TRAC Championship

Friday, April 20, 2012
  Erickson Track, Parkersburg South
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryce Ingram11.32aWheeling Park
2.10Craig Vega11.70aJohn Marshall
3.11Jordan Quiocho11.89aParkersburg South
4.10Jamie Thomas11.90aMorgantown
5.10Nigel Bowland11.98aBrooke
6.12Levi Byers12.16aBrooke
7.10John Moore12.26aUniversity
8.12Timothy A Faulkner14.63aBrooke
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Bryce Ingram11.64aWheeling Park
2.12Timothy A Faulkner11.66aBrooke
3.10Craig Vega11.75aJohn Marshall
4.11Jordan Quiocho11.81aParkersburg South
5.10Jamie Thomas12.06aMorgantown
5.10Nigel Bowland12.06aBrooke
7.12Levi Byers12.10aBrooke
8.10John Moore12.11aUniversity
9.11Jordan Malone12.34aMorgantown
10.11Jaleel Brown12.40aWheeling Park
10.10Zach Phillips12.40aWheeling Park
12.11Tyler Rouse12.70aParkersburg South
13.9Dashawn Barber13.25aParkersburg South
14.11Dillan Curry13.48aUniversity
15.9Nicholas Fullmer14.17aMorgantown
16.9Joshua Nixon14.87aJohn Marshall
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Markeigh O'Neil23.60aWheeling Park
2.12Vondel Bell23.89aWheeling Park
3.10Craig Vega24.01aJohn Marshall
4.10William Rockis24.03aMorgantown
5.12Levi Byers24.32aBrooke
6.11Dakota DeLong24.49aParkersburg South
7.10Chris Anderson24.56aMorgantown
8.10John Moore24.57aUniversity
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Craig Vega23.91aJohn Marshall
2.11Markeigh O'Neil23.93aWheeling Park
3.10William Rockis24.08aMorgantown
4.12Vondel Bell24.12aWheeling Park
5.10Chris Anderson24.43aMorgantown
6.12Levi Byers24.46aBrooke
7.10John Moore24.89aUniversity
8.11Dakota DeLong25.02aParkersburg South
9.12Jacob Byers25.34aBrooke
10.10Omar Bunch25.43aUniversity
11.9Dion Tolliver25.80aMorgantown
12.11Austin Brand25.92aParkersburg South
13.11Jordan Ferris26.65aJohn Marshall
14.9Cody Moser26.73aUniversity
15.9Joshua Nixon31.11aJohn Marshall
16.11Kameron Gilbert31.97aParkersburg South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake R Riccelli52.08aBrooke
2.11Dakota DeLong53.99aParkersburg South
3.11Nathan Morris54.22aBrooke
4.10Omar Bunch54.36aUniversity
5.12Garrett Lynch54.38aParkersburg South
6.11Jaleel Brown55.15aWheeling Park
7.12Evan Stalnaker55.59aMorgantown
8.11Cole Bertol55.68aWheeling Park
9.12Brock Johnson55.80aParkersburg South
10.12John Kelch56.05aMorgantown
11.9Cody Moser59.46aUniversity
12.10Aaron Gonchoff59.48aJohn Marshall
13.11Jordan Ferris1:01.06aJohn Marshall
14.10Andrew Wanat1:02.64aJohn Marshall
15.11Dillan Curry1:03.09aUniversity
16.9Allairic Roulhac1:04.48aMorgantown
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Libell2:05.83aMorgantown
2.12Mike Mauck2:06.54aWheeling Park
3.12Josh Garrett2:08.41aWheeling Park
4.9Jacob Shockley2:09.25aMorgantown
5.10Andrew Paladino2:10.08aUniversity
6.12Ronnie Barker2:13.49aParkersburg South
7.11Ty Nagy2:17.96aUniversity
8.9Kyle Sams2:19.26aParkersburg South
9.10Aaron Gonchoff2:26.09aJohn Marshall
