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Frostbite Invitational

Friday, April 13, 2012

Onekama HS, Onekama

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Michigan - Division 3
Lake City
Suttons Bay
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Riojas11.60Mesick
1.11Hayden Fransisco11.69Lake City
2.12Adam Williams11.69Lake City
2.12Adam Williams11.71Lake City
3.11Hayden Fransisco11.71Lake City
3.11Jeramie Lyle12.07Lake City
1.10Ken Pease12.18Suttons Bay
5.10Ken Pease12.18Suttons Bay
1.9Spencer Query12.27Maple City Glen Lake
6.9Spencer Query12.27Maple City Glen Lake
7.11Cameron Tarlton12.30Suttons Bay
4.12Solomon Gant12.37Big Rapids Crossroad...
8.9Patrick Lewis12.33Traverse City St. Fr...
9.12Darrin Williams12.35Big Rapids Crossroad...
10.12Solomon Gant12.37Big Rapids Crossroad...
11Michael Allsyworth12.47Maple City Glen Lake
1.10Tyler Skibbe12.50Traverse City St. Fr...
4.11Dan Connolly12.47Traverse City St. Fr...
5.11Quinn Matthews12.56Onekama
14.11Quinn Matthews12.56Onekama
2.9Jordan Coe12.78Onekama
15.10Elliot Bregni12.71Maple City Glen Lake
16.9Jordan Coe12.78Onekama
6.11Mike Smith12.89Frankfort
17.11Mike Smith12.89Frankfort
18.9Chad Mathewson13.00Mesick
3.10David Gillespie13.22Onekama
19.10David Gillespie13.22Onekama
4.11Brad Pressnell13.70Frankfort
20.11Brad Pressnell13.70Frankfort
2.12Rasmus Olholm13.75Brethren
5.12Maurice Nicklaus13.79Brethren
21.12Rasmus Olholm13.75Brethren
6.9Duwane Maidens13.83Frankfort
23.9Duwane Maidens13.83Frankfort
24.11Jesus Garcia13.95Suttons Bay
5.9Dan Poteet15.58Mesick
25.9Dan Poteet15.58Mesick
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andy Duddles23.97Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.12Mike Riojas24.23Mesick
2.12Mike Riojas24.23Mesick
3.12Nolan Davenport24.32Lake City
3.11Tony Evans24.44Frankfort
4.11Tony Evans24.44Frankfort
4.12Drew Slevin24.48Onekama
1.12Tyler Fogarty24.60Onekama
6.12Tyler Fogarty24.60Onekama
1.12Ian Callaweart24.63Suttons Bay
7.12Ian Callaweart24.63Suttons Bay
2.12Darrin Williams25.29Big Rapids Crossroad...
8.12Darrin Williams25.29Big Rapids Crossroad...
3.12Solomon Gant25.31Big Rapids Crossroad...
10.11Tom Platt25.55Lake City
11.11Connor Archer25.94Traverse City St. Fr...
2.11Dylan Evatt26.05Suttons Bay
4.12Andrew Darling26.25Brethren
13.12Andrew Darling26.25Brethren
14.10Tyler Skibbe26.26Traverse City St. Fr...
15.9Chad Mathewson26.31Mesick
4.9Josh Ide26.45Onekama
16.9Josh Ide26.45Onekama
5.11Michael Dzendziel26.64Lake City
17.11Michael Dzendziel26.64Lake City
18.10Sean Landreth27.22Mesick
19.9Christian Sterzer27.38Maple City Glen Lake
20.9Ryan Plumstead27.43Frankfort
3.12Kevin Schaub27.56Suttons Bay
4.10Sam Sweet27.59Walkerville
22.10Sam Sweet27.59Walkerville
6.9Tyler Glase28.42Maple City Glen Lake
23.9Tyler Glase28.42Maple City Glen Lake
24.12Maurice Nicklaus29.15Brethren
6.9Duwane Maidens29.49Frankfort
25.9Duwane Maidens29.49Frankfort
26.9Patrick Lewis52.50Traverse City St. Fr...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10John King54.34Mesick
2.12Ian Callaweart54.41Suttons Bay
3.10Nick Butts55.17Maple City Glen Lake
2.10Reilly Merrill56.11Onekama
5.11Tyler Dohm56.82Traverse City St. Fr...
4.10Dylan Allard57.12Lake City
7.12Matt Collins57.59Suttons Bay
8.12John Cullar57.66Brethren
9.10Joe Lewis57.93Mesick
5.10Tyler Johnson58.29Onekama
10.10Tyler Johnson58.29Onekama
1.11Dylan Evatt1:00.04Suttons Bay
1.11Nick Fisher1:00.83Traverse City St. Fr...
12.11Nick Fisher1:00.83Traverse City St. Fr...
