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Ripley Invitational

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ripley HS, Ripley

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Devin Wiley11.80aChapmanville      
2.10David Baker11.93aRipley      
3.11Devin Jones11.96aRitchie County      
4.11Jordan Quiocho12.05aParkersburg South      
5.11Andrew Ely12.07aRavenswood      
6.12Dylan Wiley12.08aChapmanville      
7.11Andrew Workman12.17aChapmanville      
8.11Jarrick Hoskins12.26aWilliamstown      
9.10Paul Lively12.28aRipley      
10.10Ronnie Beale12.51aWinfield      
11.12Carter Coleman12.54aHerbert Hoover      
12.-Bryan Rhodes12.62aRipley      
13.10Nate Cook12.72aHerbert Hoover      
14.10Jerrod Coles12.76aSissonville      
15.12Zack Thompson12.83aChapmanville      
16.12Sam Young12.90aWilliamstown      
17.11Chance Samuel13.10aHerbert Hoover      
18.9Bryce Johnson13.13aWinfield      
19.-Rhys Jelich13.26aRavenswood      
20.9Dashawn Barber13.27aParkersburg South      
21.-Donovan Estep13.36aRavenswood      
22.9Sloan McConnell13.49aParkersburg South      
23.9Zac Camp13.51aHannan      
24.10Caleb Lanham13.63aWilliamstown      
25.9Jesse Richmond13.83aWinfield      
26.-Alex Stibler14.26aRipley      
27.9Aaron Parsons14.73aRavenswood      
28.10River Davis15.15aWinfield      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dakota DeLong24.62aParkersburg South      
2.10Paul Lively24.67aRipley      
3.11Brandon Hanson24.90aHerbert Hoover      
4.11Colton Holmes25.30aRipley      
5.12Brock Johnson25.34aParkersburg South      
6.10Jerrod Coles26.61aSissonville      
7.11Matt Huffman26.92aHerbert Hoover      
8.9Brendan Schwendeman26.93aParkersburg South      
9.9Bryce Johnson27.10aWinfield      
10.11Chris Grayam27.17aHerbert Hoover      
11.12Elijah Saylor27.22aSissonville      
12.-Donovan Estep27.44aRavenswood      
13.12Jesse Alborano27.45aRitchie County      
14.9Cade Kiselica27.96aWilliamstown      
15.9Jesse Richmond28.43aWinfield      
16.9Aaron Parsons29.96aRavenswood      
17.9Adam Wilson31.35aHannan      
18.10River Davis31.35aWinfield      
--10David BakerDQRipley      
--12Zack ThompsonDQChapmanville      
--11Andrew WorkmanDQChapmanville      
--12Ben PettyDQWilliamstown      
--11Patrick WatsonDQRavenswood      
--9Devin WileyDQChapmanville      
---Alex StiblerDQRipley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clint Hardman52.52aRitchie County      
2.11Dakota DeLong54.03aParkersburg South      
3.11Josh Gurski54.48aHerbert Hoover      
4.12Troy King54.98aRipley      
5.12Brock Johnson55.28aParkersburg South      
6.12Chase Brown55.63aWilliamstown      
7.10Kyle Keefe55.85aWinfield      
8.10Blake Williams56.75aWilliamstown      
9.9Brendan Schwendeman57.10aParkersburg South      
10.12Elijah Saylor1:00.65aSissonville      
11.-Dalton Gandee1:01.49aRavenswood      
12.9Morgan Carte1:01.50aHerbert Hoover      
13.10Jerrod Coles1:02.27aSissonville      
14.11Chris Grayam1:02.33aHerbert Hoover      
15.12Jesse Alborano1:04.36aRitchie County      
16.9Devon Walker1:08.66aSissonville      
17.10Andrew Qasi1:11.89aWinfield      
18.-Timmy Hivley1:12.32aHannan      
19.10Nick Bishop1:13.91aWinfield      
20.-Travis Moore1:18.01aWinfield      
21.9Billy Wikel1:23.62aWinfield      
