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CYO Dev. Meet 8

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glencoe HS, Hillsboro, OR

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Braydon Daliposon14.13Holy Trinity
2.4Eoin McDonagh14.92St. Thomas More
3.3William Droessler15.75Holy Trinity
4.3James Menor15.76Christ the King
5.4Sam Baricevic15.79St. Thomas More
6.4Chais Belcher15.84St. Matthew
7.4Israel Swan16.11St. Matthew
8.4Michael Lang16.13Holy Trinity
9.4Logan Warner16.18Franciscan Montessor...
10.4Luis Luna16.50Franciscan Montessor...
11.4Grayson Landon16.90St. Matthew
12.-Jack Walker16.99St. Clare
13.-James Landon17.24St. Clare
13.4Lance Schoening17.24St. Matthew
15.4Daniel Rosetti17.36St. Matthew
16.4Cameron Lyke17.37Holy Trinity
17.4Tony Martinez17.38Holy Trinity
18.3Kai Leyva17.46Holy Trinity
19.4Sammy Naylor17.47Holy Trinity
20.3Joseph Sherry17.52Holy Trinity
21.3James Lang17.57Holy Trinity
22.4Nicolas Olson Rocha17.60Franciscan Montessor...
23.-Connor Tyree17.61St. Clare
24.-Henry Broughton17.69St. Clare
25.4Joel Gonzalez17.70St. Matthew
26.4Andrew Reinhardt17.81St. Thomas More
27.3Wade Rabin18.12Holy Trinity
28.4Andrew Salisbury18.15Franciscan Montessor...
29.4Jonathan Ulrich18.20Holy Trinity
30.3Oscar Romeo18.23St. Matthew
31.4Cameron Hardy18.27St. Matthew
32.3Dakota Yeager18.45Christ the King
33.4Connor Fadden18.55St. Thomas More
34.3Ethan Bohling19.19Franciscan Montessor...
35.3Anthony Feduccia19.22Holy Trinity
36.3Lance Peterson19.26St. Matthew
37.3Zachary Williams19.46Franciscan Montessor...
38.3Damon Grim19.77St. Thomas More
39.-Timothy Crimmins20.08St. Clare
40.-Ronnie Murphy20.14St. Clare
41.3Kellen Thygeson20.17Franciscan Montessor...
42.4Alec Harris20.57Holy Trinity
43.3Jack Mustonen20.59Holy Trinity
44.3Erik Enslow20.63Christ the King
45.4Lorenzo Leonetti21.47Christ the King
46.3Ishaan Rao21.54Franciscan Montessor...
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Aidan Maloney13.44St. Matthew
2.6Tim Malueg13.52St. Clare
3.6Braelen Bettles13.86Christ the King
4.6Antonio Angel13.88Holy Trinity
5.6Alex Echevarria13.99Holy Trinity
6.6Quintin Thomas14.04St. Matthew
7.5Sam Romeo14.35St. Matthew
8.6Nick Leonetti14.72Christ the King
9.5Markus Bauer14.78Holy Trinity
10.5Tyson Parker14.98Holy Trinity
11.5Tyrese Hebert15.00Franciscan Montessor...
12.5Gabriel LeRiche15.07St. Matthew
13.6Nate Schmidlin15.10St. Matthew
13.5Sam Zener15.10St. Matthew
13.5Cole Hammond15.10St. Matthew
16.6Holden Ziels15.15Holy Trinity
17.5Andrew Boeh15.18Christ the King
18.6Gabriel Leonard15.32Holy Trinity
19.6Michael Schwan15.46St. Matthew
19.5Nikolaus Reitzug15.46St. Matthew
21.6Jordan Yeager15.70Christ the King
22.5Nicholas Richardson15.72Franciscan Montessor...
23.5Gabriel Grant15.73St. Matthew
24.5Neal Blaisdell15.81St. Matthew
24.5Luke Lorber15.81St. Matthew
26.6Michael Blodgett16.00Holy Trinity
27.6Ethan Swift16.08St. Matthew
28.6Harry Nguyen16.17Christ the King
29.6Benjamin Lyman16.28St. Matthew
30.5Samuel Sherry16.40Holy Trinity
31.5Bryon Moradshahi16.61Holy Trinity
32.6Sumner Maesaka16.98Holy Trinity
33.5William Gearhart17.29Holy Trinity
34.5Benjamin Rabaud17.77Franciscan Montessor...
35.6Ryan Enslow17.81Christ the King
36.6Hunter Schaefer18.15St. Matthew
37.5Finn Wright18.80Holy Trinity
38.5Zachary Meyer19.50St. Matthew
39.5Tanner Todd19.70Franciscan Montessor...
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Matthew Gerrig12.51Holy Trinity
2.8Devin Kaneshiro12.93St. Matthew
3.8Justin Olson13.32Holy Trinity
4.7Christian Reyes13.33Christ the King
5.7Jake Hoffman13.66Holy Trinity
6.7Mataio Talalemotu13.81Holy Trinity
7.7Francis Duyck14.23St. Matthew
8.8Nicho Turina14.37St. Thomas More
9.7John Walsh14.44St. Matthew
10.7Nathanael Wessels14.56St. Matthew
10.8Jackson Mackley14.56Franciscan Montessor...
12.7Anand Boucher-Colbert14.70Franciscan Montessor...
13.8Josef Vincent14.85St. Thomas More
14.7Sean Richardson14.86Franciscan Montessor...
15.7Kolowai Ifenuk14.87Christ the King
16.7Adam Maduell14.99Holy Trinity
16.7Trey Smith14.99St. Matthew
18.7Luke Guasco15.31Christ the King
19.7Zack Pelster15.35St. Matthew
20.8Kevin Whitson15.68Christ the King
21.-Samuel Freepons18.23St. Clare
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Braydon Daliposon29.35Holy Trinity
2.4Jayden Holgado31.91St. Matthew
3.4Eoin McDonagh32.19St. Thomas More
4.4Sam Baricevic32.24St. Thomas More
5.3William Droessler32.90Holy Trinity
6.4Michael Lang33.80Holy Trinity
7.4Israel Swan34.39St. Matthew
8.4Patrick Mueller34.40St. Thomas More
9.4Luis Luna34.94Franciscan Montessor...
10.4Grayson Landon35.02St. Matthew
11.3Tanner Olson36.81Holy Trinity
12.4Coleton ODonnell36.86Holy Trinity
13.4Andrew Salisbury36.94Franciscan Montessor...
14.4Nicolas Olson Rocha36.95Franciscan Montessor...
