Forest Hills/Emmaus Invite

Friday, April 20, 2012
  Life Christian, Aloha - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jerin Baeza13.07aLife Christian
2.8Tristin Thibodeau13.66aKing's Way Christian
3.8Brian Shin13.73aFaith Bible Christian
4.8Chris Phillips13.83aFaith Bible Christian
5.7Kyudong Lim13.93aCornerstone
6.6Tim Malueg13.96aOregon Episcopal
7.8Garret Hoaglin14.13aEmmaus Christian Sch...
8.8Quinn McDonnell14.27aOregon Episcopal
9.7Joel Fletcher15.18aEmmaus Christian Sch...
10.6Anthony Porpora15.34aLife Christian
11.8Alex Huntting15.40aKing's Way Christian
12.6David Nichols15.52aCornerstone
12.8Jacob Dicken15.52aForest Hills Lutheran
14.6Mason Taylor15.97aLife Christian
15.6Ryek Ebenhahan16.07aKing's Way Christian
16.6Garrett Mulder16.09aSouthwest Christian
17.8Alex Garten16.64aOregon Episcopal
18.6Cam Stubblefield16.77aSouthwest Christian
19.6RJ Erwin17.16aSouthwest Christian
20.6Philip Lanthrum17.30aEmmaus Christian Sch...
21.6Colton Lange17.61aCornerstone
22.6David Kriss18.14aCornerstone
23.6Kody Pou18.24aCornerstone
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kyle Gonzales25.49aKing's Way Christian
2.7Jerin Baeza26.72aLife Christian
3.8Tristin Thibodeau28.88aKing's Way Christian
4.6Anthony Porpora32.16aLife Christian
5.6Brian Garten32.60aOregon Episcopal
6.7Jethro Swain33.75aOregon Episcopal
7.6Cam Stubblefield35.76aSouthwest Christian
8.7Jacob Waite36.87aOregon Episcopal
9.6Sam Mont36.92aEmmaus Christian Sch...
10.8Hunter Gillam37.40aKing's Way Christian
11.6David Kriss38.90aCornerstone
12.6Matt Lochridge39.64aSouthwest Christian
13.7Tristan Hoefer39.79aEmmaus Christian Sch...
14.6Noah Farley39.95aEmmaus Christian Sch...
15.6Stone Allen41.84aEmmaus Christian Sch...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Connor Wren56.44aCornerstone
2.8Nathan Bloomster59.6Life Christian
3.8Chris Martin1:04.09aSouthwest Christian
4.8Nick Morae-Alvorado1:05.31Faith Bible Christian
5.8Robert Smith1:13.17aSouthwest Christian
6.6Jack Casalino1:13.19aOregon Episcopal
7.7Taylor Brizendine1:13.63aLife Christian
8.8Jacob Dicken1:16.03aForest Hills Lutheran
9.6Garrett Mulder1:22.28aSouthwest Christian
10.6Philip Lanthrum1:27.01aEmmaus Christian Sch...
11.6Alex Clayton1:27.04aOregon Episcopal
12.6Sam Mont1:28.91aEmmaus Christian Sch...
13.7Jacob Waite1:34.98aOregon Episcopal
14.6Stone Allen1:42.15aEmmaus Christian Sch...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Aaron Lane2:35.04aSouthwest Christian
2.8Rowan Berridge2:35.51aOregon Episcopal
3.8Kevin Mccartney2:37.09aCornerstone
4.8Kyle McCartney2:38.06aCornerstone
5.7Joe Zochert2:39.88aSouthwest Christian
6.8Connor Wren2:43.35aCornerstone
7.8Nick Morae-Alvorado2:46.22aFaith Bible Christian
8.7Chandler Watson2:47.35aOregon Episcopal
9.6David Nichols2:49.01aCornerstone
10.7Devin Darling2:53.09aLife Christian
11.8Zach Kenniston2:53.11aLife Christian
12.7Nicky Johnson2:54.11aEmmaus Christian Sch...
