Tri-County @ Duniway (Cascade, Patton, LaCreole)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012
  McMinnville HS, McMinnville - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:15 PM
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Oregon - Mid Valley Central Coast
casCascade (Turner)
Oregon - Pacific
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Brandon Shippey12.97Patton
2.8Alex Hofferber13.01LaCreole
3.8Miguel Franco13.12Cascade (Turner)
4.8Isaac Short13.15LaCreole
5.8Darren Kuenzi13.57Cascade (Turner)
6.8Austin Schmotzer14.07Cascade (Turner)
7.6Gavin Bettelyoun14.13Cascade (Turner)
8.8Conner Riesterer14.28Cascade (Turner)
9.8Brandon Dade14.48LaCreole
10.8Marco Rocha-Ibarra14.50Cascade (Turner)
11.8Andrew Serna14.52Patton
12.8Jonah Crown14.64Patton
13.8Joe Gillette14.75LaCreole
14.8Timoteo Espinoza14.77Patton
15.8RJ Olson14.99Patton
16.8Gregory Sanchez15.20Patton
17.8Blake Ingram15.70Patton
18.8Jorge Quintero15.90Duniway
19.8Curtis Kailey16.33Cascade (Turner)
20.8Ethan Morris16.45Patton
21.8Gage Twiggs17.11Cascade (Turner)
22.8Greg Desmond17.82Duniway
23.8Joseph Maben19.25Cascade (Turner)
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Cade Caudill12.82LaCreole
2.7Morgan Rasar12.89Duniway
3.7Harrison Broadus13.03LaCreole
4.7Jesus Rodriguez13.12Duniway
5.7Brad Hessel13.14Duniway
6.7Brock Petersen13.68Duniway
7.7Tyler Sitton13.85Patton
8.7Shane Schnepp14.07Cascade (Turner)
9.7Tristan Hopkins14.25Duniway
10.7Jake Fowler14.52Patton
10.7Jacob Grout14.52Duniway
12.7Max Morton14.65Duniway
13.7Jacob Deming14.71LaCreole
14.7Cody Weston15.01LaCreole
15.7Caedmon Blair15.02LaCreole
15.7Jackson Eggers15.02Patton
17.7Cody Webb15.08LaCreole
18.7Cole Milstead15.11Cascade (Turner)
19.7Dominic Federico15.26Cascade (Turner)
20.7Mason Wennerstrom15.32Duniway
21.7Gabe Darland15.34LaCreole
21.7Joshua Hobson15.34LaCreole
23.7Diego Reyes15.56Cascade (Turner)
24.7R.J. Young15.60Duniway
25.7Ryan Brooks15.78Patton
26.7Corey Uphoff15.80Cascade (Turner)
27.7Caden Patten16.16Patton
28.7Kyle Hess16.26Duniway
29.7Geoffrey Bishop16.28Patton
30.7Sean Michael Riesterer16.56Cascade (Turner)
31.7Cooper Bousquet16.96Duniway
32.7Logan Franklin16.99Duniway
33.7Meyer Reed17.49LaCreole
34.7Will Schnepp17.51Patton
35.7Cristian Duran17.63Patton
36.7Elliott Horton18.03Patton
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Odin Thorson13.34Patton
2.6James Vanelverdinge14.26LaCreole
3.6Karl Wolff14.56Duniway
4.6Jakob Wright14.65Duniway
5.6Evan Courtney14.83LaCreole
6.6Nicholas Denley14.90Patton
7.-A Behling15.18LaCreole
8.6Cooper Butler15.22LaCreole
9.6Jelani Anderson15.78Patton
10.6Julian LaRocca15.82Duniway
11.6Noah Sickles15.92LaCreole
12.6James Beals16.08Duniway
13.6Gavin Bettelyoun16.50Cascade (Turner)
14.6Bryant Kemper16.58Patton
15.6Colton Hiebert17.10LaCreole
16.6Daniel Gagner17.41LaCreole
17.6Marcos Reyes17.84Cascade (Turner)
18.6Hyrum Johnson18.33LaCreole
19.6Michael Henry18.98Duniway
20.6Gabe Romero19.19Duniway
21.6Grady Gagner19.48LaCreole
22.6Nathaniel Johnson19.57Patton
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Isaac Short27.45LaCreole
2.8Maxwell Farrell30.40Cascade (Turner)
3.8Brandon Dade30.71LaCreole
4.8Joe Gillette30.75LaCreole
5.8Austin Schmotzer31.13Cascade (Turner)
6.8Ivan Isordia32.89Patton
7.8Gregory Sanchez33.38Patton
8.8Jorge Quintero34.45Duniway
9.8Gage Twiggs35.53Cascade (Turner)
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Rasar28.45Duniway
2.7Johathan Holley29.76Cascade (Turner)
3.7Cody Webb29.97LaCreole
