GV Meet- GV, Maplewood, Berkshire, Lordstown, Ledgemont

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
  Grand Valley HS, Orwell - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Ohio - Division II
GVGrand Valley
Ohio - Division III
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tuan Hoang11.80Maplewood
2.9Kyle Storm12.20Berkshire
3.12Marcus Short12.20Lordstown
4.10Jason Hart12.20Grand Valley
5.10Devin Rupinski12.50Ledgemont
6.11Cameron Gearhart12.70Lordstown
6.10Ronnie Simpson12.70Berkshire
8.10Darrien Miller12.80Grand Valley
8.10John Geisman12.80Ledgemont
10.9Brad Sulecki13.10Ledgemont
10.12Ryan Behner13.10Lordstown
12.10Joey Ray13.30Grand Valley
13.9Tyler Gregory13.50Maplewood
13.9David Cheung13.50Berkshire
15.9Anthony Onderko13.60Lordstown
16.9Vince Noce14.00Berkshire
17.12Philip Vigorito14.10Lordstown
17.10Nicholas Vigorito14.10Lordstown
19.11James Griffeth14.70Maplewood
20.9Matt Eustace15.10Lordstown
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tuan Hoang23.70Maplewood
2.9Kyle Storm24.20Berkshire
3.10Ronnie Simpson24.60Berkshire
4.10Jake Jones24.90Lordstown
5.10Peter Tropp24.90Grand Valley
6.12Tyler Martini25.20Maplewood
6.11Iain Laymon25.20Berkshire
8.9Brad Sulecki25.60Ledgemont
9.10Darrien Miller25.80Grand Valley
10.9Dan Eschman25.90Maplewood
11.10Anthony Tiber26.10Berkshire
12.10Joey Ray26.40Grand Valley
12.9Tyler Gregory26.40Maplewood
14.11Shane Green26.50Grand Valley
15.9David Cheung26.60Berkshire
16.9Vince Noce26.70Berkshire
17.11Austin Ambrose27.40Berkshire
17.9Anthony Onderko27.40Lordstown
19.10Jake Naro27.90Grand Valley
20.11James Griffeth28.70Maplewood
21.11Chris Maronen29.00Lordstown
22.12Kyle Johnson29.30Lordstown
23.9Matt Eustace31.30Lordstown
10Devin RupinskiNTLedgemont
10Nicholas VigoritoNTLordstown
12Philip VigoritoNTLordstown
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wyatt Hartman52.90Maplewood
2.10Ronnie Simpson54.70Berkshire
3.12Derick Dowdley56.00Grand Valley
4.11Austin Ambrose57.00Berkshire
5.9Tyler Gregory57.60Maplewood
6.11Cameron Gearhart59.80Lordstown
7.9Vince Noce1:00.60Berkshire
8.10Jake Naro1:00.70Grand Valley
9.11Shane Green1:00.90Grand Valley
10.10Peter Tropp1:01.80Grand Valley
11.10Joey Ray1:02.10Grand Valley
12.10Matt Dillworth1:02.30Ledgemont
13.9David Cheung1:03.80Berkshire
14.10Allen Metz1:04.20Lordstown
15.9Andrew Cook1:04.30Berkshire
16.10Logan Timmons1:06.40Berkshire
17.10Ethan Obradovich1:06.50Maplewood
18.9Kristof Ferenzi1:06.90Ledgemont
19.11James Griffeth1:07.60Maplewood
20.9Adam Thompson1:10.20Berkshire
11Ian PattersonNTBerkshire
12Marcus ShortNTLordstown
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tuan Hoang2:11.10Maplewood
2.11John Tarchick2:12.60Lordstown
3.9Derek Morrison2:13.10Maplewood
4.11Austin Ambrose2:13.90Berkshire
5.11Iain Laymon2:17.10Berkshire
6.10Louis Liming2:18.70Lordstown
7.11Heath Martin2:19.10Grand Valley
8.10Vincent Goddard2:23.10Lordstown
9.10Jake Naro2:30.80Grand Valley
10.10Scott Rupe2:32.10Maplewood
11.10Robbie Dorhn2:34.30Grand Valley
12.9Nate Walker2:34.70Berkshire
13.11Joe Grabinski2:53.90Ledgemont
14.10Ben Reeve2:58.70Grand Valley
15.11Sam Pierce3:15.50Grand Valley
10Jason HartNTGrand Valley
9Mike SantorelliNTLedgemont
11Chris MaronenNTLordstown
10Max GillilandNTBerkshire
11Ian PattersonNTBerkshire
10Logan TimmonsNTBerkshire
