Gull Lake Invite

Saturday, April 14, 2012
  Gull Lake HS, Richland - Map
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Michigan - Division 1
KACEKalamazoo Central
PONOPortage Northern
Michigan - Division 2
BESPBerrien Springs
GULARichland Gull Lake
Michigan - Division 3
HCCKalamazoo Hackett
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kenny Jones11.1Kalamazoo Central
2.9Tra'von Phillips11.2Kalamazoo Central
3.11Matthew Pelyhes11.3Richland Gull Lake
4.12Adam Kendall11.3Edwardsburg
5.12Ahmad Mohammed11.3Richland Gull Lake
6.11Geovante Weston11.4Kalamazoo Hackett
7.12Jalen Hodgson11.4Parchment
8.12Derrick Sanders11.6Portage Northern
9.12Jesse Mays11.7Edwardsburg
10.12Christopher Liebert11.7Portage Northern
10.12Zechariah Jenkins11.7Berrien Springs
12.9Ryan Landis11.7Schoolcraft
13.11Taylor Long11.8Richland Gull Lake
14.11Skye Roy11.9Edwardsburg
15.11Brandon Linstead11.9Parchment
16.11Jon Hepner12.2Kalamazoo Hackett
17.12Jon Lawrence12.5Schoolcraft
18.9Mitchell Gercak12.6Portage Northern
19.10Cody Lambert12.7Parchment
20.12Cody Maxam12.8Schoolcraft
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Emig22.6Parchment
2.12Tyler Holland22.9Portage Northern
3.11Alec Blue23.2Portage Northern
4.12Ahmad Mohammed23.3Richland Gull Lake
5.9Tra'von Phillips23.5Kalamazoo Central
6.12Adam Kendall23.5Edwardsburg
7.9Kenny Jones23.6Kalamazoo Central
8.11Taylor Long24.0Richland Gull Lake
9.10Jeremiah Lipsey24.1Portage Northern
10.11Skye Roy24.2Edwardsburg
11.12Jesse Mays24.4Edwardsburg
12.12Cody Ploof24.5Richland Gull Lake
13.12Zechariah Jenkins24.7Berrien Springs
14.11Alex Lasher24.9Parchment
15.9Ryan Landis25.2Schoolcraft
16.12Jon Lawrence25.5Schoolcraft
17.12Cody Maxam25.5Schoolcraft
18.10John Mancini25.6Kalamazoo Hackett
19.11Zach Worline25.7Parchment
20.11Michael Srodes25.8Kalamazoo Hackett
21.9Danny Large26.2Kalamazoo Hackett
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ahmad Mohammed22.5Richland Gull Lake
11Matthew Pelyhes23.8Richland Gull Lake
10Ryan Mutchler24.3Richland Gull Lake
12Cody Ploof24.3Richland Gull Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamaal Thomas50.6Kalamazoo Central
2.12Mike Emig50.9Parchment
3.12Nick Mancini51.9Kalamazoo Hackett
4.11Alec Blue52.8Portage Northern
5.12Hunter Woods53.1Edwardsburg
6.10Ryan Mutchler54.5Richland Gull Lake
7.9Ryan Landis54.7Schoolcraft
8.10Brandon Bye54.9Portage Northern
9.10Cody Mikel56.2Parchment
10.11Austin Horvath56.2Edwardsburg
11.12Gabriel Foster56.4Berrien Springs
12.10Casey Macon57.0Kalamazoo Central
12.12Cody Maxam57.0Schoolcraft
14.10Jason Fisher58.1Richland Gull Lake
15.12Tyler Holland58.6Portage Northern
16.12Demontrey Cox59.4Parchment
17.11Matthew Pelyhes1:00.7Richland Gull Lake
18.9Kolter Mecklenburg1:02.2Edwardsburg
19.11David Finley1:02.3Kalamazoo Hackett
20.10Patrick McFall1:02.9Kalamazoo Hackett
21.9Tyler Bush1:03.2Schoolcraft
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Matthew Pelyhes52.00Richland Gull Lake
12Tom Zahrt53Richland Gull Lake
12Daniel Bell54.65Richland Gull Lake