15.3Kai Leyva38.17Holy Trinity
16.3Aidan Alexander38.36St. Thomas More
17.3Gabriel Llaguno38.39Holy Trinity
18.3Kohl Moisant38.61Holy Trinity
19.4Anthony Benedetti White38.82Holy Trinity
20.3Samuel Allie42.12St. Matthew
21.4Christopher Beardall46.89Christ the King
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6John Menor27.75Christ the King
2.5Aidan Maloney29.01St. Matthew
3.6Antonio Angel29.08Holy Trinity
4.6Braelen Bettles29.46Christ the King
5.6Alex Echevarria30.36Holy Trinity
6.5Sam Romeo30.45St. Matthew
7.5Sam Zener30.81St. Matthew
8.6Quintin Thomas31.27St. Matthew
9.5Tyson Parker31.39Holy Trinity
10.6Daniel Seelye31.61Christ the King
11.5Markus Bauer32.03Holy Trinity
12.5Neal Blaisdell32.16St. Matthew
13.5Gabriel LeRiche32.35St. Matthew
14.5Luke Lorber32.56St. Matthew
15.5Tyrese Hebert32.63Franciscan Montessor...
16.6Michael Blodgett33.64Holy Trinity
17.5Marshal Griffeth33.65Christ the King
18.6Jordan Yeager33.74Christ the King
19.5Tiernan Morgan33.78Holy Trinity
20.5Nicholas Richardson33.83Franciscan Montessor...
21.5Riley Marshall34.99St. Matthew
22.5Gabriel Grant35.75St. Matthew
23.6Ryan Enslow38.66Christ the King
24.5Finn Wright40.54Holy Trinity
25.6Hunter Schaefer40.99St. Matthew
26.5Hayden Martell41.35Christ the King
27.5Zachary Meyer43.28St. Matthew
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Mohamed Matan26.37Franciscan Montessor...
2.7Takumi Hebert27.02Franciscan Montessor...
3.8Matthew Gerrig27.03Holy Trinity
4.7Mataio Talalemotu28.35Holy Trinity
5.7Francis Duyck30.01St. Matthew
6.7Grant Gustavson30.95Christ the King
7.7Kolowai Ifenuk31.05Christ the King
8.7Luke Guasco31.63Christ the King
9.8John Barkhurst35.68Holy Trinity
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jayden Holgado1:09.80St. Matthew
2.4Logan Warner1:12.94Franciscan Montessor...
3.3Rowan Davis1:13.90St. Thomas More
4.4Sam Baricevic1:15.21St. Thomas More
5.4Braydon Daliposon1:16.71Holy Trinity
6.3Luke Horne1:19.94Holy Trinity
7.3James Lang1:20.75Holy Trinity
8.4Cameron Lyke1:21.17Holy Trinity
9.3Wade Rabin1:22.11Holy Trinity
10.4Israel Swan1:24.87St. Matthew
11.4Shaw Powell1:25.81Holy Trinity
11.4Will Prentice1:25.81Christ the King
13.3James Menor1:26.53Christ the King
14.3Jackson House1:27.86St. Thomas More
15.3Gabriel Llaguno1:28.08Holy Trinity
16.4Jonathan Ulrich1:34.18Holy Trinity
17.-Dino Leback1:37.83St. Clare
18.4Gabriel Steinhoff1:37.99St. Matthew
19.3Andrew Clouser1:39.10St. Thomas More
20.-Ronnie Murphy1:41.19St. Clare
21.3Garrett Jewell1:45.24St. Matthew
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Alex Echevarria1:10.22Holy Trinity
2.6Nate Schmidlin1:10.43St. Matthew
3.5Cole Hammond1:13.13St. Matthew
4.5Markus Bauer1:14.59Holy Trinity
5.5Andrew Boeh1:14.77Christ the King
6.6Holden Ziels1:14.90Holy Trinity
7.6Michael Blodgett1:15.42Holy Trinity
8.5Maxwell Scott1:15.76Holy Trinity
9.5Tiernan Morgan1:15.78Holy Trinity
10.5Gavin Bohling1:16.25Franciscan Montessor...
11.6Ryan Stephen1:16.93Holy Trinity
12.5Bryon Moradshahi1:19.82Holy Trinity
13.6Sumner Maesaka1:25.56Holy Trinity
14.6Everett Johnsen1:26.45Holy Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Cameron Isaac1:01.93Holy Trinity
2.7Mohamed Matan1:02.21Franciscan Montessor...
3.8Justin Olson1:03.25Holy Trinity
4.7Andrew Lang1:03.49Holy Trinity
5.8Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski1:04.82St. Matthew
6.7John Walsh1:06.49St. Matthew
7.8Jackson Mackley1:07.63Franciscan Montessor...
8.8Patrick Maloney1:08.16St. Matthew
9.7Adam Maduell1:11.75Holy Trinity
10.8John Barkhurst1:20.22Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Lucas Martin2:43.39St. Thomas More
4.4Michael Lang2:57.86Holy Trinity
5.4Anthony Benedetti White3:07.38Holy Trinity
6.6Beau Westergaard3:07.83St. Matthew
7.3Ryan Schumacher3:08.12St. Thomas More
8.4Will Prentice3:12.71Christ the King
9.3Rowan Davis3:17.58St. Thomas More
10.3James Lang3:17.83Holy Trinity
11.3Anthony Feduccia3:23.79Holy Trinity
12.4Alec Harris3:26.92Holy Trinity
13.4Benjamin VanHoomisen3:38.74St. Matthew
14.-Dino Leback3:39.88St. Clare
15.4Gabriel Steinhoff3:42.77St. Matthew
2.4Shaw Powell2:46.51Holy Trinity
3.3Nicholas Moll2:57.44Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Joshua Schumacher2:32.19St. Thomas More
2.-Alex Slenning2:47.02St. Clare
3.5Jack De la motte2:47.59St. Matthew
4.5Tyrese Hebert2:49.95Franciscan Montessor...
5.5Bryon Moradshahi2:56.72Holy Trinity
6.-Santo Mallon2:58.31St. Clare
7.5Maxwell Scott3:00.35Holy Trinity
8.6Nolan Skokan3:01.09Holy Trinity
9.6Ethan Swift3:04.50St. Matthew
10.5Tanner Cook3:13.24Christ the King
11.5Benjamin Rabaud3:35.01Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Cameron Parker2:22.83Holy Trinity
2.8Cameron Isaac2:28.70Holy Trinity
3.8Martin Medeiros2:30.18Holy Trinity
4.8Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski2:33.93St. Matthew
5.7Sean Richardson2:36.27Franciscan Montessor...
6.7Alan Wild2:42.32Holy Trinity
7.7Patrick Dowhaniuk2:57.49Christ the King
8.8Jack Welgan2:57.73Holy Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Lucas Martin5:31.94St. Thomas More
2.3Luke Horne5:36.66Holy Trinity
3.4Coleton ODonnell5:46.77Holy Trinity
4.3Ryan Schumacher6:07.48St. Thomas More
5.3Damon Grim7:20.46St. Thomas More
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Holden Ziels5:40.36Holy Trinity
2.6Gabriel Leonard5:44.65Holy Trinity
3.6Conner Graziano5:45.06Holy Trinity
4.6Nolan Skokan6:13.26Holy Trinity
5.5Denton Lewis6:27.03Christ the King
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Cameron Parker4:50.10Holy Trinity
2.8Martin Medeiros4:59.54Holy Trinity
3.7Alan Wild5:15.62Holy Trinity
4.8Jack Levis5:39.98Holy Trinity
5.8Jack Welgan5:45.21Holy Trinity
6.7Benjamin Ratcliff6:15.72Franciscan Montessor...