13.6Justin Denson2:56.01aOregon Episcopal
14.6Joel Henningsen2:56.78aLife Christian
15.8Logan Williams3:02.92aKing's Way Christian
16.8Lane Andersen3:04.07aKing's Way Christian
17.6Evan LaFleur3:12.76aLife Christian
18.6Matthew Davis3:33.57aSouthwest Christian
19.6Elliot Steward3:37.01aSouthwest Christian
20.6Jake Morgan3:40.03aSouthwest Christian
21.6Ben Lane3:54.46aSouthwest Christian
22.6Hunter Clark4:28.84aKing's Way Christian
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Joe Zochert5:06.25Southwest Christian
7Timothy Curtis5:36.80Southwest Christian
8Shad Mont5:41.20Emmaus Christian Sch...
6Jake Morgan6:06.20Southwest Christian
6Matthew Davis6:56.00Southwest Christian
6Elliot Steward7:08.00Southwest Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chris Phillips18.91aFaith Bible Christian
2.8Nick Morae-Alvorado19.74aFaith Bible Christian
3.8Quinn McDonnell19.81aOregon Episcopal
4.7Timothy Curtis20.07aSouthwest Christian
5.8Darion Lycksell20.14aKing's Way Christian
6.8Robert Smith20.76aSouthwest Christian
7.7Aaron Lane21.06aSouthwest Christian
8.7Micah Stewart21.40aKing's Way Christian
9.7Peter Reinhardt22.91aKing's Way Christian
9.6Jake Morgan22.91aSouthwest Christian
11.7Jacob Waite26.45aOregon Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Conner Patterson
Hunter Gillam
Ryan Rouse
Tristin Thibodeau
54.57aKing's Way Christian
2.-Nicky Johnson
Caleb Armstrong
Joel Fletcher
Garret Hoaglin
56.42aEmmaus Christian Sch...
3.-Chris Martin
Garrett Mulder
Jacob Ferguson
Lucas Marty
57.47aSouthwest Christian
4.-Devin Darling
Jerin Baeza
Nathan Bloomster
Mason Taylor
59.36aLife Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Mccartney
Kyle McCartney
Kyudong Lim
Noah Puckett
2.-Joe Zochert
Timothy Curtis
Aaron Lane
Chase Stubblefield
4:33.09aSouthwest Christian
3.-Quinn McDonnell
Jack Casalino
Justin Denson
Cameron Slovic
4:45.00aOregon Episcopal
4.-Nicky Johnson
Shad Mont
Joel Fletcher
Garret Hoaglin
5:09.00aEmmaus Christian Sch...
5.-Mitch Wagner
Joel Henningsen
Devin Darling
Anthony Porpora
5:16.35aLife Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nathan Williams30-06.00Oregon Episcopal
2.8Chase Warren29-06.00Southwest Christian
3.8Jon Wooldridge28-00.00Southwest Christian
4.8Zach Suarez27-11.00Southwest Christian
5.8Alex Huntting27-05.00King's Way Christian
6.8Lane Andersen25-07.00King's Way Christian
7.7Zach Mahan25-03.00Life Christian
8.8Aaron Wogan25-01.00King's Way Christian
9.6Tim Malueg24-00.00Oregon Episcopal
10.8Sawyer Ramsey22-03.00Southwest Christian
11.7Scott Nicolin20-06.00King's Way Christian
12.7Chance Cupp20-04.00King's Way Christian
13.7Sam Pop20-00.00Cornerstone
14.7Tristan Hoefer19-03.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
15.6James Roberts19-02.00Oregon Episcopal
16.7Landon Bateman17-10.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
17.6Edger Shotts16-03.00Oregon Episcopal
18.6Kody Pou16-02.00Cornerstone
19.6Skyler Maryott5-11.00Southwest Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Robert Smith88-10Southwest Christian
2.7Zach Mahan82-00Life Christian
3.8Lane Andersen78-10King's Way Christian
4.8Peter Young66-04Southwest Christian
5.8Jon Wooldridge58-03Southwest Christian
6.6Tim Malueg56-05Oregon Episcopal
7.7Sam Pop55-00Cornerstone
8.8Chase Warren54-08Southwest Christian
9.7Jonathan Turcic53-00King's Way Christian
10.6Jeff Glenn52-01Life Christian
11.7Tristan Hoefer49-11Emmaus Christian Sch...
