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WIC 2A Championships

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Plymouth, New Plymouth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christian Chavez11.99aMelba
2.8Zachary Jacobs12.06aVale
2.8Alexandre Heidt12.06aMarsing
4.7Brian Reyes13.07aMelba
5.8Isaac Vargas13.19aNyssa
6.7Caleb Johnston13.24aNew Plymouth
7.7Nate Golt13.36aNew Plymouth
8.7Zeth Foster13.39aNampa Christian
9.7Jake Wilson13.46aNew Plymouth
10.7Gustabo Bahena13.48aVale
11.8Joe Naughton13.52aNew Plymouth
12.8Pascacio Freddy13.63aNyssa
13.8Lake Albert13.66aVale
14.8Matias Wilson13.95aCole Valley Christian
15.7Chris Claypool14.32aNew Plymouth
16.8Colton Neilsen14.40aNyssa
17.8Jeremy Currie14.46aPayette Lakes (McCall)
18.8Parker Brown14.48aPayette Lakes (McCall)
19.7Jacob Delong14.55aVale
20.7Brandon Fung14.83aCole Valley Christian
21.7Andrew Collins14.95aVale
22.7Ian Jackson15.01aNorth Star Charter
23.7Bryce Eveland15.24aCole Valley Christian
24.7Cody Shideler15.48aCole Valley Christian
25.8Marco Solis15.62aNew Plymouth
26.7Tycen Reche15.83aCole Valley Christian
27.7Garrett Moyes15.85aNyssa
28.7Jesse Fairgrieve16.35aNampa Christian
29.7Anthony Morales16.52aNew Plymouth
30.7Grant Gzik16.60aNyssa
31.7Colton McCormack17.27aMelba
32.7Matt Coates17.95aMelba
33.7Skylar Gray18.63aNampa Christian
34.7Brain Skow19.87aMelba
35.8Nicolas Bixby25.47aVale
7Pascal AnikaNTCole Valley Christian
7Kaden SmithNTCole Valley Christian
7Ben GethungNTMarsing
7Mitch OlsenNTMelba
8Jose LopezNTNyssa
8Reese KuligNTNorth Star Charter
8Justin HunterNTMelba
8McKay BennettNTVale
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christian Chavez24.63aMelba
2.8Alexandre Heidt25.14aMarsing
3.8Zachary Jacobs25.48aVale
4.8Tate Yager25.96aNew Plymouth
5.8Blake Johansen26.27aNampa Christian
6.8Aidan Schlupe27.15aVale
7.8Andrew Anderson27.22aNampa Christian
8.1Jose Gramajo28.03aNyssa
9.8Nick Smith28.31aNew Plymouth
10.7Gustabo Bahena28.88aVale
11.7River Park29.04aPayette Lakes (McCall)
12.7Chris Claypool29.66aNew Plymouth
13.7Shane Veal30.99aPayette Lakes (McCall)
14.7Ellis Stokes31.11aNew Plymouth
15.7Dakota Hardy31.20aMarsing
16.7Brandon Fung31.34aCole Valley Christian
17.7Salomon Ilunga31.66aNampa Christian
18.7Ian Jackson31.89aNorth Star Charter
19.7Caden Taylor32.87aPayette Lakes (McCall)
20.7Cameron White32.93aNew Plymouth
21.7Jesse Fairgrieve33.00aNampa Christian
22.7Graham Montee33.02aNew Plymouth
23.7Cody Shideler33.16aCole Valley Christian
24.7Nick Geddes34.82aCole Valley Christian
25.7Tycen Reche34.89aCole Valley Christian
26.7Brady Reyna34.93aNew Plymouth
27.8Teagan Petross35.01aNew Plymouth
28.7Wes Harris37.36aNew Plymouth
29.7Skylar Gray45.02aNampa Christian
7Ben GethungNTMarsing
8Reese KuligNTNorth Star Charter
8Robert SmithNTNew Plymouth
8Austin CreekNTNew Plymouth
8Aric CadyNTNampa Christian
8Pascacio FreddyNTNyssa
8Lake AlbertNTVale
8Isaac ValentinNTNyssa
7Justin HiattNTMarsing
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christian Chavez57.61aMelba
2.8Blake Johansen59.33aNampa Christian
3.8Andrew Anderson1:00.24aNampa Christian
4.7Jake Wilson1:02.47aNew Plymouth
5.8Nick Smith1:02.72aNew Plymouth
6.7Justin Hiatt1:03.28aMarsing
7.8Brockton Mattos1:03.71aVale
8.7Heath Hartley1:04.88aNyssa
9.8Joe Naughton1:05.51aNew Plymouth
10.8Lake Albert1:07.40aVale
11.1Jose Gramajo1:07.48aNyssa
12.8Isaac Vargas1:08.20aNyssa
13.8Christian Phillips1:08.38aCole Valley Christian
14.7Doug Wilkinson1:10.78aPayette Lakes (McCall)
15.8Caleb Kessler1:11.97aNew Plymouth
16.8Jorge Juica1:12.06aNew Plymouth
17.8Kent Kolka1:13.41aCole Valley Christian
18.7Ryan Vineyard1:14.58aNyssa
19.7Garrett Moyes1:22.23aNyssa
20.7Michael Duenas1:22.46aNyssa
