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ECC Large Schools Championships

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Coast Guard Academy, New London

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Owens6.74aWoodstock Academy      
2.11Martin Lewark6.75aNorwich Free Academy      
3.11Orrin Parke6.77aNew London      
4.11Randall Rissing6.92aFitch      
5.11Jose Garcia7.00aNew London      
6.10Frank Norosky7.00aFitch      
7.11Lexus Gordon7.25aFitch      
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Keith Owens6.76aWoodstock Academy      
2.11Orrin Parke6.77aNew London      
3.11Martin Lewark6.78aNorwich Free Academy      
4.11Lexus Gordon6.94aFitch      
5.11Allen Gates6.99aNorwich Free Academy      
6.11Jose Garcia7.00aNew London      
6.10Frank Norosky7.00aFitch      
8.11Randall Rissing7.02aFitch      
9.12Xavier Dunn7.03aNorwich Free Academy      
10.12Gabriel Diaz7.09aNew London      
11.11Nicholas Ramos7.15aNew London      
12.12Ed Lorah7.37aEast Lyme      
13.11George Sisson7.42aEast Lyme      
14.11Safwat Choudhury7.44aNorwich Free Academy      
14.12De'John Fernandes7.44aNorwich Free Academy      
16.12Jovan Thompson7.60aNew London      
17.12Corey Huband7.61aBacon Academy      
18.9Joshua Betancourt7.63aFitch      
19.9John Pinson8.79aBacon Academy      
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Owens37.10aWoodstock Academy      
2.11Joseph Trahan37.99aNorwich Free Academy      
3.11Orrin Parke38.16aNew London      
4.12Michael Phillips38.26aFitch      
5.11Chris Bond38.67aFitch      
6.10Tyler Latham38.72aFitch      
7.11Ryan Lumsden38.84aEast Lyme      
8.11Jose Garcia39.25aNew London      
9.12Gabriel Diaz39.86aNew London      
10.10Devin Lehman39.87aFitch      
11.12Sam Dunay40.19aFitch      
12.11Julian Laureano40.42aNorwich Free Academy      
13.9Chris Apicelli40.58aEast Lyme      
14.12Brayan Mora40.83aNew London      
15.10Bradley King40.91aEast Lyme      
16.11Nicholas Ramos41.04aNew London      
17.11George Sisson41.09aEast Lyme      
18.11Lee Brake41.98aEast Lyme      
19.9Zane Smallidge42.06aEast Lyme      
20.11Ektedar Alam42.79aNorwich Free Academy      
21.12Robert Dees43.60aEast Lyme      
22.11Cain Rianhard44.32aEast Lyme      
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Liang1:27.19aNorwich Free Academy      
2.12Patrick Smith1:29.62aEast Lyme      
3.10Kobe Amos1:29.83aNorwich Free Academy      
4.11Lake Wyld1:30.01aFitch      
5.12Randall Fitzmorris1:36.12aFitch      
6.10Bradley King1:36.13aEast Lyme      
7.12Ryan Finton1:37.15aFitch      
8.9Dan Barrack1:37.53aBacon Academy      
9.11Kevin Lindell1:37.84aNorwich Free Academy      
10.12Patrick Hanrahan1:37.93aNew London      
11.12Olajuwan Chau1:38.97aNew London      
12.12Dacoda Queenan1:39.85aNew London      
13.12Robert Dees1:39.93aEast Lyme      
14.11Tyler Marr1:43.04aEast Lyme      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Cardin2:45.71aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Ben Ostrowski2:46.27aEast Lyme      
3.12Derek French2:48.46aNorwich Free Academy      
4.11Andrew Bernard2:51.31aEast Lyme      
5.12Erik Brown2:55.81aFitch      
6.10Noah Hallisey2:56.14aEast Lyme      
7.9Alex Esteve2:59.73aBacon Academy      
8.10Xavier Jones3:00.70aNew London      
9.12Evan Morse3:03.80aNorwich Free Academy      
10.12William Keating3:07.42aNew London      
11.12Michael Lussier3:09.89aFitch      
12.11Steven Boring3:10.17aFitch      
13.11Spencer Dupont3:11.10aNorwich Free Academy      