4.7Jake Fowler30.30Patton
5.7Skyler Schuck30.39Patton
6.7Ivan Nunez30.50LaCreole
7.7Brock Petersen30.71Duniway
8.7Cody Weston31.33LaCreole
9.7Rio Solano31.47Cascade (Turner)
10.7Jacob Grout31.78Duniway
11.7Grant Hess32.00LaCreole
12.7Gabe Darland32.32LaCreole
13.7Will Early32.51Duniway
14.7Diego Reyes33.21Cascade (Turner)
15.7Caden Phelps33.45Cascade (Turner)
16.7Joshua Hobson33.84LaCreole
17.7Caedmon Blair33.97LaCreole
18.7Caden Patten34.14Patton
19.7Kyle Hess34.15Duniway
20.7Sean Michael Riesterer36.17Cascade (Turner)
21.7Meyer Reed37.84LaCreole
22.7Gregory Adelman38.40Cascade (Turner)
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-A Behling31.56LaCreole
2.6Nicholas Denley31.97Patton
3.6Kevin Chang34.34Patton
4.6Colton Hiebert35.71LaCreole
5.6Diego Chavez36.62Patton
6.6Julian LaRocca36.97Duniway
7.6Michael Henry38.62Duniway
8.6Bryant Kemper39.23Patton
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alex Hofferber1:01.13LaCreole
2.8Julian Lane1:01.86LaCreole
3.8Austin Martin1:03.89Cascade (Turner)
4.8Mitchell Laizure1:04.50LaCreole
5.8Andrew Olson1:06.69Patton
6.8Irvin Figueroa1:08.52Patton
7.8Zanden Unger1:09.71LaCreole
8.8Dillon Chastain1:12.08Patton
9.8Ivan Isordia1:15.65Patton
10.8Curtis Kailey1:16.77Cascade (Turner)
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Aaron White1:02.26LaCreole
2.7Johathan Holley1:11.32Cascade (Turner)
3.7Jacob Grout1:11.46Duniway
4.7Will Early1:12.57Duniway
5.7Miles Skeen1:17.47Duniway
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Cameron Autencio1:10.90Duniway
2.6Cooper Rich1:13.53Patton
3.6James Vanelverdinge1:23.01LaCreole
4.6Reece Parr1:25.31Patton
5.6Diego Chavez1:25.58Patton
6.6Bryant Kemper1:35.39Patton
7.6Win Sletten1:39.23LaCreole
8.6Bryce Jordan1:50.25LaCreole
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Devon Wilson2:23.29Duniway
2.8TJ Cross2:38.13LaCreole
3.8Jason Kiff2:46.62Patton
4.8Maxwell Farrell2:50.23Cascade (Turner)
5.8Timoteo Espinoza2:52.63Patton
6.8Jessie Stuhr2:54.07LaCreole
7.8Brandon Dade2:54.98LaCreole
8.8Manuel Reyes2:57.30Cascade (Turner)
9.8Noel Maselli2:58.87Patton
10.8Cole Oace3:06.86LaCreole
11.8Traig Schilling3:15.37LaCreole
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kevin McKeegan2:39.84Duniway
2.7Tyler Sitton2:41.29Patton
3.7Jackson Eggers3:00.50Patton
4.7Miles Skeen3:01.97Duniway
5.7Sean Michael Riesterer3:40.75Cascade (Turner)
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Christian Frech2:44.24Patton
2.6Cameron Autencio2:49.73Duniway
3.6Cooper Rich2:49.99Patton
4.6Nicholas Nelson3:00.45LaCreole
5.6Rickie Edwards3:04.06Cascade (Turner)
6.6Quinn Legner3:13.66Cascade (Turner)
7.6Jonathan Richardson3:28.25LaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Devon Wilson4:53.54Duniway
2.8Jason Kiff5:21.63Patton
3.8Irvin Figueroa5:22.77Patton
4.8Simon Sharipoff5:36.60Cascade (Turner)
5.8Austin Martin5:37.48Cascade (Turner)
6.8Jessie Stuhr5:38.36LaCreole
7.8Scott Whitfield5:51.05Cascade (Turner)
8.8Taylor Gray6:04.24Cascade (Turner)
9.8Stephen Woods6:09.91Cascade (Turner)
10.8Traig Schilling6:32.97LaCreole
11.8Ethan Morris6:37.37Patton
12.8Austin Schaeffer6:47.63Cascade (Turner)
13.8JD Remy7:21.00Cascade (Turner)
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ivan Nunez5:29.15LaCreole
2.7Kevin McKeegan5:30.06Duniway
3.7Miles Skeen5:45.79Duniway
4.7Rio Solano6:42.75Cascade (Turner)
5.7Gregory Adelman7:02.59Cascade (Turner)
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Christian Frech5:34.02Patton
2.6Nicholas Nelson5:57.65LaCreole
