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Tucker County Home Meet

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Elkins HS, Elkins

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyler Doss11.82Pocahontas County      
2.11Seth Painter12.05Pocahontas County      
3.12Cory Payne12.09Tygarts Valley      
4.12Dustin Hinkle12.26East Hardy      
5.9Tyler Murphy12.27East Hardy      
6.11Cory DiBartolomeo12.32Tucker County      
7.11Jonah Flynn12.34Pendleton County      
8.9Marshall Whisner12.49Tucker County      
9.10John Channell12.50Tygarts Valley      
10.12Matthew Phares12.51Pendleton County      
10.11Gregory Clark12.51Union      
12.11Ben Hill12.73Pendleton County      
13.12Ethan Long12.87Tucker County      
14.12Chris Mullen12.93Pendleton County      
15.12Adam Keller12.99Pendleton County      
16.10Kelson Thorne13.03Petersburg      
17.-Jacob Johnson13.15Pocahontas County      
--12Sheldon Charlton14.34Tucker County      
18.12Cory Mick14.46Pendleton County      
19.11Matthew Samples15.28Tygarts Valley      
--11Tyler MooreNTPendleton County      
--12William LattaNTPendleton County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Freeman23.58Tucker County      
2.12Curtis Pyles23.75Pocahontas County      
3.11Seth Painter24.05Pocahontas County      
4.11Levi Hubbard24.45Pendleton County      
5.9Marshall Whisner24.85Tucker County      
6.11Kyler Doss25.00Pocahontas County      
7.11Derek Nestor25.07Tucker County      
8.11Jonah Flynn25.39Pendleton County      
9.10John Channell25.48Tygarts Valley      
10.11Adian Bailey25.86Pendleton County      
11.9Kyle VanName26.18East Hardy      
12.12Chris Mullen26.47Pendleton County      
13.12Matthew Phares26.88Pendleton County      
14.10Shawn Chan27.00Pendleton County      
15.9Jared Wegman27.72Tygarts Valley      
--12Sheldon Charlton30.06Tucker County      
--12Adam KellerNTPendleton County      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
--11Cory DiBartolomeo56.45Tucker County      
1.12William Latta58.17Pendleton County      
2.11Derek Nestor58.71Tucker County      
3.12Matthew Phares59.28Pendleton County      
4.11Adian Bailey59.34Pendleton County      
5.10Shawn Chan59.71Pendleton County      
6.12Grant Basagic59.96Petersburg      
7.9Kyle VanName1:00.89East Hardy      
8.-Samuel Shoemaker1:01.15Tucker County      
9.12Zach Deck1:01.27East Hardy      
10.10Matt Nibblins1:01.39Pendleton County      
11.-Levi Hefner1:01.51Pocahontas County      
12.11Nick Solliday1:01.66Pocahontas County      
13.11Clayton Ford1:02.03Petersburg      
14.10Andrew Morrison1:02.10Pocahontas County      
15.10John Channell1:04.48Tygarts Valley      
16.10Kevin Malone1:06.19East Hardy      
17.12Cory Mick1:07.13Pendleton County      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Addison Hill2:25.89Pendleton County      
2.11Parker White2:28.07Pocahontas County      
3.9Devon Anderson2:32.63Tucker County      
4.10Mitchell Mason2:34.49Tucker County      
5.9Andrew Hauser2:35.00Tucker County      
6.9Jereomy Ayers2:36.61Pendleton County      
--11Andrew Hedrick2:37.15Tucker County      
7.12Andy Myers2:38.45Pocahontas County      
8.12Caleb Walkup2:39.62Pocahontas County      
9.10Matt Nibblins2:40.27Pendleton County      
10.12Cory Mick2:44.52Pendleton County      
11.10Kevin Malone2:48.18East Hardy      
12.11Chass Reel3:20.39East Hardy      
--10John ChannellNTTygarts Valley      
--11Zach GodloveNTEast Hardy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Bonner5:11.72Tucker County      
2.11Clayton Irvine5:13.18Pocahontas County      
3.9Jereomy Ayers5:20.38Pendleton County      
4.12Eric Gabriel5:27.08Pendleton County      
