Dioc of Clev CYO Meet - Padua HS

Sunday, April 01, 2012
  Padua HS, Parma - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Developmental - Finals
5Devin Cronlotac15.5Sts Joseph and John
5Cory Penter15.8St Anthony of Padua-...
5Ryan Sulic15.8St Anthony of Padua-...
7Noah Schrader15.9St Albert the Great
5Dominic Audino16.0Assumption
5Zachary Milko16.1St Charles Borromeo
4Bryan Cundiff16.7aIncarnate Word Academy
5Sean Wallace16.6St Columbkille
4Matthew Mclaughlin16.7Assumption
4.5Sam Pike16.7St Albert the Great
5Ryley King16.8St Anthony of Padua-...
5Declan Boldy16.8Sts Joseph and John
5Dika Smarty17.3Assumption
5Matthew Devis17.4St Columbkille
5Zach Nestor17.4Sts Joseph and John
4Mitchell Knotek17.5Assumption
4Noah Zentkovich18.2Incarnate Word Academy
4Stephen Woytek18.6Assumption
5.5Ben Crane18.6St Albert the Great
4William Giulivo18.8Assumption
5Daniel Kollin20.0Assumption
5Kevin Mihalek21.2St Anthony of Padua-...
4Charlie Syroney21.5Assumption
5David Ryan23.0aIncarnate Word Academy
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Zachary Antonio14.1St Albert the Great
6AJ Zubek14.5aIncarnate Word Academy
6Danny Roberge14.7Sts Joseph and John
6Jacob Walcutt15Sts Joseph and John
6Francisco Montanez15.2St Anthony of Padua-...
4.6Austin Riddle15.4St Albert the Great
6Joshua Wiess15.6St Charles Borromeo
6Bradley Andrich15.9Assumption
5.6Jacob Mantle16.4St Albert the Great
5.6Ethan Kaser16.4St Albert the Great
6Matthew Loy16.8Sts Joseph and John
6.6Thomas Devine17.1St Albert the Great
7.6Tanner Caster17.6St Albert the Great
6Paul Tyrpak18.0St Anthony of Padua-...
8.6Evan Ketz19.1St Albert the Great
8.6Daniel Ranallo19.3St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
7David Dolansky13.9Assumption
7John Heinzerling14.4St Anthony of Padua-...
1.7Joe Macuga14.4St Albert the Great
2.7Evan Schmidt14.32St Albert the Great
7Charles Jindra14.49St Charles Borromeo
2.7Max Schreckengast14.5St Albert the Great
7Tommy Patacca15.2St Columbkille
7Adam Mandat15.4Assumption
7Jacob Drlik15.37St Columbkille
7Jordon Felice15.82aIncarnate Word Academy
7Bobby Urse15.6St Columbkille
7Charlie Ehlinger15.9St Columbkille
7Justin Herold16Sts Joseph and John
7Zachary Maxwell16.1Sts Joseph and John
7Gerry Knotek16.1Assumption
7Edward Kilarsky17.2aIncarnate Word Academy
7Joey Horne17.17St Anthony of Padua-...
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.8Justin Thomas12.1St Albert the Great
8Brandan Bizzi12.4St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kyle Fallon12.4St Charles Borromeo
8Sean Turner12.9St Columbkille
8David Pavlik13.2Sts Joseph and John
8Logan Cooper13.3St Columbkille
8Matt Walcutt13.4Sts Joseph and John
8Jimmy John13.4St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kevin Giulivo13.5Assumption
1.8John Naughton13.5St Albert the Great
8Eric Piechowski13.7St Anthony of Padua-...
8Matthew Gnatowski13.8Assumption
8Kyle Kuczynski13.9Assumption
8Dylan Page13.9St Anthony of Padua-...
6.8Nick Shreckengast14.2St Albert the Great
8Michael Mindyas14.5Sts Joseph and John
8Austin Venczel14.6Assumption
8Mark Drozd14.7Assumption
8Nick Mastronardi15.3Assumption
8Conner Basnett15.9Assumption
8Andrew Milne16.2aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - Developmental - Finals
7Evan Schmidt30.8St Albert the Great
5Zachary Szafarski32.7St Charles Borromeo
5Liam McCormick33.4aIncarnate Word Academy
2.5Tanner Miller34.5St Albert the Great
5Dominic Audino35.1Assumption
5Sean Wallace35.5St Columbkille
5Kevin Lawler35.5Sts Joseph and John
4Thomas Malloy36.1aIncarnate Word Academy
5Zach Nestor36.8Sts Joseph and John
5Devin Cronlotac37.1Sts Joseph and John
4.5Gino Mucciarone37.6St Albert the Great
5Declan Boldy37.9Sts Joseph and John
5Matthew Devis38.7St Columbkille
5Ryley King39.4St Anthony of Padua-...
