Red Hawk Team Invite

Saturday, May 05, 2012
  Red Hawk Stadium, Cedar Springs - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 PM  Track Events Start: 11:00 PM
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Michigan - Division 1
KENOGrand Rapids Kenowa Hills
Michigan - Division 3
RECIReed City
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tristan Matthews11.53aJenison
2.12Steven Meekhof11.65aJenison
3.11Dylan Kole11.79aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
4.11Mitch Kwantes11.83aJenison
5.9Mehdin Bristina11.84aGrand Rapids Forest ...
6.10Carter Stephens12.07aGreenville
7.9Jon Green12.09aReed City
12Ilan Caballero12.11aCedar Springs
8.10Yun-Jae Hwang12.11aGrand Rapids Forest ...
10.10Von Brown12.14aGreenville
11.12Casey VanEss12.16aCedar Springs
12.9Matt Kloska12.18aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
13.12Richie Heyd12.24aCadillac
14.12Nate Kailing12.28aReed City
15.11Michael Spica12.29aGrand Rapids Forest ...
16.12Derek Ash12.33aCedar Springs
17.11Jeremy Williams12.36aCadillac
18.10Chase Hankins12.44aRockford
19.9Chris Huntington12.50aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
20.10Paris Jones12.61aReed City
21.10Jake Prosser12.63aGreenville
22.10Jimmy Olewinski12.66aRockford
23.9Nate Houk12.67aCadillac
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Reed22.85aReed City
2.12Steven Meekhof23.22aJenison
3.10Tristan Matthews23.48aJenison
4.9Mehdin Bristina24.02aGrand Rapids Forest ...
5.10Carter Stephens24.11aGreenville
6.10Alex Dillon24.32aGreenville
7.11Scott Kaule24.36aRockford
8.9Brandon Sipka24.41aCedar Springs
9.10Zach Evans24.49aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
10.12Ilan Caballero24.53aCedar Springs
11.9Matt Kloska24.67aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.12Casey VanEss24.93aCedar Springs
13.10Von Brown24.99aGreenville
14.11Michael Spica25.01aGrand Rapids Forest ...
15.11Kyle Voelker25.03aReed City
16.10Will Spence25.05aCadillac
17.11Eric Voelker25.17aReed City
18.9Chris Huntington25.22aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
19.12Ayrton Joeres25.54aCadillac
20.11Aaron Hodges25.81aCadillac
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nate Woznick52.70aRockford
2.10Scott Berzley52.94aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
3.12Nate Napolillo53.10aRockford
4.12Anthony Ignatov53.26aGrand Rapids Forest ...
5.9Brandon Sipka53.78aCedar Springs
6.9Aaris Bynum54.23aGrand Rapids Forest ...
7.10Alex Dillon54.37aGreenville
8.12Alex Smith-Jones54.72aGrand Rapids Forest ...
9.9Casey Kelting54.74aRockford
10.9Donavan Brazier55.80aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
11.12Erik Byl56.78aJenison
12.11Jason Failing57.09aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
13.9Evan Lee57.33aCadillac
14.10Dylan Finch57.67aCedar Springs
15.11Levi Helms57.72aGreenville
16.9Kaden Myers57.84aCedar Springs
17.9Garrett Dufort58.13aCadillac
18.10Drake Walker58.63aReed City
19.12Phil Brenz59.59aCadillac
20.12Ezekiel Rewa59.71aGreenville
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Connor Mora1:56.62aCedar Springs
2.12Josh Belt1:59.57aCadillac
3.11Grant Aman2:01.51aRockford
4.12William Trice2:02.21aGrand Rapids Forest ...
5.12David Stalker2:05.10aCadillac
6.12Russ Werra2:06.01aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.9Justin Jones2:06.04aCedar Springs
8.9Adam Bundy2:06.89aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.12Tyler Harney2:07.37aRockford
10.11Alex Bray2:09.10aCedar Springs
11.12Doug Halmi2:09.52aRockford
12.12Grant Cook2:09.81aGrand Rapids Forest ...
13.10Adam Kehr2:11.60aReed City
14.12Chad Bradbury2:11.76aGrand Rapids Forest ...
