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Phoenix Christian Invitational

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Arizona - Division I
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Chino Valley
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Preston VanHofwegen11.40aPhoenix Christian
2.12Zack Pekala11.94aBourgade Catholic
3.11Dillion Graf11.96aSt Johns
4.10Scottie Jordan11.97aPhoenix Christian
5.10Brandon Lasky12.11aChino Valley
6.12Arturo Martinez12.17aTonopah Valley
7.9Gabe Clydesdale12.32aChandler Preparatory
8.9David Egbo12.38aChandler Preparatory
9.11Jabari Steel12.39aTonopah Valley
10.9Robert Mendoza12.44aBourgade Catholic
11.10Brett Jackson12.49aBourgade Catholic
11.12Blake Sweigert12.49aShow Low
13.11Thomas Torres12.63aTonopah Valley
14.10Dylen Patrick12.69aChino Valley
15.10Nick Gilbert12.71aChandler Preparatory
16.10Urial Ornelas12.76aBourgade Catholic
17.11Jorge Diaz12.81aPhoenix School For T...
18.11Ivan Prescott12.98aChino Valley
19.10Eric Blount13.16aPhoenix School For T...
20.9Jelani Steel13.17aTonopah Valley
21.9Yuden Granados13.24aSt Johns
22.9Kasey Wyatt13.79aAlchesay
23.10Sam Heckethorn13.83aChino Valley
24.12Keever Caddo14.41aAlchesay
25.12Marlin Hopper14.46aAlchesay
26.11Elijah Kane-Colelay14.57aAlchesay
27.9Jonathan Blackmore15.33aSt Johns
10Johnta PriceDNSPhoenix School For T...
11Ivan MoralesDNSChandler Preparatory
9Lucas GrafDNSSt Johns
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Preston VanHofwegen23.00aPhoenix Christian
2.12Josh Weeks23.57aShow Low
3.10Brice Rova24.07aShow Low
4.10Scottie Jordan24.59aPhoenix Christian
5.9Gabe Clydesdale25.11aChandler Preparatory
6.11Seth Jayne25.22aShow Low
7.10JP Robinson25.34aTonopah Valley
8.9Robert Mendoza25.41aBourgade Catholic
9.9Zach Guthrie25.76aShow Low
10.12Zack Pekala25.81aBourgade Catholic
11.11John DeBus26.04aPhoenix Christian
12.11Jorge Diaz26.23aPhoenix School For T...
13.9Erick Bencomo26.28aSt Johns
14.9David Egbo26.35aChandler Preparatory
15.9Yuden Granados26.41aSt Johns
16.10Denzel Palmer26.43aAlchesay
17.10Darian Leslie26.48aAlchesay
18.10Gabriel Garcia26.59aBourgade Catholic
19.10Eric Blount26.62aPhoenix School For T...
20.9Keaton Rich27.31aGlendale Preparatory...
21.10Marcus Magdaleno27.32aBourgade Catholic
22.10George Martinez28.20aTonopah Valley
23.9Kasey Wyatt28.58aAlchesay
24.9Scott Blakley28.65aChino Valley
25.9Ian McConihay29.04aChino Valley
26.10Austin Ahern29.28aChino Valley
27.11Marco Cuiriz29.32aSt Johns
28.12Marlin Hopper31.36aAlchesay
29.9Ryan Gundacker31.98aChino Valley
11Ivan MoralesDNSChandler Preparatory
10Nick GilbertDNSChandler Preparatory
11Trent PattersonDNSSt Johns
10Johnta PriceDNSPhoenix School For T...
12Ricardo IbarraDNSPhoenix School For T...
10Zhang, XuDNSPhoenix Christian
12Arturo MartinezDNSTonopah Valley
11Thomas TorresDNSTonopah Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Weeks50.12aShow Low
2.12Preston VanHofwegen50.14aPhoenix Christian
3.10Brice Rova54.13aShow Low
4.11Seth Jayne54.71aShow Low
5.10JP Robinson54.74aTonopah Valley
6.12Josh Rodriguez54.85aSt Johns
7.11Jabari Steel56.36aTonopah Valley
8.11Jorge Diaz56.45aPhoenix School For T...
9.10Adam Castillo56.50aSt Johns
10.11Trent Patterson56.72aSt Johns
11.9Daniel Egbo56.77aChandler Preparatory
12.10Braxton Barger57.31aChandler Preparatory
13.11John DeBus57.64aPhoenix Christian
14.9Travis Rowitsch57.91aChino Valley
15.11Jared Paulo57.99aChandler Preparatory
16.10Darian Leslie58.94aAlchesay
17.9Jelani Steel59.45aTonopah Valley
18.10Denzel Palmer59.91aAlchesay
19.9Keaton Rich1:00.20aGlendale Preparatory...
