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Friday, May 04, 2012

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jason Moore11.73aPage
2.11Jeremiah Ramirez12.10aPinon
3.11Leshoney Slim12.23aGreyhills
4.11Kervin Tom12.25aMonument Valley
5.11Zack Shippey12.28aMonument Valley
6.11Tyler Brown12.37aPage
7.12Ernesto Gonzales12.40aRed Mesa
8.10Isaiah Warren12.51aRed Mesa
9.11Julius Descheenie12.52aPage
10.10Ashley Atene12.54aMonument Valley
11.10Raylando Puente12.57aGreyhills
12.12Billy Tallas12.59aMonument Valley
13.12Trenton Draper12.84aChinle
14.12Philbert Yazzie12.90aRed Mesa
15.11Tasi Malala13.03aMonument Valley
16.10Oscar Ruiz13.16aBeaver Dam
17.12Coltin Manygoats13.62aTuba City
18.9Jayden Heaton13.83aTuba City
19.10Brandon Troglia13.86aTuba City
20.9Zac Waite13.94aFredonia
21.9Tremaine Bartlett14.06aGreyhills
22.12Braxon Waite14.35aFredonia
12Joshua Martinez-NajeraDNSTuba City
9Jeremiah BaheDNSChinle
11Wilson AttakaiDNSGreyhills
9Kyle CluffDNSFredonia
12Austin BegayDNSChinle
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jason Moore24.67aPage
2.12Brandon Johnson24.78aTuba City
3.11Kervin Tom25.08aMonument Valley
4.11Zack Shippey25.10aMonument Valley
5.11Leshoney Slim25.18aGreyhills
6.10Isaiah Warren25.19aRed Mesa
7.11Wyman Yellowhair25.29aPage
8.11Tyler Brown25.45aPage
9.12Ernesto Gonzales25.54aRed Mesa
10.9Kevin Thompson25.57aChinle
11.10Urlando Joe25.67aRed Mesa
12.10Raylando Puente26.23aGreyhills
13.12Leon Manygoats26.30aGreyhills
14.12Trenton Draper26.55aChinle
15.12Stewart Yazzie26.69aChinle
16.10Ashley Atene26.69aMonument Valley
17.12Billy Tallas27.25aMonument Valley
18.9Jayden Heaton27.51aTuba City
19.10Bradley Hanson28.08aMonument Valley
20.9Jeremiah Bahe28.59aChinle
21.12Taran Lameman29.73aRed Mesa
22.9Tremaine Bartlett30.95aGreyhills
23.11Wilson Attakai31.54aGreyhills
12Joshua Martinez-NajeraDNSTuba City
12Ty WoodyDNSRed Mesa
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mathew Murray50.96aTuba City
2.12Brandon Johnson55.23aTuba City
3.10Urlando Joe56.28aRed Mesa
4.12Leon Manygoats56.93aGreyhills
5.11Wyman Yellowhair58.07aPage
6.11Tyler Brown58.18aPage
7.10Brody Yazzie58.60aMonument Valley
8.9Kevin Thompson1:03.25aChinle
9.12Trenton Draper1:03.84aChinle
10.9Jeremiah Bahe1:11.04aChinle
11.9River Jones1:11.57aMonument Valley
12Malcolm CrankDNSMonument Valley
10Quintin CrankDNSMonument Valley
9Kennedy TannerDNSTuba City
9Deshna BartonDNSRed Mesa
12Ty WoodyDNSRed Mesa
12Seth WayneDNSMonument Valley
11Julius DescheenieDNSPage
12Levi HowardDNSChinle
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Searle Tracy2:04.32aChinle
2.12Shawn Secody2:04.79aPage
3.12Chavis Curley2:05.65aPage
4.12Michael Russell2:08.22aPage
5.12Jonathan Yazzie2:08.24aChinle
6.9Jeffery Miller2:08.30aPage
7.12Justin Yazzie2:08.50aChinle
8.12Kyran Brown2:12.99aPage
9.10Ryne Smiley2:15.76aTuba City
10.12Leon Manygoats2:15.90aGreyhills
11.11Kyle James2:18.24aPinon
12.10Oscar Ruiz2:20.50aBeaver Dam
13.9Sedale Bighorse2:25.32aGreyhills
14.9Taylor Begay2:27.02aRed Mesa
