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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Page HS, Page

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jason Moore11.86aPage      
2.10Billy Randall12.09aCoconino      
3.12Clayton Nez12.40aGreyhills      
4.10Manuelito Chief12.43aWindow Rock      
5.11Tasi Malala12.48aMonument Valley      
6.11Tyler Brown12.49aPage      
7.11Zack Shippey12.58aMonument Valley      
12Paul MartinsonDQPage      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Jason Moore11.88aPage      
2.10Billy Randall12.11aCoconino      
3.12Paul Martinson12.34aPage      
4.12Clayton Nez12.42aGreyhills      
5.11Tasi Malala12.46aMonument Valley      
6.10Manuelito Chief12.48aWindow Rock      
7.11Tyler Brown12.51aPage      
8.11Zack Shippey12.58aMonument Valley      
9.12Shawneil Yazzie12.58aChinle      
10.9Derek Taylor12.61aCoconino      
11.12Ervin Nacki12.72aRed Mesa      
12.10Isaiah Warren12.77aRed Mesa      
13.10Lionel Haskan12.84aRed Mesa      
14.10Tristan Begaye13.08aTuba City      
15.12Stewart Yazzie13.09aChinle      
16.9Kevin Thompson13.12aChinle      
17.11Alex Gishie13.19aNavajo Mountain      
18.9Trey Perkins13.23aCoconino      
19.12Trenton Draper13.24aChinle      
19.12Jason Begay13.24aGreyhills      
21.12Lodi Bitsie13.32aWindow Rock      
22.10Wesley Loughran13.44aTuba City      
23.12Terrence Bia13.50aMany Farms      
24.9Tyler Jones13.80aGrand Canyon      
25.11Gregory George13.82aRed Valley-Cove      
26.11Cederick Charley13.84aRed Valley-Cove      
27.10Kolten Bia14.04aMany Farms      
28.9Kyle Cluff14.04aFredonia      
29.9Zac Waite14.06aFredonia      
30.9Tremaine Bartlett14.13aGreyhills      
31.12Braxon Waite14.30aFredonia      
32.10Brandon Troglia14.39aTuba City      
33.10Brandon Nez14.61aMonument Valley      
34.10Chadwin Sells14.80aMany Farms      
35.10Ethan Gilmore14.98aWindow Rock      
36.9Colin Littlehat15.61aRed Valley-Cove      
11Wilson AttakaiDNSGreyhills      
11Erickson SamDNSWindow Rock      
12Joshua Martinez-NajeraDNSTuba City      
12Colin BegayDNSRock Point      
11Luke RossDNSCoconino      
9Deion WheelerDNSRock Point      
11Ricktin BaheDNSRock Point      
12Ernesto GonzalesDNSRed Mesa      
9Kayo DeschenieDNSNavajo Mountain      
10Weston HotDNSRock Point      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Pablo24.03aWindow Rock      
2.10Joey Bankston24.23aGrand Canyon      
3.9Jason Moore24.32aPage      
4.9Marcus Baca-Martinez24.69aCoconino      
5.11Kervin Tom25.13aMonument Valley      
6.10Billy Randall25.39aCoconino      
7.10Manuelito Chief25.90aWindow Rock      
8.12Brandon Johnson26.76aTuba City      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brandon Johnson24.71aTuba City      
2.9Jason Moore24.93aPage      
3.10Joey Bankston25.02aGrand Canyon      
4.9Marcus Baca-Martinez25.03aCoconino      
5.10Billy Randall25.03aCoconino      
6.12Josh Pablo25.20aWindow Rock      
7.11Kervin Tom25.27aMonument Valley      
8.10Manuelito Chief25.38aWindow Rock      
9.9Diego Rameriez25.53aCoconino      
10.11Wyman Yellowhair25.56aPage      
11.12Paul Martinson25.56aPage      
12.12Shawneil Yazzie25.65aChinle      
13.11Tasi Malala25.69aMonument Valley      
14.10Ashley Atene25.70aMonument Valley      
15.10Lincoln Yazzie25.71aTuba City      
16.10Isaiah Warren25.74aRed Mesa      
17.11Zack Shippey25.94aMonument Valley      
18.11Tyler Brown25.98aPage      
19.9Kevin Thompson26.44aChinle      
20.11Jedrek Hot26.57aRed Mesa      
21.12Leon Manygoats26.65aGreyhills      
22.12Kyle Nez26.81aTuba City      
23.12Stewart Yazzie26.99aChinle      
24.12Terrence Bia27.02aMany Farms      
25.10Luke Perkins27.10aCoconino      
26.12Trenton Draper27.15aChinle      
27.10Tristan Begaye27.22aTuba City      
28.12Jason Begay27.32aGreyhills      
29.9Tyler StrangeOwl27.45aWindow Rock      
30.10Justin Jarrell27.75aGrand Canyon      
31.11Cederick Charley29.07aRed Valley-Cove      
32.10Kolten Bia29.14aMany Farms      
33.11Aaron Harvey30.53aRed Valley-Cove      
10Weston HotDNSRock Point      
9Deion WheelerDNSRock Point      
11Wilson AttakaiDNSGreyhills      
12Ernest SamDNSWindow Rock      
9Kayo DeschenieDNSNavajo Mountain      
11Alex GishieDNSNavajo Mountain      
12Ernesto GonzalesDNSRed Mesa      
10Lionel HaskanDNSRed Mesa      
12Joseph HotDNSRock Point      
