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Pre- IASAS Track

Saturday, March 17, 2012

International School Manila, Manila

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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthew Da Hettel11.28Brent International
2.12Jun Park11.57Shanghai American Puxi
3.-Jeremy Theuer11.60Intern'l School Manila
4.10Raymond Chang11.64Shanghai American Puxi
5.-Luke Niu11.66Shanghai American Pu...
6.-Toto Snidvongs11.70Intern'l School Bang...
7.-Kento Kobayashi11.73Intern'l School Manila
8.-Marcus Tan11.79Shanghai American Pu...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Matthew Da Hettel11.34Brent International
2.12Jun Park11.54Shanghai American Puxi
3.-Luke Niu11.65Shanghai American Pu...
4.-Kento Kobayashi11.72Intern'l School Manila
5.10Raymond Chang11.74Shanghai American Puxi
6.-Marcus Tan11.75Shanghai American Pu...
7.-Toto Snidvongs11.81Intern'l School Bang...
8.-Jeremy Theuer11.87Intern'l School Manila
9.-Jacob Hobbins11.93Intern'l School Manila
10.-Henrique Zeitune12.00Intern'l School Bang...
11.-Matthew Nagy12.03Intern'l School Bang...
12.-Gabriel Esguerra12.11Brent International
13.12Daniel Alter12.15Shanghai American Puxi
14.12Hunny Lee12.84Faith Academy
15.11Sean Miller13.22Faith Academy
16.10Karlo Tan13.32Faith Academy
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Raymond Chang10.85Shanghai American Puxi
12Daniel Alter11.7Shanghai American Puxi
12Jun Park11.8Shanghai American Puxi
11Carson Wong12.55Shanghai American Puxi
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isaac Hing22.85Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Matthew Da Hettel23.69Brent International
3.-Jacob Hobbins23.74Intern'l School Manila
4.-Luke Niu23.78Shanghai American Pu...
5.10Raymond Chang23.94Shanghai American Puxi
6.-Kento Kobayashi24.38Intern'l School Manila
7.-Jeremy Theuer24.60Intern'l School Manila
8.-Toto Snidvongs24.68Intern'l School Bang...
9.-Gabriel Esguerra24.76Brent International
10.-Henrique Zeitune25.86Intern'l School Bang...
11.11Kevin Xu26.09Shanghai American Puxi
12.-Rahat Madarasmi26.13Intern'l School Bang...
13.12Hunny Lee26.25Faith Academy
14.11Carson Wong26.63Shanghai American Puxi
15.-Stratt Schock27.24Shanghai American Pu...
16.10Timothy Kim27.93Faith Academy
17.11Quinito Coronel28.59Faith Academy
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Carson Wong26.0Shanghai American Puxi
11James Chou26.47Shanghai American Puxi
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isaac Hing52.28Shanghai American Pu...
2.11Mei Kai Koh53.75aShanghai American Puxi
3.-Jeremy Theuer53.85Intern'l School Manila
4.-Jacob Hobbins53.87Intern'l School Manila
5.12Taj Pereira54.28Brent International
6.-Kento Kobayashi54.92Intern'l School Manila
7.12Jared Kearns56.12Intern'l School Bang...
8.-Matthew Nagy56.39Intern'l School Bang...
10.12Daniel Osaki57.72aShanghai American Puxi
9.11Zachary Wolfenden57.68Faith Academy
11.11Kevin Xu59.35Shanghai American Puxi
12.10Chan Soo 'Luke' Park59.37Brent International
13.-Jan Logrono59.40Intern'l School Bang...
14.-Keith Fong1:00.00Intern'l School Manila
15.-Matthew Borja1:00.48Intern'l School Manila
16.-Aakash Ravi1:01.00Shanghai American Pu...
17.10Karlo Tan1:06.59Faith Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Raymond Chang56.74Shanghai American Puxi
11Karsten Cao57.6Shanghai American Puxi
12Jun Park57.83Shanghai American Puxi
12Daniel Osaki58.96Shanghai American Puxi
11Kevin Xu60.44Shanghai American Puxi
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Root2:09.32Faith Academy
2.12Taj Pereira2:11.35Brent International
3.11Mei Kai Koh2:15.26Shanghai American Puxi
4.10Andres Limcaoco2:15.53Intern'l School Manila
5.10Troy casson Joseph2:16.44Shanghai American Pu...