15.11Tyson Chilly2:27.76aRed Mesa
16.12Lymon Yazzie2:32.97aRed Mesa
17.11Keifer Manygoats2:35.32aMonument Valley
18.12Rolajuwan Clark2:35.93aGreyhills
19.9Deshna Barton2:36.13aRed Mesa
20.9Tremaine Bartlett2:37.97aGreyhills
21.9Stonn Billy2:47.59aGreyhills
22.9River Jones2:49.60aMonument Valley
10Quintin CrankDNSMonument Valley
11Kaelan BizardieDNSMonument Valley
12Taran LamemanDNSRed Mesa
12Malcolm CrankDNSMonument Valley
9Tyron YazzieDNSPage
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jeffery Miller4:40.51aPage
2.12Kyran Brown4:47.47aPage
3.9Julian Cly4:50.24aMonument Valley
4.12Marcus Begay4:52.38aPage
5.9Justin Littleman4:53.57aPage
6.12Charles Manymules4:54.62aChinle
7.10Xiaija Schuldies5:02.08aPage
8.11Dave Barton Jr.5:02.51aRed Mesa
9.9Sedale Bighorse5:06.21aGreyhills
10.9Clayton Bryant5:06.71aMonument Valley
11.9Kyle Sumatzkuku5:06.78aTuba City
12.10Christopher Honahni5:07.00aTuba City
13.9Michael Tsosie5:07.57aPage
14.10Landis Nelson5:18.09aMonument Valley
15.11Darnell Johnson5:18.38aChinle
16.12Olin Begay5:19.78aPinon
17.11Tyson Chilly5:28.23aRed Mesa
18.10Leslee Begay5:30.90aPinon
19.9Deshna Barton5:35.33aRed Mesa
20.10Raylando Puente5:37.61aGreyhills
21.11Keifer Manygoats5:45.19aMonument Valley
22.12Taran Lameman5:46.76aRed Mesa
23.11Alonzo Bizhaloni5:52.01aPinon
24.12Rolajuwan Clark6:05.61aGreyhills
25.9Stonn Billy6:16.97aGreyhills
26.12Coltin Manygoats6:27.03aTuba City
10Kyle HardyDNSTuba City
9Taylor BegayDNSRed Mesa
12Lymon YazzieDNSRed Mesa
11Kaelan BizardieDNSMonument Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shawn Tsinnijinnie10:15.46aTuba City
2.9Tyron Yazzie10:25.45aPage
3.10Eddie Loughran10:27.96aTuba City
4.10Klye Nutumya10:38.92aTuba City
5.12Jonathan Yazzie10:48.33aChinle
6.10Bill Clem10:49.02aChinle
7.9Julian Cly10:56.88aMonument Valley
8.11Dave Barton Jr.10:57.97aRed Mesa
9.10Xiaija Schuldies11:07.16aPage
10.9Justin Littleman11:07.61aPage
11.12Marcus Begay11:09.97aPage
12.12Olin Begay12:07.41aPinon
13.10Landis Nelson12:26.77aMonument Valley
14.11Alonzo Bizhaloni12:56.77aPinon
10Leslee BegayDNSPinon
11Keifer ManygoatsDNSMonument Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Martinez19.27aBeaver Dam
2.12Seth Wayne19.41aMonument Valley
3.10Greg Williams20.32aMonument Valley
4.12Clayton Nez20.69aGreyhills
5.9Michael Johns22.43aMonument Valley
6.9Tulane John23.13aMonument Valley
12Philbert YazzieDQRed Mesa
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Martinez47.23aBeaver Dam
2.12Seth Wayne49.12aMonument Valley
3.9Clayton Bryant52.63aMonument Valley
9Collins DenetdeelDNSChinle
11Tyson ChillyDNSRed Mesa
12Joshua Martinez-NajeraDNSTuba City
10Greg WilliamsDNSMonument Valley
11Dave Barton Jr.DNSRed Mesa
12Levi HowardDNSChinle
9Tulane JohnDNSMonument Valley
9Michael JohnsDNSMonument Valley
9Kennedy TannerDNSTuba City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Urlando Joe
Isaiah Warren
Ernesto Gonzales
Philbert Yazzie
49.45aRed Mesa
2.-Leon Manygoats
Leshoney Slim
Raylando Puente
Sedale Bighorse
3.-Kennedy Tanner