7.8Kevin Whitson6:22.62Christ the King
8.7Corwyn Bradeen6:42.54Franciscan Montessor...
X 3000 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Joshua Schumacher10:24.96St. Thomas More
2.5Jack De la motte11:57.02St. Matthew
3.6Ryan Stephen13:13.66Holy Trinity
4.6Henry Prentice14:10.25Christ the King
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Tyler ODonnell10:16.89Holy Trinity
2.7Andrew Lang11:26.35Holy Trinity
X 4x60 Shuttle Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 35.77Holy Trinity
2.-Relay Team 36.42St. Matthew
3.-Relay Team 37.76St. Matthew
4.-Relay Team 37.80St. Clare
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Jayden Holgado
Israel Swan
Lance Schoening
Grayson Landon
1:05.66St. Matthew
2.-Relay Team 1:06.45Holy Trinity
3.-Relay Team 1:08.19Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Relay Team 1:08.59Holy Trinity
5.-Relay Team 1:08.74St. Thomas More
6.-Relay Team 1:13.95St. Clare
7.-Relay Team 1:17.37Christ the King
8.-Relay Team 1:24.13Franciscan Montessor...
X 4x100 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Aidan J Maloney
Nate Schmidlin
Quintin H Thomas
Sam Romeo
57.49St. Matthew
2.-Relay Team 58.07Holy Trinity
3.-Relay Team 1:00.57Christ the King
4.-Riley Marshall
Michael Schwan
Gabriel LeRiche
Gabriel Grant
1:00.85St. Matthew
5.-Relay Team 1:03.83Franciscan Montessor...
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.79Holy Trinity
2.-Relay Team 55.15Franciscan Montessor...
3.-Relay Team 55.37St. Matthew
4.-Relay Team 58.27Christ the King
5.-Relay Team 58.75St. Matthew
X 4x400 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Jack De la motte
Neal W Blaisdell
Gabriel Grant
Luke Lorber
5:20.88St. Matthew
2.-Jordan Yeager
Henry Prentice
Calvin Wriglesworth
Denton Lewis
5:27.53Christ the King
3.-Gabriel Leonard
Bryon Moradshahi
Maxwell Scott
Ryan Stephen
5:28.38Holy Trinity
X 4x400 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Andrew Lang
Tyler ODonnell
Cameron Parker
Mataio Talalemotu
4:18.82Holy Trinity
2.-Jack Levis
Jack Welgan
Martin Medeiros
Cameron Isaac
4:36.60Holy Trinity
3.-Jackson Mackley
Sean Richardson
Takumi Hebert
Mohamed Matan
4:38.22Franciscan Montessor...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.6John Menor39-00.50Christ the King
2.6Tim Malueg29-08.00St. Clare
3.5Gabriel LeRiche24-09.00St. Matthew
4.5Jack De la motte24-05.00St. Matthew
5.5Tiernan Morgan22-08.50Holy Trinity
6.6Sumner Maesaka22-04.50Holy Trinity
7.6Henry Prentice20-07.00Christ the King
8.6Quinn Thygeson20-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
9.5Neal Blaisdell19-08.00St. Matthew
10.6Hunter Schaefer19-03.50St. Matthew
11.5Gavin Bohling18-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
12.5Finn Wright18-05.00Holy Trinity
13.5William Gearhart17-07.50Holy Trinity
14.5Tanner Todd17-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
15.5Zachary Horton16-09.00Holy Trinity
16.-Michael-Paul Resweber15-00.50St. Clare
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
1.7Christian Reyes33-10.50Christ the King
2.8Tristen Shaw28-03.00Christ the King
3.8Nick Boeh25-03.00Christ the King
4.7Mohamed Matan24-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.8Kevin Whitson22-11.50Christ the King
6.-Samuel Freepons20-11.00St. Clare
7.7Zack Pelster20-08.00St. Matthew
8.7Grant Gustavson20-07.50Christ the King
9.8Mathew Williams18-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
X Shot Put - 8lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Andrew Reinhardt18-06.50St. Thomas More
2.4Logan Warner18-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.3James Menor17-11.00Christ the King
4.-James Landon16-04.50St. Clare
4.-Connor Tyree16-04.50St. Clare
6.3Nicholas Moll16-03.00Holy Trinity
7.4Jonathan Ulrich15-08.50Holy Trinity
7.3Damon Grim15-08.50St. Thomas More
9.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth15-06.50St. Matthew
10.3Tanner Olson15-01.50Holy Trinity
11.4Christopher Beardall15-00.50Christ the King
12.-Dino Leback14-08.50St. Clare
13.3Dillon Grady14-02.50Holy Trinity
14.-Jack Walker13-11.00St. Clare
15.4Chais Belcher13-09.50St. Matthew
16.4Benjamin VanHoomisen13-03.50St. Matthew
17.3Oscar Romeo13-03.00St. Matthew
18.3Ethan Bohling13-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
19.3Samuel Allie13-01.50St. Matthew
20.-Timothy Crimmins11-06.50St. Clare
21.3Andrew Clouser11-05.00St. Thomas More
22.3Liam Doucet10-05.00Holy Trinity
22.3Joseph Feduccia10-05.00Holy Trinity
24.4Lorenzo Leonetti9-09.50Christ the King
3Dakota YeagerDNSChrist the King
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.3Rowan Davis75-10St. Thomas More
2.3Aidan Alexander65-03St. Thomas More
3.-Connor Tyree60-10St. Clare
4.3Jackson House58-08St. Thomas More
5.3Andrew Clouser57-09St. Thomas More
6.6Beau Westergaard55-00St. Matthew
7.4Daniel Rosetti54-09St. Matthew
8.4Luis Luna50-08Franciscan Montessor...
9.4Nicolas Olson Rocha48-02Franciscan Montessor...
10.4Chais Belcher45-10St. Matthew
11.4Joel Gonzalez45-07St. Matthew
12.4Coleton ODonnell44-10Holy Trinity
13.3Kellen Thygeson44-09Franciscan Montessor...
14.3Garrett Jewell44-03St. Matthew
15.4Will Prentice44-00Christ the King
16.4Sammy Naylor44-00Holy Trinity
17.4Cameron Lyke43-10Holy Trinity
18.-Timothy Crimmins42-04St. Clare
19.3Zachary Williams40-07Franciscan Montessor...
