Wootton & Gaithersburg @ Whitman

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - Meet Website
  Walt Whitman, Bethesda - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Maryland - Class 4A
TSWThomas S Wootton
WWHWalt Whitman
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Hassani11.51aThomas S Wootton
2.10Soloman Vault11.59aGaithersburg
3.12Billy Brown11.92aGaithersburg
4.12Umar Tunkara12.18aGaithersburg
5.12Alkaly Soumah12.26aWalt Whitman
6.12Lucas Roldos12.29aWalt Whitman
7.10Ryan Barretta12.30aWalt Whitman
8.10George Sangbong12.34aGaithersburg
9.10Aaron Taylor12.41aGaithersburg
10.11Anders Maraviglia12.45aWalt Whitman
11.12Hunter McConnell12.49aWalt Whitman
12.12Alec Jasen12.53aThomas S Wootton
13.10Theodore Li12.56aThomas S Wootton
14.10Xaviyer Mosley12.70aGaithersburg
15.10Jorge Richardson12.75aWalt Whitman
16.10Avery Taylor13.08aGaithersburg
17.9Benjamin Schloss13.11aWalt Whitman
18.11Alex Walsh13.13aThomas S Wootton
19.9Luke Klecker13.18aThomas S Wootton
20.11Anthony Combs13.19aGaithersburg
21.9Zachary Winter13.26aWalt Whitman
22.10Malachi Stoll13.33aWalt Whitman
23.10Ithawat Keosomdet13.35aThomas S Wootton
24.10Nicholas Meyer13.42aWalt Whitman
25.9Roger Champagne13.48aWalt Whitman
26.10Kourosh Ashtary-Yazdi13.49aWalt Whitman
27.11Mikey Gonzalez13.51aWalt Whitman
28.10Jack Garraty13.55aWalt Whitman
29.10Donovan Porter13.57aThomas S Wootton
30.9Grant Beske13.64aWalt Whitman
31.9Jeffrey Rosenberg13.81aWalt Whitman
31.10Brian Jordan13.81aThomas S Wootton
33.10Surtej Sarin14.36aThomas S Wootton
34.10Harrison Linowes14.44aThomas S Wootton
35.9Andy Zhang14.73aThomas S Wootton
36.10Yousuf Naved15.36aThomas S Wootton
37.9Adam Kaplan15.45aThomas S Wootton
38.9Jason Recht15.46aThomas S Wootton
39.9Ishaaq Ibrahim15.58aThomas S Wootton
40.9Dhananjay Sharma17.60aThomas S Wootton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Hassani23.19aThomas S Wootton
2.10Soloman Vault23.64aGaithersburg
3.12Billy Brown24.41aGaithersburg
4.11Brandon Fink24.70aThomas S Wootton
5.10George Sangbong25.06aGaithersburg
6.10Wes Kendrick25.11aWalt Whitman
7.10Xaviyer Mosley25.22aGaithersburg
8.12Alec Jasen25.28aThomas S Wootton
9.12Hunter McConnell25.40aWalt Whitman
10.10Jorge Richardson25.61aWalt Whitman
11.12Loic Sany25.69aThomas S Wootton
12.11Anders Maraviglia25.73aWalt Whitman
13.10Aaron Taylor25.81aGaithersburg
14.10Theodore Li25.91aThomas S Wootton
15.12Alfred Kamara25.92aGaithersburg
16.11Alex Walsh26.28aThomas S Wootton
17.11Justin Wu26.57aThomas S Wootton
18.12Umar Tunkara26.58aGaithersburg
19.10Avery Taylor26.81aGaithersburg
20.11Mikey Gonzalez27.06aWalt Whitman
21.10Kourosh Ashtary-Yazdi27.32aWalt Whitman
22.10Ithawat Keosomdet27.37aThomas S Wootton
23.11Anthony Combs27.42aGaithersburg
24.9Sean Alton27.57aThomas S Wootton
25.11John Duncan27.91aThomas S Wootton
