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100 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.8Michael Alfieri13.27aValley Catholic
2.8Trevor Baek13.39aValley Catholic
3.7Nicolas Vergara13.56aAll Saints
4.8Mark Dekay13.81aAll Saints
5.8Matthew Nwerem14.09aAll Saints
6.7Michael Boss14.26aValley Catholic
7.8Austin Ketterer14.43aValley Catholic
8.7Sterling Roberts14.96aWest Hills Christian
9.8Josef Vincent15.24aSt. Thomas More

100 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Jack Bucy14.08aWest Hills Christian
2.5Spencer Adrian14.16aAll Saints
3.6Matthew Lang14.28aSt. Thomas More
4.6Jason Baek14.34aValley Catholic
5.6Alex Soo14.58aWest Hills Christian
6.6Grahm Kang14.64aWest Hills Christian
7.6Henry Foster14.82aWest Hills Christian
8.6Zach Bedewi14.85aWest Hills Christian
9.6Noah Chung15.66aWest Hills Christian
10.6Julian Hale16.13aWest Hills Christian
11.6Matthew Paustian16.20aAll Saints
12.5Brandon Roberts16.23aWest Hills Christian
13.6Jordan Jun16.55aWest Hills Christian
14.5Dylan Maguire16.59aWest Hills Christian
15.5Jake Ryan16.96aAll Saints
16.5Nicholas Lennox17.76aAll Saints
17.5Jed Lambino18.14aValley Catholic
18.5Christian Nguyen18.60aValley Catholic
19.5Ben Haney19.47aAll Saints
20.5Ethan Ferrer-Perry19.97aValley Catholic

100 Meters  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Andrew Alfieri15.10aValley Catholic
2.4Eoin McDonagh15.50aSt. Thomas More
3.4Sam Baricevic15.75aSt. Thomas More
4.3Connor Bly16.46aValley Catholic
5.3Mitchell Mason16.84aAll Saints
6.3Jerett Prince17.11aWest Hills Christian
7.3Christian Campagna17.13aAll Saints
8.4Jack Burcham17.14aWest Hills Christian
9.4Nolan Hannam17.15aSt. Joseph Catholic
10.3Miles Jetton17.30aWest Hills Christian
11.4Jack Carr17.41aWest Hills Christian
12.4Mason Benintendi17.57aWest Hills Christian
13.3Zachary Rodrick17.59aAll Saints
14.3Andrew Chung17.73aWest Hills Christian
15.3Jackson House17.75aSt. Thomas More
16.3Maxwell Beene17.76aAll Saints
17.3Axel Sellin17.84aSt. Thomas More
18.3Isaac Anderton17.90aWest Hills Christian
19.4Andrew Reinhardt18.13aSt. Thomas More
20.3Samuel Wright18.18aSt. Joseph Catholic
21.4Mark Mittelstaedt18.33aWest Hills Christian
22.4Garrett Parker18.69aWest Hills Christian
23.3Bayard Whitcraft18.70aValley Catholic
24.3Thomas Handick19.24aWest Hills Christian
24.3Andrew Gillett19.24aWest Hills Christian
26.3Andrew Clouser19.64aSt. Thomas More
27.4Matthew Johnson19.79aSt. Thomas More
28.3Arnav Chawla19.94aValley Catholic
29.3Damon Grim19.97aSt. Thomas More
30.3Kyle Dramov20.03aWest Hills Christian
31.4Maxwell Soloman20.09aSt. Joseph Catholic
32.3Riley Limberg21.54aSt. Joseph Catholic
33.3Jake Lloyd21.74aWest Hills Christian

200 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.8Trevor Baek27.83aValley Catholic
2.8Michael Alfieri27.87aValley Catholic
3.8Matt Biggi28.10aValley Catholic
4.7Nicolas Vergara28.45aAll Saints
5.8Austin Ketterer29.39aValley Catholic
6.7Michael Boss29.76aValley Catholic
7.8Matthew Nwerem30.05aAll Saints

200 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Jason Baek30.62aValley Catholic
2.6Grahm Kang31.64aWest Hills Christian
3.6Temiko Mitchell32.27aAll Saints
4.6Noah Chung33.46aWest Hills Christian
5.6Julian Hale34.19aWest Hills Christian
6.5Dylan Maguire34.44aWest Hills Christian