20.4Andrew Reinhardt39-10St. Thomas More
21.-Henry Broughton39-07St. Clare
22.3Dillon Grady39-01Holy Trinity
23.4Gabriel Steinhoff38-07St. Matthew
24.3Damon Grim37-05St. Thomas More
25.3Oscar Romeo37-03St. Matthew
26.4Lorenzo Leonetti36-10Christ the King
27.4Christopher Beardall36-08Christ the King
28.3Erik Enslow35-11Christ the King
29.3Jack Mustonen33-06Holy Trinity
30.4Connor Fadden33-02St. Thomas More
31.3Kohl Moisant31-03Holy Trinity
32.4Alec Harris31-00Holy Trinity
33.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth29-09St. Matthew
4Anthony Benedetti WhiteDNSHoly Trinity
4Tony MartinezDNSHoly Trinity
3Ishaan RaoDNSFranciscan Montessor...
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.5Marshal Griffeth93-11Christ the King
2.5Sam Romeo91-02St. Matthew
3.5Gavin Bohling78-05Franciscan Montessor...
4.6Everett Johnsen78-03Holy Trinity
5.5Nicholas Richardson77-01Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Santo Mallon73-01St. Clare
7.6Nick Leonetti68-04Christ the King
8.5Riley Marshall65-09St. Matthew
9.5Zachary Horton63-08Holy Trinity
10.6Harry Nguyen63-04Christ the King
11.6Ryan Enslow60-05Christ the King
12.-Michael-Paul Resweber50-05St. Clare
13.5Andrew Boeh48-05Christ the King
14.5Tanner Cook46-09Christ the King
15.6Daniel Seelye45-08Christ the King
16.6Quinn Thygeson44-06Franciscan Montessor...
17.5Hayden Martell44-04Christ the King
18.5Tanner Todd44-03Franciscan Montessor...
19.5Benjamin Rabaud42-07Franciscan Montessor...
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadet - Finals
1.8Nicho Turina117-08St. Thomas More
2.7Takumi Hebert99-09Franciscan Montessor...
3.7Benjamin Ratcliff99-05Franciscan Montessor...
4.8Jose Abraham Bautista97-11Christ the King
5.7Grant Gustavson87-08Christ the King
6.7Anand Boucher-Colbert79-01Franciscan Montessor...
7.8Josef Vincent76-02St. Thomas More
8.7Nathanael Wessels69-03St. Matthew
9.8Jack Levis61-01Holy Trinity
10.7Corwyn Bradeen53-10Franciscan Montessor...
11.7Patrick Dowhaniuk52-01Christ the King
12.8Mathew Williams42-05Franciscan Montessor...
8Jack WelganDNSHoly Trinity
13.8Tristen ShawChrist the King
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Quintin Thomas4-05.00St. Matthew
2.5Aidan Maloney4-05.00St. Matthew
3.6Joshua Schumacher4-04.00St. Thomas More
4.-Alex Slenning4-02.00St. Clare
5.6Michael Schwan3-10.00St. Matthew
6.6Benjamin Lyman3-08.00St. Matthew
6.5Nikolaus Reitzug3-08.00St. Matthew
-Santo MallonNHSt. Clare
5Marshal GriffethNHChrist the King
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Patrick Maloney4-06.00St. Matthew
2.7Patrick Dowhaniuk4-04.00Christ the King
3.8Devin Kaneshiro4-02.00St. Matthew
7Trey SmithNHSt. Matthew
7Takumi HebertNHFranciscan Montessor...
8Jose Abraham BautistaNHChrist the King
8Mathew WilliamsNHFranciscan Montessor...
7Corwyn BradeenNHFranciscan Montessor...
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jayden Holgado14-05.00St. Matthew
2.4Grayson Landon10-11.00St. Matthew
3.4Tony Martinez10-10.00Holy Trinity
4.4Daniel Rosetti10-07.50St. Matthew
5.4Joel Gonzalez10-01.00St. Matthew
6.3Dakota Yeager9-01.00Christ the King
7.4Patrick Mueller8-11.00St. Thomas More
8.3Nicholas Moll8-10.75Holy Trinity
9.4Lance Schoening8-10.00St. Matthew
10.3Zachary Williams8-08.50Franciscan Montessor...
11.3Aidan Alexander8-07.50St. Thomas More
12.3Kohl Moisant8-06.50Holy Trinity
13.3Lance Peterson8-03.25St. Matthew
14.-Ronnie Murphy8-00.00St. Clare
15.3Anthony Feduccia7-10.50Holy Trinity
16.3Tanner Olson7-09.00Holy Trinity
16.-Henry Broughton7-09.00St. Clare
18.4Andrew Salisbury7-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
19.6Beau Westergaard7-07.25St. Matthew
20.3Andrew Clouser7-06.25St. Thomas More
21.3Liam Doucet7-05.00Holy Trinity
22.3Garrett Jewell7-04.75St. Matthew
23.3Joseph Feduccia7-04.00Holy Trinity
24.4Benjamin VanHoomisen7-03.25St. Matthew
25.4Connor Fadden7-01.00St. Thomas More
26.3Dillon Grady7-00.50Holy Trinity
27.3Kellen Thygeson6-10.50Franciscan Montessor...
28.3Samuel Allie6-07.25St. Matthew
29.3Ethan Bohling6-06.25Franciscan Montessor...
30.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth5-07.75St. Matthew
31.3Erik Enslow5-00.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Braelen Bettles14-09.75Christ the King
2.6John Menor14-05.50Christ the King
3.6Tim Malueg14-03.25St. Clare
4.5Cole Hammond13-02.00St. Matthew
5.5Riley Marshall12-05.00St. Matthew
6.5Luke Lorber11-05.25St. Matthew
7.5Sam Zener11-04.25St. Matthew
8.6Daniel Seelye10-07.75Christ the King
9.6Nick Leonetti10-07.00Christ the King
10.6Nate Schmidlin10-04.75St. Matthew
11.5Gabriel Grant10-04.00St. Matthew
12.5Tanner Cook9-11.00Christ the King
13.6Henry Prentice9-09.75Christ the King
14.6Jordan Yeager9-04.75Christ the King
15.6Ethan Swift9-02.75St. Matthew
16.6Everett Johnsen8-11.00Holy Trinity
17.6Harry Nguyen8-08.50Christ the King
18.6Nolan Skokan8-06.25Holy Trinity
19.5Zachary Meyer8-02.00St. Matthew
20.6Ryan Stephen7-03.25Holy Trinity
21.5Hayden Martell6-07.25Christ the King
22.6Quinn Thygeson6-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
23.5Zachary Horton5-03.25Holy Trinity
6Benjamin LymanDNSSt. Matthew
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Devin Kaneshiro16-03.75St. Matthew
2.7Christian Reyes15-11.50Christ the King
3.7John Walsh15-02.00St. Matthew
4.8Justin Olson14-08.00Holy Trinity
5.8Patrick Maloney14-07.75St. Matthew
6.7Nathanael Wessels13-08.50St. Matthew
7.8Jack Levis13-05.25Holy Trinity
8.8Jackson Mackley12-07.50Franciscan Montessor...