--12Richard MarionDQHannan      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clint Hardman2:05.44aRitchie County      
2.12Troy King2:07.31aRipley      
3.10Blake Williams2:13.20aWilliamstown      
4.12Josh James2:15.40aRitchie County      
5.10Nathan Machel2:16.60aWinfield      
6.11Caleb Casto2:17.19aRipley      
--12Ronnie BarkerDQParkersburg South      
--11Will SchindlerDQRavenswood      
--10Dylan SkidmoreDQRitchie County      
--10Jon HaymanDQRavenswood      
--11Conner EvansDQWinfield      
---Travis MooreDQWinfield      
--12Alexander AdkinsDQSissonville      
--10Brandon RootDQWilliamstown      
--10Andrew QasiDQWinfield      
---Dalton GandeeDQRavenswood      
--9Morgan CarteDQHerbert Hoover      
---Bradley ColemanDQHerbert Hoover      
--9Devon WalkerDQSissonville      
--9Noah ToopsDQHerbert Hoover      
--10Nick BishopDQWinfield      
--10Austin MullinsDQWinfield      
--9Antonio JonesDQRipley      
--9Austin HallDQWilliamstown      
--9Kyle SamsDQParkersburg South      
--9Jarred MilesDQSissonville      
--12Sebastian ThalheimDQParkersburg South      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chad Longanacre4:54.22aRipley      
2.11Caleb Casto5:00.76aRipley      
3.10Jake Casto5:03.36aRipley      
4.10Nichloas Mastroianni5:04.11aWinfield      
5.10Hunter Sheldon5:08.08aWinfield      
6.10Nathan Machel5:11.58aWinfield      
--11David WithrowDQHerbert Hoover      
--10Derek DillonDQParkersburg South      
--12Alexander AdkinsDQSissonville      
--11Will SchindlerDQRavenswood      
--12Carson PolingDQRitchie County      
--11Jack FolwellDQWilliamstown      
--9Tony SalgadoDQWinfield      
--12Sebastian ThalheimDQParkersburg South      
--9Brian GrayDQWinfield      
--9Jarred MilesDQSissonville      
--9Chase JarrellDQRavenswood      
--9Antonio JonesDQRipley      
---Matt GrovesDQRipley      
--10Alex KirkDQParkersburg South      
--9Christopher BermanDQWilliamstown      
--9Jonathon HickDQWilliamstown      
--9Devon WalkerDQSissonville      
---Bradley ColemanDQHerbert Hoover      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Johnny Hogue10:20.43aRitchie County      
2.11Caleb Casto10:43.97aRipley      
3.11Chad Longanacre10:47.82aRipley      
4.9Tylor Brown10:53.48aParkersburg South      
5.10Nichloas Mastroianni10:54.03aWinfield      
6.10Jake Casto11:01.39aRipley      
--10Dylan WellingDQRipley      
--10Jon HaymanDQRavenswood      
--10Ryder DeemDQWilliamstown      
--10Hunter SheldonDQWinfield      
--11Evan FowlerDQWilliamstown      
--9Tony SalgadoDQWinfield      
--9Brian GrayDQWinfield      
--12Kody LeasureDQParkersburg South      
--9Jarred MilesDQSissonville      
--9Jacob FieldsDQRipley      
--9Christopher BermanDQWilliamstown      
--9Noah ToopsDQHerbert Hoover      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Cox16.44aParkersburg South      
2.11Cody Hively17.14aParkersburg South      
3.9Jayden Allender17.39aRitchie County      
4.12Michael Aab17.48aHerbert Hoover      
5.10Cody Harris17.86aRipley      
6.9Vincent Scalise17.96aParkersburg South      
7.10Aaron Walters18.80aRipley      
8.9Tyler Hagewood19.35aHerbert Hoover      
9.9Cruz Hayes19.57aRitchie County      
10.9Gage Wix19.73aWilliamstown      
11.10Jerrod Coles21.22aSissonville      
12.-Colin Fike22.13aRipley      
---Taylor MonkDQRipley      
--11Tyler JonesDQRipley      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessie Hilvers42.12aRitchie County      