20.10Eric Blount1:01.66aPhoenix School For T...
21.10Morgan Parker1:02.71aChino Valley
22.9Daniel Shepherd1:02.78aChino Valley
23.10Sam Heckethorn1:03.36aChino Valley
24.9Austin Leyba1:04.48aShow Low
25.9Kasey Wyatt1:08.07aAlchesay
26.10Cole Wood1:08.44aTonopah Valley
10Zhang, XuDNSPhoenix Christian
9Lucas GrafDNSSt Johns
11Ge ZihaoDNSPhoenix Christian
10Johnta PriceDNSPhoenix School For T...
9Alejandro NavarroDNSPhoenix School For T...
12Bill RobertsDNSAlchesay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kebrab Mahari2:11.19aBourgade Catholic
2.11Levi Rogers2:14.70aSt Johns
3.11Joel Webb2:16.24aShow Low
4.11Nate Gutierrez2:17.89aBourgade Catholic
5.11Zach Ballard2:19.72aChino Valley
6.10Max Oberholtzer2:23.05aShow Low
7.11Channing Nez2:23.35aChino Valley
8.10Bret Quintero2:23.62aAlchesay
9.9Eli Silversmith2:25.82aSt Johns
10.10Brenden Wahl2:30.81aShow Low
11.10Billy Damon2:33.32aPhoenix School For T...
12.11Diego Tolentino2:34.45aPhoenix School For T...
13.10Glenzo Swift2:34.52aShow Low
14.9Isaac Muralles2:35.11aPhoenix Christian
15.9Shon Washburn2:38.24aGlendale Preparatory...
16.11Dallen Thomas2:38.60aSt Johns
17.10Cole Wood2:38.65aTonopah Valley
18.11Taadou, Karim2:39.24aPhoenix Christian
19.11Jeremy Swope2:41.49aChino Valley
20.10Braxton Barger2:42.57aChandler Preparatory
21.9Adam Bennett2:49.09aChandler Preparatory
22.9Porter Richins2:52.67aSt Johns
23.9Dominic Gallo2:56.52aGlendale Preparatory...
24.12Robert Chavarria3:01.48aBourgade Catholic
12Jeromy OlsenDNSTonopah Valley
12Bill RobertsDNSAlchesay
9Alejandro NavarroDNSPhoenix School For T...
10Zhang, XuDNSPhoenix Christian
11Ge ZihaoDNSPhoenix Christian
9Joseph LunaDNSPhoenix Christian
9Marque AngelDNSPhoenix Christian
9Sam HansonDNSChandler Preparatory
9Elliot LienDNSChandler Preparatory
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Channing Nez5:03.96aChino Valley
2.11Zach Ballard5:11.37aChino Valley
3.9McKenzie Nez5:13.60aChino Valley
4.10Brenden Wahl5:16.80aShow Low
5.10Bret Quintero5:16.81aAlchesay
6.11Joel Webb5:19.28aShow Low
7.12Rayne Raykovitz5:26.05aSt Johns
8.10Colten Lord5:34.68aShow Low
9.11Kendall Fiore5:41.29aChandler Preparatory
10.11Missael Mercado5:41.31aBourgade Catholic
11.9Zach Perkins5:41.90aShow Low
12.10Billy Damon5:42.54aPhoenix School For T...
13.11Jared Paulo5:44.55aChandler Preparatory
14.11Dallen Thomas5:51.69aSt Johns
15.9Lloyd Fall5:51.94aAlchesay
16.11Jeremy Swope5:57.76aChino Valley
17.9Zachary Tools6:05.73aAlchesay
18.9Adam Bennett6:22.57aChandler Preparatory
19.12Robert Chavarria6:30.76aBourgade Catholic
11Levi RogersDNSSt Johns
12Ricardo IbarraDNSPhoenix School For T...
9Joseph LunaDNSPhoenix Christian
9Marque AngelDNSPhoenix Christian
9Elliot LienDNSChandler Preparatory
12Jesiah RoanhorseDNSSt Johns
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dominic Clark10:44.30aGlendale Preparatory...
2.9McKenzie Nez11:22.74aChino Valley
3.12Rayne Raykovitz11:31.50aSt Johns
4.12Austin Dorn11:41.71aBourgade Catholic
5.11Kristoff Firedancing11:52.77aGlendale Preparatory...
