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100 Meters  8th - Finals

1.8Wyatt Ormonde11.92Ruch
2.8Cameron Campbell13.02McLoughlin
3.8Nate Shields13.18McLoughlin
4.8Jacob Crean13.58Ruch
5.8Chase Allen13.79Lincoln Savage
6.8Anthony Cano14.43McLoughlin
7.8Forrest Angwin15.46Lincoln Savage
8.8Braham Berge-Butts18.68Lincoln Savage
8Eskari CarterNTMcLoughlin

100 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Bobby Chaney12.65McLoughlin
2.7Mauka Manuwai13.68McLoughlin
2.7Aren Horsman13.68McLoughlin
2.7Elijah Doyle13.68McLoughlin
5.7Andrew Ross14.03Lincoln Savage
6.7Steven Phillips15.78McLoughlin
7.7Luke Nielsen18.30Lincoln Savage

100 Meters  6th - Finals

6Christopher PearsonNTLincoln Savage
6Devin PineNTLincoln Savage

200 Meters  8th - Finals

1.8Wyatt Ormonde25.72Ruch
2.8Jacob Crean27.15Ruch
3.8Nate Shields27.43McLoughlin
4.8Joshua Washington27.71McLoughlin
5.8Preston Boyd29.94Ruch
6.8Nick Stark30.62Lincoln Savage
7.8Alex Andreasen31.14Lincoln Savage
8Cameron CampbellNTMcLoughlin
8Noah SimdomNTMcLoughlin
8Chase AllenNTLincoln Savage

200 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Bobby Chaney25.40McLoughlin
2.7Michael Underwood26.96Ruch
3.7Aren Horsman28.88McLoughlin
4.7Elijah Doyle29.46McLoughlin
5.7Luke Nielsen29.52Lincoln Savage
6.7Jesse Ramirez32.61Lincoln Savage
7.7Ben Vaughn35.94Ruch
7Steven PhillipsNTMcLoughlin

200 Meters  6th - Finals

1.6David Moore31.66Lincoln Savage
2.6Michael Davidson [Smith}39.62Lincoln Savage
6Devin PineNTLincoln Savage

400 Meters  8th - Finals

8Joshua WashingtonNTMcLoughlin
8Christopher HopmanNTLincoln Savage
8Homero ArrasNTLincoln Savage
8Preston BoydNTRuch
8Nick StarkNTLincoln Savage

400 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Riley Martin1:01.47Ruch
2.7Parker Atkinson1:04.31McLoughlin
3.7Levi Fisher1:10.97Ruch
4.7Casey Carter1:12.25Lincoln Savage
5.7Elijah Shelton1:12.81Ruch
6.7Mitchell Polster1:18.31Lincoln Savage
7.7Daniel Anderson1:18.41Lincoln Savage
8.7Ben Vaughn1:18.56Ruch

400 Meters  6th - Finals

1.6David Moore1:09.44Lincoln Savage
6Blaize ChambersNTLincoln Savage

800 Meters  8th - Finals

1.8Kyle Millette2:17.14Lincoln Savage
2.8David Elsdon2:32.80McLoughlin
3.8Allen Jennings2:47.30McLoughlin
4.8Garrett Allen2:50.13McLoughlin
5.8Nathan Gilstrap3:40.08Ruch
8Keith MunozNTRuch

800 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Kaleb Lowe2:31.18Ruch
2.7Enoch Cunningham2:39.29McLoughlin
3.7Gray Bastian2:49.89McLoughlin
4.8Joe Porrazzo2:58.16Ruch
5.7Caleb Berg3:00.28Ruch
6.7Brandon Tolner3:04.09Ruch
7.7Elijah Shelton3:04.55Ruch
8.7Ethan McPherson3:16.52Ruch
9.7Kyle Schmidt3:23.52Ruch
10.7Jacob Tracy3:31.52Ruch
7John SmithNTRuch
6Wyatt Asman-PrudellNTRuch
7Tanner MunsellNTLincoln Savage
7Calder WilsonNTLincoln Savage
7Griffin HokansonNTRuch
7Will CramerNTMcLoughlin

1500 Meters  8th - Finals

1.8Garrett Allen5:45.00McLoughlin
2.8Joe Porrazzo5:54.00Ruch
3.8Nathan Gilstrap7:23.00Ruch

1500 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Josh Lowe5:17.00Ruch
2.7Seth Trader5:23.00Lincoln Savage
3.7Will Cramer5:41.00McLoughlin
3.7Luis Ibarra5:41.00McLoughlin
5.7Griffin Hokanson5:43.00Ruch
6.7Brandon Tolner5:55.00Ruch
7.7Caleb Berg5:57.00Ruch
8.7Ryan Kuykendall6:01.00Lincoln Savage
9.7Joel Centeno6:59.00McLoughlin
9.7Conley Thom6:59.00McLoughlin
7Lance NevilleNTMcLoughlin