10.11Matt Beaman2:28.04aBrooke
11.10Troy White2:29.85aMorgantown
12.11Zach Conners2:32.50aJohn Marshall
13.10Josh Zonker2:35.04aBrooke
14.11Guy Armstrong2:40.64aJohn Marshall
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Brown-Stobbe4:31.72aUniversity
2.11Zach Witsberger4:43.13aWheeling Park
3.10Andrew Paladino4:44.39aUniversity
4.11Eric Libell4:50.37aMorgantown
5.10Albert Shrimp4:55.08aWheeling Park
6.12Daniel Nowak4:55.85aUniversity
7.9Jacob Jacquez5:03.64aMorgantown
8.11Matt Beaman5:09.12aBrooke
9.10Ross Levelle5:09.87aMorgantown
10.10Collin Stipetich5:10.66aJohn Marshall
11.11Jacob Fast5:14.27aJohn Marshall
12.9Antonio Pizzuti5:14.49aBrooke
13.10Derek Dillon5:20.06aParkersburg South
14.10Reed Campbell5:24.11aJohn Marshall
15.12Sebastian Thalheim5:24.56aParkersburg South
16.10Alex Kirk5:30.39aParkersburg South
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cameron Greza10:22.67aMorgantown
2.12Tyler Long11:07.24aWheeling Park
3.9Tylor Brown11:16.88aParkersburg South
4.12Stuart Clayton11:16.90aMorgantown
5.11Matt Beaman11:27.33aBrooke
6.9James Barnett11:27.76aUniversity
7.10Michael Conner12:11.71aJohn Marshall
8.9Ethan Hazlett12:19.35aJohn Marshall
9.9Ryan Bass12:41.04aUniversity
10.9Adam Roh12:56.62aUniversity
11.12Kody Leasure13:27.54aParkersburg South
12.11Nathan Hall13:39.22aJohn Marshall
--10Stephen RiffonNTMorgantown
--12Sebastian ThalheimNTParkersburg South
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Cox16.02aParkersburg South
2.12Wesley M Rine16.36aBrooke
3.11Austin Farley16.96aWheeling Park
4.10Tanner Runkle16.97aJohn Marshall
5.11Troy Alton17.00aParkersburg South
6.11Daniel Jones18.30aUniversity
7.11Jon Lane18.38aUniversity
--11Cody HivelyDQParkersburg South
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Wesley M Rine16.89aBrooke
2.11Cody Hively16.96aParkersburg South
3.11Logan Cox16.99aParkersburg South
4.11Austin Farley17.23aWheeling Park
5.11Troy Alton17.45aParkersburg South
6.10Tanner Runkle17.71aJohn Marshall
7.11Daniel Jones18.31aUniversity
8.11Jon Lane19.17aUniversity
9.9Benjamin Perry20.65aMorgantown
10.10Alan Miller20.74aJohn Marshall
11.10Ross Levelle20.77aMorgantown
12.12Chibuzor Ejimofor22.17aMorgantown
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dicarius Banks41.35aWheeling Park
2.10Tanner Runkle42.71aJohn Marshall
3.11Austin Farley44.16aWheeling Park
4.11Troy Alton44.49aParkersburg South
5.12Chibuzor Ejimofor45.01aMorgantown
6.11Daniel Jones45.56aUniversity
7.12Wesley M Rine46.29aBrooke
8.9Micah Boles46.56aParkersburg South
9.11Jordan Figueroa47.25aParkersburg South
10.12John Kim47.78aMorgantown
11.11Blaine Stewart49.03aMorgantown
12.11Jon Lane51.37aUniversity
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandon Porter
Markeigh O'Neil
Bryce Ingram
Vondel Bell
44.89aWheeling Park
2.-Alex Weidman
Jamie Thomas
William Rockis
Jordan Malone
3.-Jordan Quiocho
Cody Hively
Brendan Schwendeman
Dakota DeLong