6.9Zach Perkins11:54.41aShow Low
7.10Colten Lord12:10.47aShow Low
8.9Daniel Perkins12:17.06aShow Low
9.11Benjamin Tinlin12:17.48aGlendale Preparatory...
10.9Zachary Tools12:30.52aAlchesay
11.9Tyrone Milan12:35.54aShow Low
12.9Lloyd Fall13:07.02aAlchesay
13.12Jayron Jenson13:27.19aSt Johns
14.10Dakota Tidwell15:22.96aSt Johns
11Preston PattersonDNSSt Johns
10Braxton BargerDNSChandler Preparatory
11Jeremy SwopeDNSChino Valley
10Stanley SwiackiDNSChino Valley
10Tim RudigerDNSChino Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Keith Adams17.45aPhoenix Christian
2.10Justin McCray17.56aShow Low
3.10Trevor Solomon17.91aShow Low
4.12Jeremy Nodal18.25aShow Low
5.11Josh Van Proyen19.42aShow Low
6.12Jonathan Lorenzana19.79aTonopah Valley
7.12Alexander Aske21.35aSt Johns
8.10Parker Greer21.64aSt Johns
9.12Donald Pearce24.72aSt Johns
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Hoftarth42.65aBourgade Catholic
2.11Cody Tenney43.40aShow Low
3.12Jeremy Nodal45.50aShow Low
4.12Jonathan Lorenzana47.17aTonopah Valley
5.11Josh Van Proyen49.25aShow Low
6.11Ryan Adams49.73aChino Valley
7.9Erick Bencomo50.00aSt Johns
8.12Alexander Aske50.55aSt Johns
9.11Kendall Fiore51.45aChandler Preparatory
10.10Parker Greer53.03aSt Johns
11.9Jordan Kilhoffer53.51aBourgade Catholic
12.9Scott Blakley57.60aChino Valley
13.9Ryan Gundacker57.91aChino Valley
11Keith AdamsDNSPhoenix Christian
10Dallin CrandellDNSShow Low
12Laurids ThomsenDNSSt Johns
10Zach CloverDNSTonopah Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Guthrie
Blake Sweigert
Josh Weeks
Brice Rova
45.61aShow Low
2.-Konner Lee
Dillion Graf
Adam Castillo
Josh Rodriguez
46.15aSt Johns
3.-JP Robinson
Arturo Martinez
Thomas Torres
Jabari Steele
46.43aTonopah Valley
4.-Urial Ornales
Zack Pekala
Marcus Magdaleno
Brett Jackson
47.55aBourgade Catholic
-Brandon Lasky
Ivan Prescott
Morgan Parker
Dylen Patrick
48.91aChino Valley
5.-David Egbo
Daniel Egbo
Gabe Clydesdale
Sam Hanson
48.98aChandler Preparatory
6.-Diego Tolentino
Eric Blount
Damon Billy
Jorge Diaz
51.20aPhoenix School For T...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Weeks
Brice Rova
Cody Tenney
Seth Jayne
3:36.54aShow Low
2.-Kendall Fiore
Jared Paulo
Nick Gilbert
Daniel Egbo
3:51.93aChandler Preparatory
3.-Josh Rodriguez
Christian Jessop
Trent Patterson
Adam Castillo
3:55.03aSt Johns
4.-Travis Rowitsch
Steven Ziminsky
Ivan Prescott
Jordan Webinger
3:55.24aChino Valley
5.-JP Robinson
Carlos Bujanda
Jalani Steele
Jabari Steele
3:57.03aTonopah Valley
6.-Darian Leslie
Floyd Cheney
Denzel Palmer
Bret Quintero
7.-Diego Tolentino
Jose Ramirez
Johnathan Garcia
Jorge Cortez
4:16.71aPhoenix School For T...