11Jeremy Simon54.96Richland Gull Lake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Clark1:60.0Edwardsburg
2.12Luke Rabe2:00.6Portage Northern
3.12Daniel Bell2:06.1Richland Gull Lake
4.11Jeremy Simon2:06.5Richland Gull Lake
5.11Colin Howard2:07.2Portage Northern
6.11Spencer Maroukis2:07.9Portage Northern
7.12Lucas Nadrasik2:09.4Schoolcraft
8.12Tom Zahrt2:10.4Richland Gull Lake
9.10Jake Buday2:11.0Kalamazoo Hackett
10.12Derek Scott2:12.4Edwardsburg
11.12Austin Elluru2:14.6Kalamazoo Hackett
12.11Allen Lopez2:15.1Edwardsburg
13.9Seth Eldridge2:15.6Parchment
14.10Steve Foster2:16.2Berrien Springs
15.10Kyle Santman2:17.6Schoolcraft
16.10Lucas Silva2:21.7Parchment
17.10Linden Waling2:26.7Parchment
18.9Nathan Harpenau2:31.3Kalamazoo Hackett
19.9Grant Parkins2:33.8Berrien Springs
20.9Dakota Shorter2:34.2Kalamazoo Central
21.10Kendrick Dorgan2:36.5Kalamazoo Central
22.9Lenning Ben2:36.9Schoolcraft
23.12Wachira Krancomyee2:37.3Kalamazoo Central
24.9Christian Billman2:51.0Berrien Springs
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tom Zahrt1:58.75Richland Gull Lake
12Daniel Bell2:04.26Richland Gull Lake
12David Howson2:06.57Richland Gull Lake
11Jeremy Simon2:09.00Richland Gull Lake
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Clark4:36.7Edwardsburg
2.10Sam Butler4:42.4Richland Gull Lake
3.12David Howson4:44.2Richland Gull Lake
4.10Zach Wehner4:45.0Schoolcraft
5.12Brandon Wynsma4:45.4Richland Gull Lake
6.10Alex Kulpa4:47.6Portage Northern
7.12Derek Scott4:54.8Edwardsburg
8.12Austin Elluru4:58.7Kalamazoo Hackett
9.10Mack Evans5:10.1Portage Northern
10.12Nick Penn5:12.3Portage Northern
11.10Evan Williams5:13.3Portage Northern
12.11Ben Getz5:17.6Edwardsburg
13.9Jake Spitsbergen5:29.9Parchment
14.11Steven Rantz5:31.0Parchment
15.12Brandon Vukelich5:37.2Schoolcraft
16.11Jared Balcom6:01.9Schoolcraft
17.10Sammy Saad6:03.7Berrien Springs
18.9Christian Billman6:07.1Berrien Springs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Wehner10:18.4Schoolcraft
2.10Alex Kulpa10:33.2Portage Northern
3.10Sam Butler10:36.6Richland Gull Lake
4.12Nathan Busby10:44.2Richland Gull Lake
5.12Tanner Hostetler10:53.3Richland Gull Lake
6.10Michael Elluru11:06.7Kalamazoo Hackett
7.12Glen Compton11:10.9Parchment
8.10Mack Evans11:26.6Portage Northern
9.11Ben Getz11:34.2Edwardsburg
10.12Nick Penn11:34.8Portage Northern
11.10Neal Malakowski11:42.6Schoolcraft
12.11Allen Lopez11:53.8Edwardsburg
13.10Calvin Scott11:59.1Schoolcraft
14.12Jonah Mathieu11:59.8Kalamazoo Hackett
15.11Steven Rantz13:02.3Parchment
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacorey Lipsey15.5Portage Northern
2.12Greg Hall15.7Edwardsburg
3.11Forest Drummer16.3Kalamazoo Central
4.12Kevin Graves17.0Kalamazoo Central
5.12William Bennett17.2Richland Gull Lake
6.12Chris Evans17.6Berrien Springs
7.12Brian Whaley18.0Richland Gull Lake
8.10Stephen Pepps18.5Portage Northern
9.10Austin VanDyke18.6Parchment
10.9Devin Dumont19.4Portage Northern
11.12Aaron Mautz19.6Schoolcraft
12.10Keagan Drazin19.7Portage Northern
13.9Nicholas Guerrant19.8Portage Northern
14.9Alec Craig20.9Schoolcraft
15.9Christian Eggleston25.2Edwardsburg