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wyatt Hartman4:57.50Maplewood
2.9Derek Morrison5:01.80Maplewood
3.11John Tarchick5:04.70Lordstown
4.11Tyler Castle5:06.80Grand Valley
5.10Matt Dillworth5:20.90Ledgemont
6.9Charles Woodrum5:22.70Maplewood
7.9Nate Walker5:23.70Berkshire
8.9Adam Thompson5:29.60Berkshire
9.9Mike Santorelli5:32.40Ledgemont
10.9Preston Michalski5:37.90Lordstown
11.11Justin Barzak5:40.20Maplewood
12.10Robbie Dorhn5:41.50Grand Valley
13.11Dylan Evans5:50.10Berkshire
14.10Ben Reeve6:44.70Grand Valley
15.11Sam Pierce7:07.30Grand Valley
11Mike DahmenNTMaplewood
12Trenton WyantNTMaplewood
10Vincent GoddardNTLordstown
9David CheungNTBerkshire
10Max GillilandNTBerkshire
11Ian PattersonNTBerkshire
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Charles Woodrum11:09.00Maplewood
2.11Tyler Castle11:12.40Grand Valley
3.10Nick Millet11:13.80Berkshire
4.10Scott Rupe11:22.40Maplewood
5.9Adam Thompson11:26.60Berkshire
6.9Preston Michalski12:07.50Lordstown
7.11John Tarchick12:10.20Lordstown
8.11Dylan Evans12:19.80Berkshire
9.11Justin Barzak12:23.50Maplewood
10.10Ben Reeve14:08.40Grand Valley
12Trenton WyantNTMaplewood
11Mike DahmenNTMaplewood
10Max GillilandNTBerkshire
11Ian PattersonNTBerkshire
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Solomon Yoder17.50Maplewood
2.12Connor Obradovich17.70Maplewood
3.11Nathan Pilarczyk18.60Grand Valley
4.11Iain Laymon18.70Berkshire
5.10Steven Gill19.40Lordstown
6.10Ian Nagay22.30Grand Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Solomon Yoder42.70Maplewood
2.10Jake Jones44.00Lordstown
3.12Connor Obradovich48.20Maplewood
4.12Ryan Behner48.70Lordstown
5.10Allen Metz52.90Lordstown
6.10Said Samia53.10Ledgemont
7.10Ian Nagay53.30Grand Valley
8.12Kyle Johnson56.50Lordstown
10Anthony TiberNTBerkshire
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keith Dillworth
John Geisman
Devin Rupinski
Brad Sulecki
2.-Tyler Martini
Jesse Kiselka
Tyler Gregory
Dan Eschman
3.-David Cheung
Kyle Storm
Brad Simon
Dave Mayer
4.-Darrien Miller
Peter Tropp
Jake Naro
Ian Nagay
50.90Grand Valley
5.-Philip Vigorito
Anthony Onderko
Nicholas Vigorito
Allan Metz
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brad Sulecki
Devin Rupinski
Keith Dillworth
John Geisman
2.-Iain Laymon
Anthony Tiber
Brad Simon
Kyle Storm
3.-Tyler Martini
Solomon Yoder
Jesse Kiselka
Dan Eschman
4.-Marcus Short
Nicholas Vigorito
Cameron Gearhart
Philip Vigorito
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Solomon Yoder
Derek Morrison
Wyatt Hartman
Tuan Hoang
2.-Nate Dornback
Anthony Tiber
David Pelletier
Matt Pelletier
3.-Marcus Short
Cameron Gearhart
Louis Liming
Jake Jones
4.-Jason Hart
Heath Martin
Tyler Castle
Derick Dowdley
3:55.50Grand Valley
5.-Mike Santorelli
Kristof Ferenzi
Matt Dillworth
Said Samia
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mike Dahmen
Charles Woodrum
Derek Morrison
Wyatt Hartman
2.-Preston Michalski
Chris Maronen
Vincent Goddard
Louis Liming
3.-Heath Martin
Tyler Castle
Robbie Dorhn
Ben Reeve
10:05.20Grand Valley
4.-Andrew Cook
Nate Walker
Logan Timmons
Nick Millet
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ethan Obradovich41-04.50Maplewood
2.11Dave Mayer41-04.00Berkshire
3.10Steve Pop38-06.75Maplewood
4.10Tony Williams38-03.50Maplewood
5.-Chad Foor38-00.00Lordstown