5.12Christian Martin5:29.54Pendleton County      
6.9Andrew Hauser5:33.27Tucker County      
7.9Wesley Knotts5:44.83Tucker County      
8.11Derek Hamman5:51.28Pocahontas County      
--9Ian ImNTEast Hardy      
--9Jarred RawsonNTPendleton County      
--11Austin EarleNTEast Hardy      
--12Chris RawsonNTPendleton County      
--10Andrew MorrisonNTPocahontas County      
--11Phillip WhiteisNTPocahontas County      
--9Anthony GwynnNTTucker County      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clayton Irvine11:21.36Pocahontas County      
2.12Chris Bonner11:26.19Tucker County      
3.12Eric Gabriel12:16.01Pendleton County      
4.12Christian Martin12:17.71Pendleton County      
5.9Kyler Metz12:33.68Tucker County      
6.12Rick Nolan12:35.90Tucker County      
7.9Jereomy Ayers13:22.00Pendleton County      
--10Corey Kelley13:29.74Tucker County      
8.11Phillip Whiteis14:36.93Pocahontas County      
--9Ian ImNTEast Hardy      
--11Austin EarleNTEast Hardy      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Maddox15.01East Hardy      
2.11Tyler Snyder16.40Tucker County      
3.12Jesse Taylor17.05Pocahontas County      
4.10Grant Shanholtz17.23Petersburg      
5.11Trevor Kidwell18.25Tucker County      
6.9Walker Blosser18.77Tucker County      
--9Jarred RawsonNTPendleton County      
--11Kevin RawsonDQPendleton County      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Maddox41.14East Hardy      
2.11Tyler Snyder44.66Tucker County      
3.12Jesse Taylor45.30Pocahontas County      
4.9Jared Wegman48.81Tygarts Valley      
5.11Kevin Rawson48.90Pendleton County      
--9Chase Alkire50.50Tucker County      
6.9Walker Blosser50.98Tucker County      
7.12Reuben Heath51.27Tucker County      
8.11Adian Bailey55.70Pendleton County      
--9Jarred RawsonNTPendleton County      
--11Zack BobbyNTPetersburg      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyler Doss
Curtis Pyles
William Kelley
Seth Painter
47.08Pocahontas County      
2.-Zach Armstrong
Mitchell Mason
Austin Zirk
Derek Nestor
48.67Tucker County      
3.-Ben Hill
Jonah Flynn
Addison Hill
Levi Hubbard
51.17Pendleton County      
4.-Zack Bobby
Grant Shanholtz
Kelson Thorne
Stephen Valkos
---Chase Alkire
Mike Adkins
Nathaniel Goldstein
Trent Smith
51.86Tucker County      
---Tyler Murphy
Beck Levi
Dustin Hinkle
Anthony Sargent
NTEast Hardy      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyler Doss
Seth Painter
William Kelley
Curtis Pyles
1:37.28Pocahontas County      
2.-Derek Nestor
Gary Nedrow
Austin Zirk
Mitchell Mason
1:38.61Tucker County      
3.-Tyler Murphy
Beck Levi
Dustin Hinkle
Anthony Sargent
1:40.00East Hardy      
4.-Levi Hubbard
Shawn Chan
Matt Nibblins
Matthew Phares
1:42.64Pendleton County      
---Michael Calloway
Nathaniel Goldstein
Dustin Conrad
Spencer Pennington
1:52.73Tucker County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Armstrong
Austin Zirk
Ian Nichols
Chris Freeman
3:53.50Tucker County      
2.-Ben Hill
Addison Hill
Shawn Chan
William Latta
4:08.95Pendleton County      
---Dustin Conrad
Reuben Heath
Marshall Whisner
Samuel Shoemaker
4:09.78Tucker County      
3.-Andrew Morrison
George Faueber
Parker White
Levi Hefner
4:18.49Pocahontas County      
---Kevin Malone
Zach Godlove
Kyle VanName
Zach Deck
NTEast Hardy      
---Relay Team NTPetersburg      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Bonner
Chris Freeman
Ian Nichols
William McCallister
9:06.72Tucker County      
2.-William Latta
Ben Hill
Addison Hill
Eric Gabriel
9:13.82Pendleton County      
3.-Andrew Morrison
George Faueber
Parker White
Clayton Irvine
9:47.63Pocahontas County      
