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FHSAA 1A State Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lee Williams10.80aMaclay
2.11Ryan Green10.85aSt Petersburg Catholic
3.12Ivory Smith10.90aBaker
4.11Alex Roberts11.03aCommunity Christian ...
5.12John Laster11.17aGraceville
6.12Greg Mabin11.27aCalvary Christian (F...
7.11Aaren Batten11.32aDade Christian
8.11Terrence Alls11.34aDade Christian
9.12Jayln Coleman11.44aKeswick Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lee Williams10.76aMaclay
2.12Ivory Smith10.97aBaker
3.11Alex Roberts10.99aCommunity Christian ...
4.11Ryan Green11.04aSt Petersburg Catholic
5.12Greg Mabin11.17aCalvary Christian (F...
6.12John Laster11.22aGraceville
7.11Terrence Alls11.22aDade Christian
8.12Jayln Coleman11.29aKeswick Christian
9.11Aaren Batten11.29aDade Christian
10.12Jair Minors11.30aMontverde Academy
11.10Josh Taylor11.35aSneads
12.10Javonta Broughton11.36aMoore Haven
13.10Dkadrian Allen11.67aHawthorne
14.-Austin Richey11.77aBell
15.12Omari Davis12.67aTrinity Prep
--9T.J. SimmonsFSLakeland Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lee Williams22.05aMaclay
2.12Ivory Smith22.28aBaker
3.9Markeis Hallback22.58aMoore Haven
4.12Bilal Marshall22.61aDade Christian
5.9T.J. Simmons22.65aLakeland Christian
6.12Fred Porter23.01aOut-of-Door Academy
7.12Joe Ryan23.05aJohn Carroll
8.12Domonique Jenkins23.08aP.K. Yonge
9.11Aaren Batten23.19aDade Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lee Williams21.88aMaclay
2.12Ivory Smith21.97aBaker
3.12Bilal Marshall22.19aDade Christian
4.12Joe Ryan22.30aJohn Carroll
5.9T.J. Simmons22.35aLakeland Christian
6.9Markeis Hallback22.44aMoore Haven
7.12Fred Porter22.54aOut-of-Door Academy
8.11Aaren Batten22.54aDade Christian
9.12Domonique Jenkins22.55aP.K. Yonge
10.11Lloyd Hylton22.60aFirst Academy
11.12Sean Culkin22.65aIndian Rocks Christian
12.12Breoni Lee22.66aBishop Snyder
13.12Ronnie Williams22.67aNorth Florida Christ...
14.12Jair Minors22.79aMontverde Academy
15.12Greg Mabin22.90aCalvary Christian (F...
16.11Herman Israelson23.22aSt Stephens Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ivory Smith47.29aBaker
2.12Ricardo Roy47.58aKings Academy
3.11Dean Williams48.73aCoral Springs Christ...
4.12Joe Ryan49.73aJohn Carroll
5.12Bilal Marshall49.77aDade Christian
6.11Tom Geier49.97aSt John Neumann
7.10Michael Rusnak50.05aSt Petersburg Catholic
8.11Terron Fitzgerald50.28aWest Gadsden
9.12Raleigh Sims50.35aHoly Trinity Episcopal
10.10Gabriel Moore50.39aFreeport
11.11Willie Smith51.28aEagles View Academy
12.12TJ Simon51.73aHoly Trinity Episcopal
13.9Michael Stones52.23aWindemere Prep
14.12Ian Seddon53.06aGeneva
--10Andrew HewittFSTrinity Prep
--12Michael CavonisDNFIndian Rocks Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mario Ojeda1:56.10aNorthside Christian
2.12Jakin Foster1:56.35aCircle Christian
3.12Matthew Montanari1:56.37aNorthside Christian
4.12Alex Hoffman1:57.51aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.12Brent Scott1:58.15aCommunity School
6.10Joseph Ault1:59.84aCircle Christian
7.12Phillip Dannelly2:00.13aFirst Coast Christian
8.10Luke Strickland2:00.39aNorth Florida Christ...
9.12Miller Judge2:01.33aTampa Preparatory
10.12Scott Billings2:01.37aMaclay
11.11Taylor Moenning2:03.25aUniversity Christian
12.11Adam Ramos2:04.58aDade Christian
13.12David Fagot2:05.62aSouth Florida HEAT
14.12Daniel Schultz2:06.48aThe Masters Academy
15.11Caleb Walz2:06.95aKings Academy
16.12Nicholas Millar2:07.23aUpperroom Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Gousse4:17.16aTrinity Prep
2.12Daniel Moore4:17.18aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.11Daniel Salas4:19.98aTrinity Prep
4.11Jordan Foster4:27.18aCircle Christian
5.12Jordan Brown4:29.22aP.K. Yonge
6.11Scott Simpson4:29.41aKings Academy
7.12Alex Montgomery4:31.83aCommunity School
8.11Travis Covert4:32.52aMaclay
9.11Jacob Endrulot4:33.60aKeswick Christian
10.11Daniel Welsh4:34.28aHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.10James Connor Daughton4:34.94aMaclay
12.9James Gehret4:37.52aBishop Snyder
13.10Daniel Guilbert4:39.98aCalvary Christian (F...
