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Missouri - Class 2
Lathrop R-2
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Cameron R-1
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty O'Dell11.20Excelsior Springs
2.12Brendan Gabbart11.30Cameron R-1
2.10Dion Williams11.30Raytown South
4.12Mustaffa Rose11.40Raytown South
5.10Henry Gatlin11.90Excelsior Springs
6.12Sean Wiley12.00Raytown South
7.10Josh Sutphin12.10Lawson
7.10Kody Peterson12.10Cameron R-1
9.11Landon James-Wilson12.20Raytown South
9.11Jordan Bland12.20East Kansas City
11.10Skylar Reeves12.30Lathrop R-2
12.11Gerren Watson12.40Raytown South
13.9Kevin Guenther12.50Lathrop R-2
14.11David Lujan12.70Raytown South
14.11Bertrand Sockmack12.70Raytown South
16.10Adam Turpin12.90Lawson
17.10Cody Grigsby13.00Lawson
17.10Trevor Zuklin13.00Excelsior Springs
19.11Mark Ingram13.10Excelsior Springs
19.10Arlin Booth13.10Excelsior Springs
21.10Jordan Humphrey13.20Excelsior Springs
21.9Kaulic Williams13.20Raytown South
21.9Travis Addison13.20Lathrop R-2
24.9Austin Gallagher13.30Excelsior Springs
24.9Dillon Wilcutt13.30Lawson
26.9Jeff Dreesen13.70Lawson
26.9Buddy Humble13.70Lawson
28.9Jourdan Nichols15.00Lawson
29.10Keanu Reyes16.40Excelsior Springs
10Christian WilliamsNTExcelsior Springs
10West DeFriesNTLathrop R-2
12Kenneth RiversNTRaytown South
9Andrew CarrNTCameron R-1
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marqus Moye22.90Raytown South
2.11Tyshawn Pennington23.00Raytown South
3.12Brendan Gabbart23.16Cameron R-1
4.10Nick Masoner23.20Excelsior Springs
5.12Trevor Douglas23.50Excelsior Springs
6.10Henry Gatlin24.60Excelsior Springs
6.10Dion Williams24.60Raytown South
8.11Lonnie Hanneke25.10Raytown South
9.9Collin Gagnon25.20Lawson
10.12Sean Wiley25.50Raytown South
11.10Skylar Reeves25.60Lathrop R-2
11.11Jordan Bland25.60East Kansas City
13.10Jordan Regan25.80Raytown South
13.11Bertrand Sockmack25.80Raytown South
15.9Logan McIntire26.10Cameron R-1
16.10Trevor Zuklin26.90Excelsior Springs
16.10Arlin Booth26.90Excelsior Springs
18.9Austin Pope27.60Raytown South
19.9Kevin Guenther27.90Lathrop R-2
19.9Austin Gallagher27.90Excelsior Springs
19.10Jordan Humphrey27.90Excelsior Springs
22.9Kaulic Williams28.00Raytown South
23.9Travis Addison29.10Lathrop R-2
24.9Dillon Wilcutt29.80Lawson
25.9Buddy Humble31.90Lawson
26.9Jourdan Nichols32.20Lawson
9Jeff DreesenNTLawson
11Mark IngramNTExcelsior Springs
11Landon James-WilsonNTRaytown South
10Reigis CanadyNTRaytown South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyshawn Pennington53.70Raytown South
2.11Chris Koehn54.20Lathrop R-2
3.9Collin Gagnon58.50Lawson
4.10Skylar Reeves58.90Lathrop R-2
5.12Marqus Moye59.60Raytown South
6.11Lonnie Hanneke1:00.00Raytown South
7.12Arthur Mourning1:01.10Raytown South
8.9Austin Gallagher1:01.80Excelsior Springs
9.11Jeron Tucker1:02.00Raytown South
10.9Shane Thompson1:03.30East Kansas City
11.9Austin Pope1:07.00Raytown South
12.9Travis Addison1:08.60Lathrop R-2
