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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tuan Hoang11.80hMaplewood
2.9Kyle Storm12.20hBerkshire
3.12Marcus Short12.20h PRLordstown
4.10Jason Hart12.20hGrand Valley
5.10Devin Rupinski12.50hLedgemont
6.11Cameron Gearhart12.70h SRLordstown
6.10Ronnie Simpson12.70h SRBerkshire
8.10John Geisman12.80hLedgemont
8.10Darrien Miller12.80hGrand Valley
10.9Brad Sulecki13.10h PRLedgemont
10.12Ryan Behner13.10h PRLordstown
12.10Joey Ray13.30hGrand Valley
13.9Tyler Gregory13.50hMaplewood
13.9David Cheung13.50hBerkshire
15.9Anthony Onderko13.60h SRLordstown
16.9Vince Noce14.00hBerkshire
17.10Nicholas Vigorito14.10h PRLordstown
17.12Philip Vigorito14.10hLordstown
19.11James Griffeth14.70hMaplewood
20.9Matt Eustace15.10h SRLordstown

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tuan Hoang23.70hMaplewood
2.9Kyle Storm24.20hBerkshire
3.10Ronnie Simpson24.60h PRBerkshire
4.10Jake Jones24.90h PRLordstown
5.10Peter Tropp24.90h PRGrand Valley
6.12Tyler Martini25.20hMaplewood
6.11Iain Laymon25.20h SRBerkshire
8.9Brad Sulecki25.60hLedgemont
9.10Darrien Miller25.80h SRGrand Valley
10.9Dan Eschman25.90h PRMaplewood
11.10Anthony Tiber26.10hBerkshire
12.9Tyler Gregory26.40h SRMaplewood
12.10Joey Ray26.40hGrand Valley
14.11Shane Green26.50hGrand Valley
15.9David Cheung26.60h PRBerkshire
16.9Vince Noce26.70h SRBerkshire
17.11Austin Ambrose27.40h SRBerkshire
17.9Anthony Onderko27.40h SRLordstown
19.10Jake Naro27.90h PRGrand Valley
20.11James Griffeth28.70h SRMaplewood
21.11Chris Maronen29.00h PRLordstown
22.12Kyle Johnson29.30h SRLordstown
23.9Matt Eustace31.30h SRLordstown
12Philip VigoritoNTLordstown
10Nicholas VigoritoNT SRLordstown
10Devin RupinskiNTLedgemont

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Wyatt Hartman52.90h SRMaplewood
2.10Ronnie Simpson54.70hBerkshire
3.12Derick Dowdley56.00hGrand Valley
4.11Austin Ambrose57.00h SRBerkshire
5.9Tyler Gregory57.60h SRMaplewood
6.11Cameron Gearhart59.80hLordstown
7.9Vince Noce1:00.60h SRBerkshire
8.10Jake Naro1:00.70h PRGrand Valley
9.11Shane Green1:00.90h PRGrand Valley
10.10Peter Tropp1:01.80hGrand Valley
11.10Joey Ray1:02.10h PRGrand Valley
12.10Matt Dillworth1:02.30hLedgemont
13.9David Cheung1:03.80h PRBerkshire
14.10Allen Metz1:04.20hLordstown
15.9Andrew Cook1:04.30h PRBerkshire
16.10Logan Timmons1:06.40h PRBerkshire
17.10Ethan Obradovich1:06.50h PRMaplewood
18.9Kristof Ferenzi1:06.90hLedgemont
19.11James Griffeth1:07.60h PRMaplewood
20.9Adam Thompson1:10.20h PRBerkshire
11Ian PattersonNT SRBerkshire
12Marcus ShortNTLordstown