12.8Aaron Wogan44-10King's Way Christian
13.8Zach Kenniston44-04Life Christian
14.7Chance Cupp41-06King's Way Christian
15.7Landon Bateman38-07Emmaus Christian Sch...
16.6Evan LaFleur38-03Life Christian
17.6Kody Pou37-08Cornerstone
18.6James Roberts37-03Oregon Episcopal
19.6Edger Shotts33-05Oregon Episcopal
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brian Shin106-10Faith Bible Christian
2.8Kyle McCartney96-04Cornerstone
3.8Connor Wren95-00Cornerstone
4.8Tristin Thibodeau94-07King's Way Christian
5.7Zach Mahan90-07Life Christian
6.6Mason Taylor89-00Life Christian
7.8Hunter Gillam88-11King's Way Christian
8.7Jacob Carlton83-01King's Way Christian
9.7Jonathan Turcic81-11King's Way Christian
10.7Aaron Lane81-10Southwest Christian
11.8Kevin Mccartney74-01Cornerstone
12.8Aaron Wogan72-01King's Way Christian
13.6Brian Garten71-08Oregon Episcopal
14.6David Kriss70-00Cornerstone
15.8Peter Young67-11Southwest Christian
16.7William Herdina65-04Southwest Christian
17.8Alex Garten64-11Oregon Episcopal
18.7Landon Bateman61-09Emmaus Christian Sch...
19.6Jeff Glenn60-08Life Christian
20.6Noah Farley59-04Emmaus Christian Sch...
21.6Justin Denson58-10Oregon Episcopal
22.6RJ Erwin57-03Southwest Christian
23.7Sam Pop55-08Cornerstone
24.6Matt Lochridge55-01Southwest Christian
25.6Edger Shotts51-07Oregon Episcopal
26.7Scott Nicolin49-02King's Way Christian
27.6Sam Mont46-09Emmaus Christian Sch...
28.6Stone Allen46-05Emmaus Christian Sch...
29.6Colton Lange43-04Cornerstone
30.6Kody Pou43-01Cornerstone
31.6Elliot Steward36-04Southwest Christian
32.6Max Ely33-08Life Christian
33.7Tristan Hoefer32-02Emmaus Christian Sch...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Gehlen4-11.00Forest Hills Lutheran
2.8Rowan Berridge4-06.00Oregon Episcopal
3.8Josh Lockey4-00.00King's Way Christian
3.8Zach Suarez4-00.00Southwest Christian
3.7Zach Mahan4-00.00Life Christian
8Robert SmithDQSouthwest Christian
8Peter YoungDQSouthwest Christian
7Micah StewartDQKing's Way Christian
7Emmanuel GalesDQKing's Way Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kyle Gonzales16-06.00King's Way Christian
2.7Jerin Baeza16-00.50Life Christian
3.8Nathan Bloomster15-06.50Life Christian
4.8David Gehlen15-01.00Forest Hills Lutheran
5.7Nicky Johnson13-06.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
5.8Chris Phillips13-06.00Faith Bible Christian
7.7Joel Fletcher13-05.50Emmaus Christian Sch...
