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Deland Quad Meet

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Deland HS, Deland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Xavier Atkins10.9Spruce Creek      
2.12Sean Castle11.1DeLand      
3.12Marquise Franks11.1Orange City University      
4.11Joshua Diaz11.4Orange City University      
5.12Shaquille Stephans11.5Orange City University      
6.12Jaquille Dorns11.6DeLand      
7.9Andrew Spence11.6Spruce Creek      
8.12Steven Saint Preux11.6Orange City University      
9.10Bryan Rodriguez11.8DeLand      
10.10Jagger Lieb12.0Spruce Creek      
11.9Chase Caruthers12.0Orange City University      
12.-Trevor Rippeon12.0Spruce Creek      
13.11Zach Everett12.0Spruce Creek      
14.10Jacoby Tucker12.1DeLand      
15.9Javahal Wright12.1DeLand      
16.10John Le12.1Spruce Creek      
17.-Nolan Rooney12.2Spruce Creek      
18.9Brandon Ruiz12.2Orange City University      
19.-Drew Eckels12.3Spruce Creek      
20.-Bobby Martin12.3Trinity Christian      
21.-Collin Olsen12.4Spruce Creek      
22.11Tedvin Smothers12.4DeLand      
23.-Ken Kohlman12.4Spruce Creek      
24.-Ty Watson12.6Trinity Christian      
25.-Sheryar Khan12.6Spruce Creek      
25.9Nash Flood12.6Spruce Creek      
27.10Thomas Harrod12.6Orange City University      
27.10Adam Costa12.6DeLand      
29.10Grant Bruce12.7Spruce Creek      
30.-Tyler Maenza12.8Spruce Creek      
31.11Javorris Cannon12.9DeLand      
32.-James Paytas13.0Spruce Creek      
33.-Jarred Stiltner13.1Spruce Creek      
34.12Juan Soto13.2DeLand      
35.10Jonathan Sapp13.4DeLand      
35.9Beau Kent13.4Spruce Creek      
37.9Luke Crawford13.6Orange City University      
37.10Murphy Jones13.6Spruce Creek      
39.10Josh Rittenour13.9Spruce Creek      
40.10Matt Zerrusen14.1Spruce Creek      
41.10Brice Garcia14.3Spruce Creek      
42.-Wade Hudson16.1Spruce Creek      
43.-Kai Berment19.3Spruce Creek      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Xavier Atkins22.6Spruce Creek      
2.11Joshua Diaz23.0Orange City University      
3.12Garrett Bastian23.2Spruce Creek      
4.12Steven Saint Preux23.3Orange City University      
5.12Marquise Franks23.4Orange City University      
6.11Jonathan Anglin24.5Spruce Creek      
7.9Billy Pangel24.6DeLand      
8.9Chase Caruthers24.8Orange City University      
9.10Bryan Rodriguez24.9DeLand      
10.12James Buckles25.1Orange City University      
11.-Trevor Rippeon25.2Spruce Creek      
12.9Javahal Wright25.4DeLand      
13.11Tyler Housel25.4Orange City University      
14.9Brandon Ruiz25.5Orange City University      
15.12Drew Winant25.8Orange City University      
16.12Terry McMillon26.2Spruce Creek      
16.9Sean Jefferson26.2Orange City University      
18.11Robert Elbert26.5Orange City University      
19.-Sheryar Khan26.5Spruce Creek      
20.-Maklin Ryan26.8Orange City University      
21.11Javorris Cannon27.0DeLand      
22.-Tucker Smith27.2Spruce Creek      
23.10Thomas Harrod27.4Orange City University      
24.10Jonathan Sapp27.5DeLand      
25.12Juan Soto27.6DeLand      
26.9Luke Crawford27.9Orange City University      
27.11David French28.0Orange City University      
28.-Brandon Fennell29.8Orange City University      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stefan Guire52.3DeLand      
2.10Dalton Kelly52.9Orange City University      
3.12James Armor53.1Spruce Creek      
4.12Andrew Carpenter53.4Spruce Creek      
5.12Jerry Thayer53.5Spruce Creek      
6.10Tadarius McMillon55.6Spruce Creek      
7.10Bryan Rodriguez55.7DeLand      
8.11Zach Everett55.9Spruce Creek      
9.11Jonathan Anglin56.0Spruce Creek      
10.11Tyler Housel56.1Orange City University      
11.-Trevor Rippeon56.6Spruce Creek      