9Kevin GuentherNTLathrop R-2
12Lorenzo McCoyNTEast Kansas City
10Jordan ReganNTRaytown South
11Kalan TuckerNTRaytown South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clay Evans2:07.20Lathrop R-2
2.12Daniel Worthington2:11.40Raytown South
3.11Micah Palmer2:12.00Raytown South
4.12Tyler Jones2:12.60Lathrop R-2
5.10Bryan Bell2:15.00Excelsior Springs
6.12Arthur Mourning2:21.70Raytown South
7.9Tony Zajic2:22.00Raytown South
8.9Mason Cox2:22.30Lawson
9.12Galen McDaniel2:26.00Excelsior Springs
10.9Dweh Barwu2:26.70East Kansas City
11.12Zach Nuss2:27.90Cameron R-1
12.10Steeve Henris2:29.80East Kansas City
13.9Shane Thompson2:30.10East Kansas City
13.9Avery Walden2:30.10Excelsior Springs
15.11Bret Hall2:30.60Lathrop R-2
16.9Jacob Cole2:31.30Cameron R-1
17.10Zach Oldham2:32.60Excelsior Springs
18.11Jacob Nall2:33.00Excelsior Springs
19.9Jake Findley2:33.60Cameron R-1
20.11Johnny Womack2:42.40Lathrop R-2
21.10Andrew Bachstein2:43.10Raytown South
22.9Jack Fondren2:43.40Excelsior Springs
23.12Nick Bozarth2:51.50Lawson
24.12Metthew Smith2:59.60East Kansas City
12Mohamed EnowNTEast Kansas City
9Richard GarrettNTLathrop R-2
9Grant BergNTLathrop R-2
12Lorenzo McCoyNTEast Kansas City
11Kalan TuckerNTRaytown South
9Morgan KnochNTLawson
9Riley DetloffNTExcelsior Springs
10Carl MoppinNTLawson
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Worthington4:50.70Raytown South
2.11Micah Palmer4:51.20Raytown South
3.11Clay Evans4:54.10Lathrop R-2
4.12Tyler Jones5:01.30Lathrop R-2
5.9Tony Zajic5:25.30Raytown South
6.11Stephen Hallmark5:28.10Excelsior Springs
7.11Robert Saunders5:33.00Excelsior Springs
8.11Bret Hall5:38.10Lathrop R-2
9.11Kevin Thompson5:38.90Cameron R-1
10.11Zeb Duncan5:40.90Lawson
11.11Andy Wilson5:41.20Lawson
12.10Andrew Bachstein5:41.30Raytown South
13.11Johnny Womack5:44.60Lathrop R-2
14.10Christian Carter5:46.40Excelsior Springs
15.11Dexter Fletchall5:48.40Lawson
16.10Carl Moppin5:53.20Lawson
17.11Jacob Nall5:54.50Excelsior Springs
18.9Garland Ashley5:55.30Lathrop R-2
19.10Kyle Kennedy6:06.00Excelsior Springs
20.9Morgan Knoch6:07.40Lawson
21.9Jake Findley6:20.90Cameron R-1
22.9Dakota Spencer6:22.00Cameron R-1
23.12Metthew Smith6:26.90East Kansas City
24.9Dalvin Barnett7:21.00Cameron R-1
25.9Logan Slankard7:37.40Lawson
9Riley DetloffNTExcelsior Springs
12Zach NussNTCameron R-1
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Blake Vaughn11:39.70Lathrop R-2
2.12Steven Fausett11:47.20Excelsior Springs
3.11Robert Saunders12:02.50Excelsior Springs
4.9Deryk Thompson12:19.70Lathrop R-2
5.10Christian Carter12:26.60Excelsior Springs
6.10Carl Moppin12:45.90Lawson
7.11Zeb Duncan12:57.10Lawson
8.9Kenneth Rose12:57.90Lawson
9.9Morgan Knoch13:01.50Lawson
10.11Dexter Fletchall13:02.00Lawson
11.9Garland Ashley13:03.20Lathrop R-2
12.10Kyle Kennedy13:32.20Excelsior Springs
13.9Jeremy Whitaker14:16.70Cameron R-1
14.12Metthew Smith14:18.60East Kansas City
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Douglas14.90Excelsior Springs
