PHS Dual Meet #1

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 - Meet Website
  Providence Senior High, Charlotte, NC - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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North Carolina - 3A
MRMarvin Ridge
North Carolina - 4A
MPHSMyers Park
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kwame Donyinah11.10Myers Park
2.9Justin Titgen11.30Marvin Ridge
4.11Taurean McNair11.40Marvin Ridge
4.11Carter Hill11.70Marvin Ridge
4.11Taurean McNair11.70Marvin Ridge
8.11Kris Watkin11.70Marvin Ridge
6.12Bobby Morris11.80Garinger
7.12Tim Brown11.90Garinger
8.10Giovanni Gonzales12.00Providence
8.10Evan Wright12.00Marvin Ridge
8.11Kris Watkin12.00Marvin Ridge
11.10Austin Jones12.20Marvin Ridge
11.9Dominique Washingon12.20Myers Park
13.11Charles Bryant12.30Providence
13.10Omari Prescod12.30Myers Park
15.10Tony Perez12.40Marvin Ridge
15.11Zach Castano12.40Providence
17.11Paul Bueche12.50Marvin Ridge
18.11Shakur Herron12.60Providence
19.11Bennie Wilkins12.70Garinger
19.10Benn Leggett12.70Marvin Ridge
21.9Montreal Rice13.00Myers Park
21.11Caleb Harmon13.00Providence
23.10Patrick Brown13.10Providence
24.11Sam Hearn13.20Myers Park
25.9Tyler Bonney13.50Providence
26.9David Stickel13.70Providence
27.10Danny Choi13.90Providence
28.10Cheng Qiu14.40Providence
29.11Andrew Blaeser15.10Providence
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Jackson22.90Marvin Ridge
3.9Justin Titgen22.90Marvin Ridge
2.12Marcus Adodo23.10Garinger
3.12Bobby Morris23.80Garinger
3.9Justin Titgen23.80Marvin Ridge
5.12Chris Campolieta24.00Providence
5.11Taurean McNair24.00Marvin Ridge
7.12Nathan Spitler24.30Marvin Ridge
8.11Kris Watkin24.60Marvin Ridge
9.12Jermiah Rainey24.80Myers Park
10.12Tim Brown25.10Garinger
11.12Kemmi Pettway25.40Garinger
11.10Tony Perez25.40Marvin Ridge
13.10Evan Wright25.60Marvin Ridge
13.9Dominique Washingon25.60Myers Park
15.12Jaray Walker25.80Myers Park
16.10Austin Jones26.00Marvin Ridge
17.10Benn Leggett26.10Marvin Ridge
18.10Tyler Graham26.50Providence
19.9Montreal Rice26.60Myers Park
20.10Chase Johnson26.70Providence
21.9Felix Chamielec27.00Providence
22.10Patrick Brown27.40Providence
23.11Sam Hearn27.50Myers Park
24.10Will Buchanan27.60Providence
25.11Matthew Spann27.70Providence
26.9Tyler Bonney28.80Providence
27.10Femi Aboyie29.10Providence
28.11Paul Bueche29.40Marvin Ridge
29.10Cheng Qiu30.10Providence
30.9Si Gudia30.60Providence
31.9Mac Donner32.30Providence
32.11Andrew Blaeser32.50Providence
33.10Nima Alian33.10Providence
--9Alex GonzalezNTProvidence
--12Napolean BelkNTMyers Park
--12Shaquore HarringtonNTMyers Park
--11Chris GrahamNTMyers Park
--11Jonathon DavenportNTProvidence
--11Shakur HerronNTProvidence
--12T.J BerryNTMarvin Ridge
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Adodo52.70Garinger
2.12Will Cottrell54.30Marvin Ridge
3.9Daniel Kim54.70Providence
4.11Carter Pennington54.90Marvin Ridge
5.10Michael Gacevich55.00Myers Park
6.11David Yang55.10Providence
7.11Zachary Frye55.80Marvin Ridge
8.12Jaray Walker57.20Myers Park
9.12Zach Cochran57.50Marvin Ridge
10.10Jordan Williams58.00Myers Park
11.9Keegan Dwyer58.70Marvin Ridge
12.10Mersaud Naderi58.90Providence
13.11Justin Davie59.00Garinger
14.11Henry Todys59.40Providence
