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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
  Elmira HS, Elmira - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Oregon - Mountain West League
eugcEugene Christian
Oregon - Willamette Valley Youth League
frnrFern Ridge
phmsPleasant Hill
WCSWillamette Christian (Eugene)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trevor Coleman12.95aWillamette Christian...
2.8Nicholas Boykin13.25aFern Ridge
3.8Ricardo Martinez13.43aPleasant Hill
4.7Levi Oilar13.56aFern Ridge
5.8Ian Henry13.68aEugene Christian
6.8Jordan Macklin13.82aFern Ridge
7.8Skylar Terwillegar13.93aPleasant Hill
8.7Trevin Hoyt14.18aPleasant Hill
9.8Brenden Babcock14.23aFern Ridge
10.6Hunter Murphy14.80aPleasant Hill
11.6Cooper Schauer15.39aFern Ridge
12.7Parker Callison15.49aPleasant Hill
13.6Ethan Frolov15.57aFern Ridge
14.8Max Esser15.84aWillamette Christian...
14.7Bryson McDonald15.84aPleasant Hill
16.8Mitchell Bollig15.89aEugene Christian
17.7Garrett Olsen16.17aPleasant Hill
18.8Mathew Young16.20aWillamette Christian...
19.7Cameron Holteen16.27aPleasant Hill
20.7Jeran Coffey16.35aFern Ridge
21.7Jack Thornton16.37aEugene Christian
22.8Twister McComas16.46aCrow
23.6Colton Hazel16.58aPleasant Hill
24.7Daniel French16.73aEugene Christian
25.6Kyler Martin16.85aPleasant Hill
26.8Michael Armstrong16.87aPleasant Hill
27.7Athen Plummer17.42aPleasant Hill
7Caleb SelanderDNFPleasant Hill
6Justin PotworaDNFWillamette Christian...
6Lucas SchwinDNFWillamette Christian...
6Andrew MontgomeryDNFFern Ridge
8Matt JonesDNFEugene Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody Gay26.83aFern Ridge
2.8Trevor Coleman27.28aWillamette Christian...
3.8Brenden Babcock28.94aFern Ridge
4.7Levi Oilar29.27aFern Ridge
5.8Skylar Terwillegar29.44aPleasant Hill
6.8Jordan Macklin29.59aFern Ridge
7.8Luke Littleton30.38aWillamette Christian...
8.8Kohl Mericantante32.08aWillamette Christian...
9.7Jared Bothel33.19aFern Ridge
10.7Parker Callison33.56aPleasant Hill
11.6Callan Stowell34.27aPleasant Hill
12.7David Querubin34.38aFern Ridge
13.7Eli Hutton35.67aFern Ridge
14.6Spencer Christensen36.07aFern Ridge
15.7Jeran Coffey36.10aFern Ridge
16.7Riley Craig36.86aFern Ridge
17.7Athen Plummer37.50aPleasant Hill
18.6Devin Groshong41.77aFern Ridge
6Ben CampNTFern Ridge
7Will Manstrom-GreeningDNFWillamette Christian...
8Ricardo MartinezDNFPleasant Hill
8Teke JentzschNTCrow
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody Gay1:01.78aFern Ridge
2.7Will Manstrom-Greening1:04.15aWillamette Christian...
3.8Jordan Macklin1:08.64aFern Ridge
4.7Nathan Wirth1:11.76aEugene Christian
5.6Braden Coleman1:13.87aWillamette Christian...
6.8Nick Willits1:15.08aCrow
7.6Cooper Schauer1:15.12aFern Ridge
8.8Max Esser1:17.27aWillamette Christian...
9.7Eli Hutton1:19.40aFern Ridge
10.6Kyler Martin1:20.48aPleasant Hill
11.7Jack Thornton1:21.45aEugene Christian
12.6Curtus Lang1:21.54aFern Ridge
13.6Nathan Faber1:21.70aPleasant Hill
14.7Jeran Coffey1:21.92aFern Ridge
15.7Alex Davis1:22.97aFern Ridge
16.6Logan Walker1:24.22aFern Ridge
17.5Jay Wymer1:29.05aEugene Christian
8Austin KleckaDNFPleasant Hill
8David LarsonDNFEugene Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nicholas Boykin2:25.34aFern Ridge
2.8Tanner Wickwire2:54.50aCrow
3.7Nolan Moore2:58.93aFern Ridge
4.6Kyler Martin3:00.61aPleasant Hill
5.7Riley Craig3:01.36aFern Ridge
6.6Ben Camp3:03.73aFern Ridge
7.8Alex Willis3:05.74aCrow
8.8Kohl Mericantante3:08.24aWillamette Christian...
