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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Demetrios Sanders11.5Southgate Anderson
2.10Hilbert Banks12.0Lincoln Park
10Ryan Belknap12.29Southgate Anderson
11DaVon Wheeler12.5Southgate Anderson
9Hunter Dunn12.7Southgate Anderson
9Treveon Johnson13.12Southgate Anderson
9Brandon Lebeau13.5Southgate Anderson
11Justin Stonier13.7Southgate Anderson
9Tyler Terteling14.43Southgate Anderson
11Kevin Jobin14.8Southgate Anderson
9Chris Sinani15.3Southgate Anderson
9Ryan Harris15.8Southgate Anderson

100 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Demetrios Sanders11.4Southgate Anderson
9Dillan Steele11.7Southgate Anderson
10Michael Doherty12.1Southgate Anderson
11Christopher Sprinkle12.6Southgate Anderson

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eric Peoples23.7Lincoln Park
3.10Hilbert Banks24.51Lincoln Park

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Matt Moore22.3Southgate Anderson
11Demetrios Sanders24.1Southgate Anderson
10Michael Doherty25.7Southgate Anderson
9Dillan Steele26.4Southgate Anderson

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eric Peoples53.56Lincoln Park
12Austin Corder57.2Southgate Anderson
2.11Devin Tyra57.4Southgate Anderson
9Rosario Hill57.5Southgate Anderson
3.11DaVon Wheeler57.5Southgate Anderson
10Dasion Love60.4Southgate Anderson
10Jon Barsnack64.0Southgate Anderson
10Ryan Owen66.4Southgate Anderson
9Tyler Terteling68.0Southgate Anderson
11Justin Stonier69.2Southgate Anderson

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jacob Brandes2:14.9Southgate Anderson
2.11Trevor McGrath2:18.2Southgate Anderson
3.11Kyle Johnston2:20.5Southgate Anderson
9Hunter Dunn2:29Southgate Anderson
11Kevin Jobin2:45Southgate Anderson
9Chris Sinani2:46Southgate Anderson

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Ryan Sander5:00.6Southgate Anderson
2.12David Dodds5:01.7Southgate Anderson
3.10Thomas Jozwiak5:02.3Southgate Anderson
9Anthony Kroll5:30Southgate Anderson
12Steven Pochini5:50Southgate Anderson
11Alex Stegbauer5:50Southgate Anderson

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Steven Pochini12:35.5Southgate Anderson
2.11Jacob Deibis12:36Southgate Anderson
3.12David Dodds12:36.9Southgate Anderson
10Ethan Anderson12:37Southgate Anderson
11Alex Stegbauer12:46Southgate Anderson
9Tristan Trueblood14:18Southgate Anderson

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eric Bruley17.31Southgate Anderson
2.12Matt Moore17.62Southgate Anderson
3.11Zachary Fish18.7Southgate Anderson

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eric Bruley45.88Southgate Anderson
2.10Jared Edison46.63Lincoln Park
3.11Zachary Fish48.25Southgate Anderson
9Ryan Harris67.0Southgate Anderson

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 47.81Lincoln Park
2.-Demetrios Sanders
Christopher Sprinkle
Michael Doherty
Dillan Steele
48.29Southgate Anderson

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Demetrios Sanders
Michael Doherty
Matt Moore
Dillan Steele
1:38.5Southgate Anderson

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-David Dodds
Trevor McGrath
Jacob Deibis
Kyle Johnston
9:53Southgate Anderson

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nathan Ridenour41'0.5"Southgate Anderson
2.10Byron Evans38'8"Lincoln Park
3.11nick Young37'8"Lincoln Park
3.10Ray Young37'3"Southgate Anderson
11Austin Sloan35'8"Southgate Anderson
10Jacob Petrick32'8.5"Southgate Anderson
12David Velez32'2"Southgate Anderson
10Jon Barsnack31'7"Southgate Anderson
12Mitch Rosen31'7"Southgate Anderson
11Francesco Badalamente30'11"Southgate Anderson
11Brandon Price29'10"Southgate Anderson
10Corey Adkins27'5"Southgate Anderson
9Andrew Watkins24'10"Southgate Anderson

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nathan Ridenour124'9"Southgate Anderson
2.10Byron Evans117'7"Lincoln Park
3.12David Velez114'6.5"Southgate Anderson
11nick Young96'7"Lincoln Park
11Evan Sleep93'11"Southgate Anderson
11Austin Sloan87'3"Southgate Anderson
10Jason Marcoux82'1"Lincoln Park
12Mitch Rosen76'1"Southgate Anderson
10Ray Young71'0"Southgate Anderson
11Francesco Badalamente69'4"Southgate Anderson
10Jacob Petrick65'11.5"Southgate Anderson
11Brandon Price65'7.5"Southgate Anderson
10Corey Adkins59'6"Southgate Anderson
9Andrew Watkins54'8"Southgate Anderson

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Deshawn Tillman5'10"Lincoln Park
2.12Matt Moore5'8"Southgate Anderson
3.11Lmar Burts5'8"Lincoln Park
10Jacob Brandes5'6"Southgate Anderson
10Jared Edison5'2"Lincoln Park
9Brandon Lebeau4'6Southgate Anderson

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Austin Corder11'6Southgate Anderson
2.10Robert Atwater10Lincoln Park
3.11Andrew Witz9'0Southgate Anderson
9Quinn Chapman8'6"Lincoln Park
10Ryan Owen8'6Southgate Anderson
9Robert Lee8'6"Lincoln Park
11Dylan Mcleod8'0"Lincoln Park