7.7Devin Darling13-05.50Life Christian
9.7Timothy Curtis13-04.00Southwest Christian
10.8Josh Lockey12-11.00King's Way Christian
11.6Brian Garten12-09.50Oregon Episcopal
12.8Brian Shin12-03.00Faith Bible Christian
13.7Jethro Swain12-02.00Oregon Episcopal
14.8Nathan Williams12-01.00Oregon Episcopal
15.8Darion Lycksell11-06.50King's Way Christian
16.8Chase Warren10-08.00Southwest Christian
17.8Jacob Dicken10-04.00Forest Hills Lutheran
18.7William Herdina9-11.00Southwest Christian
19.6Ryek Ebenhahan9-10.50King's Way Christian
20.7Taylor Brizendine9-10.00Life Christian
21.8Conner Patterson9-09.00King's Way Christian
22.6Ben Lane9-07.00Southwest Christian
23.6Evan LaFleur9-03.50Life Christian
24.6Noah Farley9-00.50Emmaus Christian Sch...
25.6Jake Morgan7-11.00Southwest Christian
26.6Max Ely7-07.50Life Christian
27.7Landon Bateman7-06.50Emmaus Christian Sch...
28.6Stone Allen5-03.50Emmaus Christian Sch...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.7Elizabeth Gibson14.45aFaith Bible Christian
3.8Leah Grant14.45aLife Christian
5.8Keely Barnett14.48aKing's Way Christian
1.7Fana Gottschalk14.30Forest Hills Lutheran
4.6Tova Broadbent14.47Cornerstone
6.8Kelly Reeves14.72Southwest Christian
7.6Hannah Court14.97Southwest Christian
8.7Erin Brennan15.30aOregon Episcopal
9.8Rachel Wagner15.49Faith Bible Christian
10.7Aubrey Osswald15.95Southwest Christian
11.7Ayana Ramberg16.05Emmaus Christian Sch...
12.7Lauren Trapp16.09Faith Bible Christian
13.8Ellie Morrison16.17Cornerstone
14.6Haley Sloan16.65aEmmaus Christian Sch...
15.7Zoe Rischitelli17.04aOregon Episcopal
16.7Samantha Martinez17.41aCornerstone
17.6Nicole Sota17.77Life Christian
18.8Kendra Kubeczko18.05aSouthwest Christian
19.6Erika Selberg18.47aOregon Episcopal
20.6Emma Raper18.57aOregon Episcopal
21.7Lindsay MacKenzie19.19aCornerstone
22.6Emily Thompson19.19King's Way Christian
23.6Abby Patterson19.94aKing's Way Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ashley Schmaltz30.57aKing's Way Christian
2.8Amelia Aaron30.64aOregon Episcopal
3.7Fana Gottschalk31.07aForest Hills Lutheran
4.8Kelly Reeves31.36aSouthwest Christian
5.6Tova Broadbent31.47aCornerstone
6.6Haley Hutchin31.59aKing's Way Christian
7.8Whitney Rouse32.71aKing's Way Christian
8.8Emily Turcic32.94aKing's Way Christian
9.6Natalie Bloomster33.41aLife Christian
10.8Christin Young34.06aFaith Bible Christian
11.8Calla Slayton34.71aOregon Episcopal
12.7Samantha Martinez36.26aCornerstone
13.6Julianne Zhao44.57aOregon Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ashley Schmaltz1:05.90aKing's Way Christian
2.8Jessi Beyer1:07.82aForest Hills Lutheran
3.6Haley Hutchin1:11.01aKing's Way Christian
4.7Lydia Wood-Hull1:13.00aOregon Episcopal
5.8Kelly Reeves1:15.95aSouthwest Christian
6.6Natalie Bloomster1:16.81aLife Christian
7.8Nikki Leighton1:19.95aFaith Bible Christian
8.7Abby Shea1:21.79aKing's Way Christian
9.8Kendra Kubeczko1:24.69aSouthwest Christian
10.7Sophie Samiee1:25.14aOregon Episcopal
11.6Emily Bruns1:26.79aSouthwest Christian
12.6Raley Schweinfurth1:33.53aOregon Episcopal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kylie Warren2:45.16aSouthwest Christian
2.8Esther Harris2:48.16aEmmaus Christian Sch...