2.12Aaron Hillsamer1:01.05Brethren
14.10Payne Spaulding1:01.77Mesick
15.9Bryson Jackson1:02.52Maple City Glen Lake
4.9Nik Kalis1:05.66Maple City Glen Lake
5.9Ethan Fuller1:06.64Big Rapids Crossroad...
17.9Ethan Fuller1:06.64Big Rapids Crossroad...
6.12Rasmus Olholm1:09.29Brethren
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Andy Duddles52.8Big Rapids Crossroad...
12David Dantuma54.0Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.12Nick Kiessel55.5Suttons Bay
5.10Ken Pease55.5Suttons Bay
12Darrin Williams55.8Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.10Caleb Bennett56.1Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.12Randy Winowiecki59.5Suttons Bay
5.12Ian Callaweart60.0Suttons Bay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Dantuma2:07.17Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.12Tyler Groenwald2:09.68Onekama
1.12Nick Kiessel2:11.54Suttons Bay
3.12Nick Kiessel2:11.54Suttons Bay
3.10Dan Cuevas2:14.47Lake City
4.10Dan Cuevas2:14.47Lake City
4.10Shane Peterson2:15.24Onekama
5.12Kenyon Fatt2:16.07Maple City Glen Lake
6.12Kenyon Fatt2:16.07Maple City Glen Lake
7.11Lance Masserant2:17.75Traverse City St. Fr...
8.10Jacob Chappell2:23.53Frankfort
8.9Charlie Velis2:26.32Maple City Glen Lake
10.10Sam Sweet2:27.53Walkerville
9.10Andrew Beattie2:33.35Lake City
11.10Andrew Beattie2:33.35Lake City
10.9Elijah Hayes2:34.30Onekama
3.10Jacob Kristiansen2:38.33Suttons Bay
13.10Jacob Kristiansen2:38.33Suttons Bay
4.12Guy Wolfe2:39.63Mesick
15.9Andy Fitzpatrick2:40.62Traverse City St. Fr...
16.12Thong Trom2:41.06Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.10Brad Maier2:41.31Brethren
17.10Brad Maier2:41.31Brethren
14.10Nate Botma2:41.67Big Rapids Crossroad...
19.11Graham Kelly2:57.40Suttons Bay
20.9Quintin Brown2:59.44Maple City Glen Lake
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.12David Dantuma2:02.6Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.12Nick Kiessel2:06.5Suttons Bay
1.12Caleb Korson2:09.0Suttons Bay
10Eli Mclachlan2:14.4Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.11Alex Kraft2:15.5Suttons Bay
1.12Ryan Smith2:16.5Suttons Bay
12Peter Wissink2:17.7Big Rapids Crossroad...
10Mark Brandly2:19.4Big Rapids Crossroad...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Dantuma4:45.92Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.12Caleb Korson4:50.02Suttons Bay
2.12Tyler Groenwald5:02.52Onekama
3.12Tyler Groenwald5:02.52Onekama
3.12James Cox5:03.60Lake City
4.12Kenyon Fatt5:04.51Maple City Glen Lake
5.12Kenyon Fatt5:04.51Maple City Glen Lake
6.12Ian Mclachlan5:05.26Big Rapids Crossroad...
7.10John Girven5:06.34Onekama
7.10Josh Davis5:09.86Brethren
8.10Mark Brandly5:10.43Big Rapids Crossroad...
9.10Mark Brandly5:10.43Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.10Joe Lewis5:12.55Mesick
10.10Joe Lewis5:12.55Mesick
11.12Ryan Smith5:13.60Suttons Bay
9.10Alex Barto5:16.53Onekama
12.10Alex Barto5:16.53Onekama
13.9Sam Wynsma5:18.87Suttons Bay
10.10Felix Sartorius5:20.91Frankfort
15.9Zack Workman5:22.55Mesick
6.10Sam Sweet5:25.67Walkerville
11.11Lance Masserant5:29.18Traverse City St. Fr...
17.11Lance Masserant5:29.18Traverse City St. Fr...
12.11Greg Wallace5:32.50Traverse City St. Fr...
19.10Dan Cuevas5:47.07Lake City
14.9Andy Fitzpatrick5:52.65Traverse City St. Fr...
15.12Luke Wichtoski5:58.45Maple City Glen Lake
21.12Luke Wichtoski5:58.45Maple City Glen Lake
16.10Ross Guilbeau6:10.62Maple City Glen Lake
22.10Ross Guilbeau6:10.62Maple City Glen Lake
17.10Jake Gillow6:17.90Lake City
23.10Jake Gillow6:17.90Lake City
18.11Zach Fairbanks6:19.96Brethren
25.10Sean Landreth6:25.23Mesick
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Korson10:51.11Suttons Bay
2.10John Girven11:10.22Onekama
3.11Alex Kraft11:12.43Suttons Bay
4.9Zack Workman11:29.88Mesick
5.10Mark Brandly11:32.55Big Rapids Crossroad...
6.12James Cox11:33.50Lake City
7.12Ryan Smith11:35.91Suttons Bay
8.12Peter Wissink11:39.96Big Rapids Crossroad...