4Noah Zentkovich39.8aIncarnate Word Academy
5Dika Smarty39.7Assumption
4Dumebi Smarty40.3Assumption
4William Giulivo43.5Assumption
4Stephen Woytek43.8Assumption
5Daniel Kollin46.5Assumption
4Charlie Syroney50.5Assumption
5David Ryan53.9aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Max Pike32.9St Albert the Great
6Nedas Semaska33.3aIncarnate Word Academy
6Bradley Andrich34.7Assumption
3.6Thomas Devine36.0St Albert the Great
2.6Jacob Mantle36.2St Albert the Great
6Matthew Loy36.8Sts Joseph and John
6Andras Juhasz38.2aIncarnate Word Academy
6Joseph Juda38.3aIncarnate Word Academy
6Andrew Boldy40Sts Joseph and John
6Paul Tyrpak40.8St Anthony of Padua-...
6.6Evan Ketz41.6St Albert the Great
6Caleb Stalder43.6Sts Joseph and John
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Brad Hall29.5St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jacob Drlik31.2St Columbkille
3.7Joe Macuga31.3St Albert the Great
7Tommy Patacca32.1St Columbkille
7Owen Zubek33.0aIncarnate Word Academy
7Bobby Urse33.5St Columbkille
7Michael Revilock34.4Sts Joseph and John
7Charlie Ehlinger35.4St Columbkille
6.7Noah Schrader35.7St Albert the Great
6.7Alex Mog37.1St Albert the Great
7Christopher Dombrosky39.2aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Will Csiszar26.4aIncarnate Word Academy
8Brandan Bizzi26.2St Anthony of Padua-...
8Sean Turner27.2St Columbkille
8Andrew Kukla27.4Assumption
8Logan Cooper27.9St Columbkille
8Kyle Aerni28.3Sts Joseph and John
3.8John Naughton28.7St Albert the Great
8Kyle Kuczynski29.4Assumption
8Sean Gorey29.6St Anthony of Padua-...
6.8Nick Shreckengast30.4St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - Developmental - Finals
5Joseph Marrone1:09.56St Charles Borromeo
5Jack Mott1:11.96Sts Joseph and John
5Jordan Walker1:15.9aIncarnate Word Academy
4Matthew Mclaughlin1:18.3Assumption
5Ryan Profancik1:23.15St Anthony of Padua-...
5.5James Poinsatte1:23.86St Albert the Great
6.5Kyle Andrews1:24.44St Albert the Great
5Carson Bianco1:30.97St Anthony of Padua-...
5Cory Penter1:34.25St Anthony of Padua-...
4Dumebi Smarty1:40.9Assumption
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
6Santino Pignatiello1:06.8St Charles Borromeo
2.6Zachary Antonio1:12.3St Albert the Great
6Matthew Thomas1:17.9St Anthony of Padua-...
6Michael Buccieri1:19.8St Charles Borromeo
6.6Tanner Caster1:24.8St Albert the Great
7.6David Baraona1:28.3St Albert the Great
6Andrew Boldy1:31.2Sts Joseph and John
6Matthew Laurence1:54.3Assumption
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Evan Schmidt1:09.0St Albert the Great
7Zachary Litwinowicz1:12.5St Anthony of Padua-...
7Ben Revay1:14.3St Anthony of Padua-...
7Connor Hurst1:17.5St Charles Borromeo
5.7Alex Mog1:19.6St Albert the Great
7Jacob Wilde1:29.5aIncarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Tyler McNichols1:06.1St Charles Borromeo
8James Mihalek1:12.48St Anthony of Padua-...
4.8Patrick Devine1:15.04St Albert the Great
5.8Matt Szubski1:15.32St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - Developmental - Finals
5Jake Moraca3:07.17Sts Joseph and John
4Mitchell Knotek3:30.1Assumption
4.5Jack Reardon3:42.37St Albert the Great
5.5Danny Semancik3:55.71St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
6Joseph Juda2:55.94aIncarnate Word Academy
6Jared Meyer3:01.68Sts Joseph and John
6Will Deucher3:04.66aIncarnate Word Academy
6Larry Prochko3:06.88St Charles Borromeo
5.6Ethan Kaser3:13.99St Albert the Great
6.6Austin Riddle3:16.58St Albert the Great
6Caleb Stalder3:23.45Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Kevin Kukla2:32.3Assumption
7Kyle Zupancic2:41.4aIncarnate Word Academy
7Jack Schaeffer2:49.4St Charles Borromeo
7Kevin Ennis2:50.9St Columbkille
7James Zassick2:51.1St Charles Borromeo
6.7Max Shreckengast2:56.5St Albert the Great
7Aaron Abele2:58.7aIncarnate Word Academy
7Gerry Knotek3:00.4Assumption
7Anthony Herrera3:25Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Matt Galla2:53.2St Charles Borromeo
8Ben Giulivo3:06.2Assumption
3.8Matt Franczek3:18.7St Albert the Great
4.8Ben Takitch3:29.4St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - Developmental - Finals
5Kevin Weber6:15.03St Charles Borromeo
5Luke Zupancic6:23.27aIncarnate Word Academy
5Patrick Quallich6:32Sts Joseph and John
4.5Jack Reardon7:52.95St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Zachary Antonio6:24.5St Albert the Great
6Chris Litwinowicz6:52.24St Anthony of Padua-...