200 Meters  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Andrew Alfieri32.03aValley Catholic
2.4Eoin McDonagh32.97aSt. Thomas More
3.4Sam Baricevic33.35aSt. Thomas More
4.4Logan Fisher35.27aAll Saints
5.4Mitchell Musacchia36.44aWest Hills Christian
6.4Patrick Mueller36.81aSt. Thomas More
7.4Nolan Hannam36.87aSt. Joseph Catholic
8.3Jerett Prince37.32aWest Hills Christian
9.4Mason Benintendi38.42aWest Hills Christian
10.3Axel Sellin38.57aSt. Thomas More
11.4Joseph Fuehauf39.26aWest Hills Christian
12.3Andrew Chung39.34aWest Hills Christian
13.4Ethan Chung39.38aWest Hills Christian
14.4Andrew Reinhardt40.44aSt. Thomas More
15.3Henry Cannan40.46aSt. Joseph Catholic
16.4Andrew Jeong40.51aValley Catholic
17.4Taylor Carpenter41.78aWest Hills Christian
18.3Colton Lowry41.99aWest Hills Christian
19.4Mark Mittelstaedt43.08aWest Hills Christian
20.3Thomas Handick45.10aWest Hills Christian

400 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.7Augie Palena1:06.14aSt. Joseph Catholic
2.7Noah Bautista1:10.38aWest Hills Christian
3.8Carson Little1:12.28aWest Hills Christian
4.8Evan Cooley1:20.99aAll Saints

400 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Matthew Paustian1:11.40aAll Saints
2.6Temiko Mitchell1:11.71aAll Saints
3.6Luke Stream1:19.22aValley Catholic
4.6Aidan Akenson1:20.39aWest Hills Christian
5.5Tjaden Prince1:21.77aWest Hills Christian
6.6Christian Tae1:25.01aWest Hills Christian

400 Meters  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Eoin McDonagh1:15.43aSt. Thomas More
2.4Sam Baricevic1:15.89aSt. Thomas More
3.3Rowan Davis1:17.13aSt. Thomas More
4.4Brad Elmgren1:18.01aValley Catholic
5.4Patrick Mueller1:18.80aSt. Thomas More
6.4George Laber1:19.55aAll Saints
7.3Maxwell Beene1:20.18aAll Saints
8.3Jerett Prince1:23.56aWest Hills Christian
9.3Jackson House1:23.67aSt. Thomas More
10.3Miles Jetton1:24.00aWest Hills Christian
11.4Sebastian Hughel1:26.07aValley Catholic
12.3Galen Dunlap1:26.74aValley Catholic
13.3Grant Hampton1:26.88aWest Hills Christian
14.3Gabriel Sheaffer1:27.84aWest Hills Christian
15.3Henry Cannan1:30.93aSt. Joseph Catholic
16.4Grady Killian1:31.71aWest Hills Christian
17.4Mark Mittelstaedt1:32.43aWest Hills Christian
18.3Luke Jun1:35.78aWest Hills Christian

800 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.8Jackson Frank2:30.8hAll Saints
2.7Ryan Olmsted2:32.3hAll Saints
3.7Augie Palena2:33.1hSt. Joseph Catholic
4.8Pierce Miller2:35.6hWest Hills Christian
5.7Matthew Kerr3:25.5hAll Saints

800 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Joshua Schumacher2:29.5hSt. Thomas More
2.5William Sheaffer2:36.0hWest Hills Christian
3.6Nathan Silenzi2:48.2hValley Catholic
4.5Grant Miller3:00.8hWest Hills Christian
5.6Luke Stream3:03.2hValley Catholic
6.6William Briscoe3:04.5hWest Hills Christian
7.5William Stewart3:06.0hAll Saints
8.6Aidan Akenson3:06.0hWest Hills Christian
9.5Tjaden Prince3:06.8hWest Hills Christian
10.6Kenny Pratt3:08.5hWest Hills Christian
11.5Jay Andersen3:09.7hWest Hills Christian
12.5Kevin James3:12.7hAll Saints
13.6Reece Takayama3:18.5hValley Catholic
14.6Christian Tae3:24.6hWest Hills Christian
15.5Ethan Ferrer-Perry3:48.5hValley Catholic