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacorey Lipsey39.4Portage Northern
2.12Kevin Graves41.1Kalamazoo Central
3.12Greg Hall43.0Edwardsburg
4.12Brian Whaley44.5Richland Gull Lake
5.10Andrew Madison45.6Richland Gull Lake
6.12William Bennett45.7Richland Gull Lake
7.10Stephen Pepps46.1Portage Northern
8.12Aaron Mautz46.6Schoolcraft
9.10Keagan Drazin46.9Portage Northern
10.9Nicholas Guerrant47.5Portage Northern
11.11Alex Filiputti48.4Kalamazoo Hackett
12.9Craig Alec50.8Schoolcraft
13.10Andre Grayson51.3Kalamazoo Central
14.9Devin Dumont51.6Portage Northern
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.1Parchment
2.-Mitchell Gercak
Christopher Liebert
Jeremiah Lipsey
Tyler Holland
45.8Portage Northern
3.-Cody Ploof
Taylor Long
Ryan Mutchler
Ahmad Mohammed
45.9Richland Gull Lake
4.-Relay Team 46.2Kalamazoo Hackett
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:34.0Parchment
2.-Cody Ploof
Matthew Pelyhes
Ryan Mutchler
Ahmad Mohammed
1:34.9Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 1:35.6Kalamazoo Central
4.-Relay Team 1:37.3Kalamazoo Hackett
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alec Blue
Jacorey Lipsey
Luke Rabe
Christopher Liebert
3:30.2Portage Northern
2.-Matthew Pelyhes
Daniel Bell
Jeremy Simon
Tom Zahrt
3:34.6Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 3:36.4Edwardsburg
4.-Relay Team 3:40.3Kalamazoo Central
5.-Relay Team 3:53.8Kalamazoo Hackett
6.-Relay Team 3:55.0Parchment
7.-Relay Team 3:58.7Schoolcraft
8.-Relay Team 3:58.9Berrien Springs
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Bell
David Howson
Jeremy Simon
Tom Zahrt
8:19.0Richland Gull Lake
2.-Relay Team 8:23.2Edwardsburg
3.-Spencer Maroukis
Luke Rabe
Colin Howard
Evan Williams
8:24.7Portage Northern
4.-Relay Team 8:54.3Kalamazoo Hackett
5.-Relay Team 9:47.6Parchment
6.-Relay Team 10:07.4Schoolcraft
7.-Relay Team 10:14.4Berrien Springs
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charles Edick48-02.00Schoolcraft
2.12Luc Anderson41-11.25Schoolcraft
3.12Quinton Alexander39-10.50Kalamazoo Central
4.12Ethan Way39-06.50Richland Gull Lake
5.12Alex Rogers39-03.50Portage Northern
6.11Mitch Wood39-02.75Edwardsburg
7.11Drew Douglas37-01.50Schoolcraft
8.10Travis Myrick36-09.75Edwardsburg
9.11Chris Twilling35-07.50Portage Northern
10.12David Richard35-07.25Kalamazoo Hackett
11.12Jack Kirch35-05.50Richland Gull Lake
12.9Brendan Neeley33-10.00Richland Gull Lake
13.11Jon Hepner33-01.25Kalamazoo Hackett
14.12TJ Wells33-01.00Kalamazoo Central
15.11Breck Washington33-0.50Kalamazoo Central
16.12Alex Abbott27-04.75Portage Northern
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Drew Douglas128-05Schoolcraft
2.12Charles Edick115-01Schoolcraft
3.12Ethan Way109-09Richland Gull Lake
4.11Mitch Wood108-09Edwardsburg
5.12Chris Evans106-07Berrien Springs
6.12Alex Abbott104-05Portage Northern
7.12Jack Kirch95-04Richland Gull Lake
8.10Travis Myrick94-00Edwardsburg
9.11Chris Twilling93-11Portage Northern
10.12Quinton Alexander90-01Kalamazoo Central
11.12TJ Wells86-03Kalamazoo Central
12.11Breck Washington84-02Kalamazoo Central