11Ricktin BaheDNSRock Point      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Roessig53.35aCoconino      
2.12Levi Howard54.41aChinle      
3.12Brandon Johnson54.49aTuba City      
4.12Josh Pablo56.30aWindow Rock      
5.12Leon Manygoats57.36aGreyhills      
6.12Ervin Nacki57.92aRed Mesa      
7.11Wyman Yellowhair58.75aPage      
8.9Diego Rameriez58.81aCoconino      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Steven Roessig52.94aCoconino      
2.12Levi Howard54.41aChinle      
3.12Brandon Johnson54.52aTuba City      
4.11Wyman Yellowhair56.60aPage      
5.12Ervin Nacki57.02aRed Mesa      
6.12Josh Pablo57.31aWindow Rock      
7.12Leon Manygoats57.59aGreyhills      
8.9Diego Rameriez57.77aCoconino      
9.11Julius Descheenie58.09aPage      
10.12Alessandro Uentillie58.60aMany Farms      
11.12Paul Martinson59.61aPage      
12.11Cordell Parker59.74aCoconino      
13.12Coltin Manygoats1:00.56aTuba City      
14.10Brody Yazzie1:00.96aMonument Valley      
15.11Ricardo McCrary1:01.10aGrand Canyon      
16.11Jeremy Jesus1:02.18aWindow Rock      
17.9Tyler StrangeOwl1:02.46aWindow Rock      
18.12Malcolm Crank1:03.72aMonument Valley      
19.10Nicolas Legaspi1:05.03aGrand Canyon      
20.9Tremaine Bartlett1:06.24aGreyhills      
21.11Gregory George1:06.61aRed Valley-Cove      
22.12Nehemiah Manheimer1:08.85aMonument Valley      
23.9Rivers Jones1:11.30aMonument Valley      
12Taran LamemanDNSRed Mesa      
12Ernest SamDNSWindow Rock      
12Joseph HotDNSRock Point      
12Nathan BegayDNSRock Point      
12Shane BedonieDNSChinle      
11Lyle BecentiDNSRock Point      
12Colin BegayDNSRock Point      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mathew Murray1:56.80aTuba City      
2.12Jonathan Yazzie1:58.54aChinle      
3.12Shawn Secody2:06.61aPage      
4.11Levi Hatch2:08.05aCoconino      
5.10Jullian Melvin2:10.07aCoconino      
6.12Michael Russell2:14.65aPage      
7.9Jeffery Miller2:15.93aPage      
8.9Tyron Yazzie2:16.91aPage      
9.10Bill Clem2:17.49aChinle      
10.12Leon Manygoats2:22.25aGreyhills      
11.12Charles Manymules2:24.78aChinle      
12.11Tyson Chilly2:27.48aRed Mesa      
13.11Ricardo McCrary2:28.72aGrand Canyon      
14.12Taran Lameman2:29.72aRed Mesa      
15.10Sean Sloan2:30.24aTuba City      
16.9Jayden Heaton2:30.29aTuba City      
17.9Sedale Bighorse2:31.30aGreyhills      
18.9Steven Noon2:33.68aWindow Rock      
19.10Kyle Martinez2:36.09aBeaver Dam      
20.10Chadwin Sells2:37.28aMany Farms      
21.12Rolajuwan Clark2:42.70aGreyhills      
22.11Aaron Harvey2:42.74aRed Valley-Cove      
23.9Deshna Barton2:46.09aRed Mesa      
24.9Joe Lee2:49.66aWindow Rock      
25.10Nicolas Legaspi2:50.45aGrand Canyon      
26.9Stonn Billy2:52.38aGreyhills      
27.9Leo Peacock2:53.70aRed Valley-Cove      
11Harrison BegayeDNSChinle      
9Julian ClyDNSMonument Valley      
11Erickson SamDNSWindow Rock      
12Josh PabloDNSWindow Rock      
12Nehemiah ManheimerDNSMonument Valley      
11Jeff HaroldDNSMonument Valley      
11Keifer ManygoatsDNSMonument Valley      
11Harrison ThurgoodDNSCoconino      
11Lyle BecentiDNSRock Point      
12Joseph HotDNSRock Point      
12Nathan BegayDNSRock Point      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jeffery Miller4:39.67aPage      
2.11Searle Tracy4:45.20aChinle      
3.12Charles Manymules4:51.10aChinle      
4.11Harrison Thurgood4:51.15aCoconino      
5.11Binahnii Curley4:54.37aWindow Rock      
6.10Klye Nutumya4:54.79aTuba City      
7.12Alessandro Uentillie4:56.06aMany Farms      
8.10Bill Clem5:02.25aChinle      
9.11Dave Barton Jr.5:03.95aRed Mesa      
10.10Kyle Hardy5:04.03aTuba City      
11.12Marcus Begay5:04.34aPage      
12.9Kyle Sumatzkuku5:06.64aTuba City      
13.10Landis Nelson5:07.14aMonument Valley      
14.11Jeff Harold5:11.78aMonument Valley      
15.9Tyron Yazzie5:16.01aPage      
16.9Sedale Bighorse5:22.67aGreyhills      
17.10Sean Sloan5:23.48aTuba City      
18.9Jermiah Curley5:26.90aWindow Rock      
19.12Terrence Bia5:30.67aMany Farms      
20.11Tyson Chilly5:33.46aRed Mesa      
21.12Jerman Valerio5:36.41aGrand Canyon      
22.9Steven Noon5:43.20aWindow Rock      
23.10Chadwin Sells5:44.69aMany Farms      
24.9Deshna Barton5:56.16aRed Mesa      
25.11Ricardo McCrary5:57.93aGrand Canyon      
26.12Rolajuwan Clark6:03.07aGreyhills      
27.9Leo Peacock6:12.95aRed Valley-Cove      
28.12Nehemiah Manheimer6:17.41aMonument Valley      
29.9Stonn Billy6:26.97aGreyhills      