2.11Troy Alton44.78aParkersburg South      
3.10Cody Harris45.86aRipley      
4.9Micah Boles46.36aParkersburg South      
5.10Ronnie Beale47.26aWinfield      
6.9Gage Wix47.58aWilliamstown      
7.10Aaron Walters47.99aRipley      
8.11Jordan Figueroa48.43aParkersburg South      
9.12Michael Aab48.48aHerbert Hoover      
10.12Isaac Shamblin53.30aSissonville      
--11Garret ButlerDQWilliamstown      
--11Samuel ShaverDQRipley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sam Young
Jarrick Hoskins
Tracy Hart
Michael Shawver
2.-Jordan Quiocho
Dakota DeLong
Troy Alton
Cody Hively
46.39aParkersburg South      
3.-Jayden Allender
Devin Jones
Justin Sage
Darrenger Goff
46.66aRitchie County      
4.-Colton Holmes
Paul Lively
Bryan Rhodes
David Baker
5.-Carter Coleman
Nate Cook
Josh Gurski
Brandon Hanson
48.63aHerbert Hoover      
6.-Jesse Richmond
Bryce Johnson
Austin Miller
Ronnie Beale
7.-Andrew Ely
Connor Jelich
Rhys Jelich
Donovan Estep
8.-Charles Mayes
Zac Camp
Caleb Shaw
Timmy Hivley
---Relay Team DQChapmanville      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessie Hilvers
Devin Jones
Justin Sage
Darrenger Goff
1:35.62aRitchie County      
2.-Colton Holmes
Paul Lively
Ryan Gregory
David Baker
3.-Relay Team 1:37.84aChapmanville      
4.-Matt Huffman
Chance Samuel
Chris Grayam
Brandon Hanson
1:42.78aHerbert Hoover      
5.-Anthony Bibbs
Dashawn Barber
Sloan McConnell
Austin Brand
1:44.06aParkersburg South      
6.-Caleb Lanham
Sam Young
Ben Petty
Matt Zlatkind
7.-Jesse Richmond
Bryce Johnson
Austin Miller
Ronnie Beale
8.-Richard Marion
Timmy Hivley
Matt Wallace
Charles Mayes
---Matt Jacobs
Tucker Miller
Brandon Tolley
Ryan Stutler
---Rhys Jelich
Connor Jelich
Patrick Watson
Andrew Ely
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessie Hilvers
Jayden Allender
Devin Jones
Clint Hardman
3:36.06aRitchie County      
2.-Garrett Lynch
Brendan Schwendeman
Brock Johnson
Dakota DeLong
3:38.83aParkersburg South      
3.-Antonio Jones
Troy King
Matt Farkosh
Ryan Gregory
4.-Matt Zlatkind
Kohen Mossor
Cory Perdoe
Decklin O'Donahue
5.-Relay Team 4:17.25aWinfield      
6.-Richard Marion
Ryan Meadows
Zac Camp
Matt Wallace
---Dalton Gandee
Damian Morriston
Chase Jarrell
Donovan Estep
---Matt Groves
Eldrick Millares
Brady Randolph
Raymond Depasquale
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Antonio Jones
Chad Longanacre
Jake Casto
Troy King
2.-Josh James
Johnny Hogue
Dylan Skidmore
Clint Hardman
8:49.67aRitchie County      
3.-Chase Brown
Mitchell Goertler
Jason Lockhart
Brandon Semon
4.-Conner Evans
Kyle Keefe
Austin Mullins
Nathan Machel
5.-Ronnie Barker
Jordan Fanelli
Tylor Brown
Kyle Sams
9:24.45aParkersburg South      
6.-Dalton Gandee
Jon Hayman
Chase Jarrell
Will Schindler
7.-Alexander Adkins
Elijah Saylor
Isaac Shamblin
Devon Walker
8.-Caleb Shaw
Paul White
Ryan Meadows
Adam Wilson
9.-Matt Groves
Eldrick Millares
Brady Randolph
Raymond Depasquale
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Hively
Troy Alton
Vincent Scalise
Logan Cox
1:00.48aParkersburg South      
2.-Tyler Jones
Samuel Shaver
Jesus Diaz
Ryan Gregory
3.-Michael Aab
Josh Gurski
Carter Coleman
Tyler Hagewood
1:05.53aHerbert Hoover      
4.-Jayden Allender
Jessie Hilvers
Cruz Hayes
Cody Hall
1:06.12aRitchie County      
5.-Garret Butler
Mitchell Goertler