3.6Reece Parr6:20.13Patton
4.6Ryan Bibler7:05.30LaCreole
5.6Kevin Fitzgerald7:08.94LaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Max Hayes16.38Duniway
2.8Julian Lane18.13LaCreole
3.8Maxwell Farrell19.33Cascade (Turner)
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Brad Hessel17.33Duniway
2.7Jacob Deming18.38LaCreole
3.7Mason Waddington18.90Patton
4.7Skyler Schuck19.09Patton
5.7Jacob Collins19.61LaCreole
6.7Grant Hess20.09LaCreole
7.7Cody Weston20.59LaCreole
8.7Caden Phelps21.13Cascade (Turner)
9.7Will Schnepp22.27Patton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Odin Thorson19.91Patton
2.6Jonathon Price22.20Patton
3.6Jelani Anderson22.25Patton
4.6James Beals22.59Duniway
5.6Jonathan Richardson23.34LaCreole
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-TJ Cross
Julian Lane
Alex Hofferber
Isaac Short
2.-Stevie Morales
Brandon Shippey
Dillon Chastain
Timoteo Espinoza
3.-Ivan Isordia
Andrew Serna
Gregory Sanchez
Jonah Crown
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Morgan Rasar
Jesus Rodriguez
Alex Lynch
Brad Hessel
2.-Grant Hess
Harrison Broadus
Cade Caudill
Aaron White
3.-Junior Bautista
Mason Waddington
Skyler Schuck
Tyler Sitton
4.-Kyle Hess
Brock Petersen
Jacob Grout
Mason Wennerstrom
5.-Jacob Deming
Jacob Collins
Jonathan Shaw
Duncan Stebbins
6.-Ryan Brooks
Daniel Drawson
Carson Brickell
Jake Fowler
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Jakob Wright
Ray Jacob
Cameron Autencio
Karl Wolff
2.-Christian Frech
Nicholas Denley
Odin Thorson
Cooper Rich
-Cooper Butler
Evan Courtney
Noah Sickles
James Vanelverdinge
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Brandon Shippey
Stevie Morales
Jason Kiff
Andrew Olson
2.-Zanden Unger
Mitchell Laizure
Jessie Stuhr
Alex Hofferber
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Jesus Rodriguez
Brad Hessel
Alex Lynch
Kevin McKeegan
2.-Jacob Collins
Aaron White
Ivan Nunez
Cade Caudill
3.-Carson Brickell
Mason Waddington
Junior Bautista
Tyler Sitton
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Ray Jacob
Jakob Wright
Cameron Autencio
Karl Wolff
2.-Christian Frech
Nicholas Denley
Odin Thorson
Cooper Rich
3.-Relay Team 6:10.17LaCreole
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Malachi Gonzalez36-04.00Cascade (Turner)
2.8Brett Rowden35-08.25LaCreole
3.8Drake Von27-08.75Duniway
4.8Marco Rocha-Ibarra26-08.00Cascade (Turner)
5.8JD Remy25-03.75Cascade (Turner)
6.8Kordell Kosoff23-09.25LaCreole
7.8Ethan Morris21-09.00Patton
8.8Christopher Maher21-04.00LaCreole
9.8Joshua Biery20-09.00LaCreole
10.8Ethan Lawton19-09.50Cascade (Turner)
11.8Blake Ingram16-07.00Patton
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jeff Himmelspach34-07.00Cascade (Turner)
2.7Geoffrey Bishop29-04.00Patton
3.7Dylan Ingham29-03.25Duniway
4.7Dominic Federico25-11.50Cascade (Turner)
5.7Junior Bautista24-01.50Patton
6.7Max Morton23-04.75Duniway
7.7Ethan Johnson22-10.25LaCreole
8.7Rio Solano22-07.00Cascade (Turner)
9.7R.J. Young22-04.50Duniway
10.7Adam Bell20-04.25Cascade (Turner)
11.7Joshua Osiena-Sola20-02.00Cascade (Turner)
12.7Cooper Bousquet19-11.75Duniway
13.7Mac Whitaker18-11.50Duniway
14.7Will Schnepp18-05.50Patton
15.7Keesen Grip18-04.00Cascade (Turner)
16.7Elliott Horton17-05.50Patton
17.7Cristian Duran11-07.50Patton
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ray Jacob24-00.50Duniway
2.6Carson Unger17-03.25LaCreole
3.6Simon Major12-02.75Cascade (Turner)
4.6Jacob McBeth11-07.50Cascade (Turner)
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Korden Roberts98-00LaCreole