15.11Clarence Hill59.90Garinger
16.9Felix Chamielec1:00.00Providence
17.9Connor Hall1:00.30Providence
17.10Evan Pournaras1:00.30Providence
19.10Milo Pan1:00.70Providence
20.10Nichaun Wray1:01.30Garinger
21.10Radek Pudelko1:03.40Providence
22.9Daniel Paris1:04.30Providence
23.9Alex Gonzalez1:06.00Providence
24.9Si Gudia1:07.30Providence
25.9Sam Kunkleman1:08.80Providence
26.9Zach Wilson1:10.00Providence
27.10Femi Aboyie1:12.80Providence
28.9Mac Donner1:14.10Providence
29.10Nima Alian1:18.20Providence
--10Omari PrescodNTMyers Park
--11Chris GrahamNTMyers Park
--11Grant CookNTMarvin Ridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Wyatt Maxey2:00.20Providence
2.11Kwame Donyinah2:01.30Myers Park
3.11Jack Matkins2:03.90Myers Park
4.12Drew Buckley2:04.30Marvin Ridge
5.12Dakota Poindexter2:11.50Myers Park
6.11Kendon Corbett2:12.70Marvin Ridge
7.11Andrew Kendall2:14.70Providence
8.12Jack Largess2:15.80Myers Park
9.9Daniel Ferguson2:16.50Marvin Ridge
10.10Charlie Laatsch2:17.40Marvin Ridge
11.10Zach Durand2:18.70Marvin Ridge
12.11Jeff Pacholski2:19.30Providence
13.12Elton Glay2:20.20Garinger
14.11Chris Payne2:21.10Myers Park
15.11Jake Hochberg2:24.10Myers Park
16.12Doug Kirkley2:26.60Providence
17.10John Kim2:27.50Myers Park
18.12Will Martin2:28.80Myers Park
19.10Jordan Williams2:31.90Myers Park
20.10Zack Huffstetler2:34.80Myers Park
21.12Aaron Kotay3:05.70Garinger
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Wyatt Maxey4:31.20Providence
2.11Jack Matkins4:33.80Myers Park
3.12Kyle Hofmann4:44.40Myers Park
4.12Dakota Poindexter4:47.90Myers Park
5.10Michael Gacevich4:57.10Myers Park
6.12Tedario Reece5:01.10Garinger
7.11Umang Damani5:01.90Providence
8.12Jack Largess5:06.30Myers Park
9.11Chris Payne5:10.70Myers Park
10.9Jake Blizzard5:11.00Marvin Ridge
11.10Matt Carson5:11.30Marvin Ridge
12.12Will Martin5:15.80Myers Park
13.10Tucker Smith5:16.90Myers Park
14.11Tyler Davis5:22.40Providence
15.11Sam Reeves5:30.20Myers Park
16.11Jake Hochberg5:31.60Myers Park
17.9Trent Besancon5:33.40Myers Park
18.10John Kim5:34.10Myers Park
19.10Zack Huffstetler5:35.70Myers Park
20.12Davin Pride5:39.90Garinger
21.11Spencer Leger5:40.70Providence
22.9Kevin Pickens5:44.10Providence
23.9Patrick Baker5:46.70Providence
24.9Ben Sozio5:51.80Providence
25.9Jack Vincent5:59.70Providence
26.11Arjun Gupta6:08.70Providence
27.10Ketan Gohel6:23.90Providence
28.9Devin McKillop6:41.90Providence
29.9Will Blalock6:45.90Providence
30.9William Kirkley7:07.60Providence
--11Will HendersonNTMyers Park
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joe Sullivan10:39.30Providence
2.12Tedario Reece10:59.80Garinger
3.11Chris Payne11:14.60Myers Park
4.10Mitch Costa11:22.10Providence
5.12Andrew Lyons11:30.60Providence
6.12Will Martin11:40.60Myers Park
7.10Cameron Woodall11:41.00Providence
8.10Brian Callinan11:45.90Marvin Ridge
9.10Zack Huffstetler11:53.20Myers Park
10.9Trent Besancon11:58.00Myers Park
11.11Sam Reeves12:00.20Myers Park
12.10Bharath Rama12:02.20Providence
13.11Jake Hochberg12:34.60Myers Park
--12Davin PrideNTGaringer
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Javadi14.80Providence
2.9Daniel Kim16.40Providence
3.12Nick Thompson17.10Myers Park
4.10Zach Thompson18.30Myers Park
5.12Ronny Franklin18.40Marvin Ridge