800 Meters  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Lucas Martin2:54.0hSt. Thomas More
2.4Logan Fisher3:01.0hAll Saints
3.4Brad Elmgren3:01.9hValley Catholic
4.3Ryan Schumacher3:03.9hSt. Thomas More
5.4Patrick Mueller3:10.7hSt. Thomas More
6.3Grant Hampton3:21.1hWest Hills Christian
7.3Mason Stecher3:21.2hValley Catholic
8.4Ethan Chung3:22.8hWest Hills Christian
9.3Galen Dunlap3:26.6hValley Catholic
10.3Isaac Nelson3:27.4hWest Hills Christian
11.3Gabriel Sheaffer3:32.3hWest Hills Christian
12.3Noah Lammers3:41.2hWest Hills Christian
13.3Colton Lowry3:57.8hWest Hills Christian

1500 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.8Jackson Frank5:04.36aAll Saints
2.8Nicholas Griffin5:13.20aSt. Joseph Catholic
3.8Pierce Miller5:16.45aWest Hills Christian

1500 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Joshua Schumacher4:59.96aSt. Thomas More
2.5William Sheaffer5:16.92aWest Hills Christian
3.6Nathan Silenzi5:38.09aValley Catholic
4.5Dyer Healy5:44.92aAll Saints
5.6William Briscoe6:05.87aWest Hills Christian
6.6Noah Chung6:11.80aWest Hills Christian
7.5Jay Andersen6:12.01aWest Hills Christian
8.5Tjaden Prince6:13.08aWest Hills Christian

1500 Meters  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Lucas Martin5:39.50aSt. Thomas More
2.3Ryan Schumacher5:58.06aSt. Thomas More
3.4Sebastian Hughel6:09.34aValley Catholic
4.3Isaac Nelson6:28.33aWest Hills Christian
5.4Grady Killian6:56.93aWest Hills Christian
6.3Damon Grim7:04.61aSt. Thomas More

3000 Meters  CAD - Finals

1.7Noah Bautista11:58.40aWest Hills Christian

3000 Meters  CUB - Finals

1.6Nathan Silenzi11:21.02aValley Catholic
2.5Dyer Healy11:44.42aAll Saints
3.5Grant Miller12:43.27aWest Hills Christian
4.5Hayden Miller13:05.43aSt. Joseph Catholic
5.6Aaron Compton13:54.62aValley Catholic

4x60 Shuttle Relay  RoadRunner - Finals

1.-Relay Team 41.53aValley Catholic
2.-Relay Team 42.27aAll Saints
3.-Relay Team 45.67aWest Hills Christian

4x100 Relay  CAD - Finals

1.-Relay Team 53.43aValley Catholic
2.-Relay Team 56.00aWest Hills Christian
-Relay Team DQAll Saints

4x100 Relay  CUB - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:03.87aWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:04.78aAll Saints
3.-Relay Team 1:57.30aWest Hills Christian

4x100 Relay  RoadRunner - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:06.80aValley Catholic
2.-Relay Team 1:09.55aWest Hills Christian
3.-Relay Team 1:11.10aWest Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:12.06aSt. Thomas More
5.-Relay Team 1:12.55aAll Saints
6.-Relay Team 1:14.12aSt. Joseph Catholic
7.-Relay Team 1:18.77aValley Catholic

4x400 Relay  CAD - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:25.66aValley Catholic
2.-Relay Team 4:32.86aAll Saints

4x400 Relay  CUB - Finals

1.-Relay Team 5:06.41aWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 5:08.41aSt. Thomas More
3.-Relay Team 5:18.75aValley Catholic
4.-Relay Team 6:00.14aWest Hills Christian

Shot Put - 6lb  CUB - Finals

1.6Zach Bedewi28-04.50West Hills Christian
2.6Henry Foster23-11.50West Hills Christian
3.5Brandon Roberts23-09.00West Hills Christian
4.6Christian Walker21-09.25West Hills Christian
5.5Hayden Miller21-09.00St. Joseph Catholic
6.6Zachary Howell21-00.00West Hills Christian
7.6Stephen Wahle20-00.00St. Joseph Catholic
8.6Nicholas Hansen19-05.50Valley Catholic