12.10Coner Reed56.8Orange City University      
13.-Andre Matthews58.3Orange City University      
14.-Drew Eckels59.7Spruce Creek      
15.12Shaquille Stephans59.9Orange City University      
16.9Sean Jefferson60.2Orange City University      
17.11Jonathon Chin60.2Orange City University      
18.12Tyler Cruz61.0Orange City University      
19.-Tucker Smith61.3Spruce Creek      
20.10Adam Costa61.4DeLand      
21.10Leo Hurtado61.5Orange City University      
22.12Terry McMillon61.6Spruce Creek      
23.-Maklin Ryan62.0Orange City University      
24.11Robert Elbert62.3Orange City University      
25.11David French63.2Orange City University      
26.10Luis Troche64.9Orange City University      
27.-Brandon Fennell66.6Orange City University      
28.11Tayler Nussubaum67.5Orange City University      
29.10Nick Barker68.8Orange City University      
30.9Ryan Thompson72.9Orange City University      
31.10Brice Garcia73.2Spruce Creek      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Desmond Robb2:02.4Orange City University      
2.12Ryan Patton2:02.9Spruce Creek      
3.12Kyler Kathman2:04.9Spruce Creek      
4.11Stefan Guire2:15.2DeLand      
5.10Jagger Lieb2:15.5Spruce Creek      
6.10Wyatt Bernardo2:20.4Spruce Creek      
7.10Madison Santos2:21.5Spruce Creek      
8.12Garrett Bastian2:21.7Spruce Creek      
9.11Matt Youngquist2:22.0DeLand      
10.12Jake Bushelon2:23.8Spruce Creek      
11.10Taylor Hack2:25.8DeLand      
12.-Andre Matthews2:26.0Orange City University      
13.-Luke Leuterio2:31.5Spruce Creek      
14.10Leo Hurtado2:32.3Orange City University      
15.12Tyler Cruz2:34.1Orange City University      
16.10Grant Bruce2:35.6Spruce Creek      
17.-Marcio Perez2:40.7Orange City University      
18.10James Tew2:41.6DeLand      
19.10Luis Troche2:46.4Orange City University      
20.11Tayler Nussubaum2:47.6Orange City University      
21.9Jacob Rossi2:50.3Spruce Creek      
22.10Nick Barker2:50.5Orange City University      
23.-Anthony Nader2:50.7Spruce Creek      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Kathman4:41.5Spruce Creek      
2.10Ken Pineiro4:48.5DeLand      
3.10Coner Reed4:55.0Orange City University      
4.10Patrick Corcoran5:06.2Orange City University      
5.10Brandon Russell5:07.6DeLand      
6.9Zachary Kometas5:08.0Spruce Creek      
7.9Steven Wofford5:13.5Spruce Creek      
8.10Osin Harrington5:14.4Spruce Creek      
9.11Ryan Intriago5:16.4Spruce Creek      
10.12Skyler Reese5:19.1Spruce Creek      
11.11Bradley Koberg5:20.1Spruce Creek      
12.10Wyatt Bernardo5:25.8Spruce Creek      
13.-Adam Redman5:32.0Spruce Creek      
14.-Ken Kohlman5:34.9Spruce Creek      
15.-Kevin Tierney5:35.6Spruce Creek      
16.-Luke Leuterio5:36.1Spruce Creek      
17.10Matthew Koberg5:36.6Spruce Creek      
18.-Sheryar Khan5:40.2Spruce Creek      
19.9Ricky Fritch5:42.4Spruce Creek      
20.9Tyler Simmons5:44.5Spruce Creek      
21.12Patrick Manetti5:47.2Spruce Creek      
22.10Sam Bloomfield5:48.2Spruce Creek      
23.10Matt Helseth5:48.8DeLand      
24.-Alejandro De la rosa5:50.1Orange City University      
25.11Brandon Schindler5:54.7Orange City University      
26.-Marcio Perez6:04.7Orange City University      
27.10Murphy Jones6:05.0Spruce Creek      
28.-Liam Tate6:05.2Spruce Creek      
29.9Jacob Rossi6:05.5Spruce Creek      
30.10Mitchell Dubois6:07.2Spruce Creek      
31.-Pelayo Cisnal6:11.8Trinity Christian      
32.10Preston Smith6:12.8Spruce Creek      
33.-Bret Welch6:15.2Spruce Creek      
34.11Brian Silbermann6:19.7Spruce Creek      
35.9Parker Gordon6:38.6Spruce Creek      
36.11Brian Epperson6:54.0Orange City University      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Westfall10:29.9Orange City University      
2.12Kyler Kathman10:30.9Spruce Creek      