Brandon Troglia
Brandon Johnson
Coltin Manygoats
52.20aTuba City
-Kervin Tom
Zack Shippey
Tasi Malala
Billy Tallas
DNSMonument Valley
-Stewart Yazzie
Collins Denetdeel
Shane Bedonie
Levi Howard
-Murphy Nez
Leo Hosteen
Jeremiah Ramirez
Murray Nez
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jonathan Yazzie
Justin Yazzie
Levi Howard
Searle Tracy
2.-Brandon Johnson
Mathew Murray
Joshua Martinez-Najera
Lincoln Yazzie
3:49.42aTuba City
3.-Murphy Nez
Jeremiah Ramirez
Leo Hosteen
Kyle James
4.-Seth Wayne
Ashley Atene
Brody Yazzie
Julian Cly
3:57.67aMonument Valley
5.-Urlando Joe
Isaiah Warren
Ernesto Gonzales
Philbert Yazzie
3:57.75aRed Mesa
-Chavis Curley
Michael Russell
Shawn Secody
Wyman Yellowhair
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Sumatzkuku
Christopher Honahni
Kyle Hardy
Mathew Murray
8:55.79aTuba City
2.-Murphy Nez
Leo Hosteen
Kyle James
Murray Nez
3.-Tyson Chilly
Taran Lameman
Taylor Begay
Dave Barton Jr.
9:27.21aRed Mesa
-Jeffery Miller
Michael Tsosie
Justin Littleman
Tyron Yazzie
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dion Bailey43-05.00Monument Valley
2.11Raheem Begay40-09.00Chinle
3.11Tito Bailey38-01.00Monument Valley
4.12Jacob Stillman37-06.50Red Mesa
5.9Josef (Tae Tae) Kirschbauer37-03.00Beaver Dam
6.10Travis Gray35-10.00Monument Valley
7.10Roger Sandall35-02.00Page
8.12Tre Benally34-04.00Chinle
9.12Eric Derbidge34-02.00Fredonia
10.12Rjaye Roberts33-06.50Red Mesa
11.12Kylan Yazzie32-08.50Tuba City
12.12Raven Deswood31-05.50Red Mesa
13.12Rolajuwan Clark31-02.00Greyhills
14.9Stonn Billy30-05.00Greyhills
15.12Nikela Simeona30-04.00Chinle
16.12Christopher Bahe30-01.50Chinle
17.12Warren Deschene29-01.50Red Mesa
18.10Kenny Black25-00.00Fredonia
12Justin SuccoDQMonument Valley
10Xiaija SchuldiesDNSPage
9Jason MooreDNSPage
12Shea PoormanDNSMonument Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tito Bailey122-01Monument Valley
2.11Raheem Begay118-11Chinle
3.12Jacob Stillman112-02Red Mesa
4.9Josef (Tae Tae) Kirschbauer112-01Beaver Dam
5.12Rjaye Roberts111-07Red Mesa
6.12Dion Bailey109-06Monument Valley
7.10Travis Gray107-06Monument Valley
8.12Warren Deschene103-09Red Mesa
9.12Kylan Yazzie102-07Tuba City
10.12Clayton Nez99-03Greyhills
11.10Roger Sandall92-05Page
12.12Raven Deswood91-04Red Mesa
13.12Christopher Bahe89-00Chinle
14.12Eric Derbidge86-06Fredonia
15.12Rolajuwan Clark85-10Greyhills
15.11Wyman Yellowhair85-10Page
17.12Tre Benally81-00Chinle
18.12Braxon Waite68-06Fredonia
19.10Jaden Griffiths65-02Fredonia
20.11Wilson Attakai64-06Greyhills
12Shea PoormanDNSMonument Valley
12Justin SuccoDNSMonument Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Paden James6-01.00Page
2.12Levi Howard5-08.00Chinle
3.11Kervin Tom5-04.00Monument Valley
4.10Lincoln Yazzie5-04.00Tuba City
5.12Clayton Nez5-02.00Greyhills
6.10Brandon Troglia4-10.00Tuba City
7.10Greg Williams4-10.00Monument Valley
10Julian BegayDNSMonument Valley
10Ashley AteneNHMonument Valley
12Ty WoodyDNSRed Mesa
9Michael JohnsDNSMonument Valley
9Zac WaiteNHFredonia
