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JJ Corbett Track Meet

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bartow HS, Bartow

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Florida - 1A
All Saints Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Parnell11.18Ridge Community
2.11Kendrick Mapp11.27Mulberry
3.12Derrik Higdon11.28Auburndale Senior
4.12Leslie Young11.45Mulberry
5.9Tajahs Jackson11.46Desoto County
6.11Jarius Garner11.53Mulberry
7.9Wilbor Cooper11.60Auburndale Senior
8.11Eric Rookard11.76Bartow
9.10Marcus Tarver11.80Bartow
10.12Justin Richardson11.92Desoto County
11.-Jonathan Rivera12.10Ridge Community
12.12Marshall Lee12.15Lake Region
13.12Jon Rose12.21George Jenkins
14.10Bruce Ludden12.58George Jenkins
15.10Ricky Gordon12.63George Jenkins
16.-Troy MacNeill12.85All Saints Academy
17.11Reggie Evans12.87All Saints Academy
18.9Nick Montgomery12.97Lake Region
19.12Caleb Dean13.49Bartow
20.9Ej Miner13.72All Saints Academy
21.12Marquis Dickens14.21Desoto County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Parnell22.40Ridge Community
2.12Derrik Higdon22.90Auburndale Senior
3.10Marcus Tarver23.50Bartow
4.11Gerrod McMath23.60Lake Region
5.12Ronald Gainer23.61Desoto County
6.12Jon Rose23.80George Jenkins
7.-Jonathan Rivera24.10Ridge Community
8.-Lorenz Berry24.20Mulberry
9.9Martin Luther25.10Desoto County
10.12David Ettiene25.20Auburndale Senior
10.11Dequan Roundtree25.20Lake Region
12.11Sam Tomberlin25.70Mulberry
13.9Keshawn Roberson26.00Bartow
14.-Troy MacNeill26.10All Saints Academy
14.11Reggie Evans26.10All Saints Academy
16.-Marcus Sheals26.60Mulberry
17.10Jesse Harris27.10Lake Region
18.10Ricky Gordon27.60George Jenkins
19.12Marquis Dickens33.10Desoto County
20.7Chizam Nzeako37.70All Saints Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12William Cooper51.50Bartow
2.11Gerrod McMath53.30Lake Region
3.11Nykemis Pelham53.40Desoto County
4.12Devante Lester55.10George Jenkins
5.12Diante Baker55.60Bartow
6.12Darien Joe55.80Bartow
7.-Henry Berry56.20Mulberry
8.10Brian Smith56.90Auburndale Senior
9.10Quincy Styles57.60Auburndale Senior
10.10Nacari Williams58.20Desoto County
11.11Quinton Tiger58.40Lake Region
12.9Willie Walker58.70Mulberry
13.9Bryan Reed58.90Mulberry
14.9Eric Jones59.30Auburndale Senior
15.9Keonte Akins1:01.50Desoto County
16.9Eric Edinger1:05.30Lake Region
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Babcock2:13.60Lake Region
2.11Caleb Reyes2:15.40George Jenkins
3.11Zach Rhoden2:16.20George Jenkins
4.11Daniel Wolf2:18.70George Jenkins
5.10Daniel Bostrom2:18.80George Jenkins
6.10James Sorensen2:20.40George Jenkins
7.12Marcus Johnson2:21.70Bartow
8.11Sean Conway2:22.80Ridge Community
9.11DiArrien Isaac2:23.40Bartow
10.12Christopher West2:24.00Bartow
11.11Shaquille Williams2:24.90Ridge Community
12.10Tyler Thomsen2:25.40Lake Region
13.9Connor Gilliard2:27.40George Jenkins
13.9Tate Nitsche2:27.40Lake Region
15.10Steven Ochoa2:29.00Desoto County
16.11Nicholas Paige2:30.20Ridge Community
17.9Elijah Matta2:30.40George Jenkins