6.-Kenrik Ng2:16.93Intern'l School Manila
7.12Ronny Choi2:17.56Shanghai American Puxi
8.-Spencer Barnett2:18.00Intern'l School Bang...
9.11Kevin White2:18.74Faith Academy
10.11JaeYong Yoo2:19.51Brent International
11.11Chase Burton2:21.47Intern'l School Manila
12.-Keith Fong2:26.07Intern'l School Manila
13.11Kevin Xu2:28.53Shanghai American Puxi
14.-Matthew Borja2:30.94Intern'l School Manila
15.9Robbie Melhorn2:31.14Intern'l School Bang...
16.10Asim Rahim2:34.70Intern'l School Manila
17.12Nathan German2:58.70Faith Academy
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ronny Choi2:21.58Shanghai American Puxi
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Seaborn4:30.79Faith Academy
2.10Andres Limcaoco4:40.37Intern'l School Manila
3.11Chase Burton4:43.95Intern'l School Manila
4.12Daniel Root4:53.64Faith Academy
5.-Spencer Barnett5:02.21Intern'l School Bang...
6.-Keith Fong5:03.66Intern'l School Manila
7.9Robbie Melhorn5:05.30Intern'l School Bang...
8.12Jonathon Tsao5:08.59Shanghai American Puxi
9.11Eun Kwang-Daniel Choi5:09.14Brent International
10.10Asim Rahim5:09.46Intern'l School Manila
11.9Greg George Maleval5:11.86Brent International
12.10Troy casson Joseph5:22.89Shanghai American Pu...
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Seaborn9:56.07Faith Academy
2.11Chase Burton10:04.15Intern'l School Manila
3.10Andres Limcaoco10:16.03Intern'l School Manila
4.9Robbie Melhorn11:02.25Intern'l School Bang...
5.12Jonathon Tsao11:09.91Shanghai American Puxi
6.-Kenrik Ng11:10.30Intern'l School Manila
7.10Asim Rahim11:11.05Intern'l School Manila
8.11Eun Kwang-Daniel Choi11:14.94Brent International
9.11Kevin White11:16.65Faith Academy
10.9Greg George Maleval11:51.00Brent International
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miles Nakai15.75Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Eric Yang16.36Shanghai American Pu...
3.-Daniel Lawrie16.37Intern'l School Manila
4.-Callum Gregori17.35Intern'l School Manila
5.12Jared Kearns18.28Intern'l School Bang...
6.11Karsten Cao18.34Shanghai American Puxi
7.-Sam Trower18.60Brent International
8.11Carson Wong19.11Shanghai American Puxi
9.11James Chou19.28Shanghai American Puxi
10.-Kris Crouch19.69Intern'l School Manila
11.-Luke Smith20.07Intern'l School Manila
12.-Jason Zhou20.10Shanghai American Pu...
13.-Adrian Zaidem21.69Brent International
X 400m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miles Nakai59.47Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Eric Yang59.65Shanghai American Pu...
3.-Daniel Lawrie1:03.00Intern'l School Manila
4.12Jared Kearns1:03.29Intern'l School Bang...
5.11Karsten Cao1:03.97Shanghai American Puxi
6.-Callum Gregori1:04.44Intern'l School Manila
7.-Sam Trower1:05.24Brent International
8.10Chan Soo 'Luke' Park1:06.19Brent International
9.-Luke Smith1:08.51Intern'l School Manila
10.-Kris Crouch1:08.53Intern'l School Manila
11.12Jonathon Tsao1:10.44Shanghai American Puxi
12.-Adrian Zaidem1:11.14Brent International
13.-Jason Zhou1:12.43Shanghai American Pu...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isaac Hing
Luke Niu
Eric Yang
Marcus Tan
45.18Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Jacob Hobbins
Kento Kobayashi
Jeremy Theuer
James Woldring
46.37Intern'l School Manila
3.-Carson Wong
Raymond Chang
Daniel Alter
Jun Park
46.91Shanghai American Puxi
4.-Toto Snidvongs
Matthew Nagy
Henrique Zeitune
Rahat Madarasmi
47.01Intern'l School Bang...