30.10Nicolas Legaspi6:37.44aGrand Canyon      
11Jedrek HotDNSRed Mesa      
9Justin LittlemanDNSPage      
9Clayton BryantDNSMonument Valley      
12Nathan BegayDNSRock Point      
12Colin BegayDNSRock Point      
12Shane BedonieDNSChinle      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shawn Tsinnijinnie10:07.15aTuba City      
2.10Eddie Loughran10:36.50aTuba City      
3.9Justin Littleman10:45.37aPage      
4.10Klye Nutumya10:46.90aTuba City      
5.11Binahnii Curley10:47.59aWindow Rock      
6.10Xiaija Schuldies10:47.91aPage      
7.11Dave Barton Jr.10:51.61aRed Mesa      
8.12Kyran Brown10:59.28aPage      
9.12Justin Yazzie11:00.01aChinle      
10.9Michael Tsosie11:05.07aPage      
11.11Darnell Johnson11:06.04aChinle      
12.11Cederick Charley12:34.73aRed Valley-Cove      
13.11Aaron Harvey13:21.51aRed Valley-Cove      
9Jayden HeatonDNSTuba City      
11Channon CurleyDNSChinle      
12Alessandro UentillieDNSMany Farms      
11Myron CheeDNSChinle      
9Julian ClyDNSMonument Valley      
11Levi HatchDNSCoconino      
11Keifer ManygoatsDNSMonument Valley      
10Landis NelsonDNSMonument Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cordell Parker18.67aCoconino      
2.12Seth Wayne18.76aMonument Valley      
3.9Collins Denetdeel19.27aChinle      
4.10Greg Williams19.67aMonument Valley      
5.10Kyle Martinez20.01aBeaver Dam      
6.9Ike Owens20.19aWindow Rock      
7.10Todd Oldroyd20.47aCoconino      
8.9Clayton Bryant22.79aMonument Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Collins Denetdeel19.12aChinle      
2.11Cordell Parker19.15aCoconino      
3.12Seth Wayne19.58aMonument Valley      
4.9Ike Owens19.62aWindow Rock      
5.10Kyle Martinez20.62aBeaver Dam      
6.10Greg Williams20.70aMonument Valley      
7.10Todd Oldroyd21.34aCoconino      
8.9Clayton Bryant22.82aMonument Valley      
12Shane BedonieDNSChinle      
12Kelvin GleasonDNSWindow Rock      
12Josiah ShirleyDNSChinle      
12Rayven JoeDNSWindow Rock      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miclaine Bendel44.27aCoconino      
2.9Trey Perkins46.21aCoconino      
3.10Kyle Martinez46.76aBeaver Dam      
4.12Seth Wayne47.44aMonument Valley      
5.12Ryan Yazzie48.84aShonto Prep      
6.9Collins Denetdeel49.98aChinle      
7.11Dave Barton Jr.51.53aRed Mesa      
8.9Diego Rameriez53.84aCoconino      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Miclaine Bendel43.89aCoconino      
2.9Trey Perkins46.04aCoconino      
3.12Seth Wayne47.34aMonument Valley      
4.10Kyle Martinez47.46aBeaver Dam      
5.9Diego Rameriez48.56aCoconino      
6.12Ryan Yazzie48.82aShonto Prep      
7.11Dave Barton Jr.49.10aRed Mesa      
8.9Collins Denetdeel49.21aChinle      
9.9Ike Owens49.94aWindow Rock      
10.11Tyson Chilly50.09aRed Mesa      
11.9Clayton Bryant52.34aMonument Valley      
12.10Greg Williams53.66aMonument Valley      
13.9Michael Johns56.42aMonument Valley      
14.12Coltin Manygoats1:01.43aTuba City      
12Josiah ShirleyDNSChinle      
12Rayven JoeDNSWindow Rock      
12Kelvin GleasonDNSWindow Rock      
9Tyler StrangeOwlDQWindow Rock      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Daulton
Billy Randall
Diego Rameriez
Marcus Baca Martinez
2.-Lionel Haskan
Isaiah Warren
Ernesto Gonzales
Ervin Nacki
51.30aRed Mesa      
3.-Tristen Begay
Lincoln Yazzie
Jayden Heaton
Brandon Troglia
51.39aTuba City      
4.-Kolten Bia
Chadwin Sells
Terrence Bia
Alessandro Uentillie
53.68aMany Farms      
5.-Jeremy Jesus
Kobe Toadlena
Ernest Sam
Ethan Gilmore
55.55aWindow Rock      
-Deion Wheeler
Colin Begay
Lyle Becenti
Nathan Begay
DNSRock Point      
-Ashley Atene
Kervin Tom
Zack Shippey
Tasi Malala
DNSMonument Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Miclaine Bendel
Harrison Thurgood
Levi Hatch
Jullian Melvin
2.-Jeffery Miller
Tyron Yazzie
Paul Martinson
Shawn Secody
3.-Brandon Johnson
Kyle Hardy
Lincoln Yazzie
Ryne Smiley
3:47.95aTuba City      
4.-Jedrek Hot
Isaiah Warren
Ernesto Gonzales
Ervin Nacki
3:54.75aRed Mesa      
5.-Luke Streit
Joey Bankston
Jerman Valerio
Jared Ruyle
4:01.89aGrand Canyon      
-Brody Yazzie
Ashley Atene
Seth Wayne
Landis Nelson
DNSMonument Valley      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bill Clem
Jonathan Yazzie
Justin Yazzie
Darnell Johnson
2.-Marcus Begay
Justin Littleman
Tyron Yazzie
Jeffery Miller
3.-Tyson Chilly
Jedrek Hot
Taran Lameman
Dave Barton Jr.