46.41aParkersburg South
4.-Austin Truex
Craig Vega
Tanner Runkle
Kenny King
46.61aJohn Marshall
5.-Jake R Riccelli
Nigel Bowland
Levi Byers
Timothy A Faulkner
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Markeigh O'Neil
Vondel Bell
Dicarius Banks
Bryce Ingram
1:33.21aWheeling Park
2.-Evan Harman
Jordan Malone
Tristan Walker
William Rockis
3.-Jacob Byers
Wesley M Rine
Nigel Bowland
Levi Byers
4.-Austin Brand
Dashawn Barber
Anthony Bibbs
Vincent Scalise
1:41.42aParkersburg South
5.-Austin Truex
Andrew Wanat
Zach Conners
Jordan Ferris
1:46.66aJohn Marshall
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Garrett Lynch
Brendan Schwendeman
Dakota DeLong
Brock Johnson
3:35.33aParkersburg South
2.-Markeigh O'Neil
Jaleel Brown
Brandon Porter
Vondel Bell
3:36.23aWheeling Park
3.-John Kelch
Nicholas Fullmer
Evan Stalnaker
Dave Bell
4.-Nathan Morris
Jacob Byers
Nigel Bowland
Jake R Riccelli
5.-Cody Moser
Jordan Brown-Stobbe
John Moore
Omar Bunch
6.-Jordan Ferris
Reed Campbell
Aaron Gonchoff
Andrew Wanat
4:09.59aJohn Marshall
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Garrett
Mike Mauck
Albert Shrimp
Zach Witsberger
8:35.21aWheeling Park
2.-Jacob Jacquez
Dave Bell
Cameron Greza
Jacob Shockley
3.-Ty Nagy
Daniel Nowak
Andrew Paladino
Jordan Brown-Stobbe
4.-Tylor Brown
Derek Dillion
Kyle Sams
Alex Kirk
9:18.62aParkersburg South
5.-Zach Conners
Reed Campbell
Alex Brown
Collin Stipetich
9:49.04aJohn Marshall
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dewanye Neal48-09.25Wheeling Park
2.10Dylan Rippeto47-00.50Parkersburg South
3.11Mack White45-05.50Parkersburg South
4.12Mike Wise42-01.00John Marshall
5.10Max Steinman41-08.50Wheeling Park
6.12Aaron Dye40-10.50Parkersburg South
7.10Joey Montgomery40-00.50Brooke
8.10Amanii Brown39-01.25Morgantown
9.11Hunter Jenkins36-03.25Morgantown
10.11Levi Ansel36-03.00Morgantown
11.12Jeremy Anderson35-11.00John Marshall
12.10Marshall Springer35-10.00John Marshall
13.10Geremy Paige35-08.50Wheeling Park
14.10Trey Gilham23-05.50Brooke
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dewanye Neal145-04Wheeling Park
2.10Dylan Rippeto141-03Parkersburg South
3.10Geremy Paige131-04Wheeling Park
4.12Kenny King130-02John Marshall
5.11Joseph Richmond116-02John Marshall
6.10Joey Montgomery113-09Brooke
7.9Theo Blackston113-01Wheeling Park
8.12Aaron Dye111-08Parkersburg South
9.11Mack White108-08Parkersburg South
10.12Justin Yoho103-08John Marshall
11.10Amanii Brown103-00Morgantown
12.11Levi Ansel78-01Morgantown
13.10Trey Gilham70-02Brooke
14.11Hunter Jenkins67-11Morgantown
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrett Lynch6-04.00Parkersburg South
2.9Nicholas Fullmer5-08.00Morgantown
3.12Wesley M Rine5-06.00Brooke
4.9Dave Bell5-04.00Morgantown
5.9Evan DeGraef5-04.00Parkersburg South
5.11Tyler Rouse5-04.00Parkersburg South
--9Benjamin PerryNHMorgantown
--9Chris BeamanNHBrooke
--12Kody GeiselNHWheeling Park
--10Nick WolfeNHWheeling Park