26.9Lorenzo Pappas27.92aThomas S Wootton
27.10Raymond Shen28.20aThomas S Wootton
28.10Geshan Pathirana28.52aWalt Whitman
29.10Samuel Figuera29.49aThomas S Wootton
30.11Zachary Crimmel29.80aThomas S Wootton
31.11Chris Whitridge30.29aThomas S Wootton
32.10Surtej Sarin30.58aThomas S Wootton
32.9Andy Zhang30.58aThomas S Wootton
34.9Ishaaq Ibrahim32.21aThomas S Wootton
35.-Mohammad Khan32.80aGaithersburg
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Trzeciak51.12aThomas S Wootton
2.12DeCourcey Gascoigne52.52aGaithersburg
3.9Kayuza Masanja53.39aGaithersburg
4.11Mustafa Diamonde53.96aGaithersburg
5.10Wes Kendrick54.88aWalt Whitman
6.12Lucas Roldos55.31aWalt Whitman
7.11Will Quackenbush55.84aThomas S Wootton
8.12Loic Sany57.12aThomas S Wootton
9.12Daniel Nozick57.58aThomas S Wootton
10.10Nathan Bennet57.77aWalt Whitman
11.9Sergio Salcidio58.50aThomas S Wootton
12.11Justin Wu58.53aThomas S Wootton
13.9Roger Champagne58.68aWalt Whitman
14.10Theodore Li58.98aThomas S Wootton
15.9Zachary Winter60.40aWalt Whitman
16.9Sean Alton61.06aThomas S Wootton
17.9Harrison Guh61.48aWalt Whitman
18.9Benjamin Schloss61.63aWalt Whitman
19.9Jeffrey Rosenberg61.71aWalt Whitman
20.9Lorenzo Pappas62.43aThomas S Wootton
21.10Raymond Shen63.05aThomas S Wootton
22.9Liam Harrington63.33aThomas S Wootton
23.11John Duncan63.55aThomas S Wootton
24.10Samuel Figuera66.52aThomas S Wootton
25.11Chris Whitridge67.32aThomas S Wootton
26.11Zachary Crimmel67.86aThomas S Wootton
27.9Daniel Briggs69.40aGaithersburg
28.-Mohammad Khan71.24aGaithersburg
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eli Bergman2:08.80Thomas S Wootton
2.11Mustafa Diamonde2:09.10Gaithersburg
3.10Yousuf Naved2:12.20Thomas S Wootton
4.12Will Severynse2:12.70Thomas S Wootton
5.11Chengyu Liu2:15.40Thomas S Wootton
6.9Patrick Munro2:17.00Thomas S Wootton
7.9Nathan Nadal2:17.40Thomas S Wootton
8.11Harrison Blackman2:19.30Thomas S Wootton
9.10Nicholas Walden2:20.10Thomas S Wootton
10.12Preston White2:21.50Thomas S Wootton
11.12Patrick Sheridan2:22.20Thomas S Wootton
12.11Bernard Rosenthal2:24.00Gaithersburg
13.10Nathan Bennet2:24.30Walt Whitman
14.10T.J. McPhaul2:25.10Walt Whitman
15.9Jeremy Boyd2:25.50Gaithersburg
16.9Jared Conn2:27.30Gaithersburg
17.10Mehrzad VanGieson2:27.80Thomas S Wootton
18.10Chris Maxwell2:28.20Thomas S Wootton
19.9Sergio Salcidio2:28.50Thomas S Wootton
20.9Liam Harrington2:29.00Thomas S Wootton
21.12Park Lippold2:30.00Walt Whitman
22.10Ryan Barretta2:33.50Walt Whitman
23.10Vito Valone2:34.30Gaithersburg
24.10Jamey Greenbaum2:34.80Walt Whitman
25.9Andrew Rubin2:35.10Walt Whitman
26.9Matthew Wadler2:35.80Thomas S Wootton
27.9Kevin Yoo2:36.00Thomas S Wootton
28.9Adam Wang2:37.90Thomas S Wootton
29.10Jared Lipschutz2:39.00Thomas S Wootton
30.10Peter Nelson2:40.10Thomas S Wootton
31.10Matt Digan2:42.60Walt Whitman