6.11Will Larr18.90Marvin Ridge
6.9William Dejesus18.90Providence
8.9Taylor Matheny20.30Marvin Ridge
9.10Jonathan Pavlish21.40Marvin Ridge
10.9Marion Watson21.50Marvin Ridge
11.10Nichaun Wray22.00Garinger
12.9Emrys Calin23.10Myers Park
13.12Jabe Christensen24.80Myers Park
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Thompson42.50Myers Park
2.12Jordan Javadi44.10Providence
3.10Zach Thompson44.60Myers Park
4.9Marion Watson50.70Marvin Ridge
5.11Will Larr51.10Marvin Ridge
6.9William Dejesus53.20Providence
7.10Jonathan Pavlish54.80Marvin Ridge
8.9Emrys Calin56.70Myers Park
9.12Jabe Christensen57.00Myers Park
10.9Joe Kunkleman57.70Providence
11.9Taylor Matheny59.10Marvin Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taurean McNair
Jonathan Marino
Carter Hill
Justin Titgen
44.40Marvin Ridge
2.-Jermiah Rainey
Kwame Donyinah
Napolean Belk
Shaquore Harrington
45.10Myers Park
---Charles Bryant
Zach Castano
Chris Campolieta
Jordan Javadi
---Relay Team DQGaringer
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Spitler
Evan Wright
Kris Watkin
Logan Jackson
1:35.70Marvin Ridge
2.-Relay Team 1:39.00Garinger
3.-Jonathon Davenport
Henry Todys
Will Wagner
Mohamed Kishk
4.-Tyler Graham
Clark Currier
Joe Magraw
Cary Gavin
5.-Zach Cochran
Keegan Dwyer
Zachary Frye
Morgan Meneker
1:42.70Marvin Ridge
6.-Chase Johnson
Tim Mash
Matthew Spann
Milo Pan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Spitler
Will Cottrell
Drew Buckley
Logan Jackson
3:34.80Marvin Ridge
2.-Chris Graham
Jack Matkins
Zach Thompson
Kwame Donyinah
3:38.50Myers Park
3.-Michael Gacevich
Omari Prescod
Nick Thompson
Kyle Hofmann
3:47.20Myers Park
4.-Daniel Kim
Will Wagner
Wyatt Maxey
David Yang
5.-Relay Team 3:54.50Garinger
6.-Kendon Corbett
Zach Durand
Brian Callinan
Matt Carson
3:57.60Marvin Ridge
7.-Joe Magraw
Mersaud Naderi
Callen O'Shea
Evan Pournaras
8.-Clark Currier
Will Buchanan
Tim Mash
Cary Gavin
9.-Zach Cochran
Keegan Dwyer
Zachary Frye
Morgan Meneker
4:03.40Marvin Ridge
10.-Jack Largess
Dakota Poindexter
John Kim
Chris Payne
4:04.00Myers Park
11.-Carter Pennington
Daniel Ferguson
Charlie Laatsch
Jake Blizzard
4:06.60Marvin Ridge
12.-Zack Wilson
Raddick Pudelko
Daniel Paris
Connor Hall
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kendon Corbett
Drew Buckley
Daniel Ferguson
Carter Pennington
8:43.10Marvin Ridge
2.-Dylan Cohen
Umang Damani
Andrew Kendall
Jeff Pacholski
3.-Tyler Davis
Andrew Lyons
Mitch Costa
Doug Kirkley
4.-Zach Durand
Jake Blizzard
Charlie Laatsch
Brian Callinan
9:23.00Marvin Ridge
5.-Relay Team 9:23.10Garinger
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Townsend47-10.50Marvin Ridge
2.10Bentley Spain44-04.00Providence
3.12Jordan Thomas43-09.00Marvin Ridge
4.12Justin Winter42-10.50Myers Park
5.11Jack Knight42-07.00Myers Park
6.12Kemmi Pettway40-07.00Garinger
7.12Trevor Sheets39-11.00Providence
8.12Terrel Ferguson38-07.50Myers Park
9.9Dimitri Gonzales37-05.00Providence
10.11JaQuan Austin37-02.00Myers Park
11.12Gage Johnston36-02.00Marvin Ridge
12.10Andrew Brady35-05.50Marvin Ridge
13.11Archie Gbain34-02.00Garinger
14.12Aaron Kotay33-04.00Garinger
15.11Nima Shahnizadeh32-04.50Providence
16.11Hugh Alexander32-00.50Myers Park
17.10Taylor Smith31-02.00Providence