9Kyle CluffDNSFredonia
9KJ BistlineNHFredonia
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julius Descheenie11-03.50Page
2.10Xiaija Schuldies10-00.00Page
3.11Wyman Yellowhair8-06.00Page
4.9Zac Waite8-00.00Fredonia
5.10Kenny Black7-06.00Fredonia
6.9KJ Bistline7-06.00Fredonia
7.10Jaden Griffiths6-00.00Fredonia
9Kyle CluffNHFredonia
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Hill20-06.00Page
2.9Jason Moore19-08.50Page
3.12Billy Tallas18-03.25Monument Valley
4.12Clayton Nez18-02.00Greyhills
5.10Brody Yazzie17-07.50Monument Valley
6.11Jeremiah Ramirez17-03.00Pinon
7.11Tasi Malala15-11.00Monument Valley
8.9KJ Bistline15-05.75Fredonia
9.9Sedale Bighorse15-05.00Greyhills
10.9Tulane John14-05.50Monument Valley
11.10Bradley Hanson14-05.00Monument Valley
12.10Kenny Black13-07.25Fredonia
13.11Wilson Attakai10-10.25Greyhills
11Tyler BrownNDPage
11Paden JamesNDPage
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Hill42-02.75Page
2.11Paden James37-04.00Page
3.11Leo Hosteen34-05.00Pinon
4.10Brody Yazzie34-00.00Monument Valley
5.9KJ Bistline32-06.00Fredonia
6.10Roger Sandall32-04.00Page
7.10Bradley Hanson30-09.50Monument Valley
8.9Zac Waite30-07.00Fredonia
9.10Julian Begay30-02.00Monument Valley
10.10Kenny Black29-04.00Fredonia
12Billy TallasDNSMonument Valley
11Tasi MalalaDNSMonument Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Caitlyn Allen13.24aFredonia
2.9Grace Wirtz13.70aTuba City
3.12Natalie Franklin13.98aTuba City
4.10Timmetha Johnson14.37aTuba City
5.9Taylor Worker14.49aMonument Valley
6.12Letrisha Tuni14.65aRed Mesa
7.12Charmayne Manybeads14.77aPinon
8.9Eva Winlock14.83aPage
9.11Sydney Klobchar14.91aBeaver Dam
10.11Stellane John15.21aMonument Valley
11.11Tara Hemstreet15.29aGreyhills
12.11Ashley Holiday15.35aMonument Valley
13.11Deezhi Thinn15.38aMonument Valley
14.9Talleatha Tallsalt15.38aTuba City
15.11Alana Tapaha15.41aRed Mesa
16.9Dominique Russell15.96aTuba City
17.12Tia Tsinnie16.19aGreyhills
18.10Yadira Mendoza16.25aBeaver Dam
19.10Crystal Johnson16.45aGreyhills
20.12Demetria Slim16.55aRed Mesa
21.9Autumn Cayaditto16.82aPinon
11Marina DavisDNSPage
12Tatonya BenallyDNSRed Mesa
12Kaelen ShoneDNSPinon
12Olivia TsosieDNSPinon
11Alexis SmithDNSPage
12Danielle StevensDNSPage
9Suzy MendezDNSBeaver Dam
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natalie Franklin28.09aTuba City
2.9Grace Wirtz28.58aTuba City
3.9Taylor Worker30.69aMonument Valley
4.9Jancee Etcitty30.73aPage
5.10Rochelle Velez30.75aTuba City
6.9Eva Winlock31.20aPage
7.12Tonisha Jelly31.30aGreyhills
8.11Stellane John31.77aMonument Valley
9.11Andrea Marris31.82aRed Mesa
10.11Ashley Holiday32.38aMonument Valley
11.9Talleatha Tallsalt32.70aTuba City
12.12Tia Tsinnie33.05aGreyhills
13.9Terrin Bia33.13aGreyhills
14.11Alana Tapaha33.74aRed Mesa
15.12Demetria Slim34.00aRed Mesa
16.10Yadira Mendoza34.32aBeaver Dam
17.9Audre Humetewa34.53aTuba City
18.10Crystal Johnson34.73aGreyhills
19.9Autumn Cayaditto36.68aPinon
9Ginger DavisDNSPage
9Ivette ValenciaDNSBeaver Dam