2.8Malachi Gonzalez85-02Cascade (Turner)
3.8Austin Schaeffer79-01Cascade (Turner)
4.8Drake Von75-09Duniway
5.8Marco Rocha-Ibarra65-01Cascade (Turner)
6.8Brett Rowden64-10LaCreole
7.8Scott Whitfield63-05Cascade (Turner)
8.8Kordell Kosoff62-04LaCreole
9.8JD Remy58-06Cascade (Turner)
10.8Joshua Biery55-01LaCreole
11.8Stephen Woods50-03Cascade (Turner)
12.8Anthony Sola40-11Cascade (Turner)
13.8Christopher Maher40-06LaCreole
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Zachary Powell76-05Cascade (Turner)
2.7Geoffrey Bishop69-04Patton
3.7Dominic Federico61-06Cascade (Turner)
4.7Dylan Ingham61-02Duniway
5.7Max Morton60-03Duniway
6.7R.J. Young60-03Duniway
7.7Johathan Holley55-03Cascade (Turner)
8.7Joshua Osiena-Sola54-05Cascade (Turner)
9.7Ethan Johnson49-07LaCreole
9.7Mac Whitaker49-07Duniway
11.7Rio Solano49-06Cascade (Turner)
12.7Adam Bell39-02Cascade (Turner)
13.7Caden Patten39-01Patton
14.7Cooper Bousquet38-11Duniway
15.7Will Schnepp36-01Patton
16.7Elliott Horton35-09Patton
7Jacob ClugstonNDCascade (Turner)
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Carson Unger44-03LaCreole
2.6Nathaniel Johnson39-02Patton
3.6Robert Dunlap36-10Patton
4.6Bryant Kemper34-05Patton
5.6Gabe Romero34-03Duniway
6.6Bryce Jordan30-09LaCreole
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Korden Roberts4-10.00LaCreole
2.8Max Hayes4-04.00Duniway
3.8Noel Maselli4-04.00Patton
4.8Timoteo Espinoza4-04.00Patton
5.8Jonah Loggan4-02.00Cascade (Turner)
6.8TJ Cross4-02.00LaCreole
7.8RJ Olson4-02.00Patton
8Ivan IsordiaNHPatton
8Austin SchaefferNHCascade (Turner)
8Cameron GumpingerNHLaCreole
8Scott WhitfieldNHCascade (Turner)
8Stephen WoodsNHCascade (Turner)
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Alex Lynch4-08.00Duniway
2.7Brandon Martin4-02.00Cascade (Turner)
2.7Harrison Broadus4-02.00LaCreole
4.7Jackson Eggers4-02.00Patton
5.7Grant Hess4-00.00LaCreole
6.7Skyler Schuck4-00.00Patton
7.7Cody Weston3-10.00LaCreole
7Kyle HessNHDuniway
7Cade CaudillNHLaCreole
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Cooper Butler3-08.00LaCreole
2.6Jonathon Price3-06.00Patton
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Isaac Short15-07.00LaCreole
2.8Max Hayes15-05.00Duniway
3.8Miguel Franco13-09.00Cascade (Turner)
4.8Andrew Olson13-08.00Patton
5.8Christopher Hernandez12-08.50Cascade (Turner)
6.8Conner Riesterer12-05.50Cascade (Turner)
7.8Joe Gillette11-11.75LaCreole
8.8Stephen Woods11-07.25Cascade (Turner)
9.8Cole Oace11-04.75LaCreole
10.8Stevie Morales11-04.00Patton
11.8Scott Whitfield10-09.75Cascade (Turner)
12.8Simon Sharipoff10-06.00Cascade (Turner)
8Brandon ShippeyNDPatton
8Austin SchaefferNDCascade (Turner)
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jesus Rodriguez15-08.25Duniway
2.7Aaron White14-08.00LaCreole
3.7Morgan Rasar13-08.50Duniway
4.7Alex Lynch13-04.50Duniway
5.7Mason Waddington13-02.00Patton
6.7Jacob Collins11-11.00LaCreole
7.7Mason Wennerstrom11-09.25Duniway
8.7Jonathan Shaw11-08.50LaCreole
9.7Caden Phelps11-04.50Cascade (Turner)
10.7Corey Uphoff11-03.00Cascade (Turner)
11.7Cole Milstead10-09.50Cascade (Turner)
12.7Carson Brickell10-08.00Patton
13.7Logan Franklin9-03.50Duniway
14.7Daniel Drawson8-11.50Patton
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ray Jacob13-05.00Duniway
2.6Evan Courtney13-01.25LaCreole
3.6Kevin Chang10-02.25Patton
4.6Noah Sickles9-11.00LaCreole
5.6Jonathon Price9-02.50Patton
6.6Diego Chavez8-09.50Patton

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kendal Obrist14.02Duniway