2.12Stephen Addison15.00Raytown South
3.10Justice Burks15.10Raytown South
4.10Malik Jefferson16.50Raytown South
4.11Brandon Stimelsky16.50Lathrop R-2
6.10Dakota Saur16.90Lathrop R-2
7.10Brandon Regan18.60Lathrop R-2
8.11Jake Hall21.90Lathrop R-2
9.9Buddy Humble22.10Lawson
10.9Dillon Wilcutt22.30Lawson
10Trevor ZuklinNTExcelsior Springs
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Douglas40.90Excelsior Springs
2.12Stephen Addison42.50Raytown South
3.11Brandon Stimelsky43.20Lathrop R-2
4.10Dakota Saur44.80Lathrop R-2
5.10Malik Jefferson45.30Raytown South
6.10Justice Burks46.00Raytown South
7.12Daniel Worthington49.00Raytown South
8.11Gerren Watson50.90Raytown South
9.9Kenneth Rose56.10Lawson
10.11Jake Hall56.50Lathrop R-2
11.9Dillon Wilcutt58.50Lawson
12.9Buddy Humble58.60Lawson
12Mustaffa RoseNTRaytown South
10Brandon ReganNTLathrop R-2
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mustaffa Rose
Marqus Moye
Tyshawn Pennington
Landon James-Wilson
43.80Raytown South
2.-Henry Gatlin
Ty O'Dell
Nick Masoner
Dominick Turner
45.80Excelsior Springs
3.-Andrew Carr
Logan McIntire
Kody Peterson
Brendan Gabbart
48.10Cameron R-1
4.-Cody Grigsby
Josh Sutphin
Trey Hartman
Collin Gagnon
-Brandon Stimelsky
Collin Haahr
Tyson May
Robert Askren
DNFLathrop R-2
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sean Wiley
Marqus Moye
Reigis Canady
Landon James-Wilson
1:35.10Raytown South
2.-Cody Grigsby
Josh Sutphin
Trey Hartman
Collin Gagnon
3.-Brandon Regan
Travis Addison
Grant Berg
Jeremy Taylor
1:47.80Lathrop R-2
-Lorenzo McCoy
Jordan Bland
Steeve Henris
Mohamed Enow
DNFEast Kansas City
-Henry Gatlin
Ty O'Dell
Nick Masoner
Dominick Turner
DQExcelsior Springs
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dominick Turner
Nick Masoner
Bryan Bell
Ty O'Dell
3:38.40Excelsior Springs
2.-Clay Evans
Brandon Stimelsky
Chris Koehn
Tyler Jones
3:44.90Lathrop R-2
3.-Lorenzo McCoy
Shane Thompson
Dweh Barwu
Mohamed Enow
4:21.70East Kansas City
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clay Evans
Blake Vaughn
Richard Garrett
Deryk Thompson
9:27.30Lathrop R-2
2.-Steven Fausett
Robert Saunders
Zach Oldham
Avery Walden
9:47.60Excelsior Springs
3.-Jacob Cole
Dakota Spencer
Kevin Thompson
Zach Nuss
10:03.10Cameron R-1
4.-Morgan Knoch
Carl Moppin
Kenneth Rose
Nick Bozarth
5.-Kyle Kennedy
Jack Fondren
Jacob Nall
Joe Emmons
10:35.80Excelsior Springs
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Loagon Malott46-02.00Lawson
2.11Justin Blevins45-08.00Lawson
3.12Tyler Berg41-02.00Lathrop R-2
4.10Raymond Chase40-05.00Raytown South
5.9Tommy Fish40-02.00Cameron R-1
6.12Jake Short37-11.00Lawson
7.11Brandon Maddick37-03.00Lathrop R-2
8.10Adam Turpin36-04.00Lawson
9.12Chris Heur34-08.00Cameron R-1
10.11Jake Buckallew34-00.00Excelsior Springs
11.11Austin Stanfield33-04.00Excelsior Springs
12.9Christopher Dickerson33-01.00Raytown South
13.11Mark Ingram32-09.00Excelsior Springs
14.11Iaassc Sandridge30-10.00Lathrop R-2