9.7Anand Boucher-Colbert12-06.75Franciscan Montessor...
9.7Zack Pelster12-06.75St. Matthew
11.7Francis Duyck12-04.00St. Matthew
12.7Jake Hoffman11-09.75Holy Trinity
13.7Luke Guasco11-05.50Christ the King
14.-Samuel Freepons9-03.75St. Clare
15.8John Barkhurst9-00.75Holy Trinity
16.7Trey Smith8-03.25St. Matthew

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Taryn Reed15.77Holy Trinity
2.4Alex Hoffman15.84Holy Trinity
3.-Ellen Anne Foy16.06St. Clare
4.4Piper Stephens16.14Christ the King
5.4Callan Harrington16.16St. Thomas More
6.4Antoinette Guasco16.31Christ the King
7.3Savanah Fitts16.60St. Matthew
8.-Natalie Hermann16.78St. Clare
9.3Lola Talalemotu17.02Holy Trinity
10.4Chloe Montague17.12Holy Trinity
11.4Elyssia Fitzsimons17.15Franciscan Montessor...
12.3Lexie Lewis17.26Holy Trinity
13.3Kayla Maxwell17.44Christ the King
14.4Marbella Polvorosa17.49Franciscan Montessor...
15.4Natalie Bartels17.75Holy Trinity
16.3Emily O'Connor17.88St. Matthew
17.3Ellen Danahy17.91St. Thomas More
18.3Katelyn Bell18.06Christ the King
19.4Abigail Jobe18.12St. Matthew
20.4Faith Kondra18.27Holy Trinity
21.-Ella Leback18.29St. Clare
22.-Aviann Castro18.30St. Clare
23.4Abbey Riddle18.37St. Thomas More
24.4Carina Montero18.38St. Thomas More
25.3Ariana Jordan18.40St. Thomas More
26.3Parker Wesolek18.43St. Thomas More
27.4Natalie Lerma18.45St. Thomas More
28.4Ainsley Salisbury18.51Franciscan Montessor...
29.4Katherina Cheren18.61Holy Trinity
30.-Sadie Wiswall18.89St. Clare
31.3Madeline Schmitz19.01St. Matthew
32.3Bergen Bakken19.02St. Thomas More
33.3Ainslee Smith19.04Christ the King
33.4Alison Houfek19.04Christ the King
35.3Ellie Will19.06St. Matthew
36.4Katie Weaver19.21Christ the King
37.-Molly Brennan19.27St. Clare
38.3Ana Gutierrez19.57St. Matthew
39.3Alana Anderson19.60Franciscan Montessor...
40.4Phoebe Castaneda19.92Christ the King
41.4Ginger Duncan20.02Franciscan Montessor...
42.3Wynn Brown20.09St. Matthew
43.4Emma Dowling20.14Franciscan Montessor...
44.4Sahnie Calkins20.18St. Matthew
45.3Payton Horsch20.25Christ the King
46.3Paige Martin20.87Christ the King
47.4Colette Heesacker20.88St. Matthew
48.3Tristen Horsch20.90Christ the King
49.3Kirsten Bauck20.92Holy Trinity
50.4Kaci Cadiz20.94St. Matthew
51.-Lucia Flores21.11St. Clare
52.3Daphne Delaczay21.74Franciscan Montessor...
53.3Beatrice Johnson21.84Christ the King
54.3Alexandra Kimberling24.69Christ the King
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Erin Lang14.65Holy Trinity
2.5Kamryn J Jones14.80St. Matthew
3.5Cassandra Dolan14.82Holy Trinity
4.-Rose Booth15.13St. Clare
5.5Catherine Edmonson15.21Holy Trinity
6.-Mia Hermann15.23St. Clare
7.5Emerald Kan15.26Holy Trinity
8.5Taylor Scott15.50Holy Trinity
9.6Madison Ellsworth15.57St. Matthew
10.6Justina Tunnell15.68St. Matthew
11.5Lydia Khaw16.17Holy Trinity
12.5Maliah Jobe16.18St. Matthew
13.5Anna Horne16.24Holy Trinity
14.5Elsa Hookland16.25St. Thomas More
15.5Priya Boucher-Colbert16.27Franciscan Montessor...
16.6Amanda Hilts16.28Christ the King
17.5Claire McCarthy16.29Holy Trinity
18.6Arianna Fitzsimons16.41Franciscan Montessor...
19.5Astra Medeiros16.42Holy Trinity
20.5Margaret Smith16.47Holy Trinity
20.-Mira Eagon16.47St. Clare
22.5Dakota Smith16.48Holy Trinity
23.6Kiana Rose17.02Holy Trinity
24.-Ann Brennan17.33St. Clare
25.6Maya Lerma17.82St. Thomas More
26.-Chandler Fergus17.87St. Clare
27.5Ava Paul18.30Franciscan Montessor...
28.6Glenna Fulitano19.10Holy Trinity
29.5Sophia Kahl19.12Franciscan Montessor...
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Kristina Thomas13.26St. Matthew
2.-Katherine Clark13.35St. Clare
3.7Katie Smith13.89Holy Trinity
4.7Bonnie Romeo14.19St. Matthew
5.7Julia Lauren Gerig14.27Holy Trinity
6.7Taylor Stevens14.45Christ the King
7.8Carson Blodgett14.46Holy Trinity
8.7Hanna Kristensen14.64Holy Trinity
9.7Kimberley Sanders14.75Holy Trinity
10.7Josie Hookland14.79St. Thomas More
11.7Gianna Milton14.85St. Matthew
12.8Eabha Fitzsimons14.87Franciscan Montessor...
13.8Lilly Christopher14.97Christ the King
14.7Madison Pfeifer14.98Christ the King
15.7Darby Simpson15.67Christ the King
16.-Chiara Giambrone15.73St. Clare
17.7Emrie Good16.43Christ the King
18.7Colleen Weaver17.24Christ the King
19.7Emma Willis17.98Christ the King
20.-Morgan James18.20St. Clare
21.7Maria Parker18.26Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Antoinette Guasco34.20Christ the King
2.-Aundrea Cooney34.65St. Clare
3.4Alex Hoffman34.93Holy Trinity
4.4Taryn Reed34.94Holy Trinity
5.4Elyssia Fitzsimons35.43Franciscan Montessor...
6.4Megan Elsom37.06Holy Trinity
7.4Chloe Montague37.54Holy Trinity
8.3Dakota Canzano37.83Christ the King
9.3Elizabeth Maloney38.90St. Matthew
10.-Lucy Quinn38.94St. Clare
11.4Natalie Lerma39.73St. Thomas More
12.3Lexie Lewis39.82Holy Trinity
13.3Cierra Bussey39.90Christ the King
14.4Kinley Hoag39.91St. Matthew
15.-Aviann Castro40.17St. Clare
16.3Mackenzie Greenslade40.19Franciscan Montessor...
