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Friday, May 04, 2012

West Seattle Stadium, Seattle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hoon Park12.7hBellevue Christian
2.8Russell Brown12.8hCedar Park Christian...
3.8Adam Phelan13.2hSeattle Academy
4.8Daniel Snook13.3hBear Creek
4.6Michael Snook13.3hBear Creek
6.8Caleb Freed13.5hCedar Park Christian...
7.7Nikolas Brown14.1hShoreline Christian
8.7Andrew Britton14.4hCedar Park Christian...
9.8George Eitel14.5hSeattle Academy
9.6JJ Finan14.5hBear Creek
11.7Kevin Smith14.6hBellevue Christian
12.7Alex Dadoun14.8hBush (Seattle)
13.7Nickolaus Kang14.9hBellevue Christian
14.8Isaiah Barnett15.0hSeattle Academy
15.7Daniel Ficca15.1hBellevue Christian
15.8Kevin Zhou15.1hBear Creek
17.8Colby Steich15.3hShoreline Christian
18.7Izak Casterline15.4hBellevue Christian
19.7Max Bishop15.6hBellevue Christian
19.8Chris Lokken15.6hCedar Park Christian...
21.8Alex Bakker15.7hShoreline Christian
22.8Adam Pinkerton16.0hBellevue Christian
22.8Jack Chun16.0hShoreline Christian
24.7Isaak von Seggern16.1hCedar Park Christian...
25.7Noah Kreyenhagen16.3hBellevue Christian
25.6Simon Matisse16.3hSeattle Academy
27.6Graham Holtrop16.5hBear Creek
28.6Nate Monillas16.6hShoreline Christian
28.8Tyrell Bonner16.6hShoreline Christian
30.8Michael Ruiter16.9hShoreline Christian
31.7Thad Perkins17.2hBear Creek
31.6Joshua Valdes17.2hShoreline Christian
33.6Ben Gode17.3hSeattle Academy
34.6Matthew Schaeffer17.6hCedar Park Christian...
35.6Luke Schaeffer18.0hCedar Park Christian...
36.6Justin Buckley18.3hBear Creek
37.8Austin Landas19.70Cedar Park Christian...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Russell Brown25.6hCedar Park Christian...
2.8Noah Olson26.3hBellevue Christian
2.8Hoon Park26.3hBellevue Christian
4.8Alexander Chaffey26.6hBellevue Christian
5.8Adam Phelan27.0hSeattle Academy
6.8Luke Poling27.3hBear Creek
7.8Liam Barry27.4hSeattle Academy
8.8Caleb Freed27.5hCedar Park Christian...
9.8George Eitel27.7hSeattle Academy
10.8Nandi Marosan28.2hBellevue Christian
11.8Taylor Paulson28.6hBellevue Christian
12.8Sam Tillinghast28.7hBear Creek
13.7Jacob Leahy29.2hBellevue Christian
14.7Javier Salido29.3hBear Creek
15.8Ian Zunt29.4hSeattle Academy
16.6Derian Williams29.7hBear Creek
17.7Nikolas Brown29.8hShoreline Christian
18.7Andrew Britton30.2hCedar Park Christian...
19.7Alex Dadoun30.9hBush (Seattle)
20.8Austin Landas31.3hCedar Park Christian...
21.6Cole Hanauer31.7hSeattle Academy
21.8Adam Pinkerton31.7hBellevue Christian
23.6JJ Finan31.8hBear Creek
24.6Justin King32.3hCedar Park Christian...
25.6Michael Snook32.5hBear Creek
26.7Joshua Lee33.1hBear Creek
26.7Issac Selby33.1hUniversity Prep
28.7Andrei Leonardi34.0hCedar Park Christian...
29.6Leland Adams35.0hSeattle Academy
30.6Graham Holtrop35.8hBear Creek
31.6Kadin Jones35.9hCedar Park Christian...
32.7Isaak von Seggern36.9hCedar Park Christian...
32.6Hunter Domitrovich36.9hCedar Park Christian...
34.6Thomas Wangia39.0hCedar Park Christian...
34.7Maxwell Bernard39.0hUniversity Prep
36.7Cameron Miller40.6hCedar Park Christian...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Noah Olson1:00.7hBellevue Christian
2.8Caleb Freed1:05.2hCedar Park Christian...
3.7Javier Salido1:05.8hBear Creek
4.7Kevin Smith1:07.7hBellevue Christian
5.7Michael Moyer1:08.6hBellevue Christian
6.8Max McInnis1:08.7hBellevue Christian
7.7Alex Dadoun1:09.7hBush (Seattle)
8.7Issac Selby1:10.7hUniversity Prep
9.6Leland Adams1:11.3hSeattle Academy
10.6Derian Williams1:12.2hBear Creek
11.7Jordan Ngai1:13.5hCedar Park Christian...