---Rick Nolan
Wesley Knotts
Andrew Hauser
Devon Anderson
10:12.53Tucker County      
4.-Kevin Malone
Zach Godlove
Austin Earle
Niles Coppe-Ridgeway
11:13.52East Hardy      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Snyder
Trevor Kidwell
Cory DiBartolomeo
Gary Nedrow
1:05.24Tucker County      
2.-James White
Nate Simons
Matt Wallace
Cam Viney
3.-Curtis Pyles
Jesse Taylor
William Kelley
Stephen Simmons
1:05.98Pocahontas County      
4.-Adian Bailey
Kevin Rawson
Levi Hubbard
Chris Rawson
1:08.18Pendleton County      
5.-Zack Bobby
Grant Shanholtz
Kelson Thorne
Stephen Valkos
6.-Niles Coppe-Ridgeway
Zach Godlove
Kyle VanName
George Maddox
1:09.87East Hardy      
7.-Chase Alkire
Reuben Heath
Walker Blosser
Kyler Metz
1:13.61Tucker County      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shawn Childers42-05.00East Hardy      
2.11Mike Adkins40-10.50Tucker County      
3.10Devin Rose39-09.00Pocahontas County      
4.10Judd Walther38-01.50Pocahontas County      
5.11Ryan Cain37-11.50Pocahontas County      
6.10Michael Beckwith37-06.00Elkins      
7.10Marshall Wratchford36-04.00Petersburg      
8.10Zach Everly35-01.00Tucker County      
9.12Levi Martin34-10.00Pendleton County      
10.11Zac Wolford34-07.50Tucker County      
11.12Ethan Long34-04.50Tucker County      
12.11Aaron Redman34-04.00Petersburg      
13.12Cody Hazzelwood33-11.00Pendleton County      
14.10Nick Herrick31-11.00Petersburg      
15.11Matthew Samples31-04.50Tygarts Valley      
16.9Lucas Stevens29-11.50Tucker County      
17.11Dylan Baker29-03.50Tucker County      
18.10Cory Hanlin28-07.50Tucker County      
19.12Aaron Wetsch28-07.00Elkins      
20.11Taylor Zirk28-03.00Tucker County      
--11Tyler MooreNDPendleton County      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shawn Childers116-02East Hardy      
2.10Judd Walther114-03Pocahontas County      
3.11Tyler Moore109-09Pendleton County      
4.10Devin Rose107-11Pocahontas County      
5.10Michael Beckwith105-06Elkins      
6.10Marshall Wratchford102-07Petersburg      
7.11Aaron Redman101-07Petersburg      
8.10Ben Flangagan100-07Tucker County      
9.12Levi Martin94-00Pendleton County      
9.10Nick Herrick94-00Petersburg      
11.12Cody Hazzelwood93-08Pendleton County      
12.11Ryan Cain88-03Pocahontas County      
13.11Cory Cochran83-10Tucker County      
14.11Matthew Samples83-09Tygarts Valley      
15.12Spencer Flanagan80-07Tucker County      
16.12Aaron Wetsch71-06Elkins      
--12Cory PayneNDTygarts Valley      
--10Zach EverlyNDTucker County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cam Viney5-10.00Elkins      
2.12Jesse Taylor5-08.00Pocahontas County      
3.12William Kelley5-04.00Pocahontas County      
4.12Chris Mullen5-04.00Pendleton County      
4.12Zack Burnside5-04.00Elkins      
6.10Mitchell Mason5-04.00Tucker County      
7.12Grant Basagic5-02.00Petersburg      
7.10Ian Nichols5-02.00Tucker County      
7.12Adam Keller5-02.00Pendleton County      
7.9Matt Wallace5-02.00Elkins      
11.12Zach Deck5-00.00East Hardy      
11.-Samuel Shoemaker5-00.00Tucker County      
---Jimmy CampbellNHPocahontas County      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nate Simons9-06.00Elkins      
1.12James White9-06.00Elkins      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Maddox20-06.00East Hardy      
2.9Daniel Crawford19-03.50Elkins      
3.11Tyler Snyder19-00.00Tucker County      
2.11Gregory Clark18' 8"Union      
4.11Gregory Clark18-07.50Union      
5.11Niles Coppe-Ridgeway18-02.00East Hardy      
6.10Zach Armstrong17-10.50Tucker County      
7.-Samuel Shoemaker17-02.00Tucker County      