--12Errin BaynesNHWheeling Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Cox12-06.00Parkersburg South
2.12Sean Cottrill12-00.00Parkersburg South
3.11Chase Bonar10-06.00Wheeling Park
4.11Tyler Richards9-00.00Parkersburg South
5.10Trevor Jon Hawks9-00.00Morgantown
--9Matthew KeatonNHMorgantown
--9Anthony LaurtiaNHMorgantown
--10Collin StipetichNHJohn Marshall
--10Michael ConnerNHJohn Marshall
--9Landon HallNHJohn Marshall
--10Austin VanceNHWheeling Park
--12Alex TriveriNHWheeling Park
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dicarius Banks20-05.00Wheeling Park
2.11Cody Hively19-07.00Parkersburg South
3.11Logan Cox19-06.75Parkersburg South
4.11Jordan Quiocho19-02.00Parkersburg South
5.12Chibuzor Ejimofor19-00.75Morgantown
6.9Dave Bell18-11.50Morgantown
7.10John Moore18-07.25University
8.9Nicholas Fullmer18-04.50Morgantown
9.12Jake R Riccelli18-04.00Brooke
10.12Dewanye Neal17-09.25Wheeling Park
11.10Omar Bunch17-04.50University
12.10Alan Miller16-07.00John Marshall
13.9Cody Moser16-06.00University
14.10Aaron Gonchoff15-09.00John Marshall
15.9Joshua Nixon13-10.00John Marshall
16.9Chris Beaman13-00.75Brooke
--9Nick VargoNDWheeling Park

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natasha Trott12.68aMorgantown
2.11Krishia Baldwin12.94aMorgantown
3.12Natasha Whitaker13.09aWheeling Park
4.9Natalie Fowler13.23aBrooke
5.10Kasey Williams13.34aParkersburg South
6.11Sydney Dotson13.40aUniversity
7.10Amanda Loughrie13.41aBrooke
8.10Cayla Bayles13.67aUniversity
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Natasha Trott12.79aMorgantown
2.11Krishia Baldwin12.91aMorgantown
3.11Sydney Dotson13.17aUniversity
4.9Natalie Fowler13.23aBrooke
5.12Natasha Whitaker13.31aWheeling Park
6.10Amanda Loughrie13.45aBrooke
7.10Kasey Williams13.56aParkersburg South
8.10Cayla Bayles13.68aUniversity
9.12Kayleigh Jenkins14.10aParkersburg South
9.10Mikia Mueller14.10aWheeling Park
11.11Nia Whitaker14.11aWheeling Park
12.11Hannah Zeiders14.12aUniversity
13.12Whitney Galland14.62aParkersburg South
14.12Amber Holstine14.74aJohn Marshall
14.9Alison Duke14.74aJohn Marshall
16.9Aleasha Yoho15.49aJohn Marshall
17.9Haley Montero15.60aMorgantown
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natasha Trott26.31aMorgantown
2.11Ashley Grove26.56aWheeling Park
3.12Ali N Crawford27.11aBrooke
4.11Sydney Dotson27.36aUniversity
5.9Natalie Fowler27.66aBrooke
6.11Ashley Haught27.92aJohn Marshall
7.10Amanda Loughrie28.31aBrooke
8.11Haley Holloway28.95aMorgantown
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ali N Crawford26.80aBrooke
2.11Natasha Trott26.85aMorgantown
3.11Ashley Grove27.16aWheeling Park
4.11Sydney Dotson27.25aUniversity
5.11Ashley Haught27.58aJohn Marshall
6.10Amanda Loughrie27.70aBrooke
7.9Natalie Fowler27.98aBrooke
8.11Haley Holloway27.99aMorgantown
9.10Cayla Bayles28.32aUniversity
10.9Nakysha Mcghee28.43aWheeling Park
11.11Hannah Zeiders28.61aUniversity