-Relay Team DNSPhoenix Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rayne Raykovitz
Eli Silversmith
Adam Castillo
Jesiah Roanhorse
9:07.15aSt Johns
2.-Kebrab Mahari
Austin Dorn
Missael Mercado
Nate Gutierrez
9:11.46aBourgade Catholic
3.-Joel Webb
Max Oberholtzer
Austin Virgin
Colten Lord
9:15.57aShow Low
4.-Travis Rowitsch
Jordan Webinger
Ryan Adams
Daniel Shepherd
9:35.19aChino Valley
5.-Braxton Barger
Sam Hanson
Kendall Fiore
Jared Paulo
9:53.64aChandler Preparatory
6.-Zachary Tools
Lloyd Fall
Nehko Edwards
Bret Quintero
7.-Cole Wood
Carlos Bujanda
Jalani Steele
George Martinez
10:23.98aTonopah Valley
-Joeseph Luna
Marque Angel
John DeBus
Muralles Isaac
DNSPhoenix Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Johnson42-07.25Show Low
2.12Justin Kraft40-11.50Chino Valley
3.12Jeff Tillivala40-06.00Tonopah Valley
4.10Bryan Bayardi39-09.00Bourgade Catholic
5.12Salvador Navarro38-01.00Bourgade Catholic
6.12Tyler Holden36-04.25St Johns
7.12Dean Hartman35-08.75Show Low
8.11Zane Thompson35-05.75St Johns
9.11Danny Sedillo33-03.75Alchesay
10.11Kishan Batcheldor33-02.00Chino Valley
11.12Christian De La Rosa32-10.25Tonopah Valley
12.11Marco Cuiriz32-01.50St Johns
13.10Jonathon Rodriguez31-09.25Bourgade Catholic
14.10Nehko Edwards31-00.50Alchesay
15.12Floyd Cheney30-06.50Alchesay
16.11Matt Glenney30-02.25Show Low
17.12Alex Stanley30-01.25Tonopah Valley
18.11Elijah Kane-Colelay29-02.00Alchesay
19.9Adam Bennett28-06.75Chandler Preparatory
20.11David Ikerd28-05.00Show Low
21.10Jose Reyes27-10.25Tonopah Valley
22.9Jacob Barney26-04.75Chandler Preparatory
23.11Chandler Hagg26-04.25Bourgade Catholic
11Ivan MoralesDNSChandler Preparatory
11Chris BarberDNSSt Johns
10Quentin IversonDNSPhoenix School For T...
10Samuel MartinezDNSPhoenix School For T...
9Jorge CortezDNSPhoenix School For T...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Johnson120-06Show Low
2.12Dean Hartman120-06Show Low
3.12Justin Kraft114-10Chino Valley
4.12Abraham Thomson112-02St Johns
5.12Christian De La Rosa108-07Tonopah Valley
6.12Tyler Holden106-02St Johns
7.12Salvador Navarro105-00Bourgade Catholic
8.10Nehko Edwards104-06Alchesay
9.12Jeff Tillivala102-07Tonopah Valley
10.11Zane Thompson99-09St Johns
11.10Bryan Bayardi97-02Bourgade Catholic
12.10Austin Velasquez87-02Alchesay
13.9Nathan Garvin86-05Show Low
14.12Alex Stanley82-01Tonopah Valley
15.9Nicholas Carlson78-08Bourgade Catholic
16.11Matt Glenney77-06Show Low
17.10Jose Reyes76-06Tonopah Valley
18.11Marquiel Hinton72-05Alchesay
19.11Kishan Batcheldor71-07Chino Valley
20.10Samuel Martinez70-02Phoenix School For T...
21.10Jonathon Rodriguez69-11Bourgade Catholic
22.12Floyd Cheney64-00Alchesay
23.9Jacob Barney63-00Chandler Preparatory
10Quentin IversonDNSPhoenix School For T...
9Jorge CortezDNSPhoenix School For T...
11Chris BarberDNSSt Johns
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Spencer Smith6-00.00Show Low
2.10Trevor Solomon5-10.00Show Low
3.11Ryan Adams5-06.00Chino Valley
3.10Justin McCray5-06.00Show Low
5.10Austin Virgin5-04.00Show Low
5.11Christian Jessop5-04.00St Johns
11Trent PattersonNHSt Johns
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Konner Lee20-10.50St Johns
2.12Preston VanHofwegen19-00.25Phoenix Christian
3.11Dillion Graf18-10.25St Johns
4.12Arturo Martinez18-02.50Tonopah Valley
5.10Nick Gilbert17-07.00Chandler Preparatory
6.9Carlos Bujanda17-06.75Tonopah Valley
7.9Robert Mendoza17-06.75Bourgade Catholic
8.11Keith Adams16-10.75Phoenix Christian
9.9Garrett Hinkhouse16-08.50Show Low
10.10Dylen Patrick16-01.50Chino Valley
11.10Steven Ziminsky15-09.00Chino Valley
12.10Brandon Lasky15-06.50Chino Valley
13.12Keever Caddo14-06.25Alchesay
14.10Levi Jeffs14-02.00Show Low
15.9Chris Winchester14-01.00St Johns
16.9Jonathen Koss13-01.50Show Low
9Aaron PattersonDNSSt Johns
9Ty StirlingDNSShow Low
9Daniel EgboDNSChandler Preparatory
10Zach CloverDNSTonopah Valley
9Ian McConihayDNSChino Valley
11Thomas TorresDNSTonopah Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Konner Lee40-10.00St Johns
2.10Justin McCray39-09.75Show Low
3.10Steven Ziminsky33-02.00Chino Valley
4.10Austin Ahern32-07.75Chino Valley
5.11Ryan Adams30-04.75Chino Valley
6.10Levi Jeffs28-08.75Show Low
7.9Jonathen Koss23-11.00Show Low
9Jonathan BlackmoreDNSSt Johns
9Aaron PattersonDNSSt Johns
9Chris WinchesterDNSSt Johns
10Zach CloverDNSTonopah Valley
10Travis MorganDNSShow Low

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lieke Elbersen13.21aShow Low
2.11Savannah Brown13.43aSt Johns
3.10Atirra Resino13.65aMingus Mtn.
