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Wootton @ Churchill

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Hassani11.1hThomas S Wootton
2.12Daniel Nozick11.3hThomas S Wootton
3.11Jemuel Phillips-Spencer11.3hWinston Churchill
4.10Matthew Farrell11.4hWinston Churchill
5.11Kyle Veator11.4hWinston Churchill
6.11Brandon Fink11.5hThomas S Wootton
7.9Juwan Hamelin11.7hWinston Churchill
8.9Noah Jankel11.8hWinston Churchill
9.9Wesley Zhu11.9hWinston Churchill
10.10Ariel Walcott12.0hWinston Churchill
11.12Alec Jasen12.0hThomas S Wootton
12.11Warren Berlin12.1hThomas S Wootton
12.10Theodore Li12.1hThomas S Wootton
14.9Daniel Leptoukh12.3hWinston Churchill
15.9Marquette Lewis12.5hWinston Churchill
15.9Daniel II Wilkinson12.5hWinston Churchill
17.9Cameron Babers12.6hWinston Churchill
18.10Kevin Pan12.6hWinston Churchill
19.10Brandon Mindick12.8hWinston Churchill
20.10Donovan Porter12.9hThomas S Wootton
21.10Raymond Shen13.0hThomas S Wootton
22.9Matthew Silber13.1hWinston Churchill
23.9Liam Harrington13.3hThomas S Wootton
23.9Lorenzo Pappas13.3hThomas S Wootton
23.9Robby Severynse13.3hThomas S Wootton
26.9Edward Yao13.5hWinston Churchill
27.9Andrew Kuo13.8hWinston Churchill
28.9Winson Yeung13.9hWinston Churchill
29.10Samuel Figuera14.3hThomas S Wootton
30.11Zachary Crimmel14.4hThomas S Wootton
31.9Ishaaq Ibrahim15.1hThomas S Wootton
32.12Sam Coran16.5hWinston Churchill
9Alex PerlmanNTWinston Churchill
11Victor ChristyNTWinston Churchill
10Brian JordanNTThomas S Wootton
9Aneesh GurramNTThomas S Wootton
11Ari ElfasiNTThomas S Wootton
10Yousuf NavedNTThomas S Wootton
9Andy ZhangNTThomas S Wootton
9Luke KleckerNTThomas S Wootton
9Dhananjay SharmaNTThomas S Wootton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Micah Phillips-Spencer22.3hWinston Churchill
2.12Justin Hassani22.8hThomas S Wootton
3.11Jemuel Phillips-Spencer23.1hWinston Churchill
4.10Alan Banks24.1hThomas S Wootton
4.11Aaron Tian24.1hThomas S Wootton
6.11Mikael Hammer24.5hWinston Churchill
6.9Juwan Hamelin24.5hWinston Churchill
8.12Loic Sany24.9hThomas S Wootton
9.10Christopher Mainwaring25.0hWinston Churchill
10.12Alec Jasen25.1hThomas S Wootton
11.10Theodore Li25.2hThomas S Wootton
12.10Ariel Walcott25.3hWinston Churchill
13.11Peter Koutras25.4hWinston Churchill
13.9Wesley Zhu25.4hWinston Churchill
15.9Ofer Cohen26.4hWinston Churchill
16.9Cameron Babers26.5hWinston Churchill
17.10Ithawat Keosomdet26.7hThomas S Wootton
18.10Raymond Shen26.8hThomas S Wootton
19.11John Duncan26.9hThomas S Wootton
19.9Alex Perlman26.9hWinston Churchill
21.9Matthew Silber28.0hWinston Churchill
22.9Andrew Kuo28.2hWinston Churchill
23.10Kurt Vetrano28.3hThomas S Wootton
24.9Winson Yeung28.6hWinston Churchill
25.9Edward Yao28.8hWinston Churchill
26.9Luke Hall29.7hWinston Churchill
27.10Samuel Figuera29.9hThomas S Wootton
28.9Ishaaq Ibrahim31.6hThomas S Wootton
29.12Sam Coran36.9hWinston Churchill
10Brandon MindickNTWinston Churchill
9Daniel II WilkinsonNTWinston Churchill
9Andy ZhangNTThomas S Wootton
9Aneesh GurramNTThomas S Wootton
11Ari ElfasiNTThomas S Wootton
9SooHyun MoonNTThomas S Wootton
10Donovan PorterNTThomas S Wootton
9Luke KleckerDQThomas S Wootton
9Sean AltonNTThomas S Wootton
10Yousuf NavedNTThomas S Wootton
9Dhananjay SharmaNTThomas S Wootton
10Abdulai SeiNTThomas S Wootton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mikael Hammer53.8hWinston Churchill