32.9Daniel Briggs2:43.50Gaithersburg
33.10Frederico Cifuentes2:45.70Gaithersburg
34.10Jared Schifrien2:53.90Thomas S Wootton
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jonathan Lowry2:03.94aWalt Whitman
12Thomas Delacour2:06.59aWalt Whitman
9Evan Woods2:10.54aWalt Whitman
12Park Lippold2:16.96aWalt Whitman
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Trzeciak4:45.14aThomas S Wootton
2.10Danniel Belay4:45.32aGaithersburg
3.12Will Severynse4:49.31aThomas S Wootton
4.12Eli Bergman4:52.50aThomas S Wootton
5.9Evan Woods4:53.29aWalt Whitman
6.12Jonathan Lowry4:53.67aWalt Whitman
7.9Patrick Munro4:57.94aThomas S Wootton
8.9Nathan Nadal4:58.34aThomas S Wootton
9.12Trever Reed4:58.74aGaithersburg
10.12Preston White5:00.12aThomas S Wootton
11.9Alex Roederer5:00.79aWalt Whitman
12.10Josh Messing5:01.54aThomas S Wootton
13.11Nicholas Chung5:03.35aThomas S Wootton
14.12Elliot Penn5:05.21aThomas S Wootton
15.11Isaac Rubin5:07.95aWalt Whitman
16.12Patrick Sheridan5:08.03aThomas S Wootton
17.12Ramiz Ahmed5:11.36aGaithersburg
18.10Sam Pearl-Schwartz5:13.19aWalt Whitman
19.12Park Lippold5:14.98aWalt Whitman
20.10Sam Feitel5:15.29aThomas S Wootton
21.10Nicholas Walden5:16.60aThomas S Wootton
22.11Nikhil Kalotra5:17.76aThomas S Wootton
23.11Thomas Ryba5:18.16aWalt Whitman
24.9Jared Conn5:19.11aGaithersburg
25.10Austin Lesch5:19.36aWalt Whitman
26.10T.J. McPhaul5:20.12aWalt Whitman
27.10Mehrzad VanGieson5:24.84aThomas S Wootton
28.10Chris Maxwell5:27.21aThomas S Wootton
29.9Kevin Yoo5:28.16aThomas S Wootton
30.10Jared Lipschutz5:30.06aThomas S Wootton
31.12Reid Palman5:30.15aGaithersburg
32.10Vito Valone5:30.20aGaithersburg
33.9Andrew Rubin5:35.21aWalt Whitman
34.9Matthew Wadler5:35.38aThomas S Wootton
35.9Adam Wang5:37.34aThomas S Wootton
36.10Ji-Min No5:38.53aGaithersburg
37.9Jeremy Boyd5:39.11aGaithersburg
38.11Bernard Rosenthal5:39.14aGaithersburg
39.9Matthew Snow5:41.10aWalt Whitman
40.11Johnathon Browning5:43.90aThomas S Wootton
41.12Maxwell Goldstein5:44.16aThomas S Wootton
42.10Matt Digan5:44.89aWalt Whitman
43.9Hiroyuki Wakabayashi5:46.87aThomas S Wootton
44.10Jamey Greenbaum5:46.88aWalt Whitman
45.12Ani Utof5:47.60aGaithersburg
46.11Bobby Pak5:48.21aThomas S Wootton
47.11Artur Alexiuc5:49.83aThomas S Wootton
48.10Peter Nelson5:58.35aThomas S Wootton
49.9Alexander White6:12.39aThomas S Wootton
50.10Jared Schifrien6:25.56aThomas S Wootton
51.9Noah Katz6:29.79aWalt Whitman
52.10Frederico Cifuentes6:30.02aGaithersburg
53.10Noah Lee-Shapiro6:55.24aWalt Whitman
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Ertel9:58.58aThomas S Wootton
2.11David Levine10:09.29aThomas S Wootton
3.10Danniel Belay10:39.82aGaithersburg
4.11Christopher Siu10:45.48aThomas S Wootton
5.12Trever Reed10:45.99aGaithersburg
6.11Harrison Blackman10:50.76aThomas S Wootton