Alex Marchetti
Gage Wix
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Evan Smith46-02.00Williamstown      
2.10Dylan Rippeto42-07.00Parkersburg South      
3.11Mack White41-09.00Parkersburg South      
4.11Logan Raines41-08.00Williamstown      
5.12David Hicks41-05.00Ripley      
6.-Gabriel Paiva39-04.00Winfield      
7.12Aaron Dye38-08.00Parkersburg South      
8.10Zane Weese38-01.00Herbert Hoover      
9.11Daryl Hicks37-07.50Ripley      
10.11Michael Woods35-08.00Ripley      
11.10Devin Cunningham35-06.00Parkersburg South      
12.9Chris Shingleton33-01.00Winfield      
13.-Dustin Shafer32-06.00Sissonville      
14.9DJ Cummings31-08.00Ripley      
15.9Robbie Carpenter30-01.00Ritchie County      
16.9Jon Governale29-11.00Winfield      
17.-Adam Bailey28-03.00Ripley      
18.12Ben Carpenter28-01.00Parkersburg South      
19.9Andrew Burton22-11.00Winfield      
20.11David Withrow21-03.00Herbert Hoover      
--9Noah JulianDQWinfield      
--11Nick CourtneyDQWinfield      
--11Devon CarrDQWilliamstown      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Hicks137-02Ripley      
2.10Dylan Rippeto133-03Parkersburg South      
3.11Evan Smith126-03Williamstown      
4.11Mack White123-10Parkersburg South      
5.12Aaron Dye107-01Parkersburg South      
6.10Zane Weese103-11Herbert Hoover      
7.11Logan Raines103-05Williamstown      
8.9DJ Cummings90-09Ripley      
9.9Jon Governale90-03Winfield      
10.11Michael Woods89-07Ripley      
11.11Daryl Hicks86-03Ripley      
12.9Noah Julian83-03Winfield      
13.9Robbie Carpenter82-00Ritchie County      
14.9Chris Shingleton74-11Winfield      
15.-Dustin Shafer70-11Sissonville      
16.9Andrew Burton66-03Winfield      
17.-Adam Bailey64-07Ripley      
--11Nick CourtneyDQWinfield      
--11Cody SmithDQWilliamstown      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrett Lynch6-02.00Parkersburg South      
2.11Tyler Rouse6-00.00Parkersburg South      
3.9Evan DeGraef5-04.00Parkersburg South      
4.11Ryan Gregory5-04.00Ripley      
5.10Cody Harris5-04.00Ripley      
6.11Ryan Meadows5-02.00Hannan      
6.11Paul White5-02.00Hannan      
--12Isaac ShamblinDQSissonville      
--11Josh GurskiDQHerbert Hoover      
--10Aaron WaltersDQRipley      
--9Adam WilsonDQHannan      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paige Haught13-00.00Ritchie County      
2.11Logan Cox12-06.00Parkersburg South      
3.11Mitchell Goertler12-00.00Williamstown      
4.11Tyler Richards10-00.00Parkersburg South      
5.-Jo Jo Greely-Fay10-00.00Ripley      
6.12Matt Farkosh9-06.00Ripley      
--12Sean CottrillDQParkersburg South      
--11Samuel ShaverDQRipley      
--9Eldrick MillaresDQRipley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jesus Diaz20-06.50Ripley      
2.11Jordan Quiocho19-04.00Parkersburg South      
3.11Cody Hively19-02.00Parkersburg South      
4.11Logan Cox18-10.00Parkersburg South      
4.11Patrick Watson18-10.00Ravenswood      
6.12Carter Coleman18-05.00Herbert Hoover      
7.12Cody Hall18-00.00Ritchie County      
8.9Gage Wix17-06.00Williamstown      
9.11Justin Sage17-02.00Ritchie County      
10.10Tracy Hart17-00.00Williamstown      
11.10Matt Zlatkind16-07.00Williamstown      
12.11Paul White16-05.00Hannan      
12.9Charles Mayes16-05.00Hannan      
14.10Jon Hayman16-03.00Ravenswood      
15.10Ryan Stutler16-00.50Ripley      