15.9Cody Streeter2:13.33aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.10Doug Nguyen2:13.35aJenison
17.9Kyle Swindell2:14.10aGreenville
18.12Phil Brenz2:14.37aCadillac
18.11Bryan Greenwood2:14.37aCadillac
19.11Quentin Callahan2:16.51aGreenville
20.10Barry Seeley2:17.16aJenison
21.-josh Perkey2:23.14aJenison
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Nick Freiburger2:10.1Rockford
9Mitchell Switzer2:12.5Rockford
10Brad Fischer2:14.5Rockford
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Connor Mora4:13.55aCedar Springs
2.11Drew Woznick4:17.36aRockford
3.12Joe Oehrli4:19.86aReed City
4.11Jeff Bajema4:26.34aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.11Austin Benoit4:26.74aRockford
6.12Ryan Hearth4:33.64aCadillac
7.12Aaron Brooks4:34.84aCedar Springs
8.9Austin Sargent4:40.94aCedar Springs
9.9Mitchell Switzer4:41.28aRockford
10.12Grant Cook4:41.74aGrand Rapids Forest ...
11.10Trevor Thiebaut4:51.35aCadillac
12.12Jorgin Chapin4:52.68aGreenville
13.11Quentin Callahan4:53.14aGreenville
14.11Colin Jack4:54.25aGrand Rapids Forest ...
15.9Kevin Elliott4:56.08aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.9Luke Simonds4:57.52aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.9Mitchell Vredeveld5:01.82aGrand Rapids Forest ...
18.12Connor Whelan5:04.53aCadillac
19.11Adam Kitchen5:06.60aJenison
20.10Drake Walker5:07.82aReed City
21.-josh Perkey5:09.26aJenison
22.11Allen Hansen5:13.41aGreenville
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeff Bajema9:27.45aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
2.12Jacob Towne9:30.56aGrand Rapids Forest ...
3.11Casey Aman9:45.12aRockford
4.12Aaron Brooks9:57.46aCedar Springs
5.12Ryan Hearth9:57.79aCadillac
6.10Trevor Thiebaut10:18.65aCadillac
7.12Andrew Pitcher10:21.87aRockford
8.11Ethan Menefee10:36.02aCedar Springs
9.11Mark Cruickshank10:36.84aRockford
10.9Luke Simonds10:40.23aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
11.11John Dood10:41.01aGrand Rapids Forest ...
12.11Chad Zagacki10:44.37aReed City
13.11Colin Jack10:45.21aGrand Rapids Forest ...
14.12Jorgin Chapin10:45.90aGreenville
15.11Justin Harthorn10:48.91aCedar Springs
16.12Matt Hager10:58.52aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.10Chris Jacobsen10:59.97aGreenville
18.11Bryan Greenwood11:17.02aCadillac
19.-Colin Nizielski11:22.73aJenison
20.11Allen Hansen11:25.77aGreenville
21.11Adam Kitchen11:27.84aJenison
22.9Matt McGahey12:25.25aReed City
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Dault16.38aCedar Springs
2.11Jesse Muniz16.59aGreenville
3.12Mark Laprairie17.03aRockford
4.12Jacob Mitchell17.22aCadillac
5.12Will Adamson17.43aCadillac
6.10Sean Beachnau17.45aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.10Caleb Webb17.47aJenison
8.11Toni Divic17.62aGrand Rapids Forest ...
9.9MavRick Cotten17.67aCedar Springs
10.10Darian Dismukes17.79aJenison
11.12Dominique Zamora17.86aGreenville
12.12Chad Bradbury18.26aGrand Rapids Forest ...
13.12Mathias Mair18.46aCedar Springs
14.11Corey Saladin18.62aReed City
15.9Evan Shimp18.75aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.-Christian Kirt18.80aJenison
17.12Kitwana Clark19.23aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
18.12Ezekiel Rewa19.37aGreenville
19.9Austin Carlington19.77aCadillac
20.9Nolan Patterson20.80aReed City
21.10Brett Bradbury21.25aGrand Rapids Forest ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Dault42.01aCedar Springs
2.12Will Adamson42.41aCadillac
3.10Sean Beachnau43.05aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
4.12Jacob Mitchell43.96aCadillac
5.10Evan Finses44.09aJenison
6.11Jamie Staley44.22aRockford
7.11Jesse Muniz44.54aGreenville
8.12Kitwana Clark44.59aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.12Mathias Mair45.01aCedar Springs
10.11Toni Divic45.19aGrand Rapids Forest ...