7.10Foster Ting11:15.00aThomas S Wootton
8.12Ramiz Ahmed11:45.90aGaithersburg
9.9Joshua Sack11:58.90aWalt Whitman
10.10Ji-Min No12:32.00aGaithersburg
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mamadou Doukoure15.40Gaithersburg
2.12Kaifa Boyce15.60Gaithersburg
3.12Mike Mensah16.10Gaithersburg
4.11Aaron Tian16.30Thomas S Wootton
5.12Simba Gwashavanhu16.80Gaithersburg
6.10Alan Banks17.20Thomas S Wootton
7.10Malachi Stoll19.40Walt Whitman
8.9Amir Khaghani21.00Walt Whitman
9.12Alfred Kamara21.30Gaithersburg
10.9Quinton Small22.00Gaithersburg
11.9Brendan Kelly22.40Walt Whitman
12.10Dalton Kephart22.90Gaithersburg
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaifa Boyce42.64aGaithersburg
2.11Aaron Tian42.77aThomas S Wootton
3.10Alan Banks43.76aThomas S Wootton
4.12Mamadou Doukoure44.02aGaithersburg
5.10Kurt Vetrano47.69aThomas S Wootton
6.10Ariel Martinez48.35aGaithersburg
7.10Malachi Stoll50.12aWalt Whitman
8.11Thomas Ryba50.45aWalt Whitman
9.9Quinton Small51.71aGaithersburg
10.10Devon Southlea52.75aGaithersburg
11.9Amir Khaghani53.01aWalt Whitman
12.10Dalton Kephart53.74aGaithersburg
13.10Harrison Linowes54.07aThomas S Wootton
14.11Isaac Rubin54.16aWalt Whitman
15.9Brendan Kelly54.83aWalt Whitman
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.40Gaithersburg
2.-Relay Team 48.00Walt Whitman
3.-Relay Team 51.00Walt Whitman
4.-Relay Team 52.70Walt Whitman
-Relay Team 55.80Thomas S Wootton
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:34.73aGaithersburg
2.-Relay Team 1:34.92aThomas S Wootton
-Relay Team DQWalt Whitman
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:37.20Gaithersburg
2.-Relay Team 3:44.70Thomas S Wootton
3.-Relay Team 3:59.20Walt Whitman
4.-Relay Team 4:05.80Gaithersburg
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:27.59aThomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 8:37.54aGaithersburg
3.-Jonathan Lowry
Evan Woods
Park Lippold
Thomas Delacour
8:38.03aWalt Whitman
4.-Relay Team 9:07.81aWalt Whitman
5.-Relay Team 9:45.37aGaithersburg
6.-Relay Team 10:05.95aWalt Whitman
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Toula37-09.50Gaithersburg
2.12Umar Tunkara36-10.50Gaithersburg
3.12Trever Davis34-07.50Gaithersburg
4.10Richard Xu34-07.00Thomas S Wootton
5.11Anthony Combs30-08.00Gaithersburg
6.11Guillaume Pierre-Louis30-03.75Thomas S Wootton
7.10Jake Brodsky30-03.00Thomas S Wootton
8.10Brian Jordan27-08.00Thomas S Wootton
9.12Luke Maeder25-09.25Thomas S Wootton
10Andrew PrebulaNDGaithersburg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Toula111-11Gaithersburg
2.10Richard Xu93-08Thomas S Wootton
3.12Trever Davis79-11Gaithersburg
4.12Umar Tunkara77-08Gaithersburg
5.10Jake Brodsky71-05Thomas S Wootton
6.10Andrew Prebula71-04Gaithersburg
7.12James Ertel64-09Thomas S Wootton