Shot Put - 8lb  CAD - Finals

1.8Matthew Nwerem27-07.25All Saints
2.7Mitch Glad27-06.25West Hills Christian
3.7Mason Thurman26-03.00All Saints
4.7Christopher Cervetto22-10.25West Hills Christian
5.7Noah Bautista22-08.75West Hills Christian

Shot Put - 8lb  RoadRunner - Finals

1.3Kyle Dramov18-07.75West Hills Christian
2.3Gabriel Sheaffer16-06.50West Hills Christian
2.4Andrew Reinhardt16-06.50St. Thomas More
4.4Grady Killian16-03.00West Hills Christian
5.3Bayard Whitcraft16-00.00Valley Catholic
6.4Connor Sorensen15-08.00St. Joseph Catholic
7.3Damon Grim15-07.00St. Thomas More
8.3Colin Cameron15-03.75St. Thomas More
9.4Jack Burcham15-00.75West Hills Christian
10.4Maxwell Soloman14-05.50St. Joseph Catholic
11.4Jack Ayres14-04.00All Saints
12.6Jake Dutt14-02.50West Hills Christian
13.4Joe Gilroy13-11.00St. Ignatius
14.4Matthew Johnson12-10.00St. Thomas More
15.3Noah Lammers12-01.50West Hills Christian
16.3Andrew Clouser11-10.25St. Thomas More
17.4Isaiah Fox-Quamme11-01.00St. Ignatius
18.3Riley Limberg10-07.00St. Joseph Catholic
19.3Matthew Solomon8-10.25St. Joseph Catholic

Javelin - 300g TJ  CAD - Finals

1.8Parker Johnstone113-03West Hills Christian
2.8Tyler Rosette109-00West Hills Christian
3.7Mitch Glad97-11West Hills Christian
4.8Evan Cooley67-05All Saints
5.8Josef Vincent60-11St. Thomas More
6.7Christopher Cervetto55-02West Hills Christian
7.7Mason Thurman53-11All Saints
8.7Matthew Kerr51-07All Saints

Javelin - 300g TJ  CUB - Finals

1.6Christian Walker96-02West Hills Christian
2.6Kenny Pratt83-05West Hills Christian
3.6Aidan Akenson73-03West Hills Christian
4.6Stephen Wahle68-09St. Joseph Catholic
5.6William Briscoe67-10West Hills Christian
6.5Dylan Maguire66-03West Hills Christian
7.5Hayden Miller59-06St. Joseph Catholic
8.6Zachary Howell54-07West Hills Christian
9.5Jed Lambino51-07Valley Catholic
10.6Jordan Jun42-10West Hills Christian
11.6Nicholas Hansen41-00Valley Catholic
12.5Ethan Ferrer-Perry34-05Valley Catholic
13.5Ben Haney34-02All Saints
14.5Brandon Friesen33-06Valley Catholic

Javelin - 300g TJ  RoadRunner - Finals

1.3Rowan Davis81-00St. Thomas More
2.3Axel Sellin70-01St. Thomas More
2.4Jack Carr70-01West Hills Christian
4.4Taylor Carpenter64-05West Hills Christian
5.4Joseph Fuehauf62-10West Hills Christian
6.3Jackson House60-06St. Thomas More
7.3Kyle Dramov60-02West Hills Christian
8.4George Laber57-02All Saints
9.4Garrett Parker54-09West Hills Christian
10.3Henry Cannan52-09St. Joseph Catholic
11.4Jack Burcham49-07West Hills Christian
12.3Luke Jun48-02West Hills Christian
13.4Connor Sorensen46-07St. Joseph Catholic
14.3Isaac Nelson46-00West Hills Christian
15.3Noah Lammers42-10West Hills Christian
16.4Mitchell Musacchia42-05West Hills Christian
17.3Samuel Wright42-03St. Joseph Catholic
18.3Isaac Anderton41-04West Hills Christian
19.4Joe Gilroy38-05St. Ignatius
19.4Jack Ayres38-05All Saints
21.3Jake Hefner37-09Valley Catholic
22.4Matthew Johnson36-02St. Thomas More
23.3Riley Limberg35-05St. Joseph Catholic
24.3Colin Cameron34-01St. Thomas More
25.3Andrew Gillett29-00West Hills Christian
26.3Matthew Solomon27-11St. Joseph Catholic
27.3Jake Lloyd24-09West Hills Christian
28.6Jake Dutt23-07West Hills Christian
29.4Isaiah Fox-Quamme21-06St. Ignatius