9.6Lucas Schwin3:10.48aWillamette Christian...
6Nathan FaberDNFPleasant Hill
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ben Douthit5:11.61aFern Ridge
2.8Luke Littleton5:20.29aWillamette Christian...
3.6Hunter Murphy5:45.84aPleasant Hill
4.8Tanner Wickwire6:00.30aCrow
5.7Zachary Russell6:03.04aFern Ridge
6.8Shane Orme6:04.66aFern Ridge
7.7Trevin Hoyt6:05.50aPleasant Hill
8.8Mathew Young6:19.45aWillamette Christian...
9.8Trevor Shaw6:36.17aFern Ridge
10.6Curtus Lang6:39.54aFern Ridge
11.6Nathan Faber6:44.59aPleasant Hill
12.7Alex Steele6:45.46aWillamette Christian...
13.8Kohl Mericantante6:56.53aWillamette Christian...
14.7Seth Weinheimer6:57.02aPleasant Hill
15.7Blaine Loftis6:57.17aFern Ridge
7Nolan MooreDNSFern Ridge
7Caleb SelanderDNSPleasant Hill
7Chase OlsonDNSPleasant Hill
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody Gay11:06.77aFern Ridge
2.8Ben Douthit11:18.23aFern Ridge
3.7Travin Eastlick12:26.55aCrow
4.8Finn King13:55.22aFern Ridge
5.7Blaine Loftis15:15.70aFern Ridge
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ricardo Martinez20.59aPleasant Hill
2.8Skylar Terwillegar20.95aPleasant Hill
3.8Rylan Larsen20.99aCrow
4.6Callan Stowell22.46aPleasant Hill
5.6Ian Connors22.96aFern Ridge
6.8Trevor Shaw23.59aFern Ridge
7.7Travis Sweet23.70aFern Ridge
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nicholas Boykin29.54aFern Ridge
2.7Travin Eastlick37.30aCrow
3.6Callan Stowell37.84aPleasant Hill
4.6Ian Connors39.29aFern Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicholas Boykin
Cody Gay
Brenden Babcock
Jordan MacKlin
53.73aFern Ridge
2.-Relay Team 53.99aPleasant Hill
3.-David Larson
Matt Jones
Ian Henry
Mitchell Bollig
58.36aEugene Christian
4.-Trevor Coleman
Sam Clements
Allen Marsh
Luke Littleton
59.17aWillamette Christian...
5.-Trenton Clark
Dylan Shafer
Rylan Larson
Tanner Wickwire
6.-Trevin Hoyt
Caleb Selander
Parker Callison
Chase Olson
1:01.05aPleasant Hill
7.-Braden Coleman
Justin Potwora
Lucas Schwin
Will Manstrom-Greeling
1:01.32aWillamette Christian...
8.-Michael Armstrong
Riley Marshall
Kyler Martin
Hunter Murphy
1:01.85aPleasant Hill
9.-Daniel French
Jack Thornton
Nathan Worth
Jay Wymer
1:02.68aEugene Christian
10.-Relay Team 1:06.78aPleasant Hill
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Travin Eastlick
Twister McComas
Alex Willis
Nick Willits
2.-Spencer Christensen
Cooper Schauer
Logan Walker
Jeremiah Cross
2:27.93Fern Ridge
3.-Ben Camp
Andrew Montgomery
Ethan Frolor
Curtus Lang
2:35.77Fern Ridge
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Levi Oilar33-09.00Fern Ridge
1.8Clay Burns33-09.00Pleasant Hill
3.8Trenton Clark33-08.00Crow
4.8Dylan Shafer31-04.00Crow
5.7Spencer Hoffman29-08.00Willamette Christian...