7.11Zack Bobby17-02.00Petersburg      
9.11Kevin Rawson16-07.00Pendleton County      
10.-Levi Hefner16-05.00Pocahontas County      
11.12Adam Keller16-00.00Pendleton County      
12.12Chris Mullen15-06.00Pendleton County      
13.12Stephen Valkos14-04.50Petersburg      
14.12Cory Mick13-02.50Pendleton County      
--12Cody HazzelwoodNDPendleton County      
--11Levi BeckNDEast Hardy      
---Jimmy CampbellNDPocahontas County      
--9Jarred RawsonNDPendleton County      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Fanta Kaba13.59Pendleton County      
2.12Katie Clevenger14.00Tucker County      
3.12Hannah Ludwick14.05Petersburg      
4.10Kylie Moore14.18Tucker County      
5.11Samantha Walton14.25Pocahontas County      
6.10Maria Mullin14.53East Hardy      
7.9Hannah Currence14.62Tygarts Valley      
8.12Lindsey Kinder14.91Pocahontas County      
9.9Samantha Holm15.34Tucker County      
10.9Kelsi Reed15.41Tygarts Valley      
11.10Ashley Wilkins15.53East Hardy      
12.11Kaylee Rosencrance15.76Elkins      
13.9Autumn Ashwood15.89East Hardy      
14.9Emily Delawder15.97East Hardy      
15.9Samantha Rader16.25Tygarts Valley      
16.-Collene Smith17.11Tygarts Valley      
--10Lindsey MyersNTPocahontas County      
--12Chelsa EdwardsDQPendleton County      
--9Madison BrakeNTPetersburg      
--12Ashley WilsonNTUnion      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Kincaid28.16Tucker County      
2.11Fanta Kaba28.80Pendleton County      
3.10Shyane Constable29.58East Hardy      
4.11Kim Rader29.92Tygarts Valley      
5.10Evie Hammer30.43Pendleton County      
6.9Kelsi Reed31.57Tygarts Valley      
7.10Megan Putlovis31.58Union      
8.10Lindsey Myers31.63Pocahontas County      
9.9Kylie Pyle33.14Petersburg      
10.10Fredriciah Gardner33.34Pocahontas County      
11.9Autumn Ashwood33.97East Hardy      
12.11Ashley Peacock35.24Pocahontas County      
13.10Ashley Wilkins36.40East Hardy      
14.10Aniqua Lower37.27Union      
--11Shelby AndersonNTTucker County      
--11Amber EvansNTTucker County      
--11Caroline MillerNTTucker County      
--11Laina TorriesNTElkins      
--9Hannah CurrenceNTTygarts Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Estella Lambert1:07.82Petersburg      
2.10Elise Cardot1:08.15Petersburg      
3.11Shelby Anderson1:08.16Tucker County      
4.9Helen Melnick1:13.47Tucker County      
5.10Leann Neff1:15.54East Hardy      
6.10Chanel Stevenson1:15.99East Hardy      
7.10Megan Putlovis1:16.78Union      
8.9Anne Wilson1:17.07Elkins      
9.10Rebecca Anderson1:25.31Pocahontas County      
10.10Alexa Mendoza1:25.62Pendleton County      
11.12Holly Crider1:25.64Pendleton County      
--9Stephanie HandNTPendleton County      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adrianna Bowley2:48.88Tucker County      
2.10Lenae Cole2:56.38Tucker County      
3.11Lilly Vagge2:56.83Elkins      
4.9Helen Melnick2:57.40Tucker County      
5.9Anne Wilson3:00.04Elkins      
--9Bayli Helmick3:07.29Tucker County      
--10Miranda Siler3:14.55Tucker County      
6.10Rebecca Anderson3:23.44Pocahontas County      
7.10Alena Mendoza3:27.07Pendleton County      
8.9Stephanie Hand3:30.64Pendleton County      
9.12Holly Crider3:41.73Pendleton County      
--10Rachel McCombNTPocahontas County      
--11Kimberly PappasNTEast Hardy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Cassidy5:52.09Tucker County      
2.9Madison Mullenax6:11.26Tucker County      
3.9Sara Dalen6:12.96Pendleton County      
4.11Lilly Vagge6:33.77Elkins      
5.10Lenae Cole6:43.98Tucker County      
6.10Nancy Yates7:05.83East Hardy      
7.9Stephanie Hand7:09.06Pendleton County      