2.10Christopher Mainwaring54.7hWinston Churchill
3.11Will Quackenbush55.5hThomas S Wootton
4.10Ariel Walcott56.5hWinston Churchill
5.12Loic Sany57.0hThomas S Wootton
6.9Johan Raphael57.2hThomas S Wootton
6.12Christopher Hollrah57.2hWinston Churchill
8.9Sergio Salcidio57.3hThomas S Wootton
9.11Adam Smith57.5hWinston Churchill
9.11John Hein57.5hWinston Churchill
11.11Peter Koutras58.0hWinston Churchill
11.11Matthew Raab58.0hWinston Churchill
13.10Andrew Zohore58.6hWinston Churchill
14.10Ithawat Keosomdet58.8hThomas S Wootton
15.9Lorenzo Pappas59.7hThomas S Wootton
16.9Ofer Cohen1:01.2hWinston Churchill
17.11John Duncan1:02.3hThomas S Wootton
18.10Henoss Taddesse1:03.3hWinston Churchill
19.11Zachary Crimmel1:05.7hThomas S Wootton
10Abdulai SeiNTThomas S Wootton
9Alex PerlmanNTWinston Churchill
9Sean AltonNTThomas S Wootton
9SooHyun MoonNTThomas S Wootton
12Daniel NozickNTThomas S Wootton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Trzeciak2:00.50Thomas S Wootton
2.12William Conway2:04.50Winston Churchill
3.12Will Severynse2:04.90Thomas S Wootton
4.9David Fitzgerald2:05.30Winston Churchill
5.12Eli Bergman2:07.10Thomas S Wootton
6.12Patrick Sheridan2:09.70Thomas S Wootton
7.12Luke Shannon2:12.30Winston Churchill
8.12Daniel Valero2:13.70Winston Churchill
9.11David Levine2:15.90Thomas S Wootton
10.11Harrison Blackman2:16.20Thomas S Wootton
11.12Sushen Thiyagarajan2:16.40Winston Churchill
12.11John Hein2:17.40Winston Churchill
13.11Julien Weinstein2:17.90Winston Churchill
14.10Foster Ting2:19.10Thomas S Wootton
15.12Preston White2:19.50Thomas S Wootton
16.12Elliot Penn2:20.10Thomas S Wootton
17.10Nicholas Walden2:20.50Thomas S Wootton
18.10Zachary Oppler2:21.20Winston Churchill
19.11John Franceski2:21.60Winston Churchill
20.11Nikhil Kalotra2:21.70Thomas S Wootton
21.11Benjamin Spielman2:21.90Winston Churchill
22.9Sergio Salcidio2:22.10Thomas S Wootton
23.11Leo Blooston2:22.30Winston Churchill
24.10Robby Hoff2:22.60Thomas S Wootton
25.12Alexander Blum2:23.10Winston Churchill
26.10Declan Devine2:23.40Thomas S Wootton
27.10Josh Messing2:23.70Thomas S Wootton
27.11Evan Rheingold2:23.70Winston Churchill
29.9Johan Raphael2:23.90Thomas S Wootton
30.9Liam Harrington2:24.50Thomas S Wootton
31.9Grant Haskins2:24.90Winston Churchill
32.11Jose Lamas2:25.20Winston Churchill
33.10Chris Maxwell2:25.70Thomas S Wootton
34.11Peter Giavotto2:25.90Winston Churchill
35.10Zachary Lippman2:26.30Winston Churchill
36.11Andrew Haskins2:26.50Winston Churchill
37.10Dilan Hettiarachchi2:27.00Winston Churchill
38.11Andrew Kee2:27.20Winston Churchill
38.10Matthew Weston-Dawkes2:27.20Winston Churchill
40.11Luc Plaisance2:27.80Winston Churchill
41.9Robby Severynse2:28.00Thomas S Wootton
41.9Emet Zeitz2:28.00Winston Churchill
43.9Justin Vagonis2:28.20Winston Churchill
44.10Sam Feitel2:28.50Thomas S Wootton
44.9Kyle Hwang2:28.50Winston Churchill
46.9Alexander Lehr2:28.90Winston Churchill
47.9Jacob Hyman2:29.20Winston Churchill
48.10Kyle Beatty2:31.10Winston Churchill
49.12John Saussy2:32.20Winston Churchill
50.11Artur Alexiuc2:32.40Thomas S Wootton
51.10Thomas George2:32.50Thomas S Wootton
52.9Kevin Yoo2:32.80Thomas S Wootton
53.11Johnathon Browning2:33.10Thomas S Wootton
54.10Jacob Cohen2:33.40Winston Churchill
55.10Souvik Saha2:34.00Winston Churchill