14.10Charles Otto4:41.85aBoca Raton Christian
15.11Ben Nevils4:42.34aSouth Florida HEAT
16.11Hunter Potts4:43.42aGraceville
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Moore9:20.49aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.12Joey Castagnaro9:21.04aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.12Ryan Gousse9:26.70aTrinity Prep
4.12Mark Mutz9:27.25aLakeland Christian
5.11Garrett Westlake9:38.39aP.K. Yonge
6.12Sam Goldberg9:39.43aTrinity Prep
7.11Daniel Salas9:45.05aTrinity Prep
8.11Tristan Kattenberg9:56.01aHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.10Jack Rutledge10:15.42aMaclay
10.11Scott Simpson10:20.13aKings Academy
11.10Charles Otto10:21.68aBoca Raton Christian
12.10Daniel Guilbert10:22.51aCalvary Christian (F...
13.10James Connor Daughton10:27.59aMaclay
14.11Travis Covert10:30.36aMaclay
15.8Chaney Hewlett10:33.07aCalvary Christian (F...
16.10Jeremy Carlson10:42.26aPensacola Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Lunsford14.75aEvangelical Christian
2.12Grant Reynolds14.87aTrinity Prep
3.11Ryan Davis14.91aHighlands Christian
4.11Bentlee Critcher15.18aWarner Christian
5.11Draeland James15.30aProvidence
6.12Peter Thorp15.39aFather Lopez
7.12Ulises Garcia15.43aCalvary Christian (F...
8.9Dontae McGee15.44aAdmiral Farragut
9.12Brian Ragone15.77aOut-of-Door Academy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12John Lunsford14.92aEvangelical Christian
3.11Ryan Davis14.93aHighlands Christian
2.11Bentlee Critcher15.20aWarner Christian
4.12Grant Reynolds15.22aTrinity Prep
5.12Ulises Garcia15.25aCalvary Christian (F...
7.9Dontae McGee15.28aAdmiral Farragut
6.11Draeland James15.45aProvidence
8.12Peter Thorp15.48aFather Lopez
9.12Brian Ragone15.58aOut-of-Door Academy
10.11Kyle Audet15.60aHighlands Christian
11.11Colton Plante16.09aFirst Academy
12.11Michael Erwin16.23aFlorida Christian
13.12Brandon Patrick16.33aTrinity Christian
14.12Stuart Jones16.35aTrinity Christian
15.12Jacob Jekel16.92aPensacola Christian
--11Arliss FordFSMoore Haven
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Davis37.54aHighlands Christian
2.12Ulises Garcia38.18aCalvary Christian (F...
3.12Jared Brown38.27aClearwater Central C...
4.11Bentlee Critcher39.02aWarner Christian
5.11Draeland James39.23aProvidence
6.12Grant Reynolds39.38aTrinity Prep
7.12John Lunsford39.72aEvangelical Christian
8.11Kyle Audet39.74aHighlands Christian
9.11Marquis Burgman40.63aHoly Trinity Episcopal
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ulises Garcia38.63aCalvary Christian (F...
3.12Jared Brown38.97aClearwater Central C...
2.11Ryan Davis39.00aHighlands Christian
5.11Kyle Audet39.51aHighlands Christian
4.11Draeland James39.62aProvidence
7.12John Lunsford39.66aEvangelical Christian
6.11Bentlee Critcher39.68aWarner Christian
8.11Marquis Burgman39.71aHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.12Grant Reynolds39.72aTrinity Prep
10.12Brian Ragone39.91aOut-of-Door Academy
11.12Austin Schatz40.87aFather Lopez
12.11Michael Erwin41.45aFlorida Christian
13.12Matt Antworth41.90aMaclay
14.12Jacob Jekel43.24aPensacola Christian
15.11Dylan Wadsworth43.51aBaker
16.12Tyler Acree46.68aFirst Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Omari Davis
Alec Sands
Grant Reynolds
Andrew Hewitt
42.28aTrinity Prep
2.-Barren Cohens
Markeis Hallback
Darius Cohen
Maurice James
42.50aMoore Haven
3.-Brian Grove
Ricardo Roy
W. Zachary Fraga
Christopher Machiela
42.50aKings Academy
4.-Aklesso Agama
Terrence Alls
Daniel Gonzalez
Aaren Batten
42.70aDade Christian
5.-Justin Goodloe
Devon Garnett
Jared Brown
Dequan Walker
43.00aClearwater Central C...
6.-Allen Britten
Raleigh Sims
Marquis Burgman
TJ Simon
43.18aHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.-Alec Corbijn
Roger Pettingell
Bruce Brown
Greg Mabin
43.25aCalvary Christian (F...
8.-Sean Culkin
Vinny Capobianco
Brady Christensen
Michael Cavonis
43.36aIndian Rocks Christian
9.-Lloyd Hylton
Tyler Acree
Julian Wiggins
Mason Plante
43.56aFirst Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Omari Davis
Alec Sands
Grant Reynolds
Andrew Hewitt
42.78aTrinity Prep
3.-Ryan Janvion
Terrence Alls
Daniel Gonzalez
Aaren Batten
42.98aDade Christian
2.-Brian Grove
Ricardo Roy
W. Zachary Fraga
Christopher Machiela
43.13aKings Academy
5.-Justin Goodloe
Devon Garnett
Jared Brown
Dequan Walker
43.14aClearwater Central C...