18.10Danny Choi29-09.50Providence
--9Elijah AlexanderNDMyers Park
--11Erich JegierNDProvidence
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Knight123-11Myers Park
2.9Dimitri Gonzales123-00Providence
3.12Matt Townsend121-07Marvin Ridge
4.10Giovanni Gonzales117-05Providence
5.10Bentley Spain111-02Providence
6.11Erich Jegier107-01Providence
7.12Justin Winter104-08Myers Park
8.12Kemmi Pettway95-09Garinger
9.10Andrew Brady94-01Marvin Ridge
9.11JaQuan Austin94-01Myers Park
11.12Trevor Sheets93-10Providence
12.12Terrel Ferguson82-11Myers Park
13.12Jordan Thomas82-03Marvin Ridge
14.12Gage Johnston77-06Marvin Ridge
15.11Hugh Alexander72-05Myers Park
15.11Archie Gbain72-05Garinger
17.11Nima Shahnizadeh69-06Providence
18.10Taylor Smith69-00Providence
19.12Aaron Kotay61-02Garinger
20.12Airy Blueford56-06Garinger
--10Danny ChoiNDProvidence
--9Elijah AlexanderNDMyers Park
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elijah Edwards6-02.00Garinger
2.12Nathan Spitler6-00.00Marvin Ridge
3.12Chris Campolieta5-08.00Providence
3.12Elton Glay5-08.00Garinger
5.9Callen O'Shea5-06.00Providence
5.9Ronald Campbell5-06.00Marvin Ridge
7.9Christopher Garrick5-04.00Marvin Ridge
7.12Bobby Morris5-04.00Garinger
7.9Joe Kunkleman5-04.00Providence
--11Caleb HarmonNHProvidence
--10Mohamed KishkNHProvidence
--9Sam KunklemanNHProvidence
--10Joe MagrawNHProvidence
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronny Franklin13-00.00Marvin Ridge
2.10Jonathan Spitler10-06.00Marvin Ridge
3.10Michael Murray10-00.00Providence
3.10Pierce Forgione10-00.00Marvin Ridge
5.9Ronald Campbell9-00.00Marvin Ridge
6.11Will White8-00.00Myers Park
6.11Cullen Updyke8-00.00Myers Park
--12Bailey CorbettNHMarvin Ridge
--12Casey CollinsNHMyers Park
--12Dennis DotsonNHMarvin Ridge
--12Airy BluefordNHGaringer
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jon Marino20-05.00Marvin Ridge
2.12Airy Blueford20-02.50Garinger
3.12Chris Campolieta18-09.00Providence
4.12Elijah Edwards18-07.25Garinger
5.10Mohamed Kishk18-02.50Providence
6.11Taylor Capoziello18-00.50Marvin Ridge
7.10Matthew Jegier18-00.00Providence
8.12Tim Mash17-04.00Providence
9.9Dominique Washingon16-10.00Myers Park
10.9David Stickel16-01.25Providence
11.11Caleb Harmon15-03.00Providence
12.11Sam Hearn15-00.00Myers Park
13.9Montreal Rice14-03.00Myers Park
--11Zach CastanoNDProvidence
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carter Hill41-03.50Marvin Ridge
2.10Alex Penner39-04.50Marvin Ridge
3.10Matthew Jegier39-02.50Providence
4.11Taylor Capoziello35-09.50Marvin Ridge
5.9Christopher Garrick34-06.75Marvin Ridge
6.11Charles Bryant32-08.50Providence
--11Will WhiteNDMyers Park
--11Sam HearnNDMyers Park
--12Casey CollinsNDMyers Park

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Dukuly13.20Garinger
2.11Jasmine Vaught13.40Garinger
3.11Oriana Scott13.50Garinger
4.10Kaitlyn Vanderlaan13.70Marvin Ridge
5.9Chinara Ume13.80Providence
5.10Kacie Hicks13.80Marvin Ridge
7.11Maggie Fryling14.00Myers Park
8.10Jamia Blakeney14.10Myers Park
8.12Katherine Day14.10Myers Park
8.9Gabrielle Randle14.10Myers Park
11.9Mayowa Fageyinbo14.20Myers Park
11.9Lyndsey McLain14.20Marvin Ridge
11.-Kelse Jones14.20Garinger
14.10Caroline McKinley14.30Myers Park
15.9Arianna Pexos14.50Providence