6.8Cameron Belke28-10.00Crow
7.7Jared Bothel26-10.00Fern Ridge
8.6Hunter Murphy26-00.00Pleasant Hill
9.8Twister McComas25-00.00Crow
10.7David Querubin23-01.00Fern Ridge
11.8Trevor Shaw23-00.00Fern Ridge
12.8Nik Kennedy22-01.00Fern Ridge
13.7Nick Stevens21-06.00Pleasant Hill
14.7Tyler Wilson21-05.00Willamette Christian...
14.6Cooper Schauer21-05.00Fern Ridge
14.8Riley Marshall21-05.00Pleasant Hill
17.6Mathew Evers21-04.00Fern Ridge
18.6Colton Hazel21-03.00Pleasant Hill
19.5Jay Wymer20-03.00Eugene Christian
20.7Kalyan Rupnawar19-09.00Pleasant Hill
21.7Garrett Olsen18-10.00Pleasant Hill
22.7Daniel French18-02.00Eugene Christian
23.7Travis Sweet17-07.00Fern Ridge
24.6Elias Cuyler17-03.00Pleasant Hill
25.6Joshua O'Bannon15-07.00Willamette Christian...
26.7Gabriel Hoernlein14-10.00Fern Ridge
6Andrew MontgomeryDNFFern Ridge
8Tyler WrightDNFPleasant Hill
7Malakye PlummerDNFPleasant Hill
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Clay Burns88-02Pleasant Hill
2.8Trenton Clark80-05Crow
3.7Spencer Hoffman72-08Willamette Christian...
4.8Ben Douthit70-00Fern Ridge
5.8Cameron Belke64-07Crow
6.7Tyler Wilson61-09Willamette Christian...
7.8Riley Marshall59-01Pleasant Hill
8.8Teke Jentzsch58-07Crow
9.7Nick Stevens56-01Pleasant Hill
10.7William Weaver52-11Fern Ridge
11.8Nathan Hadley51-09Pleasant Hill
12.5Jay Wymer49-10Eugene Christian
13.6Justin Potwora49-07Willamette Christian...
14.7Allen Marsh48-09Willamette Christian...
15.8Nik Kennedy48-08Fern Ridge
16.6Mathew Evers48-04Fern Ridge
17.8Brian Papendieck47-07Willamette Christian...
18.6Elias Cuyler46-06Pleasant Hill
19.6Justin Hadley44-00Pleasant Hill
20.7Cameron Holteen43-00Pleasant Hill
21.6Zack Davis41-08Pleasant Hill
22.8Twister McComas40-02Crow
23.7Zachary Russell39-11Fern Ridge
24.7Tyler Peale39-05Fern Ridge
25.6Joshua O'Bannon38-03Willamette Christian...
26.7Gabriel Hoernlein34-03Fern Ridge
27.7Jeremiah Cross29-09Fern Ridge
6Matthew MerritDNFPleasant Hill
8Tyler WrightDNFPleasant Hill
8Dylan ShaferDNFCrow
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Klecka153'10"Pleasant Hill
1.8Clay Burns120-00Pleasant Hill
2.8Dylan Shafer112-05Crow
3.8Niko Cramblit91-07Pleasant Hill
4.7William Weaver88-03Fern Ridge
5.7Nolan Moore84-01Fern Ridge
6.7Nick Stevens83-11Pleasant Hill
7.7Kalyan Rupnawar82-07Pleasant Hill
8.7Seth Weinheimer80-04Pleasant Hill
9.8Trevor Coleman78-06Willamette Christian...
10.8Cameron Belke78-00Crow
11.7Spencer Hoffman77-06Willamette Christian...
12.8Shane Orme77-00Fern Ridge
13.7Chase Olson74-05Pleasant Hill
14.8Michael Armstrong73-02Pleasant Hill
14.8Finn King73-02Fern Ridge
16.7Gabriel Hoernlein72-00Fern Ridge
17.8Brian Papendieck70-03Willamette Christian...
18.6Zack Davis67-11Pleasant Hill
19.7Bryson McDonald65-06Pleasant Hill
20.7Travis Sweet64-11Fern Ridge
21.6Spencer Christensen62-03Fern Ridge
22.7Miles Parr60-10Fern Ridge
23.6Elias Cuyler60-05Pleasant Hill
24.7Alex Steele59-04Willamette Christian...