4.10Caitlyn Ballard13.86aChino Valley
5.9Rachel Merritt13.94aChino Valley
6.9Megan Meyer13.98aChandler Preparatory
7.10Erin Forney14.07aPhoenix Christian
8.11Jena Brown14.23aChino Valley
9.12Julie Springerley14.55aPhoenix Christian
10.12Nikki Cirivello14.67aSt Johns
11.9Melanie Gonzales14.73aBourgade Catholic
12.11Angelica Gilchrist14.95aMingus Mtn.
13.9Shalique Washington15.07aMingus Mtn.
14.10Mikayla Brannon15.12aShow Low
15.11Gisele Smith15.24aChandler Preparatory
16.9Jessica Gutierrez15.34aBourgade Catholic
17.9Natasha Woods15.66aTonopah Valley
18.10Kaia Meares15.69aMingus Mtn.
19.12Stormy Rogers15.76aSt Johns
20.10Riley Winsor15.93aSt Johns
21.9Hanna Holgerson16.41aChandler Preparatory
22.10Mackenzie Riley16.67aBourgade Catholic
23.9Delainey Rab16.98aChandler Preparatory
24.10Astrid Halpin17.08aBourgade Catholic
25.11Janelle Smith17.21aAlchesay
26.12Angela Paxson17.24aAlchesay
27.12Selene Rivas18.70aPhoenix School For T...
11Vanessa OrtizDNSTonopah Valley
9Tania HendersonDNSPhoenix Christian
10Jennifer JohnsonDNSShow Low
11Mariah AhernDNSChino Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lieke Elbersen26.46aShow Low
2.11Savannah Brown26.97aSt Johns
3.11Sarah Strong27.51aChandler Preparatory
4.9Megan Meyer28.32aChandler Preparatory
5.10Maddie Zambrano29.13aChino Valley
6.11Mariah Ahern29.49aChino Valley
7.12Malcommia Smith29.56aTonopah Valley
8.11Jena Brown29.60aChino Valley
9.10Erin Forney30.00aPhoenix Christian
10.9Melanie Gonzales30.28aBourgade Catholic
11.11Angelica Gilchrist30.40aMingus Mtn.
12.10Mikayla Brannon30.49aShow Low
13.10Cassidy Rich30.54aGlendale Preparatory...
14.10Jennifer Johnson30.66aShow Low
15.9Jessica Gutierrez32.53aBourgade Catholic
16.9Chelsea Knotts32.58aChandler Preparatory
17.10Riley Winsor33.02aSt Johns
18.12Stormy Rogers33.16aSt Johns
19.10Anika Hirsch33.63aChandler Preparatory
20.9Hannah Welch34.81aBourgade Catholic
21.10Astrid Halpin35.54aBourgade Catholic
22.12Angela Paxson36.71aAlchesay
23.12Jhoanna Osorio37.01aPhoenix School For T...
24.12Selene Rivas39.69aPhoenix School For T...
9Natasha WoodsDNSTonopah Valley
9Tania HendersonDNSPhoenix Christian
12Brooklynn TrickeyDNSSt Johns
12Baylee SchroderDNSShow Low
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kyndness Broseman1:03.97aShow Low
2.9Megan Meyer1:06.07aChandler Preparatory
3.10Cassidy Rich1:07.88aGlendale Preparatory...