2.8Elizabeth Logsdon14.20Patton
3.8Taylor Staniford14.45LaCreole
4.8Ashley Willcox14.62LaCreole
5.8Naomi Howe14.94LaCreole
6.8Kaeley Cosgrove15.01Duniway
7.8Sydney Downey15.05Cascade (Turner)
8.8Hannah Abbott15.14Duniway
9.8Courtney Heggstrom15.25LaCreole
10.8Calista Orvin15.28Patton
11.8Alexis Hall15.31Cascade (Turner)
12.8Jennie Bohna15.40Duniway
13.8Zaira McKay15.45Duniway
14.8Lisa Botello15.52Duniway
15.8Allison Collier15.57Cascade (Turner)
16.8Stefanie Yates15.71Patton
17.8Faber Lynagh15.73Patton
18.8Mckinzie Leatherman15.78Cascade (Turner)
19.8Jennifer Mendez-Ruiz16.07Cascade (Turner)
20.8Walker Guinnee16.19Duniway
21.8Maria Franco-Ramo16.24Cascade (Turner)
22.8Veronica Ferris16.40LaCreole
23.8Destiny Mendez16.45Duniway
24.8Jenna Christensen16.46Cascade (Turner)
25.8Cooper Kneeland16.53Patton
26.8Cari Hansen16.71LaCreole
27.8Paloma Badillo16.93LaCreole
28.8Camille Buller17.06Patton
29.8Meghan McClain17.20Patton
30.8Breana Gripp17.27Cascade (Turner)
31.8Erica Wood17.28Duniway
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Alexia Valdez14.29Patton
2.7Sarah Zwicker14.47LaCreole
3.7Hailey Whisman14.68Cascade (Turner)
4.7Hannah Hayes14.98Patton
4.7Olivia Dalke14.98LaCreole
6.7Sienna East15.09Patton
7.7Jenifer Webb15.21LaCreole
8.7Ellie Thomas15.26Duniway
9.7Sofie Davis15.27LaCreole
10.7Payton Rue15.34Duniway
11.7Jaypu Gibb15.45Duniway
12.7Morgan Petrak15.53Cascade (Turner)
13.7Aisha Thing15.56LaCreole
13.7Grace Lee15.56Duniway
15.7Nichole Teasdale15.68Duniway
16.7Aubree Milks15.88Patton
17.7Emily DeYoung15.93Patton
18.7Sophia Jague-Seidl16.00Duniway
19.7Summer Preston16.04Patton
20.7Bailey Sanchez16.07Patton
21.7Molly Peffley16.15LaCreole
22.7Sydney Arreola16.27Duniway
23.7Jordan Burgess16.47Patton
24.7Kayla Weeks16.49Duniway
25.7SARIAH LAL16.87LaCreole
26.7Makenzie Hillyer17.03LaCreole
27.7Allison Ravia17.22Duniway
28.7Jessica Fisher17.46LaCreole
29.7Annika McMillan17.83Patton
30.7Aja Bedwell18.12Cascade (Turner)
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kalulu NGaida14.39Cascade (Turner)
2.6Kaylee Frields14.47Cascade (Turner)
3.6Emily May14.76LaCreole
4.6Amber Beattie14.90LaCreole
5.6Andrea Otter14.97Patton
6.6Kayla Heuberger15.14Duniway
7.6Amiah Whitzel15.19LaCreole
8.6Alli Robertson15.41Patton
9.6Sophia Short15.64LaCreole
10.6Tori Lewis15.69Cascade (Turner)
11.6Jayda White15.74Duniway
12.6Zoe Lairson15.76LaCreole
13.6Charity Belt16.08Patton
14.6Gracie Moseman16.23LaCreole
15.6Anicia Reutov16.25Cascade (Turner)
16.6Mia Gonzales16.37Patton
17.6Callie Reisterer16.62Cascade (Turner)
18.6Erika Barnes16.77Patton
19.6Anika Heidt16.80Duniway
20.6Addie Gillette16.91LaCreole
21.6Rosemarie Medina17.10Patton
22.6Nisha Khatewoda17.18Duniway
23.6Alexis Niece17.26Cascade (Turner)
24.6Hope Riesterer17.40Cascade (Turner)
24.6Mariah Killion17.40Cascade (Turner)
26.6Jewelianna Combs17.76Cascade (Turner)
27.6Alexis Eby17.81Patton
28.6Cassandra Wheeler18.50Cascade (Turner)
29.6Madison Houser18.70Patton
30.6Tianna Coker19.01LaCreole
31.6Elizabeth Johnson19.07LaCreole
32.6Jessie Bevan19.14Duniway
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tabatha Lairson29.90LaCreole
2.8Naomi Howe31.45LaCreole
3.8Akayshia Baty31.60LaCreole
4.8Raena Gonzales31.97Patton
5.8Micaela Bowman33.13LaCreole
6.8Sydney Downey33.22Cascade (Turner)
7.8Lisa Botello33.26Duniway
8.8Stefanie Yates33.83Patton
9.8Jennie Bohna34.02Duniway
10.8Emma Poston34.06LaCreole
11.8Kirsten Kepler35.01Duniway
12.8Katelyn Renshaw35.28Duniway
13.8Veronica Ferris35.43LaCreole