12.8Ian Zunt1:14.1hSeattle Academy
13.7Jacob Leahy1:15.0hBellevue Christian
14.6Cole Hanauer1:15.4hSeattle Academy
15.7Benjamin Hoover1:16.1hUniversity Prep
15.8Chris Lokken1:16.1hCedar Park Christian...
17.7Carson Pettett1:16.2hCedar Park Christian...
18.6Tristan Wood1:16.3hSeattle Academy
19.6Nate Monillas1:19.9hShoreline Christian
20.6Luke Schaeffer1:20.1hCedar Park Christian...
21.7Andrei Leonardi1:20.3hCedar Park Christian...
22.6Kadin Jones1:20.4hCedar Park Christian...
23.7Thad Perkins1:27.6hBear Creek
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Ryan Abdalla2:29.0hCedar Park Christian...
2.8Scott Graves2:36.3hBellevue Christian
3.8David Postma2:45.9hBellevue Christian
4.8Max McInnis2:49.4hBellevue Christian
5.7Idris Abdul-Alim2:49.6hSeattle Academy
6.8Calvin Hancock2:50.2hBellevue Christian
7.6Alex Cornwall3:01.6hCedar Park Christian...
8.7Jarrett Vauthier3:03.7hCedar Park Christian...
9.6Noah Gorstein3:04.3hBush (Seattle)
10.6Simon Rossi3:11.6hSeattle Academy
11.7David Dym-Kowals3:11.9hSeattle Academy
12.7Maxwell Bernard3:12.6hUniversity Prep
13.6Matthew Schaeffer3:16.8hCedar Park Christian...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Ryan Abdalla5:25.6hCedar Park Christian...
2.8Tyrell Bonner5:28.1hShoreline Christian
3.8Liam Barry5:39.7hSeattle Academy
4.8Scott Graves5:44.8hBellevue Christian
5.8Caleb King5:53.5hCedar Park Christian...
6.7Michael Moyer5:54.3hBellevue Christian
7.8Isaac Lin5:55.1hBellevue Christian
8.7Joshua Lee5:57.1hBear Creek
9.8David Postma5:58.6hBellevue Christian
10.8Calvin Hancock6:01.6hBellevue Christian
11.7Carson Pettett6:05.5hCedar Park Christian...
12.7Idris Abdul-Alim6:09.3hSeattle Academy
13.8Logan Miller6:18.5hBellevue Christian
14.6Alex Cornwall6:19.5hCedar Park Christian...
15.7Benjamin Hoover6:24.2hUniversity Prep
16.6Alex Gephart6:28.7hBear Creek
17.7Jarrett Vauthier6:34.7hCedar Park Christian...
18.8Chris Lokken6:39.7hCedar Park Christian...
19.6David Termure6:50.4hCedar Park Christian...
20.6Simon Rossi6:53.7hSeattle Academy
21.7Maxwell Bernard6:57.8hUniversity Prep
22.6Justin Buckley6:58.1hBear Creek
23.7David Dym-Kowals7:04.7hSeattle Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jaeger McCaulou18.1hBellevue Christian
2.8Caleb King18.3hCedar Park Christian...
3.8Isaac Lin19.2hBellevue Christian
4.8Jake Glover20.5hCedar Park Christian...
5.7Izak Casterline21.0hBellevue Christian
6.6Alex Gephart21.1hBear Creek
7.6Derian Williams21.4hBear Creek
8.7Nickolaus Kang21.5hBellevue Christian
9.7Jared Brown22.0hBellevue Christian
10.6Simon Rossi22.1hSeattle Academy
11.7David Thomsen22.2hBellevue Christian
12.7Carson Pettett22.8hCedar Park Christian...
13.7Noah Kreyenhagen22.9hBellevue Christian
14.6Graham Holtrop23.1hBear Creek
15.7Cameron Miller27.7hCedar Park Christian...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nandi Marosan
Noah Olson
Spencer Schwisow
Hoon Park
53.2hBellevue Christian
2.-Daniel Snook
Luke Poling
Kevin Zhou
Sam Tillinghast
54.5hBear Creek
3.-Russell Brown
Caleb King
Chris Lokken
Caleb Freed
54.8hCedar Park Christian...
4.-Relay Team 58.1hBellevue Christian
5.-Joshua Lee
JJ Finan
Alex Gephart
Michael Snook
58.6hBear Creek
6.-Andrew Britton
Ryan Abdalla
Dylan Hughes
Brian Luca
58.9hCedar Park Christian...