8.11Guillaume Pierre-Louis62-06Thomas S Wootton
9.10Brian Jordan62-00Thomas S Wootton
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mamadou Doukoure5-04.00Gaithersburg
2.12Mike Mensah5-02.00Gaithersburg
3.10Dalton Kephart5-00.00Gaithersburg
12Will SeverynseNHThomas S Wootton
12Luke MoonNHThomas S Wootton
11Alex WalshNHThomas S Wootton
10Ithawat KeosomdetNHThomas S Wootton
9Patrick MunroNHThomas S Wootton
12Simba GwashavanhuNHGaithersburg
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaifa Boyce20-02.50Gaithersburg
2.10Devon Southlea17-09.75Gaithersburg
3.12Luke Moon17-08.50Thomas S Wootton
4.11Brandon Fink17-04.50Thomas S Wootton
5.9Quinton Small15-00.00Gaithersburg
6.11Andrew Blair14-06.00Gaithersburg
7.9Amir Khaghani12-04.00Walt Whitman
8.10Dalton Kephart11-08.50Gaithersburg
12DeCourcey GascoigneNDGaithersburg
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaifa Boyce43-00.25Gaithersburg
2.12Luke Moon37-00.00Thomas S Wootton
3.10Devon Southlea36-10.00Gaithersburg
4.11Brandon Fink34-11.00Thomas S Wootton
5.9Amir Khaghani27-02.00Walt Whitman

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gwen Shaw12.45aThomas S Wootton
2.10Alexia Mitchell12.83aGaithersburg
3.10Zeya Luo13.32aWalt Whitman
4.10Hallie Byles13.68aThomas S Wootton
5.12Kimberly Ahearn13.87aThomas S Wootton
6.10Erica Monterio14.18aThomas S Wootton
7.9Hannah Riggins14.46aWalt Whitman
8.9Solidad Nwakibu14.53aGaithersburg
9.9Yvonne Combs14.58aGaithersburg
10.12Mia Lee14.74aThomas S Wootton
11.11Kayla Prandoni14.84aWalt Whitman
12.9Maya Tracey14.91aGaithersburg
13.10Brea Mason15.21aGaithersburg
14.12Katie Perroots15.28aThomas S Wootton
15.9Anna Lee15.29aThomas S Wootton
16.9Ellen Morris15.36aThomas S Wootton
17.9Priyanka Kalotra15.46aThomas S Wootton
18.10Amanda Le15.53aWalt Whitman
19.10Lydia Han15.54aThomas S Wootton
20.9Larissa Djoufack15.71aGaithersburg
21.11Michelle Isaacs15.75aWalt Whitman
22.9Jessica Lyon15.77aWalt Whitman
23.9Sharon Song15.89aThomas S Wootton
24.10Zoe Gavil16.16aWalt Whitman
25.11Rachana Kshirsagar16.27aThomas S Wootton
25.9Han Lee16.27aThomas S Wootton
27.9Casey Noencikx16.68aWalt Whitman
28.9Kaitlin Klausing16.90aThomas S Wootton
29.10Ilgaz Hisirci16.95aThomas S Wootton
30.10Yael Caplan17.16aWalt Whitman
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexia Mitchell27.08aGaithersburg
2.10Kara Huie28.04aThomas S Wootton
3.10Hallie Byles28.91aThomas S Wootton
4.10Erica Monterio29.28aThomas S Wootton
5.10Blair Toy29.36aThomas S Wootton
6.10Kiralyn Harrison29.91aThomas S Wootton
7.9Yvonne Combs30.05aGaithersburg
8.11Nickalia Gibbs30.23aThomas S Wootton
9.12Elizabeth Frank30.39aWalt Whitman
10.10Caroline Chang30.94aThomas S Wootton
11.11Kayla Prandoni31.16aWalt Whitman
11.9Maya Tracey31.16aGaithersburg
13.9Nisha Joshi31.23aThomas S Wootton
14.9Solidad Nwakibu31.37aGaithersburg