6.9Frank Kaschalk35-07.00Berkshire
7.11Anthony Longhitano34-10.25Grand Valley
8.10Hunter King34-01.50Lordstown
9.10Ray Marsch33-06.75Grand Valley
10.10John Geisman32-05.75Ledgemont
11.11Shane Green32-04.00Grand Valley
12.11Holden Garrett31-08.25Maplewood
13.10Jason Takacs30-05.00Grand Valley
14.10Cory Tarr29-00.50Maplewood
15.11Nate Trhlin28-07.00Grand Valley
16.9Logan Leichtman27-08.50Ledgemont
17.11Sam Pierce27-04.00Grand Valley
18.11Jacob Wilcom26-04.50Grand Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Steve Pop137-05Maplewood
2.11Dave Mayer118-05Berkshire
3.10Ethan Obradovich106-11Maplewood
4.11Nate Trhlin106-05Grand Valley
5.9Frank Kaschalk98-10Berkshire
6.10Hunter King96-01Lordstown
7.10Ray Marsch95-05Grand Valley
8.11Holden Garrett93-10Maplewood
9.10Michael McFall90-03Lordstown
10.11Shane Green88-10Grand Valley
11.10Tony Williams87-01Maplewood
12.9Logan Leichtman86-07Ledgemont
13.12Kyle Johnson84-01Lordstown
14.11Jacob Wilcom71-01Grand Valley
15.11Anthony Longhitano66-00Grand Valley
10Jason TakacsNDGrand Valley
10Cory TarrNDMaplewood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derick Dowdley5-08.00Grand Valley
2.10Steven Gill5-08.00Lordstown
3.12Connor Obradovich5-06.00Maplewood
4.10Scott Rupe5-04.00Maplewood
5.12Kyle Johnson5-02.00Lordstown
6.11Jesse Kiselka5-02.00Maplewood
11Austin AmbroseNHBerkshire
9Andrew CookNHBerkshire
9Freddy SteenNHGrand Valley
9Frank KaschalkNHBerkshire
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake Jones18-03.00Lordstown
2.12Tyler Martini17-04.00Maplewood
3.12Derick Dowdley17-01.50Grand Valley
4.10Steven Gill17-00.00Lordstown
5.9Dan Eschman16-07.50Maplewood
6.11Jesse Kiselka16-01.50Maplewood
10.10Peter Tropp16'1.00Grand Valley
7.10Ronnie Simpson15-07.00Berkshire
8.10Ian Nagay14-07.00Grand Valley
8.12Ryan Behner14-07.00Lordstown
10.9Freddy Steen14-06.00Grand Valley
10.10Peter Tropp14-06.00Grand Valley
12.9Kristof Ferenzi13-08.50Ledgemont
13.9Vince Noce13-06.50Berkshire
14.9Adam Thompson12-07.00Berkshire
11Brad SimonNDBerkshire

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Suzanne Koziol14.50Berkshire
7.9Melissa Koziol14.50Berkshire
2.9Christin Dornback14.70Berkshire
3.10Annalie Fitzgibbon14.90Lordstown
4.10Natalie Danko14.90Maplewood
5.9Danielle Carrell15.00Lordstown
7.10Marriane Brown15.10Maplewood
8.11Kelly Preske15.40Grand Valley
8.11Taylor Romain15.40Lordstown
10.11Taylor Styers15.50Maplewood
11.10Chelsea Stehlik15.70Grand Valley
11.12Dani Woofint15.70Lordstown
13.11Brooke Sell16.00Berkshire
14.9Alexis Johnson16.10Berkshire
14.10Danielle Young16.10Berkshire
16.9Rachel Dillworth16.30Ledgemont
17.10Holly Nye16.40Grand Valley
18.10Mikayla Ashba16.60Berkshire
18.9Kayla Novello16.60Grand Valley
20.11Renee Molzon16.90Ledgemont
21.11Brittany Davis17.20Berkshire
22.10Racheal Weaver17.70Grand Valley
23.9Katelyn Luther17.90Berkshire
10Lindsay BurnettNTBerkshire
12Rachel OravetzNTLordstown
9Grace NoceNTBerkshire
9Megan ArnoldNTBerkshire
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Suzanne Koziol28.40Berkshire
2.10Annalie Fitzgibbon29.30Lordstown
2.10Sara Leamer29.30Lordstown
4.9Christin Dornback29.90Berkshire
5.9Melissa Koziol30.00Berkshire
6.10Marriane Brown30.60Maplewood
7.10Alison Moss31.00Berkshire
8.10Danielle Young31.30Berkshire
8.10Natalie Danko31.30Maplewood