3.9Garrett Campell10:41.9Orange City University      
4.9Zachary Kometas11:11.1Spruce Creek      
5.12Skyler Reese11:22.5Spruce Creek      
6.11Ryan Intriago11:38.3Spruce Creek      
7.10Graham Carlson12:14.2DeLand      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chase Pierson16.2Orange City University      
2.11Bobby Lester16.3Spruce Creek      
3.12Chris Morris16.6Spruce Creek      
4.12James Buckles17.1Orange City University      
5.10Anthony Grego17.3Spruce Creek      
6.10Cameron Dunkley17.3Orange City University      
7.10Garek Church17.4Spruce Creek      
8.10Tyven Zalloum18.4Orange City University      
9.10Jan Leon Rios19.1Orange City University      
10.9Ryan Auerbach21.9Orange City University      
11.10Joshua Cloutier22.7Orange City University      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Castle41.5DeLand      
2.10Anthony Grego42.3Spruce Creek      
3.12Chase Pierson43.0Orange City University      
4.12Chris Morris44.1Spruce Creek      
5.11Bobby Lester44.4Spruce Creek      
6.12James Buckles44.5Orange City University      
7.10Cameron Dunkley45.2Orange City University      
8.10Craig Jaramillo45.3Spruce Creek      
9.-Ter'ra Potter45.6Trinity Christian      
10.10Sam Bloomfield46.9Spruce Creek      
11.11Brandon Schindler49.1Orange City University      
12.10Tyven Zalloum49.3Orange City University      
13.10Jan Leon Rios49.9Orange City University      
14.-Anthony Nader55.4Spruce Creek      
15.10Joshua Cloutier56.0Orange City University      
16.9Ryan Auerbach57.1Orange City University      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.9Orange City University      
2.-Relay Team 44.2Spruce Creek      
3.-Relay Team 46.6Spruce Creek      
4.-Relay Team 47.0Spruce Creek      
5.-Relay Team 48.6Trinity Christian      
6.-Relay Team 50.0Spruce Creek      
7.-Relay Team 55.4Spruce Creek      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.7Orange City University      
2.-Relay Team 4:15.0DeLand      
3.-Relay Team 4:16.2Spruce Creek      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:44.9Orange City University      
2.-Relay Team 9:08.3Spruce Creek      
3.-Relay Team 9:29.5DeLand      
4.-Relay Team 9:38.6Spruce Creek      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rodney Mack47-04.00Spruce Creek      
2.10Keith Narozny44-08.00Spruce Creek      
3.12Austin Cameron42-11.00Spruce Creek      
4.11Austin Tyrrell31-01.00DeLand      
5.-Alec Pitts30-07.00Spruce Creek      
6.10Josh Rittenour30-06.00Spruce Creek      
7.9Beau Kent29-10.00Spruce Creek      
8.-Kai Berment28-11.00Spruce Creek      
9.10Matt Zerrusen28-03.00Spruce Creek      
10.11Travis Pinnock25-05.00Orange City University      
11.9Brandon Ford25-04.00Orange City University      
12.12Gabe Branch25-00.00Orange City University      
13.10Jacob Bobay24-05.00DeLand      
14.10Elliot Simon20-04.00DeLand      
15.10Josh Fox16-02.00Spruce Creek      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rodney Mack132-05Spruce Creek      
2.10Keith Narozny114-03Spruce Creek      
3.12Austin Cameron105-07.50Spruce Creek      
4.11Austin Tyrrell96-09DeLand      
5.-Alec Pitts96-07Spruce Creek      
6.10Josh Rittenour95-10Spruce Creek      
7.9Beau Kent81-04Spruce Creek      
8.11Travis Pinnock72-09Orange City University      
9.12Gabe Branch72-05Orange City University      
10.10Jacob Bobay71-05DeLand      
11.10Matt Zerrusen68-05Spruce Creek      
12.10Elliot Simon65-00DeLand      
13.-Kai Berment62-09Spruce Creek      
14.9Brandon Ford62-06Orange City University      
15.10Josh Fox49-09Spruce Creek      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christan Robles5-10.00Orange City University      
2.12Chris Evans5-10.00Spruce Creek      