56.11Simon Chona2:34.40Winston Churchill
57.10Robert McDermott2:34.90Winston Churchill
58.9Matthew Wadler2:35.50Thomas S Wootton
59.9Adam Wang2:35.70Thomas S Wootton
60.9Brendan Fagan2:36.20Winston Churchill
61.12Derek Gritz2:37.30Winston Churchill
62.10James Atkinson2:37.60Winston Churchill
63.11Maxwell Park2:38.30Winston Churchill
64.11Marc Shaw2:38.70Winston Churchill
65.9Hiroyuki Wakabayashi2:39.10Thomas S Wootton
66.11Benjamin Harris2:40.60Winston Churchill
67.10Peter Nelson2:42.20Thomas S Wootton
68.9Justin Yi2:44.60Winston Churchill
69.9Izak Graovac2:46.00Winston Churchill
70.10Junho Phue2:47.50Winston Churchill
71.9Alexander White2:49.00Thomas S Wootton
72.10Jared Schifrien2:49.80Thomas S Wootton
10Jared LipschutzNTThomas S Wootton
11Christopher SiuNTThomas S Wootton
12Brandon FisherNTWinston Churchill
11Andres PlazasNTWinston Churchill
9Eric FryeNTThomas S Wootton
9Patrick MunroNTThomas S Wootton
9Nathan NadalNTThomas S Wootton
12Maxwell GoldsteinNTThomas S Wootton
10Andrew ZohoreNTWinston Churchill
10Andrew ReitzesNTWinston Churchill
11Will QuackenbushNTThomas S Wootton
11Nicholas ChungNTThomas S Wootton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12William Conway4:16.10Winston Churchill
2.11Josh Trzeciak4:16.60Thomas S Wootton
3.12James Ertel4:23.70Thomas S Wootton
4.9David Fitzgerald4:30.30Winston Churchill
5.12Will Severynse4:49.50Thomas S Wootton
6.12Eli Bergman4:51.70Thomas S Wootton
7.12Preston White4:58.50Thomas S Wootton
8.11Julien Weinstein4:58.90Winston Churchill
9.9Jacob Smith4:59.70Winston Churchill
10.10Josh Messing5:00.20Thomas S Wootton
11.12Elliot Penn5:02.50Thomas S Wootton
12.11Nicholas Chung5:03.30Thomas S Wootton
13.10Zachary Oppler5:11.20Winston Churchill
14.11Benjamin Spielman5:12.10Winston Churchill
15.11Nikhil Kalotra5:15.40Thomas S Wootton
16.10Sam Feitel5:15.70Thomas S Wootton
17.11Evan Rheingold5:16.60Winston Churchill
18.11Leo Blooston5:17.90Winston Churchill
19.10Nicholas Walden5:18.70Thomas S Wootton
20.11Andrew Haskins5:20.10Winston Churchill
21.9Jacob Hyman5:20.40Winston Churchill
22.10Robby Hoff5:22.10Thomas S Wootton
23.10Matthew Weston-Dawkes5:23.00Winston Churchill
24.9Grant Haskins5:23.30Winston Churchill
25.11Peter Giavotto5:26.50Winston Churchill
26.10Dilan Hettiarachchi5:26.90Winston Churchill
27.10Chris Maxwell5:27.30Thomas S Wootton
28.11Jose Lamas5:28.30Winston Churchill
29.9Kyle Hwang5:28.70Winston Churchill
30.9Justin Vagonis5:29.90Winston Churchill
31.9Kevin Yoo5:30.10Thomas S Wootton
32.10Jared Lipschutz5:30.50Thomas S Wootton
33.9Emet Zeitz5:31.10Winston Churchill
34.9Matthew Wadler5:32.00Thomas S Wootton
35.9Adam Wang5:32.40Thomas S Wootton
36.10Thomas George5:34.90Thomas S Wootton
37.9Hiroyuki Wakabayashi5:37.00Thomas S Wootton
38.11Johnathon Browning5:37.30Thomas S Wootton
39.11Andrew Kee5:39.00Winston Churchill
40.9Brendan Fagan5:40.23Winston Churchill
41.11Luc Plaisance5:41.20Winston Churchill
42.11Maxwell Park5:41.90Winston Churchill
43.10Jacob Cohen5:47.60Winston Churchill
44.10Peter Nelson5:48.30Thomas S Wootton
45.12Derek Gritz5:49.10Winston Churchill
46.11Artur Alexiuc5:49.30Thomas S Wootton
47.10Robert McDermott5:51.40Winston Churchill
47.10James Atkinson5:51.40Winston Churchill
49.9Eric Frye5:51.70Thomas S Wootton
50.10Andrew Reitzes5:54.00Winston Churchill
51.9Justin Yi5:54.20Winston Churchill