9:19.00aRed Mesa      
4.-Luke Streit
Justin Jarrell
Jerman Valerio
Jared Ruyle
9:30.75aGrand Canyon      
5.-Malcolm Crank
Michael Johns
Bradley Hanson
Jeff Harold
10:39.83aMonument Valley      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dion Bailey43-03.50Monument Valley      
2.12Christopher Bahe37-07.00Chinle      
3.9Jason Moore35-09.50Page      
4.11Tito Bailey35-07.50Monument Valley      
5.12Kyle Nez35-00.00Tuba City      
6.11Luke Ross33-09.50Coconino      
7.12Eric Derbidge33-05.50Fredonia      
8.12Nikela Simeona33-01.50Chinle      
9.10Roger Sandall32-11.00Page      
10.12Tre Benally32-06.50Chinle      
11.12Lodi Bitsie32-05.00Window Rock      
12.12Kylan Yazzie31-06.00Tuba City      
13.12Rolajuwan Clark31-02.00Greyhills      
14.12Ernest Sam30-07.00Window Rock      
15.9Colin Littlehat30-05.00Red Valley-Cove      
16.10Lionel Haskan30-04.00Red Mesa      
17.12Warren Deschene30-02.50Red Mesa      
18.12Ryan Yazzie27-08.50Shonto Prep      
19.9Stonn Billy27-01.00Greyhills      
20.11Kollin Toadlena26-08.00Window Rock      
21.10Nicholas Seanez23-08.00Window Rock      
22.9Ray Montoya17-11.00Grand Canyon      
12Marlon BegayDNSChinle      
12Davin TourquioseDNSPage      
9Becenti LaneDNSRock Point      
11Eric KayDNSRed Valley-Cove      
12Nelfred BlackDNSPage      
12Chris VessyDNSGrand Canyon      
12Everette BaheDNSRock Point      
10Travis GrayDNSMonument Valley      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Bahe121-01Chinle      
2.12Dion Bailey109-00Monument Valley      
3.11Tito Bailey106-08Monument Valley      
4.12Kylan Yazzie100-01Tuba City      
5.12Steven Roessig96-02Coconino      
6.12Eric Derbidge92-09Fredonia      
7.12Kyle Nez84-03Tuba City      
8.9Kobe Toadlena83-04Window Rock      
9.10Luke Perkins81-06Coconino      
10.12Warren Deschene80-02Red Mesa      
11.12Rolajuwan Clark77-11Greyhills      
12.11Jeremy Jesus74-05Window Rock      
13.11Evaughan Ashley73-07Window Rock      
14.12Ryan Yazzie71-11Shonto Prep      
15.12Tre Benally71-09Chinle      
16.10Roger Sandall70-09Page      
17.11Kollin Toadlena69-11Window Rock      
18.9Colin Littlehat67-01Red Valley-Cove      
19.10Nicholas Seanez63-01Window Rock      
20.12Braxon Waite57-00Fredonia      
21.9Leo Peacock56-04Red Valley-Cove      
22.9Ray Montoya41-04Grand Canyon      
12Marlon BegayDNSChinle      
9Becenti LaneDNSRock Point      
12Maximillon BenallyDNSRock Point      
11Wilson AttakaiDNSGreyhills      
12Davin TourquioseDNSPage      
12Everette BaheDNSRock Point      
12Chris VessyDNSGrand Canyon      
12Nikela SimeonaDNSChinle      
10Travis GrayDNSMonument Valley      
12Nelfred BlackDNSPage      
11Eric KayDNSRed Valley-Cove      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Luke Ross6-00.00Coconino      
2.12Steven Roessig6-00.00Coconino      
3.12Levi Howard5-10.00Chinle      
4.11Paden James5-10.00Page      
5.12Clayton Nez5-08.00Greyhills      
6.10Joey Bankston5-04.00Grand Canyon      
7.12Justin Clark5-04.00Coconino      
8.9Tyler Jones5-04.00Grand Canyon      
9.9Ike Owens5-04.00Window Rock      
10.11Kervin Tom5-02.00Monument Valley      
11.10Greg Williams5-01.00Monument Valley      
12.10Lincoln Yazzie5-00.00Tuba City      
10Ashley AteneNHMonument Valley      
10Tristan BegayeNHTuba City      
12Luke DaultonDNSCoconino      
11Luke StreitNHGrand Canyon      
9Julian ClyDNSMonument Valley      
9Jermiah CurleyNHWindow Rock      
9Kyle CluffDNSFredonia      
9KJ BistlineNHFredonia      
12Josiah ShirleyDNSChinle      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julius Descheenie10-06.00Page      
2.10Xiaija Schuldies10-00.00Page      
3.11Wyman Yellowhair8-06.00Page      
4.9Kyle Cluff8-00.00Fredonia      
5.9KJ Bistline7-06.00Fredonia      
6.9Zac Waite7-06.00Fredonia      
7.10Kenny Black6-00.00Fredonia      
9Trey PerkinsNHCoconino      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jason Moore19-03.50Page      
2.12Clayton Nez17-02.75Greyhills      
3.11Tyler Brown16-11.75Page      
4.12Jared Ruyle16-08.75Grand Canyon      
5.12Justin Clark16-04.25Coconino      
6.12Miclaine Bendel16-04.00Coconino      
6.10Justin Jarrell16-04.00Grand Canyon      