7.-Kellen Baker
Caleb Grieger
Logan Miller
Blake Olson
59.7hBellevue Christian
8.-Brian Wittenberg
Max McInnis
James Woosley
Jaeger McCaulou
1:00.5hBellevue Christian
9.-Alex Bakker
Tyrell Bonner
Jack Chun
Colby Steich
1:03.4hShoreline Christian
10.-Jared Brown
Noah Kreyenhagen
Kevin Smith
David Thomsen
1:06.4hBellevue Christian
10.-Alex Cornwall
David Termure
Justin King
Kadin Jones
1:06.4hCedar Park Christian...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Abdalla
Andrew Britton
Jordan Ngai
Dylan Hughes
1:58.7hCedar Park Christian...
2.-Luke Poling
Daniel Snook
Kevin Zhou
Javier Salido
1:59.2hBear Creek
3.-Russell Brown
Caleb King
Caleb Freed
Connor Bartee
2:02.0hCedar Park Christian...
4.-Isaac Lin
Nandi Marosan
Hoon Park
David Postma
2:02.5hBellevue Christian
5.-Calvin Hancock
Blake Olson
Taylor Paulson
Logan Miller
2:06.1hBellevue Christian
6.-Kadin Jones
Luke Schaefer
Brian Luca
Justin King
2:11.7hCedar Park Christian...
7.-Leland Adams
Cole Hanauer
Andrew Hogan
Eli Leibow
2:20.6hSeattle Academy
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8James Woosley36-10.50Bellevue Christian
2.8Caleb Freed36-09.50Cedar Park Christian...
3.7Javier Salido34-00.00Bear Creek
3.8Carter Woosley34-00.00Bellevue Christian
5.8Kevin Zhou31-10.00Bear Creek
6.7Nikolas Brown30-01.00Shoreline Christian
6.8Liam Barry30-01.00Seattle Academy
8.7Jordan Ngai27-04.50Cedar Park Christian...
9.7Thad Perkins27-00.00Bear Creek
10.8Adam Phelan25-05.50Seattle Academy
11.8Scott Graves24-04.00Bellevue Christian
12.8Alexander Chaffey23-11.00Bellevue Christian
13.7Jacob Greene23-02.00Bellevue Christian
14.6Simon Matisse23-00.00Seattle Academy
15.7Izak Casterline22-06.00Bellevue Christian
16.8Dragos Ginghina22-04.00Cedar Park Christian...
17.7Alex Dadoun21-06.00Bush (Seattle)
18.8Michael Ruiter21-05.50Shoreline Christian
19.8Alex Bakker21-04.00Shoreline Christian
20.6Joshua Valdes20-07.00Shoreline Christian
21.8Isaiah Barnett19-00.00Seattle Academy
22.6JJ Finan18-03.00Bear Creek
22.6Hunter Domitrovich18-03.00Cedar Park Christian...
24.6Derian Williams18-01.00Bear Creek
25.7Cameron Miller17-11.00Cedar Park Christian...
26.6Gabe Hearon16-08.00Cedar Park Christian...
27.6Thomas Wangia16-05.00Cedar Park Christian...
28.6Graham Holtrop15-11.00Bear Creek
29.6Noah Gorstein15-09.00Bush (Seattle)
30.8Connor Bartee15-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
31.8Dominik Skulec14-02.00Bellevue Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Scott Graves93-06Bellevue Christian
2.8Caleb Freed86-06Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Daniel Snook85-08Bear Creek
4.8Jack Chun76-08Shoreline Christian
5.8Sam Tillinghast75-08Bear Creek
6.7Jordan Ngai74-06Cedar Park Christian...
7.8James Woosley69-08Bellevue Christian
8.8Chris Lokken68-03Cedar Park Christian...
9.8Ryan King68-00Cedar Park Christian...
10.8Zane Hearon67-03Cedar Park Christian...
11.6Alex Cornwall61-00Cedar Park Christian...
12.8Michael Ruiter60-02Shoreline Christian
13.7Jacob Greene58-02Bellevue Christian
14.6Leland Adams55-01Seattle Academy
15.8Adam Pinkerton53-10Bellevue Christian
16.6Simon Matisse51-01Seattle Academy
17.8Kellen Baker47-08Bellevue Christian
18.6Noah Gorstein46-06Bush (Seattle)
19.6Tristan Wood45-00Seattle Academy
20.6Nate Monillas44-01Shoreline Christian
21.8Connor Bartee43-07Cedar Park Christian...