52.12John Saussy5:57.80Winston Churchill
53.10Souvik Saha5:58.30Winston Churchill
53.11Benjamin Harris5:58.30Winston Churchill
55.11Marc Shaw6:01.70Winston Churchill
56.9Alexander White6:02.00Thomas S Wootton
57.10Junho Phue6:05.90Winston Churchill
58.9Izak Graovac6:06.70Winston Churchill
59.10Jared Schifrien6:13.30Thomas S Wootton
60.10Matthew Dunne6:18.30Winston Churchill
11Andres PlazasNTWinston Churchill
12Maxwell GoldsteinNTThomas S Wootton
10Kyle BeattyNTWinston Churchill
12Brandon FisherDNFWinston Churchill
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11David Levine9:56.90Thomas S Wootton
2.12James Ertel9:58.60Thomas S Wootton
3.12Luke Shannon10:10.00Winston Churchill
4.12Sushen Thiyagarajan10:37.30Winston Churchill
5.12Daniel Valero10:41.50Winston Churchill
6.11Harrison Blackman10:45.00Thomas S Wootton
7.9Nathan Nadal10:47.10Thomas S Wootton
8.11Christopher Siu10:47.50Thomas S Wootton
9.12Alexander Blum10:47.90Winston Churchill
10.11John Franceski10:51.70Winston Churchill
11.10Foster Ting11:04.30Thomas S Wootton
12.10Declan Devine11:04.90Thomas S Wootton
13.10Zachary Lippman11:13.00Winston Churchill
14.9Jacob Smith11:40.00Winston Churchill
15.11Simon Chona11:42.00Winston Churchill
16.9Alexander Lehr12:57.50Winston Churchill
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alan Banks16.2hThomas S Wootton
2.11Aaron Tian16.3hThomas S Wootton
3.9Noah Jankel17.5hWinston Churchill
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Tian41.0hThomas S Wootton
2.9Noah Jankel44.4hWinston Churchill
3.10Kurt Vetrano45.0hThomas S Wootton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alec Jasen
Luke Moon
Warren Berlin
Alan Banks
46.9hThomas S Wootton
2.-Juwan Hamelin
Daniel II Wilkinson
Noah Jankel
Marquette Lewis
48.2hWinston Churchill
3.-Nadim Elhage
Joseph Kale
Odin Soevik
David Kaplan
52.3hWinston Churchill
4.-Daniel Leptoukh
Wesley Zhu
Winson Yeung
Joseph Kascak
52.5hWinston Churchill
5.-Cameron Babers
Ariel Walcott
Kevin Pan
Luke Hall
55.0hWinston Churchill
6.-Relay Team 56.8hThomas S Wootton
7.-Relay Team 58.7hThomas S Wootton
7.-Ofer Cohen
Matthew Silber
Constantine Kutson
Sam Coran
58.7hWinston Churchill
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Micah Phillips-Spencer
Jemuel Phillips-Spencer
Kyle Veator
Juwan Hamelin
1:32.70Winston Churchill
2.-Brandon Fink
Alan Banks
Warren Berlin
Justin Hassani
1:34.10Thomas S Wootton
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Nozick
Will Severynse
Josh Trzeciak
Justin Hassani
3:37.60Thomas S Wootton
2.-Micah Phillips-Spencer
Jemuel Phillips-Spencer
Mikael Hammer
William Conway
3:40.10Winston Churchill
3.-Matthew Raab
Adam Smith
Andrew Zohore
Henoss Taddesse
4:07.60Winston Churchill
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eli Bergman
Will Quackenbush
Patrick Sheridan
Patrick Munro
8:28.90Thomas S Wootton
2.-Luke Shannon
Daniel Valero
John Hein
Sushen Thiyagarajan
8:41.80Winston Churchill
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nadim Elhage47-03.00Winston Churchill
2.10Logan Portes36-06.00Thomas S Wootton
3.10Richard Xu35-09.00Thomas S Wootton
4.10David Kaplan34-11.00Winston Churchill
5.12Odin Soevik34-01.00Winston Churchill
6.12Joseph Kale33-05.00Winston Churchill
7.10Benjamin Fox33-03.00Winston Churchill
8.11Guillaume Pierre-Louis33-02.00Thomas S Wootton