25.7Alex Davis59-02Fern Ridge
26.8Nathan Hadley57-07Pleasant Hill
27.6Justin Potwora56-02Willamette Christian...
28.8Nik Kennedy54-05Fern Ridge
29.7Vincent Robbins53-05Fern Ridge
30.8Austin Klecka51-01Pleasant Hill
31.7David Querubin50-06Fern Ridge
32.8Teke Jentzsch49-03Crow
33.8Riley Marshall47-07Pleasant Hill
34.6Mathew Evers47-04Fern Ridge
35.7Tyler Wilson45-03Willamette Christian...
36.6Justin Hadley45-02Pleasant Hill
37.6Logan Walker40-05Fern Ridge
38.7Tyler Peale38-05Fern Ridge
39.7Cameron Holteen35-05Pleasant Hill
40.6Avery McCorkle32-02Fern Ridge
41.6Joshua O'Bannon29-04Willamette Christian...
6Zachary MulcaheyDNFFern Ridge
7Malakye PlummerDNFPleasant Hill
6Matthew MerritDNFPleasant Hill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brenden Babcock5-00.00Fern Ridge
2.8Rylan Larsen4-10.00Crow
3.8Ian Henry4-08.00Eugene Christian
4.8Finn King4-06.00Fern Ridge
5.8Nick Willits4-04.00Crow
6.7Miles Parr3-10.00Fern Ridge
6.7William Weaver3-10.00Fern Ridge
8.7Seth Weinheimer3-08.00Pleasant Hill
9.6Mathew Evers3-04.00Fern Ridge
6Zack DavisNHPleasant Hill
6Ethan FrolovDNFFern Ridge
8Max EsserDNFWillamette Christian...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Trevin Hoyt14-04.00Pleasant Hill
2.8Austin Klecka14-01.00Pleasant Hill
3.8Nick Willits12-10.00Crow
4.8Luke Littleton12-08.00Willamette Christian...
5.8Shane Orme12-05.00Fern Ridge
5.7Chase Olson12-05.00Pleasant Hill
7.6Ethan Frolov12-04.00Fern Ridge
8.7Zachary Russell11-05.00Fern Ridge
9.7Sam Clements11-04.00Willamette Christian...
9.7Blaine Loftis11-04.00Fern Ridge
11.7Bryson McDonald10-10.00Pleasant Hill
12.8Alex Willis10-08.00Crow
12.6Logan Walker10-08.00Fern Ridge
14.6Ben Camp10-06.00Fern Ridge
14.7Kalyan Rupnawar10-06.00Pleasant Hill
16.7Riley Craig10-05.00Fern Ridge
17.8Michael Armstrong10-03.00Pleasant Hill
18.7Caleb Selander10-02.00Pleasant Hill
19.7Daniel French9-10.00Eugene Christian
19.6Spencer Christensen9-10.00Fern Ridge
21.6Ian Connors9-08.00Fern Ridge
22.7Jeremiah Cross9-07.00Fern Ridge
22.7Jared Bothel9-07.00Fern Ridge
24.7Eli Hutton9-04.00Fern Ridge
25.7Alex Davis8-10.00Fern Ridge
26.7Vincent Robbins8-09.00Fern Ridge
27.6Braden Coleman8-07.00Willamette Christian...
28.7Athen Plummer8-05.00Pleasant Hill
29.6Avery McCorkle8-00.00Fern Ridge
30.6Curtus Lang7-11.00Fern Ridge
31.7Tyler Peale7-10.00Fern Ridge
32.7Garrett Olsen7-09.00Pleasant Hill
33.6Justin Hadley7-08.00Pleasant Hill
33.8Nathan Hadley7-08.00Pleasant Hill
33.6Devin Groshong7-08.00Fern Ridge
6Lucas SchwinDNFWillamette Christian...
6Zachary MulcaheyDNFFern Ridge
6Andrew MontgomeryDNFFern Ridge
6Colton HazelDNFPleasant Hill
8Niko CramblitDNFPleasant Hill
7Malakye PlummerDNFPleasant Hill
6Matthew MerritDNFPleasant Hill
8David LarsonDNFEugene Christian
8Matt JonesDNFEugene Christian
7Nathan WirthDNFEugene Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Samantha Fritz14.14aPleasant Hill
2.8Anna Houser14.17aWillamette Christian...