16.-Taylor Monk15-08.00Ripley      
17.9Tucker Miller14-11.00Ripley      
18.-Matt Jacobs14-07.00Ripley      
19.10Caleb Lanham14-04.00Williamstown      
20.12Caleb Shaw13-07.00Hannan      
21.10Nick Bishop11-09.00Winfield      
--12Elijah SaylorDQSissonville      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brooklyn Hammer13.18aWilliamstown      
2.10Ashley Chidester13.36aWilliamstown      
3.10Kasey Williams13.61aParkersburg South      
4.12Morgan Powell13.73aParkersburg South      
5.11Jessica Hamrick14.00aParkersburg South      
6.11Holly Pernell14.18aHerbert Hoover      
7.11Cassidy Maynard14.19aWinfield      
8.12Alexa Boggess14.28aRipley      
9.9Brittany Jones14.32aRavenswood      
10.9Haylea Roberson14.40aWinfield      
11.12Kirsti Babylon14.48aRavenswood      
12.11Katie Harris14.49aHerbert Hoover      
13.10Haley Hamilton15.04aRipley      
14.-Sayer Abby15.17aRipley      
15.12Breanna Hafer15.22aRitchie County      
16.10Amanda Patrick15.37aWinfield      
17.10Candace Mellen15.46aRipley      
18.9Pamela Black15.65aHannan      
19.10Taylor Kemp15.85aRipley      
20.-Jaclyn Vealey16.17aRipley      
21.10Holly Masey16.43aWilliamstown      
22.11Janie Putnam17.15aRitchie County      
23.10Haley Rakes17.22aChapmanville      
24.-Navy Davis17.24aWinfield      
25.-Charity Martinez18.78aRavenswood      
--12Kim EllisDQChapmanville      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andrea Chidester26.43aWilliamstown      
2.12Alyssa Brozak27.68aRipley      
3.12Nicole Fluharty28.23aParkersburg South      
4.11Kathleen Cornell28.48aWilliamstown      
5.10Tanya Jones28.77aRitchie County      
6.9Haylea Roberson29.80aWinfield      
7.10Lexi Hoover30.29aParkersburg South      
8.12Whitney Galland30.30aParkersburg South      
9.12Kirsti Babylon30.80aRavenswood      
10.10Haley Hamilton30.94aRipley      
11.10Sarah Williams31.04aRipley      
12.10Leslie Taylor31.27aHerbert Hoover      
13.11Katie Harris32.14aHerbert Hoover      
14.10Amanda Patrick32.18aWinfield      
15.-Charity Martinez33.64aRavenswood      
16.-Vivan Lee35.08aWinfield      
17.-Navy Davis35.90aWinfield      
---Sayer AbbyDQRipley      
--9Brittany JonesDQRavenswood      
--10Haley RakesDQChapmanville      
--10Alex FragaleDQHerbert Hoover      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hailey Miller1:01.44aRavenswood      
2.12Nicole Fluharty1:01.74aParkersburg South      
3.11Demi Degraef1:04.10aParkersburg South      
4.12Karli Casto1:05.01aRipley      
5.10Cami Mossor1:06.78aWilliamstown      
6.12Whitney Galland1:08.71aParkersburg South      
7.10Sarah Williams1:10.33aRipley      
8.12Morgan Webb1:11.45aRavenswood      
9.11Caressa Robinson1:11.98aRipley      
10.9Cassandra Hammes1:12.45aHerbert Hoover      
11.10Rebecca Sams1:12.57aHerbert Hoover      
12.9Erica Amos1:13.85aWilliamstown      
13.9Taylor Gaydosz1:14.78aWinfield      
14.10Brittany Smith1:14.92aRitchie County      
15.11Victoria Vance1:15.23aWinfield      
16.10Carmen Ross1:18.05aSissonville      
17.9Meg Allen1:18.44aHerbert Hoover      
18.10Haley Rakes1:23.08aChapmanville      
19.-Vivan Lee1:25.99aWinfield      
--12Logan WalkerDQSissonville      
--10Heather McIntyreDQWilliamstown      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cami Mossor2:35.38aWilliamstown      
2.11April Kirk2:36.31aParkersburg South      