3.12Daniel Perez5-08.00Spruce Creek      
4.11Tedvin Smothers5-08.00DeLand      
5.10Garek Church5-06.00Spruce Creek      
6.9Billy Pangel5-04.00DeLand      
6.10Jacoby Tucker5-04.00DeLand      
6.9Andrew Spence5-04.00Spruce Creek      
9.11Jonathan Anglin5-02.00Spruce Creek      
10.10Andrew Tadros5-00.00Spruce Creek      
10.10Jack Ransom5-00.00Spruce Creek      
---Trevor RippeonNHSpruce Creek      
--9Nash FloodNHSpruce Creek      
--10Mitchell SnyderNHSpruce Creek      
---Santiago PerezNHSpruce Creek      
---Wade HudsonNHSpruce Creek      
--10Grant BruceNHSpruce Creek      
--10Kevin KinslowNHOrange City University      
--12Drew WinantNHOrange City University      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Austin Bubb11-06.00Spruce Creek      
2.11Kolby Davis11-06.00Spruce Creek      
3.10Sean Bartholomew10-00.00Spruce Creek      
3.10Adam Costa10-00.00DeLand      
5.12Daniel Wigley9-06.00Spruce Creek      
6.10Will Kulakoski9-06.00Spruce Creek      
7.10Madison Santos9-00.00Spruce Creek      
7.9Ricky Fritch9-00.00Spruce Creek      
7.11John Michaelos9-00.00DeLand      
10.11Javorris Cannon8-06.00DeLand      
10.11Sadler Flowers8-06.00DeLand      
10.10Jordan Youell8-06.00DeLand      
--10Nick MenzaNHDeLand      
--10Jonathan SappNHDeLand      
---Santiago PerezNHSpruce Creek      
---Mitchell SmithNHSpruce Creek      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joshua Diaz19-04.00Orange City University      
2.10Jacoby Tucker19-01.00DeLand      
3.10Garek Church18-05.00Spruce Creek      
4.9Andrew Spence18-01.00Spruce Creek      
5.10Jack Ransom17-09.00Spruce Creek      
6.12Drew Winant17-09.00Orange City University      
7.11Zach Rooney17-07.00Spruce Creek      
7.11Tedvin Smothers17-07.00DeLand      
9.9Tremell McMillion16-08.00Spruce Creek      
10.-Jarred Stiltner16-03.00Spruce Creek      
11.-Ty Watson15-10.00Trinity Christian      
12.-Chad Brown15-09.00Trinity Christian      
13.9Nash Flood15-05.00Spruce Creek      
14.12Christan Robles15-02.00Orange City University      
15.10Kevin Kinslow14-08.00Orange City University      
16.-Ter'ra Potter14-07.00Trinity Christian      
17.-Tyler Maenza13-10.00Spruce Creek      
18.-Wade Hudson11-07.00Spruce Creek      
--9Billy PangelNDDeLand      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Terry McMillon40-09.00Spruce Creek      
2.10Cameron Dunkley40-01.00Orange City University      
3.10Tadarius McMillon38-05.00Spruce Creek      
4.11Zach Rooney37-02.00Spruce Creek      
5.12Drew Winant36-09.00Orange City University      
6.10Jacoby Tucker36-02.00DeLand      
7.9Tremell McMillion34-10.00Spruce Creek      
8.11Tedvin Smothers33-06.00DeLand      
9.12Kyler Kathman33-03.00Spruce Creek      
10.9Nash Flood33-01.00Spruce Creek      
11.9Billy Pangel32-09.00DeLand      
12.10Kevin Kinslow31-04.00Orange City University      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Gregory12.8DeLand      
2.10Lauren Buczynski12.9Orange City University      
3.11Zakiya White13.1Orange City University      
4.11Rachel Wofford13.1Spruce Creek      
5.9Kristina Harris13.2Spruce Creek      
6.10Alina Herrera13.3Orange City University      
7.9Jennifer Burns13.4Spruce Creek      
8.12Stevie Leone13.4Spruce Creek      
9.10Olivia Nutting13.6Orange City University      
10.11Christian Stevenson13.6DeLand      
11.9Connie Darrisaw13.6Spruce Creek      
12.11Markayla Moore13.8DeLand      
13.10Abigail Olmeda13.8Orange City University      
14.10Marquisha Fisher13.9Orange City University      
15.9Morgan Kumm14.0Spruce Creek      
16.12Alexis Stokes-Rodriguez14.0Orange City University      
17.9Krizzle Didulo14.0Orange City University      
18.9Gina Antonaccio14.0Spruce Creek      
19.10Anesia Rolle14.1Spruce Creek      