9.10Josh Davis11:40.84Brethren
10.10John Schoedel11:54.99Onekama
11.11Greg Wallace12:10.96Traverse City St. Fr...
12.9Charlie Velis12:14.45Maple City Glen Lake
13.10Jeremiah Simerson12:18.71Mesick
14.9Nikolay Booms12:19.45Lake City
15.10Payne Spaulding12:50.36Mesick
16.11Parker Sternberger13:01.13Onekama
17.11Aric Rhodes13:04.15Lake City
18.9Donovan Weeks13:36.97Traverse City St. Fr...
19.10Ross Guilbeau14:07.15Maple City Glen Lake
20.12Michael Hubbell15:34.08Maple City Glen Lake
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Guy Beachnau17.59Suttons Bay
2.11Ryan Vincent17.93Lake City
3.10Josh Sprague19.79Big Rapids Crossroad...
4.9Kory Root20.34Lake City
5.11Michael Allsyworth20.76Maple City Glen Lake
6.10Rhett Thompson20.81Lake City
7.9Tyler Glase21.21Maple City Glen Lake
8.11Mike Hernandez21.33Mesick
9.10Andrew Pina21.41Maple City Glen Lake
10.10Jacob Morgan21.62Onekama
11.10William Sullivan21.94Onekama
12.9Brandon McSawby22.89Suttons Bay
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Vincent44.38Lake City
1.12Randy Winowiecki45.43Suttons Bay
2.12Randy Winowiecki45.43Suttons Bay
2.12Andrew Darling45.64Brethren
4.11Guy Beachnau47.61Suttons Bay
5.12Collin Alpers47.92Traverse City St. Fr...
4.12Peter Wissink49.00Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.9Jack Krcmarik49.12Traverse City St. Fr...
7.9Jack Krcmarik49.12Traverse City St. Fr...
8.11Michael Allsyworth51.17Maple City Glen Lake
3.10William Sullivan52.64Onekama
9.10William Sullivan52.64Onekama
10.10Andrew Pina53.23Maple City Glen Lake
11.9Kory Root53.26Lake City
4.10Larry Perez54.16Suttons Bay
12.10Larry Perez54.16Suttons Bay
3.10Rhett Thompson54.52Lake City
14.10Jacob Morgan54.56Onekama
15.11Mike Hernandez55.36Mesick
6.9Casey Soucie55.89Mesick
16.9Casey Soucie55.89Mesick
5.9Josiah VanderZon1:08.18Maple City Glen Lake
17.9Josiah VanderZon1:08.18Maple City Glen Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nolan Davenport
Hayden Fransisco
Jared Hansen
Adam Williams
46.08Lake City
2.-Elliot Bregni
Parker Kokowicz
Carter Lee
Tyler Stachnik
47.12Maple City Glen Lake
1.-Billy Bardocz
John King
Chad Mathewson
Mike Riojas
3.-Billy Bardocz
John King
Chad Mathewson
Mike Riojas
2.-Cameron Tarlton
Chase Pattison
Randy Winowiecki
Ken Pease
47.70Suttons Bay
3.-Connor Archer
Dan Connolly
Patrick Lewis
Wesley Nelson
48.29Traverse City St. Fr...
5.-Connor Archer
Dan Connolly
Patrick Lewis
Wesley Nelson
48.29Traverse City St. Fr...
4.-Relay Team 48.50Frankfort
3.-Solomon Gant
David Hyde
Ignacio Pato
Josh Sprague
49.14Big Rapids Crossroad...
7.-Solomon Gant
David Hyde
Ignacio Pato
Josh Sprague
49.14Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.-Andrew Darling
Abner Lopez
Blaine Peck
Lucas Connolly
8.-Andrew Darling
Abner Lopez
Blaine Peck
Lucas Connolly
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tom Platt
Hayden Fransisco
Jeramie Lyle
Nolan Davenport
1:35.98Lake City
1.-Cameron Tarlton
Dylan Evatt
Nick Kiessel
Ken Pease
1:38.30Suttons Bay
2.-Cameron Tarlton
Dylan Evatt
Nick Kiessel
Ken Pease
1:38.30Suttons Bay
2.-Elliot Bregni
Parker Kokowicz
Carter Lee
Tyler Stachnik
1:39.00Maple City Glen Lake
3.-Elliot Bregni
Parker Kokowicz
Carter Lee
Tyler Stachnik
1:39.00Maple City Glen Lake
4.-Mike Hernandez
Damin Huff
Chad Mathewson
Mike Riojas
5.-Tyler Dohm
Patrick Lewis
Wesley Nelson
Tyler Skibbe
1:42.49Traverse City St. Fr...
4.-Jordan Coe
Seth Harrington
Josh Ide
Reilly Merrill
7.-Lucas Connolly
John Cullar
Andrew Darling
Aaron Hillsamer
3.-David Hyde
Paul Ruelle
Josh Sprague
Ignacio Pato
1:52.00Big Rapids Crossroad...
