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All-Catholic Championship

Friday, April 27, 2012

Guerin Catholic, Noblesville

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Indiana - Lafayette Jefferson
Guerin Catholic
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tre Roby11.13aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.9Lavante Bellamy11.35aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.12Connor Howard11.39aGuerin Catholic
4.10Terry McLaurin11.44aIndianapolis Cathedral
5.12Chip Ursery11.55aIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.9Andre Guy11.79aIndianapolis Cardina...
7.12Alex Meyer11.83aGuerin Catholic
8.12Dylan Gray11.85aIndianapolis Bishop ...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Lavante Bellamy11.47aBrebeuf Jesuit
2.10Terry McLaurin11.51aIndianapolis Cathedral
3.12Tre Roby11.55aIndianapolis Cathedral
4.12Connor Howard11.67aGuerin Catholic
5.12Alex Meyer11.73aGuerin Catholic
5.12Dylan Gray11.73aIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.12Chip Ursery11.77aIndianapolis Bishop ...
8.9Andre Guy11.80aIndianapolis Cardina...
9.12Andrew Shearn11.87aBrebeuf Jesuit
10.12Will Schott11.88aRoncalli
11.12Chris Williams12.01aIndianapolis Cardina...
12.11Eric Frick12.13aIndianapolis Scecina...
13.9Doerr Bryan12.28aRoncalli
14.11Robert Rennick12.84aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tre Roby22.72aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.11Marco Burkert22.78aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.12Connor Howard22.97aGuerin Catholic
4.10Malik Davis23.42aIndianapolis Cardina...
5.9Lavante Bellamy23.48aBrebeuf Jesuit
6.12Brent Kelly Hooks23.76aIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.11Tony Buran23.93aGuerin Catholic
8.12Will Schott24.36aRoncalli
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tre Roby22.96aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.11Marco Burkert23.01aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.12Connor Howard23.19aGuerin Catholic
4.10Malik Davis23.38aIndianapolis Cardina...
5.12Brent Kelly Hooks23.63aIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.12Will Schott23.98aRoncalli
7.11Tony Buran24.01aGuerin Catholic
8.9Lavante Bellamy24.05aBrebeuf Jesuit
9.12Zachary Gapinski24.07aBrebeuf Jesuit
10.12Kevin Brown24.09aIndianapolis Cardina...
11.11Eric Frick24.48aIndianapolis Scecina...
12.9Doerr Bryan24.58aRoncalli
13.11Jordan Tucker25.23aIndianapolis Scecina...
--12Bobby MulliganDQIndianapolis Cathedral
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jean M'Bourounkouna50.79aBrebeuf Jesuit
2.11Marco Burkert51.46aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.10Ben Baker52.56aIndianapolis Cathedral
4.10Malik Davis52.70aIndianapolis Cardina...
5.11Sammy Adams52.89aGuerin Catholic
6.12Nick Siderys53.28aIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.11Eric Frick53.31aIndianapolis Scecina...
8.11Desmond Bunnell53.43aIndianapolis Cardina...
9.12Tony Maley53.47aBrebeuf Jesuit
10.11Jack Hosty53.57aRoncalli
11.11David Hughett53.59aRoncalli
12.9Jordan Hitchcock54.79aGuerin Catholic
13.11Jordan Tucker55.09aIndianapolis Scecina...
14.11John Hummel55.47aIndianapolis Cathedral
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Marco Burkert50.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
12Nick Siderys51.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
11Jack Busald52.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
12Brent Kelly Hooks54.61Indianapolis Bishop ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kent Garrett1:58.03aGuerin Catholic
2.12Nick Kirkpatrick1:59.75aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.11James Perry2:01.44aRoncalli
4.10Matt Lang2:02.48aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.12Austin Gerulski2:02.81aGuerin Catholic
6.12Seamus Brennan2:04.30aIndianapolis Cathedral
7.11Jack Busald2:04.37aIndianapolis Bishop ...
8.12Blake Jahnke2:06.43aRoncalli
9.9Patrick O'Neil2:09.26aIndianapolis Cathedral
10.9Jacob Kelly2:09.85aIndianapolis Bishop ...
11.10Caleb Hernandez2:12.08aIndianapolis Cardina...
12.11Taylor Schepers2:15.80aIndianapolis Cardina...
13.12John Kennedy2:17.50aIndianapolis Scecina...