14.8Mckinzie Leatherman35.90Cascade (Turner)
15.8Erica Wood36.47Duniway
16.8Destiny Mendez37.31Duniway
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sarah Zwicker29.65LaCreole
2.7Hannah Hayes30.70Patton
3.7Sienna East31.26Patton
4.7Ally Legard31.90Duniway
5.7Olivia Conner32.76LaCreole
6.7Sofie Davis32.89LaCreole
7.7Selena Lavoie32.99LaCreole
8.7Miyah Williams-richardson33.06LaCreole
9.7Meriah Kindell34.11Cascade (Turner)
10.7Jaypu Gibb34.38Duniway
11.7Molly Peffley34.46LaCreole
12.7Hailey Whisman34.52Cascade (Turner)
13.7Aisha Thing34.76LaCreole
14.7Nichole Teasdale34.89Duniway
15.7Malissa Kanczula35.39LaCreole
16.7Allison Ravia35.75Duniway
17.7Kayla Weeks35.85Duniway
18.7Madelynn Knutson36.51Cascade (Turner)
19.7Samantha Lim37.27Patton
20.7Alyssa Neufeld37.60LaCreole
21.7Jenna Smith40.15Patton
22.7Kathleen Xiong40.51Cascade (Turner)
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Olivia Duke32.28Duniway
2.6Alli Robertson33.20Patton
3.6Rose Ulloa33.63Duniway
4.6Anicia Reutov34.46Cascade (Turner)
5.6Charity Belt34.56Patton
6.6Callie Reisterer35.09Cascade (Turner)
7.6Haleigh Morales35.65Duniway
8.6Amanda Worledge35.89Patton
9.6Gracie Moseman36.08LaCreole
10.6Jewelianna Combs37.19Cascade (Turner)
11.6Alexis Niece37.25Cascade (Turner)
12.6Hope Riesterer37.34Cascade (Turner)
13.6Erika Barnes37.37Patton
14.6Jacqueline Childers37.64Patton
15.6Natalia Rubio39.65Duniway
16.6Alexis Eby39.69Patton
17.6Cassandra Wheeler40.67Cascade (Turner)
18.6Elizabeth Johnson40.88LaCreole
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Danielle Haddix1:16.71Cascade (Turner)
2.8Jennie Bohna1:19.28Duniway
3.8Amelia Poston1:23.59LaCreole
4.8Ashley Campos1:24.34Patton
5.8Kirsten Kepler1:24.66Duniway
6.8Samantha Barker1:26.82Duniway
7.8Leilani Medina1:31.35Patton
8.8Alixandra Perth1:45.63Cascade (Turner)
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kate Noble1:11.15Duniway
2.7Celina Ciampi1:11.72Cascade (Turner)
3.7Annelin Stephens1:20.00Duniway
4.7Kaitlyn Senger1:20.20LaCreole
5.7Madelynn Knutson1:27.12Cascade (Turner)
6.7Aja Bedwell1:36.43Cascade (Turner)
7.7Delanie Journey1:48.88Patton
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kelsey Molan1:15.22Cascade (Turner)
2.6Rose Ulloa1:16.83Duniway
3.6Andrea Otter1:19.06Patton
4.6Zelma Stevens-Vindas1:23.79Duniway
5.6Kalulu NGaida1:23.82Cascade (Turner)
6.6Addie Gillette1:26.12LaCreole
7.6Maliah Russell1:31.68Cascade (Turner)
8.6Josie Hall1:31.88Patton
9.6Jayda White1:33.56Duniway
10.6Karlie Dalke1:51.97LaCreole
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Whitney Rich2:45.32Duniway
2.8Elizabeth Dressel3:16.05LaCreole
3.8Alyssa Miller3:32.14LaCreole
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jolie-Rae Ford3:15.06LaCreole
2.7Rose Giacomini3:22.61LaCreole
3.7Maggie Millmaker3:34.46LaCreole
4.7Aja Bedwell3:59.82Cascade (Turner)
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Hannah Ewing3:05.75Duniway
2.6Jessica Furman3:13.98LaCreole
3.6Makayli Laizure3:14.89LaCreole
4.6Tori Lewis3:16.99Cascade (Turner)
5.6Zelma Stevens-Vindas3:19.77Duniway
6.6Madison Houser3:31.65Patton
7.6Josie Hall3:33.17Patton
8.6Nicole Zimmerman3:36.98LaCreole
9.6Jacqueline Childers3:51.06Patton
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Whitney Rich5:34.48Duniway
2.8Elizabeth Dressel6:45.08LaCreole
3.8Alyssa Miller6:56.07LaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sarah Teubner6:12.92Cascade (Turner)
2.7Kaitlyn Senger6:22.55LaCreole
3.7Jolie-Rae Ford6:26.26LaCreole
4.7Rose Giacomini6:43.57LaCreole