12.12Kayleigh Jenkins29.36aParkersburg South
13.11Nia Whitaker29.84aWheeling Park
14.12Whitney Galland29.94aParkersburg South
15.10Lexi Hoover31.17aParkersburg South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Krishia Baldwin59.73aMorgantown
2.11Ashley Haught1:00.11aJohn Marshall
3.11Ashley Grove1:00.22aWheeling Park
4.11Sydney Dotson1:02.63aUniversity
5.12Nicole Fluharty1:02.91aParkersburg South
6.11Erica Haught1:03.48aJohn Marshall
7.11Demi Degraef1:03.66aParkersburg South
8.10Rakedra Webb1:03.97aWheeling Park
9.12Rachel A Richard1:04.84aBrooke
10.10Nikki Vilasuso1:06.25aMorgantown
11.10Krista Brady1:06.62aBrooke
12.11Nicole Nuce1:08.32aJohn Marshall
13.10Erin Conaway1:08.78aBrooke
14.10Katherine Stapleton1:10.78aMorgantown
15.11Hannah Zeiders1:10.81aUniversity
16.10Lexi Hoover1:12.11aParkersburg South
17.10Kristen Hinderliter1:15.94aUniversity
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Abbey Harrison2:27.70aUniversity
2.11Erica Haught2:30.29aJohn Marshall
3.12Alex Phares2:33.90aUniversity
4.10Zoey Vilasuso2:35.10aMorgantown
5.11April Kirk2:36.39aParkersburg South
6.11Katherine Warner2:41.68aUniversity
7.11Samantha Dodd2:43.16aWheeling Park
8.10Emily Brezler2:47.46aParkersburg South
9.12Serrena Morris2:47.70aParkersburg South
10.9Caroline Moore2:48.10aMorgantown
11.10Kelcey Coen2:50.11aBrooke
12.9Megan McKitrick2:55.27aJohn Marshall
13.10Jade Worrels3:00.70aJohn Marshall
14.9Rebecca Hastings3:09.99aMorgantown
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Phares2:27:88University
4.9Abbey Harrison2:27University
3.11Katherine Warner2:41University
2.11Sydney Dotson2:42University
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brynn Harshbarger5:17.08aMorgantown
2.12Lauren Tarovisky5:28.82aWheeling Park
3.12Alex Phares5:31.17aUniversity
4.9Andrea Pettit5:40.13aMorgantown
5.11April Kirk5:49.92aParkersburg South
6.11Karissa Duke5:58.91aJohn Marshall
7.11Amber Govey6:01.18aBrooke
8.9Caroline Moore6:09.33aMorgantown
9.12Madison Morris6:15.41aWheeling Park
10.12Natasha Kirk6:29.87aParkersburg South
11.11Kayla McMahan7:27.35aParkersburg South
--9Abbey HarrisonDNFUniversity
--12Carly E GimaDNFBrooke
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brynn Harshbarger11:39.15aMorgantown
2.9Victoria Cooke11:51.77aMorgantown
3.10Sydney Pineault12:07.47aMorgantown
4.11Elena Romanek12:14.87aWheeling Park
5.11April Kirk12:26.12aParkersburg South
6.11Karissa Duke12:46.78aJohn Marshall
7.12Chandler Cottrell12:50.49aUniversity
8.12Deborah Martinelli12:56.00aUniversity
9.11Amber Govey12:57.91aBrooke
10.12Lauren Elliott13:21.26aUniversity
11.9Megan McKitrick13:55.99aJohn Marshall
12.9Emma Romanek14:18.56aWheeling Park
13.12Natasha Kirk14:30.10aParkersburg South
14.12Carly E Gima14:40.14aBrooke
15.11Kayla McMahan16:39.68aParkersburg South
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ali N Crawford15.95aBrooke
2.11Aspen Matlock17.35aWheeling Park
3.12Stacy Chaplin17.45aWheeling Park