22.8Dominik Skulec41-02Bellevue Christian
23.6Gabe Hearon39-06Cedar Park Christian...
24.8Dragos Ginghina39-03Cedar Park Christian...
25.6Ben Gode36-07Seattle Academy
25.6Hunter Domitrovich36-07Cedar Park Christian...
27.6Joshua Valdes35-06Shoreline Christian
28.8Brian Wittenberg33-06Bellevue Christian
29.7Isaak von Seggern33-06Cedar Park Christian...
30.7Cameron Miller32-01Cedar Park Christian...
31.8Isaiah Barnett30-02Seattle Academy
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ryan King97-09Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Chris Lokken95-03Cedar Park Christian...
3.7Nikolas Brown92-02Shoreline Christian
4.8Tyrell Bonner90-03Shoreline Christian
5.7Daniel Ficca90-02Bellevue Christian
6.8Taylor Paulson89-02Bellevue Christian
7.8Carter Woosley88-02Bellevue Christian
8.7Ryan Abdalla87-10Cedar Park Christian...
9.8David Postma83-10Bellevue Christian
10.8Adam Phelan82-11Seattle Academy
11.7Michael Moyer82-03Bellevue Christian
12.8Liam Barry78-10Seattle Academy
13.8Connor Bartee76-11Cedar Park Christian...
14.8Ian Zunt76-00Seattle Academy
15.7Dylan Hughes73-03Cedar Park Christian...
16.6Nate Monillas73-02Shoreline Christian
17.8Colby Steich72-03Shoreline Christian
18.8Kellen Baker63-04Bellevue Christian
19.8Brian Wittenberg63-03Bellevue Christian
20.8Michael Ruiter56-04Shoreline Christian
21.6Simon Matisse56-00Seattle Academy
22.6Noah Gorstein54-02Bush (Seattle)
23.8Dominik Skulec51-06Bellevue Christian
24.6Joshua Valdes47-08Shoreline Christian
25.6Simon Rossi46-06Seattle Academy
26.8Austin Landas45-05Cedar Park Christian...
27.6Tristan Wood42-01Seattle Academy
28.8Isaiah Barnett38-02Seattle Academy
29.8Dragos Ginghina36-09Cedar Park Christian...
30.6Luke Schaeffer34-02Cedar Park Christian...
31.6Matthew Schaeffer33-09Cedar Park Christian...
32.7Isaak von Seggern30-04Cedar Park Christian...
33.7Jarrett Vauthier27-03Cedar Park Christian...
34.6Gabe Hearon26-05Cedar Park Christian...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Michael Snook4-10.00Bear Creek
2.8Spencer Schwisow4-06.00Bellevue Christian
2.8Htet Mundt4-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.8Russell Brown4-04.00Cedar Park Christian...
5.7Dylan Hughes4-04.00Cedar Park Christian...
6.8George Eitel4-02.00Seattle Academy
7.8Jaeger McCaulou4-00.00Bellevue Christian
7.8Micah Graff4-00.00Bellevue Christian
9.7Jacob Leahy3-10.00Bellevue Christian
10.8Caleb Grieger3-08.00Bellevue Christian
11.7Joshua Lee3-08.00Bear Creek
12.7Idris Abdul-Alim3-08.00Seattle Academy
13.6Ben Gode3-06.00Seattle Academy
8Garrett SmileyNHBellevue Christian
8Isaac LinNHBellevue Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8George Eitel16-01.00Seattle Academy
2.8Htet Mundt15-05.00Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Jaeger McCaulou13-11.00Bellevue Christian
4.8Nandi Marosan13-00.00Bellevue Christian
5.8Luke Poling12-10.25Bear Creek
6.7Dylan Hughes12-07.00Cedar Park Christian...
7.8Micah Graff12-03.00Bellevue Christian
8.7Idris Abdul-Alim12-02.00Seattle Academy
9.8Ian Zunt11-09.00Seattle Academy
10.7Jacob Greene10-11.00Bellevue Christian
11.8Garrett Smiley10-10.00Bellevue Christian
11.8Tyrell Bonner10-10.00Shoreline Christian
13.6Alex Gephart10-07.00Bear Creek
14.7David Thomsen10-05.00Bellevue Christian
15.7David Dym-Kowals10-04.50Seattle Academy
16.8Colby Steich10-00.00Shoreline Christian
17.8Jack Chun9-08.50Shoreline Christian
18.6Justin King9-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
19.8Austin Landas9-05.00Cedar Park Christian...