18.12Laderious Wearing2:30.80Mulberry
19.10Alonzo Neolms2:32.30George Jenkins
20.11Shelton Brown2:33.50Desoto County
21.11Tom Zhang2:34.50Bartow
22.11Kantaurus Dorsey2:34.70Mulberry
23.9Jonathan Cain2:36.70George Jenkins
24.11Alexander Rolette2:41.50George Jenkins
25.9Alec Brown2:42.00George Jenkins
26.11Jordan Gant2:45.70Bartow
27.11Deandre Williams2:48.50Desoto County
27.10Steven Elizee2:48.50George Jenkins
29.10Giovanni Montanez2:49.00Ridge Community
30.12Treay Stinson2:50.50Bartow
31.11Neel Patel2:57.00George Jenkins
32.10Tedvis Smith3:08.90Desoto County
33.9Dakota Sherwood3:16.00George Jenkins
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Trussell4:49.20George Jenkins
2.10Landon Schneider4:49.80George Jenkins
3.12Robert Bemman4:55.50All Saints Academy
4.12Jonathan Schrader5:00.30George Jenkins
5.11Zach Rhoden5:05.60George Jenkins
6.11Daniel Wolf5:09.30George Jenkins
7.10Daniel Bostrom5:09.50George Jenkins
8.10Nathaniel Johns5:15.50Auburndale Senior
9.11Sean Conway5:17.30Ridge Community
10.9Benjamin Putnam5:20.00Bartow
11.11Brandon Baker5:22.80George Jenkins
12.9Connor Gilliard5:23.10George Jenkins
13.11Nicholas Paige5:23.50Ridge Community
14.12Laderious Wearing5:24.60Mulberry
15.10Tyler Thomsen5:26.60Lake Region
16.11Bailey Dennis5:32.50Ridge Community
17.9Jonathan Cain5:33.40George Jenkins
18.11Alexander Rolette5:34.80George Jenkins
19.10Steven Ochoa5:38.60Desoto County
20.9Alec Brown5:39.10George Jenkins
21.11Shaquille Williams5:41.20Ridge Community
22.10James Sorensen5:49.00George Jenkins
23.10Larry Widerner5:50.20Lake Region
24.10Jarod Ison5:59.30Auburndale Senior
25.10Alonzo Neolms6:04.80George Jenkins
26.11Neel Patel6:05.60George Jenkins
27.11Dorien Jacques6:24.70Auburndale Senior
28.9Quincy Cooper6:26.40Auburndale Senior
29.10Auguste Wickey6:42.40Desoto County
30.11Nyo Desir7:02.90Mulberry
31.10Steven Elizee7:22.10George Jenkins
32.9Dakota Sherwood7:23.20George Jenkins
33.-Terik Hamilton7:30.90Mulberry
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Landon Schneider10:33.40George Jenkins
2.11John Trussell10:59.90George Jenkins
3.12Robert Bemman11:01.10All Saints Academy
4.12Jonathan Schrader11:01.50George Jenkins
5.11Zach Rhoden11:47.50George Jenkins
6.11Daniel Wolf11:57.70George Jenkins
7.9Connor Gilliard12:07.80George Jenkins
8.11Levi Dekker12:09.30Lake Region
9.11Bailey Dennis12:10.80Ridge Community
10.11Nicholas Paige12:12.60Ridge Community
11.10Larry Widerner12:15.10Lake Region
12.10Daniel Bostrom12:52.90George Jenkins
13.11Shaquille Williams13:15.80Ridge Community
14.10Jarod Ison13:26.80Auburndale Senior
15.11Dorien Jacques13:27.80Auburndale Senior
16.9Timothy Murphy13:31.80Auburndale Senior
17.11Chrishopher Rueda13:36.30Lake Region
18.10Adam Johnson13:38.90Lake Region
19.11William Coronado14:07.10Desoto County
20.9Brody Bulman14:18.50Auburndale Senior
21.10Giovanni Montanez14:22.20Ridge Community
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kalil Lamont16.16Bartow
2.10James Robinson16.49Ridge Community
3.10Antoine Wood18.51Mulberry
4.-Sharod Armstrong19.25Ridge Community