14.11Zach Shane3:14.14aBacon Academy      
15.11Jeff Lemmon3:14.31aEast Lyme      
16.10Kyle McCormick3:28.14aBacon Academy      
17.9Killian Maloney3:33.38aBacon Academy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Cardin4:33.70aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Scott Butler4:43.43aEast Lyme      
3.12Derek French4:47.69aNorwich Free Academy      
4.11Tim Myers4:50.71aEast Lyme      
5.12Alex Olendorf4:52.22aFitch      
6.12Mitchell Brusseau5:01.83aEast Lyme      
7.10Niceforo Reyes5:03.99aNorwich Free Academy      
8.-Patrick Lang5:08.04aEast Lyme      
9.11Aaron Bosse5:13.20aNorwich Free Academy      
10.9Matthew Rich5:16.56aWoodstock Academy      
11.9Griffin Waller5:23.07aBacon Academy      
12.10Jesse Moroyoqui5:26.96aFitch      
13.9Matt Lund5:27.43aBacon Academy      
14.12Ben Lewis5:29.76aNew London      
15.10Jonathan Castiblanco6:04.98aNew London      
16.12Matthew Lewis6:24.75aFitch      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Cardin10:10.25aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Jon Combies10:27.51aEast Lyme      
3.12Alex Olendorf10:27.96aFitch      
4.10Dustin Plourde10:40.98aNorwich Free Academy      
5.12Charlie Young11:14.85aFitch      
6.10Kevin Hackbarth11:17.04aBacon Academy      
7.12Justin Bingham11:37.18aBacon Academy      
8.12Jayesh Bokhiria13:35.25aFitch      
--10Patrick ClarkeDQWoodstock Academy      
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Coleman8.37aFitch      
2.12Chase Guillemette8.47aNorwich Free Academy      
3.12Sam Dunay8.51aFitch      
4.11Luis Crisostomo8.73aFitch      
5.10Devin Lehman8.94aFitch      
6.11Nolan Perron9.18aEast Lyme      
7.11Jeremy Rivera9.48aNorwich Free Academy      
8.11Ryan Lawrence9.95aNorwich Free Academy      
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12John Coleman8.46aFitch      
2.12Sam Dunay8.49aFitch      
3.12Chase Guillemette8.52aNorwich Free Academy      
4.11Luis Crisostomo8.84aFitch      
5.10Devin Lehman8.88aFitch      
6.11Jeremy Rivera9.13aNorwich Free Academy      
7.11Nolan Perron9.34aEast Lyme      
8.11Ryan Lawrence9.76aNorwich Free Academy      
9.12John Ricci9.99aEast Lyme      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Dimmock45-03.00Bacon Academy      
2.12Joe Ouellet44-08.50Woodstock Academy      
3.10Martin Alfaro42-05.00Fitch      
4.11Christopher Byars42-04.50Norwich Free Academy      
5.12John Santos42-02.00East Lyme      
6.12Chris Paulk39-09.75Fitch      
7.11Kote Wilkinson39-00.75East Lyme      
8.10Parker Dimock38-10.50Bacon Academy      
9.12Natheniel Eckenrode35-11.00Norwich Free Academy      
10.11Marquis Guess35-08.50Fitch      
11.12Nicholas Graning34-04.00Fitch      
12.10Tyler Latham33-11.50Fitch      
13.11Ryan Gerrity33-02.50Woodstock Academy      
14.12Tom Green32-01.50Woodstock Academy      
15.12Jordan Coons30-08.25New London      
16.12Gotham Venduri30-03.00East Lyme      
17.10David Perry28-11.75New London      
18.12Gregory Castronova28-09.50New London      
19.9Daniel Smola24-10.00East Lyme      
20.10Spencer Brown24-05.50New London      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lexus Gordon6-00.00Fitch      
2.11Nate Giamundo5-06.00Woodstock Academy      
3.11Martin Lewark5-06.00Norwich Free Academy      
4.11Marquis Guess5-04.00Fitch      
5.12Sam Dunay5-02.00Fitch      
6.12John Ricci5-02.00East Lyme      
--10Martin AlfaroNHFitch      
--12Corey SantanaNHNew London      
--10Arman ThompsonNHNew London      