4.12Julie Springerley1:08.45aPhoenix Christian
5.10Billie Eltringham1:09.49aChino Valley
6.10Jennifer Johnson1:09.55aShow Low
7.12Sophie Jessop1:09.74aSt Johns
8.9Julia Chadwick1:10.69aChandler Preparatory
9.12Anna Norton1:12.66aSt Johns
10.9Siera Nunez1:13.80aShow Low
11.12Olivia Pellish1:13.94aPhoenix Christian
12.9Chelsea Knotts1:15.62aChandler Preparatory
13.10Veronica Simpson1:16.78aTonopah Valley
14.10Victoria Antisdel1:19.18aSt Johns
15.9Hannah Kissel1:21.32aBourgade Catholic
16.9Cecilia Pusac1:22.27aBourgade Catholic
17.11Dallas Pearce1:23.19aSt Johns
18.10Yukari Valenzuela1:24.29aPhoenix School For T...
19.9Liah D'sa1:27.20aChandler Preparatory
20.10Carmen Cabral1:27.30aTonopah Valley
21.12Selene Rivas1:31.15aPhoenix School For T...
10Megan HoffmanDNSTonopah Valley
11Desyre FallDNSAlchesay
11Elisabeth CukaDNSChino Valley
12Ahtionah DitzerDNSAlchesay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chastine Virgin2:35.41aShow Low
2.12Alexis Ricedorff2:43.34aShow Low
3.11Carissa Jones2:45.11aShow Low
4.12McCall Barger2:51.16aChandler Preparatory
5.9Ashley Starr2:53.24aPhoenix Christian
6.10Amber Leslie2:55.15aAlchesay
7.11Nichole Krueger2:55.21aMingus Mtn.
8.9Emily Gilmore3:00.06aChandler Preparatory
9.12Olivia Pellish3:05.16aPhoenix Christian
10.10Micaela Chavez3:09.06aChino Valley
11.11Lydia Richins3:11.33aSt Johns
12.11Louise Mejer3:13.23aTonopah Valley
13.9Sierra Lovato3:16.47aBourgade Catholic
14.11Janelle Smith3:17.70aAlchesay
15.9Perla Gonzales3:20.10aPhoenix Christian
16.10Amanda Masse3:26.75aChino Valley
17.11Diaz Andrea3:26.90aBourgade Catholic
18.10Cheyenne Jackson3:27.09aSt Johns
19.12Selene Rivas3:42.46aPhoenix School For T...
20.11Amy Drennan3:43.74aChandler Preparatory
21.9Amanda Cotter3:49.45aChandler Preparatory
22.9Sierra Rogers3:52.48aSt Johns
23.9Christina Ballard3:54.49aChino Valley
9Kyndness BrosemanDNSShow Low
10Alyssa ShoultesDNSTonopah Valley
10Rikki PayneDNSSt Johns
10Megan HoffmanDNSTonopah Valley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Davette Susan5:48.17aAlchesay
2.11Carissa Jones5:54.78aShow Low
3.12Bekah Young6:04.82aShow Low
4.11RayAnn Chee6:10.37aAlchesay
5.9Jordan Todd6:11.50aGlendale Preparatory...
6.11Nichole Krueger6:19.15aMingus Mtn.
7.11Kaila Allen6:20.06aGlendale Preparatory...
8.10Amber Leslie6:23.17aAlchesay
9.10Breanna Fowkes6:24.12aChino Valley
10.9Mikeyla Hall6:35.86aShow Low
11.10Micaela Chavez6:35.94aChino Valley
12.12McCall Barger6:40.31aChandler Preparatory
13.10Jenna Allen6:53.37aGlendale Preparatory...
14.11Kaycee Burley7:07.39aChandler Preparatory
15.10Yukari Valenzuela7:07.85aPhoenix School For T...