5.12Dequon Cowell20.19Desoto County
6.12Ronnie Ratliff20.71George Jenkins
7.9Dylan Tice21.64George Jenkins
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Robinson43.16Ridge Community
2.11Kalil Lamont43.93Bartow
3.10Kyle Drollette44.03Lake Region
4.10Antoine Wood45.73Mulberry
5.9Calahan Warren45.82Auburndale Senior
6.12Ronnie Ratliff46.01George Jenkins
7.11Dequan Roundtree46.05Lake Region
8.12Dequon Cowell47.57Desoto County
9.11Hunter Foust49.26George Jenkins
10.9Dylan Tice50.52George Jenkins
11.9Julian Davis1:01.64All Saints Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.13Mulberry
2.-Relay Team 44.29Desoto County
3.-Relay Team 44.59Auburndale Senior
4.-Relay Team 46.34Bartow
5.-Relay Team 48.45George Jenkins
6.-Relay Team 52.85All Saints Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Throwers - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.70Desoto County
2.-Relay Team 51.10Mulberry
3.-Relay Team 52.90Auburndale Senior
4.-Relay Team 55.10Bartow
5.-Relay Team 1:00.20George Jenkins
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dominique Broome
William Cooper
Darien Joe
Dorian Lorente
2.-Dontae Jones
Calahan Warren
Daryl Henry
Liam David
3:46.10Auburndale Senior
3.-Christian Babcock
Kyle Drollette
Joshua Tiger
Dequan Roundtree
3:51.30Lake Region
4.-Caleb Reyes
Leonard Grant
Kavan Kern
Devante Lester
3:52.90George Jenkins
5.-Laderious Wearing
Henry Berry
Bryan Reed
Willie Walker
6.-Steven Ochoa
Nykemis Pelham
Dequan Richardson
Nacari Williams
3:58.10Desoto County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jonathan Schrader
Caleb Reyes
Landon Schneider
John Trussell
9:08.05George Jenkins
2.-DiArrien Isaac
Darien Joe
Tyler Watkins
Christopher West
3.-Kantaurus Dorsey
Jonathon Flores
Mykel Flores
Laderious Wearing
4.-Dorien Jacques
Quincy Cooper
Nathaniel Johns
Brandon Watkins
10:27.78Auburndale Senior
5.-Claude Blosser
Shelton Brown
Tedvis Smith
Deandre Williams
11:11.77Desoto County
X SMR 600-200-400-800m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marshall Lee
James Sheerin
Nick Montgomery
Jesse Harris
5:29.70Lake Region
2.-Michael Walker
DiArrien Isaac
Dorian Lorente
Tyler Watkins
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Montel Collins45-06.00Bartow
2.10Dominic Dennard39-07.75Ridge Community
3.12Demetrius Jones38-10.00Ridge Community
4.12Josh Bass37-10.00George Jenkins
5.10Demetrio Henderson37-08.50Bartow
6.12Justin Richardson36-07.00Desoto County
7.11Antonio Thomas36-02.50Auburndale Senior
8.11Brody McAfee36-01.25George Jenkins
9.12Heliodoro Ramirez35-02.00Bartow
10.12Edwin Commons34-08.25Bartow
11.10Stephaun Maddox34-06.50Ridge Community
12.-James Roberts34-02.75Auburndale Senior
13.11Austin Allen33-01.00Desoto County
14.9Martin Luther31-11.50Desoto County
15.9Brandon Watkins30-04.50Auburndale Senior
16.11Andrew Price28-11.00Desoto County
17.9Jimmy Williams28-06.00Desoto County
18.10Jared Blackburn28-04.50Lake Region
19.12James Searles28-00.75George Jenkins
20.11Andrew Goding27-03.00George Jenkins
21.-Rod Ettiene27-02.00Auburndale Senior