15.9Alex Jackson30-07.00Excelsior Springs
16.9Parker Goliglee29-11.00Excelsior Springs
17.9Jeremy Taylor29-03.00Lathrop R-2
18.11Lance Shouse29-00.00Excelsior Springs
19.9Colt Banks28-09.00Cameron R-1
20.9Dakota Betts28-06.00Lathrop R-2
21.10Aaidan Young27-11.00Lathrop R-2
21.11Ricky Hartford27-11.00Raytown South
23.9Devin Sweet24-11.00Cameron R-1
24.9Marty Hunt24-06.00Lathrop R-2
25.10Arlin Booth24-04.00Excelsior Springs
26.9Spencer Williams23-08.00Excelsior Springs
27.10Keanu Reyes21-03.00Excelsior Springs
28.9Drew Achter18-02.00Cameron R-1
10Jeremy DancerNDCameron R-1
11Elisha RuhmanNDRaytown South
12Darron GreenNDExcelsior Springs
11Steven BrownNDExcelsior Springs
11Keith MartinSCRCameron R-1
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tommy Fish118-11Cameron R-1
2.12Tyler Berg113-07Lathrop R-2
3.10Raymond Chase112-00Raytown South
4.11Justin Blevins110-06Lawson
5.10Adam Turpin109-00Lawson
6.12Jake Shrewsbury108-01Lathrop R-2
7.11Brandon Maddick106-02Lathrop R-2
8.12Jake Short105-09Lawson
9.11Keith Martin103-02Cameron R-1
10.9Alex Jackson100-10Excelsior Springs
11.12Chris Heur92-10Cameron R-1
12.11Logan Roberts91-08Lathrop R-2
13.9Parker Goliglee89-04Excelsior Springs
14.9Colt Banks87-03Cameron R-1
15.11Jake Buckallew85-00Excelsior Springs
16.11Ricky Hartford82-02Raytown South
17.9Marty Hunt66-10Lathrop R-2
18.9Jeremy Taylor66-06Lathrop R-2
19.9Christopher Dickerson62-00Raytown South
20.9Drew Achter54-00Cameron R-1
10Jeremy DancerNDCameron R-1
9Devin SweetSCRCameron R-1
11Iaassc SandridgeNDLathrop R-2
11Loagon MalottSCRLawson
12Darron GreenNDExcelsior Springs
11Steven BrownNDExcelsior Springs
11Elisha RuhmanNDRaytown South
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vincent Franks6-04.00Cameron R-1
2.10Dominick Turner6-02.00Excelsior Springs
3.10Justice Burks5-10.00Raytown South
4.10Dakota Saur5-06.00Lathrop R-2
5.10Kody Peterson5-06.00Cameron R-1
6.12Tyler Jones5-06.00Lathrop R-2
7.10West DeFries5-04.00Lathrop R-2
7.12Rodney Hill5-04.00Raytown South
9.10Rashaad Elliott5-02.00Excelsior Springs
9.9Mason Cox5-02.00Lawson
11.10Trevor Zuklin5-00.00Excelsior Springs
11.12Kenneth Rivers5-00.00Raytown South
11.9Richard Garrett5-00.00Lathrop R-2
9Logan McIntireNHCameron R-1
9Trey HartmanNHLawson
9Jeff DreesenNHLawson
12Trevor DouglasNHExcelsior Springs
11Navonta JonesNHRaytown South
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Collin Haahr13-06.00Lathrop R-2
2.10Malik Jefferson12-00.00Raytown South
3.10Dakota Saur11-06.00Lathrop R-2
4.11Joe Emmons10-00.00Excelsior Springs
5.10Josh Sutphin8-06.00Lawson
6.11Lonnie Hanneke8-06.00Raytown South
7.10Cody Grigsby8-06.00Lawson
8.11David Lujan8-00.00Raytown South
9Grant BergSCRLathrop R-2
9TJ JohnsonNHExcelsior Springs
10Alex JonesSCRExcelsior Springs
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brendan Gabbart20-01.50Cameron R-1
2.11Tyson May18-03.50Lathrop R-2
3.12Kenneth Rivers18-02.00Raytown South
4.10Kody Peterson17-11.00Cameron R-1