15.9Anna Lee31.56aThomas S Wootton
16.9Priyanka Kalotra32.23aThomas S Wootton
17.10Brea Mason32.44aGaithersburg
18.10Lydia Han32.66aThomas S Wootton
19.10Amanda Le32.74aWalt Whitman
20.9Samantha Yi32.87aThomas S Wootton
21.9Milani Chatterji-Len33.15aWalt Whitman
22.9Sharon Song33.66aThomas S Wootton
23.9Casey Noencikx33.92aWalt Whitman
24.10Christina Yi34.09aThomas S Wootton
25.10Zoe Gavil34.56aWalt Whitman
26.9Kaitlin Klausing34.89aThomas S Wootton
27.9Han Lee35.04aThomas S Wootton
28.10Yael Caplan37.30aWalt Whitman
29.10Ilgaz Hisirci37.52aThomas S Wootton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gwen Shaw58.80Thomas S Wootton
2.11Alsia Plybeah60.80Gaithersburg
3.10Christelle Ajifack66.40Gaithersburg
4.10Kiralyn Harrison67.40Thomas S Wootton
5.12Mia Lee69.80Thomas S Wootton
6.10Caroline Chang70.40aThomas S Wootton
7.12Katie Perroots70.90Thomas S Wootton
8.10Edinam Kumazah71.00Gaithersburg
9.9Samantha Yi71.80aThomas S Wootton
11.9Nisha Joshi71.91aThomas S Wootton
9.9Samira Okudo71.80Thomas S Wootton
12.11Nickalia Gibbs73.22aThomas S Wootton
13.9Ellen Morris74.30aThomas S Wootton
14.10Christina Yi1:26.54aThomas S Wootton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grace Corbett2:28.00Thomas S Wootton
2.11Kirsten Schroeder2:31.00Thomas S Wootton
3.10Dana Sung2:31.50Thomas S Wootton
4.10Elise Green2:32.00Thomas S Wootton
5.12Emily Levenson2:33.00Thomas S Wootton
6.10Lexi Levenson2:38.00Thomas S Wootton
7.10Christelle Ajifack2:39.00Gaithersburg
8.12Hilary Gelfond2:42.00Thomas S Wootton
9.11Caroline Elmendorf2:43.80Walt Whitman
10.9Samira Okudo2:44.00Thomas S Wootton
11.10Elizabeth Zeichner2:47.10Walt Whitman
12.12Susan Harper2:50.20Thomas S Wootton
13.10Stephanie Smith2:51.10Thomas S Wootton
14.9Theresa Brietzke2:52.30Thomas S Wootton
15.10Allyson Meltzer2:56.10Thomas S Wootton
16.10Belen Belangero3:01.50Thomas S Wootton
17.9Vivian Mui3:02.50Thomas S Wootton
18.11Krishna Jaitly3:03.40Walt Whitman
19.9Shadee Nowrouzi3:04.70Thomas S Wootton
20.10Toti Lee-Shapiro3:11.80Walt Whitman
21.10Meera Kattapuram3:13.40Walt Whitman
22.10Julia Juenemann3:13.50Walt Whitman
23.9Sandra Granados3:20.10Gaithersburg
24.9Vaishnavi Murthy3:21.40Thomas S Wootton
25.10Roopa Mulpuri3:30.40Thomas S Wootton
9Leslie CedilloNTGaithersburg
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Clare Severe2:26.33aWalt Whitman
12Caroline Guiot2:31.16aWalt Whitman
9Lela Walter2:34.82aWalt Whitman
12Elizabeth Frank2:37.58aWalt Whitman
11Adriana Frayne-Reixa2:41.36aWalt Whitman
9Hanalei Fong2:49.64aWalt Whitman
11Rachel Lang3:01.17aWalt Whitman
9Alyson Golub3:07.69aWalt Whitman
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grace Corbett5:28.39aThomas S Wootton
2.12Caroline Guiot5:30.26aWalt Whitman
3.10Elise Green5:32.93aThomas S Wootton
4.12Anna Ryba5:36.23aWalt Whitman