22.10Harry Akins26-09.75Desoto County
23.9Glauco Rodriquez25-10.00George Jenkins
24.-Eric Moreno24-01.50George Jenkins
25.-Chris Sutton22-01.50Auburndale Senior
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Montel Collins143-05Bartow
2.12Bruce Hurt124-05Auburndale Senior
3.-James Roberts121-01Auburndale Senior
4.12Josh Bass118-05George Jenkins
5.12Demetrius Jones112-08Ridge Community
6.10Demetrio Henderson109-03Bartow
7.11Antonio Thomas103-00Auburndale Senior
8.11Austin Allen101-03Desoto County
9.12Edwin Commons101-00Bartow
10.11Brody McAfee96-04George Jenkins
11.12Heliodoro Ramirez95-00Bartow
12.9Brandon Watkins94-00Auburndale Senior
13.10Dominic Dennard88-05Ridge Community
14.10Stephaun Maddox87-00Ridge Community
15.-Rod Ettiene78-08Auburndale Senior
16.10Jared Blackburn76-11Lake Region
17.9Jimmy Williams73-05Desoto County
18.-Chris Sutton68-00Auburndale Senior
19.-Eric Moreno63-04George Jenkins
20.9Anthony Milton61-10George Jenkins
21.9Martin Luther58-00Desoto County
22.9Glauco Rodriquez57-04George Jenkins
23.10Harry Akins54-07Desoto County
24.11Andrew Goding53-02George Jenkins
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Akeem Severin5-08.00Bartow
2.11Darius Jackson5-08.00Bartow
3.10James Robinson5-08.00Ridge Community
4.11Jaremy Williams5-06.00Bartow
5.11Michael Walker5-06.00Bartow
6.10Nacari Williams5-02.00Desoto County
7.10Kani McGarr5-02.00Bartow
7.11Shelton Brown5-02.00Desoto County
9.9Cory Sanders5-00.00McKeel
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Kirkpatrick9-06.00George Jenkins
2.11Hunter Foust8-00.00George Jenkins
--12Nolan ClarkNHGeorge Jenkins
--11Michael MarrinoNHGeorge Jenkins
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Robinson18-02.50Ridge Community
2.12Diante Baker18-02.00Bartow
3.9Tajahs Jackson18-01.50Desoto County
4.11Michael Walker18-01.50Bartow
5.10Dequan Richardson18-01.00Desoto County
6.11Jaremy Williams17-09.00Bartow
7.11Benjamin Stewart17-07.50Bartow
8.9Cory Sanders17-06.00McKeel
9.9Tarren Marseille17-03.50Auburndale Senior
10.10Quincy Styles17-01.50Auburndale Senior
11.9Keshawn Roberson15-11.00Bartow
12.10Trevon Wicks15-08.00Desoto County
13.-Troy MacNeill15-07.00All Saints Academy
14.10Stephen Shelton15-06.00George Jenkins
14.12Aaron Agee15-06.00George Jenkins
16.-Sharod Armstrong14-06.00Ridge Community
17.10Bruce Ludden14-02.00George Jenkins
18.11Reggie Evans13-11.00All Saints Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake Gandy37-10.00McKeel
2.12Ronald Gainer37-01.50Desoto County
3.11Kalil Lamont36-00.00Bartow
4.10Nacari Williams35-11.00Desoto County
5.10Daniel Lowery32-07.00Ridge Community
6.10Trevon Wicks31-07.00Desoto County
7.10Quincy Styles31-06.50Auburndale Senior
8.12James Schaill31-05.00Bartow
9.10Stephen Shelton30-11.50George Jenkins
--10Ricky GordonFOULGeorge Jenkins
--11Leonard GrantFOULGeorge Jenkins

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Abnathy12.94George Jenkins
2.-Tamara Allen13.06Ridge Community
3.9Erica Joseph13.06Bartow
4.11Jerrika Joyce13.33Bartow
5.9Rodajai Burke13.45Lake Region