4.12Cassandra Mosley17.95aUniversity
5.10Logan Kuhns18.35aJohn Marshall
6.9Ashton Thompson18.37aJohn Marshall
7.10Kristin Brady18.55aBrooke
--10Jazzlyn HallDQWheeling Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ali N Crawford15.81aBrooke
2.12Stacy Chaplin17.69aWheeling Park
3.11Aspen Matlock17.76aWheeling Park
4.10Jazzlyn Hall17.86aWheeling Park
5.12Cassandra Mosley18.23aUniversity
6.9Ashton Thompson18.25aJohn Marshall
7.10Logan Kuhns18.49aJohn Marshall
8.10Kristin Brady18.64aBrooke
9.11Shelby Pell18.94aJohn Marshall
10.10Rachel Teter18.95aParkersburg South
11.10Kristin Wilson19.27aParkersburg South
12.10Lakisha Turner19.91aUniversity
13.10Savannah Aronhalt20.28aMorgantown
14.11Bryanna Dering20.35aUniversity
15.9Sierra Austin20.96aMorgantown
16.9Sierra Hunley21.79aMorgantown
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ali N Crawford47.16aBrooke
2.12Nicole Fluharty48.04aParkersburg South
3.10Kristin Wilson49.65aParkersburg South
4.10Kristin Brady52.86aBrooke
5.12Stacy Chaplin52.87aWheeling Park
6.10Rachel Teter53.21aParkersburg South
7.11Aspen Matlock53.25aWheeling Park
8.10Rakedra Webb55.11aWheeling Park
9.10Savannah Aronhalt56.32aMorgantown
10.10Lakisha Turner57.24aUniversity
11.11Alicia Cadrette58.45aUniversity
12.11Bryanna Dering59.16aUniversity
13.10Deidra Stonebreaker1:00.91aMorgantown
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel A Richard
Amanda Loughrie
Ali N Crawford
Natalie Fowler
2.-Natasha Trott
Haley Montero
Haley Holloway
Krishia Baldwin
3.-Nakysha Mcghee
Mikia Mueller
Emma Dolan
Natasha Whitaker
52.42aWheeling Park
4.-Demi Degraef
Kayleigh Jenkins
Kayleigh Rexroad
Kasey Williams
52.63aParkersburg South
5.-Aleasha Yoho
Mallory Ball
Maria Tennant
Amber Holstine
55.56aJohn Marshall
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natasha Whitaker
Nakysha Mcghee
Rakedra Webb
Ashley Grove
1:47.59aWheeling Park
2.-Demi Degraef
Kasey Williams
Kristin Wilson
Nicole Fluharty
1:49.29aParkersburg South
3.-Mallory Ball
Maria Tennant
Amber Holstine
Ashley Haught
1:57.95aJohn Marshall
4.-Kristin Brady
Ashley Clutter
Erin Conaway
Krista Brady
5.-Sierra Austin
Nikia Holyfield
Deidra Stonebreaker
Erica Dailey
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natasha Whitaker
Rakedra Webb
Lauren Tarovisky
Ashley Grove
4:14.71aWheeling Park
2.-Nicole Nuce
Maria Tennant
Erica Haught
Ashley Haught
4:17.78aJohn Marshall
3.-Rachel A Richard
Erin Conaway
Amanda Loughrie
Natalie Fowler
4.-Serrena Morris
Whitney Galland
Kayleigh Rexroad
Emily Brezler
4:34.43aParkersburg South
5.-Katie Woods
Madeleine Duarte
Zoey Vilasuso
Nikki Vilasuso
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alex Phares
Sydney Dotson
Katie Warner
Abbey Harrison
2.-Sydney Pineault
Victoria Cooke
Zoey Vilasuso
Andrea Pettit
3.-Lauren Tarovisky
Samantha Dodd
Madison Morris
Elena Romanek
10:31.56aWheeling Park
4.-Serrena Morris
Emily Brezler
Rachel Teter
April Kirk