8.11Jordan Holt7:10.41Elkins      
--9Laken Inglese7:29.55Tucker County      
9.9Heather Pritt7:31.12Pocahontas County      
10.10Rachel McComb7:34.59Pocahontas County      
11.9Sommer Dilly7:41.88Elkins      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Cassidy12:39.18Tucker County      
2.9Sara Dalen13:37.80Pendleton County      
3.9Madison Mullenax13:55.86Tucker County      
4.10Lenae Cole15:35.12Tucker County      
5.9Brenna Shipman16:07.89Elkins      
--10Miranda Siler16:17.02Tucker County      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Clevenger17.30Tucker County      
2.10Kylie Moore17.55Tucker County      
3.11Megan Valkos17.56Petersburg      
4.11Caroline Miller18.75Tucker County      
5.11Haylea Ault19.34Petersburg      
6.11April Kessel19.77Petersburg      
7.12Jaime Hanlin20.33Union      
8.9Linsey McCollam20.63Elkins      
9.9Alexis Dewitt20.78Elkins      
10.9Allison Louk20.85Elkins      
11.11Catherine Reigel21.55East Hardy      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amber Evans51.03Tucker County      
2.10Kylie Moore52.55Tucker County      
3.10Kaylee Edwards53.49Pendleton County      
4.9Paige Harrison57.57Elkins      
5.9Linsey McCollam1:00.55Elkins      
6.9Alexis Dewitt1:01.02Elkins      
7.11April Kessel1:01.16Petersburg      
8.11Ashton Griffith1:04.40East Hardy      
--11Caroline Miller1:09.03Tucker County      
9.11Catherine Reigel1:13.01East Hardy      
10.10Alexa Mendoza1:14.30Pendleton County      
11.12Chelsa Edwards1:14.88Pendleton County      
--12Sarah JoneseNTPocahontas County      
--11Haylea AultNTPetersburg      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shelby Anderson
Amber Evans
Jessica Kincaid
Kelsey Kyle
56.19Tucker County      
2.-Hannah Ludwick
Madison Brake
Megan Valkos
Estella Lambert
3.-Ashley Simmons
Kathlyne Simmons
Paige Harrison
Isabella Nieves
4.-Olivia Workman
Samantha Walton
Erin White
Lindsey Kinder
57.59Pocahontas County      
5.-Leann Neff
Ashley Wilkins
Shyane Constable
Maria Mullin
59.52East Hardy      
6.-Alena Mendoza
Courtney Hartman
Evie Hammer
Kaylee Edwards
1:00.13Pendleton County      
---Savannah Ambrose
Melissa Carr
Amber McGee
Aiyana Kachmarek
1:02.26Tucker County      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Clevenger
Kelsey Kyle
Jessica Kincaid
Olivia Miller
1:55.77Tucker County      
2.-Alshia Crawford
Autumn Ashwood
Maria Mullin
Shyane Constable
2:04.08East Hardy      
3.-Elise Cardot
April Kessel
Kylie Pyle
Madison Brake
---Adrianna Bowley
Samantha Holm
Miranda Siler
Savannah Ambrose
2:10.44Tucker County      
4.-Alena Mendoza
Courtney Hartman
Evie Hammer
Kaylee Edwards
2:10.89Pendleton County      
5.-Lindsey Myers
Erica Rebenski
Ashley Peacock
Emily Gibson
2:14.83Pocahontas County      
---Laina Torries
Brooke McCollam
Alexis Dewitt
Paige Harrison
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelsey Kyle
Olivia Miller
Adrianna Bowley
Jessica Kincaid
4:43.93Tucker County      
2.-Elise Cardot
Madison Brake
Megan Valkos
Estella Lambert
3.-Rachel McComb
Jessayln Hamilton
Rebecca Anderson
Lindsey Myers
5:38.34Pocahontas County      
4.-Kaili Halterman
Courtney Hartman
Stephanie Hand
Chelsa Edwards
6:17.13Pendleton County      
---Leann Neff
Chanel Stevenson
Shyane Constable
Alshia Crawford
NTEast Hardy      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adrianna Bowley
Ashley Cassidy
Helen Melnick
Madison Mullenax
11:18.91Tucker County      
2.-Sara Dalen
Alena Mendoza
Kaili Halterman
Holly Crider
12:48.37Pendleton County      
---Relay Team NTPocahontas County      
---Benjamin Kassidy
Kimberly Pappas
Nancy Yates
Mary Brennskag
NTEast Hardy      