3.12Ingrid Foslund2:36.45aRavenswood      
4.10Emily Brezler2:38.63aParkersburg South      
5.12Karli Casto2:40.18aRipley      
6.11Amanda Davis2:43.23aRitchie County      
--12Morgan WebbDQRavenswood      
--12Natasha KirkDQParkersburg South      
--11Brooke CieslewskiDQWilliamstown      
--10Lillian GandeeDQHerbert Hoover      
--11Megan GuetzloffDQWinfield      
--10Shealee MossorDQWilliamstown      
--9Kayla ScritchfieldDQRavenswood      
--10Carmen RossDQSissonville      
--10Rebecca SamsDQHerbert Hoover      
--9Sierra LoftisDQSissonville      
--9Dalaina McLaughlinDQHannan      
--9Kyndrah HillDQRipley      
--10Darian WikelDQWinfield      
--9Taylor TreadwayDQRavenswood      
--9Taylor MaceDQRitchie County      
--10Kaitlyn TitusDQRavenswood      
---Emily KingDQRipley      
--11Katie MooreDQRipley      
--10Kensey BergdorfDQRipley      
---Kaitlin ChinnDQRipley      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11April Kirk5:50.73aParkersburg South      
2.11Macy Coffey5:53.38aWinfield      
3.10Darian Wikel6:03.48aWinfield      
4.12Annie LaCour6:05.21aWilliamstown      
5.10Shealee Mossor6:06.06aWilliamstown      
6.9Olivia Vanoy6:09.05aRitchie County      
--10Kelsey FramptonDQRipley      
--10Kaitlyn TitusDQRavenswood      
--10Mikalyn MurphyDQSissonville      
--12Natasha KirkDQParkersburg South      
--11Becca CokeleyDQRitchie County      
--11Kayla McMahanDQParkersburg South      
--11Melissa HughartDQRipley      
--9Kyndrah HillDQRipley      
---Kaitlin ChinnDQRipley      
--11Katie MooreDQRipley      
---Emily KingDQRipley      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11April Kirk12:15.00aParkersburg South      
2.11Macy Coffey12:45.13aWinfield      
3.9Taylor Treadway12:56.79aRavenswood      
4.10Mikalyn Murphy13:34.46aSissonville      
5.12Heather Gray14:01.96aWilliamstown      
6.11Melissa Hughart14:13.22aRipley      
--11Kayla McMahanDQParkersburg South      
--12Natasha KirkDQParkersburg South      
--10Kaitlyn FulksDQWilliamstown      
--9Brittany ReedDQWilliamstown      
--9Dalaina McLaughlinDQHannan      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kylie Hammer16.28aWilliamstown      
2.11Lincoln Postlewaite16.48aWilliamstown      
3.10Kristin Wilson17.08aParkersburg South      
4.11Jessica Kerns17.09aWilliamstown      
5.9Janessa Adams17.29aRitchie County      
6.12Pagie Barker17.51aRitchie County      
7.10Andre Lamp18.12aRitchie County      
8.12Erin Thompson18.23aRipley      
9.9Holly Farkosh18.67aRipley      
10.11Hannah Atkins18.90aSissonville      
11.11Holly Pernell19.09aHerbert Hoover      
12.9Kayle Kirkpatrick19.37aWinfield      
13.9Morgan Pierson19.46aRipley      
14.12Lisa Osborne19.58aHerbert Hoover      
15.10Aimee Chapman20.80aParkersburg South      
16.9Pamela Black21.87aHannan      
17.9Hannah Cope26.93aWinfield      
--10Grace MontgomeryDQSissonville      
--10Rachel TeterDQParkersburg South      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Fluharty48.47aParkersburg South      
2.10Kristin Wilson49.91aParkersburg South      
3.9Janessa Adams50.32aRitchie County      
4.11Kathleen Cornell51.51aWilliamstown      
5.9Talia Edge54.63aWilliamstown      
6.10Anna Cokeley55.48aRitchie County      
7.9Kayle Kirkpatrick55.54aWinfield      
8.10Grace Montgomery57.03aSissonville      
9.9Morgan Pierson58.93aRipley      