17.-Ella Leback40.93St. Clare
18.4Ainsley Salisbury41.31Franciscan Montessor...
19.3Ellie Will41.78St. Matthew
20.4Emma Dowling42.00Franciscan Montessor...
21.3Madeline Schmitz42.63St. Matthew
22.4Katie Weaver42.82Christ the King
23.3Wynn Brown43.03St. Matthew
24.3Margaret Gabrish43.13Christ the King
25.4Emily Austin43.30St. Thomas More
26.3Katelyn Bell43.51Christ the King
27.4Samatha Goodman43.65St. Thomas More
28.4Phoebe Castaneda44.28Christ the King
29.4Alison Houfek44.77Christ the King
30.3Olivia Pisaneschi44.81Christ the King
31.3Kirsten Bauck44.83Holy Trinity
32.3Ariana Jordan44.95St. Thomas More
33.4Faith Kondra45.69Holy Trinity
34.4Sahnie Calkins46.22St. Matthew
35.3Isabella Conlon46.70St. Matthew
36.3Payton Horsch48.36Christ the King
37.3Ana Gutierrez48.58St. Matthew
38.3Alexa Lagesen48.78St. Thomas More
39.4Colette Heesacker49.61St. Matthew
40.3Tristen Horsch50.45Christ the King
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Cassandra Dolan31.39Holy Trinity
2.5Taylor Scott31.65Holy Trinity
3.5Lydia Khaw32.21Holy Trinity
4.5Makenna Schumacher32.46St. Thomas More
5.5Catherine Edmonson32.58Holy Trinity
6.-Rose Booth33.26St. Clare
7.6Justina Tunnell33.51St. Matthew
8.5Claire McCarthy33.82Holy Trinity
9.-Mira Eagon34.48St. Clare
10.5Anna Horne34.53Holy Trinity
11.5Emerald Kan35.35Holy Trinity
12.-Ann Brennan35.52St. Clare
13.6Casey Kavanaugh35.59Holy Trinity
14.6Ariana Volker36.17Holy Trinity
15.6Kiana Rose36.30Holy Trinity
16.6Addison Rinck36.31St. Matthew
17.6Arianna Fitzsimons42.42Franciscan Montessor...
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Kristina Thomas27.63St. Matthew
2.-Katherine Clark27.72St. Clare
3.7Megan Wachter29.29St. Thomas More
4.7Julia Lauren Gerig29.58Holy Trinity
5.7Katie Smith30.04Holy Trinity
6.8Carson Blodgett30.36Holy Trinity
7.8Ally Jansen31.39Christ the King
8.8Olivia Ogard31.61Christ the King
9.7Darby Simpson32.55Christ the King
10.7Claire LeRiche32.72St. Matthew
11.-Chiara Giambrone33.79St. Clare
12.7Emrie Good34.05Christ the King
13.8Annika Albrecht34.38Christ the King
14.7Gianna Milton34.75St. Matthew
15.7Isabel Caplazi35.49Christ the King
16.7Emma Willis37.14Christ the King
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Natalie Bartels1:20.71Holy Trinity
2.-Ellen Anne Foy1:20.91St. Clare
3.4Elyssia Fitzsimons1:21.56Franciscan Montessor...
4.3Kelly Park1:22.67Holy Trinity
5.4Chloe Montague1:23.52Holy Trinity
6.3Elizabeth Maloney1:23.80St. Matthew
7.3Jaylnn Gill1:24.24St. Matthew
8.3Dakota Canzano1:24.36Christ the King
9.4Piper Stephens1:25.67Christ the King
10.4Abbey Riddle1:28.14St. Thomas More
11.3Mackenzie Greenslade1:29.09Franciscan Montessor...
12.4Caroline ODonnell1:30.84Holy Trinity
13.4Marbella Polvorosa1:31.95Franciscan Montessor...
14.4Teja Murphy1:32.09St. Thomas More
15.-Sadie Wiswall1:33.66St. Clare
16.3Olivia Pisaneschi1:35.39Christ the King
17.3Emily O'Connor1:35.99St. Matthew
18.3Margaret Gabrish1:39.79Christ the King
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Cassandra Dolan1:10.31Holy Trinity
2.6Erin Lang1:11.14Holy Trinity
3.5Kamryn J Jones1:13.26St. Matthew
4.-Mia Hermann1:14.15St. Clare
5.6Madison Ellsworth1:14.66St. Matthew
6.5Catherine Edmonson1:14.74Holy Trinity
7.5Taylor Scott1:15.44Holy Trinity
8.6Amanda Acker1:18.02Christ the King
9.5Grace Williams1:19.03St. Matthew
10.6Ariana Volker1:19.19Holy Trinity
11.6Gabriella Brown1:19.52St. Matthew
12.5Elizabeth Rinck1:19.78St. Matthew
13.5Maliah Jobe1:20.09St. Matthew
14.6Catherine Mooney1:22.23Christ the King
15.6Arianna Fitzsimons1:25.40Franciscan Montessor...
16.5Ruth Larabee1:29.07Holy Trinity
17.3Alana Anderson1:33.39Franciscan Montessor...
18.5Ava Paul1:36.24Franciscan Montessor...
19.6Glenna Fulitano1:39.81Holy Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Mary Catherine Morgan1:06.49Holy Trinity
2.8Rachel Khaw1:07.07Holy Trinity
3.7Kimberley Sanders1:09.29Holy Trinity
4.7Britian Hunsaker1:12.67Holy Trinity
5.7Alissa Campista1:13.28St. Matthew
6.8Lilly Christopher1:13.88Christ the King
7.7Madison Pfeifer1:14.21Christ the King
8.7Emrie Good1:19.27Christ the King
9.7Claire LeRiche1:20.46St. Matthew
10.7Elizabeth Karambelas1:23.82Christ the King
10.7Brittany Carter1:23.82Christ the King
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Megan Elsom3:04.77Holy Trinity
2.3Kelly Park3:06.65Holy Trinity
3.4Kayah Ryerson3:07.60Holy Trinity
4.3Jaylnn Gill3:13.91St. Matthew
5.4Kelsey Gripekoven3:20.03St. Thomas More
6.3Cydney Stables3:20.62St. Matthew
7.4Cameron Irish3:20.83Christ the King
8.4Emily Austin3:22.69St. Thomas More
9.4Caroline ODonnell3:35.05Holy Trinity
10.4Mia Middleton3:35.49Holy Trinity
11.3Ella Jewell3:43.91St. Matthew
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Greta Anderson2:41.70St. Thomas More
2.5Makenna Schumacher2:42.81St. Thomas More
3.6Erin Lang2:52.75Holy Trinity
4.5Elizabeth Rinck2:52.97St. Matthew
5.6Amanda Acker2:55.51Christ the King
6.6Casey Kavanaugh2:58.91Holy Trinity
7.5Bailey Miller2:59.63Holy Trinity
8.6Gabriella Brown3:10.66St. Matthew
9.5Grace Williams3:10.90St. Matthew
10.5Ruth Larabee3:31.21Holy Trinity
11.5Margaret Feduccia3:36.65Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Kimberley Sanders2:43.13Holy Trinity
2.7Britian Hunsaker2:46.37Holy Trinity
3.8Eabha Fitzsimons2:49.70Franciscan Montessor...