5.12Emily Levenson5:36.34aThomas S Wootton
6.11Kirsten Schroeder5:40.76aThomas S Wootton
7.11Caroline Elmendorf5:41.26aWalt Whitman
8.12Hilary Gelfond5:48.10aThomas S Wootton
9.10Elizabeth Zeichner5:55.89aWalt Whitman
10.11Lottie Nalls6:01.76aWalt Whitman
11.12Susan Harper6:02.98aThomas S Wootton
12.11Susan McGrattan6:03.41aThomas S Wootton
13.10Stephanie Smith6:09.18aThomas S Wootton
14.9Theresa Brietzke6:14.41aThomas S Wootton
15.9Leah Greenstein6:15.63aWalt Whitman
16.10Allyson Meltzer6:15.80aThomas S Wootton
17.10Charlotte Fitterman6:18.43aWalt Whitman
18.11Annie Rice6:18.69aWalt Whitman
19.10Julia Juenemann6:20.86aWalt Whitman
20.10Belen Belangero6:22.84aThomas S Wootton
21.9Vivian Mui6:23.70aThomas S Wootton
22.12Vannida Lorn6:32.19aGaithersburg
23.11Krishna Jaitly6:36.55aWalt Whitman
24.10Malena Maraviglia6:39.98aWalt Whitman
25.9Alyson Golub6:44.01aWalt Whitman
26.9Shadee Nowrouzi6:44.06aThomas S Wootton
27.9Sandra Granados6:44.77aGaithersburg
28.10Toti Lee-Shapiro6:45.61aWalt Whitman
29.10Emily Baker6:45.68aWalt Whitman
30.10Meera Kattapuram6:47.83aWalt Whitman
31.11Casey Lapham6:54.76aGaithersburg
32.10Jodi Flanders6:57.90aThomas S Wootton
33.9Stacey Chen7:10.75aThomas S Wootton
34.9Vaishnavi Murthy7:17.16aThomas S Wootton
35.9Leslie Cedillo7:36.11aGaithersburg
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Ryba11:54.00Walt Whitman
2.9Clare Severe11:59.00Walt Whitman
3.9Lela Walter12:01.00Walt Whitman
4.12Madeline Rico12:12.00Thomas S Wootton
5.9Nicole Ihrie12:18.00Walt Whitman
6.12Karen Cohen12:19.00Thomas S Wootton
7.11Alison Baruch12:33.00Thomas S Wootton
8.9Elyssa Feuer12:48.00Walt Whitman
8.12Caroline Guiot12:48.00Walt Whitman
10.12Sarah Zeichner12:49.00Walt Whitman
11.11Lottie Nalls12:55.00Walt Whitman
12.11Annie Rice13:12.00Walt Whitman
13.10Michele Sandler13:14.00Walt Whitman
14.11Laura Elmendorf13:21.00Walt Whitman
15.12Vannida Lorn14:52.60Gaithersburg
16.9Sandra Granados15:40.20Gaithersburg
17.11Casey Lapham16:11.80Gaithersburg
18.9Leslie Cedillo16:20.40Gaithersburg
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gwen Shaw15.01aThomas S Wootton
2.11Sylvia Deppen16.10aThomas S Wootton
2.12Madeleine Entwistle16.10aWalt Whitman
4.10Natalia de Gravelles19.62aWalt Whitman
5.10Julia Fraser19.93aWalt Whitman
6.10Atessa Foroutan20.04aWalt Whitman
7.11Jenny Ha20.43aGaithersburg
8.9Ellen Morris20.72aThomas S Wootton
9.11Sarah Newsom21.12aWalt Whitman
10.9Alison Poffley22.05aWalt Whitman
11.9Milani Chatterji-Len22.34aWalt Whitman
12.10Emily Rosenthal24.16aWalt Whitman
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sylvia Deppen46.20Thomas S Wootton
2.11Caroline Elmendorf54.92Walt Whitman
3.11Taylar Hackett56.40Gaithersburg
4.10Julia Fraser56.50Walt Whitman
5.9Alison Poffley57.57aWalt Whitman
6.10Lydia Han58.20Thomas S Wootton