13.12Alex Rogers83-08Portage Northern
14.9Drew Scarff82-07Richland Gull Lake
15.12Joel Hernandez73-07Kalamazoo Hackett
16.9Josh Carpenter69-04Kalamazoo Hackett
17.11Michael Srodes63-04Kalamazoo Hackett
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Woods5-09.00Edwardsburg
2.9Craig Alec5-06.00Schoolcraft
2.12David Richard5-06.00Kalamazoo Hackett
2.9Nicholas Guerrant5-06.00Portage Northern
5.11Douglas Williams5-06.00Kalamazoo Central
6.11Eric Richardson5-06.00Edwardsburg
7.11Matt Grissinger5-03.00Edwardsburg
7.10Keagan Drazin5-03.00Portage Northern
7.9Dan Pelyhes5-03.00Richland Gull Lake
7.11Cole Mader5-03.00Richland Gull Lake
8.10Stephen Pepps5' 3.0Portage Northern
11.12Aaron Mautz5-00.00Schoolcraft
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Skye Roy12-06.00Edwardsburg
2.12Evan Dexter12-06.00Parchment
3.12Brandon Blankenship12-06.00Parchment
4.12Chris Evans11-00.00Berrien Springs
5.12Chris Woloszyk10-06.01Richland Gull Lake
6.11Paul Karpinski10-06.00Portage Northern
7.12Jeff Cardwell10-06.00Portage Northern
8.9Landon Fisher9-06.00Richland Gull Lake
8.11Andrew Smith9-06.00Berrien Springs
10.12Jacob Alexander9-00.00Parchment
10.10Neal Malakowski9-00.00Schoolcraft
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ollie Barnes19-06.25Kalamazoo Central
2.12Jesse Mays19-04.00Edwardsburg
3.11Geovante Weston18-09.75Kalamazoo Hackett
4.12Zechariah Jenkins18-04.00Berrien Springs
5.11Douglas Williams18-02.50Kalamazoo Central
6.12Cody Ploof17-0.75Richland Gull Lake
7.9Alec Craig16-07.50Schoolcraft
8.12Tanner Hostetler16-07.25Richland Gull Lake
9.11Andrew Gnott16-06.25Edwardsburg
10.10Jeremiah Lipsey16-05.50Portage Northern
11.11Marcos Chavez15-05.50Richland Gull Lake
12.12Jon Lawrence15-03.50Schoolcraft
13.9Ryan Landis14-11.00Schoolcraft
14.10Patrick McFall14-02.00Kalamazoo Hackett
15.9Kolter Mecklenburg13-11.50Edwardsburg

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Natalie Vizard12.9Portage Northern
2.9Kirsten Taylor13.0Richland Gull Lake
3.12Micaila Rice13.0Schoolcraft
4.12Meazeshia Goiser13.4Parchment
5.10Shaniece Terrell13.4Berrien Springs
6.11Angela Patton13.4Parchment
7.11Elesha Hunter13.5Portage Northern
8.9Sadie Buday13.6Kalamazoo Hackett
9.10Kendyl Hinton13.6Parchment
10.9Jamie Loupee13.7Edwardsburg
11.11Shianna Scott14.1Kalamazoo Central
11.12Sandra Bornemann14.1Portage Northern
13.10Abbie Higley14.3Richland Gull Lake
14.12Payne Vania14.3Kalamazoo Central
14.12Casey. Garcia14.3Edwardsburg
16.11Olivia Hodge14.4Kalamazoo Central
17.9Tiffany Welch15.0Schoolcraft
18.11Jessica Farrar15.1Kalamazoo Hackett
19.10Usher Whitledge15.5Schoolcraft
20.9Ally Helmcamp15.6Edwardsburg
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kirsten Taylor27.0hRichland Gull Lake
2.12Katelyn Niefert27.1hPortage Northern
3.10Kendyl Hinton27.4hParchment
4.12Micaila Rice27.8Schoolcraft
5.9Sadie Buday28.1Kalamazoo Hackett
6.11Kara Craig28.3Schoolcraft
7.10Alexis Sorce28.7Berrien Springs
8.12Sandra Bornemann29.0Portage Northern
9.11Elesha Hunter29.3hPortage Northern
10.10Xavyer Williams29.3Kalamazoo Central