14.9Logan Bowman2:20.15aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kent Garrett4:22.77aGuerin Catholic
2.12Nick Kirkpatrick4:25.59aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.9Zachary Snider4:26.24aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.11Spencer Clapp4:31.71aIndianapolis Cathedral
5.10Joseph Taylor4:35.87aGuerin Catholic
6.9Patrick O'Neil4:36.22aIndianapolis Cathedral
7.9Luke Schepers4:45.14aIndianapolis Cardina...
8.9Jacob Kelly4:51.14aIndianapolis Bishop ...
9.11Michael Michaud4:53.37aIndianapolis Scecina...
10.11Jackson Naylor Cook4:56.83aIndianapolis Bishop ...
11.10Walter Dearing4:57.40aRoncalli
12.12John Kennedy5:03.97aIndianapolis Scecina...
13.12Ben Susemichel5:05.59aRoncalli
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Spencer Clapp9:37.66aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.9Zachary Snider9:40.43aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.12Kent Garrett9:46.43aGuerin Catholic
4.10Adam George9:48.57aIndianapolis Cathedral
5.12Nick Denari10:12.72aBrebeuf Jesuit
6.12Andrew Elston10:24.29aGuerin Catholic
7.11Patrick Ciresi10:25.68aIndianapolis Bishop ...
8.11Michael Michaud10:26.13aIndianapolis Scecina...
9.9Jona Odell10:34.21aIndianapolis Cardina...
10.11Dan Buergler10:39.42aRoncalli
11.10Austin O'Gara10:47.38aRoncalli
12.11Taylor Schepers10:58.77aIndianapolis Cardina...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robbie Brinkman15.63aIndianapolis Cardina...
2.10Jalu Obeime15.93aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.12Max Millot16.07aRoncalli
4.11Shine Duncan16.15aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Derek Mallory16.18aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.12Brent Kelly Hooks16.94aIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.9Kyle Schultz17.83aGuerin Catholic
8.9Nick Farrar18.36aRoncalli
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Max Millot15.81aRoncalli
2.10Jalu Obeime16.03aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.12Robbie Brinkman16.10aIndianapolis Cardina...
4.11Shine Duncan16.25aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Derek Mallory16.26aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.12Brent Kelly Hooks17.14aIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.9Nick Farrar18.00aRoncalli
8.9Kyle Schultz18.24aGuerin Catholic
9.9Andrew Swidan18.78aGuerin Catholic
10.12Kenny Kirschner19.01aIndianapolis Bishop ...
11.9Jack McLaughlin21.94aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shine Duncan40.45aBrebeuf Jesuit
2.12Jacob Saylor41.82aRoncalli
3.12Robbie Brinkman42.26aIndianapolis Cardina...
4.12Max Millot42.79aRoncalli
5.12Alex Meyer42.97aGuerin Catholic
6.11Derek Mallory43.73aIndianapolis Cardina...
7.9Kyle Schultz44.42aGuerin Catholic
8.10Grant Prather44.47aBrebeuf Jesuit
9.12Kenny Kirschner45.94aIndianapolis Bishop ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tre Roby
Bobby Mulligan
Terry McLaurin
Malcom Dotson
43.27aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.-Zachary Gapinski
Jalu Obeime
Shine Duncan
Lavante Bellamy
43.77aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.-Sammy Adams
Drew Dehnke
Kyle Schultz
Tony Buran
43.95aGuerin Catholic
4.-Dylan Gray
Nick Siderys
Brent Kelly Hooks
Ryan Kleinschmidht
44.32aIndianapolis Bishop ...
5.-Eddie Cmehil
Kevin Brown
Chris Williams
Malik Davis
45.46aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.-Doerr Bryan
Otley Nat
Ryan Utterback
Townsend Eric
7.-Robert Rennick
Logan Bowman
Paul McMasters
Griffin Walizer
49.65aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sammy Adams
Drew Dehnke
Tony Buran
Jordan Hitchcock
3:30.86aGuerin Catholic
2.-Zachary Gapinski
Tony Maley
Nick Kirkpatrick
Jean-Michel M'Bouroukoun
3:30.86aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.-Ben Baker
John Hummel
Bobby Mulligan
Liam O'Hara
3:32.42aIndianapolis Cathedral
4.-Josh Hernandez
Robbie Brinkman
David Steckler
Desmond Bunnell
3:32.80aIndianapolis Cardina...
5.-James Parkinson
Jack Hosty
Blake Jahnke
Jacob Saylor
6.-Logan Bowman
Eric Frick
Paul McMasters
Robert Rennick
3:41.20aIndianapolis Scecina...