9.12Alec Jasen31-06.00Thomas S Wootton
10.11Rustin Tashayyod28-11.00Winston Churchill
11.10Jake Brodsky28-08.00Thomas S Wootton
12.10Brian Jordan28-04.00Thomas S Wootton
13.12Luke Maeder26-11.00Thomas S Wootton
14.9Constantine Kutson26-01.00Winston Churchill
15.10Matthew Dunne25-00.00Winston Churchill
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nadim Elhage142-01Winston Churchill
2.10David Kaplan135-03Winston Churchill
3.12Joseph Kale112-03Winston Churchill
4.12Odin Soevik104-09Winston Churchill
5.10Richard Xu100-02Thomas S Wootton
6.12Christopher Hollrah94-00Winston Churchill
7.10Benjamin Fox90-07Winston Churchill
8.10Logan Portes84-00Thomas S Wootton
9.10Jake Brodsky78-04Thomas S Wootton
10.12Luke Maeder75-00Thomas S Wootton
11.10Matthew Dunne74-05Winston Churchill
12.10Brian Jordan70-10Thomas S Wootton
13.11Guillaume Pierre-Louis65-09Thomas S Wootton
14.9Constantine Kutson63-07Winston Churchill
15.11Rustin Tashayyod63-06Winston Churchill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Moon5-04.00Thomas S Wootton
2.9Daniel II Wilkinson5-02.00Winston Churchill
3.9Patrick Munro5-00.00Thomas S Wootton
10Dilan HettiarachchiNHWinston Churchill
9Edward YaoNHWinston Churchill
9Joseph KascakNHWinston Churchill
9Luke HallNHWinston Churchill
10Ithawat KeosomdetNHThomas S Wootton
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Veator20-06.50Winston Churchill
2.12Luke Moon19-03.00Thomas S Wootton
3.11Brandon Fink17-08.25Thomas S Wootton
4.11Warren Berlin17-07.50Thomas S Wootton
5.12Christopher Hollrah16-06.00Winston Churchill
6.9Ofer Cohen16-01.00Winston Churchill
7.9Daniel Leptoukh15-03.50Winston Churchill
8.10Raymond Shen15-02.50Thomas S Wootton
9.11Victor Christy12-10.50Winston Churchill
9Joseph KascakNDWinston Churchill
11Abdul-Fatah MashaNDWinston Churchill
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Moon37-08.00Thomas S Wootton
2.11Brandon Fink36-03.00Thomas S Wootton
3.12Loic Sany34-07.00Thomas S Wootton
4.11Abdul-Fatah Masha32-06.50Winston Churchill
5.12Joseph Kale32-05.50Winston Churchill
6.11Evan Rheingold32-02.00Winston Churchill
12Luke ShannonNDWinston Churchill

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Ahearn13.2hThomas S Wootton
2.12Elaine Chen13.3hThomas S Wootton
3.9Julia McDermott13.3hWinston Churchill
4.12Christine Hildreth13.5hWinston Churchill
5.10Erica Monterio13.5hThomas S Wootton
6.10Kara Huie13.5hThomas S Wootton
7.10Emma Coleman13.6hWinston Churchill
8.10Kiralyn Harrison13.7hThomas S Wootton
9.10Evangeline Liu13.7hWinston Churchill
10.11Jennifer Lewis13.7hWinston Churchill
11.10Hallie Byles13.8hThomas S Wootton
12.11Nickalia Gibbs14.1hThomas S Wootton
12.10Peggy Liang14.1hWinston Churchill
12.10Alison Lee14.1hWinston Churchill
12.9Isabella Wu14.1hWinston Churchill
16.12Maliza Namude14.3hWinston Churchill
17.9Nisha Joshi14.5hThomas S Wootton
18.10Morgen Lewis14.5hWinston Churchill
19.10Christina Yi14.6hThomas S Wootton
20.11Toby Heller14.6hWinston Churchill
20.11Holly Alesbury14.6hWinston Churchill
22.10Madison Frank14.9hWinston Churchill
22.11Megan Peabody14.9hWinston Churchill
24.12Katie Perroots15.0hThomas S Wootton
25.9Samantha Yi15.2hThomas S Wootton
26.11Rebecca Wolfe15.2hWinston Churchill
27.9Priyanka Kalotra15.3hThomas S Wootton
28.9Sharon Song15.5hThomas S Wootton
29.11Rachana Kshirsagar15.6hThomas S Wootton
