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Winnetonka Oak Park Duel

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oak Park HS's Track, Kansas City

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Missouri - Class 4
Missouri - Class 5
Oak Park
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12DeAnte Reynolds11.58Winnetonka
2.9Jawaun Anderson12.00Winnetonka
3.9Ray Hill12.12Oak Park
4.9Jamaal Brazil12.13Oak Park
4.9Matt Oneil12.13Oak Park
4.9Jayvon Anderson12.13Winnetonka
7.11Max Petty12.25Winnetonka
8.9Anthony Etten12.38Oak Park
9.9devin lo12.48Oak Park
10.10Quantez Granger12.61Oak Park
11.9Tommy Chun12.62Oak Park
12.11Wil Paige12.73Winnetonka
13.9Anthony Cunningham12.84Oak Park
14.10Logan Mercer12.99Winnetonka
15.9Michael Fields13.05Oak Park
16.9Will Burke13.06Oak Park
17.9Dylan Hughes13.12Oak Park
18.9Antonio Valles13.21Oak Park
19.9Anthony Beck13.22Oak Park
20.9zach Stump13.23Oak Park
21.9Logan Minton13.30Oak Park
22.9Chanjuok Aban13.35Oak Park
23.9George Schram13.49Winnetonka
24.9Chase Ballard13.55Oak Park
25.9Christopher Gunn14.72Winnetonka
26.9Cailen Rosas14.77Winnetonka
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.11Tae Jenkins23.00Winnetonka
12DeAnte Reynolds23.6Winnetonka
3.11Denzel Rexwinkle23.78Oak Park
12Joe Savoca24.19Winnetonka
4.9Jayvon Anderson25.00Winnetonka
5.10JaMarcus Anderson25.10Winnetonka
6.11Dexter Ascenvil25.58Winnetonka
7.9Jawaun Anderson25.83Winnetonka
8.9devin lo26.10Oak Park
8.9Ali Abdulaziz26.10Oak Park
10.10Quantez Granger26.18Oak Park
10.10Esai Saenz26.18Winnetonka
12.10Cortes Williams26.22Winnetonka
13.11Max Petty26.24Winnetonka
14.11Wil Paige26.38Winnetonka
1.9Dylan Hughes26.70Oak Park
15.9Ray Hill26.73Oak Park
16.10Logan Mercer26.89Winnetonka
17.9Anthony Cunningham27.00Oak Park
18.9Matt Oneil27.29Oak Park
19.9Anthony Beck27.73Oak Park
20.9Chase Ballard28.05Oak Park
21.10Gabe Bautista28.10Winnetonka
22.9Michael Fields28.35Oak Park
23.9Antonio Valles28.43Oak Park
24.9Jamaal Brazil28.67Oak Park
25.9Will Burke28.93Oak Park
26.10Tristin Prince30.10Winnetonka
27.9Christopher Gunn30.33Winnetonka
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Tae Jenkins55.00Winnetonka
12DeAnte Reynolds57.2Winnetonka
1.11Dexter Ascenvil58.53Winnetonka
2.9Jayvon Anderson58.71Winnetonka
10Louis Maya-Hudson58.90Winnetonka
3.10Cortes Williams58.88Winnetonka
4.11Max Petty1:00.70Winnetonka
5.9Jawaun Anderson1:00.80Winnetonka
6.9Logan West1:01.00Winnetonka
6.9Dylan Hughes1:01.00Oak Park
8.10Esai Saenz1:02.00Winnetonka
9.9Jamaal Brazil1:02.32Oak Park
10.9Ke'Vauhn Washington1:03.04Winnetonka
11.9Will Burke1:03.40Oak Park
12.10Logan Mercer1:03.43Winnetonka
13.11Wil Paige1:03.98Winnetonka
14.9Antonio Valles1:04.00Oak Park
15.11Almin Skender1:04.25Winnetonka
16.9Anthony Beck1:04.30Oak Park
17.9Matt Oneil1:05.17Oak Park
18.10JaMarcus Anderson1:05.61Winnetonka
19.9Hakeem Adbullani1:06.16Oak Park
20.9Ray Hill1:06.34Oak Park
10Tristin Prince1:09.22Winnetonka