4.-Barren Cohens
Markeis Hallback
Darius Cohen
Maurice James
43.20aMoore Haven
6.-Allen Britten
Marquis Burgman
Raleigh Sims
TJ Simon
43.43aHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.-Lloyd Hylton
Tyler Acree
Julian Wiggins
Mason Plante
43.54aFirst Academy
8.-Alec Corbijn
Roger Pettingell
Bruce Brown
Greg Mabin
43.62aCalvary Christian (F...
9.-Sean Culkin
Vinny Capobianco
Brady Christensen
Michael Cavonis
43.96aIndian Rocks Christian
10.-Matthew Santiago
Chris Raices
Austin Cooper
Breoni Lee
43.97aBishop Snyder
11.-Relay Team 44.04aArchbishop Curley No...
12.-Derek Barnes
Billy Moffit
Brian Benjamin
Alex Leonard
44.14aCalvary Christian (C...
13.-Logan Bonfield
Todd Macon
Chris White
Ryan Green
44.26aSt Petersburg Catholic
14.-John Laster
Eddie Myrick
Deandre Davis
Rasheed Campbell
15.-Kevin Tolliver
Earnest Gordon
Victor Alexander
Chris Barr
44.48aTrinity Christian
16.-Chris Rolfe
Marcus Clark
Christian Philpott
Ronnie Williams
44.82aNorth Florida Christ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Javonta Broughton
Vinton Lewis
Darius Cohen
Maurice James
3:22.28aMoore Haven
2.-Terrence Alls
Cebassian Severe
Aklesso Agama
Bilal Marshall
3:24.46aDade Christian
3.-Allen Britten
Peter Karas
Raleigh Sims
TJ Simon
3:25.77aHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.-Ulises Garcia
Daniel Moortgat
Bruce Brown
Roger Pettingell
3:26.07aCalvary Christian (F...
5.-Sean Culkin
Vinny Capobianco
Brady Christensen
Michael Cavonis
3:26.24aIndian Rocks Christian
6.-Domonique Jenkins
Craig Joiner
Derek Bolser
Jordan Brown
3:26.32aP.K. Yonge
7.-Nicholas Ervin
Joshua James
Christian Anderson
Aaron Gibson
3:26.53aTrinity Christian
8.-Matt Antworth
Scott Billings
Alexander Artecona
Lee Williams
9.-Moises Brador
Marco Alayon
Michael Erwin
Joseph Maroon
3:28.17aFlorida Christian
10.-Lucio Ojeda
Mario Ojeda
Joseph Chapman
Matthew Montanari
3:31.00aNorthside Christian
11.-Mason Plante
Jacob Jordan
Tyler Acree
Lloyd Hylton
3:31.85aFirst Academy
12.-Blair Stickland
Zack Yopp
Luke Strickland
Christian Philpott
3:32.32aNorth Florida Christ...
13.-Oscar Skjaerpe
Sam Wall
Chris Carnes
Miller Judge
3:32.52aTampa Preparatory
14.-Shaquille Scott
Bryce Chancey
Tony Buckley-Paige
Jakob Bidwell
15.-Alex Fogg
Alex Montgomery
Charlie Badger
Brent Scott
3:40.51aCommunity School
---Christopher Machiela
Caleb Walz
Gregory Roy
Ricardo Roy
DQKings Academy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joseph Ault
Josh Wainwright
Sam Jamerson
Jakin Foster
7:58.72aCircle Christian
2.-Emon Nasajpour
Alex Hoffman
Alex Brown
Cole Oliver
8:01.54aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.-Mario Ojeda
Lucio Ojeda
Matthew Montanari
Joseph Chapman
8:02.17aNorthside Christian
4.-Alex Fogg
Zach Rochette
Alex Montgomery
Brent Scott
8:04.21aCommunity School
5.-Oscar Skjaerpe
Sam Wall
Chris Carnes
Miller Judge
8:06.05aTampa Preparatory
6.-Jordan Brown
David Dolan
Garrett Westlake
Derek Bolser
8:09.60aP.K. Yonge
7.-Corey Burns
Sam Millson
Stephen Schelling
Gordon Pace
8:15.42aTrinity Prep
8.-Seth Venable
Blair Stickland
Luke Strickland
Chris Rolfe
8:20.39aNorth Florida Christ...
9.-Alexander Artecona
Matt Antworth
Travis Covert
Scott Billings
10.-Christopher Rowe
Michael Zingali
Patrick Sweeney
Tom Geier
8:22.99aSt John Neumann
11.-Caleb Mallory
Iverson Williams
Cebassian Severe
Adam Ramos
8:23.75aDade Christian
12.-Caleb Walz
Nicholas Sexton
Luke Albert
Scott Simpson
8:24.40aKings Academy
13.-Donovan Vulgamore
Peter Martin
Daniel Moortgat
Jordan Campbell
8:32.09aCalvary Christian (F...
14.-Avery Rawls
Jonah Wilamowski
James Gehret
Brian Santiago
8:35.00aBishop Snyder
15.-Graham Fox
Richard Stroheker
Terry-Dean Kersey
Dylan Scott
16.-Josh Fitzgibbon
Ryan Sharpe
Chase Allsworth
Andrew Carrie
9:05.27aWestminster Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Cassidy15.79mSneads
2.12Trenton Saunders15.50mBenjamin
3.11Andrew Florvil15.37mDade Christian
4.12Antwan Chaires14.61mWest Gadsden
5.10Liam Pembroke14.31mSt John Neumann
6.12Zach Hubbard14.05mCalvary Christian (C...