---Nick Siderys
Jacob Kelly
Jack Busald
Jackson Naylor Cook
DQIndianapolis Bishop ...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tony Maley
Matt Lang
Nick Denari
Nick Kirkpatrick
8:21.73aBrebeuf Jesuit
2.-Andrew Bentivoglio
Joe Taylor
Andrew Elston
Austin Gerulski
8:24.69aGuerin Catholic
3.-Patrick O'Neil
Patrick Engle
John Hummel
Vincent Halloran
8:32.71aIndianapolis Cathedral
4.-Jack Hosty
Joey Ray
James Parkinson
Alex Alfery
5.-Chris Dever
Peter Rentsch
Sean Johnson
Nick Zetzl
9:33.04aIndianapolis Cardina...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Toth15.20mBrebeuf Jesuit
2.11Dustin Feltner14.42mIndianapolis Scecina...
3.11Armond Jones14.10mIndianapolis Cardina...
4.12Quincy Giles13.58mIndianapolis Cathedral
5.12Tim Zimmerman13.43mRoncalli
6.10Cal Scifres13.23mRoncalli
7.12Shelby Evans12.27mGuerin Catholic
8.12Ryan Hicks12.19mIndianapolis Cardina...
9.11Adam Fettig12.07mGuerin Catholic
10.11D'ylan Richardson11.88mIndianapolis Scecina...
11.9Anthony Larose10.26mIndianapolis Bishop ...
12.12Sam Suen9.30mBrebeuf Jesuit
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Evans46.20mGuerin Catholic
2.11Dustin Feltner44.07mIndianapolis Scecina...
3.12Jon Toth43.89mBrebeuf Jesuit
4.12Quincy Giles42.92mIndianapolis Cathedral
5.12Corey Babb42.83mIndianapolis Cathedral
6.12Tim Zimmerman41.40mRoncalli
7.11Adam Fettig36.90mGuerin Catholic
8.11D'ylan Richardson32.72mIndianapolis Scecina...
9.-Scott Scholar31.76mIndianapolis Cardina...
10.9Connor James31.05mRoncalli
11.12Robbie Soliven30.45mBrebeuf Jesuit
12.12Brendan Haile29.56mIndianapolis Bishop ...
13.11Joe Sweeney26.96mIndianapolis Cardina...
14.10Sean Myers26.11mIndianapolis Bishop ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will Schott1.87mRoncalli
2.11Michael Scifres1.82mRoncalli
3.12Matt Hurrle1.72mIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.10Quentin Taylor1.67mBrebeuf Jesuit
5.12Robbie Brinkman1.62mIndianapolis Cardina...
5.11Paul Rumer1.62mIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.9Brady McGinnis1.62mGuerin Catholic
8.9Jared Lewis1.62mIndianapolis Cathedral
8.11Curtis Steger1.62mIndianapolis Cathedral
--11Taylor BriggsNHIndianapolis Cardina...
--9Jacob PottratzNHGuerin Catholic
--9Jack McLaughlinNHIndianapolis Scecina...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Metzger3.65mIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Christian Rhodes3.04mBrebeuf Jesuit
2.11Dominic Maley3.04mBrebeuf Jesuit
4.11Paul McMasters2.89mIndianapolis Scecina...
5.9Andrew Porten2.89mIndianapolis Cathedral
6.10Matt Flood2.89mIndianapolis Cathedral
7.11Yutterback Ryan2.74mRoncalli
8.11Stuart Gillig2.74mIndianapolis Cardina...
9.10Sean Johnson2.59mIndianapolis Cardina...
10.12Brennan Wade2.59mRoncalli
11.10Charlie Sloan2.43mGuerin Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tre Roby6.37mIndianapolis Cathedral
2.12Will Schott6.24mRoncalli
3.12Brian Collins5.72mBrebeuf Jesuit
4.12Eddie Cmehil5.68mIndianapolis Cardina...
5.12Chip Ursery5.65mIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.10Myles Faulkens5.63mBrebeuf Jesuit
7.12Chris Williams5.62mIndianapolis Cardina...
8.12Max Vanvleit5.46mIndianapolis Bishop ...
9.9Jared Lewis5.42mIndianapolis Cathedral
10.11Jordan Tucker5.21mIndianapolis Scecina...
10.10Drew Dehnke5.21mGuerin Catholic
12.9Logan Bowman5.20mIndianapolis Scecina...