3.7Kenzie Webster14.79aWillamette Christian...
4.7Bailee Carroll14.85aPleasant Hill
5.8Alex Olsen14.86aFern Ridge
6.6Natalie Haffner14.96aFern Ridge
7.8Corbie Johnson15.26aFern Ridge
8.7Jane Stevens15.33aFern Ridge
9.7Madison Fisher15.51aPleasant Hill
10.7Lexi Smith15.83aPleasant Hill
11.6Jessica Cook15.99aPleasant Hill
12.6Rachel Chambers16.35aPleasant Hill
13.7Erica Skelton16.42aPleasant Hill
14.7Shayla Morris16.49aPleasant Hill
15.6Chrissy Strickland16.60aEugene Christian
15.7Juniper Sennett16.60aFern Ridge
17.7Annika Faris16.91aFern Ridge
18.6Maddy Turner16.95aWillamette Christian...
19.8Vanessa Oldale17.20aCrow
20.6Julia Hammond17.32aPleasant Hill
21.8Emma Johnson17.37aEugene Christian
22.6Amanda Whetten17.44aPleasant Hill
23.6Sarah Peasley17.55aPleasant Hill
24.7Kelsey Olson17.63aPleasant Hill
25.6Julie Lowell18.12aPleasant Hill
26.6Taylor Rowland18.28aPleasant Hill
27.6Victoria Nicholas18.36aEugene Christian
28.5Ciara Donavon19.18aCrow
29.8Alonna Reeves19.19aPleasant Hill
30.6Daelyn Wilde19.79aPleasant Hill
31.7Emily Banks19.88aPleasant Hill
32.6Shari Baeuerlin20.96aPleasant Hill
6Maddi WebsterDNFWillamette Christian...
7Aubre Smith-GillespieDNFWillamette Christian...
8Madison DubeDNFFern Ridge
5Nicole LarsonDNFEugene Christian
7Noel BalderstonDNFEugene Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Samantha Fritz29.60aPleasant Hill
2.7Natalie Downes30.91aPleasant Hill
3.7Bailee Carroll31.95aPleasant Hill
4.8Corbie Johnson32.01aFern Ridge
5.7Olivia Brous33.93aWillamette Christian...
6.6Natalie Haffner34.01aFern Ridge
7.7Presley Harsh34.61aFern Ridge
8.7Victoria Griswold35.64aFern Ridge
9.8Whitney Fox35.84aFern Ridge
10.7Madison Johnson36.38aFern Ridge
11.6Maddy Turner37.53aWillamette Christian...
12.7Mariah Knettle37.55aCrow
13.7Chesney Wickwire37.61aCrow
14.7Sage Weast37.87aFern Ridge
15.6Maddi Webster37.96aWillamette Christian...
16.8Jasmine Garcia38.20aFern Ridge
17.8Harley Rook38.21aFern Ridge
18.6Desirea Collins38.40aFern Ridge
19.7Rebecca Nohrenberg39.22aFern Ridge
20.6Julia Davis41.37aFern Ridge
21.7Ali Robles41.50aFern Ridge
22.7Zoe Shepherd41.77aCrow
7Madison FisherDNFPleasant Hill
8Miranda MichlanskiDNFPleasant Hill
8Selena MartinezDNFFern Ridge
7Lexi SmithDNFPleasant Hill
8Anna HouserDNFWillamette Christian...
7Emma HoernleinDNFFern Ridge
6Rachel ChambersDNFPleasant Hill
6Julie LowellDNFPleasant Hill
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Maddi Webster1:29.75aWillamette Christian...
2.7Emma Hoernlein1:31.90aFern Ridge
3.6Kyla Esselburn1:37.17aFern Ridge
4.6Emma Fisher1:37.82aPleasant Hill
5.7Zoe Shepherd1:38.60aCrow
8Alonna ReevesDNFPleasant Hill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alex Olsen2:53.60aFern Ridge
2.7Natalie Downes2:58.02aPleasant Hill
3.7Miranda Harrison3:02.73aFern Ridge
4.7Juniper Sennett3:04.04aFern Ridge
5.7Leah Perry3:32.52aCrow
6.6Ana Steele3:53.98aWillamette Christian...