7.11Tyler Chaisson13.87mKings Academy
8.12Matt Corrigan13.84mSt Joseph Academy
9.11Matt Stambrosky13.63mSanta Fe Catholic
10.11Kaelen Crowley13.43mKings Academy
11.12Troy Durant13.34mSneads
12.12Brandon Caballero13.32mMt Dora Bible
13.12Devontae Campbell13.10mMoore Haven
14.11Colton Plante12.85mFirst Academy
15.12Maurice Russell12.72mFort Meade
16.11Josh Johnson12.54mP.K. Yonge
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Selwyn Carrol51.51mTrinity Christian
2.12Mason Lasater47.34mLake Mary Prep
3.12Trenton Saunders46.91mBenjamin
4.11Michael Cassidy44.11mSneads
5.12Daniel McCain42.74mPalmer Trinity
6.12Peter Karas41.85mHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.12Evan Borhanavich41.60mBishop McLaughlin
8.11Nolan McGrew41.37mHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.12Taylor Andres40.79mIndian Rocks Christian
11.12Dillon Cotten37.23mBaker
12.11Kaelen Crowley36.67mKings Academy
13.11Seth Lewis36.16mSeffner Christian
14.9Jamari Johnson34.89mTampa Bay Christian ...
15.12Pierre Giovanni33.80mArchbishop Curley No...
16.12Alante Oliver-barnes32.00mGraceville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Jack2.03mOrlando Christian Prep
2.10Gabriel Moore1.98mFreeport
3.12Brandon Stone1.93mTrenton
4.12J'Varzeia Rivers1.87mMt Dora Bible
5.11Ryan Rickel1.87mWestminster Academy
6.11Edgar Moore1.87mMaclay
7.11George Obidiegwu1.87mSt John Neumann
8.11Ben Kieler1.82mClearwater Central C...
8.9Alaowei Talent1.82mCoral Springs Christ...
8.11Austin Warren1.82mMt Dora Bible
8.11Alex Marlowe1.82mLiberty County
12.12Maurice James1.82mMoore Haven
13.12Oscar Torres1.77mFirst Academy
13.12Carson Ritch1.77mShorecrest Preparatory
15.12Benjamin Sorber1.77mKings Academy
--10Caleb MalloryNHDade Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Ullrich4.26mSt John Neumann
2.11Kyle Weaver4.26mMaclay
3.12Corey Smith4.26mHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.12Randy Hage3.96mHighlands Christian
5.11Clifford Wonderly3.96mCircle Christian
6.12Hunter Oman3.81mWestminster Academy
7.12Danny Chapman3.81mSouth Florida HEAT
8.12Mitchell Devore3.81mLakeland Christian
9.11Benjamin Horowitz3.65mBenjamin
10.11Mitchell Barton3.65mBishop Snyder
10.12Daniel Firmin3.65mLakeland Christian
12.12Thomas Nash3.50mFirst Academy
13.11Matt Kim3.35mMaclay
14.11Chandler Larson3.35mMt Dora Bible
15.9Armand Woodley3.20mFirst Academy
16.10Jeremy Carlson3.04mPensacola Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aklesso Agama7.00mDade Christian
2.10Dequan Walker6.64mClearwater Central C...
3.11Alex Marlowe6.64mLiberty County
5.11Austin Warren6.59mMt Dora Bible
6.12Brandon Ardley6.50mSeffner Christian
7.12Todd Macon6.46mSt Petersburg Catholic
8.12J'Varzeia Rivers6.38mMt Dora Bible
9.10Keneth Lewis6.32mDade Christian
10.12J.C. Wolff Charles6.22mKings Academy
11.11Justin Jack6.15mOrlando Christian Prep
12.11Jacques Bryant6.00mFlorida AMU
13.10Javonta Broughton5.94mMoore Haven
14.9Alaowei Talent5.65mCoral Springs Christ...
15.9T.J. Simmons4.33mLakeland Christian
--12John LasterFOULGraceville
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aklesso Agama14.43mDade Christian
2.12Lee Williams14.28mMaclay
3.11Austin Warren13.91mMt Dora Bible
4.12Alex Anyaegbunam13.55mMontverde Academy
5.11Gary Samson13.50mDade Christian
6.12Jeffrey Golden13.32mNorthside Christian
7.10Jonathan Saintil13.25mDade Christian
8.10Jake Gandy13.23mMcKeel
9.11Derek Barnes12.90mCalvary Christian (C...
10.12J'Varzeia Rivers12.89mMt Dora Bible
11.12Charles Pommels12.63mCoral Springs Christ...
12.10Luke Cabrera12.62mLakeland Christian
13.11Alex Marlowe12.57mLiberty County
14.12joseph Boyette12.56mCardinal Mooney
15.10Vakie Brigham12.30mBlountstown

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daryth Gayles12.59aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.11Abby Hani12.60aLake Mary Prep
3.12Kimberly Ruch12.71aKings Academy
4.12Destiny Jenkins12.78aCalvary Christian (C...
5.10Maya Robbins12.80aPort Saint Joe
6.12Asia Olds12.83aNorthside Christian
7.12Ariel Adams12.87aBenjamin
8.12Monica Sapp13.01aNorthwest Christian
9.11Unique Smith13.10aWildwood
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Daryth Gayles12.52aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.12Destiny Jenkins12.55aCalvary Christian (C...