11.9Gabby Golba29.6hEdwardsburg
12.9Jamie Loupee29.8Edwardsburg
13.10Abbie Higley30.1hRichland Gull Lake
14.12Payne Vania30.5Kalamazoo Central
15.10Usher Whitledge32.5Schoolcraft
16.9Ally Helmcamp33.2hEdwardsburg
17.11Jessica Farrar33.4hKalamazoo Hackett
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Kirsten Taylor25.4Richland Gull Lake
10Kelsey Bauer28.8Richland Gull Lake
10Abbie Higley30.4Richland Gull Lake
12Chelsea Webb30.5Richland Gull Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Khalidha Davis1:01.1Kalamazoo Central
2.10Kendyl Hinton1:03.1Parchment
3.9Natalie Vizard1:05.2Portage Northern
4.10Kylee Chaffin1:05.6Richland Gull Lake
5.11Ari Karaptian1:05.7Parchment
6.10Kelsey Bauer1:06.1Richland Gull Lake
7.9Taylor Coates1:06.9Schoolcraft
8.9Gabby Golba1:07.8Edwardsburg
9.10Kristen Miller1:08.5Edwardsburg
10.11Rose Fetzer1:09.8Schoolcraft
11.10Kayla Evans1:13.0Portage Northern
12.9Heaven Grissinger1:14.7Edwardsburg
13.9Tiffany Welch1:17.2Schoolcraft
14.9Kaitlyn Turske1:17.8Kalamazoo Hackett
15.9Anne Heidelberg1:18.1Kalamazoo Hackett
16.9Michaela Niefert1:22.5Portage Northern
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Leah Coonrod62.8Richland Gull Lake
10Kylee Chaffin1:06.3Richland Gull Lake
10Kelsey Bauer66.5Richland Gull Lake
10Sierra Coay66.6Richland Gull Lake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leah Coonrod2:30.5Richland Gull Lake
2.9Aubrey Ritchey2:31.3Edwardsburg
3.10Ally Rabe2:35.0Portage Northern
4.10Sierra Coay2:36.7Richland Gull Lake
5.12Laura Nordquist2:38.2Parchment
6.10Katherine Thayer2:44.2Parchment
7.9Kayla Gercak2:44.5Portage Northern
8.11Stephanie Smith2:45.0Richland Gull Lake
9.12Madison Henry2:46.6Portage Northern
10.12Mckenzie Troyer2:47.0Schoolcraft
11.9Colleen Flynn2:50.1Schoolcraft
12.9Jessica Wile2:51.4Schoolcraft
13.9Robin DeClercq2:52.2Kalamazoo Hackett
14.9Gianna Haller2:54.4Edwardsburg
15.10Kristen Miller2:54.8Edwardsburg
16.12Melissa Manlan2:60.0Kalamazoo Central
17.10Abigal Sheline3:08.3Berrien Springs
18.9Giuliana Bresnahan3:13.2Kalamazoo Hackett
19.10Taylor Robaska3:14.6Berrien Springs
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Leah Coonrod2:26Richland Gull Lake
11Jori Fell2:31Richland Gull Lake
10Kylee Chaffin2:31Richland Gull Lake
10Sierra Coay2:34Richland Gull Lake
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Aubrey Ritchey5:42.3Edwardsburg
2.12Madeline Hartlieb5:46.2Schoolcraft
3.12Alison Butler5:47.4Richland Gull Lake
4.10Ally Rabe5:49.2Portage Northern
5.11Jori Fell5:49.6Richland Gull Lake
6.12Laura Nordquist5:57.5Parchment
7.9Kayla Gercak6:09.1Portage Northern
8.10Taylor Robaska6:12.9Berrien Springs
9.11Erin Bargo6:14.2Richland Gull Lake
10.9Robin DeClercq6:18.6Kalamazoo Hackett
11.9Gianna Haller6:25.7Edwardsburg
12.12Laura Wheeler6:26.1Kalamazoo Central
13.12Melissa Manlan6:38.3Kalamazoo Central
14.12Miranda Bronicki6:38.7Edwardsburg
15.9Victoria Rupe6:41.2Parchment
16.9Katelyn Moon6:44.7Portage Northern
17.10Kelsey Broekema6:46.5Schoolcraft
18.10Abigal Sheline6:51.8Berrien Springs
19.11Courtney Knuth7:07.5Berrien Springs