6Andras Juhasz7:03.97aIncarnate Word Academy
6Matthew Laurence8:37.4Assumption
X 1600 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Will Maier5:38.14St Charles Borromeo
7Christopher Dombrosky8:02.64aIncarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Bobby Farrell6:05.80St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kyle Moenich6:44.69St Charles Borromeo
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Cadet - Finals
1.6Max Pike36.7St Albert the Great
6Matthew Golonka39Sts Joseph and John
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
7Connor Hurst37.31St Charles Borromeo
7Devin Venczel37.5Assumption
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Intermediate - Finals
8Tyler McNichols30.53St Charles Borromeo
8Jermaine Francis32.03St Charles Borromeo
8Tommy Hennie32.88aIncarnate Word Academy
8Matthew Gnatowski32.7Assumption
8Kevin Giulivo34.9Assumption
X 4x100 Relay - Developmental - Finals
-Matthew Gnatowski
Kevin Giulivo
Andrew Kukla
Kyle Kuczynski
-Joseph Marrone
Kevin Weber
Zachary Szafarski
Matthias Chmielewski
1:00.8St Charles Borromeo
-Jack Mott
Jake Moraca
Kevin Lawler
Patrick Quallich
1:03.8Sts Joseph and John
-Bryan Cundiff
Thomas Malloy
Luke Zupancic
Liam McCormick
67.1aIncarnate Word Academy
4.-Tanner Miller
James Poinsatte
Kyle Andrews
Gino Mucciarone
1:07.9St Albert the Great
-Ryan Sulic
Carson Bianco
Kevin Mihalek
Ryan Profancik
1:11.8St Anthony of Padua-...
-Ryley King
Cory Penter
Michael Sulic
Nik Flak
1:12.4St Anthony of Padua-...
9.-Danny Semancik
Jack Reardon
Ben Crane
Sam Pike
1:13.7St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
-Jordan Walker
Nedas Semaska
Will Deucher
AJ Zubek
61.0aIncarnate Word Academy
-Jacob Walcutt
Matthew Golonka
Jared Meyer
Danny Roberge
1:01.8Sts Joseph and John
-Joshua Wiess
Eddie Netzel
Larry Prochko
Michael Buccieri
1:05.8St Charles Borromeo
-Francisco Montanez
Matthew Thomas
Chris Litwinowicz
Paul Tyrak
1:05.9St Anthony of Padua-...
5.-David Baraona
Evan Ketz
Gary Mucciarone
Thomas Devine
1:10.8St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
-Ben Revay
Brad Hall
Joey Horne
Zachary Litwinowicz
59.2St Anthony of Padua-...
-Kyle Kuczynski
David Dolansky
Devin Venczel
Gerry Knotek
-Will Maier
Charles Jindra
James Zassick
Thomas Jakubowski
1:00.1St Charles Borromeo
-Michael Revilock
Anthony Herrera
Justin Herold
Zachary Maxwell
1:05.7Sts Joseph and John
X 4x100 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
-Jimmy John
Brandan Bizzi
James Mihalek
Eric Piechowski
54.1St Anthony of Padua-...
-Kyle Fallon
Kyle Moenich
Jermaine Francis
Matt Galla
54.6St Charles Borromeo
-Kyle Aerni
Michael Mindyas
Matt Walcutt
David Pavlik
56.6Sts Joseph and John
-Logan Cooper
Bobby Urse
Kevin Ennis
Sean Turner
56.9St Columbkille
-Dylan Page
Bobby Farrell
John Heinzerling
Sean Gorey
58.2St Anthony of Padua-...
-Mark Drozd
Ben Giulivo
Austin Venczel
Nick Mastronardi
X 4x400 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
-Tommy Hennie
Aaron Abele
AJ Zubek
Will Csiszar
4:49.14aIncarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Developmental - Finals
5Matthias Chmielewski24'4St Charles Borromeo
5Zachary Szafarski21'11St Charles Borromeo
5Danny Semancik21'7"St Albert the Great
5Declan Boldy21'2Sts Joseph and John
5Jake Moraca21'Sts Joseph and John
5Zachary Milko20'4St Charles Borromeo
5Liam McCormick19'7Incarnate Word Academy
5Ryley King19'St Anthony of Padua-...