8.12Ryan Yazzie15-11.50Shonto Prep      
9.10Luke Perkins15-05.00Coconino      
10.10Brody Yazzie15-04.75Monument Valley      
11.11Paden James15-04.50Page      
12.9Tyler StrangeOwl15-01.50Window Rock      
13.9Sedale Bighorse14-05.75Greyhills      
14.9KJ Bistline13-08.00Fredonia      
15.10Kenny Black13-04.75Fredonia      
16.9Rivers Jones13-03.25Monument Valley      
17.10Bradley Hanson12-10.50Monument Valley      
18.10Ethan Gilmore11-01.25Window Rock      
10Brandon NezDNSMonument Valley      
11Gregory GeorgeDNSRed Valley-Cove      
9Kayo DeschenieDNSNavajo Mountain      
9Derek TaylorDNSCoconino      
11Erickson SamDNSWindow Rock      
9Adrian BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
11Aaron HarveyDNSRed Valley-Cove      
11Cederick CharleyDNSRed Valley-Cove      
9Leo PeacockDNSRed Valley-Cove      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Roessig42-09.75Coconino      
2.12Luke Daulton37-06.25Coconino      
3.11Paden James37-02.00Page      
4.12Clayton Nez35-07.25Greyhills      
5.9Tyler Jones35-05.00Grand Canyon      
6.12Miclaine Bendel34-09.00Coconino      
7.10Brody Yazzie34-08.75Monument Valley      
8.12Jared Ruyle34-07.25Grand Canyon      
9.11Searle Tracy33-11.50Chinle      
10.10Roger Sandall33-11.00Page      
11.12Lodi Bitsie32-09.00Window Rock      
12.10Justin Jarrell32-06.50Grand Canyon      
13.10Manuelito Chief31-08.50Window Rock      
14.10Todd Oldroyd30-05.25Coconino      
15.10Bradley Hanson29-10.00Monument Valley      
16.10Kenny Black29-05.50Fredonia      
17.9Zac Waite28-05.25Fredonia      
11Erickson SamDNSWindow Rock      
9Adrian BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
12Malcolm CrankDNSMonument Valley      
11Tasi MalalaNDMonument Valley      
11Luke StreitNDGrand Canyon      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Katilynn Knott13.00aCoconino      
2.9Caitlyn Allen13.36aFredonia      
3.11Megan Quick13.67aCoconino      
4.11Marina Davis13.82aPage      
5.10Kristin Quick14.14aCoconino      
6.12Rachel Martin14.27aChinle      
7.12Annette Brown14.43aChinle      
8.12Danielle Stevens14.44aPage      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Katilynn Knott13.21aCoconino      
2.9Caitlyn Allen13.62aFredonia      
3.11Marina Davis14.06aPage      
4.11Megan Quick14.18aCoconino      
5.12Rachel Martin14.52aChinle      
6.10Kristin Quick14.66aCoconino      
7.12Danielle Stevens14.66aPage      
8.12Annette Brown14.67aChinle      
9.9Taylor Worker14.97aMonument Valley      
10.10Ashley Sisco15.00aMonument Valley      
11.11Ashley Holiday15.23aMonument Valley      
12.11Gabe Patterson15.27aCoconino      
13.12Letrisha Tuni15.62aRed Mesa      
14.9Talleatha Tallsalt15.69aTuba City      
15.9Autumn Powell15.73aWindow Rock      
16.12Tia Tsinnie15.92aGreyhills      
17.12Kierra Knight16.06aPage      
18.9Audre Humetewa16.17aTuba City      
19.11Cori Yazzie16.37aGrand Canyon      
20.9Dominique Russell16.52aTuba City      
21.12Valendria Malone16.56aMonument Valley      
22.9Kimberly Stanley16.58aRed Mesa      
23.10Yadira Mendoza16.72aBeaver Dam      
24.9Madison Johnson16.75aChinle      
25.10Christina Boone16.77aNavajo Mountain      
26.9Nizhoni Mike16.81aWindow Rock      
27.10Crystal Johnson17.03aGreyhills      
28.11Tanisha Lizer17.07aWindow Rock      
29.11Dawn Wartz17.09aRed Mesa      
30.11Emerald Byakeddy18.47aTuba City      
12Tonisha JellyDNSGreyhills      
10Nichole BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
9Eva WinlockDNSPage      
9Lidia HermosilloDNSBeaver Dam      
9Amberlene BegayDNSRock Point      
10Amberleigh ClydeDNSRock Point      
9Christana ClydeDNSRock Point      
12Abigail JohnDNSRed Mesa      
9Rosheena CurleyDNSRock Point      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Victoria Ignace26.84aCoconino      
2.9Katilynn Knott27.88aCoconino      
3.9Ginger Davis29.08aPage      
4.10Timmetha Johnson29.35aTuba City      
5.12Courtney Hurst29.35aCoconino      
6.11Megan Quick29.37aCoconino      
7.11Alexis Smith30.23aPage      
8.9Jancee Etcitty30.57aPage      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Victoria Ignace27.46aCoconino      
2.9Katilynn Knott27.65aCoconino      