8.-David Hyde
Paul Ruelle
Josh Sprague
Ignacio Pato
1:52.00Big Rapids Crossroad...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Bennett
David Dantuma
Andy Duddles
Darrin Williams
3:38.87Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.-Tyler Fogarty
Tyler Groenwald
Reilly Merrill
Drew Slevin
3.-Relay Team 3:46.35Lake City
4.-Relay Team 3:48.49Frankfort
1.-Nick Kiessel
Randy Winowiecki
Ken Pease
Ian Callaweart
3:50.57Suttons Bay
5.-Nick Butts
AJ Famiano
Kenyon Fatt
Parker Kokowicz
3:50.94Maple City Glen Lake
6.-Nick Butts
AJ Famiano
Kenyon Fatt
Parker Kokowicz
3:50.94Maple City Glen Lake
6.-Collin Alpers
Tyler Dohm
Jack Jamieson
Lance Masserant
3:52.72Traverse City St. Fr...
2.-Billy Bardocz
Damin Huff
John King
Joe Lewis
3.-John Cullar
Aaron Hillsamer
Abner Lopez
Blaine Peck
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Korson
Alex Kraft
Ryan Smith
Nick Kiessel
8:47.54Suttons Bay
2.-David Dantuma
Ian Mclachlan
Mark Brandley
Peter Wissink
8:53.95Big Rapids Crossroad...
3.-John Girven
Tyler Groenwald
Shane Peterson
Taylor Makowski
4.-Nick Butts
AJ Famiano
Kenyon Fatt
Charlie Velis
8:58.49Maple City Glen Lake
5.-Dylan Allard
James Cox
Dan Cuevas
Amador Vasquez
9:41.66Lake City
6.-Damin Huff
Joe Lewis
Payne Spaulding
Guy Wolfe
7.-Zach Fairbanks
Abner Lopez
Brad Maier
Dallas Falls
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Williams43'10.50"Lake City
2.12Jonah Bilyea42'02.25"Lake City
3.12Nolan Davenport41'11.50"Lake City
4.10Paul Ruelle37'00.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.11McKenzie Norconk33'03.25"Traverse City St. Fr...
6.10John Curtin32'10.25"Onekama
7.11Aaron Weber32'06.00"Suttons Bay
8.11Nick Schweikart32'04.25"Maple City Glen Lake
9.10John Grocholski31'08.00"Brethren
10.11Dan Connolly31'02.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
11.10Sean Ruelle30'01.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
12.12Christian Funk29'03.50"Brethren
13.9Adam Arroyo29'01.75"Suttons Bay
14.12John Posler28'10.50"Traverse City St. Fr...
15.9Cliff Cline28'08.25"Mesick
16.10Josh McPherson28'06.00"Onekama
17.11Kody Karash26'02.50"Brethren
18.10William Connell24'10.75"Big Rapids Crossroad...
19.11Brandon Sineway23'06.25"Suttons Bay
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayden Fransisco130'00.00"Lake City
2.11Dan Connolly112'01.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
3.11McKenzie Norconk110'07.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
4.12Jonah Bilyea109'08.00"Lake City
5.11Chase Pattison100'02.00"Suttons Bay
6.11Garrett Cnossen99'10.00"Lake City
7.10Paul Ruelle97'11.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
8.9Adam Arroyo94'01.00"Suttons Bay
9.11Nick Schweikart93'00.00"Maple City Glen Lake
10.10John Grocholski92'09.00"Brethren
11.10John Curtin77'10.00"Onekama
12.11Brandon Sineway75'08.00"Suttons Bay
13.10William Connell72'05.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
14.10Sean Ruelle71'04.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
15.11Mike Hernandez69'00.00"Mesick
16.11Kody Karash67'04.00"Brethren
17.10Josh McPherson67'02.00"Onekama
18.12Christian Funk62'10.00"Brethren
19.9Cliff Cline52'00.00"Mesick
20.9Casey Soucie46'08.00"Mesick
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Drew Slevin5'08.10"Onekama
2.10Dylan Allard5'08.10"Lake City
3.12Darrin Williams5'08.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
4.10Carter Lee5'06.00"Maple City Glen Lake
5.11Tony Evans5'04.30"Frankfort
6.12Collin Alpers5'04.20"Traverse City St. Fr...