5.-Gabriel Esguerra
Adrian Zaidem
Taj Pereira
Matthew Hettel
47.76Brent International
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Miles Nakai
Eric Yang
Billy Lomason
Isaac Hing
3:45.25Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Zachary Wolfenden
Kevin White
Daniel Root
Luke Seaborn
3:45.77Faith Academy
3.-Jacob Hobbins
Jeremy Theuer
Kento Kobayashi
James Woldring
3:46.08Intern'l School Manila
4.-Jun Park
Daniel Osaki
Karston Cao
Raymond Chang
3:51.09Shanghai American Puxi
5.-Chansoo-Luke Park
Taj Pereira
Daniel Choi
Matthew Hettel
3:55.93Brent International
6.-Henrique Zeitune
Matthew Nagy
Jan Logrono
Spencer Barnett
4:06.63Intern'l School Bang...
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabriel Esguerra
Matthew Hettel
JaeYong Yoo
Taj Pereira
3:59.53Brent International
Jacob Hobbins
James Woldring
Matthew Borja
4:01.15Intern'l School Manila
3.-Billy Lomason
Marcus Tan
Aakash Ravi
Troy Joseph
4:13.96Shanghai American Pu...
4.-Carson Wong
James Chou
Kevin Xu
Ronny Choi
4:14.28Shanghai American Puxi
5.-Quinito Coronel
JiHoon Lee
Zachary Wolfenden
Phil Haunschild
4:22.03Faith Academy
6.-Matthew Nagy
Rahat Madarasmi
Henrique Zeitune
Jan Logrono
4:24.90Intern'l School Bang...
X Shot Put - 5kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Jarl14.53mShanghai American Pu...
2.-Arlan Parry13.07mIntern'l School Manila
3.-Louis Abasta12.31mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Michael Collins11.65mBrent International
5.12Caleb Varberg11.39mFaith Academy
6.-Scott Shi10.66mShanghai American Pu...
7.-David Collins10.58mIntern'l School Bang...
8.-Mitchell Craig10.14mIntern'l School Bang...
9.-Teru Konishi10.00mIntern'l School Manila
10.-Stephen Landry9.90mIntern'l School Manila
11.11Isaiah Olsen9.74mFaith Academy
12.12Daniel Osaki9.59mShanghai American Puxi
13.-Kyle Sutherland9.36mBrent International
14.12Daniel Alter9.33mShanghai American Puxi
15.-Matt Zakhem9.29mShanghai American Pu...
16.-Andrew Daniel9.22mIntern'l School Bang...
17.11Sean Miller8.00mFaith Academy
X Discus - 1.5kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Jarl39.75mShanghai American Pu...
2.-Arlan Parry35.67mIntern'l School Manila
3.12Daniel Osaki33.74mShanghai American Puxi
4.-Michael Collins31.96mBrent International
5.-Matt Zakhem31.76mShanghai American Pu...
6.-Scott Shi31.52mShanghai American Pu...
7.-Louis Abasta30.65mIntern'l School Manila
8.-Stephen Landry29.94mIntern'l School Manila
9.12Caleb Varberg28.60mFaith Academy
10.-David Collins28.34mIntern'l School Bang...
11.-Callum Gregori27.47mIntern'l School Manila
12.12Daniel Alter25.64mShanghai American Puxi
13.-Kyle Sutherland25.37mBrent International
14.11Isaiah Olsen25.12mFaith Academy
15.-Teru Konishi23.42mIntern'l School Manila
16.-Mitchell Craig22.18mIntern'l School Bang...
17.-Andrew Daniel22.01mIntern'l School Bang...
X Javelin - 700g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Osaki43.94mShanghai American Puxi
2.-Mitchell Craig42.94mIntern'l School Bang...
3.12Daniel Root42.50mFaith Academy
4.-Callum Gregori41.34mIntern'l School Manila
5.-Scott Shi40.60mShanghai American Pu...
6.-Michael Collins40.25mBrent International
7.-Teru Konishi40.10mIntern'l School Manila
8.-Graham Connor37.33mBrent International
9.12Caleb Varberg36.74mFaith Academy
10.-Matthew Borja36.55mIntern'l School Manila
11.-Tim Young35.40mShanghai American Pu...
12.-Andrew Daniel32.32mIntern'l School Bang...
13.-Kyle Sutherland32.12mBrent International
14.-Daniel Lawrie31.44mIntern'l School Manila
15.10Andres Limcaoco31.28mIntern'l School Manila
16.-Stratt Schock29.41mShanghai American Pu...
17.-David Collins29.10mIntern'l School Bang...