3.9Ginger Davis29.32aPage      
4.12Courtney Hurst29.64aCoconino      
5.11Megan Quick29.77aCoconino      
6.10Timmetha Johnson30.19aTuba City      
7.9Jancee Etcitty30.22aPage      
8.11Alexis Smith30.27aPage      
9.10Brooke Curleyhair30.36aMonument Valley      
10.10Rochelle Velez30.64aTuba City      
11.12Cortney Curley30.98aChinle      
12.10Phylicia Flores31.27aMany Farms      
13.9Eva Winlock31.42aPage      
14.9Taylor Worker32.06aMonument Valley      
15.12Letrisha Tuni32.07aRed Mesa      
16.11Ashley Holiday32.41aMonument Valley      
17.9Talleatha Tallsalt32.68aTuba City      
18.9Autumn Powell32.85aWindow Rock      
19.12Abigail John33.78aRed Mesa      
20.10Yadira Mendoza34.78aBeaver Dam      
21.11Cori Yazzie34.87aGrand Canyon      
22.9Madison Johnson35.36aChinle      
23.9Kimberly Stanley35.39aRed Mesa      
24.12Tia Tsinnie35.56aGreyhills      
25.10Christina Boone36.68aNavajo Mountain      
26.11Dawn Wartz39.36aRed Mesa      
27.11Emerald Byakeddy42.60aTuba City      
12Tonisha JellyDNSGreyhills      
10Ashley SiscoDNSMonument Valley      
10Kristen BegayDNSChinle      
9Amberlene BegayDNSRock Point      
10Amberleigh ClydeDNSRock Point      
9Christana ClydeDNSRock Point      
9Rosheena CurleyDNSRock Point      
10Crystal JohnsonDNSGreyhills      
9Ivette ValenciaDNSBeaver Dam      
9Nizhoni MikeDNSWindow Rock      
10Nichole BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natalie Franklin1:02.07aTuba City      
2.10Brianna Loughran1:04.75aTuba City      
3.10Timmetha Johnson1:06.44aTuba City      
4.9Melonie Mudrow1:10.69aFredonia      
5.9Hailey Suazo1:11.90aWindow Rock      
6.10Elora Palmer1:12.71aCoconino      
7.9Terrin Bia1:14.84aGreyhills      
9Yakeline AlvaradoDNSBeaver Dam      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Brianna Loughran1:04.12aTuba City      
2.10Timmetha Johnson1:08.10aTuba City      
3.12Natalie Franklin1:08.75aTuba City      
4.10Elora Palmer1:08.94aCoconino      
5.9Yakeline Alvarado1:10.24aBeaver Dam      
6.9Melonie Mudrow1:10.26aFredonia      
7.9Terrin Bia1:10.39aGreyhills      
8.9Hailey Suazo1:10.81aWindow Rock      
9.11Sydney Klobchar1:10.91aBeaver Dam      
10.10Kellynea Yazzie1:11.22aMonument Valley      
11.12Vanessa Cattleman1:12.29aRed Mesa      
12.11Dylan Goodwill1:12.65aWindow Rock      
13.9Ivette Valencia1:18.59aBeaver Dam      
14.9Kai Jones1:22.70aRed Valley-Cove      
15.12Demetria Slim1:23.76aRed Mesa      
16.9Ashlynn Black1:24.14aMonument Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Douglas2:42.26aPage      
2.12Vanessa Cattleman2:42.34aRed Mesa      
3.12Garilena Cly2:45.94aChinle      
4.11Tara Hemstreet2:49.94aGreyhills      
5.11Sydney Klobchar2:52.37aBeaver Dam      
6.9Alison Johnson2:55.52aChinle      
7.10Kinney Anderson2:58.24aCoconino      
8.10Jessica Johnson2:58.82aChinle      
9.10Tamika Bighorse3:00.56aGreyhills      
10.9Nikita Greymountain3:02.01aNavajo Mountain      
11.10Miriam Deschine3:03.42aWindow Rock      
12.9Yakeline Alvarado3:07.92aBeaver Dam      
9Ivette ValenciaDNSBeaver Dam      
10Kellynea YazzieDNSMonument Valley      
9Shannon HarveyDNSMonument Valley      
9Terrin BiaDNSGreyhills      
10Summer MaloneDNSWindow Rock      
10Brianna LoughranDNSTuba City      
10Tomeka ChurchDNSPage      
11Roxanne NezDNSRock Point      
11Jayde SecodyDNSPage      
11Nicolette ColemanDNSPage      
12Natalie FranklinDNSTuba City      
12Rolonda JumboDNSChinle      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rolonda Jumbo5:06.44aChinle      
2.12Kailee Birdinground5:46.57aTuba City      
3.11Jayde Secody5:51.11aPage      
4.11Deriann Yazzie5:52.37aChinle      
5.11Morgan Timeche6:03.45aGrand Canyon      
6.12Garilena Cly6:05.22aChinle      
7.9Terrin Bia6:06.33aGreyhills      
8.9Jordan Roskelley6:11.42aPage      
9.10Jessica Van Inwagen6:12.12aGrand Canyon      
10.11Tara Hemstreet6:18.99aGreyhills      
11.10Phylicia Flores6:28.47aMany Farms      
12.9Alison Johnson6:31.38aChinle      
13.9Nikita Greymountain6:31.62aNavajo Mountain      
14.10Tomeka Church6:39.32aPage      
15.11Sydney Klobchar6:40.15aBeaver Dam      
16.10Miriam Deschine6:40.88aWindow Rock      
17.10Kinney Anderson6:43.60aCoconino      