7.11Guy Beachnau5'04.00"Suttons Bay
8.11Connor Archer5'04.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
9.10Andrew Swadling5'02.00"Lake City
10.9Jack Krcmarik5'00.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
11.9Brandon McSawby4'08.00"Suttons Bay
12.10Sean Landreth4'08.00"Mesick
13.9Tyler Glase4'08.00"Maple City Glen Lake
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Vincent12'00.10"Lake City
2.12Tyler Fogarty12'00.00"Onekama
3.12Ryan Smith10'00.00"Suttons Bay
10Blaine Peck9'06.10"Brethren
4.9Taylor Makowski9'06.10"Onekama
6.9D.J.. LaRoche9'06.00"Lake City
7.12Gian Chen9'00.00"Suttons Bay
8.10Jacob Chappell9'00.00"Frankfort
9.9Ryan Plumstead8'06.00"Frankfort
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andy Duddles19'02.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.11Quinn Matthews18'03.50"Onekama
3.12Adam Williams18'01.50"Lake City
4.10Caleb Bennett18'01.50"Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.12Ian Callaweart17'11.75"Suttons Bay
6.11Jeramie Lyle17'10.75"Lake City
7.12John Cullar17'09.50"Brethren
8.10John King17'07.50"Mesick
9.12Solomon Gant17'03.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
10.10Brad Maier16'09.75"Brethren
11.11Michael Dzendziel16'08.75"Lake City
12.12Collin Alpers16'07.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
13.12Matt Collins16'06.00"Suttons Bay
14.11Connor Archer16'03.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
15.12Gian Chen16'02.00"Suttons Bay
16.11Michael Allsyworth15'10.00"Maple City Glen Lake
17.11Brad Pressnell15'09.50"Frankfort
18.10Ross Guilbeau15'04.50"Maple City Glen Lake
19.9Greyson LaLonde15'03.25"Traverse City St. Fr...
20.10Tyler Johnson15'02.50"Onekama
21.10David Gillespie15'02.00"Onekama
22.11Abner Lopez15'00.75"Brethren
23.9Duwane Maidens14'00.50"Frankfort
24.10Jeremiah Simerson13'08.50"Mesick
25.10Sam Sweet12'09.50"Walkerville
26.9Quintin Brown12'07.00"Maple City Glen Lake
27.9Dan Poteet12'07.00"Mesick

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Buckel13.19Traverse City St. Fr...
2.9Grace Meachum13.40Traverse City St. Fr...
3.9Alyson Fink13.42Onekama
4.10Nisha Collins13.59Onekama
5.11Breanna Fink13.68Onekama
6.11Paige Fuller13.82Mesick
7.9Mia Sacksteder13.83Brethren
1.9Madeline Zamarron14.59Traverse City St. Fr...
8.9Madeline Zamarron14.59Traverse City St. Fr...
2.12Dana Wessels14.74Suttons Bay
9.12Dana Wessels14.74Suttons Bay
2.9Siaira Milroy14.85Maple City Glen Lake
10.9Siaira Milroy14.85Maple City Glen Lake
11.10Hayley Wade14.95Brethren
3.11Angela Hernandez15.14Suttons Bay
1.12Shaina Bosma15.30Lake City
4.12Mariah Murray15.21Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.12Mariah Murray15.21Big Rapids Crossroad...
14.10Raegan Weston15.23Maple City Glen Lake
15.12Shaina Bosma15.30Lake City
2.12Samantha Gallup15.33Lake City
3.9Alexis Steig15.38Mesick
17.9Alexis Steig15.38Mesick
1.9Madison Farmer15.64Frankfort
2.12Celeste Wallace15.78Big Rapids Crossroad...
4.9Patricia Pearson15.76Lake City
6.11Kaytlin Davidson15.78Big Rapids Crossroad...
19.9Patricia Pearson15.76Lake City
20.12Celeste Wallace15.78Big Rapids Crossroad...
3.9Britney Pletcher16.00Frankfort
22.9Britney Pletcher16.00Frankfort
23.10Mandy Edinger16.02Frankfort
5.11Tina Barnes16.25Mesick
25.10Megan Bardenhagen17.06Suttons Bay
5.9Jazlyn Cruz17.30Brethren
26.9Jazlyn Cruz17.30Brethren
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Buckel28.23Traverse City St. Fr...
1.9Meredith Hengy28.82Onekama
2.9Meredith Hengy28.82Onekama
1.11Paige Fuller28.91Mesick
4.11Breanna Fink28.95Onekama
2.11Kaitlyn Hegewald29.20Traverse City St. Fr...
6.10Katie Stowe29.75Maple City Glen Lake
7.12Maggie Miller29.78Frankfort
5.9Mia Sacksteder29.83Brethren
8.9Mia Sacksteder29.83Brethren
9.9Alyson Fink29.88Onekama
10.11Liza Erickson29.95Traverse City St. Fr...
2.12Koraima Guillen30.64Suttons Bay
11.12Koraima Guillen30.64Suttons Bay
1.12Jordan Smith31.29Suttons Bay
1.12Mariah Murray31.41Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.12Mariah Murray31.41Big Rapids Crossroad...