9Suzy MendezDNSBeaver Dam
12Letrisha TuniDNSRed Mesa
12Tatonya BenallyDNSRed Mesa
11Smith KiertsonDNSMonument Valley
10Brooke CurleyhairDQMonument Valley
11Marina DavisDNSPage
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Timmetha Johnson1:04.95aTuba City
2.12Leandra Marris1:08.75aRed Mesa
3.9Melonie Mudrow1:09.47aFredonia
4.12Rachel Martin1:10.27aChinle
5.10Kellynea Yazzie1:11.07aMonument Valley
6.9Jancee Etcitty1:12.22aPage
7.9Audre Humetewa1:14.89aTuba City
8.11Smith Kiertson1:17.41aMonument Valley
9.10Yadira Mendoza1:18.19aBeaver Dam
10.9Ashlynn Black1:21.39aMonument Valley
9Suzy MendezDNSBeaver Dam
9Ivette ValenciaDNSBeaver Dam
9Ginger DavisDNSPage
11Andrea MarrisDNSRed Mesa
12Vanessa CattlemanDNSRed Mesa
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rolonda Jumbo2:23.11aChinle
2.11Nicole Douglas2:35.83aPage
3.12Anjelica Bedonie2:44.47aChinle
4.12Shaniya Smith2:45.35aChinle
5.9Terrin Bia2:46.26aGreyhills
6.12Vanessa Cattleman2:46.27aRed Mesa
7.12Annette Brown2:46.70aChinle
8.11Sydney Klobchar2:47.70aBeaver Dam
9.10Faith Ranger2:52.33aPinon
10.11Tara Hemstreet2:54.80aGreyhills
11.10Kellynea Yazzie2:57.68aMonument Valley
12.9Ashlynn Black3:08.43aMonument Valley
13.9Shannon Harvey3:26.94aMonument Valley
10Tomeka ChurchDNSPage
10Quintessa TsosieDNSMonument Valley
12Cortney CurleyDNSChinle
12Olivia TsosieDNSPinon
11Jayde SecodyDNSPage
11Nicolette ColemanDNSPage
12Charmayne ManybeadsDNSPinon
12Leandra MarrisDNSRed Mesa
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jayde Secody5:52.77aPage
2.11Deriann Yazzie5:53.67aChinle
3.11Nicolette Coleman6:01.11aPage
4.9Terrin Bia6:01.68aGreyhills
5.9Alison Johnson6:10.40aChinle
6.11Tara Hemstreet6:21.20aGreyhills
7.12Kaelen Shone6:28.26aPinon
8.12Kailee Birdinground7:08.95aTuba City
9.9Shannon Harvey7:12.76aMonument Valley
10.12Tia Tsinnie7:54.57aGreyhills
11.10Crystal Johnson7:55.36aGreyhills
10Tomeka ChurchDNSPage
10Quintessa TsosieDNSMonument Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garilena Cly12:57.71aChinle
2.12Anjelica Bedonie13:13.90aChinle
3.11Wynonna Tsosie13:20.77aPinon
4.9Tameeka Bahe14:19.77aChinle
9Shannon HarveyDNSMonument Valley
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Williams17.40aMonument Valley
2.11Jaylin Sanders17.61aTuba City
3.9Kaitlyn Wayne19.12aMonument Valley
4.10Faith Ranger21.06aPinon
5.9Thailer Etsitty21.16aMonument Valley
6.11Alana Tapaha21.36aRed Mesa
7.12Tonisha Jelly22.09aGreyhills
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley
9Autumn CayadittoDNSPinon
10Ashley SiscoDNSMonument Valley
10Caleigh CurleyDNSChinle
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Williams50.89aMonument Valley
2.10Caleigh Curley51.69aChinle
3.11Jaylin Sanders51.81aTuba City
4.9Kaitlyn Wayne56.80aMonument Valley
5.9Thailer Etsitty1:02.47aMonument Valley
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley
10Ashley SiscoDNSMonument Valley
12Rachel MartinDNSChinle
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rochelle Velez
Channell Alcott
Jaylin Sanders
Natalie Franklin
