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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Garrett McConnell13.34aGrant Union
2.8Trace Thamert13.55aBaker
3.8Amadeo Jones13.80aCrane
4.8Shawn Plueard13.87aHines
5.8Morgan Scilacci13.97aBaker
6.8Joe Valentine14.09aCrane
7.8Trace Tiller14.10aHines
8.8Leonard Radinovich14.12aGrant Union
9.8Matt Witzel14.29aCrane
10.8Ty Reid14.41a PRHines
11.7Quinton Bullock14.65aGrant Union
12.8Skylar Jones14.70aBaker
13.8Simon Ballaine14.79aLakeview Daly
14.7Hunter Freitag14.89aHines
15.7Dallon Higgins14.94aHines
16.8Teancum Taylor14.95aBaker
17.8Brady Burch15.09aGrant Union
18.8Javier Badillio15.25aLakeview Daly
19.6Jakeb Jaska15.27aLakeview Daly
20.8Ricky Weickium15.34aGrant Union
21.8Jordan Downing15.41a PRGrant Union
22.7Nathan Maloy15.45aPrairie City
23.8Tristan Taylor15.48aBaker
24.8Rex Kirkwood15.70aBaker
25.7Eduardo Ruiz15.80aLakeview Daly
26.6Doran Wilson15.82aPrairie City
27.8Zach McDonald15.85a PRHines
28.6Cauy Weaver15.87a PRGrant Union
28.8Jake Thompson15.87aGrant Union
30.7Devin Packard16.07aPrairie City
31.8Corban Sorenson16.29aBaker
32.6Grayson Jensen16.50aGrant Union
33.7Andrew Frail16.71aHines
34.8Austin Webb16.73aLakeview Daly
35.8Kyle Robey16.80a PRHines
36.5Brian Clark16.88aCrane
37.7Nick Plueard16.93a PRHines
38.8Josiah Ridenour16.96aGrant Union
39.8Nathaniel Illingsworth16.99aBaker
40.6Juan Moreno17.10aLakeview Daly
41.7Trejan Speth17.11aGrant Union
42.7Jose Guitron18.95aLakeview Daly
43.7Jose Salas19.45aLakeview Daly
44.7Caleb Madsen24.00aPrairie City
45.8Mitchell Steinbeck26.63aHines
8Anthony BotnerSCRLakeview Daly

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Trace Thamert29.00aBaker
2.8Christopher Conant29.87aBaker
3.8Skylar Jones31.20aBaker
4.8Teancum Taylor32.47aBaker
4.7Jake Gentili32.47aBaker
6.7Sam Bentz33.30aGrant Union
7.8Jake Thompson33.74a PRGrant Union
8.7Wyatt Williams34.94aPrairie City
9.6Cauy Weaver35.25aGrant Union
10.6Juan Moreno35.94aLakeview Daly
11.5Brian Clark36.38aCrane
12.7Andrew Frail38.55aHines
8Amadeo JonesSCRCrane
7Zac CauldronSCR PRLakeview Daly
8John O'TooleSCRCrane
8Morgan ScilacciSCRBaker
8Koby HansenSCRBaker

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Porter Cline58.54aBaker
2.8Trey Recanzone1:02.01aHines
3.8Christopher Conant1:04.97aBaker
4.8John O'Toole1:06.30aCrane
5.8Jayden Freeman1:09.11aBaker
6.8Brady Burch1:10.42a PRGrant Union
7.8Kyle Cook1:11.22aGrant Union
8.7Jake Gentili1:12.64aBaker
9.8Jordan Downing1:14.12aGrant Union
10.7Jake Blackburn1:15.12aHines
11.6Grayson Jensen1:19.28aGrant Union
12.8Corban Sorenson1:20.56aBaker
13.6Juan Moreno1:20.78aLakeview Daly
8Koby HansenSCR SRBaker

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Taylor Hawes2:31.71a PRBaker
2.8William Clark2:48.28aCrane
3.8Jack Bentz2:49.90a PRCrane
4.7Hunter Freitag2:51.15a PRHines
5.8Dustin Ramge2:53.63aCrane
6.7Daniel Letham2:59.22aLakeview Daly
7.7Zac Cauldron3:01.87a PRLakeview Daly
8.7Brandon Bingham3:04.98aHines
9.7Trejan Speth3:04.99aGrant Union
10.7Andrew Frail3:10.28a PRHines
11.6Dillin Holtby3:14.97a SRHines