30.11Samantha Rubin15.7hWinston Churchill
31.9Han Lee16.1hThomas S Wootton
32.10Danielle Fisher16.1hWinston Churchill
33.10Caelan Reamer17.3hThomas S Wootton
9Anna LeeNTThomas S Wootton
10Lydia HanNTThomas S Wootton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emma Coleman27.0hWinston Churchill
2.10Kara Huie27.6hThomas S Wootton
3.10Erica Monterio28.2hThomas S Wootton
4.10Hallie Byles28.3hThomas S Wootton
4.12Christine Hildreth28.3hWinston Churchill
6.10Evangeline Liu29.0hWinston Churchill
6.10Blair Toy29.0hThomas S Wootton
6.12Ping Ni29.0hWinston Churchill
9.11Shannon Caulk29.2hWinston Churchill
10.9Carly Kabelac29.5hWinston Churchill
11.11Toby Heller29.9hWinston Churchill
12.11Hannah Newlin30.1hWinston Churchill
12.11Nickalia Gibbs30.1hThomas S Wootton
12.9Nisha Joshi30.1hThomas S Wootton
15.10Caroline Chang30.2hThomas S Wootton
15.10Morgen Lewis30.2hWinston Churchill
15.10Peggy Liang30.2hWinston Churchill
18.9Anisha Matharu30.6hWinston Churchill
18.10Alison Lee30.6hWinston Churchill
20.11Rebecca Wolfe30.8hWinston Churchill
21.10Madison Frank31.0hWinston Churchill
22.11Megan Peabody31.1hWinston Churchill
23.9Priyanka Kalotra31.5hThomas S Wootton
24.9Ellen Morris31.8hThomas S Wootton
25.10Christina Yi31.9hThomas S Wootton
26.9Sharon Song32.6hThomas S Wootton
27.9Han Lee34.2hThomas S Wootton
28.10Danielle Fisher34.3hWinston Churchill
29.12Maliza Namude34.5hWinston Churchill
30.9Ashley Dasuki36.8hThomas S Wootton
31.10Caelan Reamer37.7hThomas S Wootton
11Elisa AmbroseNTWinston Churchill
9Kaitlin KlausingNTThomas S Wootton
9Anna LeeNTThomas S Wootton
12Mia LeeNTThomas S Wootton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sylvia Deppen58.5hThomas S Wootton
2.10Kiralyn Harrison1:04.0hThomas S Wootton
3.12Jenna Cantor1:05.4hWinston Churchill
4.11Mary Lee Lawrence1:05.9hWinston Churchill
5.10Juhee Kim1:06.1hWinston Churchill
6.9Carly Kabelac1:08.1hWinston Churchill
7.9Isabella Wu1:08.9hWinston Churchill
8.10Caroline Chang1:09.6hThomas S Wootton
9.12Ping Ni1:09.7hWinston Churchill
10.9Samira Okudo1:10.1hThomas S Wootton
11.9Anisha Matharu1:10.6hWinston Churchill
12.12Katie Perroots1:11.1hThomas S Wootton
12.9Samantha Yi1:11.1hThomas S Wootton
14.10Ivy Yen1:12.3hWinston Churchill
12Mia LeeNTThomas S Wootton
9Kaitlin KlausingNTThomas S Wootton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grace Corbett2:26.70Thomas S Wootton
2.11Kirsten Schroeder2:31.80Thomas S Wootton
3.10Dana Sung2:33.70Thomas S Wootton
4.12Emily Levenson2:34.50Thomas S Wootton
5.10Elise Green2:35.90Thomas S Wootton
6.10Juhee Kim2:37.90Winston Churchill
7.10Lexi Levenson2:42.30Thomas S Wootton
8.10Breanna Boggan2:42.60Winston Churchill
9.10Paula Rabade2:42.90Winston Churchill
10.11Susan McGrattan2:43.10Thomas S Wootton
11.12Susan Harper2:43.80Thomas S Wootton
12.9Samira Okudo2:46.80Thomas S Wootton
13.10Ivy Yen2:47.30Winston Churchill
14.9Theresa Brietzke2:49.4hThomas S Wootton
15.10Moraya Boggan2:50.40Winston Churchill
16.12Jenna Cantor2:52.40Winston Churchill
17.10Jaclyn Dosik2:52.80Winston Churchill
17.10Belen Belangero2:52.80Thomas S Wootton
19.10Allyson Meltzer2:53.40Thomas S Wootton
20.9Katie Kidney2:53.90Winston Churchill
21.11Amy McAlister2:54.90Winston Churchill
22.10Caren Levin2:56.20Winston Churchill
23.9Paula Kleyman2:57.20Winston Churchill
24.12Sarah Reitzes2:57.50Winston Churchill