11.10Caleb Webb45.56aJenison
12.11PJ Nemish46.48aCadillac
13.11Corey Saladin46.98aReed City
14.9Kirk Dickson47.16aGreenville
15.12Jimson Joseph47.50aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.12Dominique Zamora48.04aGreenville
17.12Gabe Stepanovich48.53aGrand Rapids Forest ...
18.9Nolan Patterson50.31aReed City
19.10Caleb Wilson50.86aReed City
20.10Darian Dismukes50.92aJenison
21.10Noah Lee57.37aGrand Rapids Forest ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tristan Matthews
Scott Jirtle
Mitch Kwantes
Steven Meekhof
2.-Kitwana Clark
Matt Kloska
Zach Evans
Dylan Kole
45.20aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
3.-Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Eric Reed
Jon Green
45.52aReed City
4.-Richie Heyd
Aaron Hodges
Will Adamson
Will Spence
5.-Yun-Jae Hwang
Josh Brand
Michael Spica
Mehdin Bristina
46.13aGrand Rapids Forest ...
6.-Levi Helms
Luke Wilson
Carter Stephens
Von Brown
7.-Casey VanEss
Sean Thompson
Derek Ash
Ilan Caballero
47.19aCedar Springs
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Reed
Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Eric Voelker
1:33.40aReed City
2.-Sean Beachnau
Scott Berzely
Zach Evans
Matt Kloska
1:34.59aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
3.-Austin Duval
Tristan Matthews
Steven Meekhof
Mitch Kwantes
4.-Anthony Ignatov
Michael Spica
Yun-Jae Hwang
Mehdin Bristina
1:35.81aGrand Rapids Forest ...
5.-Von Brown
Alex Dillon
Carter Stephens
Luke Wilson
6.-Ilan Caballero
Casey VanEss
Sean Thompson
Brandon Sipka
1:37.40aCedar Springs
7.-Will Spence
Josh Belt
Aaron Hodges
David Stalker
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Bradford
Eric Bradford
Eric Reed
Joe Oehrli
3:27.19aReed City
2.-Anthony Ignatov
William Trice
Alex Smith-Jones
Aaris Bynum
3:34.52aGrand Rapids Forest ...
3.-Evan Lee
Will Adamson
Josh Belt
David Stalker
4.-Russ Werra
Adam Bundy
Jason Failing
Scott Berzely
3:38.54aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.-Casey Kelting
Austin Crowell
Nate Woznick
Jamie Staley
6.-Luke Wilson
Alex Dillon
Kyle Swindell
Levi Helms
7.-Erik Byl
Evan Finses
Brett Welborn
Scott Jirtle
8.-Alex Bray
Mathias Mair
Kaden Myers
Austin Sargent
3:46.56aCedar Springs
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Towne
Grant Cook
Alex Smith-Jones
William Trice
8:13.42aGrand Rapids Forest ...