3.12Asia Olds12.57aNorthside Christian
5.11Abby Hani12.58aLake Mary Prep
7.12Ariel Adams12.67aBenjamin
4.12Kimberly Ruch12.68aKings Academy
8.11Unique Smith12.73aWildwood
6.10Maya Robbins12.77aPort Saint Joe
9.12Monica Sapp12.85aNorthwest Christian
10.12Jessica Maggio12.89aCalvary Christian (C...
11.11Kaneidra McPherson12.98aMoore Haven
12.9Ebony Brown12.98aCalvary Christian (F...
13.12Katherine Denham13.12aProvidence
14.9Jordan Gaines13.13aWest Gadsden
15.11Hannah Smith13.21aEvangelical Christian
16.10Czdari Lee13.23aBishop Snyder
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Hani25.26aLake Mary Prep
2.12Asia Olds25.43aNorthside Christian
3.10Daryth Gayles25.58aHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.10Maya Robbins25.72aPort Saint Joe
5.12Kimberly Ruch25.85aKings Academy
6.12Logan Thiel26.13aCalvary Christian (C...
7.12Monica Sapp26.23aNorthwest Christian
8.10Madison Cox26.61aCambridge Christian
9.10Gabby Gayles27.70aHoly Trinity Episcopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Asia Olds25.07aNorthside Christian
2.11Abby Hani25.13aLake Mary Prep
3.12Monica Sapp25.30aNorthwest Christian
4.12Kimberly Ruch25.38aKings Academy
5.10Daryth Gayles25.55aHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.10Gabby Gayles25.68aHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.12Logan Thiel25.72aCalvary Christian (C...
8.10Maya Robbins25.84aPort Saint Joe
9.10Madison Cox26.01aCambridge Christian
10.9Ebony Brown26.11aCalvary Christian (F...
11.10Czdari Lee26.20aBishop Snyder
12.12Katherine Denham26.29aProvidence
13.10Darielle McQueen26.41aNorth Florida Christ...
14.11Hannah Smith26.42aEvangelical Christian
15.12Jennifer Ponce26.45aDade Christian
16.9Kiley Brock26.56aMt Dora Bible
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Hani54.90aLake Mary Prep
2.10Gabby Gayles55.74aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.10Rachel Sieradzan57.61aCalvary Christian (F...
4.12Monica Sapp57.82aNorthwest Christian
5.10Madison Cox58.37aCambridge Christian
6.10Chandler O'Brien58.46aSt John Neumann
7.12Dominique Kelly58.56aCalvary Christian (F...
8.12Caroline Pauls58.66aCalvary Christian (F...
9.12Logan Thiel58.73aCalvary Christian (C...
10.11Cassidy Anderson59.69aBaker
11.12Kelsey McMichael1:00.19aEvangelical Christian
12.12Bailey Drury1:01.52aCarrollwood Day
13.8Tamani Wilson1:01.89aMaclay
14.12Erica Sims1:02.04aProvidence
15.12Rebekah Karadeema1:05.35aProvidence
--10Grace CasagrandeDNFCardinal Mooney
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stefanie Kurgatt2:10.49aMaclay
2.11Danielle Dunn2:15.31aProvidence
3.12Caroline Pauls2:16.43aCalvary Christian (F...
4.6Grace Blair2:18.04aOak Hall
5.10Grace Casagrande2:19.09aCardinal Mooney
6.12Katelyn Greenleaf2:19.71aNorthside Christian
7.11Rebecca Purkey2:20.16aTrinity Prep
8.11Mallory White2:21.24aLakeland Christian
9.10Lauren Csubak2:21.75aSt Stephens Episcopal
10.11Camille Jackson2:21.79aProvidence
11.10Kuerstin Gallivan2:23.29aFirst Academy
12.9Bobbi LaBrant2:24.78aIndian Rocks Christian
13.11Cathryn Urso2:29.73aKings Academy
14.11Rachel Harris2:30.06aBenjamin
15.11Monica Falgons2:31.67aPope John Paul II
16.10Emily Stallings2:38.14aProvidence
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stefanie Kurgatt4:57.33aMaclay
2.12Katelyn Greenleaf5:01.11aNorthside Christian
3.9Sarah Candiano5:05.55aEvangelical Christian
4.11Kelly Fahey5:08.71aTrinity Prep
5.10Emily Stallings5:09.69aProvidence
6.11Kristin Sweeney5:10.25aMaclay
7.10Claire Snyder5:14.25aTampa Preparatory
8.12Meredith Anderson5:15.92aBenjamin
9.11Sarah McBeath5:18.86aEvangelical Christian
10.10Jenna Evans5:23.50aSouth Florida HEAT
11.7Olivia Rovin5:24.82aShorecrest Preparatory
12.9Victoria Camargo5:29.50aFlorida Christian
13.7Lauren Perry5:37.98aOak Hall
--8Adair LydenDNFWestminster Academy
--8Daniell Van LiereDNFProvidence
--11Bryce SeymourDNFCircle Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Julie Wollrath10:53.15aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.11Bryce Seymour10:57.49aCircle Christian
3.9Sarah Candiano11:02.55aEvangelical Christian
4.11Kelly Fahey11:08.17aTrinity Prep
5.10Brittney Olinger11:11.54aOak Hall
6.8Adair Lyden11:13.47aWestminster Academy
7.10Claire Snyder11:20.03aTampa Preparatory
8.8Daniell Van Liere11:22.45aProvidence
9.10Eden Meyer11:23.78aProvidence
10.10Jenna Evans11:32.76aSouth Florida HEAT
11.12Meredith Anderson11:36.76aBenjamin
12.9Emily Chapman11:43.42aBrevard HEAT
13.11Kristin Sweeney11:55.33aMaclay
14.10Payton Woods11:59.83aTrinity Christian
15.12Rebecca Eaves12:06.94aLakeland Christian
16.11Christine Sullivan12:20.10aPope John Paul II
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Gardner14.49aWestminster Academy
2.12Jessica Maggio14.90aCalvary Christian (C...