20.6Ben Gode9-00.50Seattle Academy
21.7Max Bishop8-06.00Bellevue Christian
22.6Thomas Wangia7-10.00Cedar Park Christian...
23.6Matthew Schaeffer7-07.00Cedar Park Christian...
24.6David Termure7-06.25Cedar Park Christian...
25.6Luke Schaeffer6-11.50Cedar Park Christian...
26.7Jarrett Vauthier6-09.00Cedar Park Christian...
8Max McInnisFOULBellevue Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Allison Ederer14.0hUniversity Prep
2.7Heather McCormick14.3hSeattle Academy
3.8Natalie Firebaugh14.7hBellevue Christian
4.8Hannah Siegwald14.9hCedar Park Christian...
5.7Sophie Schwager15.0hBellevue Christian
6.8Annika Staal15.1hBellevue Christian
6.6Amani Stewart15.1hSeattle Academy
8.7Abigail Linnenkohl15.2hBear Creek
8.6Sarah Katz15.2hUniversity Prep
10.7Elise Aydelott15.3hShoreline Christian
11.6Audrey Hur15.4hBear Creek
12.8Mia Niikkonen15.5hBear Creek
13.7Rachel Berg15.6hBellevue Christian
14.6Abby Cooper-Drake15.8hBush (Seattle)
15.6Malaysia Myers15.9hBush (Seattle)
15.9Katerina Fomichev15.9hBear Creek
17.7Melissa Brady16.1hBellevue Christian
17.7Jessica Beighle16.1hBear Creek
19.6Alyson Wong16.2hBear Creek
20.7Angela Tzen16.3hBear Creek
20.7Emma Johnson16.3hCedar Park Christian...
22.7Elle Jennings16.4hSeattle Academy
23.7Catherine Kok16.5hBear Creek
24.8Andrea Lockard16.6hCedar Park Christian...
24.6Jessica Washington16.6hUniversity Prep
26.8Madi Sitzmann16.7hCedar Park Christian...
27.6Sofia Beaufrand16.8hUniversity Prep
27.6Zoe Pottinger16.8hBush (Seattle)
27.6Keeley Osborn16.8hBush (Seattle)
30.7Tiffany Chang16.9hBellevue Christian
30.8Kylie Jones16.9hShoreline Christian
32.6Albina Udas17.4hBush (Seattle)
33.6Maquel Mills17.5hCedar Park Christian...
34.6Abby Mingo17.6hCedar Park Christian...
34.7Deena Kennedy17.6hSeattle Academy
36.7Piper Woodard17.7hBear Creek
37.7Sarah Rinn18.0hBellevue Christian
38.6Lily Bock18.3hCedar Park Christian...
39.7Alyssa Eppenauer18.5hBear Creek
40.8Katherine Buckley18.7hBear Creek
41.8Anthea Bartlett19.6hBear Creek
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Heather McCormick28.3hSeattle Academy
2.8Mara Riley29.1hSeattle Academy
3.6Joanna Greenberg30.3hUniversity Prep
4.6Allison Ederer30.6hUniversity Prep
5.8Natalie Firebaugh30.8hBellevue Christian
6.8Mia Niikkonen31.1hBear Creek
7.6Kendall Titus31.9hSeattle Academy
8.7Frances Fleming32.0hSeattle Academy
9.8Emily Isomura32.1hCedar Park Christian...
9.7Deena Kennedy32.1hSeattle Academy
11.7Kate Stahley32.5hCedar Park Christian...
12.6Sarah Katz33.0hUniversity Prep
13.8Lauren Langston33.2hCedar Park Christian...
13.7Lily Parkin33.2hBellevue Christian
13.6Malaysia Myers33.2hBush (Seattle)
16.8Brianna Christiansen33.3hCedar Park Christian...
17.6Cheyenne Nelson33.5hBear Creek
18.6Morgan DeLancy34.2hUniversity Prep
19.8Karen Katzenberger34.3hBellevue Christian
20.8Andrea Lockard34.6hCedar Park Christian...
21.6Lucy Brown34.7hBush (Seattle)
22.6Georgia Lee Aksdal35.3hCedar Park Christian...
22.6Morayo Kamson35.3hCedar Park Christian...
24.6Jessica Washington36.1hUniversity Prep
25.7Emma Johnson36.3hCedar Park Christian...
26.6Albina Udas36.5hBush (Seattle)
27.7Olivia Flora36.8hSeattle Academy
28.7Elise Aydelott37.4hShoreline Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Claire Ballard1:07.7hCedar Park Christian...
2.6Joanna Greenberg1:10.6hUniversity Prep
3.8Hannah Siegwald1:10.8hCedar Park Christian...