54.93aTuba City
2.-Relay Team 56.22aChinle
3.-Brooke Curleyhair
Ashley Sisco
Ashley Holiday
Deezhi Thinn
57.97aMonument Valley
4.-Tatonya Benally
Vanessa Cattleman
Leandra Marris
Letrisha Tuni
59.39aRed Mesa
-Ivette Valencia
Sydney Klobchar
Suzy Mendez
Yadira Mendoza
DNSBeaver Dam
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleigh Curley
Shaniya Smith
Rachel Martin
Rolonda Jumbo
2.-Leandra Marris
Vanessa Cattleman
Letrisha Tuni
Andrea Marris
4:39.14aRed Mesa
3.-Kaelen Shone
Faith Ranger
Wynonna Tsosie
Charmayne Manybeads
4.-Nicole Williams
Kellynea Yazzie
Brooke Curleyhair
Deezhi Thinn
4:45.72aMonument Valley
-Yadira Mendoza
Suzy Mendez
Sydney Klobchar
Ivette Valencia
DNSBeaver Dam
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Alexis Smith
Daja Nez
Jordan Roskelly
Kierra Knight
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Smith34-05.00Page
2.12Danielle Stevens31-00.00Page
3.11Daja Nez30-04.00Page
4.12Tonisha Jelly27-08.50Greyhills
5.12Shalea Tallis26-10.50Monument Valley
6.12Shaniya Smith26-02.00Chinle
7.12Shantanya Cly25-10.00Monument Valley
8.12Shantelle Gray25-01.00Monument Valley
9.9Sherralyn Sneezer24-11.50Monument Valley
10.11Wynonna Tsosie23-11.50Pinon
11.12Shalyn Lee22-04.50Red Mesa
12.12Chamisa Piechowski-Begay21-04.00Page
13.12Tekowa Singer18-11.00Red Mesa
12Olivia TsosieDNSPinon
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Smith99-05Page
2.12Danielle Stevens96-09Page
3.12Shantanya Cly91-02Monument Valley
4.12Shalea Tallis89-11Monument Valley
5.12Tonisha Jelly89-03Greyhills
6.11Daja Nez83-10Page
7.12Kailee Birdinground78-05Tuba City
8.12Shantelle Gray74-10Monument Valley
9.9Sherralyn Sneezer72-03Monument Valley
10.12Tekowa Singer72-00Red Mesa
11.12Shalyn Lee67-01Red Mesa
12.11Wynonna Tsosie63-07Pinon
13.12Chamisa Piechowski-Begay56-08Page
12Olivia TsosieNDPinon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Williams4-08.00Monument Valley
2.10Brooke Curleyhair4-04.00Monument Valley
2.10Braedyn Boldin4-04.00Page
4.10Elizabeth Duncan4-00.00Page
5.9Taylor Worker3-10.00Monument Valley
10Ashley SiscoDNSMonument Valley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Melonie Mudrow5-06.00Fredonia
2.9Eva Winlock5-00.00Page
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Channell Alcott15-05.25Tuba City
2.9Kaitlyn Wayne14-09.25Monument Valley
3.11Tara Hemstreet13-02.50Greyhills
4.11Ashley Holiday12-05.50Monument Valley
5.11Stellane John12-03.00Monument Valley
6.9Eva Winlock12-01.25Page
7.11Smith Kiertson11-00.50Monument Valley
8.9Autumn Cayaditto9-01.50Pinon
9Taylor WorkerDNSMonument Valley
12Kailee BirdingroundDNSTuba City
10Elizabeth DuncanDNSPage
10Braedyn BoldinDNSPage
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Braedyn Boldin31-10.00Page
2.11Stellane John26-02.50Monument Valley
3.9Thailer Etsitty24-08.75Monument Valley
4.10Elizabeth Duncan23-04.50Page
11Smith KiertsonDNSMonument Valley
11Deezhi ThinnDNSMonument Valley
9Shaniya ClyDNSMonument Valley
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