21.8Luis Acosta1:24.14aNyssa
22.8Gavin Stoneman1:40.61aNyssa
7Nick GeddesNTCole Valley Christian
7Caleb JohnstonNTNew Plymouth
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brockton Mattos2:23.47aVale
2.7Caleb Johnston2:26.24aNew Plymouth
3.7Josh Mick2:35.80aCole Valley Christian
4.8Aric Cady2:37.28aNampa Christian
5.8Andrew Deleon2:37.46aNyssa
6.8Parker Johnson2:40.08aNampa Christian
7.8Caleb Kessler2:43.07aNew Plymouth
8.8Isaac Vargas2:44.69aNyssa
9.8Jorge Juica2:49.20aNew Plymouth
10.7Tanner Allen2:51.57aMarsing
11.7Doug Wilkinson2:53.26aPayette Lakes (McCall)
12.8Isaac Valentin2:53.77aNyssa
13.7Sean Martin2:56.05aNampa Christian
14.7Matt Cox3:02.22aVale
15.7Cameron White3:02.73aNew Plymouth
16.8Luis Acosta3:04.03aNyssa
17.7Ryan Cotter3:23.43aNampa Christian
18.8Gavin Stoneman3:47.08aNyssa
8Robert SmithNTNew Plymouth
8Jason ContiNTNorth Star Charter
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Josh Mick5:24.73aCole Valley Christian
2.8Andrew Deleon5:28.41aNyssa
3.8Caleb Kessler5:34.41aNew Plymouth
4.7Matt Cox5:43.68aVale
5.8Pepe Rayo5:45.69aVale
6.7Ethan Sager5:45.73aNorth Star Charter
7.7Josh DeJong5:59.32aNampa Christian
8.7Tanner Allen6:02.32aMarsing
9.8Isaac Valentin6:07.28aNyssa
10.8Isaac Vargas6:09.03aNyssa
11.7Devin Smith6:18.43aVale
12.7Sean Martin6:29.42aNampa Christian
13.7Colton McCormack6:44.01aMelba
14.8Jorge Juica7:21.12aNew Plymouth
15.8Gavin Stoneman7:41.19aNyssa
16.7Carson Miller7:48.96aCole Valley Christian
8Kent KolkaNTCole Valley Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Bates17.48aNyssa
2.8Edmundo Perez18.95aMelba
3.8Henry Filmore18.98aNampa Christian
4.8Nick Smith19.41aNew Plymouth
5.8Connor Rhodes19.61aMarsing
6.7Gustabo Bahena22.23aVale
7.7Ryan Cotter22.35aNampa Christian
8.7Salomon Ilunga22.97aNampa Christian
7Garrett HarrisNTVale
8Derek HiattNTVale
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Bates30.07Nyssa
2.8Justin Simpson31.01aNyssa
8.8Justin Simpson31.01aNyssa
3.7Heath Hartley31.97Nyssa
4.8Connor Rhodes32.09Marsing
5.8Derek Hiatt32.77Vale
6.8Henry Filmore33.17Nampa Christian
7.8Ramiro Duenas34.38Nyssa
9.8Zach Burnell34.87aNyssa
8.7Josh DeJong34.77Nampa Christian
10.7Salomon Ilunga35.31aNampa Christian
11.7Ryan Vineyard36.10aNyssa
12.7Josh Mick36.12aCole Valley Christian
13.7Cameron White36.44aNew Plymouth
14.7Ryan Cotter37.39aNampa Christian
15.8Christian Phillips37.59aCole Valley Christian
7Nate GoltNTNew Plymouth
7Levi NesbittNTNew Plymouth
1.8John Bates16.13Nyssa
2.7Heath Hartley18.03Nyssa
3.8Connor Rhodes18.15Marsing
4.8Derek Hiatt18.83Vale
5.8Henry Filmore19.23Nampa Christian
6.8Ramiro Duenas20.44Nyssa
7.7Josh DeJong20.83Nampa Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bryce Arant
Alejandro Carrasco
Heath Hartley
Ramiro Duenas
2.-Aidan Schlupe
Connelly Schlupe
Zachary Jacobs
Gage Fortin
3.-Edmundo Perez
Brain Reyez
Cole Shaffer
Jake Woodruff
4.-Tanner Allen
Dakota Hardy
Justin Hiatt
Alexandre Heidt
5.-Zeth Halpin
Andrew Anderson
John Clapier
Blake Johansen
52.78aNampa Christian
6.-Relay Team 54.93aNew Plymouth
7.-Jacob Delong
Mike Young
Lake Albert
Gustabo Bahena
8.-Isaac Harvey
Jose Gramajo
Jose Candelas
Colton Neilsen
9.-Parker Brown
Jeremy Currie
Smoky Frees
Josh McGinnis
59.75aPayette Lakes (McCall)
10.-Cody Shideler
Brandon Fung
Tycen Reche
Pascal Anika
1:01.88aCole Valley Christian
11.-Andrew Collins
Garrett Harris
McKay Bennett
Nicolas Bixby
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brockton Mattos
Tony Hahn
Gage Fortin
Derek Hiatt
2.-Joe Naughton
Caleb Johnston
Nick Smith
Tate Yager
4:24.14aNew Plymouth
3.-Jake Woodruff
Edmundo Perez
Brain Reyez
Christian Chavez
4.-Aric Cady
John Clapier
Parker Johnson
Blake Johansen