4.8Abby Kauff1:10.9hBush (Seattle)
5.6Molly Walker1:11.2hUniversity Prep
6.7Samantha McGraw1:12.5hSeattle Academy
7.6Morgan DeLancy1:12.7hUniversity Prep
8.7Natlie Luxem1:13.5hCedar Park Christian...
9.7Claire Sirich1:14.0hBellevue Christian
10.9Katerina Fomichev1:14.2hBear Creek
11.7Angela Tzen1:14.9hBear Creek
12.8Brianna Christiansen1:16.5hCedar Park Christian...
13.7Emma Lam1:16.9hSeattle Academy
14.7Kate Stahley1:18.1hCedar Park Christian...
15.8Lily Peet-Martel1:18.3hSeattle Academy
16.8Jodie Houng1:19.1hCedar Park Christian...
17.8Madiline Hanson1:19.4hCedar Park Christian...
18.6Becky McMaster1:19.8hCedar Park Christian...
19.6Georgia Lee Aksdal1:20.3hCedar Park Christian...
20.6Sofia Beaufrand1:27.3hUniversity Prep
21.6Hannah Isomura1:29.1hCedar Park Christian...
22.7Emma Johnson1:31.2hCedar Park Christian...
23.6Maquel Mills1:33.3hCedar Park Christian...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Camille Moore2:49.5hBush (Seattle)
2.7Emma Buerk2:50.9hBush (Seattle)
3.6Christie Gorzalski2:54.5hBear Creek
4.6Molly Walker2:58.5hUniversity Prep
5.7Ruby Colwell3:01.3hSeattle Academy
6.8Emily Isomura3:06.0hCedar Park Christian...
7.8Shea Leibow3:08.3hSeattle Academy
8.6Georgia Lee Aksdal3:13.0hCedar Park Christian...
9.6Sara DiPasquale3:16.8hSeattle Academy
10.8Madi Sitzmann3:23.9hCedar Park Christian...
11.7Lavi Nastase3:28.4hCedar Park Christian...
12.6Morayo Kamson3:36.9hCedar Park Christian...
13.6Sarah Catterall3:58.4hCedar Park Christian...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Camille Moore6:02.3hBush (Seattle)
2.8Emily Donnel6:17.10Bellevue Christian
3.7Emma Buerk6:26.4hBush (Seattle)
4.7Claire Sirich6:37.9hBellevue Christian
5.6Zoe Willig6:46.5hBush (Seattle)
6.7Emma Lam6:46.8hSeattle Academy
7.8Lily Peet-Martel6:50.2hSeattle Academy
8.7Drew Hampson6:56.6hSeattle Academy
9.6Lilia Hargreaves7:19.9hSeattle Academy
10.7Lavi Nastase7:23.4hCedar Park Christian...
11.6Sara DiPasquale7:33.8hSeattle Academy
12.7Melissa Brady7:41.3hBellevue Christian
13.6Molly Sanderson7:50.1hSeattle Academy
14.6Rachelle Foley7:52.9hCedar Park Christian...
15.6Morayo Kamson8:02.7hCedar Park Christian...
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Deena Kennedy19.0hSeattle Academy
2.6Amani Stewart19.2hSeattle Academy
3.8Abby Kauff19.8hBush (Seattle)
3.6Rachel Stull19.8hBear Creek
5.7Abigail Linnenkohl20.0hBear Creek
6.8Angelique Yang20.8hCedar Park Christian...
7.6Alyson Wong21.0hBear Creek
8.6Cheyenne Nelson21.1hBear Creek
9.8Jessica Berg21.2hBellevue Christian
10.8Lauren Langston21.3hCedar Park Christian...
10.7Rachel Berg21.3hBellevue Christian
12.6Audrey Hur21.50Bear Creek
13.7Frances Fleming21.6hSeattle Academy
13.9Katerina Fomichev21.6hBear Creek
15.7Emma Conklin21.8hSeattle Academy
16.6Zoe Willig21.9hBush (Seattle)
16.6Taylor Unoki21.9hBear Creek
18.7Natlie Luxem22.0hCedar Park Christian...
19.6Lucy Brown22.3hBush (Seattle)
20.8Rebekah Meredith22.4hShoreline Christian
21.7Jazzy Smith22.8hCedar Park Christian...
22.8Madiline Hanson23.3hCedar Park Christian...
23.8Jodie Houng23.7hCedar Park Christian...
24.6Yasmeena Ghazal24.0hCedar Park Christian...
25.6Tara Wierman24.1hCedar Park Christian...