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Moore18'6.5"Southgate Anderson
2.11Devin Tyra18'3.5"Southgate Anderson
3.10Michael Doherty17'4"Southgate Anderson
11Zachary Fish16'8"Southgate Anderson

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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jamila Ross13.77Southgate Anderson
2.9Kyra Goeller14.53Southgate Anderson
11Heaven Queen14.72Southgate Anderson

100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Daja Johnson15.12Southgate Anderson
9My'esha Johnson-Wheeler15.60Southgate Anderson
9LeAnna Richards15.72Southgate Anderson
10Emily McMath16.03Southgate Anderson
11Danielle Gutierrez16.20Southgate Anderson
10Meghan Hernandez16.27Southgate Anderson
11Maria Jimenez16.50Southgate Anderson
9Caylei Vu16.83Southgate Anderson

100 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Heaven Queen14.13Southgate Anderson
9Kaylus Denman14.38Southgate Anderson
10Jamila Ross14.82Southgate Anderson
10Emiesha Burrell14.99Southgate Anderson

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Emiesha Burrell28.28Southgate Anderson
2.10Devin Greer-Travis29.85Southgate Anderson
3.10Rebekah Kakos30.46Southgate Anderson

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Daja Johnson31.50Southgate Anderson
11Heaven Queen31.53Southgate Anderson
9Kyra Goeller32.34Southgate Anderson
9LeAnna Richards32.78Southgate Anderson
10Mary Peek32.78Southgate Anderson
11Danielle Gutierrez34.13Southgate Anderson
12Lindsay Crum35.00Southgate Anderson
9Caylei Vu35.53Southgate Anderson

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Jamila Ross27.92Southgate Anderson
10Devin Greer-Travis28.07Southgate Anderson
10Emiesha Burrell28.73Southgate Anderson
11Grace Moore30.34Southgate Anderson

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Kennedy Bradley-stevens67.15Lincoln Park
1.10Autumn Wilson1:09Southgate Anderson
3.9Kyra Goeller1:13Southgate Anderson
9LeAnna Richards1:15Southgate Anderson

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

9Amber McAllister1:20Southgate Anderson
11Aubrie Noel1:25Southgate Anderson
9Samantha Schoenfeldt1:27Southgate Anderson
9Mikayla Martin1:30Southgate Anderson

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Hailey Brandes2:44Southgate Anderson
2.11Alyssa Grosman2:55Lincoln Park
3.11Grace Moore2:56Southgate Anderson
10Molly Browe3:14Southgate Anderson

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Megan Browe3:08Southgate Anderson

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Hailey Brandes2:58Southgate Anderson
10Megan Browe3:05Southgate Anderson
9Morgan Fantow3:25Southgate Anderson
12Dakota Angileri3:30Southgate Anderson

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dakota Angileri6:53Southgate Anderson
2.9Morgan Fantow6:54Southgate Anderson
3.9Amber Simms7:03Southgate Anderson

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Morgan Fantow14:40Southgate Anderson

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Breanna Luba16.3Southgate Anderson
3.10Rylee Rivier20.5Southgate Anderson
10Shelby Bell24.19Southgate Anderson

100m Hurdles - 33"  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Mary Peek20.22Southgate Anderson
9Onna Fisher20.29Southgate Anderson

300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Breanna Luba48.28Southgate Anderson
3.10Rylee Rivier55.00Southgate Anderson
10Shelby Bell55.34Southgate Anderson

300m Hurdles - 30"  Junior Varsity - Finals

9Onna Fisher57.30Southgate Anderson
9My'esha Johnson-Wheeler59.12Southgate Anderson
10Emily McMath1:02.5Southgate Anderson
10Meghan Hernandez1:10Southgate Anderson
11Maria Jimenez1:11Southgate Anderson

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

DQ-Emiesha Burrell
Jamila Ross
Heaven Queen
Kaylus Denman
58.32Southgate Anderson

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Emiesha Burrell
Jamila Ross
Grace Moore
Devin Greer-Travis
1:54.97Southgate Anderson

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Aubrie Noel
Mikayla Martin
Samantha Schoenfeldt
Amber McAllister
5:43Southgate Anderson

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Hailey Brandes
Megan Browe
Morgan Fantow
Dakota Angileri
12:59Southgate Anderson

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Alyssa Doute27'8Southgate Anderson
2.12Lindsay Crum27'5Southgate Anderson
3.9Amber McAllister26'7Southgate Anderson

Shot Put - 4kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

9Mikayla Martin21' 6Southgate Anderson
11Aubrie Noel18' 6Southgate Anderson
9Samantha Schoenfeldt14' 10Southgate Anderson

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Lindsay Crum101'3Southgate Anderson
2.11Aubrie Noel81' 5Southgate Anderson
3.10Alyssa Doute69' 8.5Southgate Anderson

Discus - 1kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

9Amber McAllister52' 7.5Southgate Anderson
9Mikayla Martin41' 10Southgate Anderson
9Samantha Schoenfeldt33' 4Southgate Anderson

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Grace Moore4'10Southgate Anderson
2.10Kennedy Bradley-stevens4'8"Lincoln Park
3.10Daja Johnson4'6Southgate Anderson
10Emiesha Burrell4' 4Southgate Anderson

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brianne Walsh8'6Southgate Anderson
2.10Shelby Bell6'Southgate Anderson

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Breanna Luba14' 7.5Southgate Anderson
2.10Rebekah Kakos13' 3.5Southgate Anderson
3.10Rylee Rivier13'2Southgate Anderson

Long Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Meghan Hernandez9' 11Southgate Anderson


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