4:28.29aNampa Christian
5.-Isaac Harvey
Justin Simpson
ANdrew DeLeon
Bryce Arant
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cole Shaffer
Noah Shaw
Edmundo Perez
Brain Reyez
2.-Connelly Schlupe
Aidan Schlupe
Brockton Mattos
Pepe Rayo
3.-Zeth Halpin
Henry Filmore
Parker Johnson
John Clapier
1:59.23aNampa Christian
4.-Jose Candelas
Isaac Valentin
ANdrew DeLeon
Alejandro Carrasco
5.-Jake Wilson
Levi Nesbitt
Jacob Detinger
Cody Fernley
2:08.66aNew Plymouth
-Doug Wilkinson
Caden Taylor
River Park
Shane Veal
NTPayette Lakes (McCall)
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Garret DeVos38-06.00Vale
2.8Ramiro Duenas37-11.00Nyssa
3.8Alejandro Carrasco32-07.00Nyssa
4.8Josh McGinnis32-05.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
5.8Cole Shaffer32-00.00Melba
6.7Jose Candelas31-08.00Nyssa
7.8Riley Currey31-01.50Vale
8.8Colton Neilsen30-11.00Nyssa
9.8Noah Shaw30-03.00Melba
10.7Andrew Collins29-00.00Vale
11.7Osiris Tapia27-03.00Nyssa
12.8Marco Solis26-08.50New Plymouth
13.8Teagan Petross25-08.00New Plymouth
14.8Austin Creek25-04.00New Plymouth
15.8Taylor Castro25-01.50New Plymouth
16.7Thomas Fagundes23-07.25Payette Lakes (McCall)
17.7Jacob Dentinger23-07.00New Plymouth
18.8Trevor Thomas22-10.00Vale
19.8Samson Large22-02.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
20.7Sam Galligan22-01.00Marsing
21.7Chase Rhodes22-00.50Marsing
22.7Michael Duenas21-02.00Nyssa
23.7Brain Skow20-09.00Melba
24.7Wes Harris20-08.25New Plymouth
25.7Brady Reyna20-00.00New Plymouth
26.7Grant Gzik19-11.00Nyssa
27.7Ben Gethung18-09.50Marsing
28.7Graham Montee18-07.00New Plymouth
29.7Garrett Moyes18-06.00Nyssa
30.7Matt Coates17-00.00Melba
31.8Robert Smith16-04.50New Plymouth
32.8Nicolas Bixby14-07.00Vale
7Mitch OlsenNDMelba
8Jose LopezNDNyssa
8Ricardo RendonNDNyssa
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ramiro Duenas111-01Nyssa
2.8Tate Yager109-04New Plymouth
3.8Andrew Anderson107-10Nampa Christian
4.7Andrew Collins88-05Vale
5.8Riley Currey87-08Vale
6.8Josh McGinnis85-11Payette Lakes (McCall)
7.7River Park85-01Payette Lakes (McCall)
8.8Garret DeVos78-07Vale
9.8Teagan Petross76-00New Plymouth
10.8Noah Shaw75-01Melba
11.7Mike Young72-09Vale
12.7Cody Fernley69-10New Plymouth
13.7Osiris Tapia69-09Nyssa
14.7Jose Candelas69-04Nyssa
15.8Colton Neilsen68-00Nyssa
16.8Austin Creek66-01New Plymouth
17.7Bryce Eveland65-01Cole Valley Christian
18.7Thomas Fagundes64-10Payette Lakes (McCall)
19.8Taylor Castro60-04New Plymouth
20.7Brady Reyna59-09New Plymouth
21.8Adam Moscrip58-09New Plymouth
22.7Kaden Smith58-04Cole Valley Christian
23.7Graham Montee56-08New Plymouth
24.7Michael Duenas56-06Nyssa
25.8Luis Acosta56-04Nyssa
26.7Sam Galligan55-09Marsing
27.7Jacob Dentinger55-06New Plymouth
28.8Marco Solis55-02New Plymouth
29.7Ellis Stokes54-10New Plymouth
30.7Grant Gzik54-08Nyssa
31.7Garrett Moyes53-09Nyssa
32.8Trevor Thomas53-08Vale
33.7Matt Cox50-08Vale
34.7Chase Rhodes48-05Marsing
35.7Wes Harris47-02New Plymouth
36.7Anthony Morales45-04New Plymouth
37.7Brain Skow42-09Melba
38.7Ben Gethung39-03Marsing
39.8Robert Smith36-09New Plymouth
40.8Nicolas Bixby25-00Vale
7Mitch OlsenNDMelba
8Jose LopezNDNyssa
8Ricardo RendonNDNyssa
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Bates5-00.00Nyssa
2.8Cole Shaffer4-10.00Melba
3.8Noah Shaw4-10.00Melba
4.8Connor Rhodes4-10.00Marsing
5.8Gage Fortin4-08.00Vale
6.7Nate Golt4-08.00New Plymouth
7.7Cody Fernley4-08.00New Plymouth
8.8Joe Naughton4-08.00New Plymouth
9.7Josh DeJong4-06.00Nampa Christian
9.8Henry Filmore4-06.00Nampa Christian
9.8Connelly Schlupe4-06.00Vale
12.8Tate Yager4-04.00New Plymouth
12.8Aidan Schlupe4-04.00Vale
12.8Isaac Harvey4-04.00Nyssa
12.7Garrett Harris4-04.00Vale
12.8John Clapier4-04.00Nampa Christian