5Ryan Profancik17'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Thomas Malloy16'8Incarnate Word Academy
4Stephen Woytek12'5"Assumption
6Michael Jensen11'7"St Columbkille
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
6Jacob Mantle35'5"St Albert the Great
6Gary Mucciarone29'7"St Albert the Great
6Andrew Boldy24'1Sts Joseph and John
6Will Deucher23'10Incarnate Word Academy
6Matthew Golonka22'6Sts Joseph and John
6Austin Riddle21'3"St Albert the Great
6Eddie Netzel20'1St Charles Borromeo
6Nedas Semaska19'8Incarnate Word Academy
6David Baraona19'5"St Albert the Great
6Andras Juhasz18'0Incarnate Word Academy
6Paul Tyrpak17'7"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Daniel Ranallo13'St Albert the Great
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
7Noah Schrader17'11"St Albert the Great
X Shot Put - 8lb - Youth - Finals
7David Dolansky27'11"Assumption
7Gerry Knotek18'5"Assumption
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth - Finals
7Kyle Zupancic23'6Incarnate Word Academy
7Joey Horne22' 2"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Thomas Jakubowski22'0St Charles Borromeo
7James Zassick21'0St Charles Borromeo
7Edward Kilarsky18'7Incarnate Word Academy
7Christopher Dombrosky18'7Incarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Intermediate - Finals
8Will Csiszar36'8Incarnate Word Academy
8Tommy Hennie26'8"Incarnate Word Academy
8Andrew Milne25'6"Incarnate Word Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
7David Dolansky76'0"Assumption
7Will Maier72'2St Charles Borromeo
7Michael Revilock66.4"Sts Joseph and John
7Zachary Maxwell62'Sts Joseph and John
7Edward Kilarsky44'7Incarnate Word Academy
7Anthony Herrera36'1"Sts Joseph and John
X Discus - 1kg - Intermediate - Finals
8Kyle Fallon66'4St Charles Borromeo
8Austin Venczel61'7"Assumption
8Nick Mastronardi61'2"Assumption
8Dylan Page56'St Anthony of Padua-...
8Ben Giulivo50'7"Assumption
X High Jump - Developmental - Finals
5Kevin Weber4'0St Charles Borromeo
5Joseph Marrone4'0St Charles Borromeo
5Patrick Quallich3'8Sts Joseph and John
5Devin Cronlotac3'4Sts Joseph and John
5Sean Wallace3'4"St Columbkille
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Bradley Andrich4'2"Assumption
6Larry Prochko4'0St Charles Borromeo
6Max Pike4'0"St Albert the Great
6AJ Zubek3'10Incarnate Word Academy
6Chris Litwinowicz3'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Matthew Thomas3'6"St Anthony of Padua-...
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
7Zachary Litwinowicz4'7"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jacob Drlik4'4"St Columbkille
7Owen Zubek4'2Incarnate Word Academy
7Charles Jindra4'2St Charles Borromeo
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Jermaine Francis5'0St Charles Borromeo
8Eric Piechowski4'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kyle Aerni4'10Sts Joseph and John
8Bobby Farrell4'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
X Long Jump - Developmental - Finals
8Matt Franczek12'11St Albert the Great
5Jordan Walker12'6Incarnate Word Academy
8John Naughton11.7St Albert the Great
8Ben Takitch11'2St Albert the Great
5Jack Mott11'2Sts Joseph and John
5Ryan Sulic10'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Dominic Audino10'8"Assumption
4Bryan Cundiff10'7Incarnate Word Academy
5Luke Zupancic10'7Incarnate Word Academy
7Alex Mog10'5.5St Albert the Great
4Dumebi Smarty10'0"Assumption
5Cory Penter9'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Gino Mucciarone9'6"St Albert the Great
5Tanner Miller9'6"St Albert the Great
5James Poinsatte9'4"St Albert the Great
5Kyle Andrews9'4"St Albert the Great
4Matthew Mclaughlin9'3"Assumption
5Dika Smarty8'11"Assumption
5Carson Bianco8'6"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Mitchell Knotek8'3"Assumption
4William Giulivo8'2"Assumption
4Charlie Syroney8'1"Assumption
5Zach Nestor7'9Sts Joseph and John
5Daniel Kollin7'6.5"Assumption
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Danny Roberge12'Sts Joseph and John
6Santino Pignatiello11'4.5St Charles Borromeo
6Ethan Kaser11'St Albert the Great
6Jared Meyer10'11Sts Joseph and John
6Jacob Walcutt10'11Sts Joseph and John
6Gary Mucciarone10'10"St Albert the Great
6Daniel Ranallo7'3"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
7Kevin Kukla13'7.5"Assumption
7Brad Hall12'6"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Devin Venczel12'5"Assumption
7Connor Hurst12'0St Charles Borromeo
7Jordon Felice10'5.5Incarnate Word Academy
7Jack Schaeffer10'3St Charles Borromeo
7Aaron Abele9'7.5Incarnate Word Academy
7Jack Schaeffer6'6St Charles Borromeo
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Brandan Bizzi15'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kyle Kuczynski14'9"Assumption
8Matt Walcutt13'10Sts Joseph and John
8Jimmy John13'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Mark Drozd12'6"Assumption
8James Mihalek12'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Conner Basnett11'2"Assumption
8Michael Mindyas10'2Sts Joseph and John
8Matt Galla7'4St Charles Borromeo
8Kyle Moenich6'3St Charles Borromeo
X Standing Long Jump - Developmental - Finals
5Sam Pike6'10"St Albert the Great
5Kevin Lawler6'4Sts Joseph and John
5Matthew Devis6'3"St Columbkille
5Kyle Andrews6'2"St Albert the Great
5Ben Crane5'5"St Albert the Great
4Noah Zentkovich4'10Incarnate Word Academy
5David Ryan4'5Incarnate Word Academy
5Kevin Mihalek4'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
X Standing Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Caleb Stalder6'Sts Joseph and John
6Tanner Caster6'St Albert the Great
6Matthew Laurence5'8"Assumption
6Joseph Juda4'11Incarnate Word Academy
6Matthew Loy4'8Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - Youth - Finals
7Joey Horne6'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Ben Revay6'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Max Schreckengast6'2"St Albert the Great
7Joe Macuga5'10"St Albert the Great
7Kevin Ennis5'10"St Columbkille
7Jacob Wilde5'1Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Andrew Kukla8'2"Assumption
8Justin Thomas8' 2St Albert the Great
8David Pavlik7'8Sts Joseph and John
8Patrick Devine7' 1St Albert the Great
8Sean Gorey6' 8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Matt Szubski6' 7St Albert the Great

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Developmental - Finals
7Claire Plageman13.09St Albert the Great
5Lauren Gill14.9Sts Joseph and John
7Liz Renner15.1St Albert the Great
5McKenna Mattern15.8St Anthony of Padua-...