7.10Natalia de Gravelles59.30Walt Whitman
8.11Lauren Brooks63.28aWalt Whitman
9.9Milani Chatterji-Len64.50aWalt Whitman
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.50Thomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 53.80Gaithersburg
3.-Relay Team 54.10Walt Whitman
4.-Relay Team 61.60Walt Whitman
5.-Relay Team 68.50Walt Whitman
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.28aThomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 1:51.13aWalt Whitman
3.-Relay Team 1:54.29aGaithersburg
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:25.80Thomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 4:31.90Gaithersburg
3.-Relay Team 4:53.10Walt Whitman
4.-Relay Team 5:32.40Walt Whitman
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:09.50aThomas S Wootton
2.-Caroline Guiot
Lela Walter
Elizabeth Frank
Clare Severe
10:09.89aWalt Whitman
3.-Relay Team 11:03.24aGaithersburg
4.-Rachel Lang
Alyson Golub
Hanalei Fong
Adriana Frayne-Reixa
11:39.84aWalt Whitman
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Kemp30-00.00Gaithersburg
2.9Larissa Djoufack28-10.00Gaithersburg
3.12Kimberly Crosby28-08.50Thomas S Wootton
4.12Mia Lee22-08.50Thomas S Wootton
5.9Esi Sotoglo22-01.50Gaithersburg
6.9Samira Okudo18-11.00Thomas S Wootton
7.10Emily Rosenthal18-07.00Walt Whitman
8.10Atessa Foroutan18-04.75Walt Whitman
9.10Donavan Driver16-08.50Gaithersburg
10.9Jessica Lyon15-04.00Walt Whitman
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Kemp85-05Gaithersburg
2.12Kimberly Crosby81-09Thomas S Wootton
3.9Esi Sotoglo72-11Gaithersburg
4.9Samira Okudo63-01Thomas S Wootton
5.9Larissa Djoufack61-01Gaithersburg
6.12Mia Lee53-01Thomas S Wootton
7.10Atessa Foroutan40-04Walt Whitman
8.10Donavan Driver40-04Gaithersburg
9.9Jessica Lyon39-02Walt Whitman
10.10Emily Rosenthal26-02Walt Whitman
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Julia Squeri4-06.00Walt Whitman
2.12Elaine Chen4-02.00Thomas S Wootton
3.9Han Lee4-00.00Thomas S Wootton
9Ellen MorrisNHThomas S Wootton
11Kirsten SchroederNHThomas S Wootton
11Jenny HaNHGaithersburg
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elaine Chen15-04.00Thomas S Wootton
2.12Casey Dowling15-03.00Thomas S Wootton
3.11Jenny Ha13-01.00Gaithersburg
4.10Julia Fraser12-05.00Walt Whitman
5.10Edinam Kumazah11-06.00Gaithersburg
6.9Maya Tracey11-04.00Gaithersburg
7.9Solidad Nwakibu10-09.00Gaithersburg
8.10Della Turque10-07.00Walt Whitman
9.11Sarah Newsom10-04.25Walt Whitman
10.11Lauren Brooks8-05.00Walt Whitman
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elaine Chen34-00.50Thomas S Wootton
2.11Sylvia Deppen33-03.00Thomas S Wootton
3.12Casey Dowling31-04.25Thomas S Wootton
4.11Caroline Elmendorf27-08.50Walt Whitman
5.10Della Turque24-00.25Walt Whitman
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