21.9Chase Ballard1:10.13Oak Park
9Christopher Gunn1:11.95Winnetonka
22.9Michael Fields1:15.00Oak Park
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabe Bautista2:23.00Winnetonka
2.10Lynn Navratil2:24.00Winnetonka
3.11Nathan Yuth2:25.00Winnetonka
4.9Eric Vela2:26.00Winnetonka
5.10Tristin Prince2:57.00Winnetonka
6.11Josh Miller2:58.00Winnetonka
10Louis Maya-Hudson3:00.01Winnetonka
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12DeAndre Thomas14.96Winnetonka
2.12Joe Savoca16.95Winnetonka
3.10Cortes Williams20.97Winnetonka
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Savoca44.06Winnetonka
2.9Tommy Chun52.62Oak Park
3.9Anthony Cunningham53.06Oak Park
4.9Logan Minton59.62Oak Park
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Denzel Rexwinkle
Quantez Granger
mo jabr
ali abdulaziz
4:12.58Oak Park
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ray McNair42-04.00Oak Park
2.12DeAndre Thomas40-02.00Winnetonka
3.10Jimmy Beaird39-04.00Oak Park
4.11AJ Bohrn36-08.50Winnetonka
5.10Markel Fluker35-08.00Winnetonka
5.9Josh Gray35-08.00Oak Park
7.11Dennis Popovic35-02.00Winnetonka
8.10Klye Mackin33-10.00Oak Park
9.9Makram Tutu33-03.00Oak Park
10.10Connor Harrison31-08.00Oak Park
11.9Josh Wendl30-11.00Winnetonka
12.10Drew Bridges29-04.00Oak Park
13.9Brennan Gentry29-00.00Oak Park
14.12Allen McClendon28-00.00Oak Park
15.9Jyear Markus27-03.00Oak Park
16.9Brandan Beshears26-05.00Oak Park
17.10Dominc Grarcia26-03.00Oak Park
18.10Benito Pachenco26-01.00Oak Park
19.9Brandon Zoellers25-00.00Winnetonka
20.10Nic Bousted24-08.00Oak Park
20.9Aaron Seutter24-08.00Oak Park
22.9Francesco Bautisita19-06.00Winnetonka
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11AJ Bohrn114-01Winnetonka
2.10Markel Fluker109-06Winnetonka
3.11Ray McNair106-05Oak Park
4.10Taylor Reynolds97-07Oak Park
5.11Dennis Popovic95-09Winnetonka
5.10Kyle Macken95-09Oak Park
7.9Josh Wendl81-04Winnetonka
8.9Ke'Vauhn Washington78-01Winnetonka
9.9Josh Gray75-09Oak Park
10.9Jyear Markus68-00Oak Park
11.10Connor Harrison67-11Oak Park
12.10Drew Bridges67-04Oak Park
12.10Nic Bousted67-04Oak Park
14.9Brennan Gentry65-09Oak Park
15.10Dominc Grarcia57-11Oak Park
16.9Aaron Seutter55-06Oak Park
17.9Brandan Beshears52-03Oak Park
18.9Brandon Zoellers50-07Winnetonka
19.9Francesco Bautisita41-04Winnetonka
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9George Schram8-06.00Winnetonka
1.9Anthony Etten8-06.00Oak Park
1.9zach Stump8-06.00Oak Park

Womens Results

X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Guttu Dakorson26.93Winnetonka
2.12Nisha Francis27.15Winnetonka
3.11Markees Mondaine28.26Winnetonka
4.9Brandy Mends28.96Winnetonka
5.9Manthita Tandia30.87Winnetonka
6.10Meghan Williamson30.93Oak Park
7.10Chelsea Jones31.36Oak Park
8.9Maimouna Coulibaly32.19Oak Park
9.11Akayla Singleton32.32Winnetonka
10.11Kelechi Ezeuka32.43Oak Park
11.9Julia Wopata32.70Oak Park
12.11Darrien Loew33.05Oak Park