5Sydney Wrabel16.3Assumption
5Rori Biszantz16.4Assumption
5Frankie Burns16.8aIncarnate Word Academy
5Ava Correnti16.6Assumption
4Gretta Schlueter16.9Assumption
4Madelyn Drlik17.0St Columbkille
4Morgan Pentz17.1Assumption
5Jillian Emery17.3St Columbkille
4Emmalee Clark17.4St Columbkille
5Payton Bach17.4Assumption
5Grace Kelley17.5St Charles Borromeo
4Kaitlyn Rezabek17.8Assumption
5Sophia Zegarra17.9St Columbkille
5Lauren Revilock17.9Sts Joseph and John
5Arianna Marich18.0St Columbkille
5Carly Soreo18.0St Charles Borromeo
5Emma Somrak18.1St Columbkille
4Heather Patacca18.1St Columbkille
5Rachel Andrich18.4Assumption
5Carrie Mahon19St Columbkille
4Hali Piepsny19.3aIncarnate Word Academy
5Miranda Zangara19.5aIncarnate Word Academy
4Elizabeth Robinson19.3St Columbkille
4Ashleigh Smith19.7aIncarnate Word Academy
4Holly Jackson19.6Assumption
5Annie Pivonka20.5St Columbkille
5Olenka Tymosch24.0aIncarnate Word Academy
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
6Sophia George15.8aIncarnate Word Academy
6Abagail McCarthy16.5St Columbkille
6Lillian Schwab16.5Sts Joseph and John
6sophia Banez16.5Sts Joseph and John
6Natalie Bauman16.6Assumption
6Olivia Bobeck17Sts Joseph and John
6Kali Arnosk17.4aIncarnate Word Academy
5.6Elena Boff17.6St Albert the Great
6Jessica Saki18.3Sts Joseph and John
1.6Elise ChojnackiaSt Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Lauren Zawie13.7Sts Joseph and John
7Mercedeez Francis14.4St Charles Borromeo
7Keyana Parham14.6St Columbkille
7Avery Revay14.7St Anthony of Padua-...
7Allyse Aramouni15.1Assumption
7Andrea Spinelli15.3Sts Joseph and John
7Mackenzie Fyock15.9St Charles Borromeo
7Megan McQuigg16St Columbkille
1.7Emma Plageman16St Albert the Great
7Katie Albert16.1St Anthony of Padua-...
7Abigail Matts16.5Assumption
4Kaitlyn Rezabek17.5Assumption
7Jillyan Kowalski17.5St Columbkille
7Nicole Caser17.7Assumption
7Nora Kelley17.7St Charles Borromeo
7Alexis Edmonds17.8St Columbkille
7Emily Kollin18.2Assumption
7Emily French19.7Assumption
7Alexis Schroeder21.8Assumption
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Colleen Brennan14.3St Charles Borromeo
8Marissa Setele14.4Assumption
8Megan Magdinec14.5Assumption
8Jaclyn Audino14.5Assumption
8Alexis Richards14.5St Anthony of Padua-...
8Arianna Pignatiello14.8St Charles Borromeo
8Jamie Zickes14.8St Charles Borromeo
8Maria Kavalec15.2aIncarnate Word Academy
8Kayleigh Antonelli15.1Assumption
8Kayla Bohuslawsky15.5Assumption
8Hannah Coyne15.8aIncarnate Word Academy
8Lauren Krivanek15.9Assumption
8Nina Marich16.0St Columbkille
8Sarah Kolenz16.1St Columbkille
8Emily Kulig16.2Assumption
8Christine Kaminchak16.4Assumption
8Maia George16.9aIncarnate Word Academy
8Anna Horne16.7St Anthony of Padua-...
8Marta Vilshanetska17.1St Anthony of Padua-...