26.8Sara Catlett24.5hBellevue Christian
27.6Sara DiPasquale26.3hSeattle Academy
28.8Leila Praino27.0hBellevue Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Beighle
Christie Gorzalski
Abigail Linnenkohl
Angela Tzen
1:00.1hBear Creek
2.-Natlie Luxem
Sarah Catterall
Claire Ballard
Kate Stahley
1:00.9hCedar Park Christian...
3.-Rachel Berg
Lily Parkin
Sophie Schwager
Claire Sirich
1:01.3hBellevue Christian
-Sarah Katz
Joanna Greenberg
Jessica Washington
Allison Ederer
1:01.6hUniversity Prep
4.-Abby Kauff
Abby Cooper-Drake
Zoe Willig
Keeley Osborn
1:02.3hBush (Seattle)
5.-Lilia Hargreaves
Livia Paschke
Amani Stewart
Kendall Titus
1:02.5hSeattle Academy
6.-Hannah Siegwald
Emily Isomura
Madiline Hanson
Andrea Lockard
1:03.2hCedar Park Christian...
7.-Alyson Wong
Catherine Kok
Audrey Hur
Cheyenne Nelson
1:03.4hBear Creek
8.-Jessica Berg
McKenna Spencer
Natalie Firebaugh
Sara Catlett
1:03.5hBellevue Christian
9.-Rachel Stull
Taylor Unoki
Alyssa Eppenauer
Piper Woodard
1:06.1hBear Creek
10.-Malaysia Myers
Zoe Pottinger
Albina Udas
Lucy Brown
1:06.5hBush (Seattle)
11.-Lilly Jamieson
Tiffany Chang
Sarah Rinn
Anna Olson
1:06.6hBellevue Christian
12.-Grace Sieg
Abby Mingo
Grace Burry
Hannah Isomura
1:06.7hCedar Park Christian...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kate Stahley
Claire Ballard
Natlie Luxem
Jazzy Smith
2:11.0hCedar Park Christian...
2.-Catherine Kok
Piper Woodard
Taylor Unoki
Rachel Stull
2:17.6hBear Creek
3.-Shea Leibow
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle
Mara Riley
Lily Peet-Martel
2:17.9hSeattle Academy
4.-Relay Team 2:18.7hSeattle Academy
5.-Tiffany Chang
Karen Katzenberger
McKenna Spencer
Natalie Firebaugh
2:19.7hBellevue Christian
6.-Lilia Hargreaves
Sara DiPasquale
Livia Paschke
Molly Sanderson
2:20.4hSeattle Academy
7.-Frances Fleming
Olivia Flora
Elle Jennings
Drew Hampson
2:22.2hSeattle Academy
8.-Brianna Christiansen
Emily Isomura
Andrea Lockard
Madi Sitzmann
2:22.6hCedar Park Christian...
9.-Grace Sieg
Maquel Mills
Abby Mingo
Georgia Lee Aksdal
2:34.0hCedar Park Christian...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kristen Barclay26-01.00Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Jodie Houng24-11.00Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Rebekah Meredith24-07.00Shoreline Christian
4.8Emily Donnel23-03.00Bellevue Christian
4.8Angelique Yang23-03.00Cedar Park Christian...
6.8Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle22-09.00Seattle Academy
7.7Sarah Rinn22-02.00Bellevue Christian
8.8Annika Staal21-01.50Bellevue Christian
9.8McKenna Spencer20-05.00Bellevue Christian
10.6Becky McMaster20-00.00Cedar Park Christian...
11.7Anna Olson19-10.00Bellevue Christian
12.8Sara Catlett19-08.00Bellevue Christian
13.6Livia Paschke19-01.00Seattle Academy
14.8Katherine Buckley18-09.00Bear Creek
15.6Lily Bock18-06.50Cedar Park Christian...
16.6Sarah Catterall18-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
17.8Anthea Bartlett17-05.00Bear Creek
18.7Elle Jennings16-11.00Seattle Academy
19.6Audrey Hur16-03.50Bear Creek
20.7Ruby Colwell16-02.00Seattle Academy
21.7Elise Aydelott14-00.00Shoreline Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Angelique Yang70-05Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Jessica Berg56-08Bellevue Christian
3.8Mia Niikkonen56-06Bear Creek
4.8Kristen Barclay54-06Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Jodie Houng47-02Cedar Park Christian...
6.7Lily Parkin46-06Bellevue Christian
7.8Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle45-07Seattle Academy
8.6Lily Bock43-07Cedar Park Christian...
9.6Livia Paschke41-05Seattle Academy
10.7Emma Johnson41-04Cedar Park Christian...