12.7Levi Nesbitt4-04.00New Plymouth
18.7Salomon Ilunga4-02.00Nampa Christian
18.7Chris Claypool4-02.00New Plymouth
18.8Parker Brown4-02.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
21.8Smoky Frees4-00.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
21.8Tony Hahn4-00.00Vale
21.8Justin Feldman4-00.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
24.8Pepe Rayo3-10.00Vale
24.7Sean Martin3-10.00Nampa Christian
24.7Jesse Fairgrieve3-10.00Nampa Christian
7Brady ReynaNHNew Plymouth
7Grant GzikNHNyssa
8Luis AcostaNHNyssa
8Gavin StonemanNHNyssa
7Devin SmithNHVale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Parker Johnson9-00.00Nampa Christian
2.8Garret DeVos8-06.00Vale
3.8McKay Bennett8-00.00Vale
4.7Justin Hiatt7-06.00Marsing
5.7Jacob Delong7-00.00Vale
6.7Jake Woodruff7-00.00Melba
7.8Justin Hunter7-00.00Melba
8.7Garrett Harris6-06.00Vale
9.7Heath Hartley6-06.00Nyssa
8Pepe RayoNHVale
7Dakota HardyNHMarsing
7Ryan VineyardNHNyssa
7Tanner AllenNHMarsing
8Zach BurnellNHNyssa
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zachary Jacobs17-08.00Vale
2.8Alexandre Heidt16-05.00Marsing
3.8Bryce Arant15-09.00Nyssa
4.8Garret DeVos14-11.50Vale
5.7Cody Fernley14-06.00New Plymouth
6.7River Park14-01.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
7.8Alejandro Carrasco13-07.00Nyssa
8.8Pascacio Freddy13-03.00Nyssa
9.7Mike Young12-11.50Vale
10.7Jacob Dentinger12-09.00New Plymouth
10.8Justin Simpson12-09.00Nyssa
12.1Jose Gramajo12-08.25Nyssa
13.7Jacob Delong12-02.00Vale
14.8Zach Burnell12-01.00Nyssa
15.8Tony Hahn12-00.00Vale
16.7Ryan Vineyard11-07.25Nyssa
17.7Levi Nesbitt11-06.25New Plymouth
18.7Dakota Hardy11-00.00Marsing
19.7Ian Jackson10-11.75North Star Charter
20.7Zeth Foster10-07.75Nampa Christian
21.8Justin Feldman10-05.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
22.7Ellis Stokes10-04.00New Plymouth
23.7Shane Veal9-10.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
24.7Devin Smith9-01.75Vale
25.8Adam Moscrip9-01.50New Plymouth
26.7Anthony Morales9-01.00New Plymouth
26.7Michael Duenas9-01.00Nyssa
28.7Skylar Gray8-03.50Nampa Christian
29.7Matt Coates7-11.50Melba
7Brian ReyesNDMelba
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Bates36-04.50Nyssa
2.8Gage Fortin34-04.00Vale
3.8Bryce Arant32-08.00Nyssa
4.8Justin Simpson31-06.00Nyssa
5.8McKay Bennett30-10.00Vale
6.7Jake Woodruff29-10.00Melba
7.7Mike Young29-06.00Vale
8.8Connelly Schlupe28-10.00Vale
9.7Pascal Anika27-11.00Cole Valley Christian
10.8Derek Hiatt27-10.00Vale
11.8Justin Hunter27-08.00Melba
12.8Pascacio Freddy27-06.50Nyssa
13.8Isaac Harvey26-02.00Nyssa
14.8Riley Currey25-05.00Vale
15.8Zach Burnell24-08.00Nyssa
16.8Matias Wilson24-07.50Cole Valley Christian
17.7Shane Veal24-07.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
18.7Ellis Stokes23-11.00New Plymouth
19.8Justin Feldman23-02.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
20.8Adam Moscrip22-02.00New Plymouth
21.7Colton McCormack21-07.00Melba
22.7Devin Smith21-03.00Vale

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jayde Nielsen12.86aNorth Star Charter
2.8Courtney Butler13.06aNew Plymouth
3.7Charlina Lancaster13.59aNyssa
4.7Emma Mills13.63aCole Valley Christian
5.7Kaiden Wilkinson14.03aNew Plymouth
6.7Aubrielle Barr14.20aNampa Christian
7.8Payton Grover14.30aMelba
8.8Robi Salisbury14.37aNew Plymouth
9.7Kacie Talbot14.44aNyssa
10.7Selby Wright14.65aVale
11.7Madison Vargas14.80aVale
12.7Louisa Ford14.82aNorth Star Charter
13.8Jessica Lewis14.86aNew Plymouth
14.7Desiree Durfee15.00aNew Plymouth
15.7Alisa Burkhardt15.06aVale
16.7Callie Young15.09aMelba
17.7Angie Draper15.15aMarsing
17.8Katie Duncombe15.15aNew Plymouth
19.8Che Berg15.16aNorth Star Charter