7.8Melinda Jones3:55.93aPleasant Hill
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lexi Smith6:34.89aPleasant Hill
2.8Kristin Behrends6:43.53aWillamette Christian...
3.7Leah Perry7:29.47aCrow
4.6Ashley Rinehart7:29.78aFern Ridge
7Brooke KosinskiDNSPleasant Hill
8Melinda JonesDNSPleasant Hill
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kristin Behrends13:56.00aWillamette Christian...
2.6Jade Basel15:12.00aCrow
3.6Rose Lay16:06.00aCrow
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jessica Glynn20.17aFern Ridge
2.8Madison O'Bannon21.58aWillamette Christian...
3.8Bri Barrett21.90aPleasant Hill
4.8Alex Rinehart22.52aFern Ridge
5.6Ashley Orre22.82aPleasant Hill
6.6Ashley Rinehart22.97aFern Ridge
7.8Madison Dube23.05aFern Ridge
8.6Julia Hammond23.53aPleasant Hill
9.6Stephanie Stucky23.84aFern Ridge
10.6Amanda Whetten24.98aPleasant Hill
11.7Kelsey Olson26.89aPleasant Hill
12.7Breanna Mattox27.43aCrow
13.6Kylee Holdstad27.48aPleasant Hill
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Miranda Michlanski35.33aPleasant Hill
2.8Shaylee Yeates38.85aCrow
3.7Presley Harsh39.89aFern Ridge
7Miranda HarrisonDNFFern Ridge
7Brooke KosinskiDNFPleasant Hill
8Bri BarrettDNFPleasant Hill
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylin Alvis
Rachel Chambers`
Samantha Fritz
Erica Skelton
57.01aPleasant Hill
2.-Kenzie Webster
Anna Houser
Risa Rettig
Aubre Smith-Gillespie
58.64aWillamette Christian...
3.-Corbie Johnson
Harley Rook
Jessica Glynn
Alex Olsen
1:03.52aFern Ridge
4.-Roxanne Glynn
Madison Johnson
Megan Schneider
Jane Stevens
1:05.54aFern Ridge
5.-Auna Stobbe
Ashley Oree
Julia Hammond
Jessica Cook
1:06.90aPleasant Hill
6.-Chrissy Strickland
Emma Johnson
Noel Balderston
Victoria Nichols
1:07.05aEugene Christian
7.-Tasha Dowdy
Claire Hoffman
Maddy Turner
Maddi Webster
1:08.40aWillamette Christian...
8.-Relay Team 1:09.68aPleasant Hill
9.-Mariah Knettle
Jade Basel
Vanessa Oldale
Rose Lay
10.-Kylee Holstad
Julie Lowell
Amanda Whetten
Daelyn Wilde
1:14.00aPleasant Hill
11.-Ciara Donavon
Jasmine Breding
Brianna Bryant
Zoe Shepherd
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Olivia Brous
Madison O'Bannon
Risa Rettig
Kenzie Webster
2:12.82Willamette Christian...
2.-Breanna Mattox
Leah Perry
Chesney Wickwire
Shaylee Yeates
3.-Relay Team 2:33.38Pleasant Hill
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Noel Balderston25-03.00Eugene Christian
2.6Claire Hoffman24-03.00Willamette Christian...
3.8Whitney Fox24-02.00Fern Ridge
4.8Vanessa Oldale24-00.00Crow
5.6Jessica Cook22-08.00Pleasant Hill
6.8Emma Johnson22-07.00Eugene Christian
7.8Madison O'Bannon22-06.00Willamette Christian...
8.7Chesney Wickwire21-09.00Crow
9.8Jasmine Garcia19-00.00Fern Ridge
10.6Morgan Miller18-05.00Willamette Christian...
11.7Victoria Griswold18-03.00Fern Ridge
11.7Megan Schneider18-03.00Fern Ridge
13.8Julia Jackson17-05.00Willamette Christian...