X 200 Meters - Developmental - Finals
7Claire Plageman32.0St Albert the Great
5Hanna Bach32.4Assumption
5Shannon Powers34.3Sts Joseph and John
5McKenna Mattern34.6St Anthony of Padua-...
5Abigail Leigh35.2St Charles Borromeo
5Erica Horton36.0aIncarnate Word Academy
5Madison Wagner36.1aIncarnate Word Academy
5Rori Biszantz35.9Assumption
5Sydney Wrabel36.8Assumption
5Sylvia Zeller37.6aIncarnate Word Academy
5Jillian Emery37.6St Columbkille
5Grace Abraham39.2aIncarnate Word Academy
5Payton Bach39.7Assumption
5Rachel Andrich39.8Assumption
5Grace Kelley39.8St Charles Borromeo
5Sarah Ade42.3aIncarnate Word Academy
5Olenka Tymosch52.9aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Samantha LaPlaca31.8St Albert the Great
6Julia Ludwick32.5aIncarnate Word Academy
1.6Elise Chojnacki33.2St Albert the Great
6Kelsey Kuczynski33.6Assumption
6Abagail McCarthy34.8St Columbkille
2.6Keri McDermott35.1St Albert the Great
5.6Christine Ammar37.4St Albert the Great
6Natalie Bauman37.6Assumption
6Hayley Lyons38.7aIncarnate Word Academy
6.6Elena Boff39.3St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Brieann Wolfe29.2St Anthony of Padua-...
7Brandi Wolfe30.0St Anthony of Padua-...
7Mackenzie Fyock32.4St Charles Borromeo
3.7Victoria Vale32.8St Albert the Great
7Rita Flanagan32.9Assumption
7Victoria Smith33.6aIncarnate Word Academy
4.7Emma Plageman33.5St Albert the Great
5.7Liz Renner37.4St Albert the Great
7Anne Marie Hess38.1Sts Joseph and John
7Nicole Caser39.4Assumption
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Emily Davis29.1St Anthony of Padua-...
8Jaclyn Audino30.8Assumption
3.8Julianne Baraona33.5St Albert the Great
8Nina Marich33.7St Columbkille
8Hannah Coyne35.4aIncarnate Word Academy
8Alicia Abele35.5aIncarnate Word Academy
8Maia George36.0aIncarnate Word Academy
8Katie Brown39.1Sts Joseph and John
8Rachel Ullrich42.6Sts Joseph and John
X 400 Meters - Developmental - Finals
7Claire Plageman1:08.77St Albert the Great
7Victoria Vale1:15.03St Albert the Great
5Andrea Snyder1:15.31aIncarnate Word Academy
4Morgan Pentz1:20.2Assumption
4Madelyn Drlik1:22.27St Columbkille
4Emmalee Clark1:24.03St Columbkille
5Olivia Richard1:27.1Assumption
4Gretta Schlueter1:28.5Assumption
6.5Courtney Vale1:32.0St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
6Ashlynn Uzl1:13.5St Charles Borromeo
6Ariana Santiago1:15.2St Charles Borromeo
6Elizabeth LaPlante1:32.7Assumption
6Tina Marie Zola1:48.6aIncarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Katie Pellegrino1:07.57St Charles Borromeo
7Madison Van Cucha1:08.9Sts Joseph and John
4.7Emma Plageman1:14.11St Albert the Great
7Maya Cundiff1:18.77aIncarnate Word Academy
7Olivia Csiszar1:20.18aIncarnate Word Academy
7Nora Kelley1:23.63St Charles Borromeo
9.7Rebecca Semancik1:27.77St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Ashley Rings1:08.7aIncarnate Word Academy
8Jamie Zickes1:14.7St Charles Borromeo
8Sara Giffin1:20.0St Charles Borromeo
8Kristin Tomoff1:23.8Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - Developmental - Finals
1.5Amy Urban3:09.4St Albert the Great
5Kayla Powers3:33.6Sts Joseph and John
5Sydney Smith3:47.9aIncarnate Word Academy
5Bailey Anderson4:07.7aIncarnate Word Academy
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
6Sarah Sparks2:49St Columbkille
6Megan Casselberry2:54.7St Charles Borromeo
6Jessica Nauman3:00.6aIncarnate Word Academy
6Anna Walcutt3:07Sts Joseph and John
6Kirsten Powell3:15Sts Joseph and John
6Cassidy Naypauer3:20.5Assumption
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Meagan Powers3:34.82Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Emma Stalder3:17Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - Developmental - Finals
5Emma Heinrich6:50.48Sts Joseph and John
2.5Courtney Vale7:20.99St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Keri McDermott6:33.44St Albert the Great
6Cassidy Naypauer6:58.5Assumption
3.6Christine Ammar7:12.68St Albert the Great
6Hallie Ward7:24.77St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jackie Giulivo7:38.5Assumption
X 1600 Meters - Youth - Finals
7Christine Krafcik6:12.72St Charles Borromeo
7Marisa Frys6:45.3Assumption