3.6Micayla Brizendine2:55.10aLife Christian
4.6Savannah Castaneda3:08.65aOregon Episcopal
5.7Lindsay MacKenzie3:31.86aCornerstone
6.6Emily Bruns3:32.51aSouthwest Christian
7.7Megan Pronozuk3:35.95aEmmaus Christian Sch...
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Savannah Bowerfind5:51.41aOregon Episcopal
2.7Kylie Warren6:06.27aSouthwest Christian
3.8Christin Young6:12.89aFaith Bible Christian
4.6Emily Bruns6:25.96aSouthwest Christian
5.6Julie Hayes6:35.08aKing's Way Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jessi Beyer19.05aForest Hills Lutheran
2.8Keely Barnett20.62aKing's Way Christian
3.6Hannah Court20.70aSouthwest Christian
4.8Lisa Baylor20.89aLife Christian
5.8Meleah Kainu21.43aKing's Way Christian
6.7Aubrey Osswald21.87aSouthwest Christian
7.7Laura Bishop21.88aOregon Episcopal
8.6Savannah Bowerfind21.91aOregon Episcopal
9.6Chloe Brown22.02aSouthwest Christian
10.6Summer Fery22.22aLife Christian
11.7Olivia Polk22.46aOregon Episcopal
12.8Rosa Mallorson22.62aOregon Episcopal
13.8Christin Young22.82aFaith Bible Christian
14.6Emily Bruns24.40aSouthwest Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amelia Aaron
Claire Pinger
Erin Brennan
Regina Logan
54.39Oregon Episcopal
2.-Keely Barnett
Whitney Rouse
Ashley Schmaltz
Emily Turcic
57.22aKing's Way Christian
4.-Hannah Ebrahimi
Rachel Wagner
Nikki Leighton
Elizabeth Gibson
58.28aFaith Bible Christian
3.-Hannah Court
Chloe Brown
Maty Pelo
Kylie Warren
58.13Southwest Christian
5.-Lindsey Mackenzie
Tova Broadbent
Eve Anderson
Samantha Martinez
6.-Ayana Ramberg
Megan Pronozuk
Haley Sloan
Esther Harris
1:01.67aEmmaus Christian Sch...
7.-Meg Huffman
Raley Schweinfurth
Julianne Zhao
Marie Fernandez
1:05.31Oregon Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haley Sloan
Megan Pronozuk
Jessica Cirlincione
Esther Harris
5:22.15aEmmaus Christian Sch...
2.-Kelly Reeves
Kendra Kubeczko
Aubrey Osswald
Kylie Warren
5:26.79aSouthwest Christian
3.-Marie Fernandez
Sophie Samiee
Zoe Rischitelli
Lydia Wood-Hull
5:32.78aOregon Episcopal
4.-Micayla Brizendine
Summer Fery
Lisa Baylor
Nicole Sota
5:36.46aLife Christian
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Maty Pelo32-00.00Southwest Christian
2.7Nicole Manning31-02.00Life Christian
3.8McKenna Ely26-11.00Life Christian
4.7Sydney Neuman26-04.00Life Christian
5.8Erin Mulder23-06.00Southwest Christian
6.7Kiara Mctear23-03.00King's Way Christian
7.8Emelyn Roberts22-03.00Oregon Episcopal
8.7Taylor Olson20-01.00Oregon Episcopal
9.7Jessica Cirlincione18-08.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
10.7Kensy Pelo18-00.00Southwest Christian
11.6Rachel Martins17-03.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
12.6Hallie Shaw16-11.00King's Way Christian
13.7Hayley Mintz16-10.00Southwest Christian
14.7Julia McCoy16-03.00Life Christian
14.6Amanda Goodding16-03.00Southwest Christian
16.6Autmn Rataczak15-07.00King's Way Christian
17.6Emily Thompson13-07.00King's Way Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Maty Pelo70-06Southwest Christian
2.7Nicole Manning66-05Life Christian
3.7Sydney Neuman59-03Life Christian
4.7Lauren Trapp58-08Faith Bible Christian
5.7Kensy Pelo54-01Southwest Christian
6.7Taylor Olson52-00Oregon Episcopal
7.8Hannah Ebrahimi51-06Faith Bible Christian
8.8Marie Fernandez50-02Oregon Episcopal
9.8McKenna Ely47-08Life Christian
9.8Rachel Wagner47-08Faith Bible Christian
11.7Hayley Mintz46-10Southwest Christian
12.6Hallie Shaw43-08King's Way Christian
13.6Rachel Martins38-01Emmaus Christian Sch...
