian (F...      
3.10Cairo Sims28-02.50Calvary Christian (F...      
4.11Alyssa Smith22-01.50South Florida HEAT      
5.9Maddie Lawhon21-00.00Highlands Christian      
6.12Kylie Hornsby20-11.50Calvary Christian (F...      
7.8Nicole Coretti19-05.00Highlands Christian      
8.11Rebecca Guerrero17-06.50South Florida HEAT      
9.12Cameran Petreccia17-05.50Highlands Christian      
10.9Millie Jean16-04.50Coral Springs Christ...      
11.11Kaitlin Cochran12-08.00Coral Springs Christ...      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cathryn Urso87-06Kings Academy      
2.10Tayler McDuffie82-03Calvary Christian (F...      
3.9Maddie Lawhon73-09Highlands Christian      
4.11Alyssa Smith69-05South Florida HEAT      
5.10Cairo Sims63-09Calvary Christian (F...      
6.12Kylie Hornsby58-03Calvary Christian (F...      
7.12Cameran Petreccia53-00Highlands Christian      
8.10Adwoa Edusei50-07Kings Academy      
9.11Rebecca Guerrero44-02South Florida HEAT      
10.8Nicole Coretti41-05Highlands Christian      
11.9Millie Jean37-02Coral Springs Christ...      
12.11Kaitlin Cochran36-07Coral Springs Christ...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ally Pond5-00.00South Florida HEAT      
1.10Alia Hammer5-00.00Calvary Christian (F...      
3.9Ebony Brown4-10.00Calvary Christian (F...      
4.11Victoria Crocetti4-10.00Kings Academy      
5.9Julia Lindbergh4-08.00Coral Springs Christ...      
6.10Juli Christianson4-06.00South Florida HEAT      
7.12Emily Cardinal-Tennant4-04.00Kings Academy      
8.11Alyssa Smith4-02.00South Florida HEAT      
9.12Summer Culenberg4-02.00Kings Academy      
10.8Sabrina Runion4-00.00Coral Springs Christ...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Gale11-00.00Calvary Christian (F...      
2.12Grayson Mack10-06.00Highlands Christian      
3.9Jessica Brownell9-00.00Calvary Christian (F...      
3.10Katie Wentz9-00.00Kings Academy      
5.9Bernice Ford7-06.00Highlands Christian      
6.10Jenna Meyers-Sinet7-06.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts      
7.9Robyn Hage7-00.00Highlands Christian      
8.9Netania Stepps7-00.00South Florida HEAT      
9.11Cassie Zero7-00.00South Florida HEAT      
10.12Kathy Pond6-06.00South Florida HEAT      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Pauls15-10.00Calvary Christian (F...      
2.12Kimberly Ruch15-06.50Kings Academy      
3.11Hannah Sodergren14-10.50South Florida HEAT      
4.10Tia Francavilla14-09.75Kings Academy      
5.11Avery Eddlemon14-09.75Kings Academy      
6.12Grayson Mack14-09.50Highlands Christian      
7.11Lena Pettingell14-05.00Calvary Christian (F...      
8.12Kaneesha Ellick14-03.50Calvary Christian (F...      
9.12Stephanie Kumler14-01.75Jupiter Christian      
10.8Anna Irving13-11.00South Florida HEAT      
11.12Cameran Petreccia13-01.75Highlands Christian      
12.9Ymani Latty12-08.75Coral Springs Christ...      
13.9Taylor Szozda11-08.75Coral Springs Christ...      
--8Bryanna HayeNDHighlands Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grayson Mack32-02.00Highlands Christian      
2.12Danielle Hurme31-10.00Kings Academy      
3.10Alia Hammer31-02.25Calvary Christian (F...      
4.12Stephanie Kumler30-05.75Jupiter Christian      
5.10Kristi Isabelle29-10.00South Florida HEAT      
6.9Julia Lindbergh29-04.50Coral Springs Christ...      
7.11Avery Eddlemon29-02.00Kings Academy      
8.12Cameran Petreccia28-07.75Highlands Christian      
9.9Lisa Anne Higgins23-06.50Kings Academy      
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