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Trey Recanzone4:59.55a PRHines
2.8Andrew Kilby5:35.27aGrant Union
3.8William Clark5:46.63aCrane
4.8Simon Ballaine5:55.09aLakeview Daly
5.7Daniel Letham5:56.88aLakeview Daly
6.7Brandon Bingham6:14.23a SRHines
7.5Christian Webb7:13.55a PRCrane
8Taylor HawesSCRBaker

100m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.8Porter Cline18.11aBaker
2.8Garrett Hitz18.93aPrairie City
3.8Ricky Weickium20.35aGrant Union
4.7Jake Gentili20.46aBaker
5.7Dallon Higgins20.83aHines
6.8Jayden Freeman20.93aBaker
7.7Nathan Maloy21.68a PRPrairie City
8.7Wyatt Williams22.67aPrairie City
9.8Josiah Ridenour22.95aGrant Union
10.8Rex Kirkwood23.47aBaker
11.8Corban Sorenson23.87aBaker
12.7Nick Plueard25.29aHines
13.8Austin Peck27.89aBaker
7Daniel LethamSCRLakeview Daly
7David SteevesSCRCrane

200m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.8Garrett Hitz34.54aPrairie City
2.7Hunter Freitag36.51a PRHines
3.6Jakeb Jaska36.78a PRLakeview Daly
4.7Daniel Letham41.38aLakeview Daly
5.7Wyatt Williams42.20aPrairie City

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kyle Cook
Andrew Kilby
Weaver Wyatt
Leonard Radinovich
53.30aGrant Union
2.8Jack Bentz
John O'Toole
Joe Valentine
Armadeo Jones
3.8Ty Reid
Trace Tiller
Shawn Plueard
Trey Recanzone
4.8Jordan Downing
Feilen Sayers
Jake Thompson
Ricky Weickium
58.60aGrant Union
5.-Garrett Hitz
Devin Packard
Nathan Maloy
Doran Wilson
1:00.36aPrairie City
6.-Quinton Bullock
Brady Burch
Grayson Jensen
Cauy Weaver
1:01.69aGrant Union

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.8Leonard Radinovich
Kyle Cook
Garrett McConnell
Andrew Kilby
4:28.95aGrant Union
2.-Shawn Plueard
Hunter Freitag
Jake Blackburn
Dallon Higgins

Shot Put - 8lb  Varsity - Finals

1.8Braden Staebler39-00.00 PRBaker
2.8Porter Cline38-01.00 PRBaker
3.8Ty Reid37-06.00Hines
4.7Quinton Bullock33-04.00Grant Union
5.8Joe Valentine33-04.00 PRCrane
6.8Nathan Gehley30-10.00Grant Union
7.8Andrew Kilby30-06.00Grant Union
8.8Nathaniel Illingsworth29-09.00Baker
9.8Simon Ballaine29-08.00Lakeview Daly
10.7Devin Packard29-05.00 PRPrairie City
11.8Zach McDonald28-05.00Hines
12.8Tristan Taylor27-04.00Baker
13.8Morgan Scilacci25-11.00Baker
13.8Rex Kirkwood25-11.00Baker
13.7Jake Blackburn25-11.00 SRHines
16.7David Steeves25-08.00 SRCrane
16.6Dillon Maley25-08.00 SRGrant Union
18.8Chance Barriteua25-07.00Grant Union
19.8Javier Badillio24-09.00Lakeview Daly
20.8Austin Webb23-09.00Lakeview Daly
21.6Dillin Holtby23-01.00Hines
22.7Jose Salas22-04.00Lakeview Daly
23.8Dustin Ramge21-10.00 PRCrane
24.7Eduardo Ruiz21-04.00Lakeview Daly
24.8Austin Peck21-04.00Baker
26.8Mitchell Steinbeck20-08.00Hines
27.6Mark Lee17-08.00 SRLakeview Daly
28.6Hadley Boethin17-06.00Grant Union
29.7Jose Guitron17-01.00Lakeview Daly
30.8Brandon Gillihan16-07.00Prairie City
31.7Caleb Madsen11-09.00 SRPrairie City
6Danner DavisSCRPrairie City
8Colton WitzelSCR PRCrane
6Jimmy DefordSCRGrant Union