25.10Bailey Hill2:58.60Winston Churchill
26.10Taylor Srebnick2:58.90Winston Churchill
27.12Charlotte Bourg2:59.20Winston Churchill
28.9Neha Kalla3:01.40Winston Churchill
29.9Samantha Lee3:03.10Winston Churchill
30.9Vivian Mui3:03.50Thomas S Wootton
31.9Shadee Nowrouzi3:06.60Thomas S Wootton
32.12Dora Dmitriev3:09.50Winston Churchill
33.12Alice Lu3:10.50Winston Churchill
34.10Eileen Cahill3:19.40Thomas S Wootton
35.10Kavita Dhallan3:20.80Thomas S Wootton
36.10Jodi Flanders3:21.20Thomas S Wootton
37.9Connie Yu3:43.20Thomas S Wootton
38.9Zhenrong (Alice) Li3:58.50Thomas S Wootton
10Allie FoeckingNTThomas S Wootton
10Genevieve GarlandNTWinston Churchill
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lucy Srour5:15.00Winston Churchill
2.12Grace Corbett5:20.60Thomas S Wootton
3.12Emily Levenson5:35.20Thomas S Wootton
4.10Dana Sung5:39.80Thomas S Wootton
5.10Elise Green5:42.40Thomas S Wootton
6.10Lexi Levenson5:43.00Thomas S Wootton
7.11Kirsten Schroeder5:49.00Thomas S Wootton
8.10Paula Rabade5:54.10Winston Churchill
9.12Hilary Gelfond5:56.60Thomas S Wootton
10.10Breanna Boggan6:00.50Winston Churchill
11.10Moraya Boggan6:03.50Winston Churchill
12.12Susan Harper6:04.20Thomas S Wootton
13.9Katie Kidney6:04.70Winston Churchill
14.9Theresa Brietzke6:05.50Thomas S Wootton
15.10Stephanie Smith6:12.30Thomas S Wootton
16.10Allyson Meltzer6:12.40Thomas S Wootton
17.10Belen Belangero6:13.20Thomas S Wootton
18.9Megan Walter6:13.60Winston Churchill
19.11Amy McAlister6:20.60Winston Churchill
20.12Sarah Reitzes6:21.20Winston Churchill
21.10Caren Levin6:21.80Winston Churchill
22.9Samantha Lee6:32.50Winston Churchill
23.12Charlotte Bourg6:37.60Winston Churchill
24.9Vivian Mui6:39.30Thomas S Wootton
25.11Alexandra Rotello6:40.20Thomas S Wootton
26.9Shadee Nowrouzi6:44.90Thomas S Wootton
27.10Taylor Srebnick6:51.80Winston Churchill
28.12Alice Lu6:56.10Winston Churchill
29.12Dora Dmitriev6:57.00Winston Churchill
30.10Jodi Flanders7:05.90Thomas S Wootton
31.10Eileen Cahill7:28.00Thomas S Wootton
32.10Kavita Dhallan7:31.90Thomas S Wootton
33.9Connie Yu8:18.40Thomas S Wootton
34.9Zhenrong (Alice) Li8:48.50Thomas S Wootton
10Allie FoeckingNTThomas S Wootton
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lucy Srour11:52.10Winston Churchill
2.12Madeline Rico12:07.30Thomas S Wootton
3.12Karen Cohen12:25.50Thomas S Wootton
4.11Alison Baruch12:35.60Thomas S Wootton
5.12Hilary Gelfond12:52.40Thomas S Wootton
6.10Jaclyn Dosik13:01.30Winston Churchill
7.10Genevieve Garland13:07.00Winston Churchill
8.9Neha Kalla13:22.10Winston Churchill
9.9Paula Kleyman13:22.40Winston Churchill
10.9Nathalie Bouchard14:07.50Thomas S Wootton
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gwen Shaw15.1hThomas S Wootton
2.11Sylvia Deppen15.3hThomas S Wootton
3.9Sabrina Silva17.1hWinston Churchill
4.10Fanny Chen17.3hWinston Churchill
5.9Gabriella Silva17.7hWinston Churchill
6.10Maria Koytcheva19.3hWinston Churchill
7.9Yasmine Kehnemouyi20.0hWinston Churchill
8.9Madeleine Hendricks20.2hWinston Churchill
9.9Ellen Morris26.2hThomas S Wootton
9Ashley DasukiNTThomas S Wootton
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gwen Shaw46.9hThomas S Wootton
2.10Fanny Chen51.8hWinston Churchill
3.9Sabrina Silva53.2hWinston Churchill
4.9Gabriella Silva53.2hWinston Churchill
5.9Megan Walter58.4hWinston Churchill