6.9Keonna Byron13.89Auburndale Senior
7.9Shardajai Burke13.90Lake Region
8.11Marissa Hagins13.98Bartow
9.10Kenishia Michael14.00George Jenkins
10.10Briana Gaskins14.02Auburndale Senior
11.10Tanesha Dockery14.05Ridge Community
12.9Kimberly Ortega14.08Ridge Community
13.9Mercedes Sankey14.43Lake Region
14.9Zakevia Sconiers14.74Auburndale Senior
15.6Libby Mixon15.14All Saints Academy
16.-Jenteal Hudson15.36Mulberry
17.-Janay Berry15.51Mulberry
18.7Carolina Martinez15.60All Saints Academy
19.7Maddy Rogers16.32All Saints Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Destini Williford27.32Bartow
2.12Lynee Orloff27.88Lake Region
3.9Aundrika Patterson28.73Bartow
4.10Kenishia Michael28.98George Jenkins
5.9Kimberly Ortega29.06Ridge Community
6.10Briana Gaskins29.30Auburndale Senior
7.9Keonna Byron29.40Auburndale Senior
8.9Mercedes Sankey29.50Lake Region
9.9Olivia Paul30.09Haines City
10.11Ahleeyah Turner30.20Mulberry
11.11Tia'onne Townsend30.30Desoto County
12.9Tomaneka Burks30.40Auburndale Senior
13.11Jalenia Plummer30.51George Jenkins
14.6Libby Mixon30.60All Saints Academy
15.10Markiria Thomas31.00Lake Region
16.7Maddy Rogers31.50All Saints Academy
17.12Melissa Hui32.80Bartow
18.7Brittany Johnstone35.40All Saints Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Abnathy1:01.45George Jenkins
2.11Bree Lawhead1:04.55Bartow
3.9Melanie Rex1:05.65All Saints Academy
4.11Raechanz Thompson1:06.79Bartow
5.9Tracy Whitney1:07.70Lake Region
6.10Ladeja Dennis1:07.73Desoto County
7.11Jalenia Plummer1:08.10George Jenkins
8.11Theresa Trentham1:08.70George Jenkins
9.11Tia'onne Townsend1:08.80Desoto County
10.11Ariel Schleicher1:09.80Bartow
11.11Britney Blackwood1:12.30Lake Region
12.-Jodie Halladay1:14.80Ridge Community
13.9Diana Flores1:15.80Mulberry
14.11Lanisha Paul1:20.00Auburndale Senior
15.10Briana Gaskins1:20.70Auburndale Senior
16.10Sukri Jones1:22.70Lake Region
17.10Danesha Blue1:23.20Auburndale Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Nabong2:30.00Lake Region
2.9Avory Baker2:52.20George Jenkins
3.11Jessica Spell2:56.30Lake Region
4.10Ladeja Dennis2:57.80Desoto County
5.11Theresa Trentham3:01.30George Jenkins
6.-Jodie Halladay3:06.30Ridge Community
7.-Katrina Hughes3:10.00Mulberry
8.11Leslie Quintero3:14.50Ridge Community
9.9Alexis Gann3:14.80Bartow
10.11Michaela Barnhill3:17.30Lake Region
11.12Victoria Babcock3:19.90Lake Region
12.11Caroline McKendrick3:30.30George Jenkins
13.11Lauren Dupree3:40.00George Jenkins
14.-Britney Willis3:43.20Mulberry
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Ortiz5:53.30Lake Region
2.9Ruby Lewis5:57.70George Jenkins
3.10Leah Jostes5:59.70Lake Region
4.9Avory Baker6:16.10George Jenkins
5.10Julie Shierling6:23.40Lake Region
6.9Heather Meskimen6:33.00George Jenkins
7.-Jodie Halladay6:39.30Ridge Community
8.11Gina Aulisio6:54.30George Jenkins
9.9Diana Moya7:04.90Desoto County
10.12Kristie Mejia7:07.10Lake Region
11.11Leslie Quintero7:14.80Ridge Community
12.9Christine Lang7:16.90Auburndale Senior
13.9Brooke Clark7:20.70Lake Region
14.11Caroline McKendrick7:20.80George Jenkins