16.11Louise Mejer7:07.98aTonopah Valley
17.9Sierra Lovato7:12.67aBourgade Catholic
18.10Stephanie Rendon-Silva7:19.46aBourgade Catholic
19.11Alina Classen7:21.94aShow Low
20.11Lydia Richins7:33.99aSt Johns
21.10Amanda Masse7:35.22aChino Valley
22.10Rikki Payne7:40.29aSt Johns
23.9Amanda Cotter8:09.56aChandler Preparatory
24.11Amy Drennan8:13.82aChandler Preparatory
25.9Christina Ballard8:14.89aChino Valley
10Khye BernalDNSSt Johns
9Sophia DouglasDNSSt Johns
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Davette Susan12:23.27aAlchesay
2.12Bekah Young13:16.54aShow Low
3.10Danielle Dovey13:29.12aShow Low
4.11RayAnn Chee13:40.00aAlchesay
5.9Mikeyla Hall13:56.51aShow Low
6.11Kelsey Randal14:01.76aChino Valley
7.11Justine Moos14:03.02aShow Low
8.9Cheyanne Penton14:06.06aChino Valley
9.10Breanna Fowkes14:23.09aChino Valley
10.12McCall Barger14:37.09aChandler Preparatory
11.11Kaycee Burley15:36.60aChandler Preparatory
12.10Stephanie Rendon-Silva16:18.09aBourgade Catholic
11Amy DrennanDNSChandler Preparatory
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ciara Daniel17.20aShow Low
2.11Sarah Strong17.32aChandler Preparatory
3.11Haley Pomeroy18.67aShow Low
4.11Sarah Lemcke18.91aChino Valley
5.10Maddie Zambrano19.28aChino Valley
6.12Malcommia Smith19.46aTonopah Valley
7.11Lyndsay Campbell20.37aChandler Preparatory
8.10Abrianna Percuoco20.63aChandler Preparatory
9.10Jamie Jackson21.16aSt Johns
10.10Jessica Nyandamu21.31aBourgade Catholic
11.12Anna Norton21.37aSt Johns
12.10Brandy Wagoner22.24aSt Johns
13.11Amanda Murray22.89aBourgade Catholic
14.10Lexie Pierce23.12aShow Low
15.9Clarissa Spaulding23.22aBourgade Catholic
16.9Christine Nguyen24.22aBourgade Catholic
12Baylee SchroderDNSShow Low
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Strong50.56aChandler Preparatory
2.12Ciara Daniel50.69aShow Low
3.11Haley Pomeroy53.30aShow Low
4.10Maddie Zambrano54.45aChino Valley
5.12Malcommia Smith54.67aTonopah Valley
6.11Sarah Lemcke55.79aChino Valley
7.11Lyndsay Campbell57.08aChandler Preparatory
8.10Jessica Nyandamu58.81aBourgade Catholic
9.10Jamie Jackson1:00.68aSt Johns
10.10Veronica Simpson1:01.73aTonopah Valley
11.11Amanda Murray1:04.65aBourgade Catholic
12.10Brandy Wagoner1:07.82aSt Johns
13.10Lexie Pierce1:18.46aShow Low
9Sophia DouglasDNSSt Johns
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elisabeth Cuka
Caitlyn Ballard
Jena Brown
Rachel Merritt
53.35aChino Valley
2.-Savannah Brown
Brook Trickey
Miranda Farr
Nikki Cirivello
54.56aSt Johns
3.-Gisele Smith
Julia Chadwick
Hanna Holgerson
Emily Gilmore
59.38aChandler Preparatory
-Jhoanna Osorio
Vidiana Delgadillo
Selene Rivas
Yukari Valenzuela
NTPhoenix School For T...
-Lieke Eldersen
Ciara Daniel
Alexis Ricedorff
Baylee Schroder
DNSShow Low
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chastine Virgin
Alexis Ricedorff
Kyndness Broseman
Lieke Eldersen
4:21.87aShow Low
2.-Jena Brown
Chanel Turner
Jessica Fowkes
Billie Eltringham
4:46.64aChino Valley
3.-Victoria Antisdel
Stormy Rogers
Sophie Jessop
Anna Norton
5:02.15aSt Johns
4.-Malcommia Smith
Carmen Cabral
Louise Mejer
Veronica Simpson
5:11.52aTonopah Valley
5.-Hanna Holgerson
Delainey Rab
Julia Chadwick
Anika Hirsch
5:17.85aChandler Preparatory
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexis Ricedorff
Carissa Jones
Chastine Virgin
Kyndness Broseman
11:08.37aShow Low
2.-Davette Susan
Janelle Smith
RayAnn Chee
Amber Leslie
3.-Kelsey Randal
Cheyanne Penton
Jessica Fowkes
Chanel Turner
11:38.17aChino Valley
4.-Emily Gilmore
McCall Barger
Mallory Westphal
Kaycee Burley
11:54.25aChandler Preparatory
5.-Rikki Payne
Cheyenne Jackson
Lydia Richins
Sophia Douglas
13:29.13aSt Johns
-Veronica Simpson
Louise Mejer
Mayra Maya
Megan Hoffman
DNSTonopah Valley
-Relay Team DNSPhoenix Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Koepp33-11.50Phoenix Christian
2.12Ashleigh Moore30-01.50Chino Valley
3.11Jaime Ruiz27-10.50Show Low
4.12Erin Kaytoggy27-07.25Alchesay
5.10Taylor Ivy25-10.00Mingus Mtn.