20.7Rayann Pyle15.25aPayette Lakes (McCall)
21.7Jillian Herrold15.35aNorth Star Charter
21.7Ashlee Robinson15.35aPayette Lakes (McCall)
23.8Nicole Gaige15.42aNampa Christian
24.8Lucero Nunez15.42aVale
25.7Madeline McHugh15.44aCole Valley Christian
26.7Aspen Johnston15.64aCole Valley Christian
27.7Marchus Molly15.68aNorth Star Charter
28.8Cerda Doris15.73aNew Plymouth
29.7Kymberly Krautheim15.83aNew Plymouth
30.7Morgan Dibble15.89aNew Plymouth
31.8Irma Ibanez16.03aNyssa
32.7Brie Palmer16.05aVale
33.8Kalie Fanucchi16.16aNew Plymouth
34.7Alexandra Johnson16.43aNew Plymouth
35.8Cynthia Estrada16.59aNyssa
36.7Molly Riepe16.74aCole Valley Christian
37.7Katelyn Wilson16.96aMelba
38.7Sophia Fontana17.00aVale
39.7Dax Miller17.05aNew Plymouth
40.7Veronica Delacerda17.25aNyssa
41.7Payton Lopez17.30aNorth Star Charter
42.8Iysha Rodriguez17.31aNyssa
43.8Aundrea Dickard18.56aMelba
7Faith AustinNTNorth Star Charter
8Jamie SeaneyNTNorth Star Charter
7Jaelynne WagnerNTNorth Star Charter
8Mikayla FrostNTMelba
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jayde Nielsen28.03aNorth Star Charter
2.7Charlina Lancaster28.41aNyssa
3.7Cally Evans28.43aNew Plymouth
4.7Emma Mills28.73aCole Valley Christian
5.7Brittany Schober29.34aNampa Christian
6.8McKenzie Willis29.50aNorth Star Charter
7.8Katie Shurtleff29.76aNyssa
8.7Kaiden Wilkinson30.06aNew Plymouth
9.7Hallie Hevner30.86aVale
10.7Kacie Talbot31.11aNyssa
11.8Payton Grover31.31aMelba
12.7Ruby Pascacio31.91aNyssa
13.7Lexi Reece31.93aNew Plymouth
14.7Louisa Ford32.02aNorth Star Charter
15.7Alisa Burkhardt32.22aVale
16.7Marisa Escobedo32.40aNyssa
17.7Ashlee Robinson32.73aPayette Lakes (McCall)
18.7Marchus Molly32.86aNorth Star Charter
19.7Jillian Herrold32.94aNorth Star Charter
20.7Nina Weeks33.07aNew Plymouth
21.7Angie Draper33.18aMarsing
22.7Riley Lysinger33.47aNew Plymouth
23.7Ashley Harris33.69aNampa Christian
24.8Nicole Gaige33.71aNampa Christian
25.7Micaela Bryan33.81aCole Valley Christian
26.8Ashley Ornelas33.82aNew Plymouth
27.8Che Berg34.05aNorth Star Charter
28.7Brogan Bair34.44aVale
29.7Kelly Doty34.79aNampa Christian
30.7Morgan Dibble35.48aNew Plymouth
31.7Payton Lopez35.99aNorth Star Charter
32.7Veronica Delacerda37.00aNyssa
7Katelyn WilsonNTMelba
7Faith AustinNTNorth Star Charter
7Katherine FischerNTNew Plymouth
7Amy AndersenNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Jamie SeaneyNTNorth Star Charter
7Jaelynne WagnerNTNorth Star Charter
8Hailey JenkinsNTNew Plymouth
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mackenzie Collins1:04.80aNampa Christian
2.7Brittany Schober1:05.39aNampa Christian
3.8McKenzie Willis1:07.65aNorth Star Charter
4.7Selby Wright1:11.27aVale
5.7Ruby Pascacio1:13.05aNyssa
6.7Mallory Jensen1:13.40aNyssa
7.7Lexi Reece1:14.29aNew Plymouth
8.7Delia Deleon1:14.58aNyssa
9.7Abby Milburn1:14.82aNorth Star Charter
10.7Rayann Pyle1:15.61aPayette Lakes (McCall)
11.8Erin Nelson1:18.49aVale
12.7Riley Lysinger1:18.59aNew Plymouth
13.7Ashley Harris1:18.61aNampa Christian
14.8Katie Nishizaki1:19.46aNew Plymouth
15.8Vanessa DelaCerda1:19.87aNyssa
16.8Kortney Pelkey1:20.03aNampa Christian
17.8Vanessa Ruvalcaba1:22.58aNyssa
18.7Kelly Doty1:28.06aNampa Christian
19.7Grace Stanley1:29.79aPayette Lakes (McCall)
20.8Ashley Pearce1:33.37aNew Plymouth
7Shekinah KesslerNTNew Plymouth
7Katherine FischerNTNew Plymouth
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Delia Deleon2:47.42aNyssa
2.8Maddi Wilcox2:49.04aNyssa
3.8Bethany Danner2:49.48aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.7Brooke Kaaen2:54.65aVale
5.7Abby Kirkham2:58.97aCole Valley Christian
6.7Megan Smith3:00.43aMelba
7.8Kortney Pelkey3:01.04aNampa Christian
8.7Hallie Tucker3:02.27aPayette Lakes (McCall)