15.9Haley Qureshi7:42.10Lake Region
16.11Lauren Dupree8:06.90George Jenkins
17.9Jenna Pahlman8:26.20Bartow
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Julie Shierling13:47.60Lake Region
2.9Heather Meskimen14:46.90George Jenkins
3.11Gina Aulisio15:38.00George Jenkins
4.11Caroline McKendrick16:17.60George Jenkins
5.9Christine Lang16:45.10Auburndale Senior
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Abnathy15.39George Jenkins
2.11Maribel Munoz18.23Desoto County
3.12Jodi Hopkins18.46Lake Region
4.10Briana Gaskins18.95Auburndale Senior
5.11Michaela Barnhill19.21Lake Region
6.9Megan Brock21.40Lake Region
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maribel Munoz52.31Desoto County
2.12Jodi Hopkins54.14Lake Region
3.12Victoria Babcock1:00.07Lake Region
4.9Megan Brock1:01.20Lake Region
5.9Makenzie Baker1:01.62George Jenkins
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Deeazrielle Davis
Delsa Thomas
Destini Williford
Marissa Hagins
2.-Relay Team 51.67Lake Region
3.-Relay Team 52.69Ridge Community
5.-Ahleeyah Turner
Janay Berry
Jenteal Hudson
Alicia Mason
6.-Relay Team 59.83All Saints Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Throwers - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:01.40George Jenkins
2.-Relay Team 1:01.60Lake Region
3.-Relay Team 1:02.70Bartow
4.-Relay Team 1:08.60Desoto County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melissa Hui
Raechanz Thompson
Bree Lawhead
Alauna Reckley
2.-Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Spell
Vonique Hall
Tracy Whitney
4:53.40Lake Region
3.-Tia'onne Townsend
Ladeja Dennis
Maribel Munoz
Diana Moya
4:54.00Desoto County
4.-Ana Nabb
Theresa Trentham
Makenzie Baker
Katie Harmer
5:08.90George Jenkins
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Nabong
Jessica Ortiz
Leah Jostes
Jessica Spell
11:04.75Lake Region
2.-Katie Pantoja
Gina Aulisio
Heather Meskimen
Avory Baker
11:25.37George Jenkins
3.-Alexis Gann
Jenna Pahlman
Laura Stargel
Mary (Hannah) Stargel
X SMR 600-200-400-800m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lynee Orloff
Vonique Hall
Tracy Whitney
Shardajai Burke
6:41.80Lake Region
2.-Deeazrielle Davis
Melissa Hui
Alexis Gann
Kathryn McNelis
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexandria Anderson33-04.00George Jenkins
2.10Jenna Snell32-00.00George Jenkins
3.12Porschea Bell29-08.25Desoto County
4.11Jennifer Rodriquez29-06.00George Jenkins
5.10Elizabeth Krebs29-04.00George Jenkins
6.10Vitia Webster27-11.50Ridge Community
7.11Adreanna Beauvior27-08.25Ridge Community
8.12Geneva Pennington26-06.00Bartow
9.12Jasmine Cummings26-02.00Bartow
10.12Raven Harper25-03.50George Jenkins
11.11Kalia Morris24-05.00Bartow
12.10Aaron Harvey24-00.75Ridge Community
13.12Brittanica Townsend23-07.25Desoto County
14.12Dephty Aurel23-01.75Lake Region
15.12Dametree Hawkins22-08.00Bartow
16.10India Sucko22-06.25Desoto County
17.10KeAndra Blocker20-08.00Desoto County
18.11Vontavia Rogers18-10.50Auburndale Senior
19.11Kristen Miller18-08.00Lake Region