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tuan Hoang2:11.10h PRMaplewood
2.11John Tarchick2:12.60h SRLordstown
3.9Derek Morrison2:13.10hMaplewood
4.11Austin Ambrose2:13.90hBerkshire
5.11Iain Laymon2:17.10h PRBerkshire
6.10Louis Liming2:18.70hLordstown
7.11Heath Martin2:19.10h PRGrand Valley
8.10Vincent Goddard2:23.10h SRLordstown
9.10Jake Naro2:30.80h PRGrand Valley
10.10Scott Rupe2:32.10h SRMaplewood
11.10Robbie Dorhn2:34.30hGrand Valley
12.9Nate Walker2:34.70hBerkshire
13.11Joe Grabinski2:53.90hLedgemont
14.10Ben Reeve2:58.70hGrand Valley
15.11Sam Pierce3:15.50h PRGrand Valley
10Jason HartNT PRGrand Valley
9Mike SantorelliNTLedgemont
11Chris MaronenNT SRLordstown
10Max GillilandNT PRBerkshire
11Ian PattersonNT PRBerkshire
10Logan TimmonsNT PRBerkshire

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Wyatt Hartman4:57.50hMaplewood
2.9Derek Morrison5:01.80hMaplewood
3.11John Tarchick5:04.70h SRLordstown
4.11Tyler Castle5:06.80hGrand Valley
5.10Matt Dillworth5:20.90hLedgemont
6.9Charles Woodrum5:22.70h SRMaplewood
7.9Nate Walker5:23.70h SRBerkshire
8.9Adam Thompson5:29.60h SRBerkshire
9.9Mike Santorelli5:32.40h PRLedgemont
10.9Preston Michalski5:37.90hLordstown
11.11Justin Barzak5:40.20h PRMaplewood
12.10Robbie Dorhn5:41.50hGrand Valley
13.11Dylan Evans5:50.10h PRBerkshire
14.10Ben Reeve6:44.70hGrand Valley
15.11Sam Pierce7:07.30h PRGrand Valley
11Mike DahmenNTMaplewood
12Trenton WyantNTMaplewood
10Vincent GoddardNT PRLordstown
11Ian PattersonNT PRBerkshire
10Max GillilandNT PRBerkshire
9David CheungNT PRBerkshire

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Charles Woodrum11:09.00hMaplewood
2.11Tyler Castle11:12.40h PRGrand Valley
3.10Nick Millet11:13.80h PRBerkshire
4.10Scott Rupe11:22.40hMaplewood
5.9Adam Thompson11:26.60hBerkshire
6.9Preston Michalski12:07.50hLordstown
7.11John Tarchick12:10.20hLordstown
8.11Dylan Evans12:19.80h PRBerkshire
9.11Justin Barzak12:23.50h PRMaplewood
10.10Ben Reeve14:08.40hGrand Valley
11Mike DahmenNTMaplewood
12Trenton WyantNT SRMaplewood
11Ian PattersonNT PRBerkshire
10Max GillilandNT PRBerkshire

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Solomon Yoder17.50hMaplewood
2.12Connor Obradovich17.70hMaplewood
3.11Nathan Pilarczyk18.60hGrand Valley
4.11Iain Laymon18.70hBerkshire
5.10Steven Gill19.40hLordstown
6.10Ian Nagay22.30hGrand Valley

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Solomon Yoder42.70hMaplewood
2.10Jake Jones44.00hLordstown
3.12Connor Obradovich48.20hMaplewood
4.12Ryan Behner48.70h PRLordstown
5.10Allen Metz52.90hLordstown
6.10Said Samia53.10hLedgemont
7.10Ian Nagay53.30hGrand Valley
8.12Kyle Johnson56.50hLordstown
10Anthony TiberNT PRBerkshire

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Keith Dillworth
John Geisman
Devin Rupinski
Brad Sulecki
2.-Tyler Martini
Jesse Kiselka
Tyler Gregory
Dan Eschman
3.-David Cheung
Kyle Storm
Brad Simon
Dave Mayer
4.-Darrien Miller
Peter Tropp
Jake Naro
Ian Nagay
50.90hGrand Valley
5.-Philip Vigorito
Anthony Onderko
Nicholas Vigorito
Allan Metz

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brad Sulecki
Devin Rupinski
Keith Dillworth
John Geisman
2.-Iain Laymon
Anthony Tiber
Brad Simon
Kyle Storm
3.-Tyler Martini
Solomon Yoder
Jesse Kiselka
Dan Eschman
4.-Marcus Short
Nicholas Vigorito
Cameron Gearhart
Philip Vigorito