4.7Olivia Rabin2:50.87Holy Trinity
5.7Mary Catherine Morgan2:54.72Holy Trinity
6.7Alissa Campista2:56.43St. Matthew
7.7Anna Martinez3:04.98Holy Trinity
8.7Maria Parker3:19.20Holy Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kayah Ryerson6:08.95Holy Trinity
2.4Kelsey Gripekoven6:36.21St. Thomas More
3.4Mia Middleton6:38.14Holy Trinity
4.3Cydney Stables6:44.54St. Matthew
5.4Cameron Irish6:44.79Christ the King
6.4Anna Riehl7:17.75Christ the King
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Greta Anderson5:24.75St. Thomas More
3.6Casey Kavanaugh6:07.53Holy Trinity
4.5Bailey Miller6:12.08Holy Trinity
5.6Lyndsay Riehl6:25.67Christ the King
2.5Makenna Schumacher5:28.27St. Thomas More
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Isabel Caplazi5:40.67Christ the King
2.8Olivia Ogard5:41.31Christ the King
3.7Abigail Herbert5:42.19Christ the King
4.7Olivia Rabin5:43.11Holy Trinity
5.7Megan Wachter5:46.70St. Thomas More
6.8Madeline Cusick5:58.75Holy Trinity
7.7Maria Parker6:13.74Holy Trinity
8.7Emily Slusher6:21.54Holy Trinity
X 3000 Meters - Cub - Finals
6Madelyn WillSCRSt. Matthew
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Rachel Khaw11:44.90Holy Trinity
2.8Madeline Cusick12:22.74Holy Trinity
3.7Anna Martinez12:56.46Holy Trinity
4.8Nadine Prentice14:37.31Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:08.75Christ the King
2.-Relay Team 1:09.97Holy Trinity
3.-Relay Team 1:10.12St. Clare
4.-Relay Team 1:11.77Holy Trinity
5.-Savanah Fitts
Elizabeth C Maloney
Emily O'Connor
Jaylnn Gill
1:12.89St. Matthew
6.-Relay Team 1:14.34Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Relay Team 1:18.89Christ the King
8.-Relay Team 1:20.10St. Thomas More
9.-Relay Team 1:24.87Franciscan Montessor...
-Relay Team DQSt. Thomas More
X 4x100 Relay - Cub - Finals
-Relay Team 1:04.54Holy Trinity
1.-Relay Team 1:04.57St. Clare
2.-Justina Tunnell
Tori Anderson
Grace Williams
Gabriella Brown
1:07.47St. Matthew
3.-Relay Team 1:09.08Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Relay Team 1:13.63Holy Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Relay Team 56.84St. Matthew
1.-Kristina H Thomas
Bonnie Romeo
Claire LeRiche
Gianna Milton
56.84St. Matthew
2.-Relay Team 56.93Holy Trinity
3.-Relay Team 58.73Christ the King
X 4x400 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Bailey Miller
Erin Lang
Cassandra Dolan
Casey Kavanaugh
5:14.00Holy Trinity
2.-Relay Team 6:36.40St. Clare
X 4x400 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:57.70Holy Trinity
2.-Darby Simpson
Abigail Herbert
Ally Jansen
Olivia Ogard
5:00.83Christ the King
3.-Amanda Acker
Elizabeth Karambelas
Nadine Prentice
Amanda Hilts
5:30.88Christ the King
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 37.13Holy Trinity
2.-Relay Team 37.89Christ the King
3.-Relay Team 39.36St. Matthew
4.-Relay Team 39.49St. Clare
5.-Relay Team 39.68St. Thomas More
6.-Relay Team 40.88Christ the King
7.-Relay Team 40.90Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Relay Team 41.86St. Matthew
9.-Relay Team 43.05Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Ashley Smith21-00.00Christ the King
2.4Ginger Duncan20-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.4Kaci Cadiz16-10.50St. Matthew
4.4Natalie Lerma15-09.50St. Thomas More
5.-Molly Brennan14-05.50St. Clare
5.3Ellen Danahy14-05.50St. Thomas More
7.4Katherina Cheren13-10.50Holy Trinity
8.4Samatha Goodman13-06.00St. Thomas More
9.3Alana Anderson13-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
10.4Helen Ratcliff13-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
11.4Katie Weaver12-04.00Christ the King
11.-Grace Freemont12-04.00St. Clare
13.3Daphne Delaczay11-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
14.3Isabella Conlon11-08.50St. Matthew
15.3Katherine Feduccia11-07.50Holy Trinity
16.3Mackenzie Greenslade10-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
17.3Alexandra Kimberling10-09.50Christ the King
17.3Bergen Bakken10-09.50St. Thomas More
19.4Sahnie Calkins10-07.00St. Matthew
20.3Ariana Jordan9-10.00St. Thomas More
21.3Jaylnn Gill9-06.50St. Matthew
22.3Cierra Bussey9-03.50Christ the King
23.3Ainslee Smith8-02.50Christ the King
24.3Paige Martin4-05.50Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.6Catherine Mooney27-08.75Christ the King
2.5Grace Williams22-07.50St. Matthew
3.-Chandler Fergus22-00.50St. Clare
3.6Maya Lerma22-00.50St. Thomas More
5.5Kamryn J Jones21-07.00St. Matthew
6.6Gabriella Brown20-09.00St. Matthew
7.5Alexy Kennedy19-11.00St. Matthew
8.-Mary Saifrankini18-09.00St. Thomas More
9.5Maliah Jobe18-00.50St. Matthew
10.6Glenna Fulitano17-06.00Holy Trinity
11.5Ava Paul16-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
12.5Claire McCarthy14-08.50Holy Trinity
13.5Priya Boucher-Colbert13-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
14.5Sophia Kahl13-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
1.7Mary Catherine Morgan27-10.00Holy Trinity
2.8Annika Albrecht24-03.50Christ the King
3.8Nadine Prentice23-11.50Christ the King
4.7Claire LeRiche23-10.00St. Matthew
5.8Ally Jansen22-09.50Christ the King
6.7Brittany Carter18-10.50Christ the King
7.7Darby Simpson16-07.00Christ the King
8.8Ashely Biteng15-05.00Christ the King
8Hannah ScruggsSCRChrist the King
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Anna Riehl64-01Christ the King
2.4Kinley Hoag56-00St. Matthew
3.4Helen Ratcliff53-04Franciscan Montessor...