9.8Erin Nelson3:02.80aVale
10.7Claire Jorgensen3:05.26aNampa Christian
11.8Katie Nishizaki3:05.64aNew Plymouth
12.8Vanessa DelaCerda3:06.85aNyssa
13.8Caitlyn Line3:07.62aMarsing
14.8Cynthia Estrada3:08.51aNyssa
15.7Elisa Knudsen3:08.89aNampa Christian
16.8Claribel Munoz3:12.68aVale
17.8Vanessa Ruvalcaba3:15.40aNyssa
18.7Diana Quebrado3:16.53aMarsing
19.8Annalynn Boyle3:21.15aCole Valley Christian
20.7Libby Dey3:23.41aNampa Christian
21.7Christin Smith3:23.41aNampa Christian
22.7Erin Fulk3:25.48aVale
23.8Sierra Luedtke3:29.88aNorth Star Charter
7Shekinah KesslerNTNew Plymouth
8Ashley PearceNTNew Plymouth
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Delia Deleon6:17.27aNyssa
2.8Emily Parker6:23.46aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.7Riley Lysinger6:27.97aNew Plymouth
4.7Megan Smith6:35.19aMelba
5.7Mallory Jensen6:44.09aNyssa
6.8Caitlyn Line6:50.42aMarsing
7.8Claribel Munoz7:05.13aVale
8.8Ashley Pearce7:29.15aNew Plymouth
8Vanessa DelaCerdaNTNyssa
8Annalynn BoyleNTCole Valley Christian
7Shekinah KesslerNTNew Plymouth
7Amy AndersenNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Bethany DannerNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mackenzie Collins18.11aNampa Christian
2.7Jocelyn Hartley18.16aNyssa
3.7Ashley Gerosin19.15aNampa Christian
4.7Brianna Killion19.85aNew Plymouth
5.8Kylee Skerjanec19.99aVale
6.7Ashley Holton20.42aNampa Christian
7.8Ally Kovis20.77aNyssa
8.7Jillian Culbertson21.05aNorth Star Charter
9.7Micaela Bryan21.41aCole Valley Christian
10.8Aubrey Wilson21.48aNew Plymouth
11.8Emma Schoonover21.62aPayette Lakes (McCall)
12.8Cynthia Estrada21.91aNyssa
13.8Vanessa Ruvalcaba22.28aNyssa
14.7Abby Milburn22.47aNorth Star Charter
15.7Brie Palmer22.74aVale
16.7Erin Fulk22.88aVale
17.7Morgan Dibble23.13aNew Plymouth
18.8Megan Walker23.79aMelba
19.7Katia Hiestand24.67aCole Valley Christian
20.8Hailee Harris25.26aPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Jamie SeaneyNTNorth Star Charter
8Iysha RodriguezNTNyssa
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Killion32.62aNew Plymouth
2.8Katie Shurtleff33.48aNyssa
3.7Ashley Gerosin33.48aNampa Christian
4.8Maddi Wilcox34.22aNyssa
5.7Charlina Lancaster34.85aNyssa
6.7Katia Hiestand36.10aCole Valley Christian
7.7Nina Weeks36.27aNew Plymouth
8.8Kylee Skerjanec36.58aVale
9.7Abby Kirkham36.86aCole Valley Christian
10.7Ashley Holton37.60aNampa Christian
11.7Lacey Grubs38.77aNew Plymouth
12.8Mikayla Frost38.94aMelba
8Kalsey GauseNTNyssa
7Jocelyn HartleyNTNyssa
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cally Evans
Robi Salisbury
Courtney Butler
Hailey Jenkins
53.93aNew Plymouth
2.-Aubrielle Barr
Mackenzie Collins
Ashley Gerosin
Brittany Schober
56.54aNampa Christian
3.-Aubrey Wilson
Brianna Killion
Lexi Reece
Kaiden Wilkinson
56.68aNew Plymouth
4.-Lucero Nunez
Madison Vargas
Hallie Hevner
Kylee Skerjanec
5.-Emma Mills
Katia Hiestand
Micaela Bryan
Annalynn Boyle
1:00.06aCole Valley Christian
6.-Ruby Pascacio
Katie Shurtleff
Asucena Trujillio
Ally Kovis
7.-Jayde Nielsen
Jillian Culbertson
Louisa Ford
Jillian Herrold
1:02.01aNorth Star Charter
8.-Talitha Preisler
Megan Walker
Erica Schramm
Mikayla Frost
9.-Vanessa Ruvalcaba
Marisa Escobedo
Kassidy Hashagen
Lucy Trujillo
10.-Grace Kindall
Johana Salinas
Laramie Mckenzie
Branda Huaman
1:04.72aPayette Lakes (McCall)
11.-Cynthia Estrada
Delia Deleon
Vanessa DelaCerda
Veronica Delacerda
12.-Mariana Trujillo
Mariana Banuelos
Iysha Rodriguez
Rosa Sanchez
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Gerosin
Kortney Pelkey
Brittany Schober
Claire Jorgensen
4:56.77aNampa Christian
2.-Ruby Pascacio
Jocelyn Hartley
Regan Hartley
Charlina Lancaster
3.-Hallie Hevner