X 1600 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
8Alyssa Szuch6:42.8St Charles Borromeo
8Kendra Cundiff7:39.72aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
7Olivia Csiszar35.0aIncarnate Word Academy
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Intermediate - Finals
8Lauren Golonka35.4Sts Joseph and John
X 4x100 Relay - Developmental - Finals
-Emma Heinrich
Shannon Powers
Lauren Revilock
Lauren Gill
1:06Sts Joseph and John
-Isabella Pignatiello
Grace Kelley
Abigail Leigh
Megan Casselberry
1:06.3St Charles Borromeo
-Hanna Bach
Olivia Richard
Rori Biszantz
Ava Correnti
-Madison Wagner
Grace Abraham
Sarah Ade
Bailey Anderson
1:10.7aIncarnate Word Academy
-Jillian Emery
Heather Pattaca
Arianna Marich
Emma Somrak
1:12.0St Columbkille
-Hali Piepsny
Ashleigh Smith
Erica Horton
Sydney Smith
1:12.8aIncarnate Word Academy
-Andrea Snyder
Sylvia Zeller
Miranda Zangara
Frankie Burns
1:13.7aIncarnate Word Academy
-Carrie Mahon
Elizabeth Robinson
Sophia Zegarra
Annie Pivonka
1:22.6St Columbkille
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Samantha LaPlaca
Keri McDermott
Elise Chojnacki
Amy Urban
1:03.8St Albert the Great
-Sophia George
Jessica Nauman
Hayley Lyons
Julia Ludwick
1:04.6aIncarnate Word Academy
-Lillian Schwab
Olivia Bobeck
Anna Walcutt
Kirsten Powell
1:06.9Sts Joseph and John
-Hannah Nodge
Olivia Robinson
Kathleen Stahl
Abagail McCarthy
1:10.6St Columbkille
-Jackie Giulivo
Natalie Bauman
Elizabeth LaPlante
Kelsey Kuczynski
-Kali Arnosk
Olenka Tymosch
Tina Marie Zola
Frankie Burns
1:18.8aIncarnate Word Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
-Marisa Frys
Rita Flanagan
Allyse Aramouni
Abigail Matts
X 4x100 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
-Alexis Richards
Brandi Wolfe
Brieann Wolfe
Emily Davis
56.8St Anthony of Padua-...
-Andrea Spinelli
Lauren Golonka
Madison Van Cucha
Lauren Zawie
58.6Sts Joseph and John
-Caelin McManis
Sara Giffin
Colleen Brennan
Mackenzie Fyock
59.3St Charles Borromeo
-Jaclyn Audino
Marissa Setele
Kayleigh Antonelli
Megan Magdinec
-Lauren Krivanek
Emily Kulig
Christine Kaminchak
Kayla Bohuslawsky
-Hannah Coyne
Maia George
Victoria Smith
Maya Cundiff
1:04.9aIncarnate Word Academy
-Katie Albert
Avery Revay
Marta Vilshanetska
Anna Horne
1:05.38St Anthony of Padua-...
-Sarah Kolenz
Nina Marich
Megan Mcquigg
Keyana Parham
1:06.1St Columbkille
3.-Liz Renner
Rebecca Semancik
Victoria Vale
Julianne Baraona
1:07.29St Albert the Great
-Katie Brown
Kristin Tomoff
Rachel Ullrich
Emma Stalder
1:10Sts Joseph and John
X 4x200 Relay - Cadet - Finals
-Relay Team 2:21.3St Charles Borromeo
-Madelyn Drlik
Emmalee Clark
Hannah Nodge
Sarah Sparks
2:24.6St Columbkille
-Kayla Powers
sophia Banez
Jessica Saki
Lauren Gill
2:28Sts Joseph and John
X 4x400 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
-Christine Krafcik
Katie Pellegrino
Alyssa Szuch
Mercedeez Francis
4:47.2St Charles Borromeo
-Arianna Pignatiello
Sara Giffin
Colleen Brennan
Jamie Zickes
5:07.59St Charles Borromeo
-Maria Kavalec
Kendra Cundiff
Alicia Abele
Ashley Rings
5:35.39aIncarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Developmental - Finals
5Erica Horton17'1"Incarnate Word Academy
5Frankie Burns17'0Incarnate Word Academy
5Annie Pivonka16'10"St Columbkille
5Bailey Anderson16'7"Incarnate Word Academy
5Lauren Revilock15'9Sts Joseph and John
5Ava Correnti15'5"Assumption
5Miranda Zangara13'5Incarnate Word Academy
5Sophia Zegarra13'5"St Columbkille
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
6Jessica Nauman18'2"Incarnate Word Academy
6Kathleen Stahl14'10"St Columbkille
6Jessica Saki14'2Sts Joseph and John
6Tina Marie Zola13'8Incarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
7Andrea Spinelli26'1Sts Joseph and John
7Rebecca Semancik25' 6St Albert the Great
7Jillyan Kowalski23'5"St Columbkille
7Emily French23'5"Assumption
7Alexis Edmonds22'3"St Columbkille
7Anne Marie Hess22'1Sts Joseph and John
X Shot Put - 6lb - Intermediate - Finals
8Corrine French27'5.00Assumption
8Caelin McManis27'2St Charles Borromeo
8Marta Vilshanetska18'7"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Alicia Abele18'5Incarnate Word Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