14.8Shayla Hiatt17-00.00Fern Ridge
15.7Alia Issa16-03.00Fern Ridge
16.7Naomi Stucky16-01.00Fern Ridge
16.7Brianna Bryant16-01.00Crow
18.8Jasmine Breding16-00.00Crow
19.7Julie Becker14-05.00Fern Ridge
20.5Ciara Donavon13-08.00Crow
21.6Julia Davis13-01.00Fern Ridge
22.6Elizabeth Lorentz12-04.00Fern Ridge
23.7Aurora Garcia5-01.00Fern Ridge
7Kayla PelroyDNFFern Ridge
6Stephanie StuckyDNFFern Ridge
8Selena MartinezDNFFern Ridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Vanessa Oldale64-02Crow
2.8Whitney Fox51-09Fern Ridge
3.7Kelsey Olson48-09Pleasant Hill
4.6Claire Hoffman47-06Willamette Christian...
5.7Jane Stevens43-09Fern Ridge
6.8Julia Jackson39-05Willamette Christian...
7.7Roxanne Glynn38-09Fern Ridge
8.7Victoria Griswold35-02Fern Ridge
9.7Aurora Garcia34-06Fern Ridge
10.8Jasmine Garcia34-05Fern Ridge
11.7Emily Banks34-03Pleasant Hill
12.7Ali Robles34-00Fern Ridge
13.7Naomi Stucky32-08Fern Ridge
14.7Miranda Harrison32-04Fern Ridge
15.6Rebecca Peasley32-00Pleasant Hill
16.7Brianna Bryant31-01Crow
17.6Stephanie Stucky28-07Fern Ridge
18.7Alia Issa26-06Fern Ridge
19.8Jasmine Breding25-08Crow
20.6Elizabeth Lorentz21-08Fern Ridge
6Becca ChurchmanDNFPleasant Hill
8Shayla HiattDNFFern Ridge
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.7Erin Skelton79-06Pleasant Hill
2.7Chesney Wickwire60-00Crow
3.8Madison O'Bannon59-00Willamette Christian...
4.7Mariah Knettle56-10Crow
5.7Kara Longstreth48-01Fern Ridge
6.6Rebecca Peasley47-10Pleasant Hill
7.7Annika Faris45-08Fern Ridge
8.6Tasha Dowdy43-11Willamette Christian...
9.6Jessica Cook43-10Pleasant Hill
9.7Alyssa Stevenson43-10Fern Ridge
11.6Morgan Miller40-05Willamette Christian...
12.6Taylor Rowland37-11Pleasant Hill
13.6Ashley Orre37-10Pleasant Hill
14.7Brianna Bryant37-03Crow
15.6Kyla Esselburn31-07Fern Ridge
16.6Auna Stobbe31-01Pleasant Hill
17.7Rebecca Nohrenberg30-07Fern Ridge
18.8Jasmine Breding30-03Crow
19.7Sage Weast29-10Fern Ridge
20.7Julie Becker28-04Fern Ridge
21.7Emily Banks28-00Pleasant Hill
22.7Aurora Garcia26-07Fern Ridge
22.6Shalene Nelson26-07Eugene Christian
24.6Victoria Nicholas26-00Eugene Christian
25.8Melinda Jones24-10Pleasant Hill
26.7Megan Schneider24-03Fern Ridge
27.7Ali Robles24-01Fern Ridge
28.6Daelyn Wilde23-09Pleasant Hill
29.5Nicole Larson23-01Eugene Christian
30.6Haylin Alvis22-00Pleasant Hill
31.6Becca Churchman18-00Pleasant Hill
6Emma FisherDNFPleasant Hill
6Jolene ParrDNFPleasant Hill
6Shari BaeuerlinDNFPleasant Hill
7Kayla PelroyDNFFern Ridge
7Michelle TateDNFPleasant Hill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Risa Rettig4-02.00Willamette Christian...
2.7Noel Balderston3-06.00Eugene Christian
2.7Aubre Smith-Gillespie3-06.00Willamette Christian...
4.7Juniper Sennett3-04.00Fern Ridge
4.8Shaylee Yeates3-04.00Crow
4.7Alyssa Stevenson3-04.00Fern Ridge
4.7Presley Harsh3-04.00Fern Ridge
7Kara LongstrethDNFFern Ridge
8Bri BarrettDNFPleasant Hill
8Julia McCoyDNFWillamette Christian...