20.9Shyla Lebo14.1Spruce Creek      
21.11Briana Tolbert14.2Spruce Creek      
22.-Morgan McCutcheon14.4Spruce Creek      
22.-Tori Spigner14.4Trinity Christian      
24.-Mecenzine Callahan14.5Orange City University      
25.10Rachel Davila14.6Spruce Creek      
26.9Kendall Barnes14.6Spruce Creek      
27.12Karli Marsh14.6Trinity Christian      
28.9Tala El-Ghali14.9Spruce Creek      
29.-Christina Lucas15.1Spruce Creek      
30.11Nicole Velez15.2Orange City University      
31.10Ashley Williams15.2Spruce Creek      
32.10Selena Lozada15.4Orange City University      
33.12Gillian Woodard15.4Orange City University      
34.10Areesha Tahir15.6Spruce Creek      
35.9Mariesa Gilcrest15.7Orange City University      
36.10Nicole Rivera15.9DeLand      
36.-Savannah Urbanski15.9Spruce Creek      
38.9Joelle DiGioia15.9Spruce Creek      
39.-Cierra Jackson16.0Spruce Creek      
40.10Lauren Lozada16.1Orange City University      
41.9Carly Meyers16.1Spruce Creek      
42.-Tyler-Marie Sims16.4Trinity Christian      
43.9Deana Sarshory16.6Spruce Creek      
44.9Julia Scully16.9DeLand      
45.-Jordyn Gibbs17.4Spruce Creek      
46.9Megan Ponder17.8DeLand      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Krista Colubiale26.3Spruce Creek      
2.9Kristina Harris26.7Spruce Creek      
3.9Jennifer Burns27.7Spruce Creek      
4.11Zakiya White27.8Orange City University      
5.11Rachel Wofford28.0Spruce Creek      
6.11Briana Tolbert28.3Spruce Creek      
7.9Riley Sheehy28.3DeLand      
8.12Stevie Leone29.1Spruce Creek      
9.9Morgan Kumm29.1Spruce Creek      
10.12Alexis Stokes-Rodriguez29.1Orange City University      
11.9Connie Darrisaw29.3Spruce Creek      
12.10Abigail Olmeda29.5Orange City University      
13.9Shyla Lebo29.6Spruce Creek      
14.9Krizzle Didulo29.7Orange City University      
15.11Markayla Moore29.7DeLand      
16.11Christian Stevenson29.9DeLand      
17.9Monet Bartell30.0Spruce Creek      
18.10Rachel Davila30.2Spruce Creek      
19.10Marquisha Fisher30.3Orange City University      
20.9Kendall Barnes30.4Spruce Creek      
21.-Daphne Forester30.7Spruce Creek      
22.-Morgan McCutcheon30.8Spruce Creek      
23.12Ashton Wilder30.9DeLand      
24.9Kharina Guruvadoo31.0Spruce Creek      
25.9Mckenna Stern31.0Orange City University      
26.10Desiree Racine31.2Orange City University      
27.12Zoey Volenec31.4Spruce Creek      
28.10Anesia Rolle31.4Spruce Creek      
29.9Tala El-Ghali32.0Spruce Creek      
30.12Gillian Woodard32.3Orange City University      
31.10Leah Glassburn32.5Spruce Creek      
32.11Nicole Velez32.6Orange City University      
33.10Selena Lozada32.6Orange City University      
34.10Areesha Tahir32.9Spruce Creek      
35.9Raven Butters33.5Spruce Creek      
36.9Joelle DiGioia33.5Spruce Creek      
37.9Mariesa Gilcrest33.6Orange City University      
38.-Alexandra Rasmussen34.0Spruce Creek      
39.10Lauren Lozada34.1Orange City University      
40.-Savannah Urbanski34.2Spruce Creek      
41.-Cierra Jackson34.4Spruce Creek      
42.9Carly Meyers34.9Spruce Creek      
43.-Ashley Messick35.2Spruce Creek      
44.10Nicole Rivera35.6DeLand      
45.-Jordyn Gibbs36.5Spruce Creek      
46.9Deana Sarshory37.2Spruce Creek      
47.9Katina Pappas37.3Spruce Creek      
48.9Megan Ponder37.4DeLand      
49.-Tyler-Marie Sims37.9Trinity Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kristina Harris62.3Spruce Creek      
2.10Alina Herrera64.6Orange City University      
3.9Jennifer Burns65.6Spruce Creek      
4.9Kendall Barnes69.2Spruce Creek      
5.9Shyla Lebo69.6Spruce Creek      
6.10Hayley Schultz69.9Orange City University      
7.9Krizzle Didulo70.1Orange City University      
8.9Mckenna Stern70.4Orange City University      
9.10Paxton Shamlou70.4Spruce Creek      