13.9Augusta Weber33.40Winnetonka
14.10Mallory Dunn34.29Oak Park
15.11Alexis Katemann35.20Oak Park
16.10Lauren White36.44Oak Park
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Markees Mondaine1:07.00Winnetonka
2.9Megan Hedrick1:11.00Winnetonka
3.9Julia Wopata1:12.00Oak Park
4.9Augusta Weber1:14.00Winnetonka
5.11Kelechi Ezeuka1:14.58Oak Park
6.9Manthita Tandia1:16.00Winnetonka
7.10Chelsea Jones1:17.00Oak Park
8.11Marissa Puma1:21.28Oak Park
9.10Mallory Dunn1:23.64Oak Park
10.9Maimouna Coulibaly1:26.37Oak Park
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allie Maxwell2:55.00Winnetonka
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Smith17.25Winnetonka
2.10Olivia Voss-McReynolds19.89Winnetonka
3.9Ariel Thompson20.09Winnetonka
4.11Rohrs Addy20.34Winnetonka
5.11Alexis Katemann20.78Oak Park
6.11Darrien Loew20.89Oak Park
7.11Marissa Puma23.04Oak Park
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rohrs Addy58.58Winnetonka
2.11Alexis Katemann1:02.15Oak Park
3.11Darrien Loew1:03.40Oak Park
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Gerdes31-10.50Oak Park
2.10Diamond Mosby-Norris31-09.00Winnetonka
3.10Kyisha Whitley29-08.50Oak Park
4.10Samantha Mann29-06.00Oak Park
5.10Emmalee Hyde28-10.50Oak Park
6.11Letty Gonzalez27-07.00Winnetonka
7.10Samantha Hopkins26-02.00Oak Park
8.9Jessica Timmerman25-11.00Oak Park
9.11Jorden Schoenhofer25-09.00Winnetonka
10.10Shelby Sloan24-06.50Winnetonka
11.11Makaelynn Hinsley22-09.00Winnetonka
12.9Allison Storm22-01.00Winnetonka
13.9Megan Hedrick21-08.50Winnetonka
14.9Makaylynn McCloud20-06.00Winnetonka
15.11Kelsi Hicks18-10.00Winnetonka
16.10Amanda Dexter18-06.00Oak Park
17.9Desiree Vaughn17-11.00Winnetonka
18.9Kaitlyn Singleton17-01.00Winnetonka
9Michala FurmanNDWinnetonka
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Gerdes93-05Oak Park
2.10Diamond Mosby-Norris86-03Winnetonka
3.10Kyisha Whitley85-06Oak Park
4.10Emmalee Hyde83-02Oak Park
5.11Letty Gonzalez73-07Winnetonka
6.11Makaelynn Hinsley72-00Winnetonka
7.9Megan Hedrick70-07Winnetonka
7.10Shelby Sloan70-07Winnetonka
9.10Samantha Mann69-10Oak Park
10.9Makaylynn McCloud66-07Winnetonka
11.11Jorden Schoenhofer62-10Winnetonka
12.9Jessica Timmerman62-05Oak Park
13.10Amanda Dexter61-06Oak Park
14.9Desiree Vaughn57-10Winnetonka
15.9Michala Furman54-00Winnetonka
16.9Kaitlyn Singleton43-06Winnetonka
17.11Kelsi Hicks41-07Winnetonka
18.9Allison Storm39-08Winnetonka
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Breault4-04.00Oak Park
2.9Chiamaka Ekeh4-02.00Oak Park
2.9Julia Wopata4-02.00Oak Park
2.9Michaela Voss4-02.00Winnetonka
9Cali PorterNHOak Park
11Cathrine DonnellyNHOak Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cydnei Gunderson8-00.00Winnetonka
2.10Tiffani Hunter7-00.00Winnetonka
3.11Cathrine Donnelly6-06.00Oak Park
4.9Michaela Voss6-00.00Winnetonka
9Casey AllenNHWinnetonka
10Mariah HermsenNHOak Park
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