5.10Rashaad Elliott17-00.00Excelsior Springs
6.11Chris Koehn16-10.25Lathrop R-2
7.11David Lujan16-03.50Raytown South
8.11Navonta Jones15-11.00Raytown South
9.10Christian Williams15-08.00Excelsior Springs
10.9Kevin Guenther15-07.50Lathrop R-2
11.9Logan McIntire15-07.00Cameron R-1
12.11Cameron Marley15-04.00Raytown South
13.10Arlin Booth15-03.00Excelsior Springs
14.10Steeve Henris14-11.00East Kansas City
15.9Curiah Allen14-04.50Raytown South
16.10Jordan Regan10-11.00Raytown South
9Christopher DickersonSCRRaytown South
12Rodney HillSCRRaytown South
9Andrew CarrNDCameron R-1
10Robert AskrenNDLathrop R-2
9Austin GallagherSCRExcelsior Springs
9Jourdan NicholsNDLawson
10Jordan HumphreySCRExcelsior Springs
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryan Bell37-10.50Excelsior Springs
2.9Andrew Carr37-02.50Cameron R-1
3.10Rashaad Elliott37-02.00Excelsior Springs
4.11Cameron Marley35-06.00Raytown South
5.10Christian Williams34-09.00Excelsior Springs
6.9Mason Cox34-06.00Lawson
7.10Robert Askren34-06.00Lathrop R-2
8.9Trey Hartman32-00.00Lawson
9.9Curiah Allen28-04.50Raytown South
11Tyson MaySCRLathrop R-2

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Melia Richardson12.70Cameron R-1
2.11Gretchen Mayes12.90Lathrop R-2
3.9Savanna Stoy13.20Excelsior Springs
4.10Amber Baker13.50Raytown South
5.9Carissa Davis13.60Excelsior Springs
5.10Brittney Gerber13.60Cameron R-1
7.9Erica Whitlow13.70Lathrop R-2
8.9Kymani Smith14.00Raytown South
8.10Samantha Mayse14.00Excelsior Springs
10.9Courtney Teel14.10Cameron R-1
10.9Emily Brunner14.10Lathrop R-2
10.9Hanna York14.10Lawson
13.9Amanda Gannon14.20Lathrop R-2
14.10Ishanee Legrone14.50Raytown South
14.11Paige Gentry14.50Cameron R-1
16.9Sheridan Dutra15.20Lawson
17.10Rebecca Pope15.40Lawson
18.9Shelby Wilson15.50Cameron R-1
18.9Meeka Brown15.50Excelsior Springs
20.9Katelyn Bellis15.70Lawson
21.9Taylor Mitchell15.90Lawson
22.10Caitlin Mullins16.20Cameron R-1
23.9Madison Henson17.20Lawson
12Camille RoundsNTLathrop R-2
9Romikka BakerNTEast Kansas City
10Paige HuffmanNTCameron R-1
9Jordyn SmithNTRaytown South
9Tristan ShookNTExcelsior Springs
10Arielle BurchNTExcelsior Springs
10Lacey PalmerNTRaytown South
9Mackenzie McCulloughNTExcelsior Springs
11Jordan HaleNTLathrop R-2
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jasmine West27.10Raytown South
2.9Melia Richardson27.30Cameron R-1
3.12Shakera Davis27.60Raytown South
4.11Gretchen Mayes27.80Lathrop R-2
5.9Savanna Stoy28.60Excelsior Springs
6.9Murray Bille28.90Raytown South
6.10Brittney Gerber28.90Cameron R-1
8.9Taylor McNeal29.50Excelsior Springs
9.9Carissa Davis29.70Excelsior Springs
10.9Amanda Gannon30.10Lathrop R-2
11.10Samantha Mayse30.50Excelsior Springs
12.11Paige Gentry30.60Cameron R-1
13.9Emily Brunner30.70Lathrop R-2
13.9Hanna York30.70Lawson
15.9Sara Roberson32.00Lawson
16.9Shelby Wilson32.40Cameron R-1
17.11Joslyn Pennington32.80Excelsior Springs
18.9Sheridan Dutra32.90Lawson
19.10Caitlin Mullins33.00Cameron R-1