3.9Brittany Mcgee15.03aAdmiral Farragut
4.11Adanaca Brown15.07aUpperroom Christian
5.12Victoria Goodwin15.33aNorthside Christian
6.11Winter Rodriguez15.51aDade Christian
7.9Nikki Aiosa16.37aSt Johns Country Day
8.11Alyssa Velez16.44aFirst Academy
9.12Taylor Cogsil16.90aBenjamin
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kayla Gardner14.51aWestminster Academy
2.9Brittany Mcgee15.03aAdmiral Farragut
3.12Jessica Maggio15.04aCalvary Christian (C...
4.11Adanaca Brown15.24aUpperroom Christian
5.11Winter Rodriguez15.30aDade Christian
6.12Victoria Goodwin15.49aNorthside Christian
7.9Nikki Aiosa16.18aSt Johns Country Day
8.11Alyssa Velez16.40aFirst Academy
9.12Taylor Cogsil16.52aBenjamin
10.12Heather Volk16.64aSt Joseph Academy
11.10Von Burdsall16.96aFl For The Deaf & Bl...
12.10Cayman Bratcher17.18aFirst Academy
13.11Morgan Burney17.32aLake Mary Prep
14.10Deandra Tsaffaras17.64aNorthside Christian
15.12Leigh Raskauskas18.18aCommunity School
--9Logan BossDNFBranford
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adanaca Brown44.78aUpperroom Christian
2.11Winter Rodriguez45.56aDade Christian
3.11Kelly Shanahan45.88aClearwater Central C...
4.12Victoria Goodwin46.75aNorthside Christian
5.12Mackenzie Huxley46.99aSouthwest Florida Ch...
6.10Lauren Boone47.41aCircle Christian
7.11Yekaterina Panskyy47.56aIsland Christian
8.11Hannah Howell47.58aSt Stephens Episcopal
9.11Elizabeth Dougherty47.60aCalvary Christian (F...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Winter Rodriguez45.22aDade Christian
2.11Adanaca Brown45.95aUpperroom Christian
3.12Victoria Goodwin46.66aNorthside Christian
4.11Kelly Shanahan46.93aClearwater Central C...
5.11Elizabeth Dougherty46.94aCalvary Christian (F...
7.12Mackenzie Huxley47.02aSouthwest Florida Ch...
6.11Yekaterina Panskyy47.04aIsland Christian
8.10Lauren Boone47.22aCircle Christian
9.11Hannah Howell47.76aSt Stephens Episcopal
10.12Danielle Green47.81aProvidence
11.12Heather Volk48.16aSt Joseph Academy
12.9Emma Golterman50.14aTampa Preparatory
13.12Caitlyn Beauchamp50.55aOak Hall
14.9Nikki Aiosa50.78aSt Johns Country Day
15.12Jordan Phillips50.79aThe Masters Academy
16.9Caisea Phillips51.44aPensacola Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daryth Gayles
Gabby Gayles
India Adams
Alisha Pound
48.00aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.-Tia Francavilla
Sarah Collins
Katie Wentz
Kimberly Ruch
48.56aKings Academy
3.-Emily Gale
Ebony Brown
Amanda Gale
Tayler McDuffie
49.86aCalvary Christian (F...
4.-Jess Stewart
Lizze Brunnicki
Christine Marino
Kasey Howard
50.42aCalvary Christian (C...
5.-Erica Sims
Danielle Green
Kylee Tillman
Katherine Denham
6.-Arianna Mosley
Caroline Alexander
Alyssa Bryant
Carly Reiner
50.78aTampa Preparatory
7.-Imoni McCorvey
Kenya Pye
Lonzetta Simpkins
Maggie Miller
8.-JaQuasha Sesler
Aaliyah James
Bethany Bryant
Unique Smith
9.-Cristyn Myland
Seeka Agama
Jennifer Ponce
Victoria Vandesande
51.54aDade Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Gabby Gayles
Daryth Gayles
India Adams
Alisha Pound
47.92aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.-Tia Francavilla
Sarah Collins
Katie Wentz
Kimberly Ruch
48.60aKings Academy
3.-JaQuasha Sesler
Aaliyah James
Bethany Bryant
Unique Smith
4.-Erica Sims
Danielle Green
Kylee Tillman
Katherine Denham
5.-Amanda Gale
Ebony Brown
Emily Gale
Tayler McDuffie
50.36aCalvary Christian (F...
6.-Jess Stewart
Lizze Brunnicki
Christine Marino
Kasey Howard
50.67aCalvary Christian (C...