2.-Ryan Hearth
Trevor Thiebaut
David Stalker
Josh Belt
3.-Alex Bray
Connor Mora
Aaron Brooks
Austin Sargent
8:24.08aCedar Springs
4.-Russ Werra
Adam Bundy
Donavan Brazier
Matt Hager
8:24.11aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.-Nick Freiburger
Doug Halmi
Nate Napolillo
Brad Fischer
6.-Relay Team 9:07.12aGreenville
7.-Barry Seeley
Adam Kitchen
Doug Nguyen
Matt DuBuis
8.-Drake Walker
Adam Kehr
Chad Zagacki
Kris Kellogg
9:53.93aReed City
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Riley Norman55'07.00"Cadillac
2.11Alec Snyder46'05.00"Jenison
3.11Jeremy Nastaj46'03.50"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
4.11Logan Johnson45'06.25"Jenison
5.11Connor Blanch44'11.25"Jenison
6.12Nate Kailing44'09.25"Reed City
12Nate Kailing44' 9"Reed City
7.12Derek Ash44'07.75"Cedar Springs
8.11Jack Ford44'00.00"Cadillac
9.12Rylan Ash42'10.50"Cedar Springs
10.10Connor Ackerman38'08.50"Cedar Springs
11.12Tyler Leightner38'04.25"Cadillac
12.12Ridge Saladin37'02.75"Reed City
12Ridge Saladin37' 2.5"Reed City
13.9Jon Green37'01.00"Reed City
14.10Zach Evans36'01.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
15.10Jake Prosser35'11.50"Greenville
16.12Ezekiel Rewa35'04.25"Greenville
17.9Nick Alferink33'00.25"Rockford
18.9Jake O'Herron32'01.00"Greenville
19.9Jared Sczesny31'01.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
20.10Hadrian Rudino30'04.50"Grand Rapids Forest ...
21.10Trey Mitcham26'10.50"Grand Rapids Forest ...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alec Snyder150'06.00"Jenison
2.11Connor Blanch139'04.00"Jenison
3.12Tyler Leightner133'08.00"Cadillac
4.12Derek Ash132'07.00"Cedar Springs
5.11Jeremy Nastaj130'11.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
6.12Rylan Ash126'03.00"Cedar Springs
7.9Jon Green122'09.00"Reed City
8.12David Hammond121'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.11Jack Ford119'05.00"Cadillac
10.11Jacob Vincent114'03.00"Reed City
11.12Ezekiel Rewa106'06.00"Greenville
12.11Logan Johnson106'04.00"Jenison
13.10Trey Mitcham103'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
14.9Nick Alferink102'01.00"Rockford
15.12Ridge Saladin101'05.00"Reed City
16.10Connor Ackerman97'04.00"Cedar Springs
17.12Alex Price95'07.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
18.10Hadrian Rudino93'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
19.10Jake Prosser91'04.00"Greenville
20.9Jake O'Herron84'10.00"Greenville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Brand5'10.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
2.-Matt Wadsworth5'10.00"Jenison
3.12Nate Jones5'10.00"Cedar Springs
12Nate Kailing5'08.00"Reed City
4.11Aaron Dault5'08.00"Cedar Springs
5.12Trevor Chappell5'08.00"Jenison
7.11Trent Barr5'08.00"Jenison
8.11Randy Hebert5'06.00"Greenville
9.10Trey Mitcham5'04.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
10.12Mathias Mair5'04.00"Cedar Springs
11.9Jake O'Herron5'04.00"Greenville
12.10Jake Prosser5'04.00"Greenville
13.10Sean Beachnau5'04.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
14.9Nolan Patterson5'04.00"Reed City
12Jimson Joseph5'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
15.11PJ Nemish5'02.00"Cadillac
17.10Yun-Jae Hwang5'02.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
18.10Adam Kehr5'00.00"Reed City
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Kole13'06.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
2.12Gabe Stepanovich13'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
3.12Richie Heyd13'00.00"Cadillac
4.12Scott Jirtle13'00.00"Jenison
5.11Aaron Hodges12'06.00"Cadillac
6.12David Alt12'06.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.10Scott Berzley11'06.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
8.10Blake Willett11'06.00"Cedar Springs
12Jacob Mitchell11'00.00"Cadillac
12Cameron LaCourt11'00.00"Rockford
9.12Drew Cornelius11'00.00"Rockford
12.11Kyle Voelker11'00.00"Reed City
13.11Connor Coughlin10'06.00"Rockford
14.11Jesse Muniz10'06.00"Greenville
15.10Dalton VanEss9'06.00"Cedar Springs
16.12Jake Huver9'06.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
9Dylan Langlois9'00.10"Reed City
17.11Nate Doerr9'00.10"Cedar Springs
10Garrett Hoogendoorn9'00.00"Jenison
19.11Levi Helms9'00.00"Greenville
21.9Ian MacDonald8'00.00"Reed City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Bradford20'03.50"Reed City
2.12Nate Kailing19'07.75"Reed City
3.11Aaron Dault19'07.00"Cedar Springs
4.11Austin Duval19'05.25"Jenison
5.12Luke Wilson19'03.00"Greenville
6.11Eric Bradford19'02.00"Reed City
7.11Josh Brand19'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
8.9Kaden Myers18'06.00"Cedar Springs
9.9Brandon Sipka18'00.00"Cedar Springs
10.9Austin Carlington17'08.00"Cadillac
11.11Jesse Muniz17'07.25"Greenville
12.11Jamie Staley17'05.50"Rockford
13.9Dan McMurray17'04.25"Cadillac
14.12David Alt17'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
15.12Kitwana Clark17'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.12William Trice17'01.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
17.10John Armstrong16'10.25"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
18.11Scott Kaule16'09.25"Rockford
19.10Brett Bradbury16'05.25"Grand Rapids Forest ...