20.10Malencia Bell33.10Raytown South
21.10Rebecca Pope33.30Lawson
22.9Meeka Brown33.70Excelsior Springs
23.9Katelyn Bellis34.00Lawson
24.9Romikka Baker34.10East Kansas City
25.9Taylor Mitchell34.70Lawson
26.9Madison Henson37.50Lawson
9Erica WhitlowNTLathrop R-2
10Paige HuffmanNTCameron R-1
9Taelor IngramNTRaytown South
9Tristan ShookNTExcelsior Springs
10Lacey PalmerNTRaytown South
11Jordan HaleNTLathrop R-2
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Melia Richardson1:04.10Cameron R-1
2.11Jasmine West1:07.10Raytown South
3.10Nakiela Smith1:08.00Raytown South
4.9Murray Bille1:09.10Raytown South
5.10Mikala Stalder1:11.80Excelsior Springs
6.9Katelyn Bellis1:17.80Lawson
7.10Malencia Bell1:26.00Raytown South
8.11Tina Le1:52.70East Kansas City
9Romikka BakerNTEast Kansas City
10Latoya BucknerNTEast Kansas City
9Taelor IngramNTRaytown South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Karly Breckenridge2:36.40Lathrop R-2
2.10Josie Wilkerson2:37.60Excelsior Springs
3.9Rebecca Jennings2:47.50Lathrop R-2
4.9Isabel Maddick2:49.20Lathrop R-2
5.11Faith Orie-Okpewho2:57.50Raytown South
6.9Courtney Teel3:01.90Cameron R-1
7.10Rachel Evans3:02.20Raytown South
11Tricia BalkeNTLathrop R-2
11Noel PattersonNTRaytown South
9Emily McIntyreNTRaytown South
9Emma FranklinNTRaytown South
9Bridget WilkinsonNTCameron R-1
10Sabrina ParraNTCameron R-1
11Tina LeNTEast Kansas City
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amelia Gustin6:34.90Lathrop R-2
2.11Faith Orie-Okpewho6:35.60Raytown South
3.10Rachel Evans6:36.10Raytown South
4.10Rebecca Deweerdt6:40.00Lathrop R-2
5.12Tiffany Propst6:51.20Excelsior Springs
6.10Micaela Lynch7:23.10Excelsior Springs
11Noel PattersonNTRaytown South
9Emma FranklinNTRaytown South
9Emily McIntyreNTRaytown South
10Sabrina ParraNTCameron R-1
9Kristyn LongNTCameron R-1
9Courtney TeelNTCameron R-1
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amelia Gustin14:42.60Lathrop R-2
2.12Tiffany Propst14:46.90Excelsior Springs
3.10Micaela Lynch16:36.90Excelsior Springs
4.11Tricia Balke16:51.70Lathrop R-2
5.9Kristyn Long17:22.20Cameron R-1
6.9Laura Young17:55.30Lathrop R-2
10Mikaela CampbellNTLathrop R-2
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Gerber17.00Cameron R-1
2.11Hailee Nail17.04Lathrop R-2
3.11Kelsey Mattox17.70Cameron R-1
4.9Kylea Hainey18.60Cameron R-1
5.12Sam Williams19.00Lathrop R-2
5.10Jillian Ring19.00Excelsior Springs
7.10Sabrina Parra19.50Cameron R-1
8.9Keyann Lesui20.30Raytown South
9.9Hanna York20.50Lawson
10.9Zaria Hilliard20.80Raytown South
11.10Marcedes Bell21.50Raytown South
12.9Sara Roberson21.90Lawson
13.9Paige Burns24.60Lathrop R-2
14.9Mackenzie McCullough32.70Excelsior Springs
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Gerber51.00Cameron R-1
2.11Brett Butler52.70Lathrop R-2
3.11Hailee Nail53.70Lathrop R-2
4.9Keyann Lesui54.00Raytown South
5.11Kelsey Mattox54.10Cameron R-1
6.9Kylea Hainey57.60Cameron R-1
7.10Jillian Ring57.70Excelsior Springs