6.10Maria Koytcheva58.5hWinston Churchill
7.9Yasmine Kehnemouyi59.3hWinston Churchill
8.9Madeleine Hendricks1:00.2hWinston Churchill
10Lydia HanNTThomas S Wootton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julia McDermott
Taylor Caulk
Jennifer Lewis
Emma Coleman
51.9hWinston Churchill
2.-Kimberly Ahearn
Hallie Byles
Blair Toy
Nickalia Gibbs
52.8hThomas S Wootton
3.-Danielle Fisher
Madison Frank
Alison Lee
Morgen Lewis
58.2hWinston Churchill
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gwen Shaw
Kimberly Ahearn
Blair Toy
Kara Huie
1:48.10Thomas S Wootton
2.-Julia McDermott
Taylor Caulk
Jennifer Lewis
Emma Coleman
1:49.30Winston Churchill
3.-Hannah Newlin
Evangeline Liu
Peggy Liang
Alison Lee
2:00.30Winston Churchill
4.-Megan Peabody
Shannon Caulk
Rebecca Wolfe
Toby Heller
2:01.80Winston Churchill
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kiralyn Harrison
Hallie Byles
Sylvia Deppen
Casey Dowling
4:18.60Thomas S Wootton
2.-Lucy Srour
Isabella Wu
Mary Lee Lawrence
Jennifer Lewis
4:32.70Winston Churchill
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alison Baruch
Karen Cohen
Madeline Rico
Susan McGrattan
10:24.60Thomas S Wootton
2.-Breanna Boggan
Mary Lee Lawrence
Juhee Kim
Moraya Boggan
10:32.30Winston Churchill
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Crosby26-10.00Thomas S Wootton
2.12Lori Koenick25-02.00Winston Churchill
3.12Maria Dagalakis21-04.00Winston Churchill
4.11Elisa Ambrose20-06.00Winston Churchill
5.11Erica Roberts20-01.00Winston Churchill
6.11Holly Alesbury20-00.00Winston Churchill
7.12Mia Lee19-08.00Thomas S Wootton
11Samantha RubinNDWinston Churchill
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Crosby84-09Thomas S Wootton
2.12Lori Koenick78-01Winston Churchill
3.11Erica Roberts71-01Winston Churchill
4.12Maria Dagalakis65-05Winston Churchill
5.12Mia Lee63-02Thomas S Wootton
6.11Elisa Ambrose61-00Winston Churchill
7.11Holly Alesbury60-03Winston Churchill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabriella Silva4-06.00Winston Churchill
2.12Elaine Chen4-06.00Thomas S Wootton
3.12Christine Hildreth4-06.00Winston Churchill
4.11Kirsten Schroeder4-04.00Thomas S Wootton
5.12Maliza Namude4-04.00Winston Churchill
6.9Sabrina Silva4-02.00Winston Churchill
7.9Han Lee4-00.00Thomas S Wootton
9Ellen MorrisNHThomas S Wootton
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elaine Chen16-08.75Thomas S Wootton
2.12Taylor Caulk16-04.75Winston Churchill
3.12Casey Dowling16-01.00Thomas S Wootton
4.10Fanny Chen15-09.00Winston Churchill
5.9Julia McDermott15-06.50Winston Churchill
6.11Hannah Newlin14-05.00Winston Churchill
7.9Isabella Wu13-08.50Winston Churchill
8.9Anisha Matharu13-04.50Winston Churchill
9.11Shannon Caulk12-07.50Winston Churchill
10.9Carly Kabelac12-05.00Winston Churchill
11.10Maria Koytcheva11-09.00Winston Churchill
12.9Madeleine Hendricks11-01.50Winston Churchill
13.9Yasmine Kehnemouyi10-11.00Winston Churchill
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Casey Dowling35-00.00Thomas S Wootton
2.11Sylvia Deppen34-02.50Thomas S Wootton
3.12Elaine Chen34-00.25Thomas S Wootton
4.12Taylor Caulk32-07.50Winston Churchill
5.10Fanny Chen30-02.00Winston Churchill
6.10Maria Koytcheva26-05.50Winston Churchill
9Carly KabelacNDWinston Churchill
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