20.10Will Spence16'02.00"Cadillac
21.12Dominique Zamora15'10.00"Greenville
22.10Garrett Hoogendoorn15'09.00"Jenison

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Hopp12.51aJenison
2.11Elise Schierbeek13.09aRockford
3.10Aly Hamilton13.20aCedar Springs
4.11AJ Mazure13.30aJenison
5.12Katie Walker13.32aCadillac
6.9Ally Berry13.37aGreenville
7.11Allison Kelley13.69aRockford
8.9Lisa Metzger13.87aCadillac
9.12Leslie Hicks14.15aCadillac
10.11Jackie Burch14.18aRockford
11.9Mary Matthews14.24aJenison
12.10Cheyenne Bonney14.34aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
13.10Taylor Bretzke14.42aGreenville
14.9Carlie Bradford14.43aGreenville
15.11Liz Norry14.50aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
16.10Kellie Spahr14.69aCedar Springs
9Alicia Walker14.86aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.10Bethany Church14.86aReed City
19.10Emma Jazwinski15.02aGrand Rapids Forest ...
20.9Mara Ellison15.09aCedar Springs
21.9Marie Kinsey15.51aReed City
22.10Bethany Arnold16.17aReed City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Michell25.39aReed City
2.9Sammy Cuneo25.95aRockford
3.12Courtney Klawieter26.33aRockford
4.11Taylor Baker26.75aGreenville
5.10McKenna Mattson26.90aJenison
6.11AJ Mazure27.13aJenison
7.10Aly Hamilton27.70aCedar Springs
8.9Ally Berry28.01aGreenville
9.12Leslie Hicks28.62aCadillac
10.12Sammie Walczewski28.83aRockford
11.10Cheyenne Bonney29.35aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.12Elizabeth Carpenter29.91aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
13.9Carlie Bradford29.92aGreenville
14.11Sommer VanDyke29.99aCedar Springs
15.11Lexi Haskins30.26aJenison
16.12Megan Lee31.42aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.10Brittany Host32.06aGrand Rapids Forest ...
9Shayla Kehr32.18aReed City
18.9Marie Kinsey32.18aReed City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Michell58.94aReed City
2.11Taylor Baker1:01.02aGreenville
3.10Aly Hamilton1:02.50aCedar Springs
4.10Olivia Gilbert1:02.80aRockford
5.9Olivia Coretti1:04.09aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
6.11Haley Venlet1:04.17aJenison
7.9Emily Shaft1:05.20aCedar Springs
8.12Brielle Bethke1:05.21aJenison
9.10Stacey Fitzgerald1:06.32aGreenville
10.11Megan Harris1:06.43aRockford
11.11Sommer VanDyke1:06.75aCedar Springs
12.9Alicia Walker1:06.89aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
13.12Leah Nieboer1:07.41aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
14.11Lottie Shaw1:07.94aJenison
15.12Gretchen Stein1:10.93aRockford
16.11Margaret Morant1:12.66aCadillac
17.11Katelyn Draper1:13.62aCadillac
18.9Madeline Sena1:14.22aGrand Rapids Forest ...
19.9Claire Heiney1:14.60aGrand Rapids Forest ...