--12Khaleed FineNHNew London      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Hyde12-00.00Norwich Free Academy      
2.11Nate Giamundo12-00.00Woodstock Academy      
3.11Taylor Davidson11-06.00Norwich Free Academy      
4.11Eric Powers11-06.00Fitch      
4.12Zackary Welsolek11-06.00Norwich Free Academy      
6.11Andrew Perez11-06.00Fitch      
7.11Johnny Diep11-00.00Fitch      
7.12Carlos Casillas11-00.00East Lyme      
9.12Trevor Warbin9-06.00Bacon Academy      
9.12Anthony Patron9-06.00East Lyme      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Martin Lewark19-09.75Norwich Free Academy      
2.11Lexus Gordon19-06.00Fitch      
3.12De'John Fernandes18-08.00Norwich Free Academy      
4.10Nathaniel Baldi18-04.00Bacon Academy      
5.12Michael Phillips18-01.00Fitch      
6.11Ektedar Alam17-08.50Norwich Free Academy      
7.10Jimmy Yuen17-00.00Norwich Free Academy      
8.12Khaleed Fine16-10.00New London      
9.12Ed Lorah16-08.50East Lyme      
10.10Anthony Ojeda15-08.25New London      
11.11Marquis Guess15-08.00Fitch      
12.10Sahil Pallan14-02.50East Lyme      
13.10Arman Thompson13-10.50New London      

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dyshelle Pemberton7.43aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Brittany Grabill7.56aNorwich Free Academy      
3.10Mia Lynne Park7.74aNorwich Free Academy      
4.10Chelsea Stevens7.80aEast Lyme      
5.10Francine Jacque7.84aNew London      
6.11Amanda DeMaio7.85aEast Lyme      
7.12Jessica Fort7.88aNew London      
8.11Lindsay Schneider7.96aEast Lyme      
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dyshelle Pemberton7.53aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Brittany Grabill7.59aNorwich Free Academy      
3.11Amanda DeMaio7.79aEast Lyme      
4.10Francine Jacque7.81aNew London      
5.10Mia Lynne Park7.82aNorwich Free Academy      
6.10Chelsea Stevens7.86aEast Lyme      
7.11Lindsay Schneider7.89aEast Lyme      
8.12Jessica Fort7.91aNew London      
9.10Mercedes Santos7.93aNew London      
10.9Caroline Thiede7.98aEast Lyme      
11.11Brianna McClafferty8.06aNorwich Free Academy      
12.9Brandy Bussiere8.07aBacon Academy      
13.10Kayala Carvajal8.25aFitch      
14.11Kelly Hanley8.26aWoodstock Academy      
15.10Sierra Cameron8.27aBacon Academy      
16.9Laquisha Sheppard8.35aFitch      
17.10Julia Luppi8.48aWoodstock Academy      
18.10Alexandra Wilcon8.54aWoodstock Academy      
19.12Lexi Musinski8.86aBacon Academy      
20.9Ashley Montgomery8.97aFitch      
21.12Alyssa Larkham9.14aNorwich Free Academy      
22.11Hannah Hedge9.57aNew London      
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Swenson42.44aWoodstock Academy      
2.11Dyshelle Pemberton42.75aNorwich Free Academy      
3.10Mia Lynne Park43.94aNorwich Free Academy      
4.12Alison Herod44.53aFitch      
5.11Chloe Taylor44.84aFitch      
6.10Francine Jacque45.03aNew London      
7.11Lindsay Schneider45.26aEast Lyme      
8.12Maddy McDermott45.31aEast Lyme      
9.12Jessica Fort45.38aNew London      
10.12Sarah Gilloran45.73aWoodstock Academy      
11.9Brandy Bussiere45.82aBacon Academy      
12.10Chelsea Stevens46.50aEast Lyme      
13.9Caroline Thiede46.65aEast Lyme      
14.12Chaurielle Robinson46.95aNew London      
15.9Isabella Kenny47.65aEast Lyme      
16.12Amanda Appicelli48.68aEast Lyme      
17.11Samantha DeVito48.77aNorwich Free Academy      
18.10Casey Worski49.05aNorwich Free Academy      
19.9Kaily MarcAurele49.48aEast Lyme      
20.10Stefanie Bromley49.61aNorwich Free Academy      
21.9Phoenix Mitchell49.95aNew London      