20.11Sadie Devoe7:19.2Schoolcraft
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alison Butler12:43.3Richland Gull Lake
2.12Sarah Hartlieb12:51.2Schoolcraft
3.9Taylor Hillard12:54.0Parchment
4.11Jori Fell13:11.9Richland Gull Lake
5.11Emma Hardiman13:33.1Richland Gull Lake
6.9Elizabeth Lenning13:40.9Schoolcraft
7.12Laura Wheeler13:50.8Kalamazoo Central
8.11Megan Lawrence14:22.9Schoolcraft
9.12Miranda Bronicki14:52.0Edwardsburg
10.11Hannah Baylor15:08.8Edwardsburg
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Paige Anderson16.1Berrien Springs
2.10Kristen Higgins16.4Portage Northern
3.12Corinne Roller17.2Richland Gull Lake
4.11Elaina Meadows17.7Schoolcraft
5.10Alex-saundra Hudson17.8Kalamazoo Central
6.12Mallory Davis18.7Parchment
7.9Grace Turner18.9Richland Gull Lake
8.9Mckenzie Drazin19.2Portage Northern
9.9Tyanna Pierce19.3Berrien Springs
10.10Kerri Hogarth19.5Schoolcraft
11.9Katy Thomas19.9Edwardsburg
12.9Taylor Hepler20.2Edwardsburg
13.12Chelsea Webb20.6Richland Gull Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristen Higgins49.6Portage Northern
2.10Olivia Hack51.6Edwardsburg
3.9Tyanna Pierce53.5Berrien Springs
4.10Alex-saundra Hudson53.6Kalamazoo Central
5.12Mallory Davis55.3Parchment
6.12Chelsea Webb55.8Richland Gull Lake
7.10Kerri Hogarth56.9Schoolcraft
8.9Taylor Hepler57.1Edwardsburg
9.9Mckenzie Drazin58.1Portage Northern
10.9Katy Thomas58.9Edwardsburg
11.11Courtney Knuth1:00.9Berrien Springs
12.11Olivia Hodge1:05.9Kalamazoo Central
13.10Mariah Gumper1:06.8Richland Gull Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Niefert
Maurisha Walker
Jalen Holland-Freeman
Elesha Hunter
52.1Portage Northern
2.-Relay Team 53.3Parchment
3.-Relay Team 53.4Berrien Springs
4.-Relay Team 53.8Schoolcraft
5.-Relay Team 54.7Kalamazoo Central
6.-Relay Team 57.5Edwardsburg
7.-Relay Team 57.7Richland Gull Lake
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Niefert
Maurisha Walker
Natalie Vizard
Kristin Higgins
1:50.0Portage Northern
2.-Relay Team 1:50.9Parchment
3.-Relay Team 1:53.3Schoolcraft
4.-Chelsea Webb
Abbie Higley
Kelsey Bauer
Kirsten Taylor
1:55.1Richland Gull Lake
5.-Relay Team 1:56.4Berrien Springs
6.-Relay Team 1:59.5Edwardsburg
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natalie Vizard
Kristin Higgins
Maurisha Walker
Sandra Bornemann
4:18.2Portage Northern
2.-Kylee Chaffin
Kelsey Bauer
Sierra Coay
Leah Coonrod
4:22.1Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 4:29.7Parchment
4.-Relay Team 4:34.0Edwardsburg
5.-Relay Team 4:38.6Schoolcraft
6.-Relay Team 4:41.7Kalamazoo Hackett
7.-Relay Team 4:44.6Berrien Springs
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:05.0Richland Gull Lake
2.-Ally Rabe
Kayla Gercak
Madison Henry
Katelyn Moon
10:44.8Portage Northern
3.-Relay Team 10:53.3Schoolcraft
4.-Relay Team 11:12.6Edwardsburg
5.-Relay Team 11:36.4Parchment
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Rocha31-02.50Kalamazoo Hackett
2.12Brooke Portwood30-00.00Edwardsburg
3.11Elizabeth Ruff29-10.00Edwardsburg
4.9Monica Edick29-08.25Schoolcraft
5.9Maggie Smith28-10.75Kalamazoo Hackett