16.10Kyanna Ebanks14.60Providence
16.10Bria Guitano14.60Providence
18.9Amber Forrester14.80Providence
19.10Madison Samuels14.90Providence
19.10Indira Steward14.90Myers Park
19.9Alexa Vitale14.90Providence
22.9Devyn Dayton15.00Marvin Ridge
22.9Hannah Ogle15.00Providence
24.9Margaret Rhoads15.10Providence
24.9Taylor Finke15.10Providence
26.9Sarah Hughes15.30Providence
27.11Julia Kim15.80Providence
28.10Elise Nance16.10Providence
29.10Tabbi Fink16.20Providence
30.9Courtney Gerenza16.40Providence
31.9Mia Matthews16.80Providence
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jonah Edwards26.50Myers Park
2.12Taylor Berry27.00Marvin Ridge
3.12Arden Mattachini27.20Providence
3.10Jada Wallace27.20Garinger
5.10Delaney Dunkley27.60Marvin Ridge
6.12Taylor Dove28.00Marvin Ridge
7.10Kathleen Maher28.20Marvin Ridge
8.10Jamia Blakeney28.80Myers Park
9.11Jasmine Vaught28.90Garinger
10.11Oriana Scott29.10Garinger
10.9Lyndsey McLain29.10Marvin Ridge
12.9Mayowa Fageyinbo29.20Myers Park
13.12Katherine Day29.30Myers Park
14.9Gabrielle Randle29.60Myers Park
15.9Kyra McClaren30.40Providence
16.9Hannah Ogle30.70Providence
17.9Taylor Finke30.80Providence
17.11Claire Browder30.80Myers Park
19.9Alexa Vitale30.90Providence
20.9Amber Forrester31.00Providence
20.12Clare Hogan31.00Providence
22.10Madison Samuels31.40Providence
23.9Sarah Hughes31.60Providence
24.10Catie Ball31.70Myers Park
24.9Devyn Dayton31.70Marvin Ridge
26.9Courtney Gerenza31.80Providence
27.11Karla Jagodinski31.90Providence
28.9Mia Matthews32.00Providence
29.9Margaret Rhoads32.10Providence
29.10Indira Steward32.10Myers Park
31.11Julia Kim32.80Providence
32.10Tabbi Fink33.70Providence
33.10Elise Nance35.40Providence
--9Rachel DeMayNTMyers Park
--9Ahsha BowensNTMyers Park
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Gelbach59.40Myers Park
2.11Maggie Fryling1:02.70Myers Park
3.10Caroline McKinley1:04.30Myers Park
4.10Rachel Dudley1:06.30Marvin Ridge
5.12Brittany Fritz1:07.10Marvin Ridge
6.10Marni Silver1:08.60Providence
7.10Natalie Schmidt1:09.40Myers Park
8.12Clare Hogan1:09.80Providence
9.12Megan Edwards1:10.60Providence
10.10Catie Ball1:11.00Myers Park
11.12Meaghan Cooney1:12.30Providence
12.12Antionque Alexander1:17.00Garinger
13.-Kelse Jones1:18.30Garinger
--9Ahsha BowensNTMyers Park
--9Rachel DeMayNTMyers Park
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gina Daniel2:25.90Providence
2.10Alden Kessenich2:32.40Marvin Ridge
3.11Sonia Payerpaj2:33.20Myers Park
4.12Nicole Pappalardo2:37.40Marvin Ridge
5.12Dana Larsen2:39.30Myers Park
6.10Abby Watkins2:40.70Myers Park
7.12Morgan Durand2:41.70Marvin Ridge
8.9Lauren Adamson2:42.60Providence
9.10Ashley Moe2:43.00Marvin Ridge
10.12Morgan Heidt2:43.60Providence
11.11Hannah Henderson2:43.80Myers Park
12.12Kasey Spence2:44.40Myers Park
13.9Mary Prouty2:44.80Myers Park
14.9Annika Wurm2:49.90Providence
--10Haley FelsbergNTProvidence
--11Ailish DwyerNTMarvin Ridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bianca Bishop5:21.20Providence
2.11Sonia Payerpaj5:25.90Myers Park
3.12Julia Hoover5:26.60Myers Park
4.12Caitlyn Colo5:36.90Marvin Ridge
5.12Dana Larsen5:40.00Myers Park
6.9Mary Prouty5:45.00Myers Park
7.11Hannah Henderson5:46.00Myers Park
8.10Meg Greene5:46.30Myers Park