13.10Joe Schott5.18mRoncalli
14.9Andrew Swidan4.91mGuerin Catholic

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Bryan12.75aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.11Sophie Meier13.12aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.10Casey Pennell13.34aIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.11Sarah Shuck13.65aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Grace Hill13.68aGuerin Catholic
6.11Kat Martin13.79aGuerin Catholic
7.11Colleen Naumovich13.90aRoncalli
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Maddie Bryan12.96aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.10Casey Pennell13.36aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.11Sophie Meier13.38aIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.11Sarah Shuck13.54aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Lexxus Betts13.63aIndianapolis Cathedral
6.11Colleen Naumovich13.71aRoncalli
7.11Grace Hill13.72aGuerin Catholic
8.11Kat Martin13.81aGuerin Catholic
9.9Gina Brase13.82aBrebeuf Jesuit
10.11Delaney Collier13.87aRoncalli
11.12Anna Legge13.88aIndianapolis Cardina...
12.-Kyla Dickens13.96aIndianapolis Cardina...
13.9Erin Flynn14.58aIndianapolis Scecina...
14.9Audrey Petrone14.83aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Bell25.69aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Maddie Bryan26.17aIndianapolis Cathedral
3.11Sophie Meier27.16aIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.11Sarah Shuck27.55aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.12Anna Legge28.17aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.11Grace Hill28.37aGuerin Catholic
7.12Alicia Follrod30.51aIndianapolis Cardina...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Maggie Bell26.31aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Maddie Bryan26.80aIndianapolis Cathedral
3.11Sophie Meier27.37aIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.11Sarah Shuck27.56aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.12Alicia Follrod27.98aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.11Grace Hill28.09aGuerin Catholic
7.12Anna Legge28.17aIndianapolis Cardina...
8.11Lexxus Betts28.39aIndianapolis Cathedral
9.11Delaney Collier28.91aRoncalli
10.11Colleen Naumovich29.02aRoncalli
11.11Anna Stark29.37aGuerin Catholic
12.9Gina Brase29.94aBrebeuf Jesuit
13.12Megan Erlenbaugh30.01aIndianapolis Scecina...
14.9Audrey Petrone31.11aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Bell58.70aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Stephanie Barnes1:00.45aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.12Alicia Follrod1:03.77aIndianapolis Cardina...
4.9Mara Kennedy1:03.99aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Elise Jahnke1:04.38aRoncalli
6.10Justus Coleman1:05.47aIndianapolis Cathedral
7.12Aysha Jemison1:05.84aIndianapolis Cathedral
8.12Erin Darland1:05.86aRoncalli
9.11Kristen Gossman1:06.36aIndianapolis Cardina...
10.10Caroline Hitchcock1:06.54aBrebeuf Jesuit
11.11Allison Sanchez1:06.80aGuerin Catholic
12.12Megan Erlenbaugh1:09.42aIndianapolis Scecina...
13.10Dasha Kehlor1:09.47aGuerin Catholic
14.9Alie Bachus1:10.62aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Stephanie Barnes60.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
12Maggie Bell60.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
10Hannah Gardner62.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
12Mary Davis63.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Arden Burch2:28.28aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.12Heather O'Brien2:29.57aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.9Kenzie Quinn2:30.28aRoncalli
4.9Rachel Yuska2:32.91aGuerin Catholic
5.11Erica Groth2:34.76aIndianapolis Cardina...
6.11Erica Fuller2:34.94aGuerin Catholic
7.11Hannah Lies2:36.91aBrebeuf Jesuit
8.11Claire Stuper2:37.59aIndianapolis Cardina...
9.9Laine Jackson2:39.60aRoncalli
10.9Katie Owens2:39.87aBrebeuf Jesuit
11.11Grace Bennett2:40.34aIndianapolis Cathedral
12.9Abby Crump2:41.65aIndianapolis Scecina...
13.9Caroline Sausser2:59.31aIndianapolis Scecina...
14.10Lauren Roy3:03.87aIndianapolis Cathedral
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Emily Lux2:24Indianapolis Bishop ...
11Elaine Wessel2:27Indianapolis Bishop ...
10Erin Crone2:31Indianapolis Bishop ...
12Paige Powers2:38Indianapolis Bishop ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Davis5:10.47aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Emma MacAnally5:20.31aIndianapolis Cathedral
3.12Arden Burch5:22.64aIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.11Hannah Lies5:32.67aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.9Rachel Yuska5:35.51aGuerin Catholic
6.11Morgan Abernathy5:35.81aGuerin Catholic
7.10Caroline Garau5:39.08aBrebeuf Jesuit
8.12Sammy Rush5:47.50aIndianapolis Cardina...