10.11Rebecca Sacks70.7Spruce Creek      
11.-Lauren Steele71.1Spruce Creek      
12.9Tala El-Ghali71.9Spruce Creek      
13.12Faith Strasser72.5Spruce Creek      
14.-Allison Arlow73.5Spruce Creek      
15.-Mecenzine Callahan74.1Orange City University      
16.-Christina Lucas74.1Spruce Creek      
17.9Rachel Grossmann74.3Spruce Creek      
18.9Arden Haley74.4Spruce Creek      
19.10Desiree Racine74.9Orange City University      
20.12Jocelyn Adona75.0Spruce Creek      
21.10Emily Horvath75.8Spruce Creek      
22.-Ashley Messick77.2Spruce Creek      
23.-Savannah Urbanski77.4Spruce Creek      
24.9Connie Darrisaw77.9Spruce Creek      
25.9Makayla Mitchell78.9Spruce Creek      
26.10Zoye Ruehl79.8DeLand      
27.-Sophie Watret1:20.0Spruce Creek      
28.9Anna Kelly1:20.2Spruce Creek      
29.9Michelle Castillo1:24.8Orange City University      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christen Daniels2:36.0Orange City University      
2.12Faith Strasser2:44.5Spruce Creek      
3.12Taylor Smith2:50.1Spruce Creek      
4.12Tanya Rivas2:51.1Orange City University      
5.9Daniela Buitrago2:56.2Orange City University      
6.11Monserrat Saldana2:57.9Orange City University      
7.9Gina Antonaccio3:00.7Spruce Creek      
8.10Kyla Shaver3:03.4Orange City University      
9.11Rebecca Sacks3:06.1Spruce Creek      
10.10Emily Horvath3:10.7Spruce Creek      
11.9Samantha Sacks3:15.8Spruce Creek      
12.9Cassidy Meyers3:20.1Spruce Creek      
13.10Casey Stanulwich3:23.5Orange City University      
14.12Christina Esposito3:23.8Orange City University      
15.9Abigail Stoll3:24.4DeLand      
16.9Reem Zaitoon3:26.8DeLand      
17.9Michelle Castillo3:30.7Orange City University      
18.9Ariel Gibson3:41.8Orange City University      
--12Kaitlyn KellyDQSpruce Creek      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Ehrhart5:32.2Spruce Creek      
2.10Ashley Williams5:46.5Spruce Creek      
3.12Faith Strasser5:48.4Spruce Creek      
4.10Lindsey Sullivan5:54.4Spruce Creek      
5.10Paxton Shamlou5:55.1Spruce Creek      
6.12Alycia Loriz5:56.1Spruce Creek      
7.12Rachel Walker6:02.2Spruce Creek      
8.11Caroline Pertler6:06.0DeLand      
9.10Brittany Forrester6:09.7Orange City University      
10.12Rainey Tyner6:14.7Spruce Creek      
11.9Rylee Wagner6:16.1Orange City University      
12.12Gillian Woodard6:19.9Orange City University      
13.-Tori Spigner6:22.4Trinity Christian      
14.10Rachel Davila6:33.9Spruce Creek      
15.11Cayla Milford6:37.1DeLand      
16.10Katie Dodge6:38.6Spruce Creek      
17.11Casey Morris6:38.9DeLand      
18.-Daphne Forester6:40.2Spruce Creek      
19.11Catherine LaStarza6:41.1Spruce Creek      
20.10Taylor Barrett6:41.6Spruce Creek      
21.12Taylor Smith6:46.6Spruce Creek      
22.-Sophie Watret6:55.5Spruce Creek      
23.10Emily Horvath7:05.3Spruce Creek      
24.12Caroline Gill7:06.3Orange City University      
25.9Makayla Mitchell7:07.7Spruce Creek      
26.9Lauren Watford7:13.8DeLand      
27.9Cassidy Meyers7:21.1Spruce Creek      
28.-Brianna Rucks7:22.0Orange City University      
29.9Samantha Sacks7:41.6Spruce Creek      
30.11Carrie Morris7:51.9DeLand      
31.9Katharina Rosa8:05.3DeLand      
32.9Heather Wallace8:05.7DeLand      
33.10Martha Ball8:07.5DeLand      
34.-Kaya Suksawat8:11.2Orange City University      
35.9Ariel Gibson8:11.7Orange City University      
36.11Ashley Thiel8:21.1Spruce Creek      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jocelyn Adona12:37.4Spruce Creek      
2.9Sydney Volenec12:46.0Spruce Creek      
3.12Kaitlyn Kelly12:57.7Spruce Creek      
4.12Rachel Walker13:13.8Spruce Creek      
5.10Lindsey Sullivan13:38.5Spruce Creek      
6.9Anna Kelly14:00.8Spruce Creek      