7.-Arianna Mosley
Caroline Alexander
Alyssa Bryant
Carly Reiner
50.77aTampa Preparatory
8.-Imoni McCorvey
Kenya Pye
Lonzetta Simpkins
Maggie Miller
9.-Cristyn Myland
Seeka Agama
Jennifer Ponce
Victoria Vandesande
51.44aDade Christian
10.-Nicole Kanaskie
Czdari Lee
Amber Smith
Alex Waler
51.46aBishop Snyder
11.-Caroline Nichols
Tamara Pierre
Katie Nava
Jimlyn Laurent
51.51aWestminster Academy
12.-Synolia Fennel
Dantasia Welch
Maliyah McNair
Maya Robbins
51.62aPort Saint Joe
13.-Janae Murrell
Alexis Sedillo
Gabrielle Woodruff
Paige Lindsay
52.13aSt Stephens Episcopal
14.-Deandra Tsaffaras
Briana Meehan
India Steinbaugh
Ariana Taylor
52.22aNorthside Christian
15.-Janny Evenhuis
Paula Martin
Mary Stucko
Kelcey Kornek
52.33aSt John Neumann
16.-Spencer Cast
Cayman Bratcher
Peyton Hurbanis
Alyssa Velez
52.70aFirst Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tayler McDuffie
Rachel Sieradzan
Elizabeth Dougherty
Dominique Kelly
4:00.10aCalvary Christian (F...
2.-Kasey Howard
Jessica Maggio
Lizze Brunnicki
Logan Thiel
4:01.78aCalvary Christian (C...
3.-Asia Olds
Sarah Schultz
Ashley Johnson
Victoria Goodwin
4:02.74aNorthside Christian
4.-Elizabeth Santoro
Kenya Pye
Tamani Wilson
Lonzetta Simpkins
5.-Daysi Wilkinson
Emily Cohen
Cathryn Urso
Tia Francavilla
4:07.26aKings Academy
6.-Erica Sims
Camille Jackson
Rebekah Karadeema
Danielle Green
7.-Natalie Carr
Caitlyn Beauchamp
Ariana Agrios
Grace Blair
4:08.54aOak Hall
8.-Tori Trador
Kristen Brown
Alex Buchanan
Bobbi LaBrant
4:09.34aIndian Rocks Christian
9.-Hannah Sodergren
Hayle Fortier
Ally Pond
Kristi Isabelle
4:10.82aSouth Florida HEAT
10.-Lauren Csubak
Gabrielle Woodruff
Paige Lindsay
Hannah Howell
4:11.52aSt Stephens Episcopal
11.-Victoria Vandesande
Alyssa Hessing
Jennifer Ponce
Winter Rodriguez
4:11.55aDade Christian
12.-Tiffany Imbert
Paula Martin
Cassie Fernandez
Chandler O'Brien
4:18.17aSt John Neumann
13.-Krystal Huang
Paige McKenzie
Meagan Johnson
Rebecca Purkey
4:19.50aTrinity Prep
14.-McKenzie Altman
Elizabeth Bacon
Lauren Folio
Natalia Walcott
4:20.00aHoly Trinity Episcopal
15.-Taylor Flowers
McKenna Waters
Taylor Hill
Donia Lanier
16.-Caroline Childers
Nikki Aiosa
Katie Lyerly
Megan Rogers
4:23.47aSt Johns Country Day
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caroline Pauls
Dominique Kelly
Allison Ridenour
Rachel Sieradzan
9:20.45aCalvary Christian (F...
2.-Elizabeth Santoro
Tamani Wilson
Kristin Sweeney
Stefanie Kurgatt
3.-Camille Jackson
Eden Meyer
Emily Stallings
Danielle Dunn
4.-Kelsey McMichael
Sarah McBeath
Taylor D'Angelo
Sarah Candiano
9:36.59aEvangelical Christian
5.-Katelyn Greenleaf
Ashley Johnson
Sarah Schultz
Haley Gossard
9:43.88aNorthside Christian
6.-Hannah Allen
Tristan Burfield
Annie Barry
Vivian Grimes
9:45.42aCommunity School
7.-Brittney Olinger
Emily VanGelder
Lauren Perry
Grace Blair
9:48.79aOak Hall
8.-Ashley Pisciottano
Emily Cohen
Julia Corley
Cathryn Urso
9:52.65aKings Academy
9.-Riley Burke
Rachel Harris
Katherine Atterbury
Meredith Anderson
10.-Anna Kate Horton
Ashlee Newsome
Emily Crist
Kuerstin Gallivan
10:04.32aFirst Academy
11.-Laurie Auld
Amanda Baker
Kristen Selbach
Brittany Carey
10:15.39aWestminster Academy
12.-Denae Chapman
Devin Bos
Madison Jamerson
Ansley Bos
10:16.03aCircle Christian
13.-Caristyn Golden
Jorja Agrait
Savannah Brown
Jessica Thornton
14.-Savannah Wofford
Payton Crews
Barbara Lyerly
Maggie Porter
10:23.69aSt Johns Country Day
15.-Katherine Haddad
Megan Dougherty-howard
Alex Steele
Kylie Eaton
10:24.41aSt Petersburg Catholic
16.-Susan Rifai
Maya Rifai
Ciara Hopkins
Meghan Emling
10:40.85aMontverde Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samaria Martin11.41mJefferson County
2.12Hana Sladick11.23mSeacrest Country Day
3.11Ja'Quila Kelley11.19mWildwood
4.11Tiana Miele11.06mSeven Rivers Christian
5.10Hunter Sullivan11.00mJohn Carroll
6.11Chanel Coco10.96mFather Lopez
7.12Morgan Jones10.92mBaker
8.11Shannon Scott10.81mJefferson County
9.10Tayler McDuffie10.78mCalvary Christian (F...