5.7Adriana Mendoza6:56.43Duniway
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Madison Houser6:42.86Patton
2.6Makayli Laizure6:48.61LaCreole
3.6Josie Hall6:48.98Patton
4.6Nicole Zimmerman6:57.35LaCreole
5.6Jessica Furman7:00.66LaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tabatha Lairson17.14LaCreole
2.8Montanna Gubrud17.71Patton
3.8Christy Seaton18.83Cascade (Turner)
4.8Ashley Willcox19.03LaCreole
5.8Katelyn Renshaw20.77Duniway
6.8Taylor Staniford20.85LaCreole
7.8Emma Poston21.69LaCreole
8.8Adisyn Diven22.25Duniway
9.8Amelia Poston28.70LaCreole
10.8Danielle Haddix28.95Cascade (Turner)
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Stefani Tallon17.38LaCreole
2.7Ally Legard18.46Duniway
3.7Kayley Sayer19.69LaCreole
4.7Celina Ciampi19.73Cascade (Turner)
5.7Jenifer Webb20.28LaCreole
6.7Ellie Thomas21.46Duniway
7.7Payton Rue21.56Duniway
8.7Samantha Byington21.76LaCreole
9.7Sarah Teubner21.87Cascade (Turner)
10.7Aubree Milks21.90Patton
11.7Miyah Williams-richardson21.93LaCreole
12.7Sophia Jague-Seidl22.04Duniway
13.7Morgan Petrak22.09Cascade (Turner)
14.7Camryn Manley22.77Duniway
15.7Emma Orth24.02Duniway
16.7Allison Hirschi24.27LaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Amber Beattie20.34LaCreole
2.6Sophia Short21.95LaCreole
3.6Zoe Lairson22.42LaCreole
4.6Jayda White22.59Duniway
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Ashley Willcox
Tabatha Lairson
Akayshia Baty
Naomi Howe
2.-Audelia Bravo
Montanna Gubrud
Elizabeth Logsdon
Raena Gonzales
3.-Kendal Obrist
Hannah Abbott
Zaira McKay
Kaeley Cosgrove
4.-Calista Orvin
Judith Preciado
Jesa Umagat
Stefanie Yates
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Kayley Sayer
Sarah Zwicker
Olivia Dalke
Stefani Tallon
2.-Bailey Sanchez
Sienna East
Megan DeYoung
Alexia Valdez
3.-Grace Lee
Nichole Teasdale
Ally Legard
Kate Noble
4.-Summer Preston
Emily DeYoung
Jordan Burgess
Hannah Osbon
5.-Jennifer Webb
Olivia Conner
Alyssa Neufeld
Kailee Curtis
6.-Jaypu Gibb
Allison Ravia
Adriana Mendoza
Sophia Jague-Seidl
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Amber Beattie
Sophia Short
Amiah Whitzel
2.-Amanda Worledge
Andrea Otter
Alli Robertson
Charity Belt
3.-Jayda White
Kayla Heuberger
Kalina Buhler
Anika Heidt
4.-Haleigh Morales
Nisha Khatewoda
Natalia Rubio
Jessie Bevan
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Logsdon
Audelia Bravo
Alexandrea Logan
Raena Gonzales
2.-Kendal Obrist
Whitney Rich
Kaeley Cosgrove
Hannah Abbott
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Sydney Arreola
Ally Legard
Kate Noble
Natalie Zakaib
2.-Megan DeYoung
Aubree Milks
Bailey Sanchez
Hannah Hayes
3.-Relay Team 5:22.95LaCreole
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:27.17LaCreole
2.-Kayla Heuberger
Hannah Ewing
Anika Heidt
Kalina Buhler
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kyleen Benz34-02.00LaCreole
2.8Danyel Walling25-01.00Cascade (Turner)
3.8Leilani Medina24-03.00Patton
4.8Camille Buller24-00.00Patton
4.8Cooper Kneeland24-00.00Patton
6.8Danielle Peterson21-08.00LaCreole
6.8Faber Lynagh21-08.00Patton
8.8Mckinzie Leatherman20-05.00Cascade (Turner)
9.8Rachael Sugg19-09.00Cascade (Turner)
10.8Taylor Burton19-03.00LaCreole
11.8Cheyenne Killion19-01.00Cascade (Turner)
12.8Ally Peterson18-11.00LaCreole
13.8Ciara Galvin17-09.00Cascade (Turner)
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Hanna Eby29-00.00Patton
2.7Courtney Romero27-00.00Cascade (Turner)
3.7Emily DeYoung25-00.00Patton
4.7Grace Lee22-09.00Duniway