7.9Rylee Wagner14:18.1Orange City University      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Tse15.8Spruce Creek      
2.12Jessica Mathews16.1Spruce Creek      
3.11Tara Palin17.0Spruce Creek      
4.12Jade McCrary17.2Spruce Creek      
5.12Ashton Wilder17.2DeLand      
6.12Kareen Jeanty17.8DeLand      
7.9Jessica Walley18.0Spruce Creek      
8.10Mikeia Pooler18.5Orange City University      
9.12Anna Rowand18.9Orange City University      
10.10Alica Zurita19.0Orange City University      
11.10Gabby Diana19.2Orange City University      
12.9Raven Butters19.8Spruce Creek      
13.10Ashley Williams20.2Spruce Creek      
14.10Jeri Higuera20.4Spruce Creek      
14.-Bailey Driggers20.4Spruce Creek      
16.11Aubrianna Hall20.8Orange City University      
17.12Aubree Uhl20.9Orange City University      
18.11Stacy Jefferson21.3Orange City University      
19.11Natalie Crisan22.0Orange City University      
20.10Cindy Molina22.2Orange City University      
21.9Alexis Russell23.4Orange City University      
22.9Kylie Uhl23.6Orange City University      
23.10Ashley Fazzina23.9Orange City University      
24.-Marisyd Porter24.1Orange City University      
25.12Nicole Molina24.7Orange City University      
26.10Grace Hudgins25.2Orange City University      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jade McCrary47.7Spruce Creek      
2.12Tori Ehrhart48.8Spruce Creek      
3.11Megan Tse49.4Spruce Creek      
4.12Kareen Jeanty51.3DeLand      
5.9Jessica Walley51.7Spruce Creek      
6.11Tara Palin52.3Spruce Creek      
7.11Mikela Palelis52.3Orange City University      
8.10Jeri Higuera56.0Spruce Creek      
9.11McKyla Crawford56.2Orange City University      
10.10Alica Zurita57.2Orange City University      
11.10Gabby Diana57.4Orange City University      
12.11Aubrianna Hall58.2Orange City University      
13.11Stacy Jefferson59.0Orange City University      
14.10Ashley Williams59.6Spruce Creek      
15.10Laykin Trentham60.5Orange City University      
16.12Anna Rowand60.8Orange City University      
17.11Natalie Crisan61.7Orange City University      
18.10Ashley Fazzina62.6Orange City University      
19.10Cindy Molina64.7Orange City University      
20.9Kylie Uhl65.2Orange City University      
21.12Aubree Uhl65.3Orange City University      
22.9Alexis Russell71.0Orange City University      
23.12Nicole Molina73.4Orange City University      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.1Spruce Creek      
2.-Relay Team 51.5Orange City University      
3.-Relay Team 53.3Spruce Creek      
---Relay Team DQSpruce Creek      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:27.7DeLand      
2.-Relay Team 4:37.6Orange City University      
3.-Relay Team 4:46.1Spruce Creek      
4.-Relay Team 5:12.8Spruce Creek      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:59.8Orange City University      
2.-Relay Team 11:13.6Spruce Creek      
3.-Relay Team 13:55.1DeLand      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hanna Lillvis28-09.00Orange City University      
2.12Kaley Anderson27-06.00Spruce Creek      
3.10Sloane Kyrazis26-09.50Spruce Creek      
4.12Tanya Rivas26-05.00Orange City University      
5.12Miranda Checkwicz24-10.00Spruce Creek      
6.9Katina Pappas24-10.00Spruce Creek      
7.10Cherterickia Davis24-07.00DeLand      
8.10Alexis Huber24-00.00DeLand      
9.9Gabriela Sala23-11.00Spruce Creek      
10.12Stephanie Suarez23-10.00Trinity Christian      
11.12Brea Corkery23-03.00Orange City University      
12.12Olivia Mayer21-07.00Orange City University      
13.12Johnayra Leon rios20-10.00Orange City University      
14.-Faith Harper20-03.00Orange City University      
15.11Samantha Diaz19-10.00DeLand      
16.10Kim Moore16-10.00DeLand      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hanna Lillvis90-00.50Orange City University      