22.10Haley Lewis50.68aBacon Academy      
23.11Kristin Walter51.33aEast Lyme      
24.11Olivia Carmenati51.51aFitch      
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brianna Lenehan1:40.00aNorwich Free Academy      
2.11Kaitlin Lane1:43.80aWoodstock Academy      
3.12Anika Pallan1:45.09aEast Lyme      
4.12Erin Fritz1:47.00aEast Lyme      
5.10Alicia Szostak1:48.61aBacon Academy      
6.10Charlotte Van SamBeck1:48.72aNorwich Free Academy      
7.11Christina Szczesny1:48.88aFitch      
8.11Megan Stoddard1:50.22aEast Lyme      
9.12Erika Tabares1:55.95aEast Lyme      
10.12Trini Gao1:57.23aEast Lyme      
11.12Tesla Delcid2:03.02aNew London      
12.11Melanie House2:07.93aFitch      
13.10Darcelle Lindor2:10.01aFitch      
14.11Trista Pennington2:11.74aBacon Academy      
15.9Mykell Jefferson2:19.79aNew London      
16.11Yakima Jacobs2:26.25aNew London      
--10Emma PerryDNFEast Lyme      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eva Christensen3:10.66aEast Lyme      
2.11Brianna Lenehan3:10.99aNorwich Free Academy      
3.12Noelene Power3:15.93aEast Lyme      
4.10Katie Stevens3:23.57aBacon Academy      
5.9Alyssa Field3:25.41aNorwich Free Academy      
6.11Grace Perkins3:26.00aNorwich Free Academy      
7.11Amanda Slater3:31.26aWoodstock Academy      
8.9Priya Swyden3:32.54aBacon Academy      
9.9Alana Olendorf3:33.89aFitch      
10.12Alexandra Leen3:35.19aEast Lyme      
11.12Angela Modzelewski3:37.17aEast Lyme      
12.12Ashley Parke3:38.26aWoodstock Academy      
13.11Paige Schneider3:41.50aEast Lyme      
14.9Gabby Gualtieri3:41.87aNorwich Free Academy      
15.9Morgan Tess 3:42.45aFitch      
16.9Henley Smith3:43.77aNorwich Free Academy      
17.12Fiona O'Donnell3:46.16aFitch      
18.9Kylie Gromko3:51.65aNorwich Free Academy      
19.10Jennifer Cole3:55.11aBacon Academy      
20.9Manzie Myers3:59.02aNew London      
21.10Asia Jefferson4:35.85aNew London      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandy LeClair5:25.98aFitch      
2.11Eva Christensen5:31.83aEast Lyme      
3.12Noelene Power5:35.31aEast Lyme      
4.12Katie Holdridge5:37.22aNorwich Free Academy      
5.12Rebecca Smolenski5:38.65aNorwich Free Academy      
6.10Abigail LaMarre5:39.13aWoodstock Academy      
7.10Sarah Kate Parizio5:42.06aFitch      
8.11Katherine Beasley5:51.47aNorwich Free Academy      
9.11Zoe Smallidge5:58.89aEast Lyme      
10.10Samantha Trombley6:01.96aNorwich Free Academy      
11.10Deisha Quinones6:56.77aNew London      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandy LeClair11:57.47aFitch      
2.12Lindsay Fisher12:20.94aNorwich Free Academy      
3.12Rebecca Smolenski12:22.64aNorwich Free Academy      
4.9Alyssa Field12:23.51aNorwich Free Academy      
5.11Katherine Beasley12:30.39aNorwich Free Academy      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Camille McKenzie9.56aNorwich Free Academy      
2.12Makaila Kowalski9.62aBacon Academy      
3.9Isabella Kenny9.75aEast Lyme      
4.12Sarah Gilloran9.86aWoodstock Academy      
5.11Kara Seitz9.93aEast Lyme      
6.10Alexia Bohnekamper10.02aBacon Academy      
7.11Katelyn Ollhoff10.13aEast Lyme      
8.9Gianna Folz10.17aEast Lyme      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Camille McKenzie9.78aNorwich Free Academy      
2.12Makaila Kowalski9.91aBacon Academy      
3.12Sarah Gilloran9.97aWoodstock Academy      
4.10Alexia Bohnekamper10.03aBacon Academy      
5.11Kara Seitz10.09aEast Lyme      
6.9Gianna Folz10.10aEast Lyme      