8.10Sabrina Parra1:00.30Cameron R-1
9.9Shelby Wilson1:05.80Cameron R-1
9Zaria HilliardNTRaytown South
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amber Baker
Jasmine West
Jaszlyn Jenkins
Shakera Davis
52.30Raytown South
2.-Brittney Gerber
Paige Huffman
Kylea Hainey
Paige Gentry
54.30Cameron R-1
3.-Shylo Manroe
Lisa Petty
Savanna Stoy
Taylor McNeal
54.70Excelsior Springs
4.-Emily Brunner
Amanda Gannon
Erica Whitlow
Jordan Hale
55.40Lathrop R-2
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amber Baker
Ishanee Legrone
Shakera Davis
Angela Roberts
1:56.00Raytown South
2.-Brittney Gerber
Paige Huffman
Kylea Hainey
Melia Richardson
1:57.00Cameron R-1
3.-Samantha Mayse
Lillian Shah
Carissa Davis
Taylor McNeal
1:57.20Excelsior Springs
4.-Emily Brunner
Amanda Gannon
Erica Whitlow
Jordan Hale
1:58.10Lathrop R-2
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karly Breckenridge
Gretchen Mayes
Brett Butler
Erica Whitlow
4:32.30Lathrop R-2
2.-Shylo Manroe
Josie Wilkerson
Taylor McNeal
Samantha Mayse
4:34.30Excelsior Springs
-Caitlin Mullins
Sabrina Parra
Shelby Wilson
Kelsey Mattox
SCRCameron R-1
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karly Breckenridge
Amelia Gustin
Rebecca Jennings
Isabel Maddick
11:33.50Lathrop R-2
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janee' Kassanavoid36-00.00Lawson
2.11Whitney Walser34-09.00Cameron R-1
3.11Bridgett Hoppins31-01.00Lathrop R-2
4.11Samantha McClary30-01.00Cameron R-1
5.9Kelsey Estes27-10.00Cameron R-1
6.10Emily Bush27-00.00Lawson
7.9Gracen Blackwell26-03.00Excelsior Springs
8.11Shelby Flinn26-02.00Lathrop R-2
9.10Morgan Dilley25-06.00Lawson
10.9Ashley Downing25-05.00Lathrop R-2
11.9Kendall Seely23-09.00Excelsior Springs
12.11Adrienne Smith22-10.00Raytown South
13.10Lacy Weed22-05.00Excelsior Springs
14.9Morgan Reeve20-11.00Excelsior Springs
15.10Mikaela Campbell20-05.00Lathrop R-2
16.10Tiffany Mediana19-08.00Lawson
17.9Jordyn Smith19-06.00Raytown South
18.10Latoya Buckner18-00.00East Kansas City
19.9Shelby Schroder17-08.00Excelsior Springs
20.10Rosemary Gebauer17-00.00Cameron R-1
21.9Tristan Shook16-07.00Excelsior Springs
22.9Samantha Fugate16-06.00Excelsior Springs
23.9Kaitlyn Zimmerman16-01.00Excelsior Springs
24.9Jasmine Bibbs15-06.00East Kansas City
25.9Katie McSwain15-01.00Excelsior Springs
26.9Amanda Jackson15-00.00Excelsior Springs
27.10Jasmine Farmer14-07.00Raytown South
28.9Elisa Saunders13-09.00Excelsior Springs
29.10E'Toya Buckner11-05.00East Kansas City
12Raven FlemingSCRRaytown South
12Breanna McClainSCREast Kansas City
10Jasmine BryantSCRRaytown South
9Kelsey PettzSCRLawson
9Breanna TroutSCRLawson
11Cristen SmithSCRExcelsior Springs
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bridgett Hoppins88-00Lathrop R-2
2.9Ashley Downing81-03Lathrop R-2
3.9Kelsey Estes80-07Cameron R-1
4.10Morgan Dilley80-03Lawson
5.9Kendall Seely79-07Excelsior Springs
6.11Adrienne Smith77-05Raytown South
7.9Breanna Trout75-00Lawson
8.11Shelby Flinn74-04Lathrop R-2