Bree Palmer
Addison Phillips
Alisa Burkhardt
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hailey Jenkins
Courtney Butler
Robi Salisbury
Cally Evans
2:02.84aNew Plymouth
2.-Nicole Gaige
Christin Smith
Ashley Holton
Aubrielle Barr
2:13.77aNampa Christian
3.-Lexi Reece
Nina Weeks
Aubrey Wilson
Brianna Killion
2:14.71aNew Plymouth
4.-Johana Salinas
Georgia Cogdill
Rayann Pyle
Ashlee Robinson
2:19.46aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.-Callie Young
Talitha Preisler
Erica Schramm
Megan Smith
6.-Asucena Trujillio
Kacie Talbot
Lucy Trujillo
Regan Hartley
7.-Brooke Kaaen
Brogan Bair
Claribel Munoz
Selby Wright
8.-Jamie Seaney
Payton Lopez
Abby Milburn
Marchus Molly
2:38.04aNorth Star Charter
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mykayla Branscomb32-04.50New Plymouth
2.8Asucena Trujillio31-04.00Nyssa
3.8Jessica Lewis30-04.25New Plymouth
4.7Kymra Richardson28-10.50Melba
5.8Carli Erstrom28-05.50Vale
6.7Kassidy Hashagen27-11.00Nyssa
7.8Rosa Sanchez27-07.50Nyssa
8.8Amy Bond27-03.50Vale
9.8Kalie Fanucchi27-02.50New Plymouth
10.8McKenzie Ray25-04.00New Plymouth
11.8Hailee Harris24-09.25Payette Lakes (McCall)
12.7Lucy Trujillo24-08.00Nyssa
12.8Aundrea Dickard24-08.00Melba
14.8Irma Ibanez24-02.00Nyssa
15.8Amberlyn Diener24-00.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
16.7Kymberly Krautheim22-04.00New Plymouth
16.8Ashley Ornelas22-04.00New Plymouth
18.7Diana Quebrado22-01.00Marsing
19.8Iysha Rodriguez21-10.75Nyssa
20.8Katie Nishizaki21-05.50New Plymouth
21.7Desiree Durfee21-01.00New Plymouth
22.7Elisa Knudsen20-04.00Nampa Christian
23.7Libby Dey19-11.00Nampa Christian
23.7Mariana Trujillo19-11.00Nyssa
25.8Branda Huaman19-04.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
26.8Mariana Banuelos18-10.50Nyssa
27.7Marisa Escobedo18-00.50Nyssa
28.7Katy Smit16-04.50Marsing
7Lacey GrubsNDNew Plymouth
8Payton GroverNDMelba
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Carli Erstrom77-01Vale
2.8McKenzie Ray69-11New Plymouth
3.8Rosa Sanchez68-11Nyssa
4.8Amy Bond64-02Vale
5.8Kalie Fanucchi63-11New Plymouth
5.7Kassidy Hashagen63-11Nyssa
7.8Irma Ibanez62-01Nyssa
8.8Mykayla Branscomb62-00New Plymouth
9.8Hailee Harris61-06Payette Lakes (McCall)
10.8Katie Shurtleff59-01Nyssa
11.7Kymra Richardson57-10Melba
12.8Amberlyn Diener55-11Payette Lakes (McCall)
13.8Jessica Lewis53-07New Plymouth
14.7Sophia Fontana52-07Vale
15.7Lucy Trujillo52-02Nyssa
16.8Iysha Rodriguez51-04Nyssa
17.7Libby Dey50-10Nampa Christian
18.8Aundrea Dickard49-09Melba
19.7Elisa Knudsen49-07Nampa Christian
20.8Ashley Ornelas49-02New Plymouth
21.8Katie Nishizaki48-02New Plymouth
22.7Diana Quebrado47-09Marsing
23.7Katelyn Wilson47-00Melba
24.7Erin Stafford45-11New Plymouth
25.8Katie Duncombe45-10New Plymouth
26.7Marisa Escobedo45-08Nyssa
27.7Desiree Durfee43-08New Plymouth
28.8Mariana Banuelos43-05Nyssa
29.7Mariana Trujillo43-04Nyssa
30.7Georgia Cogdill43-02Payette Lakes (McCall)
31.7Kymberly Krautheim42-08New Plymouth
31.8Cerda Doris42-08New Plymouth
33.7Lacey Grubs37-07New Plymouth
33.7Alexandra Johnson37-07New Plymouth
35.7Dax Miller35-11New Plymouth
36.7Katy Smit30-04Marsing
7Katherine FischerNDNew Plymouth
8Asucena TrujillioNDNyssa
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Cally Evans4-02.00New Plymouth
2.7Jillian Culbertson4-02.00North Star Charter
3.8Kalsey Gause4-02.00Nyssa
4.8McKenzie Willis4-00.00North Star Charter
5.8Kylee Skerjanec4-00.00Vale
6.7Erin Fulk4-00.00Vale
7.8Mykayla Branscomb4-00.00New Plymouth
8.7Madeline McHugh3-10.00Cole Valley Christian
9.8Amberlyn Diener3-10.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
10.7Sophia Neumann3-08.00Cole Valley Christian
10.8Erica Schramm3-08.00Melba