18.10Timothy Kim27.00mFaith Academy
19.12Daniel Alter26.41mShanghai American Puxi
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Steven Kolkma1.70mIntern'l School Manila
1.-Callum Gregori1.70mIntern'l School Manila
3.-Gabby Francisco1.70mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Niels Kjer1.65mBrent International
5.-Tim Young1.60mShanghai American Pu...
6.12Jun Park1.60mShanghai American Puxi
7.11Karsten Cao1.55mShanghai American Puxi
8.-Arwin Ale Zaidem1.55mBrent International
8.-Daniel Lawrie1.55mIntern'l School Manila
10.-Mitchell Craig1.50mIntern'l School Bang...
10.11Phil Haunschild1.50mFaith Academy
12.11Zachary Wolfenden1.50mFaith Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Luke Niu6.22mShanghai American Pu...
2.-Eric Yang5.91mShanghai American Pu...
3.-Steven Kolkma5.81mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Luke Smith5.53mIntern'l School Manila
5.12Ronny Choi5.47mShanghai American Puxi
6.12Jun Park5.45mShanghai American Puxi
7.10Raymond Chang5.40mShanghai American Puxi
8.11Kevin White5.39mFaith Academy
8.-Matthew Da Hettel5.39mBrent International
10.-Billy Lomanson5.36mShanghai American Pu...
11.-Tim Young5.31mShanghai American Pu...
12.-Rahat Madarasmi5.29mIntern'l School Bang...
13.-Jacob Hobbins5.28mIntern'l School Manila
14.-Toto Snidvongs5.26mIntern'l School Bang...
15.-Gabby Francisco4.96mIntern'l School Manila
16.-Graham Connor4.91mBrent International
17.12Hunny Lee4.87mFaith Academy
18.-Hee Lee Kwan4.82mBrent International
19.11Quinito Coronel4.77mFaith Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Niu12.16mShanghai American Pu...
2.-Eric Yang11.89mShanghai American Pu...
3.-Steven Kolkma11.70mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Luke Smith11.49mIntern'l School Manila
5.12Jun Park11.38mShanghai American Puxi
6.11Kevin White11.23mFaith Academy
7.12Ronny Choi10.90mShanghai American Puxi
8.-Toto Snidvongs10.69mIntern'l School Bang...
9.-Billy Lomanson10.59mShanghai American Pu...
10.11James Chou10.49mShanghai American Puxi
11.-Rahat Madarasmi9.91mIntern'l School Bang...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dorothy Chow13.03Shanghai American Puxi
2.11Sonya Hagberg13.48Faith Academy
3.-Karina Swee13.56Intern'l School Manila
4.-Emily Yu13.84Shanghai American Pu...
5.10Lily Tan13.99Shanghai American Puxi
6.10Wakako Kobayashi14.13Brent International
7.-Vivian Xu14.15Shanghai American Pu...
8.-Denise Francisco14.34Intern'l School Manila
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dorothy Chow13.06Shanghai American Puxi
2.11Sonya Hagberg13.44Faith Academy
3.-Karina Swee13.49Intern'l School Manila
4.10Wakako Kobayashi13.67Brent International
5.-Emily Yu13.92Shanghai American Pu...
6.-Vivian Xu14.04Shanghai American Pu...
7.-Denise Francisco14.13Intern'l School Manila
8.10Lily Tan14.20Shanghai American Puxi
9.-Sarita Morris14.20Intern'l School Manila
10.-Erika Nagasaki14.22Intern'l School Bang...
11.9Michelle Bock14.34Shanghai American Puxi
12.-Iria Jimenez14.50Intern'l School Manila
13.-Jessica Morris14.80Intern'l School Manila
14.-Carla Dani Garcia15.01Brent International
15.10Jara Krizka Rafinan15.75Brent International
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Lily Tan13.07Shanghai American Puxi
10Vicky Chen13.11Shanghai American Puxi
11Dorothy Chow13.25Shanghai American Puxi
12Jocelyn Shih15.90Shanghai American Puxi
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sonya Hagberg28.41Faith Academy
2.-Halley Beebe29.16Shanghai American Pu...
3.12Maryann Carey29.19Shanghai American Pu...
3.-Amy Mes29.19Intern'l School Manila
5.12Jocelyn Shih29.41Shanghai American Puxi
6.-Karina Swee30.15Intern'l School Manila
7.-Sarita Morris30.20Intern'l School Manila
8.10Vicky Chen30.24Shanghai American Puxi
9.-Fiona Popp30.38Intern'l School Bang...