High Jump  CAD - Finals

1.7Robert Scriven5-01.00West Hills Christian
1.8Tyler Rosette5-01.00West Hills Christian
3.8Carson Little4-10.00West Hills Christian
7Mitch GladNHWest Hills Christian
8Evan CooleyNHAll Saints
7Matthew KerrNHAll Saints
7Mason ThurmanNHAll Saints

High Jump  CUB - Finals

1.5Spencer Adrian4-04.00All Saints
1.6Simon Prosser4-04.00St. Thomas More
1.6Joshua Schumacher4-04.00St. Thomas More
4.6Henry Foster4-02.00West Hills Christian
4.6Kenny Pratt4-02.00West Hills Christian
6.5Kevin James3-08.00All Saints
7.5Jake Ryan3-06.00All Saints

Long Jump  CAD - Finals

1.8Austin Ketterer12-06.75Valley Catholic
2.8Trevor Baek12-03.50Valley Catholic
3.7Sterling Roberts12-03.00West Hills Christian
4.7Augie Palena11-04.00St. Joseph Catholic

Long Jump  CUB - Finals

1.6Grahm Kang13-06.00West Hills Christian
2.6Alex Soo12-05.50West Hills Christian
3.6Jack Bucy12-05.00West Hills Christian
4.5William Sheaffer11-06.50West Hills Christian
5.6Christian Tae10-02.25West Hills Christian
6.6Nathan Silenzi10-01.00Valley Catholic
7.5Jed Lambino9-03.00Valley Catholic
8.5Nicholas Lennox8-07.50All Saints
9.5Christian Nguyen8-06.50Valley Catholic
10.5Brandon Friesen6-09.00Valley Catholic

Long Jump  RoadRunner - Finals

1.4Andrew Alfieri12-03.00Valley Catholic
2.4Nolan Hannam11-07.50St. Joseph Catholic
3.4Mason Benintendi11-07.00West Hills Christian
4.3Rowan Davis11-04.00St. Thomas More
5.3Connor Bly11-03.00Valley Catholic
6.4Sebastian Hughel10-07.00Valley Catholic
7.4Jack Carr10-04.00West Hills Christian
7.3Galen Dunlap10-04.00Valley Catholic
9.4Mitchell Musacchia9-11.25West Hills Christian
10.4Brad Elmgren9-11.00Valley Catholic
11.3Miles Jetton9-08.00West Hills Christian
12.4Logan Fisher9-05.00All Saints
13.4Taylor Carpenter9-04.50West Hills Christian
14.4Ethan Chung9-03.00West Hills Christian
15.3Luke Jun9-02.25West Hills Christian
16.3Colton Lowry9-02.00West Hills Christian
17.4Patrick Mueller9-01.75St. Thomas More
18.4Joe Gilroy9-01.00St. Ignatius
19.4Wilson Keller8-11.25St. Joseph Catholic
20.3Andrew Chung8-08.00West Hills Christian
20.3Thomas Handick8-08.00West Hills Christian
22.3Samuel Wright8-06.00St. Joseph Catholic
23.3Arnav Chawla8-05.00Valley Catholic
23.3Mason Stecher8-05.00Valley Catholic
25.3Andrew Clouser8-04.25St. Thomas More
26.4Garrett Parker8-02.00West Hills Christian
27.4Andrew Jeong8-00.00Valley Catholic
28.3Isaac Anderton7-07.00West Hills Christian
29.4Andrew Reinhardt7-06.00St. Thomas More
30.4Isaiah Fox-Quamme7-02.00St. Ignatius
30.3Jake Lloyd7-02.00West Hills Christian
32.3Damon Grim6-09.00St. Thomas More
33.3Matthew Solomon6-07.00St. Joseph Catholic
33.4Maxwell Soloman6-07.00St. Joseph Catholic
35.6Jake Dutt6-00.25West Hills Christian


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