20.10Bethany Arnold1:27.47aReed City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ellie Leonard2:23.21aJenison
2.12Bailey Parmalee2:23.72aGreenville
3.11Katie Weiler2:25.64aCedar Springs
4.10Lauren Brasure2:29.16aRockford
5.12Allison VanPatten2:31.77aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
6.12Britta Patterson2:32.07aCadillac
7.10Madison Sorsen2:33.65aGreenville
8.12Kayla Ovokaitys2:37.52aCedar Springs
9.11Allie Veltkamp2:39.22aCedar Springs
10.11Coleen Conroy2:40.42aRockford
11.12Elizabeth Austin2:47.23aGreenville
12.11Allison Reichenbach2:49.99aRockford
13.9Kari Scholten2:50.82aGrand Rapids Forest ...
14.9Michaela Raymond2:52.45aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
15.10Lauren Haney2:58.94aJenison
16.11Lizzy Korneloje3:01.99aJenison
17.9Shayla Kehr3:41.54aReed City
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Manett4:56.61aRockford
2.9Kenzie Weiler5:02.40aCedar Springs
3.11Katie Weiler5:06.36aCedar Springs
4.12Bailey Parmalee5:08.12aGreenville
5.10Ellie Leonard5:21.37aJenison
6.11Claudia Vredeveld5:29.27aGrand Rapids Forest ...
7.12Britta Patterson5:35.05aCadillac
8.10Maddie Pekrul5:42.14aCedar Springs
9.11Megan Versen5:46.41aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
10.12Hannah Clark5:55.41aCadillac
11.11Haley Ludviksen5:55.92aCadillac
12.9Lydia Martin5:57Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.12Joleen Augustat5:58.32aCadillac
13.12Elizabeth Austin6:01.21aGreenville
14.9Michaela Raymond6:03.45aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
15.9Clarice Callahan6:04.47aGreenville
16.12Kailee Schuett6:09.99aJenison
17.9Shelby Aman6:17.82aRockford
18.9Inez Samuels6:20.56aJenison
19.11Addie Pilarski6:24.34aRockford
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kenzie Weiler10:58.75aCedar Springs
2.12Bailey Parmalee11:18.70aGreenville
3.12Katie Gabier11:31.55aJenison
4.10Kayla Kidder12:03.06aRockford
5.10Chelse VanSpronsen12:05.30aJenison
6.10Maddie Pekrul12:09.54aCedar Springs
7.11Jordan Vickery12:18.72aRockford
8.11Megan Versen12:38.05aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.9Shayne Mann12:48.42aCedar Springs
10.12Christina Ledezma12:59.33aGreenville
11.9Lydia Martin13:04.59aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.11Haley Ludviksen13:05.06aCadillac
13.12Jessica Weaver13:08.35aCadillac
14.9Clarice Callahan13:15.97aGreenville
15.9Inez Samuels13:50.12aJenison
16.12Kelsey Kaczor15:11.74aRockford
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Michell14.73aReed City
2.11Taylor Christensen16.12aGreenville
3.10McKenna Mattson16.37aJenison
4.12Sara Robinson17.25aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.12Elizabeth Carpenter17.48aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
6.9Kelly Momber17.63aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.11Katie Cornelius17.74aRockford
8.11Emily Wilburn17.81aRockford
9.11Audrey Wyse18.02aGreenville
10.9Marissa Oakes18.54aCedar Springs
11.10Alexandria Holloway19.64aGreenville
12.10Jessica Postma19.82aJenison
13.9Makayla Boersma20.06aCadillac
14.10Taylor Bilardello20.59aRockford