9.9Laine Jackson5:56.42aRoncalli
10.12Kaitie Schultheis5:57.96aRoncalli
11.11Grace Newhart5:59.76aIndianapolis Scecina...
12.12Maria Desanto6:17.54aIndianapolis Cathedral
13.10Katie Hiskes6:28.88aIndianapolis Cardina...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Lux11:44.79aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Morgan Abernathy12:16.87aGuerin Catholic
3.10Caroline Garau12:28.37aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.11Kendall Burgett12:45.93aIndianapolis Cathedral
5.9Lexi Lewis12:50.01aBrebeuf Jesuit
6.9Kaleigh Wilham12:50.10aRoncalli
7.12Meghan Searight13:10.11aIndianapolis Cathedral
8.9Cynthia Ader13:26.68aRoncalli
9.12Delaney Moss13:45.68aIndianapolis Scecina...
10.9Becca Zatkulak13:53.81aGuerin Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Olivia Johnson16.06aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.12Ellie Sheffield16.39aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.11Melissa Snider16.54aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.10Kendal Harris17.64aGuerin Catholic
5.9Hallie Harris17.73aRoncalli
6.11Elaina LeMasters17.89aRoncalli
7.11Sarah Mark18.78aIndianapolis Bishop ...
8.12Olivia Meier18.82aIndianapolis Bishop ...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Olivia Johnson16.39aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.12Ellie Sheffield16.66aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.11Melissa Snider16.93aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.10Kendal Harris17.82aGuerin Catholic
5.11Elaina LeMasters17.89aRoncalli
6.9Hallie Harris18.23aRoncalli
7.11Sarah Mark18.86aIndianapolis Bishop ...
8.12Olivia Meier19.20aIndianapolis Bishop ...
9.11Courtney Storer19.37aGuerin Catholic
10.12Josslyn Borelly20.75aIndianapolis Scecina...
11.11Michaela McDonald22.51aIndianapolis Cardina...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Olivia Johnson46.60aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.12Ellie Sheffield47.12aBrebeuf Jesuit
3.11Elaina LeMasters49.83aRoncalli
4.11Melissa Snider51.15aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.11Sarah Mark51.50aIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.11Michaela McDonald51.62aIndianapolis Cardina...
7.11Kat Martin51.92aGuerin Catholic
8.11Elaine Wessel52.32aIndianapolis Bishop ...
9.9Hallie Harris53.06aRoncalli
10.12Lauren Williams53.79aIndianapolis Cathedral
11.10Kendal Harris53.82aGuerin Catholic
12.12Josslyn Borelly56.35aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Olivia Johnson
Lexxus Betts
Aysha Jemison
Maddie Bryan
50.92aIndianapolis Cathedral
2.-Sarah Mark
Carly Ridge
Sophie Meier
Casey Pennell
51.55aIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.-Sarah Shuck
Melissa Snider
Ellie Sheffield
Gina Brase
52.41aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.-Kyla Dickens
Cierra Hill
Alicia Follrod
Anna Legge
53.10aIndianapolis Cardina...
5.-Delaney Collier
Taylor Wong
Hallie Harris
Colleen Naumovich
6.-Kendal Harris
Grace Hill
Anna Stark
Courtney Storer
54.11aGuerin Catholic
7.-Erin Flynn
Audrey Petrone
Betsy Griffin
Sophie Meagher
59.83aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Gardner
Grace Dury
Mary Davis
Stephanie Barnes
4:07.32aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.-Kristen Gossman
Michaela McDonald
Anna Legge
Alicia Follrod
4:17.91aIndianapolis Cardina...
3.-Kenzie Quinn
Erin Darland
Laine Jackson
Elise Jahnke
4.-Hannah Lies
Mara Kennedy
Caroline Hitchcock
Ellie Sheffield
4:23.82aBrebeuf Jesuit
5.-Lexxus Betts
Aysha Jemison
Maddie Bryan
Maggie Flood
4:24.19aIndianapolis Cathedral
6.-Kendal Harris
Courtney Storer
Allison Sanchez
Dasha Kehlor
4:38.42aGuerin Catholic
7.-Alie Bachus
Grace Newhart
Sophie Meagher
Betsy Griffin
4:52.13aIndianapolis Scecina...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Crone
Grace Dury
Mary Claire Fagan
Heather O'Brien
10:01.27aIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.-Morgan Abernathy
Erica Fuller
Allison Sanchez
Beth Erickson
10:21.08aGuerin Catholic
3.-Abby Brenner
Katie Owens
Mara Kennedy
Hannah Lies
10:41.44aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.-Kendall Burgett
Emma Leising
Grace Bennett
Emma MacAnally
10:44.49aIndianapolis Cathedral
5.-Cassie Schultheis
Cynthia Ader
Kaleigh Wilham
Kaitlyn Owens
6.-Katie Hiskes
Claire Stuper
Sammie Fenzel
Erica Groth
10:59.22aIndianapolis Cardina...