6.9Hannah Pulver28-09.00Portage Northern
7.10Emily Hager27-10.75Berrien Springs
8.10Makiyah Alexander27-10.50Kalamazoo Central
9.10Kayla Evans26-02.00Portage Northern
10.12Abbi Reardon24-06.50Schoolcraft
11.9Marley Studebaker24-02.50Richland Gull Lake
12.11Jamie Shaw23-11.50Edwardsburg
13.12Brittany Wilson23-05.00Parchment
14.12Rebecca Carlton23-04.25Schoolcraft
15.9Kaylee Peebles20-07.50Parchment
16.11Sara Rogers20-07.00Richland Gull Lake
17.10Sydney White20-06.25Richland Gull Lake
18.10Kali Jackson20-0.75Kalamazoo Central
19.11Bethany VerDuin19-10.50Berrien Springs
20.11Teira Lambert16-09.00Parchment
21.10Stephanie Ray16-07.00Portage Northern
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Rocha93-01Kalamazoo Hackett
2.12Amara Dale89-02Kalamazoo Central
3.9Maggie Smith83-08Kalamazoo Hackett
4.12Rebecca Carlton79-03Schoolcraft
5.12Brooke Portwood79-02Edwardsburg
6.9Monica Edick76-09Schoolcraft
7.12Ashley Occhipinti69-08Schoolcraft
8.11Courtney Rorick68-05Richland Gull Lake
9.11Elizabeth Ruff67-08Edwardsburg
10.9Hannah Pulver66-04Portage Northern
11.9Kellie Smith64-02Richland Gull Lake
12.12Brittany Wilson63-04Parchment
13.11Sara Rogers61-10Richland Gull Lake
14.11Bethany VerDuin61-06Berrien Springs
15.10Emily Hager57-02Berrien Springs
16.11Teira Lambert57-00Parchment
17.10Stephanie Ray51-07Portage Northern
18.9Kaylee Peebles46-11Parchment
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kara Craig5-05.00Schoolcraft
2.9Paige Berg5-00.00Parchment
3.11Rose Fetzer4-09.00Schoolcraft
4.11Shianna Scott4-09.00Kalamazoo Central
5.10Kayla Evans4-09.00Portage Northern
6.9Susannah Hocker4-06.00Richland Gull Lake
7.10Cia Elder4-03.00Parchment
7.10Kristen Miller4-03.00Edwardsburg
7.10Kelsey Bauer4-03.00Richland Gull Lake
7.9Mckenzie Drazin4-03.00Portage Northern
11.10Abbie Harris4-03.00Edwardsburg
12.11Courtney Rorick4-00.00Richland Gull Lake
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lizzie Tecca9-00.00Parchment
2.12Casey. Garcia8-06.00Edwardsburg
3.11Courtney Knuth6-06.00Berrien Springs
4.9Marley Studebaker6-06.00Richland Gull Lake
5.10Bailey Stark6'00.00Richland Gull Lake
5.12Chelsea Webb6'00.00Richland Gull Lake
5.12Chelsea Webb1.5Richland Gull Lake
5.10Bailey Stark1.5Richland Gull Lake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kirsten Taylor16-02.00Richland Gull Lake
2.11Maurisha Walker15-07.00Portage Northern
3.11Elaina Meadows15-01.50Schoolcraft
4.11Paige Anderson15-01.00Berrien Springs
5.11Shianna Scott14-04.00Kalamazoo Central
6.9Jalen Holland-Freeman13-11.50Portage Northern
7.10Shaniece Terrell13-08.75Berrien Springs
8.12Sandra Bornemann13-08.00Portage Northern
9.10Alexis Sorce13-06.00Berrien Springs
10.9Knasel Cara13-02.00Schoolcraft
11.10Cia Elder13-0.75Parchment
12.10Usher Whitledge13-0.25Schoolcraft
13.11Olivia Hodge12-10.00Kalamazoo Central
14.11Courtney Rorick12-10.00Richland Gull Lake
15.9Victoria Rupe12-0.25Parchment
16.12Alison Butler12-00.00Richland Gull Lake
17.12Jessica Buzalski11-06.25Edwardsburg
18.9Anne Heidelberg11-02.25Kalamazoo Hackett
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