4.4Ashley Smith44-09Christ the King
5.3Lola Talalemotu41-03Holy Trinity
6.3Ella Jewell37-05St. Matthew
7.4Kaci Cadiz36-11St. Matthew
8.3Katelyn Bell35-02Christ the King
9.3Elizabeth O'Brien34-08Holy Trinity
10.3Alexandra Kimberling32-11Christ the King
11.3Savanah Fitts30-07St. Matthew
12.3Payton Horsch29-00Christ the King
13.4Ginger Duncan28-09Franciscan Montessor...
14.4Phoebe Castaneda28-01Christ the King
15.3Parker Wesolek26-06St. Thomas More
16.3Daphne Delaczay25-06Franciscan Montessor...
17.3Ellen Danahy25-02St. Thomas More
18.4Colette Heesacker24-06St. Matthew
19.3Kirsten Bauck23-00Holy Trinity
20.4Cameron Irish22-04Christ the King
21.4Faith Kondra17-05Holy Trinity
22.3Beatrice Johnson16-04Christ the King
23.3Alexa Lagesen14-08St. Thomas More
3Isabella ConlonDNSSt. Matthew
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.5Tori Anderson56-10St. Matthew
2.6Lyndsay Riehl56-08Christ the King
3.5Alexy Kennedy55-05St. Matthew
4.6Addison Rinck48-02St. Matthew
5.-Mary Saifrankini45-01St. Thomas More
6.3Margaret Gabrish30-03Christ the King
7.3Kayla Maxwell27-11Christ the King
8.4Alison HoufekChrist the King
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadet - Finals
1.7Abigail Herbert59-00Christ the King
2.7Colleen Weaver50-01Christ the King
3.7Elizabeth Karambelas47-02Christ the King
4.8Ashely Biteng41-09Christ the King
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
1.5Margaret Smith4-00.00Holy Trinity
2.5Tori Anderson3-11.00St. Matthew
3.6Catherine Mooney3-08.00Christ the King
4.5Dakota Smith3-04.00Holy Trinity
4.6Ariana Volker3-04.00Holy Trinity
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.7Bonnie Romeo4-04.00St. Matthew
2.7Taylor Stevens4-03.00Christ the King
2.8Ally Jansen4-03.00Christ the King
4.8Olivia Ogard4-02.00Christ the King
5.7Katie Smith4-00.00Holy Trinity
6.8Nadine Prentice3-10.00Christ the King
7.7Brittany Carter3-08.00Christ the King
8Annika AlbrechtNHChrist the King
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Antoinette Guasco10-04.50Christ the King
2.-Lucy Quinn10-00.00St. Clare
3.4Piper Stephens9-07.50Christ the King
4.4Megan Elsom9-05.50Holy Trinity
5.-Ella Leback9-03.50St. Clare
6.4Marbella Polvorosa9-03.25Franciscan Montessor...
7.4Natalie Bartels9-03.00Holy Trinity
8.3Savanah Fitts9-02.00St. Matthew
9.4Anna Riehl9-00.25Christ the King
10.-Aundrea Cooney8-11.00St. Clare
11.4Abbey Riddle8-09.75St. Thomas More
12.4Helen Ratcliff8-09.50Franciscan Montessor...
12.4Abigail Jobe8-09.50St. Matthew
14.3Madeline Schmitz8-09.25St. Matthew
14.-Natalie Hermann8-09.25St. Clare
16.4Emily Austin8-08.00St. Thomas More
17.3Lola Talalemotu8-07.25Holy Trinity
18.4Alex Hoffman8-07.00Holy Trinity
19.-Molly Brennan8-05.50St. Clare
20.3Kelly Park8-04.50Holy Trinity
21.4Caroline ODonnell8-04.00Holy Trinity
22.3Lexie Lewis8-03.00Holy Trinity
23.5Sonia Sellin8-01.00St. Thomas More
24.-Lucia Flores7-11.00St. Clare
24.3Elizabeth Maloney7-11.00St. Matthew
26.3Emily O'Connor7-10.75St. Matthew
27.4Alison Houfek7-10.25Christ the King
28.4Mia Middleton7-10.00Holy Trinity
29.3Ainslee Smith7-09.00Christ the King
30.3Dakota Canzano7-08.50Christ the King
30.3Kayla Maxwell7-08.50Christ the King
32.3Ella Jewell7-08.00St. Matthew
33.4Carina Montero7-07.00St. Thomas More
34.-Aviann Castro7-06.00St. Clare
34.4Taryn Reed7-06.00Holy Trinity
36.3Alexa Lagesen7-04.00St. Thomas More
37.4Teja Murphy7-03.50St. Thomas More
38.3Paige Martin7-02.00Christ the King
39.4Ainsley Salisbury6-10.50Franciscan Montessor...
40.3Olivia Pisaneschi6-05.00Christ the King
41.3Beatrice Johnson6-04.25Christ the King
42.4Katherina Cheren6-04.00Holy Trinity
43.4Emma Dowling6-03.75Franciscan Montessor...
44.3Wynn Brown6-03.50St. Matthew
45.3Cierra Bussey5-07.25Christ the King
46.3Ellie Will5-02.50St. Matthew
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.-Rose Booth12-05.75St. Clare
2.-Mia Hermann12-02.00St. Clare
3.5Tori Anderson11-11.75St. Matthew
4.-Mira Eagon11-10.00St. Clare
5.5Elsa Hookland10-11.00St. Thomas More
6.6Madison Ellsworth9-07.25St. Matthew
7.5Margaret Smith9-06.00Holy Trinity
7.6Amanda Acker9-06.00Christ the King
9.6Justina Tunnell8-11.25St. Matthew
10.5Alexy Kennedy8-10.50St. Matthew
11.-Ann Brennan8-10.25St. Clare
12.-Chandler Fergus7-11.00St. Clare
13.5Ruth Larabee7-01.50Holy Trinity
14.5Margaret Feduccia5-09.50Holy Trinity
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Lilly Christopher14-00.50Christ the King
2.7Megan Wachter13-04.75St. Thomas More
3.7Taylor Stevens13-00.50Christ the King
4.7Britian Hunsaker12-05.75Holy Trinity
5.7Madison Pfeifer12-03.25Christ the King
6.7Hanna Kristensen12-02.25Holy Trinity
7.7Josie Hookland11-07.00St. Thomas More
8.7Gianna Milton10-01.50St. Matthew
9.7Emma Willis9-10.00Christ the King
9.7Julia Lauren Gerig9-10.00Holy Trinity
11.7Isabel Caplazi9-08.00Christ the King
12.7Colleen Weaver9-02.50Christ the King
13.-Morgan James9-02.25St. Clare
14.7Maria Parker8-05.75Holy Trinity
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