11.6Becky McMaster40-00Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Elle Jennings38-07Seattle Academy
13.7Olivia Flora36-02Seattle Academy
14.6Grace Burry35-10Cedar Park Christian...
15.7Anna Olson35-09Bellevue Christian
16.8Leila Praino21-00Bellevue Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kristen Barclay91-05Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Annika Staal79-06Bellevue Christian
3.7Rachel Berg70-01Bellevue Christian
4.8Lily Peet-Martel60-07Seattle Academy
5.6Sarah Katz56-08University Prep
6.7Adelaide Smith52-08Seattle Academy
7.8Brianna Christiansen51-10Cedar Park Christian...
8.7Samantha McGraw49-01Seattle Academy
9.8Karen Katzenberger48-01Bellevue Christian
10.8Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle47-07Seattle Academy
11.6Joanna Greenberg46-09University Prep
12.7Emma Conklin45-11Seattle Academy
12.7Melissa Brady45-11Bellevue Christian
14.7Sarah Rinn40-02Bellevue Christian
15.8Andrea Lockard39-08Cedar Park Christian...
16.6Grace Burry39-04Cedar Park Christian...
17.6Zoe Pottinger38-10Bush (Seattle)
18.7Drew Hampson37-07Seattle Academy
19.7Anna Olson37-04Bellevue Christian
20.7Lily Parkin37-02Bellevue Christian
21.6Tara Wierman33-02Cedar Park Christian...
22.6Allison Ederer32-06University Prep
23.8Shea Leibow31-04Seattle Academy
24.6Molly Walker29-08University Prep
25.6Rachelle Foley27-04Cedar Park Christian...
26.8Kylie Jones25-05Shoreline Christian
27.8Leila Praino22-04Bellevue Christian
28.7Elise Aydelott19-02Shoreline Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Annika Staal4-02.00Bellevue Christian
2.7Claire Ballard4-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Mara Riley4-00.00Seattle Academy
4.8Lauren Langston3-10.00Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Brianna Christiansen3-08.00Cedar Park Christian...
5.7Jessica Beighle3-08.00Bear Creek
7.8Shea Leibow3-08.00Seattle Academy
7.6Kendall Titus3-08.00Seattle Academy
7.6Christie Gorzalski3-08.00Bear Creek
10.7Abigail Linnenkohl3-06.00Bear Creek
6Abby Cooper-DrakeNHBush (Seattle)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mara Riley12-10.00Seattle Academy
2.8Angelique Yang11-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Camille Moore11-06.00Bush (Seattle)
4.7Heather McCormick11-05.00Seattle Academy
5.6Alyson Wong11-01.00Bear Creek
5.7Piper Woodard11-01.00Bear Creek
5.6Cheyenne Nelson11-01.00Bear Creek
8.6Zoe Willig11-00.00Bush (Seattle)
9.6Amani Stewart10-07.50Seattle Academy
10.7Angela Tzen10-06.50Bear Creek
11.7Catherine Kok10-06.00Bear Creek
12.9Katerina Fomichev10-03.00Bear Creek
13.8Rebekah Meredith10-01.50Shoreline Christian
14.6Sarah Catterall10-01.00Cedar Park Christian...
15.8Jessica Berg10-00.00Bellevue Christian
16.7Samantha McGraw9-08.00Seattle Academy
17.8Madi Sitzmann9-07.50Cedar Park Christian...
18.7Emma Buerk9-06.50Bush (Seattle)
19.6Sara DiPasquale9-05.50Seattle Academy
20.6Taylor Unoki9-05.00Bear Creek
21.7Frances Fleming9-04.00Seattle Academy
21.7Sophie Schwager9-04.00Bellevue Christian
23.7Claire Sirich9-03.50Bellevue Christian
24.8Madiline Hanson8-11.00Cedar Park Christian...
25.6Abby Cooper-Drake8-05.00Bush (Seattle)
26.7Emma Lam8-01.50Seattle Academy
27.6Lilia Hargreaves7-10.00Seattle Academy
27.7Lavi Nastase7-10.00Cedar Park Christian...
29.6Keeley Osborn7-09.50Bush (Seattle)
30.7Alyssa Eppenauer7-04.50Bear Creek
31.6Albina Udas7-03.00Bush (Seattle)
32.6Zoe Pottinger7-01.00Bush (Seattle)
33.6Molly Sanderson6-11.50Seattle Academy
34.6Rachelle Foley6-08.00Cedar Park Christian...
35.6Abby Mingo6-04.00Cedar Park Christian...
36.7Kylin Fazio6-01.00Cedar Park Christian...
37.8Kylie Jones5-05.00Shoreline Christian
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