14.7Ayana Ramberg33-10Emmaus Christian Sch...
15.8Erin Mulder32-04Southwest Christian
16.7Julia McCoy26-06Life Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Maty Pelo84-01Southwest Christian
2.7Nicole Manning79-06Life Christian
3.7Stevie Walker72-07Forest Hills Lutheran
4.7Kensy Pelo66-11Southwest Christian
5.7Taylor Olson61-04Oregon Episcopal
6.7Carmina Craciun60-06King's Way Christian
7.8Meleah Kainu57-02King's Way Christian
8.8Marie Fernandez56-03Oregon Episcopal
9.6Rachel Martins55-03Emmaus Christian Sch...
10.8Ellie Morrison51-03Cornerstone
11.8Rosa Mallorson48-09Oregon Episcopal
12.7Jessica Cirlincione47-04Emmaus Christian Sch...
13.8Emelyn Roberts46-08Oregon Episcopal
14.8Erin Mulder45-00Southwest Christian
15.6Hallie Shaw38-07King's Way Christian
16.6Amanda Goodding36-06Southwest Christian
17.7Kiara Mctear32-06King's Way Christian
18.6Emily Thompson30-00King's Way Christian
19.7Julia McCoy27-06Life Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ellie Ward4-02.00Oregon Episcopal
2.8McKenna Ely4-00.00Life Christian
2.8Leah Grant4-00.00Life Christian
4.6Summer Fery3-09.00Life Christian
4.7Meg Huffman3-09.00Oregon Episcopal
4.7Carmina Craciun3-09.00King's Way Christian
4.7Laura Bishop3-09.00Oregon Episcopal
8.8Clara Collins3-06.00Oregon Episcopal
8.6Chloe Brown3-06.00Southwest Christian
6Abby PattersonDQKing's Way Christian
6Emily ThompsonDQKing's Way Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Elizabeth Gibson13-02.50Faith Bible Christian
2.8Alex Boxberger13-01.00Oregon Episcopal
3.8Ellie Ward12-05.50Oregon Episcopal
4.7Fana Gottschalk12-01.50Forest Hills Lutheran
5.7Stevie Walker11-00.00Forest Hills Lutheran
6.6Haley Sloan10-10.50Emmaus Christian Sch...
7.7Sophie Samiee10-09.00Oregon Episcopal
7.7Carmina Craciun10-09.00King's Way Christian
7.8Kailin Carter10-09.00Oregon Episcopal
10.7Lauren Trapp10-07.00Faith Bible Christian
11.8Calla Slayton10-06.00Oregon Episcopal
11.6Chloe Brown10-06.00Southwest Christian
13.7Nicole Manning10-05.00Life Christian
14.8Ellie Morrison10-03.50Cornerstone
15.6Hannah Court10-00.50Southwest Christian
15.8Nikki Leighton10-00.50Faith Bible Christian
17.7Ayana Ramberg9-10.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
17.8Clara Collins9-10.00Oregon Episcopal
19.6Natalie Bloomster9-06.50Life Christian
20.6Nicole Sota8-04.00Life Christian
20.7Jessica Cirlincione8-04.00Emmaus Christian Sch...
22.6Abby Patterson7-05.50King's Way Christian
23.6Julie Hayes6-06.00King's Way Christian
24.7Julia McCoy5-10.50Life Christian
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