15.11Haley Venlet21.10aJenison
16.10Cami Williams21.59aCadillac
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rosalyn Wyse47.67aGreenville
2.11Audrey Wyse48.81aGreenville
3.11Emily Wilburn48.86aRockford
4.12Melissa Vu49.43aJenison
5.12Sara Robinson50.34aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
6.9Kelly Momber51.25aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.11Taylor Christensen52.29aGreenville
8.10Paula Johnson53.56aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.11Samantha Robinson54.27aCedar Springs
10.11Abby VanDusen55.27aCedar Springs
11.10Kylie Romain56.37aRockford
12.10Taylor Bilardello56.84aRockford
13.12Camille Sawicki57.45aJenison
14.10Cami Williams57.94aCadillac
15.9Stormi Samuels58.28aJenison
16.9Makayla Boersma58.58aCadillac
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melissa Vu
AJ Mazure
Taylor Hopp
McKenna Mattson
3.-Carlie Bradford
Madison Sorsen
Taylor Bretzke
Ally Berry
4.-Leslie Hicks
Katie Walker
Margaret Morant
Lisa Metzger
5.-Makayla Clum
Bri Malstrom
Madison Shangle
Sammie Walczewski
6.-Megan Lee
Liz Norry
Briana Kanoza
Cheyenne Bonney
56.13aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
7.-Bethany Church
Marie Kinsey
Hailey Pendley
Miranda Guerin
1:01.02aReed City
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melissa Vu
AJ Mazure
Taylor Hopp
McKenna Mattson
2.-Leslie Hicks
Katie Walker
Hannah Oliver
Lisa Metzger
3.-Liz Carpenter
Cheyenne Bonney
Sara Robinson
Alicia Walker
1:57.82aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
4.-Emily Shaft
Sayge Wight
Samantha Robinson
Olivia Finch
1:58.65aCedar Springs
5.-Maria Anel
Allison Kelley
Madison Shangle
Makayla Clum
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Courtney Klawieter
Katie DeHaan
Maria Anel
Olivia Gilbert
2.-Audrey Wyse
Bailey Parmalee
Rosalyn Wyse
Taylor Baker
3.-Emily Shaft
Sommer VanDyke
Rieley AnglinHondalus
Katie Weiler
4:20.62aCedar Springs
4.-Olivia Coretti
Allie Ludge
Sara Robinson
Allison VanPatten
4:22.17aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.-Brielle Bethke
Haley Venlet
Alyssa Dobrzynski
Lottie Shaw
6.-Mikayla Cross
Margaret Morant
Sydney Kamaloski
Hannah Oliver
7.-Relay Team 5:09.08aGrand Rapids Forest ...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sommer VanDyke
Maddie Pekrul
Katie Weiler
Kenzie Weiler
9:55.69aCedar Springs
2.-Paige Parker
Maja Hill
Lauren Brasure
Morgan Harney
3.-Chelse VanSpronsen
Ellie Leonard
Brielle Bethke
Katie Gabier
4.-Megan Versen
Allison VanPatten
Lydia Martin
Olivia Coretti
10:25.05aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...
5.-Joleen Augustat
Britta Patterson
Haley Ludviksen
Mikayla Cross
6.-Relay Team 10:32.74aGrand Rapids Forest ...
7.-Stacey Fitzgerald
Madison Sorsen
Clarice Callahan
Elizabeth Austin
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Raab39'11.50"Rockford
2.10Taylor Zimmer32'02.75"Greenville
3.11Mary-MaRae Baker32'01.25"Cadillac
4.10Madison Rains30'03.25"Rockford
5.10Olivia Hodges30'02.50"Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.12Alexis Smith30'01.50"Grand Rapids Forest ...