6.11Gisele Smith25-06.50Chandler Preparatory
6.9Jenny Ballard25-06.50Chino Valley
8.10Shaylee Williams25-00.25Phoenix Christian
9.11Becca Schinke24-11.00Show Low
10.11DeAndra Antonio24-10.50Alchesay
11.12Shyann Hines24-06.00St Johns
12.12Mataya Newhall23-10.75Alchesay
13.10Jazmyn Walker23-00.75Bourgade Catholic
14.9Carly Hallabaugh22-06.00Bourgade Catholic
15.12Mallory Westphal22-01.00Chandler Preparatory
16.10Hannah Leonard21-07.75Bourgade Catholic
17.10Samica Thomas20-10.50St Johns
18.9Gabriella McGill20-10.00Phoenix School For T...
19.10Victoria Antisdel20-08.00St Johns
20.10Kaytlynn Maxwell20-06.50Show Low
21.12Chelsea Declay19-11.50Alchesay
22.12Vidiana Delgadillo19-08.50Phoenix School For T...
23.9Jackson Alexis19-05.50Phoenix Christian
24.10Jazmine Kohl19-01.00Bourgade Catholic
25.9Liah D'sa16-09.50Chandler Preparatory
26.9Delainey Rab16-04.00Chandler Preparatory
27.9Tianna Kaufman15-06.00Phoenix Christian
10Kayla TallabasDNSPhoenix School For T...
11Saraí SalmerónDNSTonopah Valley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Koepp105-06Phoenix Christian
2.11Becca Schinke95-11Show Low
3.12Ashleigh Moore91-02Chino Valley
4.10Kaytlynn Maxwell81-01Show Low
5.10Jazmyn Walker71-03Bourgade Catholic
6.9Jenny Ballard71-00Chino Valley
7.11Jaime Ruiz67-05Show Low
8.11Desyre Fall64-10Alchesay
9.10Hannah Leonard61-08Bourgade Catholic
10.12Jhoanna Osorio60-03Phoenix School For T...
11.10Aitana Paxson59-03Alchesay
12.9Carly Hallabaugh58-01Bourgade Catholic
13.12Erin Kaytoggy57-10Alchesay
14.9Gabriella McGill57-07Phoenix School For T...
15.12Chelsea Declay55-00Alchesay
16.12Vidiana Delgadillo53-11Phoenix School For T...
17.12Mallory Westphal51-01Chandler Preparatory
18.12Shyann Hines50-04St Johns
19.10Shaylee Williams48-00Phoenix Christian
20.10Jazmine Kohl47-02Bourgade Catholic
21.10Victoria Antisdel47-01St Johns
22.10Samica Thomas44-05St Johns
23.9Tianna Kaufman33-03Phoenix Christian
9Jackson AlexisDNSPhoenix Christian
10Kayla TallabasDNSPhoenix School For T...
11Saraí SalmerónDNSTonopah Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miranda Farr5-00.00St Johns
2.12Nikki Cirivello4-10.00St Johns
3.10Jennifer Johnson4-06.00Show Low
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklynn Trickey15-06.50St Johns
2.11Savannah Brown15-05.00St Johns
3.10Erin Forney14-08.50Phoenix Christian
4.10Mikayla Brannon14-01.00Show Low
5.10Jamie Jackson13-11.00St Johns
6.11Elisabeth Cuka13-04.00Chino Valley
7.11Lyndsay Campbell13-02.00Chandler Preparatory
8.10Caitlyn Ballard12-11.00Chino Valley
9.10Anika Hirsch12-07.75Chandler Preparatory
10.11Dallas Pearce12-03.00St Johns
11.11Gisele Smith11-06.75Chandler Preparatory
12.10Astrid Halpin10-04.75Bourgade Catholic
13.10Lexie Pierce10-03.75Show Low
9Tania HendersonDNSPhoenix Christian
9Siera NunezFOULShow Low
12Baylee SchroderDNSShow Low
10Abrianna PercuocoDNSChandler Preparatory
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklynn Trickey31-10.00St Johns
2.12Miranda Farr30-00.00St Johns
3.10Jennifer Johnson28-08.00Show Low
4.10Jessica Nyandamu27-06.00Bourgade Catholic
5.11Kaycee Burley24-07.00Chandler Preparatory
6.9Chelsea Knotts23-08.25Chandler Preparatory
7.9Delainey Rab21-07.00Chandler Preparatory
9Sophia DouglasDNSSt Johns
11Jena BrownDNSChino Valley
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