3000 Meters  8th - Finals

1.8Juan Jacobo11:50.00McLoughlin
8Dmitry Clarke11:52Lincoln Savage
2.8Keith Munoz12:59.00Ruch
3.8Zach Burnett15:02.00McLoughlin

3000 Meters  7th - Finals

1.7Enoch Cunningham11:50.00McLoughlin
1.7Gray Bastian11:50.00McLoughlin
3.7Levi Fisher12:24.00Ruch
4.7Ethan McPherson13:55.00Ruch
6Wyatt Asman-PrudellNTRuch

3000 Meters  6th - Finals

1.6Dane Backes12:00.00Lincoln Savage

75m Hurdles - 33"  7th - Finals

5.7John Smith14.74Ruch

75m Hurdles - 36"  8th - Finals

1.8Harrison Weidman12.77McLoughlin
2.8Cody Kiesling13.18McLoughlin
2.8Chance Ottosen13.18Lincoln Savage
4.8Andrew Allen13.96McLoughlin

75m Hurdles - 36"  7th - Finals

1.7Elijah Castro12.40Lincoln Savage
2.7Mauka Manuwai13.62McLoughlin
3.7Simon Valdez14.37McLoughlin
4.7Henry Grubb14.52McLoughlin
6.7Tim Grubb15.21McLoughlin
7.7Luis Ibarra15.64McLoughlin
7Aaron IlesNTLincoln Savage

75m Hurdles - 36"  6th - Finals

1.6Joseph Bailey17.81Lincoln Savage

200m Hurdles - 30"  8th - Finals

1.8David Elsdon30.40McLoughlin
2.8Harrison Weidman30.93McLoughlin
3.8Cody Kiesling33.52McLoughlin
4.8Chance Ottosen34.24Lincoln Savage
5.8Andrew Allen35.65McLoughlin
6.8Anthony Cano38.09McLoughlin

200m Hurdles - 30"  7th - Finals

1.7Elijah Castro32.76Lincoln Savage
2.7Joel Centeno48.32McLoughlin
2.7Trevon Flowers48.32McLoughlin
7Aaron IlesNTLincoln Savage
7Simon ValdezNTMcLoughlin

200m Hurdles - 30"  6th - Finals

1.6Joseph Bailey41.79Lincoln Savage

4x100 Relay  8th - Finals

1.8Eskari Carter
Nate Shields
Cameron Campbell
Joshua Washington
2.8Josh Knott
Wyatt Ormonde
Jacob Crean
Alfonso Mercado
3.8Forrest Angwin
Chase Allen
Alex Andreasen
Chance Ottosen
59.34Lincoln Savage

4x100 Relay  7th - Finals

1.7Kaleb Lowe
Michael Underwood
Josh Lowe
Riley Martin
2.7Simon Valdez
Will Cramer
Mauka Manuwai
Elijah Doyle
3.7Ryan Kuykendall
Casey Carter
Daniel Anderson
Luke Nielsen
1:00.75Lincoln Savage

4x100 Relay  6th - Finals

1.6Joseph Bailey
Blaize Chambers
Christopher Pearson
Walker York
1:05.06Lincoln Savage

4x400 Relay  8th - Finals

1.8Homero Arras
Dmitry Clarke
Christopher Hopman
Kyle Millette
4:28.63Lincoln Savage
2.8Andrew Allen
Garrett Allen
David Elsdon
Cody Kiesling

4x400 Relay  7th - Finals

1.7Riley Martin
Josh Lowe
Michael Underwood
Kaleb Lowe
2.7Parker Atkinson
Bobby Chaney
Aren Horsman
Enoch Cunningham
3.7Elijah Castro
Alex Thornhill
Alex Jarvis
Seth Trader
4:43.32Lincoln Savage
4.6Dane Backes
Devin Pine
Michael Davidson
David Moore
5:25.15Lincoln Savage

Shot Put - 8lb  8th - Finals

1.8Makai Manuwai40-08.00McLoughlin
2.8Alfonso Mercado38-02.00Ruch
3.8Wyatt Ormonde33-07.00Ruch
4.8Josh Knott33-03.50Ruch
5.8Hayden Evens31-11.50McLoughlin
6.8Forrest Angwin29-04.00Lincoln Savage
7.8Coburn York28-03.50Lincoln Savage
8.8Preston Boyd25-07.00Ruch
9.8Alex Andreasen22-09.50Lincoln Savage
8Noah SimdomNDMcLoughlin
8Devin NewellNDLincoln Savage

Shot Put - 8lb  7th - Finals

1.7Michael Underwood32-11.00Ruch
2.7Casey Carter30-10.00Lincoln Savage
3.7Alex Thornhill28-05.50Lincoln Savage
4.7Kagan Hardy25-05.00McLoughlin
5.7Sam Cutting24-05.50McLoughlin
6.7Jordan Vasquez22-05.00Lincoln Savage
7.7Jacob Tracy21-02.00Ruch
8.7Gabriel Burkich20-09.50McLoughlin
9.7Kyle Schmidt20-09.00Ruch
10.7Matthew York20-00.00Lincoln Savage
11.7Tommy Mintey19-06.00Lincoln Savage
7Alex JarvisNDLincoln Savage