7Lauren Zawie70'2"Sts Joseph and John
7Emily Kollin41'0"Assumption
7Alexis Edmonds40'4"St Columbkille
7Jillyan Kowalski38'6"St Columbkille
7Alexis Schroeder33'0"Assumption
7Nicole Caser31'1"Assumption
X Discus - 1kg - Intermediate - Finals
8Caelin McManis64'5St Charles Borromeo
8Maria Kavalec62'5Incarnate Word Academy
8Kendra Cundiff46'10Incarnate Word Academy
8Emma Stalder32'3"Sts Joseph and John
8Christine Kaminchak31'9"Assumption
X High Jump - Developmental - Finals
5Abigail Leigh3'5St Charles Borromeo
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Samantha LaPlaca3'10"St Albert the Great
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
7Mercedeez Francis4'8St Charles Borromeo
7Megan McQuigg3'6"St Columbkille
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Kayla Bohuslawsky4'4"Assumption
8Kayleigh Antonelli4'0"Assumption
X Long Jump - Developmental - Finals
5Hanna Bach10'8"Assumption
5Emma Somrak9'10"St Columbkille
5Rachel Andrich8'11"Assumption
5Hannah Nodge8'5"St Columbkille
5Arianna Marich8'3"St Columbkille
4Kaitlyn Rezabek8'3"Assumption
5Emma Heinrich8'1Sts Joseph and John
5Amy Urban7' 11St Albert the Great
4Heather Patacca7'7"St Columbkille
4Gretta Schlueter7'5"Assumption
5Sylvia Zeller7'4"Incarnate Word Academy
5Grace Abraham7'4"Incarnate Word Academy
5Payton Bach6'8"Assumption
5Andrea Snyder6'7"Incarnate Word Academy
5Courtney Vale5'9St Albert the Great
5Sarah Ade5'6"Incarnate Word Academy
4Holly Jackson5'6"Assumption
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Sarah Sparks12'2"St Columbkille
6Anna Walcutt11'4Sts Joseph and John
6Hayley Lyons9'10Incarnate Word Academy
6Kelsey Kuczynski9'9"Assumption
6Kali Arnosk8'9"Incarnate Word Academy
6Jackie Giulivo7'11"Assumption
6sophia Banez6'7Sts Joseph and John
6Hallie Ward6'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Ashlynn Uzl6'0St Charles Borromeo
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
7Avery Revay12'7"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Maya Cundiff11'8.5Incarnate Word Academy
7Brieann Wolfe11'7"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Marisa Frys11'5"Assumption
7Katie Albert9'11"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Olivia Csiszar9'10Incarnate Word Academy
7Meagan Powers8'4Sts Joseph and John
7Allyse Aramouni8'2"Assumption
7Madison Rezabek7'10"Assumption
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Emily Davis15'St Anthony of Padua-...
8Megan Magdinec13'0"Assumption
8Ashley Rings9'1Incarnate Word Academy
8Julianne Baraona9St Albert the Great
8Katie Brown8'1Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - Developmental - Finals
4Morgan Pentz5'11"Assumption
5McKenna Mattern5'10St Anthony of Padua-...
5Carrie Mahon5'7"St Columbkille
5Olivia Richard5'7"Assumption
5Sydney Wrabel5'5"Assumption
4Elizabeth Robinson5'5"St Columbkille
4Holly Jackson5'4"Assumption
5Madison Wagner5'3"Incarnate Word Academy
5Kayla Powers4'9Sts Joseph and John
5Shannon Powers4'8Sts Joseph and John
4Hali Piepsny4'6Incarnate Word Academy
4Ashleigh Smith4'4"Incarnate Word Academy
5Olenka Tymosch4'2"Incarnate Word Academy
5Sydney Smith4'1"Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
6Elise Chojnacki6' 9St Albert the Great
6Cassidy Naypauer6'3"Assumption
6Kirsten Powell6'3Sts Joseph and John
6Sophia George5'9"Incarnate Word Academy
6Elena Boff5'6"St Albert the Great
6Julia Ludwick5'4Incarnate Word Academy
6Olivia Bobeck5'2Sts Joseph and John
6Elizabeth LaPlante4'8"Assumption
6Lillian Schwab4'6Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - Youth - Finals
7Christine Krafcik7'1St Charles Borromeo
7Brandi Wolfe7'St Anthony of Padua-...
7Keyana Parham6'3"St Columbkille
7Victoria Smith5'5Incarnate Word Academy
7Abigail Matts5'0"Assumption
X Standing Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
8Lauren Krivanek7'3"Assumption
8Alexis Richards7'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Marissa Setele7'0"Assumption
8Lauren Golonka6'10Sts Joseph and John
8Emily Kulig6'8"Assumption
8Anna Horne5'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Kristin Tomoff4'11Sts Joseph and John
8Rachel Ullrich4'11Sts Joseph and John
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