3.11Tina Barnes31.61Mesick
15.9Siaira Milroy31.75Maple City Glen Lake
2.12Samantha Gallup32.13Lake City
17.9Madison Farmer32.24Frankfort
3.12Shaina Bosma32.43Lake City
5.10Hayley Wade32.90Brethren
19.11Maggie Sherman32.88Maple City Glen Lake
20.10Hayley Wade32.90Brethren
4.11Kaytlin Davidson33.06Big Rapids Crossroad...
22.12Shayla Aldridge33.30Frankfort
4.9Lexi Andrews35.81Mesick
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katie Stowe1:04.82Maple City Glen Lake
2.10Erin McDonnell1:06.83Traverse City St. Fr...
3.11Taylor Anderson1:07.21Onekama
4.12Danielle Ward1:07.75Onekama
5.11Kelsey Grigg1:11.85Maple City Glen Lake
1.9Shayla Soto1:12.54Frankfort
6.9Shayla Soto1:12.54Frankfort
1.10Selena Harnishfeger1:13.36Onekama
7.10Selena Harnishfeger1:13.36Onekama
8.9Madison Kruschinska1:18.12Lake City
9.10Mandy Edinger1:18.37Frankfort
10.10Maria Vanderwerf1:18.55Maple City Glen Lake
3.9Patricia Pearson1:19.37Lake City
11.9Patricia Pearson1:19.37Lake City
4.9Alexis Steig1:22.13Mesick
3.9Alyssa Clack1:22.48Brethren
13.9Alyssa Clack1:22.48Brethren
14.9Aaliyah Andrews1:23.47Mesick
4.9Mia Charbonneau1:25.69Frankfort
15.9Mia Charbonneau1:25.69Frankfort
5.11Haley Tighe1:26.90Brethren
17.10Crysta Plowman1:28.11Suttons Bay
6.9Jazlyn Cruz1:29.91Brethren
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
7.12Ashley Grant70.7Suttons Bay
7.10Rachael Pasche71.8Suttons Bay
7.12Jordan Smith77.8Suttons Bay
7.10Lydia Patterson80.7Suttons Bay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Friend2:38.44Maple City Glen Lake
2.10Faith Moerdyk2:38.69Onekama
3.11Maddy Danz2:39.91Traverse City St. Fr...
4.9Kaitlin Grigg2:40.76Maple City Glen Lake
5.10Mikayla Schichtel2:41.63Lake City
6.10Erin McDonnell2:44.71Traverse City St. Fr...
7.11Taylor Anderson2:46.68Onekama
8.12Ashley Grant2:48.60Suttons Bay
9.10Svenja Klaiss2:54.43Big Rapids Crossroad...
10.9McKaya Groenwald2:56.19Onekama
11.9Makayla Reed2:57.98Mesick
12.9Katie Haner2:59.86Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.10Megan Soller3:06.38Big Rapids Crossroad...
14.11Kirsten Santa3:08.23Brethren
15.9Tessa Pattison3:13.48Suttons Bay
16.12Sophie Dumfart3:17.44Lake City
17.12Danielle Johnson3:18.43Brethren
18.11Tina Barnes3:34.47Mesick
19.11Jordin Wilks3:46.79Brethren
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
4.12Ashley Grant2:53.5Suttons Bay
4.10Rachael Pasche3:05.5Suttons Bay
4.10Lydia Patterson3:11.5Suttons Bay
4.9Tessa Pattison3:13.0Suttons Bay
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Keena Gilbert5:48.57Onekama
2.11Maddy Danz5:50.53Traverse City St. Fr...
3.9Kaitlin Grigg6:16.44Maple City Glen Lake
4.10Kelly Babcock6:17.02Onekama
5.9McKaya Groenwald6:18.77Onekama
6.10Tristen Gleason6:21.80Frankfort
7.10Mikayla Schichtel6:22.73Lake City
8.11Krissi Dressler6:25.60Traverse City St. Fr...
9.10Caroline Bork6:49.39Traverse City St. Fr...
10.11Karlie Maxwell7:10.67Lake City
11.12Danielle Johnson7:17.00Brethren
12.9Alyssa Clack7:19.94Brethren
13.10Maria Vanderwerf7:23.57Maple City Glen Lake
14.11Tina Barnes7:32.70Mesick
15.11Haley Tighe7:33.10Brethren
16.9Madison Kruschinska7:39.26Lake City
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Keena Gilbert12:52.51Onekama
2.10Kelly Babcock13:50.69Onekama
3.11Krissi Dressler14:03.96Traverse City St. Fr...
4.10Tristen Gleason14:19.59Frankfort
5.12Sophie Dumfart16:17.65Lake City
6.12Kelsey Kruschinska16:37.67Lake City
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylee Brown17.87Onekama
2.12McKaely Ludka17.95Traverse City St. Fr...