7.10Sarah Zdrodowski29'03.50"Cadillac
8.12Lindsey Jones29'03.25"Rockford
9.9Katie Brower29'00.75"Jenison
10.11Katie Mckinnon28'06.00"Jenison
11.10Leah Somerfield28'01.50"Greenville
12.11Jeanette Sukstas28'00.00"Cedar Springs
13.11Gabrielle Willadsen27'01.00"Greenville
14.11Amber Smrekar26'09.00"Cadillac
15.11Maddie Wiekzopolski25'11.50"Jenison
16.10Bethany Church25'10.00"Reed City
17.9Hailey Pendley25'04.50"Reed City
18.10Dakota Stricklen24'05.50"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
19.11Shaelyn Fasel23'08.75"Cedar Springs
20.10Kayla Bohy23'08.00"Cedar Springs
21.9Nicole Trout22'09.50"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
22.10Miranda Guerin21'10.25"Reed City
10Miranda Guerin21' 10"Reed City
23.10Danielle Ulanowicz21'00.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Raab111'02.00"Rockford
2.12Lindsey Jones101'04.00"Rockford
3.9Maegan McCarthy91'05.00"Rockford
4.11Mary-MaRae Baker88'06.00"Cadillac
5.11Gabrielle Willadsen88'02.00"Greenville
6.10Leah Somerfield86'04.00"Greenville
7.11Kelsey Bennett86'02.00"Jenison
8.11Jeanette Sukstas84'04.00"Cedar Springs
9.12Alexis Smith81'05.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
10.10Olivia Hodges81'03.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
11.9Kendra Albrecht80'01.00"Jenison
12.10Sarah Zdrodowski79'01.00"Cadillac
13.10Taylor Zimmer79'00.00"Greenville
14.10Miranda Guerin78'01.00"Reed City
15.12Justyne Towne75'07.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
16.10Dakota Stricklen73'04.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.11Amber Smrekar71'05.00"Cadillac
18.11Shaelyn Fasel70'08.00"Cedar Springs
19.11Maddie Wiekzopolski70'07.00"Jenison
20.10Bethany Church68'10.00"Reed City
21.10Kayla Bohy68'10.00"Cedar Springs
22.9Nicole Trout68'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
23.9Kelly Momber68'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
24.9Hailey Pendley58'08.00"Reed City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rosalyn Wyse5'00.00"Greenville
2.10Hannah Oliver4'10.00"Cadillac
3.12Alexis Stanton4'08.00"Jenison
10Jessica Postma4'06.00"Jenison
4.11Lexi Oddy4'06.00"Cadillac
6.11Taylor Christensen4'06.00"Greenville
7.12Katie Dunham4'06.00"Greenville
8.10Sarah Carpenter4'04.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.11Katelyn Draper4'04.00"Cadillac
9Monique Viau4'02.00"Jenison
10.9Nicole Trout4'02.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.12Rieley AnglinHondalus4'02.00"Cedar Springs
13.11Briana Pierson4'02.00"Cedar Springs
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie DeHaan10'06.00"Rockford
2.9Sammy Cuneo10'00.00"Rockford
3.11Katie Cornelius10'00.00"Rockford
4.11Lexi Haskins9'00.00"Jenison
5.11Audrey Wyse9'00.00"Greenville
6.9Lisa Metzger8'06.00"Cadillac
7.12Megan Lee8'00.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
8.9Kelly Momber8'00.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
9.11Abby Vandercook8'00.00"Cadillac
10.10Brittany Host8'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
11.9Sarah Murphy8'00.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
10Stacey Fitzgerald7'06.00"Greenville
12.12Katie Dunham7'06.00"Greenville
14.10Sarah Carpenter7'06.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
11Lizzy Korneloje7'00.00"Jenison
15.11Abby VanDusen7'00.00"Cedar Springs
16.11Briana Pierson7'00.00"Cedar Springs
18.10Cami Williams7'00.00"Cadillac
19.10Lauren Haney6'06.00"Jenison
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Michell18'07.00"Reed City
2.12Rieley AnglinHondalus15'10.00"Cedar Springs
3.11Abby VanDusen15'05.00"Cedar Springs
4.12Melissa Vu14'08.50"Jenison
5.10Bri Malstrom14'07.50"Rockford
6.11Taylor Christensen14'06.50"Greenville
7.11Lexi Oddy14'06.00"Cadillac
8.11Emily Wilburn14'05.75"Rockford
9.9Marissa VanAlst14'04.00"Cadillac
10.9Mary Matthews14'03.50"Jenison
11.10Paula Johnson14'02.50"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
12.9Marissa Oakes14'02.00"Cedar Springs
13.9Carlie Bradford13'10.50"Greenville
14.12Sammie Walczewski13'06.50"Rockford
15.12Camille Sawicki13'06.25"Jenison
16.11Liz Norry12'10.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
17.9Allie Ludge12'10.00"Grand Rapids Kenowa ...
18.10Mckenna Goerner11'01.00"Cadillac
19.9Shayla Kehr10'05.50"Reed City
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