Shot Put - 8lb  6th - Finals

1.6Walker York22-06.00Lincoln Savage

Discus - 1kg  8th - Finals

1.8Makai Manuwai102-03McLoughlin
2.8Coburn York94-07Lincoln Savage
3.8Josh Knott91-02Ruch
4.8Hayden Evens83-04McLoughlin
5.8Forrest Angwin71-09Lincoln Savage
6.8Alfonso Mercado71-07Ruch
7.8Alex Andreasen70-00Lincoln Savage
8.8Joe Porrazzo69-07Ruch
9.8Nathan Gilstrap54-07Ruch
10.8Preston Boyd52-05Ruch
8Noah SimdomNDMcLoughlin
8Keith MunozNDRuch
8Devin NewellNDLincoln Savage

Discus - 1kg  7th - Finals

1.7Casey Carter88-09Lincoln Savage
2.7Alex Thornhill84-05Lincoln Savage
3.7Josh Lowe80-04Ruch
4.7Kagan Hardy69-09McLoughlin
5.7Gabriel Burkich56-09McLoughlin
6.7Jacob Tracy55-06Ruch
7.7Jordan Vasquez55-03Lincoln Savage
8.7Conley Thom55-01McLoughlin
9.7Sam Cutting52-03McLoughlin
10.7Kyle Schmidt51-04Ruch
10.7Caleb Berg51-04Ruch
12.7Matthew York51-02Lincoln Savage
13.7Tommy Mintey49-01Lincoln Savage
7Levi FisherNDRuch
7Alex JarvisNDLincoln Savage

Discus - 1kg  6th - Finals

1.6Walker York56-05Lincoln Savage

High Jump  8th - Finals

1.8Eskari Carter4-09.00McLoughlin
2.8Andrew Allen4-08.00McLoughlin
3.8Cameron Campbell4-05.00McLoughlin
3.8Chase Allen4-05.00Lincoln Savage
3.8Chance Ottosen4-05.00Lincoln Savage
6.8Kyle Millette4-02.00Lincoln Savage
8Nick StarkNHLincoln Savage

High Jump  7th - Finals

1.7Will Cramer4-02.00McLoughlin
2.7Conley Thom4-00.00McLoughlin
3.7Seth Trader3-11.00Lincoln Savage
7Henry GrubbNHMcLoughlin
7Tim GrubbNHMcLoughlin
7Lance NevilleNHMcLoughlin

High Jump  6th - Finals

6Blaize ChambersNHLincoln Savage

Long Jump  8th - Finals

1.8David Elsdon16-04.00McLoughlin
2.8Joshua Washington15-04.00McLoughlin
3.8Christopher Hopman13-06.50Lincoln Savage
4.8Homero Arras13-06.00Lincoln Savage
5.8Eskari Carter13-05.00McLoughlin
5.8Harrison Weidman13-05.00McLoughlin
7.8Allen Jennings12-09.00McLoughlin
8.8Cody Kiesling12-08.50McLoughlin
9.8Anthony Cano11-01.00McLoughlin
10.8Dmitry Clarke10-06.00Lincoln Savage
11.8Braham Berge-Butts8-00.00Lincoln Savage

Long Jump  7th - Finals

1.7Riley Martin14-10.00Ruch
2.7Bobby Chaney14-08.50McLoughlin
3.7Kaleb Lowe14-06.00Ruch
4.7Elijah Castro14-00.00Lincoln Savage
5.7Parker Atkinson13-01.00McLoughlin
6.7John Smith12-06.00Ruch
7.7Brandon Tolner12-01.00Ruch
8.7Tim Grubb11-11.00McLoughlin
9.7Henry Grubb11-08.00McLoughlin
10.7Griffin Hokanson11-07.00Ruch
11.7Luis Ibarra11-05.00McLoughlin
12.7Ethan McPherson10-09.00Ruch
13.7Ben Vaughn10-04.00Ruch
14.7Mitchell Polster10-01.00Lincoln Savage
15.7Jesse Ramirez9-07.00Lincoln Savage
16.7Daniel Anderson9-05.00Lincoln Savage
17.7Ryan Kuykendall8-02.00Lincoln Savage
18.7Andrew Ross5-10.00Lincoln Savage
7Tanner MunsellNDLincoln Savage
7Calder WilsonNDLincoln Savage
7Steven PhillipsNDMcLoughlin

Long Jump  6th - Finals

1.6David Moore10-08.50Lincoln Savage
2.6Christopher Pearson10-04.00Lincoln Savage
3.6Joseph Bailey10-03.00Lincoln Savage
4.6Michael Davidson [Smith}8-07.00Lincoln Savage
6Devin PineNDLincoln Savage


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