9.12Miranda Curlee5:46.60Providence
10.10Abby Watkins5:50.50Myers Park
11.10Madeline Frank5:52.90Myers Park
12.12Kasey Spence5:59.40Myers Park
13.9Olga Shokurova6:00.60Myers Park
14.12Morgan Heidt6:03.30Providence
15.10Rebekah Lunan6:04.10Providence
16.11Taylor Reardon6:05.40Marvin Ridge
17.9Ruby Lauman6:10.10Marvin Ridge
18.9Bridgette Hickey6:24.30Providence
19.10Stirling Sullivan6:29.30Providence
20.9Annika Wurm6:38.40Providence
21.10Sarah Skibinski6:39.30Providence
22.9Kathryn McDowell6:40.80Providence
23.12Emma Hanmer6:41.80Providence
24.10Haley Felsberg6:42.10Providence
24.9Katherine Krajewski6:42.10Providence
--9Helen GriffithNTProvidence
--12Hannah BridgesNTMyers Park
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julia Hoover12:19.20Myers Park
2.10Madeline Frank12:32.10Myers Park
3.9Olga Shokurova12:42.60Myers Park
4.10Meghan Glova13:17.40Providence
5.10Rebekah Lunan13:29.10Providence
6.10Stirling Sullivan13:46.80Providence
7.9Rahel Griffith14:09.80Providence
8.12Emma Hanmer15:10.50Providence
9.10Sarah Skibinski15:38.40Providence
10.9Katherine Krajewski15:41.80Providence
11.9Kathryn McDowell15:42.90Providence
--9Bianca BishopNTProvidence
--9Helen GriffithNTProvidence
--9Mary ProutyNTMyers Park
--12Hannah BridgesNTMyers Park
--12Miranda CurleeNTProvidence
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shannon Roche18.40Marvin Ridge
2.11Hannah Walters18.70Myers Park
2.10Belva Barringer18.70Myers Park
4.10Emily Lucero18.80Providence
5.10Olivia Weikmann19.30Providence
5.-Princess Kamara19.30Garinger
7.10Heather Thomas19.40Marvin Ridge
7.11Lauren Etheridge19.40Myers Park
9.11Morgan Walliser19.50Marvin Ridge
9.9Megan Walters19.50Myers Park
11.10Kara King19.60Marvin Ridge
12.9Diane Martin21.60Myers Park
13.10Elyse Bodenheimer22.20Providence
--10Kristen BobengNTMarvin Ridge
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Etheridge50.00Myers Park
2.10Heather Thomas52.60Marvin Ridge
3.10Emily Lucero53.00Providence
4.10Olivia Weikmann54.30Providence
5.9Megan Walters54.80Myers Park
6.11Hannah Walters55.10Myers Park
7.10Belva Barringer55.80Myers Park
8.11Morgan Walliser57.20Marvin Ridge
9.9Diane Martin57.40Myers Park
10.10Kara King1:00.50Marvin Ridge
11.11Shannon Roche1:01.40Marvin Ridge
12.-Princess Kamara1:03.40Garinger
13.10Elyse Bodenheimer1:07.40Providence
--10Kristen BobengNTMarvin Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.70Garinger
2.-Lyndsey McLain
Kaitlyn Vanderlaan
Kacie Hicks
Taylor Dove
53.30Marvin Ridge
3.-Lorreen Agandi
Chinara Ume
Alexa Roseman
Arianna Pexos
4.-Shannon Roche
Morgan Walliser
Kara King
Heather Thomas
56.90Marvin Ridge
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Dove
Kathleen Maher
Delaney Dunkley
Taylor Berry
1:48.40Marvin Ridge
2.-Lauren Etheridge
Katherine Day
Anna Gelbach
Jonah Edwards
1:48.80Myers Park
3.-Relay Team 1:52.80Garinger
4.-Lorreen Agandi
Alexa Roseman
Lauren Adamson
Arianna Pexos
5.-Bria Guitano
Meaghan Cooney
Hannah Ogle
Lauren Alexander
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kacie Hicks
Kathleen Maher
Taylor Berry
Delaney Dunkley
4:13.40Marvin Ridge
2.-Natalie Schmidt
Caroline McKinley
Maggie Fryling
Anna Gelbach
4:15.70Myers Park
3.-Lorreen Agandi
Arden Mattachini
Lauren Adamson
Gina Daniel
4.-Caitlyn Colo