18.10Tamika Bighorse6:44.79aGreyhills      
19.9Shannon Harvey7:20.08aMonument Valley      
20.9Yakeline Alvarado7:22.49aBeaver Dam      
21.10Crystal Johnson7:41.81aGreyhills      
11Yanabah JaquesDNSWindow Rock      
10Summer MaloneDNSWindow Rock      
11Nicolette ColemanDNSPage      
11Roxanne NezDNSRock Point      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Timeche13:04.44aGrand Canyon      
2.11Deserae Tarr13:14.52aCoconino      
3.12Anjelica Bedonie13:25.10aChinle      
4.9Danielle Smiley13:31.66aWindow Rock      
5.9Britney Curley13:39.32aChinle      
6.9Jordan Roskelley13:48.19aPage      
7.10Tomeka Church14:36.20aPage      
8.10Ka-Shawna Badonie14:55.06aChinle      
9Nikita GreymountainDNSNavajo Mountain      
10Christina BooneDNSNavajo Mountain      
10Tiffany CheeDNSChinle      
11Yanabah JaquesDNSWindow Rock      
11Jayde SecodyDNSPage      
11Nicolette ColemanDNSPage      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Toni Baker17.06aCoconino      
2.12Nicole Williams17.34aMonument Valley      
3.10Caleigh Curley17.89aChinle      
4.11Jaylin Sanders17.99aTuba City      
5.10Mackenzie Jansen18.95aCoconino      
6.9Kaitlyn Wayne19.04aMonument Valley      
7.10Ashley Sisco19.06aMonument Valley      
8.10Jessica Van Inwagen21.16aGrand Canyon      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Toni Baker17.61aCoconino      
2.12Nicole Williams17.76aMonument Valley      
3.10Caleigh Curley18.13aChinle      
4.11Jaylin Sanders18.73aTuba City      
5.9Kaitlyn Wayne19.25aMonument Valley      
6.10Mackenzie Jansen19.48aCoconino      
7.10Ashley Sisco20.57aMonument Valley      
8.10Jessica Van Inwagen21.23aGrand Canyon      
9.12Cortney Curley21.67aChinle      
10.10Ashli Eberly21.77aCoconino      
11.11Alana Tapaha22.08aRed Mesa      
12.10Phylicia Flores22.82aMany Farms      
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Toni Baker49.79aCoconino      
2.12Nicole Williams51.27aMonument Valley      
3.11Jaylin Sanders51.69aTuba City      
4.10Caleigh Curley51.87aChinle      
5.9Kaitlyn Wayne55.44aMonument Valley      
6.10Mackenzie Jansen55.49aCoconino      
7.12Shaniya Smith56.79aChinle      
8.10Jessica Van Inwagen1:01.80aGrand Canyon      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Toni Baker51.13aCoconino      
2.12Nicole Williams51.81aMonument Valley      
3.11Jaylin Sanders53.09aTuba City      
4.10Caleigh Curley53.25aChinle      
5.10Mackenzie Jansen54.79aCoconino      
6.10Jessica Van Inwagen56.08aGrand Canyon      
7.9Kaitlyn Wayne56.63aMonument Valley      
8.12Shaniya Smith57.70aChinle      
9.12Rachel Martin59.10aChinle      
10.12Annette Brown1:01.16aChinle      
9Thailer EtsittyDNSMonument Valley      
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Megan Quick
Jackie Underhill
Victoria Ignace
Courtney Hurst
2.-Jaylin Sanders
Rochelle Velez
Channell Alcott
Natalie Franklin
56.61aTuba City      
3.-Ashley Sisco
Brooke Curleyhair
Ashley Holiday
Taylor Worker
58.75aMonument Valley      
4.-Letrisha Tuni
Vanessa Cattleman
Tekowa Singer
Alana Tapaha
1:01.74aRed Mesa      
-Christina Boone
Elisha Deschenie
Iris Chief
Nikita Greymountain
DNSNavajo Mountain      
-Amberleigh Clyde
Rickelle Bahe
Rosheena Curley
Amberlene Begay
DNSRock Point      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natalie Franklin
Channell Alcott
Timmetha Johnson
Jaylin Sanders
4:20.05aTuba City      
2.-Courtney Hurst
Victoria Ignace
Elora Palmer
Megan Quick
3.-Ginger Davis
Jancee Etcitty
Marina Davis
Nicole Douglas
4.-Alana Tapaha
Letrisha Tuni
Demetria Slim
Vanessa Cattleman
5:16.47aRed Mesa      
-Nicole Williams
Kaitlyn Wayne
Ashley Holiday
Kellynea Yazzie
DNSMonument Valley      
-Relay Team DNSBeaver Dam      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Roskelly
Jayde Secody
Nicolette Coleman
Tomeka Church
2.-Tameeka Bahe
Britney Curley
Annette Brown
Anjelica Bedonie
3.-Dylan Goodwill
Yanabah Jaques
Danielle Smiley
Hailey Suazo
11:21.77aWindow Rock      
4.-Thailer Etsitty
Ashlynn Black
Valendria Malone
Kellynea Yazzie
13:15.12aMonument Valley      
-Timmetha Johnson
Brianna Loughran
Joyce Tracy
Kailee Birdinground