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittanica Townsend93-02Desoto County
2.12Dephty Aurel84-04Lake Region
2.12Porschea Bell84-04Desoto County
4.12Jasmine Cummings82-11Bartow
5.10Elizabeth Krebs77-04George Jenkins
6.10Vitia Webster73-07Ridge Community
7.11Adreanna Beauvior71-05Ridge Community
8.11Kalia Morris69-09Bartow
9.12Dametree Hawkins69-07Bartow
10.11Deaundra Williams68-09Bartow
11.11Jennifer Rodriquez66-08George Jenkins
12.10Jenna Snell65-06George Jenkins
13.10KeAndra Blocker63-08Desoto County
14.12Alexandria Anderson61-04George Jenkins
15.11Vontavia Rogers57-10Auburndale Senior
16.12Raven Harper56-07George Jenkins
17.10India Sucko56-03Desoto County
18.10Aaron Harvey55-03Ridge Community
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Retton5-01.00Bartow
2.11Danielle Brown4-06.00Bartow
3.10Janique Seawell4-06.00Bartow
4.11Vonique Hall4-06.00Lake Region
5.-Claudia Holly4-04.00Ridge Community
6.12Ana Nabb4-02.00George Jenkins
7.9Megan Brock4-00.00Lake Region
7.12Keyanna Wiggins4-00.00Ridge Community
7.12Caylee Gibbons4-00.00George Jenkins
10.9Jenna Pahlman3-10.00Bartow
11.11Kristen Miller3-10.00Lake Region
--9Jessica DekkerNHLake Region
--9Amanda GangannaNHGeorge Jenkins
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lynee Orloff10-00.00Lake Region
2.10Leah Jostes8-06.00Lake Region
3.12Amanda Erwin8-00.00George Jenkins
4.12Caylee Gibbons7-06.00George Jenkins
5.9Tracy Whitney7-00.00Lake Region
6.9Hannah Holjes6-06.00George Jenkins
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Destini Williford16-01.50Bartow
2.12Taizia Collins15-08.50Ridge Community
3.10Janique Seawell14-10.00Bartow
4.10Briana Gaskins14-05.00Auburndale Senior
5.11Jerrika Joyce13-06.50Bartow
6.9Tori Clark13-06.00George Jenkins
7.9Jessica Dekker13-04.00Lake Region
8.12Keyanna Wiggins12-11.00Ridge Community
9.-Claudia Holly12-10.50Ridge Community
10.9Keonna Byron12-09.00Auburndale Senior
11.7Maddy Rogers12-03.00All Saints Academy
12.9Mercedes Sankey12-01.50Lake Region
13.10Markiria Thomas11-10.50Lake Region
14.11Kathryn McNelis11-04.50Bartow
14.9Tomaneka Burks11-04.50Auburndale Senior
16.7Brittany Johnstone11-02.50All Saints Academy
17.9Courtney Cadiz11-00.00George Jenkins
18.9Megan Brock10-09.50Lake Region
19.7Carolina Martinez10-07.50All Saints Academy
20.10Crameshia Jackson10-07.00Bartow
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taizia Collins32-06.00Ridge Community
2.11Theresa Trentham30-08.00George Jenkins
3.9Jessica Dekker30-05.00Lake Region
4.9Tori Clark30-01.50George Jenkins
5.11Raechanz Thompson30-01.00Bartow
6.-Shalisa Davis28-11.00Ridge Community
7.12Jodi Hopkins28-09.50Lake Region
8.10Ladeja Dennis28-02.00Desoto County
9.11Tia'onne Townsend26-03.00Desoto County
10.9Courtney Cadiz22-01.00George Jenkins
11.11Kathryn McNelis20-09.00Bartow
--9Melanie RexNDAll Saints Academy
--9Natalie BranstratorNDAll Saints Academy
--8Vivian WongNDAll Saints Academy
--10Alison AmannNDAll Saints Academy
--11Deja HillmanNDHaines City
--11Shadai BrimmerNDHaines City
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