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.8Braden Staebler111-06Baker
2.8Ty Reid101-05Hines
3.8Ricky Weickium100-05 PRGrant Union
4.8Simon Ballaine96-07Lakeview Daly
5.8Jayden Freeman88-04 PRBaker
6.8Nathan Gehley87-10 PRGrant Union
7.7David Steeves84-08Crane
8.8Nathaniel Illingsworth78-04 PRBaker
9.8Zach McDonald75-00Hines
10.7Jake Blackburn74-08 SRHines
11.8Tristan Taylor72-10Baker
12.8Jordan Downing71-10 PRGrant Union
12.7Devin Packard71-10Prairie City
14.8Morgan Scilacci69-04Baker
15.8Austin Webb65-02Lakeview Daly
16.7Sam Bentz63-06Grant Union
17.8Matt Witzel61-00 PRCrane
18.6Danner Davis60-02Prairie City
19.6Jakeb Jaska59-03 SRLakeview Daly
20.6Dillin Holtby55-10Hines
21.8Mitchell Steinbeck53-06Hines
21.8Chance Barriteua53-06Grant Union
23.7Jake Gentili53-04Baker
24.8Austin Peck53-00Baker
25.6Hadley Boethin52-09 PRGrant Union
26.8Javier Badillio52-03 PRLakeview Daly
27.6Dillon Maley50-11Grant Union
28.5Brian Clark48-03 PRCrane
29.8Brandon Gillihan45-01Prairie City
30.7Jose Salas44-09Lakeview Daly
31.6Mark Lee42-00Lakeview Daly
32.7Jose Guitron39-09 PRLakeview Daly
33.8Dustin Ramge39-01 PRCrane
8Colton WitzelSCR SRCrane
8John O'TooleSCR PRCrane
6Jimmy DefordSCR SRGrant Union

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.8Trey Recanzone4-10.00 PRHines
2.8Trace Tiller4-10.00Hines
3.8Joe Valentine4-08.00Crane
4.8Matt Witzel4-08.00Crane
5.8Garrett Hitz4-08.00Prairie City
6.7Weaver Wyatt4-06.00Grant Union
7.7Nick Springer4-04.00Grant Union
7.8Trace Thamert4-04.00Baker
9.8Porter Cline4-04.00 PRBaker
10.8Teancum Taylor4-02.00Baker
11.7Zac Cauldron4-00.00 PRLakeview Daly
11.8Zach McDonald4-00.00Hines
8Kyle RobeyNH SRHines
7Nick PlueardSCRHines
6Doran WilsonNH SRPrairie City
8William ClarkNHCrane
6Jakeb JaskaNHLakeview Daly

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.8Jack Bentz15-01.50Crane
2.8Leonard Radinovich14-02.00Grant Union
3.8Matt Witzel13-01.00Crane
4.8Christopher Conant12-02.00Baker
5.7Nathan Maloy12-00.00Prairie City
6.7Eduardo Ruiz12-00.00Lakeview Daly
7.8Josiah Ridenour11-09.00Grant Union
8.8Amadeo Jones11-06.00Crane
9.7Wyatt Williams11-02.00Prairie City
10.7Andrew Frail11-01.00 PRHines
11.8Kyle Robey11-00.00 SRHines
12.6Danner Davis10-08.50Prairie City
13.5Christian Webb10-03.00 PRCrane
14.6Dillin Holtby10-00.00Hines
15.7Brandon Bingham9-06.50Hines
16.7Nick Plueard8-04.00Hines
17.8Brandon Gillihan6-06.00Prairie City
18.7Caleb Madsen3-02.00 SRPrairie City
8Colton WitzelSCRCrane
8Shawn PlueardSCRHines
8Mitchell SteinbeckSCRHines

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.8Jack Bentz34-03.00Crane
2.8Trace Tiller31-08.50 PRHines
3.8Trace Thamert30-00.00Baker
4.8Teancum Taylor29-04.50Baker
5.8John O'Toole28-04.00Crane
6.8Skylar Jones28-01.00Baker
7.7Weaver Wyatt28-00.00Grant Union
8.7Nick Springer27-02.00Grant Union
9.7Dallon Higgins25-03.00Hines
10.8Kyle Robey22-05.00 SRHines
11.5Brian Clark21-07.00Crane
12.7Brandon Bingham20-09.00Hines
7David SteevesSCRCrane
8Colton WitzelSCRCrane


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