DNSTuba City      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Smith32-06.00Page      
2.12Danielle Stevens32-00.00Page      
3.11Daja Nez29-04.00Page      
3.11Chelsea Graymountain29-04.00Navajo Mountain      
5.12Michelle Barton28-11.00Coconino      
6.9Sherralyn Sneezer25-10.00Monument Valley      
7.12Shaniya Smith25-07.50Chinle      
8.12Shantelle Gray25-05.00Monument Valley      
9.12Rachel Martin24-05.00Chinle      
10.12Shantanya Cly24-04.00Monument Valley      
11.12Iris Chief24-03.50Navajo Mountain      
12.9Autumn Powell24-02.00Window Rock      
12.10Tekisha Miles24-02.00Navajo Mountain      
14.9Nizhoni Mike23-01.00Window Rock      
15.11Tanisha Lizer22-09.00Window Rock      
16.11Jamie Yazzie22-03.50Window Rock      
17.12Abigail John22-01.00Red Mesa      
18.11Cori Yazzie21-11.00Grand Canyon      
19.12Shalyn Lee21-10.50Red Mesa      
20.12Tekowa Singer21-08.50Red Mesa      
21.12Chamisa Piechowski-Begay19-08.00Page      
22.10Ashli Eberly17-11.00Coconino      
12Tonisha JellyDNSGreyhills      
12Mary NormanDNSRed Mesa      
12Shalea TallisDNSMonument Valley      
10Andrewlita TahyDNSRock Point      
12Elisha DeschenieDNSNavajo Mountain      
9Deidre RobbinsDNSTuba City      
9Breanna LitsonDNSRed Valley-Cove      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Stevens92-00Page      
2.11Alexis Smith90-03Page      
3.12Shantanya Cly84-03Monument Valley      
4.11Daja Nez80-09Page      
5.12Tekowa Singer74-03Red Mesa      
6.12Iris Chief73-08Navajo Mountain      
7.9Sherralyn Sneezer71-10Monument Valley      
8.11Chelsea Graymountain71-05Navajo Mountain      
9.12Shantelle Gray69-05Monument Valley      
10.12Shaniya Smith67-09Chinle      
11.12Shalyn Lee66-02Red Mesa      
11.9Autumn Powell66-02Window Rock      
13.9Nizhoni Mike60-03Window Rock      
14.12Chamisa Piechowski-Begay60-00Page      
15.11Tanisha Lizer52-09Window Rock      
16.12Abigail John51-07Red Mesa      
17.10Kinney Anderson50-02Coconino      
18.11Jamie Yazzie50-01Window Rock      
19.10Tekisha Miles47-09Navajo Mountain      
20.10Bernique Benally44-04Navajo Mountain      
21.9Breanna Litson42-08Red Valley-Cove      
22.10Ashli Eberly36-05Coconino      
12Mary NormanDNSRed Mesa      
12Elisha DeschenieDNSNavajo Mountain      
9Deidre RobbinsDNSTuba City      
12Tonisha JellyDNSGreyhills      
12Shalea TallisDNSMonument Valley      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Victoria Ignace5-01.00Coconino      
2.12Nicole Williams4-06.00Monument Valley      
3.10Marissa Hoffman4-04.00Coconino      
4.10Braedyn Boldin4-04.00Page      
5.10Elizabeth Duncan4-02.00Page      
6.10Ashley Sisco4-02.00Monument Valley      
7.9Taylor Worker4-00.00Monument Valley      
7.10Jessica Van Inwagen4-00.00Grand Canyon      
9Caitlyn AllenDNSFredonia      
10Brooke CurleyhairNHMonument Valley      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Melonie Mudrow5-06.00Fredonia      
9Caitlyn AllenDNSFredonia      
12Jackie UnderhillNHCoconino      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Channell Alcott14-02.25Tuba City      
2.9Kaitlyn Wayne13-08.75Monument Valley      
3.10Elora Palmer13-05.00Coconino      
4.10Braedyn Boldin12-11.00Page      
5.11Ashley Holiday12-09.75Monument Valley      
6.11Tara Hemstreet12-07.75Greyhills      
7.9Eva Winlock12-01.75Page      
8.12Rachel Martin12-01.00Chinle      
9.10Elizabeth Duncan11-02.50Page      
10.9Madison Johnson10-08.75Chinle      
10Nichole BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
9Thailer EtsittyDNSMonument Valley      
9Kai JonesNDRed Valley-Cove      
12Valendria MaloneNDMonument Valley      
10Kristen BegayDNSChinle      
12Mary NormanDNSRed Mesa      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elora Palmer30-01.50Coconino      
2.10Braedyn Boldin30-00.00Page      
3.12Michelle Barton29-11.00Coconino      
4.11Gabe Patterson29-00.00Coconino      
5.10Elizabeth Duncan25-07.50Page      
11Channell AlcottNDTuba City      
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley      
9Ashlynn BlackNDMonument Valley      
9Thailer EtsittyDNSMonument Valley      
10Nichole BenallyDNSWindow Rock      
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