10.9Pamela Black59.33aHannan      
11.9Madison Sanders59.50aRipley      
12.9Erica Amos1:00.23aWilliamstown      
13.9Hannah Cope1:13.11aWinfield      
--10Molli CunninghamDQRipley      
--10Aimee ChapmanDQParkersburg South      
--11Hannah AtkinsDQSissonville      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylie Hammer
Andrea Chidester
Ashley Chidester
Brooklyn Hammer
2.-Demi Degraef
Morgan Powell
Jessica Hamrick
Kasey Williams
52.90aParkersburg South      
3.-Pagie Barker
Tanya Jones
Tristin Toman
Mykayla Garrett
54.22aRitchie County      
4.-Holly Farkosh
Alexa Boggess
Candace Mellen
Alyssa Brozak
5.-Holly Pernell
Leslie Taylor
Danielle Paxton
Hannah King
55.76aHerbert Hoover      
6.-Cassidy Maynard
Haylea Roberson
Amanda Patrick
Victoria Vance
7.-Ellie McClung
Logan Walker
Hannah Atkins
Allie Humphreys
8.-Sayer Abby
Jana Hammes
Jaclyn Vealey
Taylor Kemp
---Relay Team DQRavenswood      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Chidester
Brooklyn Hammer
Madelin Gardner
Jessica Kerns
2.-Demi Degraef
Kayleigh Rexroad
Kasey Williams
Nicole Fluharty
1:49.29aParkersburg South      
3.-Janessa Adams
Mykayla Garrett
Tanya Jones
Tristin Toman
1:54.69aRitchie County      
4.-Holly Farkosh
Alexa Boggess
Candace Mellen
Alyssa Brozak
5.-Cassidy Maynard
Haylea Roberson
Amanda Patrick
Kayle Kirkpatrick
6.-Kirsti Babylon
Ingrid Foslund
Brittany Jones
Hailey Miller
7.-Cassandra Hammes
Leslie Taylor
Alex Fragale
Katie Harris
2:06.52aHerbert Hoover      
8.-Mary Schmeck
Allie Humphreys
Ellie McClung
Hannah Atkins
9.-Sayer Abby
Jana Hammes
Jaclyn Vealey
Taylor Kemp
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Davis
Mykayla Garrett
Tristin Toman
Tanya Jones
4:31.51aRitchie County      
2.-Whitney Galland
Kayleigh Rexroad
Emily Brezler
Serrena Morris
4:33.29aParkersburg South      
3.-Hailey Miller
Ingrid Foslund
Kirsti Babylon
Taylor Treadway
4.-Haley Hamilton
Caressa Robinson
Sarah Williams
Karli Casto
5.-talia Edge
Emma Ellis
Heather McIntyre
Sydney Yeager
6.-Darian Wikel
Victoria Vance
Megan Guetzloff
Taylor Gaydosz
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carley Ellison
Annie LaCour
Shealee Mossor
Allie Robinson
2.-Emily Brezler
Serrena Morris
Natasha Kirk
April Kirk
10:37.89aParkersburg South      
3.-Taylor Treadway
Hailey Miller
Kayla Scritchfield
Ingrid Foslund
4.-Becca Cokeley
Amanda Davis
Taylor Mace
Olivia Vanoy
11:20.00aRitchie County      
5.-Macy Coffey
Darian Wikel
Megan Guetzloff
Victoria Vance
6.-Grace Montgomery
Sierra Loftis
Mikalyn Murphy
Mary Schmeck
7.-Megan Randolph
Melissa Hughart
Katie Moore
Kyndrah Hill
8.-Lillian Gandee
Leslie Taylor
Cassandra Hammes
Meg Allen
12:27.51aHerbert Hoover      
---Emily King
Kensey Bergdorf
Kaitlin Chinn
Kelsey Frampton
X 4x102.5 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylie Hammer
Madelin Gardner
Jessica Kerns
Lincoln Postlewaite
2.-Janessa Adams
Pagie Barker
Andre Lamp
Kylie Gump
1:07.82aRitchie County      
3.-Holly Farkosh
Erica Gibson
Molli Cunningham
Erin Thompson
4.-Logan Walker
Grace Montgomery
Hannah Atkins
Allie Humphreys
5.-Holly Pernell
Danielle Paxton
Hannah King
Lisa Osborne
1:18.83aHerbert Hoover      
6.-Kayle Kirkpatrick
Abagail Martin
Hannah Cope
Taylor Gaydosz
---Kristin Wilson
Morgan Powell
Jessica Hamrick
Aimee Chapman