5.7Kailee Curtis22-06.00LaCreole
6.7Jaypu Gibb22-02.00Duniway
7.7Hannah Osbon21-09.00Patton
8.7Alyssa Beard18-11.00Patton
9.7Annika McMillan18-05.00Patton
9.7Sarah Naughton18-05.00LaCreole
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.8Jalyn Clark-Johnson27-01.00Duniway
2.6Morgan Carr23-07.00Duniway
3.6Mary pat Burger23-00.00LaCreole
4.6Karlie Dalke21-00.00LaCreole
5.6Olivia Clark19-01.00Duniway
6.6Autumn Ketzner16-09.00Duniway
7.6Mackenzie Herbert14-04.00Duniway
8.6Lydia Colvin13-10.00LaCreole
9.6Elizabeth Davis13-09.00LaCreole
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kyleen Benz65-11LaCreole
2.8Jalyn Clark-Johnson54-11Duniway
3.8Samantha Barker48-04Duniway
4.8Ally Peterson44-02LaCreole
5.8Danielle Peterson40-05LaCreole
6.8Cheyenne Killion34-09Cascade (Turner)
6.8Ciara Galvin34-09Cascade (Turner)
8.8Taylor Burton30-04LaCreole
9.8Rachael Sugg30-01Cascade (Turner)
8Alixandra PerthNDCascade (Turner)
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Emily DeYoung61-07Patton
2.7Kailee Curtis56-03LaCreole
3.7Sarah Naughton49-10LaCreole
4.7Annika McMillan48-04Patton
5.7Sarah Teubner44-08Cascade (Turner)
6.7Courtney Romero44-03Cascade (Turner)
7.7Megan DeYoung44-00Patton
8.7Hannah Osbon40-10Patton
9.7Hanna Eby39-09Patton
10.7Alyssa Beard32-08Patton
11.7Jenna Smith31-05Patton
12.7Samantha Lim25-04Patton
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Karlie Dalke59-02LaCreole
2.6Autumn Ketzner40-09Duniway
3.6Mary pat Burger40-08LaCreole
4.6Olivia Clark39-03Duniway
5.6Morgan Carr38-06Duniway
6.6Lydia Colvin30-00LaCreole
7.6Alejandra Osuna Sola29-06Cascade (Turner)
8.6Erin Masterson28-11Cascade (Turner)
9.6Elizabeth Davis27-01LaCreole
10.6Mariah Killion17-03Cascade (Turner)
6Mackenzie HerbertNDDuniway
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Christy Seaton4-02.00Cascade (Turner)
2.8Alexandrea Logan3-10.00Patton
3.8Camille Buller3-08.00Patton
3.8Ashley Campos3-08.00Patton
8Jenna ChristensenNHCascade (Turner)
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Samantha Byington4-00.00LaCreole
2.7Stefani Tallon3-10.00LaCreole
3.7Malissa Kanczula3-08.00LaCreole
4.7Allison Hirschi3-06.00LaCreole
7Kayley SayerNHLaCreole
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Avari Ridgway3-08.00Duniway
1.6Kalulu NGaida3-08.00Cascade (Turner)
3.6Alysha Dobash3-08.00Duniway
4.6Emily May3-06.00LaCreole
6Alexis EbyNHPatton
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Montanna Gubrud13-09.50Patton
2.8Sydney Downey12-07.50Cascade (Turner)
3.8Kirsten Kepler11-09.00Duniway
3.8Jennie Bohna11-09.00Duniway
5.8Katelyn Renshaw11-04.00Duniway
6.8Zaira McKay10-04.50Duniway
7.8Alexandrea Logan9-09.00Patton
8.8Alexis Hall9-04.50Cascade (Turner)
9.8Breana Gripp9-04.00Cascade (Turner)
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kayley Sayer13-07.50LaCreole
2.7Alexia Valdez12-05.00Patton
3.7Sarah Zwicker12-00.50LaCreole
4.7Morgan Petrak11-07.75Cascade (Turner)
5.7Meriah Kindell11-01.00Cascade (Turner)
6.7Aubree Milks10-06.00Patton
6.7Natalie Zakaib10-06.00Duniway
8.7Sophia Jague-Seidl10-05.00Duniway
9.7Kate Noble10-02.00Duniway
10.7Hannah Osbon9-02.00Patton
11.7Kathleen Xiong9-01.00Cascade (Turner)
12.7Madelynn Knutson8-06.50Cascade (Turner)
13.7Aja Bedwell5-07.00Cascade (Turner)
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kalina Buhler11-06.00Duniway
2.6Avari Ridgway10-05.00Duniway
3.6Amanda Worledge9-05.00Patton
4.6Tori Lewis8-01.00Cascade (Turner)
5.6Mia Gonzales7-11.00Patton
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