8Miranda MichlanskiDNFPleasant Hill
8Alex RinehartDNFFern Ridge
6Amanda WhettenDNFPleasant Hill
7Breanna MattoxNHCrow
6Rose LayNHCrow
5Ciara DonavonNHCrow
6Julia DavisNHFern Ridge
6Desirea CollinsDNFFern Ridge
6Jade BaselDNFCrow
6Haylin AlvisDNFPleasant Hill
6Kylee HoldstadDNFPleasant Hill
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anna Houser14-00.00Willamette Christian...
2.7Natalie Downes13-04.00Pleasant Hill
3.7Kenzie Webster12-02.00Willamette Christian...
4.8Shaylee Yeates12-01.00Crow
5.8Jessica Glynn11-08.00Fern Ridge
5.8Alex Olsen11-08.00Fern Ridge
7.7Madison Fisher11-06.00Pleasant Hill
8.7Kara Longstreth11-04.00Fern Ridge
8.7Shayla Morris11-04.00Pleasant Hill
8.8Corbie Johnson11-04.00Fern Ridge
11.7Jane Stevens11-03.00Fern Ridge
12.8Kristin Behrends11-02.00Willamette Christian...
13.7Bailee Carroll10-10.00Pleasant Hill
14.6Chrissy Strickland10-07.00Eugene Christian
15.7Erica Skelton10-05.00Pleasant Hill
15.8Madison Dube10-05.00Fern Ridge
17.6Natalie Haffner10-02.00Fern Ridge
18.8Emma Johnson10-00.00Eugene Christian
19.7Alia Issa9-07.00Fern Ridge
19.8Alex Rinehart9-07.00Fern Ridge
21.7Madison Johnson9-05.00Fern Ridge
22.6Ashley Rinehart9-04.00Fern Ridge
23.7Annika Faris9-00.00Fern Ridge
24.6Jolene Parr8-10.00Pleasant Hill
24.8Shayla Hiatt8-10.00Fern Ridge
26.7Megan Schneider8-09.00Fern Ridge
27.7Mariah Knettle8-07.00Crow
28.7Roxanne Glynn8-06.00Fern Ridge
28.8Rebbecca Jones8-06.00Pleasant Hill
30.6Rachel Chambers8-03.00Pleasant Hill
31.6Elizabeth Lorentz8-02.00Fern Ridge
32.6Rebecca Peasley8-01.00Pleasant Hill
32.6Auna Stobbe8-01.00Pleasant Hill
34.6Emma Fisher8-00.00Pleasant Hill
35.7Emma Hoernlein7-10.00Fern Ridge
35.6Haylin Alvis7-10.00Pleasant Hill
35.7Rebecca Nohrenberg7-10.00Fern Ridge
35.7Leah Perry7-10.00Crow
39.6Maddy Turner7-09.00Willamette Christian...
40.6Jade Basel7-05.00Crow
41.7Julie Becker7-04.00Fern Ridge
42.6Kyla Esselburn7-02.00Fern Ridge
42.5Nicole Larson7-02.00Eugene Christian
44.6Rose Lay7-00.00Crow
44.6Sarah Peasley7-00.00Pleasant Hill
44.6Taylor Rowland7-00.00Pleasant Hill
44.6Desirea Collins7-00.00Fern Ridge
48.7Zoe Shepherd6-09.00Crow
49.6Victoria Nicholas6-06.00Eugene Christian
50.6Becca Churchman6-00.00Pleasant Hill
51.6Daelyn Wilde5-05.00Pleasant Hill
52.7Naomi Stucky4-08.00Fern Ridge
53.6Shari Baeuerlin3-04.00Pleasant Hill
7Kayla PelroyDNFFern Ridge
6Kylee HoldstadDNFPleasant Hill
8Harley RookDNFFern Ridge
7Aubre Smith-GillespieDNFWillamette Christian...
6Morgan MillerDNFWillamette Christian...
8Selena MartinezDNFFern Ridge
6Shalene NelsonDNFEugene Christian
8Julia McCoyDNFWillamette Christian...
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