7.9Isabella Kenny10.16aEast Lyme      
8.11Katelyn Ollhoff10.25aEast Lyme      
9.12Erin Stolpe10.35aNorwich Free Academy      
10.10Cassondra Moyer10.53aNorwich Free Academy      
11.10Samantha Dubreuil10.58aEast Lyme      
12.12Nina Somps10.66aEast Lyme      
13.9Meg Klein10.87aBacon Academy      
14.9Isabella Gerber11.03aEast Lyme      
15.12Samantha Lake11.23aNew London      
16.9Ashley Morytko11.49aBacon Academy      
17.10Colline Wong11.60aNorwich Free Academy      
17.12Jackie Bellanceau11.60aWoodstock Academy      
19.10Kai Sinclair11.98aFitch      
--10Sarah SwensonDNFWoodstock Academy      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charisse Townsend31-06.00Bacon Academy      
2.12Christina Watts30-05.00East Lyme      
3.12Meredyth Joly30-01.50Norwich Free Academy      
4.12Yana Babbitt29-11.50Norwich Free Academy      
5.12Allison Katilius29-03.00East Lyme      
6.12Deaven Thomas29-00.00New London      
7.12Melissa Godere27-10.00Norwich Free Academy      
8.12Sarah Pruitt26-07.00Fitch      
9.12Maggie Swenson25-09.50East Lyme      
10.11Rachel Coxe25-09.00East Lyme      
11.12Sarah Kukich25-00.00East Lyme      
11.11Jaryn Burgis25-00.00Fitch      
13.12Marissa Steel24-03.50Fitch      
14.12Hunter Toney22-09.00Woodstock Academy      
15.11Shontel Green22-08.00New London      
16.10Tavoia James21-07.00Fitch      
17.10Reann Veronesi21-05.00Bacon Academy      
18.10Bea Asunaon20-07.50Fitch      
19.11Natasha Pena16-05.00New London      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katherine Gabriele5-00.00Norwich Free Academy      
2.10Mercedes Santos5-00.00New London      
3.11Piper Hays4-10.00East Lyme      
4.11Erin Schaeffer4-10.00Norwich Free Academy      
5.12Makaila Kowalski4-06.00Bacon Academy      
5.11Devin Perez4-06.00East Lyme      
7.9Yuri Choi4-06.00Norwich Free Academy      
8.10Janelle Wheaton4-06.00East Lyme      
9.12Sarah Pruitt4-04.00Fitch      
10.12Marissa Mirecki4-02.00East Lyme      
10.10Alexia Bohnekamper4-02.00Bacon Academy      
--11Candy GriefNHFitch      
--12Lydia KrauseNHBacon Academy      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allison Sullivan11-00.00Norwich Free Academy      
2.11Kaitlyn Kuvalanka10-00.00East Lyme      
3.12Nicole Lorinsky10-00.00Norwich Free Academy      
4.11Molly Gibeault9-06.00Woodstock Academy      
4.12Jane Martinez9-06.00East Lyme      
6.11Jamie Szupiany9-06.00East Lyme      
--10Caroline GonsalvesNHEast Lyme      
--11Coral SmedbergNHFitch      
--10Shelby BeattyNHFitch      
--12Briana RamirezNHNorwich Free Academy      
--10Gabrielle WiseNHNorwich Free Academy      
--11Katherine GabrieleNHNorwich Free Academy      
--12Abbey TedfordNHBacon Academy      
--11Emilie FarrugiaNHEast Lyme      
--11Shannon FowlerNHNorwich Free Academy      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Grabill16-04.50Norwich Free Academy      
2.10Sierra Cameron15-07.75Bacon Academy      
3.11Piper Hays15-06.25East Lyme      
4.12Maddy McDermott15-05.75East Lyme      
5.9Lauren Knerr14-11.50Norwich Free Academy      
6.11Ebony Bell14-09.75Fitch      
7.11Devin Perez14-02.00East Lyme      
8.10Janelle Wheaton13-11.50East Lyme      
9.11Kara Seitz13-08.00East Lyme      
10.11Roslin Wilhelm13-04.25Fitch      
11.10Chandra White13-04.00Norwich Free Academy      
12.10Kayala Carvajal12-10.00Fitch      
13.9Gianna Folz12-02.50East Lyme      
14.9Bridget Zesut11-07.50Bacon Academy      
15.9Meg Klein11-06.50Bacon Academy      
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