10.7Mallory Jensen3-08.00Nyssa
10.7Morgan Dibble3-08.00New Plymouth
10.8Emma Schoonover3-08.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
15.8Crystal Neuway3-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
15.7Callie Young3-06.00Melba
15.8Erin Nelson3-06.00Vale
15.7Kassidy Hashagen3-06.00Nyssa
15.7Riley Lysinger3-06.00New Plymouth
7Brianna KillionNHNew Plymouth
7Dax MillerNHNew Plymouth
8Claribel MunozNHVale
7Brogan BairNHVale
7Shekinah KesslerNHNew Plymouth
7Katherine FischerNHNew Plymouth
8Mikayla FrostNHMelba
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.7Aubrielle Barr10-00.00Nampa Christian
2.8Mackenzie Collins7-06.00Nampa Christian
3.8Payton Grover6-06.00Melba
4.8Ally Kovis5-06.00Nyssa
5.8Kalsey Gause5-06.00Nyssa
6.8Regan Hartley5-06.00Nyssa
7.7Jocelyn Hartley5-00.00Nyssa
7Angie DraperNHMarsing
8Caitlyn LineNHMarsing
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jayde Nielsen14-06.75North Star Charter
2.8Hailey Jenkins13-08.50New Plymouth
3.8Courtney Butler13-04.75New Plymouth
4.8McKenzie Willis12-11.50North Star Charter
5.7Alisa Burkhardt12-06.50Vale
6.7Hallie Hevner12-05.75Vale
7.7Aspen Johnston12-01.25Cole Valley Christian
8.7Addison Phillips12-00.50Vale
9.8Maddi Wilcox11-11.75Nyssa
10.7Desiree Durfee11-10.00New Plymouth
11.8Jessica Lewis11-06.75New Plymouth
12.7Callie Young11-06.50Melba
13.7Kacie Talbot11-06.00Nyssa
14.8Mykayla Branscomb11-05.50New Plymouth
15.8McKenzie Ray11-01.00New Plymouth
15.8Caitlyn Line11-01.00Marsing
15.7Megan Smith11-01.00Melba
18.8Laramie Mckenzie10-11.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
19.7Abby Milburn10-09.50North Star Charter
20.7Alexandra Johnson10-07.75New Plymouth
21.7Mallory Jensen10-05.75Nyssa
22.7Ashley Harris10-05.50Nampa Christian
23.8Katie Duncombe10-05.25New Plymouth
24.8Che Berg10-04.75North Star Charter
25.7Selby Wright10-03.75Vale
26.7Jillian Culbertson10-03.25North Star Charter
27.7Erin Stafford10-02.75New Plymouth
27.7Claire Jorgensen10-02.75Nampa Christian
29.8Erica Schramm10-00.75Melba
30.7Louisa Ford10-00.50North Star Charter
31.7Brie Palmer9-11.50Vale
32.7Sophia Fontana9-10.75Vale
33.8Lucero Nunez9-09.75Vale
34.7Kelly Doty9-09.50Nampa Christian
35.7Lacey Grubs9-09.00New Plymouth
36.7Hallie Tucker9-08.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
37.8Ashley Ornelas9-07.00New Plymouth
38.7Marchus Molly9-05.75North Star Charter
38.7Payton Lopez9-05.75North Star Charter
40.8Megan Walker9-03.75Melba
40.8Erin Nelson9-03.75Vale
42.7Katelyn Wilson9-01.25Melba
43.7Christin Smith9-01.00Nampa Christian
43.7Jillian Herrold9-01.00North Star Charter
45.7Libby Dey9-00.00Nampa Christian
46.7Grace Stanley8-11.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
47.7Elisa Knudsen8-06.75Nampa Christian
48.7Kymberly Krautheim8-01.25New Plymouth
7Dax MillerNDNew Plymouth
7Madison VargasNDVale
8Cerda DorisNDNew Plymouth
7Jaelynne WagnerNDNorth Star Charter
7Veronica DelacerdaNDNyssa
7Brooke KaaenNDVale
7Diana QuebradoNDMarsing
8Ashley PearceNDNew Plymouth
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Ashley Harris27-07.00Nampa Christian
2.7Addison Phillips27-05.50Vale
3.8Aubrey Wilson27-01.00New Plymouth
4.8Ally Kovis26-07.00Nyssa
5.8Cerda Doris26-05.00New Plymouth
6.8Maddi Wilcox25-09.00Nyssa
7.7Rayann Pyle25-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
8.8Regan Hartley25-05.00Nyssa
9.8Emma Schoonover24-11.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
10.8Robi Salisbury24-08.50New Plymouth
11.7Claire Jorgensen23-10.00Nampa Christian
12.8Talitha Preisler23-09.00Melba
13.7Molly Riepe23-08.00Cole Valley Christian
14.7Erin Stafford22-03.00New Plymouth
15.8Kalsey Gause21-10.00Nyssa
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