3.10Kaitlyn Gaudard18.97Suttons Bay
4.10Paige Emerson19.05Maple City Glen Lake
5.9Emily Krause19.22Brethren
6.12Ashleigh Maier19.97Brethren
7.11Kirsten Santa20.19Brethren
8.9Abbie Trowbridge20.31Mesick
9.10Crystal Pendergrass21.20Lake City
10.10Amanda Dusek22.06Lake City
11.11Autumn Baker22.25Lake City
12.10Rebecca Brown22.57Maple City Glen Lake
13.9Katie Haner23.47Big Rapids Crossroad...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylee Brown55.39Onekama
1.11Paige Fuller56.57Mesick
2.11Paige Fuller56.57Mesick
2.9Meredith Hengy56.93Onekama
4.10Crystal Pendergrass57.40Lake City
5.10Kaitlyn Gaudard59.32Suttons Bay
6.10Paige Emerson1:01.01Maple City Glen Lake
4.11Kirsten Santa1:01.18Brethren
7.11Kirsten Santa1:01.18Brethren
4.10Amanda Dusek1:04.80Lake City
8.10Amanda Dusek1:04.80Lake City
5.9Kaitlyn Griffin1:06.75Brethren
5.11Autumn Baker1:09.63Lake City
10.11Autumn Baker1:09.63Lake City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nisha Collins
Alyson Fink
Breanna Fink
Meredith Hengy
1.-Kaitlyn Gaudard
Koraima Guillen
Jordan Smith
Dana Wessels
56.62Suttons Bay
2.-Kaitlyn Gaudard
Koraima Guillen
Jordan Smith
Dana Wessels
56.62Suttons Bay
3.-Grace Meachum
Keegan Tarrant
Chandler Tarrant
Madeline Zamarron
56.69Traverse City St. Fr...
3.-Relay Team 57.12Frankfort
4.-Relay Team 57.12Frankfort
5.-Svenja Klaiss
Mikayla Kuenzel
Ashley Soller
Hannah Sprik
57.28Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.-Emily Krause
Ashleigh Maier
Mia Sacksteder
Hayley Wade
6.-Emily Krause
Ashleigh Maier
Mia Sacksteder
Hayley Wade
6.-Tina Barnes
Paige Fuller
Makayla Reed
Abbie Trowbridge
8.-Crystal Pendergrass
Twilight Wagner
Samantha Gallup
Denni Mosquera
58.47Lake City
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-McKaely Ludka
Grace Meachum
Kaitlyn Hegewald
Lauren Buckel
1:54.20Traverse City St. Fr...
2.-Nisha Collins
Alyson Fink
Breanna Fink
Danielle Ward
3.-Emily Krause
Ashleigh Maier
Mia Sacksteder
Hayley Wade
3.-Svenja Klaiss
Mikayla Kuenzel
Ashley Soller
Hannah Sprik
2:02.36Big Rapids Crossroad...
4.-Svenja Klaiss
Mikayla Kuenzel
Ashley Soller
Hannah Sprik
2:02.36Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.-Siara Milroy
Raegan Weston
Katie Stowe
Maggie Sherman
2:02.88Maple City Glen Lake
5.-Relay Team 2:04.49Frankfort
6.-Relay Team 2:04.49Frankfort
1.-Rachel Amalfitano
Lexis Good
Koraima Guillen
Jordan Smith
2:05.28Suttons Bay
8.-Denni Mosquera
Sophie Booms
Samantha Gallup
Annie DeForge
2:05.55Lake City
3.-Aaliyah Andrews
Tina Barnes
Alexis Steig
Abbie Trowbridge
6.-Emily Krause
Ashleigh Maier
Mia Sacksteder
Hayley Wade
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Buckel
Maddy Danz
Liza Erickson
Kaitlyn Hegewald
4:27.83Traverse City St. Fr...
2.-Lindsey Friend
Kaitlin Grigg
Kelsey Grigg
Katie Stowe
4:38.10Maple City Glen Lake
3.-Jaylee Brown
Taylor Anderson
Faith Moerdyk
Danielle Ward
4.-Relay Team 4:46.84Frankfort
5.-Katie Haner
Svenja Klaiss
Mikayla Kuenzel
Ashley Soller
4:54.76Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.-Shaina Bosma
Annie DeForge
Madison Kruschinska
Mikayla Schichtel
5:00.05Lake City
6.-Shaina Bosma
Annie DeForge
Madison Kruschinska
Mikayla Schichtel
5:00.05Lake City
2.-Rachel Amalfitano
Ashley Grant
Rachael Pasche
Lydia Patterson
5:01.00Suttons Bay
6.-Alyssa Clack
Jazlyn Cruz
Kirsten Santa
Jordin Wilks
8.-Alyssa Clack
Jazlyn Cruz
Kirsten Santa
Jordin Wilks
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddy Danz
Krissi Dressler
Liza Erickson
Erin McDonnell
10:44.07Traverse City St. Fr...