8.11Sarah Bixel31.30Grand Valley
11.11Brooke Sell31.70Berkshire
12.12Rachel Freeman32.50Berkshire
13.11Natalie Rink32.70Maplewood
13.12Emily Nye32.70Grand Valley
15.10Racheal Weaver32.80Grand Valley
15.10Holly Nye32.80Grand Valley
15.11Amy Gifford32.80Ledgemont
18.11Taylor Romain34.20Lordstown
12Jessica MorganNTLordstown
11Renee MolzonNTLedgemont
10Madison WillardNTLordstown
10Chelsea StehlikNTGrand Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sara Leamer1:03.30Lordstown
2.11Alanna Shamrock1:04.00Maplewood
3.11Erin Pavick1:05.00Maplewood
4.9Christin Dornback1:05.80Berkshire
5.9Melissa Koziol1:06.20Berkshire
6.10Annalie Fitzgibbon1:07.70Lordstown
7.10Danielle Young1:08.10Berkshire
8.9Deneen Penn1:08.30Maplewood
9.12Rachel Freeman1:10.50Berkshire
10.12Rachel Oravetz1:12.20Lordstown
11.11Alexandra Corrigan1:12.90Berkshire
12.10Erin Medved1:13.70Grand Valley
13.10Callie Forrest1:14.60Grand Valley
14.12Emily Nye1:18.90Grand Valley
15.11Kayci Adams1:26.90Ledgemont
10Madison WillardNTLordstown
11Natalie RinkNTMaplewood
9Anna CarlsonNTBerkshire
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alanna Shamrock2:33.50Maplewood
2.11Erin Pavick2:34.00Maplewood
3.10Sarah Cash2:48.40Lordstown
4.12Ashley Dillon2:55.20Grand Valley
5.11Meranda Marsch2:58.20Grand Valley
6.11Brittany Davis2:59.20Berkshire
7.12Bethany Linert3:14.70Lordstown
12Dani WoofintNTLordstown
10Erin MedvedNTGrand Valley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leann Penn6:00.50Maplewood
2.10Sarah Cash6:03.50Lordstown
3.12Haley Gatrell6:03.50Maplewood
4.9Anna Carlson6:14.00Berkshire
5.9Katelyn Luther6:23.10Berkshire
6.11Meranda Marsch6:41.80Grand Valley
7.9Marlena Liming6:52.50Lordstown
8.11Sara Patterson7:33.00Berkshire
11Alanna ShamrockNTMaplewood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leann Penn12:54.90Maplewood
2.12Haley Gatrell12:56.10Maplewood
3.9Marlena Liming15:53.20Lordstown
4.11Alexandra Corrigan16:41.30Berkshire
5.11Sara Patterson16:41.70Berkshire
12Bethany LinertNTLordstown
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Victoria Karlovic17.30Maplewood
2.12Jessica Morgan17.40Lordstown
3.9Danielle Carrell18.60Lordstown
4.9Suzanne Koziol18.60Berkshire
5.11Melissa Slusher19.20Grand Valley
6.12Jillianne Bartholomew19.30Berkshire
7.11Syney Negro21.20Lordstown
8.9Justine Stagl22.00Grand Valley
9.10Lindsay Burnett22.50Berkshire
10.9Summer Spitler23.50Maplewood
9Grace NoceNTBerkshire
10Rachel HodgeNTGrand Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rhianna Durrett48.90Lordstown
2.9Suzanne Koziol49.10Berkshire
3.12Jessica Morgan51.70Lordstown
4.9Victoria Karlovic52.70Maplewood
5.11Melissa Slusher56.20Grand Valley
6.10Alison Moss58.60Berkshire
7.12Jillianne Bartholomew59.10Berkshire
8.9Justine Stagl1:00.60Grand Valley
8.9Danielle Carrell1:00.60Lordstown
10.10Lindsay Burnett1:02.20Berkshire
9Grace NoceNTBerkshire
10Rachel HodgeNTGrand Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rhianna Durrett
Danielle Carrell
Jessica Morgan
JoHaana Morgan
2.-Chelsea Stehlik
Kelly Preske
Melissa Slusher
Kayla Novello
57.10Grand Valley
3.-Marriane Brown
Natalie Danko
Taylor Styers
Natalie Rink
4.-Jillianne Bartholomew
Alexis Johnson
Brooke Sell
Alison Moss
5.-Rachel Dillworth
Renee Molzon
Kayla Schaffer
Taylor Erskine
6.-Megan Arnold
Carolyn Mayer
Grace Noce