DQParkersburg South      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter House31-10.00Williamstown      
2.11Lexi Spencer31-01.50Parkersburg South      
3.12Courtney Taylor29-08.00Williamstown      
4.10Brittany Boso28-04.00Parkersburg South      
5.11Lauren Amos27-09.50Williamstown      
6.10Rachel Minney26-03.50Sissonville      
7.10Mikayla Little25-10.50Ritchie County      
8.12Elizabeth Willey25-05.00Parkersburg South      
9.10Evelyn Bunner24-07.00Ritchie County      
10.10Kensey Bergdorf24-06.00Ripley      
11.9Haley Blake22-09.00Winfield      
12.10Tiffany Casto22-03.50Ripley      
13.12Katelyn Rivero21-08.00Winfield      
14.10Kaliegh Shank20-04.00Winfield      
15.10Ashley Flora16-09.50Hannan      
16.10Samantha Lamp16-02.00Ritchie County      
17.12Megan Woods11-06.00Ripley      
--12Nikki LockardDQParkersburg South      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lexi Spencer92-05Parkersburg South      
2.10Mikayla Little90-10Ritchie County      
3.9Lisa Spencer84-08Williamstown      
4.12Hunter House82-11Williamstown      
5.12Elizabeth Willey77-02Parkersburg South      
6.9Haley Blake72-02Winfield      
7.10Rachel Minney71-10Sissonville      
8.12Nikki Lockard66-07Parkersburg South      
9.10Evelyn Bunner60-10Ritchie County      
10.12Katelyn Rivero59-10Winfield      
11.12Kim Ellis55-07Chapmanville      
12.10Kaliegh Shank52-11Winfield      
13.10Ashley Flora49-10Hannan      
14.10Kensey Bergdorf48-05Ripley      
15.12Megan Woods45-08Ripley      
16.10Tiffany Casto44-01Ripley      
17.9Morgan Moore36-05Ritchie County      
--10Brittany BosoDQParkersburg South      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kylie Gump5-00.00Ritchie County      
2.11Megan Steele5-00.00Williamstown      
3.10Kayleigh Rexroad4-10.00Parkersburg South      
4.10Hannah King4-10.00Herbert Hoover      
5.10Anna Cokeley4-08.00Ritchie County      
6.12Logan Walker4-08.00Sissonville      
--11Brooke CieslewskiDQWilliamstown      
--12Erin ThompsonDQRipley      
--12Nikki LockardDQParkersburg South      
--12Breanna HaferDQRitchie County      
--11Demi DegraefDQParkersburg South      
--9Allie HumphreysDQSissonville      
--10Erica GibsonDQRipley      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Hamrick10-06.00Parkersburg South      
2.11Lincoln Postlewaite10-00.00Williamstown      
3.11McKenzie Smith8-00.00Williamstown      
4.10Kayleigh Rexroad8-00.00Parkersburg South      
5.11Tristin Toman7-00.00Ritchie County      
--10Erica GibsonDQRipley      
--10Molli CunninghamDQRipley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Powell15-01.00Parkersburg South      
2.10Kasey Williams14-11.50Parkersburg South      
3.11Lincoln Postlewaite14-10.00Williamstown      
4.11Mykayla Garrett14-08.25Ritchie County      
5.10Hannah King13-06.00Herbert Hoover      
6.12Alyssa Brozak13-02.00Ripley      
7.12Danielle Paxton12-11.50Herbert Hoover      
8.9Ellie McClung12-10.50Sissonville      
9.12Cammie Walters12-06.50Williamstown      
9.12Kim Ellis12-06.50Chapmanville      
11.12Karli Casto12-04.00Ripley      
12.11Cassidy Maynard11-10.25Winfield      
13.12Serrena Morris11-08.25Parkersburg South      
14.10Amanda Hall11-06.00Ritchie County      
15.10Mary Schmeck11-04.00Sissonville      
16.9Morgan Pierson11-00.00Ripley      
17.9Madison Sanders10-10.50Ripley      
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