---Relay Team NTPetersburg      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tiffany Jones32-11.00Union      
2.11Ashley Simmons30-08.00Elkins      
3.12Jaime Hanlin27-11.00Union      
4.10Fredriciah Gardner27-09.00Pocahontas County      
5.12Emilee Miller26-09.50East Hardy      
6.9Aiyana Kachmarek26-08.50Tucker County      
7.12Melissa Carr25-00.50Tucker County      
8.11Delaney Johnson23-11.00Elkins      
9.12Sarah Jonese23-08.00Pocahontas County      
10.11Ashley Peacock22-11.00Pocahontas County      
11.11Amber McGee22-06.00Tucker County      
12.11Brianna Childress22-05.50East Hardy      
13.12Hannah Basye22-03.50East Hardy      
14.10Elizabeth Pritt21-10.50Tygarts Valley      
15.9Hannah Roberts21-05.00Elkins      
16.11Alexis Fanaro21-01.00Pendleton County      
17.11Abbie Anderson21-00.00Pendleton County      
18.11Dani Wilfong19-09.00Tucker County      
19.9Kylie Pyle19-07.50Petersburg      
20.11Emily Coffman19-06.50Elkins      
21.-Kylee Knight18-10.50Elkins      
22.11Kaili Halterman16-02.50Pendleton County      
23.9Samantha Rader13-04.50Tygarts Valley      
--10Mary GlattliNDEast Hardy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Aiyana Kachmarek86-09Tucker County      
2.12Melissa Carr80-05Tucker County      
3.10Fredriciah Gardner76-07Pocahontas County      
4.11Ashley Simmons74-00Elkins      
4.11Tiffany Jones74-00Union      
6.12Hannah Basye73-05East Hardy      
7.12Vilde Russett71-08Tucker County      
8.12Sarah Jonese66-00Pocahontas County      
9.10Elizabeth Pritt64-07Tygarts Valley      
10.9Kylie Pyle64-00Petersburg      
11.12Gloria Jerome63-07Pocahontas County      
12.11Abbie Anderson63-06Pendleton County      
13.11Alexis Fanaro63-01Pendleton County      
14.10Mary Glattli57-08East Hardy      
15.11Delaney Johnson57-03Elkins      
16.11Kaili Halterman52-03Pendleton County      
17.9Hannah Roberts50-05Elkins      
18.10Courtney Hartman49-01Pendleton County      
19.9Samantha Holm48-01Tucker County      
20.9Samantha Rader30-04Tygarts Valley      
--11Brianna ChildressNDEast Hardy      
--12Emilee MillerNDEast Hardy      
--11Emily CoffmanNDElkins      
--11Shanna FisherNDElkins      
--12Hannah LudwickNDPetersburg      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Olivia Miller4-10.00Tucker County      
2.12Jaime Hanlin4-08.00Union      
3.9Savannah Ambrose4-06.00Tucker County      
4.10Estella Lambert4-02.00Petersburg      
4.10Miranda Siler4-02.00Tucker County      
4.11Delaney Johnson4-02.00Elkins      
4.9Allison Louk4-02.00Elkins      
4.10Nancy Yates4-02.00East Hardy      
--12Sarah JoneseNHPocahontas County      
--11Tennyson DeMarcoNHElkins      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kathlyne Simmons15-03.50Elkins      
2.12Jaime Hanlin14-02.00Union      
3.9Kelsey Kyle13-11.50Tucker County      
3.11Shelby Anderson13-11.50Tucker County      
5.12Alshia Crawford13-09.00East Hardy      
6.9Hannah Currence13-04.50Tygarts Valley      
7.9Savannah Ambrose13-02.00Tucker County      
8.10Megan Putlovis12-07.00Union      
9.9Sara Dalen12-02.00Pendleton County      
10.11Catherine Reigel11-07.00East Hardy      
11.12Ashley Wilson11-04.00Union      
12.11Emily Gibson11-02.50Pocahontas County      
13.10Nancy Yates11-00.00East Hardy      
14.11Kaylee Rosencrance10-00.00Elkins      
15.10Aniqua Lower9-00.00Union      
16.9Stephanie Hand8-10.00Pendleton County      
17.11Abbie Anderson7-07.00Pendleton County      
--12Gloria JeromeNDPocahontas County      
--11Laina TorriesNDElkins      
--12Chelsa EdwardsNDPendleton County      
--10Katy RossNDElkins      
--10Elise CardotNDPetersburg      
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