10.10Wakako Kobayashi30.41Brent International
11.10Lily Tan31.53Shanghai American Puxi
12.10Jara Krizka Rafinan33.64Brent International
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Lily Tan28.57Shanghai American Puxi
9Michelle Bock30.86Shanghai American Puxi
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maryann Carey1:05.25Shanghai American Pu...
2.12Sharika Kaul1:06.47Shanghai American Puxi
3.-Amy Mes1:06.50Intern'l School Manila
4.-Abigail Nathan1:07.49Intern'l School Manila
5.-Fiona Popp1:07.60Intern'l School Bang...
6.-Karina Swee1:08.00Intern'l School Manila
7.-Valerie Toze1:08.20Intern'l School Manila
8.10Wakako Kobayashi1:08.30Brent International
9.-Sarita Morris1:10.12Intern'l School Manila
10.10Rachel Lee1:10.14Shanghai American Puxi
11.10Ivory Loh1:11.00Shanghai American Pu...
12.-Ashild Eriksen1:12.71Intern'l School Manila
13.-Annika Weilbach1:13.26Intern'l School Manila
14.-Na Li Kim1:13.94Brent International
15.9Allison Wong1:14.41Shanghai American Puxi
16.-Victoria Hewitt1:15.92Intern'l School Manila
17.-Michelle Wen1:16.00Shanghai American Pu...
18.10Hina Nakamura1:17.78Intern'l School Bang...
19.-Katya Isabel Hodges1:21.94Brent International
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jocelyn Shih69.9Shanghai American Puxi
12Sharika Kaul70.5Shanghai American Puxi
10Rachel Lee70.9Shanghai American Puxi
10Alison Ho71.5Shanghai American Puxi
10Vicky Chen71.7Shanghai American Puxi
10Hyo Young Jo72Shanghai American Puxi
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Giles2:33.33Intern'l School Bang...
2.-Kara Maeda2:37.09Intern'l School Manila
3.10Mizuki Awamura2:38.12Intern'l School Bang...
4.10Hyo Young Jo2:40.84Shanghai American Puxi
5.10Liza debenham Cahiz2:41.67Shanghai American Pu...
6.-Rachel Sadoff2:42.68Intern'l School Bang...
7.-Annika Weilbach2:44.98Intern'l School Manila
8.-Oda Fodstad2:45.23Intern'l School Manila
9.-Ashild Eriksen2:52.44Intern'l School Manila
10.10Regina Rovira2:55.99Intern'l School Manila
11.10Rachel Lee3:00.79Shanghai American Puxi
12.9Michelle Bock3:16.53Shanghai American Puxi
13.10Sarah Olson3:25.57Faith Academy
14.-Heejoo NO3:27.69Brent International
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Sharika Kaul2:48.88Shanghai American Puxi
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Giles5:24.45Intern'l School Bang...
2.-Kara Maeda5:24.67Intern'l School Manila
3.10Mizuki Awamura5:38.36Intern'l School Bang...
4.10JOY SHULAMMITE YU5:39.80Shanghai American Pu...
5.-Oda Fodstad5:40.52Intern'l School Manila
6.11Amy Elliott5:49.16Intern'l School Bang...
7.10Hyo Young Jo5:52.64Shanghai American Puxi
8.10Regina Rovira5:57.30Intern'l School Manila
9.12Felicia Hanitio5:57.60Shanghai American Puxi
10.9Olivia Graham5:57.85Intern'l School Manila
11.10Liza debenham Cahiz6:02.54Shanghai American Pu...
12.-Ashild Eriksen6:04.46Intern'l School Manila
13.-Ramera Al Abraham7:08.65Brent International
14.10Hannah Foster7:18.64Faith Academy
15.10Sarah Olson7:25.32Faith Academy
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kara Maeda11:59.71Intern'l School Manila
2.-Rachel Sadoff12:05.94Intern'l School Bang...
3.10JOY SHULAMMITE YU12:14.45Shanghai American Pu...
4.11Amy Elliott12:28.24Intern'l School Bang...
5.10Regina Rovira12:33.20Intern'l School Manila
6.10Hina Nakamura12:34.15Intern'l School Bang...
7.-Oda Fodstad12:39.40Intern'l School Manila
8.9Olivia Graham12:39.75Intern'l School Manila
9.12Felicia Hanitio13:18.30Shanghai American Puxi
10.10Hannah Foster15:36.77Faith Academy
11.-Paloma Martinez-Miranda16:09.16Brent International
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amalie Iuel15.18Intern'l School Bang...