10:32.93aParkersburg South
5.-Karissa Duke
Jade Worrels
Megan McKitrick
Erica Haught
10:45.20aJohn Marshall
6.-Amber Govey
Carly E Gima
Lauren Brindley
Kelcey Coen
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Montes37-01.00John Marshall
2.9Rosa Morris36-01.50Morgantown
3.11Lexi Spencer34-02.25Parkersburg South
4.12Alison Buckhalter32-06.00Morgantown
5.12Marisa Custer32-03.50Wheeling Park
6.10Brittany Boso30-07.50Parkersburg South
7.12Elizabeth Willey29-06.25Parkersburg South
8.9Kelsey Gump28-10.75John Marshall
9.11Alexis Ricker28-06.25Wheeling Park
10.12Amanda Ricker26-08.00Wheeling Park
11.10Natosha Douglas23-01.50Brooke
12.11Rachel Crysler18-06.25Morgantown
13.11Alexa Beatty18-00.50John Marshall
--11Juliet CasinelliNDBrooke
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Montes116-04John Marshall
2.12Amanda Ricker96-07Wheeling Park
3.11Lexi Spencer95-11Parkersburg South
4.11Alexis Ricker84-01Wheeling Park
5.12Marisa Custer82-11Wheeling Park
6.12Alison Buckhalter82-02Morgantown
7.10Brittany Boso79-01Parkersburg South
8.12Elizabeth Willey72-00Parkersburg South
9.9Kelsey Gump70-06.50John Marshall
10.9Rosa Morris58-06Morgantown
11.10Natosha Douglas53-00Brooke
12.11Rachel Crysler49-02.50Morgantown
13.11Alexa Beatty44-05John Marshall
--11Juliet CasinelliNDBrooke
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Holloway5-02.00Morgantown
2.10Kayleigh Rexroad5-02.00Parkersburg South
3.10Paige Durkin5-02.00Wheeling Park
4.11Alicia Cadrette4-08.00University
4.12Nikki Lockard4-08.00Parkersburg South
6.11Demi Degraef4-06.00Parkersburg South
--11Olivia WileyNHWheeling Park
--12Sara IrvinNHWheeling Park
--10Kristin BradyNHBrooke
--9Sierra AustinNHMorgantown
--11Ashley HollowayNHMorgantown
--10Jade WorrelsNHJohn Marshall
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Hamrick10-06.00Parkersburg South
2.12Rachel Hewitt10-06.00Morgantown
3.12Emma Dolan10-00.00Wheeling Park
4.9Cristin Dolan7-06.00Wheeling Park
5.10Nikki Vilasuso7-00.00Morgantown
6.9Lizzy Sellers6-06.00Wheeling Park
7.9Alyssa Eddy6-00.00John Marshall
--9Katelyn LibellNHMorgantown
--11Autumn ShultzNHJohn Marshall
--9Aleasha YohoNHJohn Marshall
--11Madie FridayNHWheeling Park
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kasey Williams16-01.50Parkersburg South
2.12Rachel A Richard15-03.00Brooke
3.10Paige Durkin14-05.00Wheeling Park
4.12Kayleigh Jenkins14-03.25Parkersburg South
5.12Cassandra Mosley14-03.00University
6.9Alison Duke14-00.50John Marshall
7.10Savannah Aronhalt14-00.25Morgantown
8.11Aspen Matlock13-11.00Wheeling Park
9.11Jessica Hamrick13-10.50Parkersburg South
10.12Rachel Hewitt13-08.50Morgantown
11.10Jazzlyn Hall13-04.25Wheeling Park
12.9Aleasha Yoho12-07.00John Marshall
13.10Krista Brady12-06.75Brooke
14.9Alyssa Eddy12-05.25John Marshall
15.10Nikki Vilasuso12-05.00Morgantown
16.11Bryanna Dering12-00.25University
--9Valerie MooreNDJohn Marshall
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