2.12Miranda Checkwicz86-06Spruce Creek      
3.11Katie Batchelor81-04Orange City University      
4.12Brea Corkery78-02Orange City University      
5.10Alexis Huber73-05DeLand      
6.10Kim Moore73-01DeLand      
7.10Sloane Kyrazis70-05Spruce Creek      
8.10Cherterickia Davis70-04DeLand      
9.9Katina Pappas66-07Spruce Creek      
10.12Gabrielle Brooks64-01Orange City University      
11.12Stephanie Suarez61-01Trinity Christian      
12.11Alyssa Jones60-11Orange City University      
13.9Gabriela Sala60-03Spruce Creek      
14.10Stepanie Harris59-07Orange City University      
15.-Faith Harper59-06Orange City University      
16.12Persilla Peralta59-04Orange City University      
17.12Johnayra Leon rios59-01Orange City University      
18.12Arianna Toland58-03Orange City University      
19.12Mariah Ide57-07Orange City University      
20.11Samantha Diaz54-05DeLand      
21.12Belmary Feliciano41-07Orange City University      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allison Lampert5-02.00Spruce Creek      
2.10Mikeia Pooler5-00.00Orange City University      
3.10Kristen Gaines5-00.00Spruce Creek      
4.10Jennifer Garver4-08.00Spruce Creek      
5.9Courtney Belgrade4-06.00Spruce Creek      
6.10Kelsey Burke4-06.00Spruce Creek      
7.12Tarryn Cornejo4-06.00DeLand      
8.12Kaylin Mallory4-06.00DeLand      
8.12Gabrielle Brooks4-06.00Orange City University      
10.10Kailyn Hart4-02.00Spruce Creek      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vassiliki Daskalakis9-00.00DeLand      
2.12Tarryn Cornejo9-00.00DeLand      
3.10Kristen Gaines9-00.00Spruce Creek      
4.12Kaley Anderson8-06.00Spruce Creek      
5.10Shelby Koren8-00.00Spruce Creek      
6.9Riley Sheehy8-00.00DeLand      
7.10Hope Daskalakis7-00.00DeLand      
8.11Erica Levandowski6-00.00Spruce Creek      
8.12Jessica Lemes6-00.00DeLand      
8.9Jackie Jagger6-00.00Spruce Creek      
8.10Nicole Rivera6-00.00DeLand      
---Hope DarganNHDeLand      
---Janelle AdonaNHSpruce Creek      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Gregory16-02.00DeLand      
1.11Rachel Wofford16-02.00Spruce Creek      
3.11Erin Graham15-11.00DeLand      
4.9Krista Colubiale14-11.00Spruce Creek      
5.10Mikeia Pooler14-05.00Orange City University      
5.10Kailyn Hart14-05.00Spruce Creek      
7.11Markayla Moore14-04.00DeLand      
8.9Gina Antonaccio14-00.00Spruce Creek      
9.11McKyla Crawford13-11.00Orange City University      
10.12Darein Chavers13-08.00DeLand      
11.9Shyla Lebo13-01.00Spruce Creek      
12.12Anna Rowand13-00.00Orange City University      
13.11Erica Levandowski12-11.00Spruce Creek      
14.10Ashley Lopez12-07.00Spruce Creek      
15.-Tori Spigner12-06.00Trinity Christian      
16.-Kasey Love12-04.00Spruce Creek      
17.12Gabrielle Brooks12-03.00Orange City University      
18.-Tyler-Marie Sims11-08.00Trinity Christian      
19.11Christine Samples11-07.00Spruce Creek      
20.11Rosemary Pardus11-01.00Spruce Creek      
21.10Erica Goldish11-00.00Spruce Creek      
21.-Alexis Keeney11-00.00Spruce Creek      
--11Christian StevensonNDDeLand      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Graham32-11.00DeLand      
2.12Darein Chavers31-07.00DeLand      
3.11McKyla Crawford31-02.00Orange City University      
4.9Courtney Belgrade30-03.00Spruce Creek      
5.9Rachel Grossmann30-01.00Spruce Creek      
6.10Kailyn Hart29-11.00Spruce Creek      
7.11Markayla Moore29-07.00DeLand      
8.12Kaylin Mallory26-03.00DeLand      
9.12Anna Rowand25-05.00Orange City University      
10.12Gabrielle Brooks23-10.00Orange City University      
--12Kaley AndersonNDSpruce Creek      
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