2.-Amy Mes16.39Intern'l School Manila
3.-Lindsey Naar17.15Shanghai American Pu...
4.11Dorothy Chow17.37Shanghai American Puxi
5.-Emily Yu17.91Shanghai American Pu...
6.-Bethany Young17.97Shanghai American Pu...
7.-Maya Seneviratne17.98Intern'l School Manila
8.-Erika Nagasaki17.99Intern'l School Bang...
9.-Denise Francisco18.94Intern'l School Manila
10.-Abigail Nathan19.26Intern'l School Manila
11.10Alison Ho19.53Shanghai American Puxi
12.-Iria Jimenez19.81Intern'l School Manila
12.-Jessica Morris19.81Intern'l School Manila
14.-Johanna Verbeeck20.83Intern'l School Manila
15.9Erika German20.87Faith Academy
16.12Heidi Schutt20.92Faith Academy
17.10Michelle Xu21.19Shanghai American Puxi
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amalie Iuel1:04.43Intern'l School Bang...
2.-Lindsey Naar1:17.65Shanghai American Pu...
3.11Vivian Zhang1:18.63Shanghai American Pu...
4.-Vanessa Chiu1:18.90Shanghai American Pu...
5.-Iria Jimenez1:19.53Intern'l School Manila
6.-Johanna Verbeeck1:20.16Intern'l School Manila
7.-Erika Nagasaki1:23.52Intern'l School Bang...
8.10Alison Ho1:26.66Shanghai American Puxi
9.10Michelle Xu1:28.50Shanghai American Puxi
10.11Joy Wang1:30.90Shanghai American Puxi
11.9Erika German1:33.44Faith Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amalie Iuel
Erika Nagasaki
Earn Khunpinit
Amanda Giles
53.59Intern'l School Bang...
2.-Emily Yu
Lindsey Naar
Vivian Xu
Vanessa Chiu
54.49Shanghai American Pu...
3.-Denise Francisco
Karina Swee
Sarita Morris
Abigail Nathan
54.79Intern'l School Manila
4.-Jocellyn Shih
Vicky Chen
Lily Tan
Dorothy Chow
54.81Shanghai American Puxi
5.-Erika German
Heidi Schutt
Kaylee Holeman
Sonya Hagberg
1:00.81Faith Academy
6.-Wakako Kobayashi
Carla Garcia
Yasmyne Cucueco
Jara Rafian
1:19.00Brent International
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ivory Loh
Vanessa Chiu
Vivian Zhang
Maryann Carey
4:41.25Shanghai American Pu...
2.-Sharika Kaul
Alison Ho
Vicky Chen
Rachel Lee
4:44.53Shanghai American Puxi
3.-Sarita Morris
Valerie Toze
Karina Swee
Abigail Nathan
4:47.94Intern'l School Manila
4.-Fiona Popp
Mizuki Awamura
Amanda Giles
Amy Elliott
4:50.03Intern'l School Bang...
5.-Kaylee Holeman
Heidi Schutt
Sarah Olson
Sonya Hagberg
5:25.31Faith Academy
6.-Wakako Kobayashi
Katya Hodges
Heejoo NO
Jae Eun Lee
6:02.85Brent International
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karina Swee
Sarita Morris
Abigail Nathan
Annika Weilbach
4:55.81Intern'l School Manila
2.-Lily Tan
Michelle Bock
Jocelyn Shih
Sharika Kaul
4:58.84Shanghai American Puxi
3.-Vanessa Chiu
Emily Yu
Britney Zhang
Liza Cahiz
5:00.80Shanghai American Pu...
4.-Earn Khunpinit
Fiona Popp
Hina Nakamura
Rachel Sadoff
5:02.06Intern'l School Bang...
5.-Jara Rafian
Katya Hodges
Heejoo NO
Eui Jin Jung
5:44.31Brent International
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pei Si Wong8.61mShanghai American Puxi
2.-Rebecca McReynolds8.34mIntern'l School Bang...
3.-Lindsey Bruce7.92mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Julia Saubier7.53mIntern'l School Manila
5.-Cameron Kimbrough7.37mIntern'l School Bang...
6.-Halley Beebe7.36mShanghai American Pu...