9.9Kelsey Pettz72-06Lawson
10.11Samantha McClary72-04Cameron R-1
11.10Emily Bush69-11Lawson
12.10Skyler Robison69-04Lawson
13.11Whitney Walser69-00Cameron R-1
14.9Gracen Blackwell65-06Excelsior Springs
15.10Lacy Weed60-05Excelsior Springs
16.9Jordyn Smith52-08Raytown South
17.9Kaitlyn Zimmerman51-09Excelsior Springs
18.9Katie McSwain47-10Excelsior Springs
19.10Jasmine Farmer44-03Raytown South
20.10Rosemary Gebauer43-04Cameron R-1
21.10Tiffany Mediana43-03Lawson
22.9Shelby Schroder42-03Excelsior Springs
23.9Elisa Saunders40-06Excelsior Springs
24.9Morgan Reeve39-06Excelsior Springs
25.9Amanda Jackson39-04Excelsior Springs
26.10E'Toya Buckner32-06East Kansas City
27.10Latoya Buckner30-08East Kansas City
28.9Samantha Fugate29-08Excelsior Springs
29.9Jasmine Bibbs26-01East Kansas City
12Breanna McClainNDEast Kansas City
12Raven FlemingNDRaytown South
10Jasmine BryantNDRaytown South
11Cristen SmithNDExcelsior Springs
11Janee' KassanavoidNDLawson
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Appling5-00.00Cameron R-1
2.12Emmye Ring4-10.00Excelsior Springs
3.12Camille Rounds4-08.00Lathrop R-2
4.10Nakiela Smith4-06.00Raytown South
5.9Carissa Davis4-06.00Excelsior Springs
6.10Devan Ferneau4-04.00Lawson
6.10Brittany Jones4-04.00Cameron R-1
8.9Kymani Smith4-02.00Raytown South
8.11Hailee Nail4-02.00Lathrop R-2
8.9Breanna Trout4-02.00Lawson
9Kelsey PettzNHLawson
11Tina LeSCREast Kansas City
11Angela RobertsSCRRaytown South
10Crystal YoungSCRRaytown South
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Haley Hughes10-00.00Excelsior Springs
1.12Lisa Petty10-00.00Excelsior Springs
3.12Sam Williams8-06.00Lathrop R-2
4.10Arika Ziegler7-06.00Lathrop R-2
5.10Mallorie Elliot7-00.00Lathrop R-2
6.9Keely Simmons6-06.00Lawson
7.11Ashlyn Griffing6-06.00Lawson
7.9Brittany Mitchell6-06.00Excelsior Springs
9.10Devan Ferneau6-00.00Lawson
10Arielle BurchNHExcelsior Springs
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaszlyn Jenkins15-04.50Raytown South
2.11Gretchen Mayes15-04.00Lathrop R-2
3.9Savanna Stoy14-07.00Excelsior Springs
4.11Brett Butler14-06.75Lathrop R-2
5.9Keely Simmons14-00.00Lawson
6.11Shylo Manroe13-11.00Excelsior Springs
7.9Isabel Maddick13-04.00Lathrop R-2
8.10Ishanee Legrone13-00.00Raytown South
9.10Lillian Shah12-10.00Excelsior Springs
10.11Joslyn Pennington12-02.50Excelsior Springs
11.11Ashlyn Griffing12-00.00Lawson
12.9Sara Roberson11-02.00Lawson
11Angela RobertsNDRaytown South
10Crystal YoungNDRaytown South
9Mackenzie McCulloughSCRExcelsior Springs
11Kelsey MattoxSCRCameron R-1
12Emmye RingSCRExcelsior Springs
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaszlyn Jenkins34-00.50Raytown South
2.11Brett Butler32-03.50Lathrop R-2
3.9Isabel Maddick28-09.50Lathrop R-2
4.9Kelsey Pettz27-10.50Lawson
5.9Keyann Lesui26-07.50Raytown South
6.10Sabrina Parra26-06.50Cameron R-1
7.11Joslyn Pennington24-07.00Excelsior Springs
12Emmye RingSCRExcelsior Springs
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