2.-Kelly Babcock
Taylor Anderson
McKaya Groenwald
Faith Moerdyk
3.-Lindsey Friend
Kaitlin Grigg
Kelsey Grigg
Maria Vanderwerf
11:15.99Maple City Glen Lake
4.-Rachel Amalfitano
Ashley Grant
Lydia Patterson
Tessa Pattison
12:23.59Suttons Bay
5.-Madison Kruschinska
Tiina Lehtimaki
Karlie Maxwell
Mikayla Schichtel
12:41.78Lake City
6.-Alyssa Clack
Danielle Johnson
Haley Tighe
Jordin Wilks
7.-Aaliyah Andrews
Lexi Andrews
Tina Barnes
Makayla Reed
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leah Mohnke30'04.50"Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.9Megan Acre27'04.00"Mesick
3.11Keegan Tarrant26'05.50"Traverse City St. Fr...
4.10Katherine Tigges25'08.50"Suttons Bay
5.9Madison Farmer25'00.25"Frankfort
6.9Alyssa Larson24'06.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
7.12Cora VanOs24'04.50"Mesick
8.9Chandler Tarrant24'02.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
9.10Crysta Plowman23'10.50"Suttons Bay
10.12Danielle Ward23'04.50"Onekama
11.9Brianna Miller23'04.00"Frankfort
12.12Sarah Hartwig23'00.75"Suttons Bay
13.9Brooke Havier22'03.00"Brethren
14.12Carlee Broughton22'01.00"Brethren
15.9Lexi Andrews21'10.00"Mesick
16.12Andee Hall21'04.75"Lake City
17.10Taylor Rainier20'07.00"Lake City
18.12Alyssa Wade20'06.50"Lake City
19.12Yue Hue18'00.75"Brethren
20.12Taynara Silva15'10.25"Big Rapids Crossroad...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leah Mohnke96'00.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.12Sarah Hartwig81'04.00"Suttons Bay
3.10Lydia Patterson78'04.00"Suttons Bay
4.10Katherine Tigges75'05.00"Suttons Bay
5.11Keegan Tarrant72'11.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
6.12Andee Hall70'03.00"Lake City
7.12Carlee Broughton66'04.00"Brethren
8.12Alyssa Wade65'03.00"Lake City
9.12Cora VanOs61'01.00"Mesick
10.10Twilight Wagner60'10.00"Lake City
11.9Megan Acre60'02.00"Mesick
12.9Brooke Havier58'11.00"Brethren
13.-Ashlee Larson50'07.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
14.12Taynara Silva49'05.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
15.12Yue Hue44'10.00"Brethren
16.9Lexi Andrews41'04.00"Mesick
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Faith Moerdyk4'06.00"Onekama
1.12McKaely Ludka4'06.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
12Ashley Grant4'02.10"Suttons Bay
11Melissa Shank4'02.10"Big Rapids Crossroad...
-Ashlee Larson4'02.10"Big Rapids Crossroad...
3.11Sophie Booms4'02.10"Lake City
7.10Crystal Pendergrass4'02.00"Lake City
8.10Amanda Dusek4'02.00"Lake City
9.12Marissa Neeley4'02.00"Frankfort
10.9Emily Krause4'02.00"Brethren
11.12Maggie Miller4'00.00"Frankfort
12.10Rebecca Brown4'00.00"Maple City Glen Lake
13.11Gabby Kline4'00.00"Mesick
14.11Jordin Wilks4'00.00"Brethren
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylee Brown9'00.00"Onekama
12Dana Wessels8'00.00"Suttons Bay
2.11Sophie Booms8'00.00"Lake City
4.11Sierra Willsey7'06.00"Frankfort
5.11Autumn Baker6'00.10"Lake City
6.10Amanda Dusek6'00.00"Lake City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nisha Collins15'05.00"Onekama
2.9Meredith Hengy14'08.75"Onekama
3.12McKaely Ludka14'07.50"Traverse City St. Fr...
4.11Melissa Shank14'06.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
5.11Kaitlyn Hegewald14'04.50"Traverse City St. Fr...
6.12Becky Gatrell13'11.75"Frankfort
7.12Dana Wessels13'05.50"Suttons Bay
8.9Grace Meachum13'02.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
9.10Paige Emerson13'01.25"Maple City Glen Lake
10.9Siaira Milroy13'00.00"Maple City Glen Lake
11.12Ashleigh Maier12'02.00"Brethren
12.10Twilight Wagner11'11.00"Lake City
13.12Mariah Murray11'11.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
14.10Raegan Weston11'09.00"Maple City Glen Lake
15.9Kaitlyn Griffin11'07.50"Brethren
16.12Celeste Wallace11'06.50"Big Rapids Crossroad...
17.10Mandy Edinger11'03.75"Frankfort
18.11Gabby Kline11'01.00"Mesick
19.12Shayla Aldridge10'11.00"Frankfort
20.10Megan Flanigan10'01.75"Lake City
21.12Sophie Dumfart10'01.00"Lake City
22.9Alexis Steig10'01.00"Mesick
23.10Megan Bardenhagen7'09.25"Suttons Bay
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