7.-Christina McGuire7.21mIntern'l School Manila
8.-Elena Tan7.19mShanghai American Pu...
9.-Tisha Herold6.95mIntern'l School Manila
10.11Joy Wang6.10mShanghai American Puxi
11.12Kaylee Holeman5.76mFaith Academy
12.9Allison Wong5.70mShanghai American Puxi
13.10Sarah Olson5.16mFaith Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julia Saubier27.09mIntern'l School Manila
2.-Lindsey Bruce21.93mIntern'l School Manila
3.-Tisha Herold21.21mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Rebecca McReynolds21.05mIntern'l School Bang...
5.12Pei Si Wong20.83mShanghai American Puxi
6.-Cameron Kimbrough20.54mIntern'l School Bang...
7.11Dorothy Chow20.03mShanghai American Puxi
8.11Juliana Spicer20.01mFaith Academy
9.12Kaylee Holeman19.33mFaith Academy
10.-Elena Tan19.15mShanghai American Pu...
11.-Halley Beebe17.50mShanghai American Pu...
12.-Christina McGuire16.96mIntern'l School Manila
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Giles30.98mIntern'l School Bang...
2.-Rebecca McReynolds27.03mIntern'l School Bang...
3.-Denise Francisco25.60mIntern'l School Manila
4.-Abigail Nathan24.01mIntern'l School Manila
5.-Sidney Loui Menez21.43mBrent International
6.11Juliana Spicer20.30mFaith Academy
7.12Pei Si Wong19.90mShanghai American Puxi
8.-Elena Tan18.18mShanghai American Pu...
9.-Eui Jin Jung16.00mBrent International
10.-Yasmyne Jill Cucueco15.70mBrent International
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amalie Iuel1.60mIntern'l School Bang...
2.-Maya Seneviratne1.55mIntern'l School Manila
3.-Earn Khunpinit1.45mIntern'l School Bang...
4.-Valerie Toze1.35mIntern'l School Manila
5.-Bethany Young1.30mShanghai American Pu...
5.9Erika German1.30mFaith Academy
7.10Vicky Chen1.30mShanghai American Puxi
8.-Lauren Simon1.30mShanghai American Pu...
9.-Sidney Loui Menez1.30mBrent International
10.12Jocelyn Shih1.30mShanghai American Puxi
11.10Alison Ho1.25mShanghai American Puxi
12.-Carla Dani Garcia1.15mBrent International
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Amalie Iuel5.31mIntern'l School Bang...
2.11Dorothy Chow5.02mShanghai American Puxi
3.-Maya Seneviratne4.66mIntern'l School Manila
4.11Sonya Hagberg4.54mFaith Academy
5.12Sharika Kaul4.42mShanghai American Puxi
6.-Lauren Simon4.34mShanghai American Pu...
7.-Sarita Morris4.30mIntern'l School Manila
8.10Ivory Loh4.29mShanghai American Pu...
9.10Wakako Kobayashi4.24mBrent International
10.-Valerie Toze4.15mIntern'l School Manila
11.-Earn Khunpinit4.10mIntern'l School Bang...
12.-Bethany Young4.09mShanghai American Pu...
13.-Karina Swee4.08mIntern'l School Manila
14.-Johanna Verbeeck4.02mIntern'l School Manila
15.-Iria Jimenez4.00mIntern'l School Manila
16.12Jocelyn Shih3.90mShanghai American Puxi
17.-Erika Nagasaki3.89mIntern'l School Bang...
18.-Jessica Morris3.80mIntern'l School Manila
19.-Sidney Loui Menez3.78mBrent International
20.-Tisha Herold3.73mIntern'l School Manila
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dorothy Chow10.30mShanghai American Puxi
2.-Valerie Toze9.73mIntern'l School Manila
3.11Sonya Hagberg9.71mFaith Academy
4.-Maya Seneviratne9.70mIntern'l School Manila
5.10Rachel Lee9.05mShanghai American Puxi
6.-Earn Khunpinit9.01mIntern'l School Bang...
7.-Bethany Young8.99mShanghai American Pu...
8.-Vivian Xu8.77mShanghai American Pu...
9.-Tisha Herold8.52mIntern'l School Manila
10.-Johanna Verbeeck8.42mIntern'l School Manila
11.-Sarita Morris8.26mIntern'l School Manila
12.-Iria Jimenez8.25mIntern'l School Manila
13.-Lauren Simon8.04mShanghai American Pu...
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