10.12Kadijah Fulse10.43mFort Meade
11.12Ashley Miller10.36mWestminster Christian
12.12Dionne Brent-Harris10.33mDade Christian
13.10Taylor Mcdonald10.01mBishop McLaughlin
14.11Andrea Mauger9.66mAcademy at the Lakes
15.10Stephani Copeland9.46mBranford
16.12Sarah Hurtado9.14mSeacrest Country Day
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Jones37.74mBaker
2.12Hana Sladick37.49mSeacrest Country Day
3.10Stephani Copeland35.20mBranford
4.11Samaria Martin34.44mJefferson County
5.8Stephaine Paul33.47mCommunity School
6.12Sarah Hurtado32.58mSeacrest Country Day
7.10Hunter Sullivan31.90mJohn Carroll
8.8Jessica Hiteshew31.19mMt Dora Bible
9.12Ashley Miller30.81mWestminster Christian
10.10Isabella Luke29.61mWestminster Academy
11.11Chrissy Grandin29.46mTrinity Prep
12.11Briana Ross29.10mFreeport
13.12Dionne Brent-Harris27.78mDade Christian
14.12Allison Emerson26.59mFirst Baptist
15.12Brooke Hilliard25.78mBell
16.11Chanel Coco24.94mFather Lopez
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Kilts1.67mMt Dora Bible
2.9Kaitlin Herring1.62mBaker
3.9Logan Boss1.62mBranford
4.12India Adams1.62mHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.9Brittany Mcgee1.57mAdmiral Farragut
6.10Alia Hammer1.52mCalvary Christian (F...
6.10Mary Stucko1.52mSt John Neumann
6.12Tori Trador1.52mIndian Rocks Christian
6.10Keeley Casey1.52mWestminster Academy
10.10Brooke Allen1.52mCedar Key
10.9Kirby Powers1.52mSt Johns Country Day
10.9Brooke Oman1.52mWestminster Academy
10.-Kailyn Edleman1.52mEvangelical Christian
14.11Samantha Plager1.47mSeffner Christian
14.12Megan Walker1.47mPort Saint Joe
14.9Julia Lindbergh1.47mCoral Springs Christ...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Gale3.81mCalvary Christian (F...
2.11Amanda Gale3.50mCalvary Christian (F...
3.12Megan Walker3.50mPort Saint Joe
4.10Lillian Van Winkle3.50mMaclay
5.10Kelsey Stern3.35mSt Johns Country Day
6.12Grayson Mack3.20mHighlands Christian
6.10Nicole Endres3.20mPort Saint Joe
6.12Paige Byrnes3.20mLake Mary Prep
9.12Valentina Grekos3.20mCommunity School
10.9Eloise Palm2.89mKeswick Christian
11.12Jeanelle Ackerman2.89mBenjamin
12.9Bobbi LaBrant2.89mIndian Rocks Christian
13.11Ashtin Frank2.74mOut-of-Door Academy
14.12Jennifer Lundgren2.59mOak Hall
15.11Lexi Kuck2.43mFirst Academy
--12Kristen SkritekNHSt Petersburg Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Hani5.67mLake Mary Prep
2.9Brittany Mcgee5.61mAdmiral Farragut
3.10Darielle McQueen5.56mNorth Florida Christ...
4.12Asia Olds5.50mNorthside Christian
5.10Daryth Gayles5.42mHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.12JaQuasha Sesler5.33mWildwood
7.12Kayla Gardner5.33mWestminster Academy
8.11Adanaca Brown5.28mUpperroom Christian
9.12Imoni McCorvey5.05mMaclay
10.12Ariel Adams5.00mBenjamin
11.9Kaitlin Herring4.97mBaker
12.11Kaneidra McPherson4.93mMoore Haven
13.9Lindsey Poole4.88mMaclay
14.11Tiana Miele4.74mSeven Rivers Christian
15.12Kimberly Ruch4.74mKings Academy
16.12Jessica Maggio4.72mCalvary Christian (C...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darielle McQueen11.69mNorth Florida Christ...
2.12Imoni McCorvey11.31mMaclay
3.11Carly Reiner11.23mTampa Preparatory
4.12Caroline Pauls11.18mCalvary Christian (F...
5.12Victoria Goodwin10.56mNorthside Christian
6.12Dominique Kelly10.53mCalvary Christian (F...
7.12Sarah Schultz10.35mNorthside Christian
8.10Rachel Sieradzan10.08mCalvary Christian (F...
9.12Taylor Cogsil9.93mBenjamin
10.10Jess Stewart9.89mCalvary Christian (C...
11.10Charly Coogan9.82mSt Francis Catholic
12.9Ashley Broaderick9.79mKeswick Christian
13.10Haley Pigott9.71mEvangelical Christian
14.11Tiana Miele9.70mSeven Rivers Christian
15.9Logan Boss9.20mBranford
--10Dantasia WelchFOULPort Saint Joe
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