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Solomon Yoder
Derek Morrison
Wyatt Hartman
Tuan Hoang
2.-Nate Dornback
Anthony Tiber
David Pelletier
Matt Pelletier
3.-Marcus Short
Cameron Gearhart
Louis Liming
Jake Jones
4.-Jason Hart
Heath Martin
Tyler Castle
Derick Dowdley
3:55.50hGrand Valley
5.-Mike Santorelli
Kristof Ferenzi
Matt Dillworth
Said Samia

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Mike Dahmen
Charles Woodrum
Derek Morrison
Wyatt Hartman
2.-Preston Michalski
Chris Maronen
Vincent Goddard
Louis Liming
3.-Heath Martin
Tyler Castle
Robbie Dorhn
Ben Reeve
10:05.20hGrand Valley
4.-Andrew Cook
Nate Walker
Logan Timmons
Nick Millet

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Ethan Obradovich41-04.50Maplewood
2.11Dave Mayer41-04.00 SRBerkshire
3.10Steve Pop38-06.75Maplewood
4.10Tony Williams38-03.50Maplewood
5.-Chad Foor38-00.00Lordstown
6.9Frank Kaschalk35-07.00Berkshire
7.11Anthony Longhitano34-10.25Grand Valley
8.10Hunter King34-01.50Lordstown
9.10Ray Marsch33-06.75 PRGrand Valley
10.10John Geisman32-05.75Ledgemont
11.11Shane Green32-04.00 PRGrand Valley
12.11Holden Garrett31-08.25Maplewood
13.10Jason Takacs30-05.00 PRGrand Valley
14.10Cory Tarr29-00.50 PRMaplewood
15.11Nate Trhlin28-07.00Grand Valley
16.9Logan Leichtman27-08.50Ledgemont
17.11Sam Pierce27-04.00Grand Valley
18.11Jacob Wilcom26-04.50Grand Valley

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Steve Pop137-05Maplewood
2.11Dave Mayer118-05 SRBerkshire
3.10Ethan Obradovich106-11Maplewood
4.11Nate Trhlin106-05 SRGrand Valley
5.9Frank Kaschalk98-10Berkshire
6.10Hunter King96-01Lordstown
7.10Ray Marsch95-05Grand Valley
8.11Holden Garrett93-10 PRMaplewood
9.10Michael McFall90-03 PRLordstown
10.11Shane Green88-10 SRGrand Valley
11.10Tony Williams87-01Maplewood
12.9Logan Leichtman86-07Ledgemont
13.12Kyle Johnson84-01Lordstown
14.11Jacob Wilcom71-01Grand Valley
15.11Anthony Longhitano66-00Grand Valley
10Jason TakacsNDGrand Valley
10Cory TarrNDMaplewood

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Derick Dowdley5-08.00Grand Valley
2.10Steven Gill5-08.00Lordstown
3.12Connor Obradovich5-06.00 SRMaplewood
4.10Scott Rupe5-04.00Maplewood
5.12Kyle Johnson5-02.00 SRLordstown
6.11Jesse Kiselka5-02.00 SRMaplewood
9Freddy SteenNHGrand Valley
9Frank KaschalkNH PRBerkshire
11Austin AmbroseNH PRBerkshire
9Andrew CookNH PRBerkshire

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jake Jones18-03.00Lordstown
2.12Tyler Martini17-04.00Maplewood
3.12Derick Dowdley17-01.50Grand Valley
4.10Steven Gill17-00.00Lordstown
5.9Dan Eschman16-07.50Maplewood
6.11Jesse Kiselka16-01.50Maplewood
10.10Peter Tropp16'1.00Grand Valley
7.10Ronnie Simpson15-07.00Berkshire
8.10Ian Nagay14-07.00Grand Valley
8.12Ryan Behner14-07.00 SRLordstown
10.10Peter Tropp14-06.00Grand Valley
10.9Freddy Steen14-06.00Grand Valley
12.9Kristof Ferenzi13-08.50Ledgemont
13.9Vince Noce13-06.50Berkshire
14.9Adam Thompson12-07.00Berkshire
11Brad SimonND PRBerkshire


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