7.-Alie Bachus
Grace Newhart
Abby Crump
Sophie Meagher
11:09.85aIndianapolis Scecina...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Remi Ewing9.68mIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.10Katie Suiters9.28mIndianapolis Scecina...
3.11Dasia Moore9.26mIndianapolis Cardina...
4.10Mallory Taylor8.75mIndianapolis Cathedral
5.10Hannah Gardner8.57mIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.12Mary Marshall8.42mIndianapolis Cardina...
7.11Karissa Ray8.20mIndianapolis Scecina...
8.9Emily Schneider7.72mGuerin Catholic
9.11Megan Clarke7.67mGuerin Catholic
10.11Emily Green7.61mBrebeuf Jesuit
11.10Ashley Kedra7.48mRoncalli
12.12Katie Kaufman7.40mIndianapolis Cathedral
13.11Sarah Mikell6.55mBrebeuf Jesuit
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mallory Taylor32.29mIndianapolis Cathedral
2.9Anna Logan31.50mIndianapolis Bishop ...
3.10Remi Ewing26.53mIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.10Shayna Grady26.12mIndianapolis Cardina...
5.10Katie Suiters25.40mIndianapolis Scecina...
6.11Karissa Ray25.29mIndianapolis Scecina...
7.10Ashley Kedra24.35mRoncalli
8.12Katie Kaufman23.55mIndianapolis Cathedral
9.11Maddie Witezak22.08mIndianapolis Cardina...
10.11Emily Green21.24mBrebeuf Jesuit
11.11Amy Southworth20.45mGuerin Catholic
12.11Sarah Mikell17.14mBrebeuf Jesuit
13.11Megan Clarke16.06mGuerin Catholic
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julie Amos1.60mIndianapolis Cardina...
2.11Bridget Perry1.57mRoncalli
3.12Kristen Broadbent1.52mGuerin Catholic
4.11McDonald Jazzmine1.52mIndianapolis Cathedral
5.11Hannah Parker1.47mIndianapolis Bishop ...
6.10Casey Pennell1.47mIndianapolis Bishop ...
7.11Carolyn Goddard1.42mBrebeuf Jesuit
7.9Mara Kennedy1.42mBrebeuf Jesuit
9.11Anna Stark1.37mGuerin Catholic
10.9Audrey Petrone1.37mIndianapolis Scecina...
11.11Michaela McDonald1.32mIndianapolis Cardina...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kathleen Wannemuehler2.36mGuerin Catholic
2.11Sarah Mikell2.28mBrebeuf Jesuit
3.12Kaitie Schultheis2.13mRoncalli
4.10Katie Nelson1.98mGuerin Catholic
--10Katherine WillNHIndianapolis Cathedral
--10Cara RattermanNHIndianapolis Cathedral
--11Emily GreenNHBrebeuf Jesuit
--12Cassie SchultheisNHRoncalli
--11Abigail IversNHIndianapolis Cardina...
--9Jenna HoustonNHIndianapolis Cardina...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sophie Meier5.11mIndianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Sarah Shuck4.64mBrebeuf Jesuit
3.11Stephanie Barnes4.64mIndianapolis Bishop ...
4.12Julie Amos4.52mIndianapolis Cardina...
5.10Nina Perr4.45mRoncalli
6.12Kristen Broadbent4.33mGuerin Catholic
7.11Melissa Snider4.32mBrebeuf Jesuit
8.12Stephanie Fultz4.21mIndianapolis Cathedral
8.11Erin Maxison4.21mIndianapolis Cathedral
10.10Alexis Finnell4.03mIndianapolis Cardina...
11.11Delaney Collier3.94mRoncalli
12.9Betsy Griffin3.60mIndianapolis Scecina...
13.12Megan Erlenbaugh3.23mIndianapolis Scecina...
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