Mikayla Ashba
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Dillworth
Kayla Schaffer
Taylor Erskine
Marissa Eliason
2.-Christin Dornback
Alison Moss
Danielle Young
Brooke Sell
3.-Taylor Styers
Marriane Brown
Natalie Danko
Victoria Karlovic
4.-Annalie Fitzgibbon
Sara Leamer
Rhianna Durrett
JoHaana Morgan
-Melissa Slusher
Rachel Hodge
Callie Forrest
Sarah Bixel
NTGrand Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Cash
JoHaana Morgan
Sara Leamer
Rhianna Durrett
2.-Alanna Shamrock
Erin Pavick
Victoria Karlovic
Deneen Penn
3.-Justine Stagl
Ashley Dillon
Erin Medved
Kelly Preske
5:21.70Grand Valley
4.-Kayla Schaffer
Renee Molzon
Marissa Eliason
Kayci Adams
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Pavick
Leann Penn
Haley Gatrell
Alanna Shamrock
2.-Bethany Linert
Dani Woofint
Marlena Liming
Madison Willard
3.-Ashley Dillon
Kayla Novello
Erin Medved
Meranda Marsch
12:45.90Grand Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Foy34-06.00Grand Valley
2.11Brady Nye32-02.00Grand Valley
3.10Rebecca Shelton30-03.50Maplewood
4.9Danielle Elwood29-02.00Maplewood
5.11Syney Negro27-08.50Lordstown
6.10Mikayla Ashba27-02.50Berkshire
7.9Kayla Novello25-06.25Grand Valley
8.9Alexis Johnson25-06.00Berkshire
9.9Megan Arnold24-07.50Berkshire
10.11Abbey Beesler23-08.50Grand Valley
11.12Rachel Oravetz23-08.00Lordstown
12.9Stephanie McCartney23-00.25Maplewood
13.9Carolyn Mayer22-09.25Berkshire
14.10Marissa Eliason22-06.00Ledgemont
15.10Emily Lloyd21-10.75Grand Valley
16.10Katy Hazen20-04.25Grand Valley
17.10Emily Beesler19-02.00Grand Valley
18.9Jessi Simon17-06.50Berkshire
12Amy BaldwinNDGrand Valley
9Summer SpitlerNDMaplewood
12Bethany LinertNDLordstown
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Shelton87-11Maplewood
2.12Megan Foy83-00Grand Valley
3.9Alexis Johnson82-07Berkshire
4.9Danielle Elwood81-05Maplewood
5.10Mikayla Ashba71-06Berkshire
6.9Megan Arnold69-08Berkshire
7.9Summer Spitler64-05Maplewood
8.11Brady Nye61-01Grand Valley
9.11Abbey Beesler59-11Grand Valley
10.11Syney Negro58-00Lordstown
11.12Rachel Oravetz55-07Lordstown
12.9Stephanie McCartney54-11Maplewood
13.9Carolyn Mayer52-11Berkshire
14.10Emily Lloyd51-10Grand Valley
15.12Dani Woofint50-11Lordstown
16.9Jessi Simon48-08Berkshire
17.10Katy Hazen28-01Grand Valley
18.10Emily Beesler28-00Grand Valley
12Amy BaldwinNDGrand Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Madison Willard4-08.00Lordstown
2.11Kelly Preske4-08.00Grand Valley
3.12Ashley Dillon4-06.00Grand Valley
4.10Holly Nye4-04.00Grand Valley
4.9Marlena Liming4-04.00Lordstown
4.9Deneen Penn4-04.00Maplewood
7.10Callie Forrest4-02.00Grand Valley
7.12Emily Nye4-02.00Grand Valley
7.9Summer Spitler4-02.00Maplewood
10.9Melissa Koziol4-00.00Berkshire
10Erica HarrisNHBerkshire
11Alexandra CorriganNHBerkshire
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Morgan13-10.00Lordstown
2.9Taylor Erskine13-02.00Ledgemont
3.9Deneen Penn12-10.50Maplewood
4.10Chelsea Stehlik12-08.00Grand Valley
5.11Sarah Bixel12-04.00Grand Valley
6.12JoHaana Morgan11-09.00Lordstown
7.10Holly Nye11-04.50Grand Valley
8.9Anna Carlson11-02.50Berkshire
9.11Taylor Styers10-10.50Maplewood
10.10Lindsay Burnett10-06.50Berkshire
11.9Kayla Schaffer10-03.00Ledgemont
9Marlena LimingNDLordstown
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