Rachel Dudley
Morgan Durand
Ailish Dwyer
4:35.50Marvin Ridge
5.-Haylee Vieregg
Spencer Scott
Elena Dai
Carly Levi
4:38.70Myers Park
6.-Brittany Fritz
Alden Kessenich
Nicole Pappalardo
Taylor Reardon
4:40.30Marvin Ridge
7.-Relay Team 4:58.40Myers Park
8.-Relay Team 5:00.40Garinger
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gina Daniel
Bianca Bishop
Miranda Curlee
Arden Mattachini
2.-Alden Kessenich
Rachel Dudley
Caitlyn Colo
Ruby Lauman
10:25.10Marvin Ridge
3.-Nicole Pappalardo
Brittany Fritz
Ailish Dwyer
Taylor Reardon
10:35.90Marvin Ridge
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Adams31-07.00Providence
2.10Bryanna Hames30-09.50Myers Park
3.11Lena Hicks27-11.50Providence
4.12Bria Soto26-09.00Marvin Ridge
5.12Danielle Baker24-10.50Myers Park
6.12Emma Leggio22-04.00Myers Park
7.10Lane Vaughn22-03.00Myers Park
8.10Lauren Morrow21-04.50Marvin Ridge
9.12Brittany Cureton21-02.00Marvin Ridge
10.11Jermica Lloyd19-07.00Marvin Ridge
11.12Acacra White19-00.50Garinger
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryanna Hames88-02Myers Park
2.12Emma Leggio77-00Myers Park
3.9Emily Adams75-04Providence
4.12Megan Edwards74-10Providence
5.12Brittany Cureton66-10Marvin Ridge
6.11Lena Hicks65-07Providence
7.12Danielle Baker60-04Myers Park
8.12Acacra White58-10Garinger
9.10Lauren Morrow56-09Marvin Ridge
10.10Lane Vaughn54-02Myers Park
11.11Jermica Lloyd48-04Marvin Ridge
--9Sarah SchrenkerNDProvidence
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Lucero5-00.00Providence
1.11Claire Browder5-00.00Myers Park
3.9Megan Walters4-10.00Myers Park
4.12Megan Edwards4-08.00Providence
5.9Emily Adams4-06.00Providence
5.10Meghan Glova4-06.00Providence
7.10Spencer Scott4-04.00Myers Park
7.10Courtney Johnson4-04.00Marvin Ridge
7.12Alexa Roseman4-04.00Providence
10.11Haylee Vieregg4-02.00Myers Park
11.9Sabrina Sing4-00.00Providence
--9Elena DaiNHMyers Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Fell11-00.00Marvin Ridge
2.11Hannah Walters10-06.00Myers Park
3.11Hannah Frederick10-00.00Marvin Ridge
--10Maddy DotsonNHMarvin Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bria Soto14-09.50Marvin Ridge
2.12Alexa Roseman14-02.00Providence
3.11Claire Browder14-01.50Myers Park
3.10Kaitlyn Vanderlaan14-01.50Marvin Ridge
5.10Jamia Blakeney13-09.00Myers Park
6.9Carly Levi13-05.50Myers Park
7.10Kyanna Ebanks13-03.00Providence
8.10Lindy Schoenborn13-00.00Marvin Ridge
9.9Chinara Ume11-08.00Providence
10.9Sarah Schrenker11-07.00Providence
11.9Kimberly Zhang11-06.50Providence
12.9Lauren Alexander11-05.00Providence
13.9Sabrina Sing11-03.50Providence
--9Kyra McClarenNDProvidence
--9Ahsha BowensNDMyers Park
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bria Soto31-03.00Marvin Ridge
2.11Lauren Etheridge30-03.00Myers Park
3.11Claire Browder30-00.50Myers Park
4.10Courtney Johnson29-02.75Marvin Ridge
5.9Kyra McClaren28-09.50Providence
6.10Lindy Schoenborn28-07.75Marvin Ridge
7.9Lauren Alexander27-07.00Providence
8.10Spencer Scott27-06.00Myers Park
9.11Karla Jagodinski27-04.25Providence
10.9Kimberly Zhang24-05.75Providence
--9Sarah SchrenkerNDProvidence
--9Courtney GerenzaNDProvidence
--9Sarah HughesNDProvidence
--9Elena DaiNDMyers Park
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